What does Zhang’s frequent hot search on the bell bring to "Fu Seoul"?

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Recently, with the release of the short video "It’s really hard to kill Zhang’s ringing", the topic # Zhang’s ringing is miserable and funny # has been on the hot search, which has also made more people know about the real life in multinational families, and all kinds of stories caused by cultural and cognitive differences have made people laugh, which is just a microcosm of her hot search.

In the early days, most viewers got to know Zhang Zhanling from the seventh season of "The Story of Qipa" and the fourth season of talk show conference. In the process of recording the program, Zhang Zhanling attracted much attention because of telling the story of "Big Fat Daughter-in-law" giving chrysanthemums and playing table tennis with his 70-year-old grandfather, and then he created a circle code around the cultural differences of multinational families. At present, this creative way continues in short video creation. With the continuous innovation of materials, Zhang Zhanling’s content on social platforms is updated frequently and with good quality, and is in a state of continuous powder absorption.

In addition, because Fu Seoul and Lao Liu participated in the program "Goodbye to Lovers", many netizens compared Zhang Zhanling, a husband and wife group who also looked like "women are strong and men are weak", with her "fat daughter-in-law", and pointed out the differences between the two groups. For example, the "fat daughter-in-law" was temporarily unemployed, and now she has found a job, and Zhang Zhanling affirmed the emotional value he brought, while Lao Liu was lying flat and needed. In this discussion, the public has a different understanding of the marriage between Zhang Zhanling and Fu Seoul.

There are both the traffic brought by transnational family cultural differences and the external traffic brought by entertainment topics. Recently, Zhang Zhanling is very popular on the short video platform. His personal Tik Tok account has 792w+ fans, and the Tatie brothers and sisters with Xiao Aoda and Latte as the protagonists have 114W fans. To some extent, among a group of talk show actors and debaters, Zhang Zhanling has taken a new path in the field of short video by virtue of his personal ability and unique family advantages.

In the early days, Zhang stepped on the bell and became popular in foreign countries because of the cultural differences between China and foreign countries. Later, with a second child, she returned to China to participate in the recording of "Qi Yu Shuo". After the program was launched, it was known by more people, and it also diverted her social account to some extent. Of course, the key to Zhang’s popularity so far lies in its continuous output in the content field, which not only has certain speculative significance, but also can convey happiness and healing, and has diversified value for the majority of netizens.

Funny is the core feature of Zhang Dailing’s short video, which comes from the fact that every member of her family is walking material. In her short video, every family member has a distinctive character tag. For example, the fat daughter-in-law often makes a lot of jokes because of cultural, language differences and body shape. Latte loves Tieling hukou and refuses foreign language and culture. Xiao Aoda is the younger sister of some ghosts and horses who can also serve as bilingual translators, and Wendy is a foreign mother-in-law who is full of highlights except picking … So a group of people with different personalities, whether living in a foreign country or in Beijing, can always derive countless materials for Zhang to step on the bell to create.

Take China’s behavior of Wendy and her big fat daughter-in-law as an example. The family not only completed the "fixed task" of climbing the Great Wall and visiting the Forbidden City, but also went to Inner Mongolia, Chengdu and Guilin. There have been many stories along the way, either conflicts caused by dietary differences, frequent jokes caused by the cheap price of the lotus pond, or a series of "accidents" caused by accidents, all of which have become the creative materials of Zhang Zhanling, and have received continuous attention from netizens.

Family warmth is the background color of the short video created by Zhang Zhanling. In addition to being funny, there are also many moments that make people cry. For example, Zhang Zhanling meets the figure of a big fat daughter-in-law and Xiao Aoda who have been separated for two years due to the epidemic at the airport, prepares a surprise for her mother-in-law Wendy’s birthday, and relives the figure skating that she loved as a girl. These two paragraphs have touched many netizens. The former is maternal love from the heart, while the latter puts herself in Wendy’s shoes, which is a great model for women to understand women.

While short videos are widely loved by netizens, Zhang Zhanling has also been favored by brand customers. At present, in the video created by Zhang Zhanling, there are different kinds of advertisements such as learning, skin care products and life, or interspersed with advertisements in regular content, or tailored the theme content for advertisements, which successfully realized personal traffic. In addition, she was invited by the producers of programs such as Invite 100 Girls Home, The Great Conjecture of Joy, Half of Life and Magee Kitchen, which also effectively supplemented her popularity.

Family-centered creation, supplemented by the language style of Northeast China, has found a personalized output mode in the field of short video, maintained high yield in the safe and comfortable zone of content creation, and realized the instant realization of personal IP while continuously accumulating fans and gaining good reputation.

For the top players who come out of the programs such as "The Story of Qi Pa" and "Talk Show Conference", artistry and online celebrity are the only way. Starting from short video, becoming popular and returning to short video, Zhang stepped on the bell and found a development direction suitable for himself. Of course, there are thousands of transformation paths, and from the perspective of the whole debater and talker circle, more transformation paths will be found.

Debaters and talk show actors have a sense of variety in common, so some of them have successfully transformed into variety coffee. From Mix, Fan Tiantian and Ming Chen, who were out of the circle in the early days, to Li Dan, Wang Mian and Xu Zhisheng, who were in the post-fire, they all participated in many reality shows. Take Xu Zhisheng, who has the shortest debut time, as an example, and participated in more than ten files such as Fifty Kilometers Peach Blossom House Season 3, Let’s Camp Together Season 3, Exploring the Case, How to "outsmart", Shop 2 on the Cloud and Home of Everyone. It is not difficult to find that Xu Zhisheng is quite popular with the "Comprehensive N Generation" program, probably because the program group is more inclined to bring new additions by artists with both freshness and variety when iterating over the guest lineup.

Except for a few who can become variety coffee, most debaters and talk show actors will have limitations on the road to artistry and are only suitable for opinion output programs. For example, Huang Zhizhong participated in the variety "Goodbye My Lover" as a member of the "Observer Mission" in addition to the series of programs.

Coincidentally, Fu Seoul became famous in his early years because of Qi Pei Shuo, and now he has attracted much attention because of Goodbye to Lovers. However, during this period, he participated in only a handful of variety shows, among which he was an observer in Men Doing Housework and "Unfolding Talk", which was a permanent guest with Yang Tianzhen, Yi Lijing and Yang Li, played a role in exporting personal opinions. However, when the tide of live broadcast came, Fu Seoul set foot on this big ship and started a new branch of her career as "Fu Ma" in Tik Tok.

With the change of life stage, they will also have different choices. For example, King Wang, who was positioned as "the successor of Xiao S" in the early days, is now married and pregnant. She recorded the state of pregnancy in real time on personal social media. Diet changes, taking photos of pregnant women and stepping on the pit all triggered the resonance of women who were pregnant or had experience in pregnancy. In addition, in the roadshow of the movie "Learning Dad", King Wang talked about the problem of choosing a kindergarten after he began to worry in the pregnancy stage, which also caused widespread spread on the Internet. According to this trend, Dawang will be deeply involved in the fields of maternal and child care in the future, unlocking a new track for artists’ career.

Whether they become a variety coffee, an anchor with goods, or a mother-infant blogger, they have not only exerted their personal celebrity effect, but also enjoyed the dividend of the times, so it is not surprising that they can take off on the cusp. Just how high and how long you can fly in the end depends on your ability and value choice.

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Hainan Airlines added more than 120 routes in the summer and autumn season of 2024.

Beijing business today News(Reporter Guan Zichen, Niu Qingyan) On March 14, according to Hainan Airlines, Hainan Airlines will implement the summer and autumn flight plan from March 31, open a number of domestic and international routes, and increase the frequency of flights on popular routes.

Domestically, Hainan Airlines flew nearly 500 domestic routes after the summer and autumn seasons, covering more than 80 cities in China. After the season change, it is planned to add more than 120 domestic routes to and from Haikou, Guangzhou, Changsha and Dalian. In addition, the frequency of flights from Haikou to Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi ‘an, Zhengzhou, Beijing to Shanghai, Xiamen, Chengdu, Dalian and other popular routes will be increased; And in Beijing to Haikou, Sanya, Chengdu, Chongqing, Lanzhou, Sanya to Chengdu, Harbin, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Jinan and other popular public business and tourist routes to increase the capacity of wide-body aircraft.

Internationally, Hainan Airlines flies more than 40 international and regional routes in summer and autumn, covering more than 20 countries and regions, with routes reaching Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. Recently, Hainan Airlines plans to open a new Beijing — Dublin, Beijing — International routes such as Edinburgh and in Beijing — Berlin, Beijing — Increase flight frequency or wide-body aircraft capacity on popular routes such as Manchester. Hainan Airlines said that it will continue to speed up the resumption and sailing of international and regional routes to better meet the market demand for passengers’ entry and exit.

Image source: Photo courtesy of Hainan Airlines


The press conference of the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress has a huge amount of information. These dry goods must be seen!

  At 11: 00 am on March 4, the press conference of the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress was held in the press conference hall of the Great Hall of the People. Zhang Yesui, spokesman of the conference, introduced the conference to Chinese and foreign media and answered questions from reporters. China Youth Network reporter Yang Yushe

  At 11: 00 am on March 4, the press conference of the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress was held in the press conference hall of the Great Hall of the People. Zhang Yesui, spokesman of the conference, introduced the conference to Chinese and foreign media and answered questions from reporters. China Youth Network reporter Yang Yushe

  China Youth Network Beijing, March 4 th(Reporter Song Chen intern reporter Wang Mengsi) At 11: 00 am on the 4th, the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress held a press conference in the press room of the Great Hall of the People. Zhang Yesui, the eighth spokesman of the National People’s Congress since its establishment, appeared to answer questions from Chinese and foreign journalists on the agenda of the Congress and the work of the NPC.





  On constitutional amendment and legislation: providing legal guarantee for national social development

  In the questioning session of Chinese and foreign journalists at the press conference, a total of 11 journalists asked questions, nearly half of which were related to constitutional amendment and legislative work, and Zhang Yesui answered them one by one.

  In response to a reporter’s question about "Why do you want to amend the Constitution at this time, and what aspects will you consider to amend it?" Zhang Yesui said that an important task of this conference is to amend part of the Constitution, review and pass the constitutional amendment. Only by constantly adapting to the new situation, absorbing new experiences, confirming new achievements and making new norms can the Constitution have lasting vitality. In order to give full play to the important role of the Constitution in upholding and developing Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, it is necessary to make appropriate amendments to the current Constitution, so that the major theoretical innovations, practical innovations and institutional innovations achieved by the Party and the people in practice become constitutional provisions.

  "Taxation is closely related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. Governing taxation according to law is an important part of comprehensively promoting the rule of law. Implementing the statutory principle of taxation is an important reform task put forward by the CPC Central Committee." In response to a reporter’s question about "the progress of real estate tax law", Zhang Yesui said that real estate tax legislation is an issue of general concern to the society. Accelerating real estate tax legislation is an important task put forward by the CPC Central Committee. The the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) Budget Working Committee and the Ministry of Finance have taken the lead in organizing the drafting. At present, work is being accelerated in drafting and improving the draft law, demonstrating important issues and soliciting opinions internally, so as to complete the preparatory work for submitting it to the Standing Committee for initial deliberation as soon as possible.

  In response to a reporter’s question about "legislation and supervision of pollution prevention and control", Zhang Yesui said that in 2018, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) will continue to pay close attention to environmental protection work, formulate the law on prevention and control of soil pollution, revise the law on prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, review the annual report on environmental conditions and the completion of environmental protection targets, and carry out law enforcement inspections on the air pollution prevention and control law and the marine environmental protection law, in an effort to provide a solid legal guarantee for winning the battle of pollution prevention and control.

  It is understood that an important agenda of this conference is to review the draft supervision law. When answering a reporter’s question about the draft supervision law, Zhang Yesui said that the supervision law is the national legislation against corruption. It is of great and far-reaching significance to strengthen the unified leadership of the party over anti-corruption work, build an authoritative and efficient supervision system and promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity by formulating supervision law, implementing institutional innovation and organizational innovation, and upgrading the practices and experiences that have been proved to be effective in practice into legal systems.

  Regarding the "2018 Legislative Plan", Zhang Yesui said that in 2018, more than 20 laws will be formulated or amended, including various divisions of the Civil Code and related separate tax laws. At the same time, we will do a good job in the work related to authorization decisions and reform decisions, and strengthen the filing review system and capacity building.

  On China’s Diplomacy in the New Era: Promoting Two "Constructions"

  "The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China comprehensively summed up the historic achievements of China’s development, and proposed that Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and that the diplomacy of a big country with China characteristics in the new era should promote the construction of new international relations and the building of a community of human destiny." When answering a reporter’s question about "China’s diplomacy", Zhang Yesui said that China insists on taking its own road, neither importing foreign models nor exporting China models. China has always followed the path of peaceful development, pursued an open strategy of mutual benefit and win-win, and developed friendly cooperation with other countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. China is willing to actively participate in the reform and construction of the global governance system, and hopes to promote the development of the international order in a more just and reasonable direction.



Artificial Intelligence: Embracing Change and Protecting Value

  [Kehai Tide Watching]

  In the past few years, a large number of innovative technologies have emerged in the field of artificial intelligence, and key breakthroughs have been made in the fields of autonomous driving, voice and image recognition, medical diagnosis, intellectual competitive sports, etc. Intelligent scenes that people once could only imagine in science fiction movies are quietly coming, and an intelligent era full of infinite possibilities has been fully opened.

  Artificial intelligence with several ups and downs

  Artificial intelligence is not a new concept in science. As early as half a century ago, computer science giants represented by Turing, Weiner, McCarthy, Shannon and so on began to explore artificial intelligence scientifically. Turing took the lead in putting forward the basic proposition of artificial intelligence "Can machines think" in his paper "Computing Machines and Intelligence" published in 1950, and designed the famous "Turing Test" — — If a machine can start a dialogue with human beings without being identified as a machine, then the machine is intelligent, which has become the first research to define the standard of artificial intelligence from the scientific level. At the same time, Wiener put forward the famous "cybernetics" and discussed the unity of machine and human — — People or machines accomplish a certain purpose through feedback, which reveals the possibility of simulating people with machines and lays an important foundation for the proposal of artificial intelligence. In 1955, McCarthy, Minsky, Shannon and others, as co-sponsors, invited a group of scholars to discuss Artificial Intelligence at Dartmouth College in the United States, and used the term artificial intelligence, which led to the rise of artificial intelligence scientific research.

  Although artificial intelligence has always attracted the attention of the scientific community, due to the constraints of basic technical conditions such as computing power, algorithms and data, artificial intelligence technology and commercial development have not been smooth sailing, and even once fell into a trough. Until May, 1997, IBM computer system "Deep Blue" defeated Kasparov, the world champion of chess, which once again triggered global attention to artificial intelligence. Since then, Professor Hilton of the University of Toronto in Canada has made a key breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence with deep learning as the main technical line. Artificial intelligence has been applied in natural language processing, speech recognition, image recognition, machine translation, fraud detection, product recommendation, etc. In addition, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and Internet of Things have matured and formed a technical community effect, providing a technical environment for the technological breakthrough of artificial intelligence. A number of IT giants such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Baidu, Tencent, etc. also foresaw the commercial dawn of artificial intelligence and accelerated the industrial layout of artificial intelligence. In October 2016, the then US President Barack Obama released the report "National Strategic Plan for Artificial Intelligence Research and Development" at the White House Frontier Summit. This strategic plan, known as the new "Apollo Moon Landing Plan" in the United States, marked the US government’s emphasis on artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence has reached a turning point of breakthrough.

  According to the development stage and level of artificial intelligence, some foreign experts divide artificial intelligence into three stages: Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI). Weak artificial intelligence is good at unilateral ability, such as only having the intelligence to play chess. Strong artificial intelligence refers to artificial intelligence that has the same cognitive ability as human beings in all aspects; Super artificial intelligence refers to surpassing the limits of human intelligence in all fields. Generally speaking, human artificial intelligence is still in the stage of weak artificial intelligence moving towards strong artificial intelligence.

  Cutting-edge technology that subverts the future

  As a subversive technology with "singularity" characteristics, artificial intelligence can not only drive a new round of scientific and technological innovation and economic growth, but also overcome a series of development difficulties faced by human beings in the fields of transportation, environment and health care, thus creating a new paradigm for global economic and social development.

  In 2016, Accenture, a famous consulting firm, released a report saying that artificial intelligence will become the driving force for a new round of global economic growth. By 2035, by changing job attributes and creating new man-machine relationship, artificial intelligence will double the economic growth rate, and the problems that have plagued the world economy for a long time, such as production stagnation, resource mismatch and labor shortage, will be solved, and people will be able to get out of "inefficient" work and do truly efficient and creative work.

  Intelligent transportation and unmanned driving are the key areas of artificial intelligence development at present. In the future, the transportation facilities with artificial intelligence application will not only include passenger cars, but also trucks, aircraft and personal robots. Automated transportation will be everywhere, and cars will become better drivers than humans. Intelligent transportation systems will effectively overcome urban traffic jams and parking difficulties, reduce the incidence of car accidents and reduce automobile emissions, and there will be fewer private cars for urban residents, thus changing the overall appearance of the city and bringing a brand-new form of urban organization.

  Artificial intelligence will also make great achievements in the medical field, which will help mankind overcome a series of medical problems to a great extent and solve the problem of uneven distribution of medical resources. Take IBM Watson as an example. An expert from the Medical College of the University of North Carolina in the United States asked Watson to analyze and diagnose more than 1,000 cancer cases. It was found that Watson gave the same treatment plan as a human oncologist in more than 99% of the cases. A Tokyo woman with leukemia was sentenced to death by a doctor, but Watson read the relevant 4,000-meter-thick medical materials within 10 minutes and gave a treatment plan to save her. Recently, a teenager in Britain underwent medical surgery based on artificial intelligence technology and got rid of epilepsy for seven years. The doctor asked the robot to drill into his brain, stimulated the cerebral cortex through electrodes, and found out the part that caused the seizure. The doctor removed the lesion.

  An out-of-control problem of no trial and error

  When artificial intelligence technology continues to reshape people’s work, study and lifestyle, and brings infinite happiness to mankind, it is also generating more and more open problems.

  1. Artificial intelligence is out of control. It is an ancient and ultimate problem of artificial intelligence whether it can keep control of an artificial intelligence system that is far smarter than human beings one day. The problem of control and out-of-control is so important because human beings may not have the opportunity to try and make mistakes at all. Although it is generally believed that the existing artificial intelligence technology is still in the stage of weak artificial intelligence, many experts believe that the era of super artificial intelligence is not far away, and the form of super artificial intelligence can realize recursive self-improvement and lead to the final "intelligent explosion". In 2008, a survey of experts at the Global Catastrophic Risk Conference held in Oxford University showed that machine super-intelligence has surpassed nuclear war, various manipulated epidemics and climate change to become the greatest threat to mankind. By 2100, the possibility of this artificial intelligence leading to human extinction is 5%. In this regard, the author of "A Brief History of the Future" and Israeli historian Herali pointed out three possible directions for human beings: human beings will lose their economic and military uses, and the economic system will no longer be valuable; For the system, human beings as a whole will have value but individuals will have no value; However, the system will find value in some individuals, but they will become a new species of superman, not the general public. "System" refers to a new social form produced by the rapid development of biological science and information technology.

  2. Machine discrimination. In the Internet of Everything environment, artificial intelligence systems based on massive data and powerful algorithms are influencing or even replacing individual behavior decisions. Under the trend of artificial intelligence replacing individual decisions, algorithm deviation and machine discrimination are not uncommon and have great influence. For example, Google’s photo software has wrongly labeled black people as "gorillas", and Flickr’s automatic tagging system has also wrongly labeled black people’s photos as "apes" or "animals". The problem of Google’s algorithmic discrimination has attracted people’s attention. In Google search, it is easier to find advertisements implying a criminal history than searching for white people’s names. In Google’s advertising service, men see more high-paying job advertisements than women.

  3. Skilled unemployment. Technical unemployment is also a major challenge arising from the development of artificial intelligence. Kaplan, a professor of artificial intelligence and ethics at Stanford University, believes that the most important challenge for human beings to deal with artificial intelligence lies in the change of labor force and the distribution of wealth in the whole society, which has an impact on the stability of the existing society. Schwab, chairman of the World Economic Forum, also pointed out that the wide application of high technology in computer-controlled, fully automated and networked production and service industries, such as the use of robots, may lead to the loss of a large number of jobs in the future.

  4. Human-machine emotional ethics. The development of artificial intelligence technology will lead to the subversion of traditional human ethics. In the autumn of 2015, the British BBC and CNBC reported that an American company had created a female image "sex robot", and the person in charge of the company believed that the product could help the widowed solve their life troubles. It is reported that the robot presupposes a variety of personality patterns, such as "communicative" and "obedient", but the product has aroused extensive ethical discussion.

  As Hassabis, the founder of DeepMind, said: "Artificial intelligence is a great technology. It is neutral in itself and may be used in good places or bad places, so we must ensure that its users are responsible." In this regard, the United States, Britain, Japan, as well as the United Nations, the European Union, IEEE and other international organizations have issued strategies, laws, standards and norms of artificial intelligence, hoping to promote the healthy development of artificial intelligence technology and industry through the guidance of artificial intelligence policies and ethics. We should scientifically regulate artificial intelligence from laws and regulations, social security, technical standards and application norms, so as to promote the healthy development of artificial intelligence technology and industry and prepare for the future of artificial intelligence.

   (Author: Hui Zhibin, deputy director of Internet Research Center of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)

Laure Shang denies that he is not suitable for the entertainment circle and wants to do part-time translation (Figure)


  Laure Shang

  In my impression, Laure Shang should be silent, singing his own songs with his head down, ignoring other people’s eyes and comments, and not good at expressing and fighting for what he wants. Everything is only in the songs. The first time I interviewed Laure Shang, I was surprised by her performance. Her comfortable alto and slow speech speed were like a French chansons. Her language expression was very accurate, clear, confident and calm.

  Laure Shang said, "Who says I’m not suitable for entertainment?" Yes, it’s not appropriate to say it. Just because we don’t understand it, we are all too used to judging people by their appearances.

  I hope every performance is amazing.

  Reporter: I held my first solo concert in Beijing before. Originally, it was to be held in Shenzhen, but it was cancelled for some special reasons. I still have to congratulate you first. You will have your own concert soon and it is very successful.

  Laure Shang: Thank you. I don’t think the concert in Shenzhen will be cancelled, but it will be postponed temporarily for special reasons. It should be held after the Olympics. Concert is something that makes me very excited and also feels a lot of pressure. I cherish the opportunity, because many singers may not be able to sing for many years, and I am still a newcomer. I am very happy to have such an opportunity to improve myself through the opportunity. The overall evaluation of the Beijing concert was very good. At that time, after the performance, my colleagues and sponsors all embraced happily, which could bring surprises and accidents to everyone. My performance exceeded their expectations, which made me very happy.

  Reporter: Many singers take it as their goal to hold a solo concert. I know that the biggest dream of many Hong Kong singers is to sing in the Red Pavilion. Do you have such a goal or a stage for dreams?

  Laure Shang: The Red Pavilion is a symbol of status and strength because of its special significance to Hong Kong singers. However, there is no such special stage in the Mainland, so I won’t ask for a venue. My goal is to do a good job in every performance, hoping that the performances in every place will surprise fans in the future.

  Reporter: Speaking of surprise, many people actually have different views on the style of your Beijing concert. Some of your styles are really surprising. And I saw some of your latest modeling photos. Do you want to change your image and take a more feminine route?

  Laure Shang: Every painting painted by a painter can’t satisfy everyone, even Picasso can’t. I think I only look at the opinions of important people. As for styling, I don’t really care. The stylist team is designing for me. All I can do is choose one of their styles I want. In fact, I am very satisfied with the design of this team now. I think it suits my style very well. Of course, I am also willing to try different styles. I think this may be more rights than ordinary girls.

  Reporter: I feel that your hair release speed is actually quite fast, and it is an album and EP. Can you adapt to such high-intensity work? What is your most satisfying work at present?

  Laure Shang: Personally, I feel fine. After the high-density film distribution process, I feel more confident about this job-the hardest work is nothing more than that, and the rest is nothing serious. I don’t think this is just a simple workload, but an opportunity. I have this opportunity to make a record and sing to others. In fact, many people don’t have this opportunity, and they haven’t had the opportunity to make a record for many years. My own favorite is "A Big Sky" in the album "Under Van Gogh’s Starry Sky". All aspects, whether it is music, words or market reaction, are the best, and they are also well combined with my personality. It is not that I say yes, but that everyone says yes.

  Self-confessed typical workaholic

  Reporter: Being a singer is very tiring and stressful, but you don’t seem to feel hard, and you feel quite enjoyable.

  Laure Shang: Haha, actually I’m a bit of a workaholic. When I was in college, I was used to everyone working hard. There were many people who got good grades in Fudan and many people who could read. At that time, I was used to reading for hours, but I couldn’t compete with others. I was not smart enough, but I was more diligent. Later, after work, I worked in a private enterprise, which was a company with unlimited overtime, and there was no overtime pay. Haha, anyway, I just looked at the final results. I often worked for more than ten hours every day, went to bed when I fell down at home, and got up and went to work the next day. In fact, I think the workload now is far less than before. Maybe I’ve adapted to my previous job, but now I’m in a good mood because I have nothing to do, but I’m a little depressed, haha, a typical workaholic.

  Reporter: Everyone knows that you graduated from Fudan University. Have you achieved great success since childhood? Laure Shang: The grades from elementary school to junior high school have been good, but they are poor in high school. Because I was the first boarding school in Shanghai at that time, it was a great liberation for me to leave home and live in school. No one was in charge. As soon as I left my parents, I was very happy, curious about everything and completely wild. Grade one of senior high school dropped, and grade two of senior high school often failed. Later, I suddenly felt that this was my bottom line, so I should study hard and get into a good university. So I worked hard to make up for what I left behind and study hard. In fact, I have experienced such a rather unreliable life. I can understand some children now, but I think I should study hard. Reading is always useful.

  Reporter: There are not many singers like you who are highly educated and graduated from famous schools in the entertainment circle. Do you think your education has brought any convenience to your development?

  Laure Shang: The benefits are subtle. Reading is not without benefits. Many people will define that I am not suitable for this circle, because at present, singers in China generally have low academic qualifications. In fact, singers with high academic qualifications are very common abroad. Many people study medicine or law in universities, so no one discusses it as a topic, but I am concerned. I think whether you are a good singer has something to do with whether you can sing and the quality of the songs you sing, not academic qualifications. After reading for so many years, it is actually helpful for me to be a singer. At least I will have my own views on the understanding of lyrics. Every circle is similar, and it is necessary to contact many people. A good education will make people more mature in dealing with people.

  Want to work part-time as a translator

  Reporter: There are few opportunities to use French now. Will it be a pity?

  Laure Shang: Indeed, French is rarely used. I think it is more suitable as a sideline. Anyway, I also like reading some books in foreign languages. If I have time, I will translate some of my favorite books, which is not bad as a part-time job, or I think I want to do them all, which is helpful to others and beneficial to myself.

  Reporter: I’m surprised that you even want to do a part-time job. Few stars have such a simple part-time job plan.

  Laure Shang: There’s nothing wrong with translating foreign books. I always feel that I can’t concentrate all my energy on one thing, which will be very tiring and put great pressure on myself. Doing other things occasionally is a kind of relaxation. Translation can help me adjust my mentality and maintain my original major. What a good thing, I don’t care what others think. In fact, if the company arranges interviews with foreign media, I am very happy every time. I will review my English or French at home one week in advance. I always tell people in the company that it will be very good if I can get back 70% of my French, no matter how big the final report is.

  Reporter: After talking for so long, I feel that your mentality is very peaceful. You don’t seem to take the job of a singer very seriously, let alone treat yourself as a star.

  Laure Shang: I have never felt that I am not suitable for this circle. On the contrary, I feel more and more at home now. A singer is actually a job, but it is a so-called job that I cherish very much. It is easy to find a job in a foreign company, but it is not easy to sing and so many people are willing to listen. I cherish it very much. If I can, I hope I can keep doing this job. If one day, my personal interests are gone, no one wants to listen, and there is no need to do it again, but at this age, I will keep singing and sing well.

  Reporter: I feel that your thinking is very clear. Will you try to create in the future?

  Laure Shang: Clear thinking is better than clear thinking, but I’ve never written anything, and I don’t think I can write better than professional creators. I still trust them more because of my specialization, and I just need to find my own works seriously.

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The theme of "Aerospace" is online! Zebra Encyclopedia helps to cultivate available talents for China’s aerospace industry

Recently, Zebra Encyclopedia, the first 3D interactive encyclopedia for children in China, launched a new theme "Aerospace", which is its 13th theme. It is understood that in response to the expectations and needs of users, Zebra Encyclopedia has launched a new theme every month since 2024. In the first quarter alone, it has launched "Paleozoic animals", "revealing food" and "aerospace", constantly enriching the contents of nature, humanities and technology, and helping children to establish a scientific and complete cognitive framework. The theme of "Aerospace" launched this time is the second scientific and technological theme after "Physics in Life", and it is also one of the themes with the highest voice and expectation from users.

As the first 3D interactive encyclopedia for children in China, Zebra Encyclopedia is a digital content for children aged 5-12. This time, the theme of "Aerospace" was launched, with a total of 12 episodes of video content, including 200+ aviation and aerospace-related knowledge points, presenting 30+ kinds of aircraft, carrying out 96 interesting AI interactive exercises, and combining 3D animation film-level production with 2D cartoons to sum up popular science, helping children feel the development process and real origin of human flying dreams in all directions.

As the digital content of popular science encyclopedia in the new era, the professionalism, systematicness and scientificity of encyclopedia cognitive system have always been the core advantages of Zebra Encyclopedia. Then, what knowledge points should be covered under the theme of "aerospace"? How to explain these profound and far-reaching contents to children aged 5-12? How can we make children "immersed" in a professional and complete knowledge framework? These are the focus of the zebra encyclopedia team’s deep thinking. In order to build a scientific and complete aerospace knowledge framework, Zebra Encyclopedia has set up an excellent R&D team, including a research team, a teaching and research team, an expert team and a production team. Each team has deeply participated in and professionally delivered the content in their respective fields. Taking the team of experts as an example, Zebra Encyclopedia has introduced a number of expert groups above doctoral level for the aerospace field, and deeply participated in the production of all videos on this theme, including the outline, script, model, animation, theme selection, knowledge point demonstration and other details.

(Aerospace theme 3D screen screenshot)

At the same time, the three themes of "Aerospace", "Paleozoic Animals" and "Revealing Food", which were launched in 2024, all continued the professional standards of Zebra Encyclopedia in terms of quality and content. Taking the theme of "Aerospace" as an example, depending on the realistic 3D animation effect and high-precision 3D model, each frame of the picture is of film-level 3D quality, which can not only restore the real shape of each spacecraft in all dimensions, such as comprehensiveness, details, interior and exterior, but also simulate real scenes such as launch and flight, which is the best form for children to learn aerospace knowledge on the spot.

According to reports, in order to achieve super-high quality film-level 3D image quality presentation, Zebra Encyclopedia has set up a visual effects professional with more than 100 people, and each picture detail will go through more than 20 rounds of strict review, more than 100 R&D processes and tens of thousands of polishing, which has invested hundreds of millions of production costs. The theme of "Aerospace" alone, 12 episodes of video content cost 30,000+hours of fine polishing, with a total of 160,000+frames of exquisite 3D animation, which helps children to observe the structure of aerospace vehicles in an immersive and multi-dimensional way, learn the diversity and operation knowledge of aircraft types, cultivate children’s observation, thinking, imagination and firm willpower, and cultivate the aerospace spirit of selfless dedication, fearlessness and exploration while stimulating children’s interest in learning.

(Aerospace theme 3D screen screenshot)

In addition, Zebra Encyclopedia’s 3D voice illustration function has been newly upgraded, which has been loved and recommended by many encyclopedia users, and the theme of "Aerospace" has also matched this function synchronously. "Children can not only observe the whole picture of each spacecraft in 360 degrees, but also make a comprehensive, complete and detailed observation by zooming in and out or rotating, and can also consolidate it repeatedly to strengthen understanding and memory." A senior parent user of Zebra Encyclopedia said.

(Screenshot of 3D voice illustration screen)

In order to consolidate the learning effect, the theme of "Aerospace" has also set up 96 AI interactive fun exercises to explain difficult knowledge points with 2D cartoons to stimulate children’s interest in learning and desire to explore. While learning aerospace knowledge with video content, children will also easily master a large number of knowledge points in the real-time interesting interaction of AI, so that children can "see and remember" and absorb encyclopedia knowledge subtly.

(Screenshot of 2D picture of aerospace theme)

As a boutique digital content for children in the new era, Zebra Encyclopedia continues to help children build a cognitive system of the new era encyclopedia with professional, systematic and scientific popular science digital content. Up to now, Zebra Encyclopedia has launched 13 topics, including insects, astronomy, birds, plants, marine animals, dinosaurs, human bodies, physics in life, mammals, ancient world civilization, Paleozoic animals, revealing food, aerospace, etc. In the future, it will continue to expand the theme of popular science content around the fields of nature, humanities, science and technology, create a systematic, professional and scientific knowledge framework for children, and help children build a new era encyclopedia.

It is reported that Zebra has been deeply cultivating digital content and AI technology for a long time, and the technology-driven digital publishing has achieved remarkable innovation results. At present, it has formed a digital publishing system including Zebra App, Little Scabber, Zebra Encyclopedia, Zebra Playing Teaching Aids and Zebra Children’s Books. In the future, Zebra will continue to optimize the combination ability of AI technology and content research and development, continue to launch high-quality products related to children, create digital publishing products in the new era, and promote the integration, innovation and development of digital publishing industry.

Follow the "National Fitness Road" and run towards health and happiness.



  What are the people’s sense of gain and happiness, and what are their expectations and wishes for national fitness? Please follow the reporters from all over the world to find the answer in this picture of the times of "I exercise, I am happy".

  [Reporter’s observation]

  Follow the "National Fitness Road" and run towards health and happiness.

  Guangming Daily reporter Zhang Sheng Gao Jianjin Ren Shuang Su Yan

  A basketball court full of people, a vibrant square and a fitness trail suitable for all ages … … To feel the pulse and vitality of a city, we must look at these "steaming" fitness places.

  Nowadays, the constantly upgraded national fitness facilities and the prosperous mass sports events have made more and more people move and laugh, making their lives more interesting and steaming.

The first Helan Mountain National Mountaineering Competition was held in Helan Mountain National Forest Park in Ningxia, and hiking enthusiasts were in the competition. Xinhua news agency

The dragon boat team participated in the dragon boat race on the Gongshui River in Xuanen County, Hubei Province. Xinhua news agency

  "15-minute fitness circle" measures the happiness radius of the people

  In the early morning of August 3rd, the semi-final of "beautiful countryside" basketball league in Taipan Village, Taijiang County, Guizhou Province came to an end. In Qiandongnan, Guizhou Province, the basketball game has become the most lively activity in the "Eating New Festival" of the Miao people on the sixth day of the sixth lunar month. The basketball league, called "Village BA" by netizens, has played an international role, relying on Guizhou’s practical measures to implement the national fitness strategy for many years and fully promote the construction of the "six sides" project of national fitness.

  In Fuzhou, Fujian, the theme demonstration activity of "National Fitness Day" in 2022 — — "Wan Li Fudaojian Walking, a provincial walker" is under intense preparation. Ye Desheng, Party Secretary and Director of Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau, who was busy at the scene, told reporters that Fujian actively promoted the construction of sports parks and fitness trails. Up to now, there are 8,891.52 kilometers of various fitness "Fudao" in the province, which greatly improved the happiness index of the people.

  In order to solve the problem of fitness "venue", the central government has continuously improved the system design, and local governments have continuously accelerated practical exploration. Guided by the Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of National Fitness Facilities and Developing Mass Sports issued by the State Council and the Opinions on Building a Higher Level Public Service System for National Fitness issued by the State Council of China, in the process of urban renewal and rural revitalization, "15-minute fitness circles" have been continuously built all over urban and rural areas, extending the "last meter" of serving the mass fitness to the doorstep of the people.

  From "Walking around the Ridge" to "Walking along the Waterfront Greenway", the bustling crowd danced to the music on the Little Square in the center of Lianhua Town, Jiande, Zhejiang Province.

  In Changchun, Jilin, citizen Cai Dongting is taking the whole family to do outdoor sports. The Yitong River, which used to stink at home, has become clear and sparkling, with riverside parks springing up and fitness trails slowly spreading along the river. "Everyone looks at the beautiful scenery along the river and no longer has to worry about where to exercise." Cai Dongting told reporters while jogging.

  Looking at the land of China, there are "Frisbee fever", "Marathon fever" and "Bike fever" in urban blocks, and the heat flow of stocks marks the temperature range of national fitness; On the vast fields, "people’s gyms" have opened their doors to meet the fitness needs of farmers.

  "In recent years, the construction of fitness facilities has been intensified from the central finance to local finance." Zou Xinxian, director of the Teaching and Research Section of Public Administration of Beijing Sport University and chief expert on the development of Beijing Winter Olympics culture and ice and snow sports, believes that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the national strategy of national fitness has been implemented in depth, and the contradiction between the supply of public services for national fitness and the growing demand of the people has been shrinking, the venues and facilities have been significantly improved, and the participation of national fitness has been continuously improved.

  "Fitness Menu" and "Exercise Prescription" to stimulate the enthusiasm of the masses for sports

  More than 90 days after it was launched, more than 100 events were launched, with more than 11.6 million direct participants … … Since its launch on April 28th this year, the National Fitness Online Games has handed over a bright report card. It is understood that the "Sports Meeting" has carried out more than 100 events such as shuttlecock, skipping rope, curling and chess and cards, and has sent a rich "fitness menu" to the masses.

  These days, Henan guy Wu Chenguang felt in the WeChat circle of friends: "‘ Clouds go to Qilu ’ Although it is over, I still want to continue to exercise and meet the most beautiful scenery in life with every solid step. " What he mentioned is the third "Cloud Walking Qilu" online ten thousand people walking. There were 584,000 people who signed up for the event, 11,000 teams were formed, the total number of punching kilometers was nearly 20.93 million kilometers, and the punching rate was over 63,000. In addition to Shandong, this national fitness event also attracted people from 25 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities including Liaoning, Chongqing and Beijing.

  After the Tokyo Olympic Games, many China athletes who returned from the games became star coaches to guide mass fitness on the Internet, attracting many young netizens. For example, Zhang Yufei, a famous swimmer in China and a champion of the Tokyo Olympic Games, successfully "went out of the circle" and became a "private education for all", bringing everyone a physical fitness class full of dry goods.

  On the one hand, online sports are unprecedentedly popular, on the other hand, the coverage rate of offline national fitness facilities is constantly improving, and various mass events are blooming. The fiery practice in real life and the magnifying effect of cyberspace make the "big garden" of national fitness more colorful.

  In this "big garden", such a group of people are still active — — More than 2.7 million social sports instructors make physical fitness "guided". "They have become an important force in promoting national fitness." Gu Xiaohua, a national first-class social sports instructor and director of Suzhou Social Sports Instructors Association, was deeply touched: "Today, there are more than 39,700 social sports instructors at all levels in the city, with 44 per 10,000 people. Many citizens are driven by their enthusiasm and professionalism and join the national fitness team."

  The reporter learned that in order to provide more scientific "exercise prescriptions" for the people, the State Sports General Administration, together with the National Health and Wellness Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology, and other relevant scientific research units, launched a number of popular science works, developed a number of fitness methods, and organized athletes from national teams and provincial teams to enter primary and secondary schools and communities to carry out fitness guidance services, so as to promote the sharing of competitive sports achievements among the whole people.

  Advocate the concept of age-old friendship and join hands in running towards a healthy China.

  On a hot summer day, on the campus of Wangjiang Road, Daoxiang Village Primary School, Shushan District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, coaches such as roller skating, football and table tennis gathered together. The small players sweated like rain, and the summer training was very lively. "At present, the school has obtained technical support and venue support from all walks of life, and more than 1,000 students in the school have richer and more convenient choices for extracurricular activities." Xue Hong, Executive President of Wangjiang Road Campus of Daoxiang Village Primary Education Group, introduced.

  For Chen Huilai, a Fujian walker, walking is economical, safe and suitable for all ages. Since she joined the walking team of the old sports association in 2019, she has been walking for 8 to 10 kilometers every day and organized team walking training.

  Jia Junting Xian, 36, suffered from congenital eye disease, which led to blindness. Sports became her first track to realize her self-worth. In September 2016, she won the gold medal in the women’s T11-T13 4× 100m relay event at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. She retired the following year and returned to her hometown as a special education teacher. "I have been helped by many people since I was a child. I want to pass on these loves and let more disabled friends feel the sunshine and warmth in sports." She said.

  Over the past few days, the cultural auditorium of Daijia Village, Lianhua Town, Jiande, Hangzhou has been very lively. More than 60 martial arts fans from all over the province are conducting a Tai Chi tuishou referee training and skill test. "To inherit Wushu culture, we must understand the essence of emphasizing morality, ceremony and harmony behind it." Deng Linlin, the chairman of jiande city Wushu Association and the "literary village head" of Lianhua Town, believes that more people should know and learn Wushu to further enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life … …

  In recent years, all localities have explored the creation of a brand featuring farmers’ culture and sports with "one product in one place, one item in one village", developed sports with agricultural characteristics suitable for different groups of people and different regional characteristics, and promoted traditional Chinese sports such as martial arts, dragon boat and health qigong, thus injecting vitality into rural revitalization.



  中国新疆第十四届环赛里木湖公路自行车赛中,选手正在骑行。  新华社发


  大健康理念下 全民健身蔚然成风



  Standing at the historical intersection of the goal of "two hundred years", national fitness presents new characteristics of the times.

  First, the two national strategies of national fitness and healthy China are closely linked and deeply integrated. The concept of "sports is a good doctor" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the integration of sports and health and sports and tourism is gradually deepening. People have changed from "asking me to exercise" to "I want to exercise", and active fitness and scientific fitness are gradually integrated into daily life. By the end of 2021, the proportion of people who regularly participate in physical exercise reached 37.2%. Second, the card points that focus on the people’s fitness needs block the pain points, and the "hardware" and "software" shortcomings are quickly filled. By the end of 2021, there were 3.971 million sports venues in China, with an area of 3.41 billion square meters, with a per capita sports venue area of 2.41 square meters, up by 134.3%, 71.2% and 65.1% respectively compared with 2013. Idle "marginal areas" in cities have been transformed into good places for daily exercise, and more sports venues are open to the society free of charge or at low fees. In terms of the coverage of fitness programs, a large number of activities to facilitate the people, benefit the people and benefit the people have appeared around the people, and sports such as ice and snow, which were strongly influenced by the region in the past, have achieved leap-forward development. Third, the new technology empowers the whole people to keep fit. With the blessing of 5G technology, cloud live broadcast and short video are developing rapidly. The fashionable sports equipment and software platforms are making the threshold of sports lower and lower and getting closer to people’s lives.

  Sports is not only the proper meaning of a strong country, but also the foundation of a happy life for individuals. It is not only an important driving force to promote economic and social development, but also a platform window to show the soft power of the country’s culture. On the new journey, to continue to promote the in-depth development of national fitness, we must better understand the value and significance of national fitness — — For individuals, fitness is the most affordable health investment; In society, national fitness is the most inclusive public service; In the country, national fitness can improve the health level of the whole nation, promote the progress of social civilization and promote the all-round development of people.

  Looking at the whole country, the vigorous national fitness campaign not only allows the people to gain a healthier body and mind, but also becomes a good prescription for people to boost their spirits; The happiness, self-confidence and openness brought by sports contain majestic positive energy and inject new spiritual vitality and development momentum into national rejuvenation.

  On the road to common prosperity, we must firmly establish the concept of great sports and great health, improve the health literacy of the whole people, and continue to promote the deep integration of national fitness and national health with pragmatic measures. We believe that with the joint efforts of all parties, national fitness will become a common practice and become a popular social trend.

  [First-line narration]

  Climb and feel the beauty of mountains and rivers.

  Narrator: Wang Yong, President of Ningxia Yinchuan Hiking Association

  "Ningxia chuan, two-headed. East by the Yellow River and west by Helan Mountain. " Like many mountain climbers and hikers, we like to use high mountains and rivers as natural gymnasiums. Just a few days ago, at the National Mass Fitness Mountaineering Conference and the first Helan Mountain National Mountaineering Competition, mountaineering enthusiasts from all over the world gathered in Yinchuan and headed for the mountains and rivers.

  In 2013, my friends and I founded the Yinchuan Hiking Association, and its members have grown from dozens to more than 25,000 today. In recent years, the government has taken the lead in holding a series of activities, such as the National Mass Fitness Mountaineering Conference, the "I want to go" National Walking Linkage Day, and the Helan Mountain Starry Camping Conference, with the active participation of the Association.

  In response to the call of national fitness, the association also organized the theme hiking activities of "Bonfire Great Wall" and "My Yellow River", and planned to walk all the routes of the Great Wall and Ningxia section of the Yellow River in two years. The association also actively participates in the ecological protection along the Great Wall and the Yellow River, and encourages everyone to pick up the left-behind garbage in mountaineering and hiking by exchanging points for gifts and vouchers to jointly protect the beautiful environment.

  Next, we plan to launch 40 series of hiking activities, "Discover the beauty of Ningxia" and "Me and my hometown", to let more people know about Ningxia, a good place.

  [First-line narration]

  Keep fit and keep in good shape.

  Narrator: Wang Jing, a network fitness expert

  The reason why I participated in online fitness teaching is not only because I majored in physical education in college, but also because I have rich working experience. From fitness coach, sports course designer, coach trainer to being a training director in a fitness institution, these experiences contain my unchanging original intention — — Let more people have good posture and posture.

  After the Spring Festival in 2019, I began to share videos of exercise and fitness online. Unexpectedly, it took only three months to make a lot of explosions. Later, when the COVID-19 epidemic struck, I made a lot of exercise videos that I could train at home, and the response was good. Some fans left messages suggesting that I broadcast live. Now, just turn on my mobile phone and you can find me — — Everyone’s "personal education". I also set up a fitness class online and set up a fat-reducing and shaping camp to get more people moving.

  Thanks to this good era, let’s plug in the wings of the Internet and ride against the wind, so that more people can benefit from the scientific movement for life.

  message board

  In recent years, in order to make the old people in the village have fun, we have built a gateball court. In order to attract the elderly to participate, we organize teams to play games and raise funds to buy sports equipment for the elderly. Due to the low threshold of playing gateball, the enthusiasm of the old people to participate is getting higher and higher. Nowadays, the old people gather at the gateball court as soon as they have time, playing ball and chatting, which is very popular. A small gateball made the old people move and be happy.

  — — Yan Ju, Director of Security Protection in Xianfeng Village, Xiaogushan Town, Yitong Manchu Autonomous County, Jilin Province

  Our school is located in the suburban industrial zone, parents are busy with their work, and many students have become "chubby" under the love of grandparents. Since the implementation of the "double reduction" policy for one year, the school has arranged various forms of inter-class exercises, such as table tennis exercises and fancy rope skipping. P.E. teachers set up interest classes after class and take the children to practice basketball and badminton. This summer, many children teamed up to play football at school, and the campus in summer was full of laughter. Teachers and parents are happy to see the "chubby piers" become vigorous.

  — — Wang Gongqin, Vice President of Longtang School in Feidong County, Anhui Province

  After retirement, I passed the exam and became a social sports instructor, teaching Tai Ji Chuan and Qigong in parks and squares every Monday and Wednesday. Unexpectedly, many young people are also actively involved. Now, in parks, squares and under city walls, the figure of mass exercise can be seen everywhere. I am really happy to see more and more people moving.

  — — Gu Xiaohua, national first-class social sports instructor and director of Suzhou Social Sports Instructors Association, Jiangsu Province.

  I often walk along the trail built by the mountain. Walking through the mountains, there are both slow roads and landscapes, and "China under the toe" is so beautiful that people are relaxed and happy. This year, I participated in the "National Fitness Walking with the Winter Olympics" held in Gushan, the New Year’s Climbing Walk, and the 10,000-person Walking Walk held in Feifeng Mountain. Every weekend, I also organized cross-country hiking in the surrounding Shan Ye, which not only strengthened my physique, but also made me feel the beauty of mountains and rivers.

  — — He Yong, an expert in walking in Fujian Province.

    (Project team: Guangming Daily reporter John Zhang, Wang Jianhong, Zhang Wenpan, Ren Shuang, Gao Jianjin, Su Yan, Chen Guanhe, Wang Simin Guangming Net reporter Liu Xiyu Guangming Daily correspondent Xu Mengling, Yang Yunjie)

Father pushes his son with cerebral palsy to run a marathon: "I promised him to stand behind him all his life."


  Xin’ an riverside

  Qingshan lvshuijian

  Zhejiang Jiande 2022 Xin ‘anjiang Marathon started shooting.

  On the track

  A pair of special contestants caught everyone’s attention

  A middle-aged man in a dark blue sports vest

  Pushing a tricycle.

  In the cart

  The little boy sat quietly.

  Work hard with my father towards the finish line

  Luo Shujian and his son are participating in the competition (provided by respondents)

  This middle-aged man

  It’s Luo Shujian, 45.

  From Wucheng District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

  Is a courier.

  In the cart is his 13-year-old son Xiao Bai.

  And this marathon

  It’s this father and son

  The 54th competition in 7 years.

  The medals hung on the walls of Luo Shujian’s home (provided by the respondents)

  One birth

  Xiao Bai, his son, became the most reluctant person for Luo Shujian.

  In 2009

  Severe asphyxia lasting for 15 minutes at birth.

  Causing xiaobai to have severe brain damage.

  He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after birth.

  And then appeared.

  Mental retardation, epileptic symptoms and autism tendency

  Later, he was diagnosed as "LGS syndrome" again.

  This is the most difficult type of epilepsy in children to control.

  A doctor once told Luo Shujian

  My son needs to be taken care of all his life.

  With the help of public welfare organizations

  Luo Shujian and his wife took Xiao Bai.

  Found an authoritative expert

  Seizure symptoms of Xiao Bai

  Also got better after using drugs.

  But Xiao Bai still can’t talk.

  Intelligence is only maintained at the level of children.

  Luo Shujian and his family usually take it with them.

  To go out for a walk.

  Luo Shujian and his son are participating in the competition (provided by respondents)


  Luo Shujian came across the story of Dick Huo Yite and his son.

  This great father

  Pushing a son with cerebral palsy

  With more than 1000 running races

  Run all over America along the runway

  It is also one of the six marathons in the world.

  Boston marathon

  Touched countless people.

  In 2015

  After learning the information that the Hangzhou Marathon started to register that year,

  Luo Shujian also wants to try.

  In order to improve physical fitness

  He gets up at 4: 30 every morning

  Run at 5 o’clock in the morning

  Go out to work after the end.

  Be fully prepared

  November 1, 2015

  He took his son to participate for the first time.

  Hangzhou Marathon 7 km Mini Run

  And finally finished the game.

  A cart for my son.

  It cost him half a month’s salary.

  Luo Shujian and his son are participating in the competition (provided by respondents)

  On the field

  Luo Shujian found his son Xiao Bai

  The whole process was very exciting and happy.

  "He likes that kind of lively scene.

  And this desire to chase

  Laugh and clap your hands. "

  After discovering that my son likes it very much,

  Luo Shujian was out of control from then on.

  5 km, 10 km

  Half horse, whole horse … …

  In the past seven years, Luo Shujian has pushed his son to complete it.

  54 games, big and small

  Footprints are all over the country

  Luo Shujian and his son are participating in the competition (provided by respondents)

  For seven years

  In the process of pushing my son to run.

  Luo Shujian for "father"

  Have a deeper understanding

  "I hope to be able to run.

  Can accompany him to walk around the country.

  Let him come into this world without regret.

  By running again and again like this

  I hope he can appreciate the hardships of everyone’s life.

  Also let him feel the warmth and strength in life. "

  Luo Shujian said

  Luo Shujian (third from right) is participating in public welfare activities (provided by respondents)

  Luo Shujian hopes

  Keep running with your son.

  "I promised him to stand behind him all my life."

  He smiled and told reporters

  Meet once, and live up to this life.

  Hail to the great father!

  Life is precious.

  In the wind, in the rain, on the road

  Love makes every step

  Full of power


  Source: Xinhua News Agency WeChat (ID:xinhuashefabu1) Comprehensive Yangguang. com and Jimu News.

  Reporter: Lin Guangyao, Ma Xiaoju

  Producer: Guan Kailiang

  Editor: Li Yongxi, Qing Shan

  Internship: Zhang Zhuojun

National fitness-sports are at the right time

Original title: National Fitness-Sports at the Right Time

On March 20th, residents and merchants participated in the tug-of-war competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Faye Wong photo

On the vernal equinox of the same day, a tug-of-war competition was held in the shopping mall of Erdaoqiao Community, Erdaoqiao Street, Tianshan District, Urumqi, to advocate national fitness and enjoy the warm sunshine in spring.

On March 20th, residents and merchants participated in the tug-of-war competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Faye Wong photo

On March 20th, residents and merchants participated in the tug-of-war competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Faye Wong photo

On March 20th, residents and merchants participated in the tug-of-war competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Faye Wong photo

On March 20th, residents and merchants participated in the tug-of-war competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Faye Wong photo

When female fans meet the European Cup: Record time with football and gain friendship in a foreign land.

  BEIJING, Beijing, June 20 (Reporter Yue Chuan) Nowadays, every time a football match comes, female fans will become an indispensable topic on and off the court, and various versions of the "most beautiful fans" atlas in the hands of photographers are even more eye-catching tools. The European Cup in France, which is in full swing, is no exception. In this new upsurge created by football, the camp of female fans is getting bigger and bigger.

  Although the game is not at home, there is still a time difference when watching the ball, but this does not affect the enthusiasm of the female fans around. As long as you brush your social tools, you will be surprised at the wide coverage of this special group. One after another, the crash handbook for female fans also shows that this group is becoming more and more important in the football world. For some of them, the reason why they are excited about football is not just because of their face value, but because of their true love.

  Senior female fans: football portrays time rings crazier than boys.

  Xiaonuo, who was born after 1980s, is a middle-level person in an enterprise, and she usually shows herself as a rigorous and capable professional woman. But as long as you hook up with football, Xiaonuo immediately looks like a different person.

  Despite his busy work, Xiaonuo still can’t give up his love for football. Since the start of this European Cup, Xiaonuo has watched many games and stayed up all night. In order not to affect her work, most of her spare time outside watching football is used by her to make up her sleep. In the eyes of colleagues, Xiao Nuo is "torturing" herself, but she thinks it is worth it for the European Cup every four years.

  For Xiao Nuo, the World Cup and the European Cup, which alternate every two years, have become her way of recording time.

  Xiao Nuo first met football in 1996, which was also the European Cup. It is also because of that contest that Xiao Nuo fell in love with the German team, and it has been 20 years since then. For this figure, Xiaonuo himself seems a little surprised. "The impression of winning the golden ball in Erlhoff is still very deep. I didn’t expect time to pass so quickly."

  Xiao Nuo recalled that at that time, because she could only see the Bundesliga and Serie A broadcasts, she had great feelings for the two leagues. Posters of Klinsmann, Baggio and batistuta had been hung in her bedroom for a long time. In order not to miss the stories around her idol, Xiaonuo accumulated hundreds of issues of football clubs and contemporary sports, at the expense of almost never eating breakfast in high school. "Younger fans may not even know these two magazines," Xiao Nuo sighed.

  Baggio, who once charmed countless female fans, has now lost his hair.

  Besides these, in the twenty years since she became a female fan, Xiaonuo has done many crazier things. It goes without saying that Xiao Nuo was desperate to watch the World Cup group match between China and Brazil in college.

  "I still remember that it was June 8, and it was almost 11 o’clock after watching the game. The dormitory was turned off and the gate was closed, so I had to go back over the wall." As a result, Xiao Nuo was expelled from the school student union because of this.

  Not only that, during the World Cup in Germany in 2006, Xiao Nuo, who had just joined the work, almost fought with male fans when he went out to watch the ball with friends. In order to get a commemorative jersey of the German team, Xiaonuo did not hesitate to mobilize all his friends around him to help, and finally entrusted someone to bring one back from abroad … … All these, there are many.

  Xiao Nuo told reporters that her biggest wish this year is that the German team won the European Cup. But for why she loves football so much, Xiaonuo can’t give a general answer. She just said, "Like is like. If girls really like football, they will be crazier than boys."

  Louis’ tears, Xiaoxue can understand.

  "Ordinary" Female Fans: From "Bored" to "Tears"

  Xiaoxue was born in 1990 and has just worked for one year. Her career as a female fan began four years ago, also because of the European Cup. In the summer vacation of sophomore year, under the guidance of friends, Xiaoxue entered the world of football.

  Because of that European Cup, Xiaoxue fell in love with Spain and Iniesta. After the contest, Xiaoxue began to pay attention to La Liga, and then he liked Barcelona, followed by Messi, Suarez and Neymar. Now, talking about the stars who have played in Barcelona in recent years and the achievements made by the club, Xiaoxue is like a few treasures. In this competition, she hopes that Spain can defend its title.

  Xiaoxue also told reporters that in fact, when I first started watching the ball, I felt that football was quite boring. "I didn’t score a goal for a long time. I don’t understand why everyone is so excited because of a ball game."

  "Until the World Cup semi-final two years ago, Germany’s 7-1 massacre against Brazil, I watched the ball among a group of German fans, and I couldn’t stop crying in the first half." As a fan of Neymar, Xiaoxue had a personal experience for the first time.

  Nowadays, Xiaoxue watches the ball every week and occasionally stays up late on weekends. Around her, there is also a small circle of female fans, and everyone will meet to watch the ball together from time to time. "By the way, I also went to the Bird’s Nest to watch the South American Derby! Super excited! " It can be seen that football has become a part of Xiaoxue’s life.

  But even so, Xiaoxue still thinks she is a fake fans, even though she has watched more games than some boys who claim to be real fans in recent years. "I don’t have a deep understanding of tactics, and sometimes I feel quite confused when listening to the commentator analyze the game." However, Xiaoxue also said that she likes the feeling of watching the ball now and will not deliberately move closer to the "real" fans.

  The German team now relies not only on face value, but also on strength.

  Female fans studying abroad: Football makes me meet new friends in a foreign land.

  Lizi is a college student majoring in Korean. She watched the ball for the first time with several Korean students. It was two years ago in the World Cup, a game in which the German team participated. Chestnut’s friend happened to be a fan of the German team, so she also liked this team.

  However, Chestnut is a pure fake fans. Even her favorite German team, she can only name a few key players. Even so, Chestnut thinks that this will not affect her interest in watching the ball. "I didn’t know the rules very well, so I like the lively atmosphere."

  Now, Chestnut is studying in Korea as an exchange student. In this European Cup, the German team has played two games, and Chestnut watched the live broadcast with her classmates. Among them, a small number are China students, and most of them are Koreans. In chestnut’s view, football gave her the opportunity to make new friends in a foreign land.

  "Football is very popular in Korea. Even for girls, if there is a game on the pedestrian street, many people will stop to watch it," Chestnut told reporters. "Watching the game together has enhanced the friendship between my classmates and I have made some new friends. After all, people with common interests are easier to get along with."

  Besides, Li Zi said that watching football can also help her change her mood, which is also a way to vent negative emotions. "After all, it is very important for me to study abroad alone," said Li Zi. (Some characters in the text are pseudonyms) (End)