When female fans meet the European Cup: Record time with football and gain friendship in a foreign land.

  BEIJING, Beijing, June 20 (Reporter Yue Chuan) Nowadays, every time a football match comes, female fans will become an indispensable topic on and off the court, and various versions of the "most beautiful fans" atlas in the hands of photographers are even more eye-catching tools. The European Cup in France, which is in full swing, is no exception. In this new upsurge created by football, the camp of female fans is getting bigger and bigger.

  Although the game is not at home, there is still a time difference when watching the ball, but this does not affect the enthusiasm of the female fans around. As long as you brush your social tools, you will be surprised at the wide coverage of this special group. One after another, the crash handbook for female fans also shows that this group is becoming more and more important in the football world. For some of them, the reason why they are excited about football is not just because of their face value, but because of their true love.

  Senior female fans: football portrays time rings crazier than boys.

  Xiaonuo, who was born after 1980s, is a middle-level person in an enterprise, and she usually shows herself as a rigorous and capable professional woman. But as long as you hook up with football, Xiaonuo immediately looks like a different person.

  Despite his busy work, Xiaonuo still can’t give up his love for football. Since the start of this European Cup, Xiaonuo has watched many games and stayed up all night. In order not to affect her work, most of her spare time outside watching football is used by her to make up her sleep. In the eyes of colleagues, Xiao Nuo is "torturing" herself, but she thinks it is worth it for the European Cup every four years.

  For Xiao Nuo, the World Cup and the European Cup, which alternate every two years, have become her way of recording time.

  Xiao Nuo first met football in 1996, which was also the European Cup. It is also because of that contest that Xiao Nuo fell in love with the German team, and it has been 20 years since then. For this figure, Xiaonuo himself seems a little surprised. "The impression of winning the golden ball in Erlhoff is still very deep. I didn’t expect time to pass so quickly."

  Xiao Nuo recalled that at that time, because she could only see the Bundesliga and Serie A broadcasts, she had great feelings for the two leagues. Posters of Klinsmann, Baggio and batistuta had been hung in her bedroom for a long time. In order not to miss the stories around her idol, Xiaonuo accumulated hundreds of issues of football clubs and contemporary sports, at the expense of almost never eating breakfast in high school. "Younger fans may not even know these two magazines," Xiao Nuo sighed.

  Baggio, who once charmed countless female fans, has now lost his hair.

  Besides these, in the twenty years since she became a female fan, Xiaonuo has done many crazier things. It goes without saying that Xiao Nuo was desperate to watch the World Cup group match between China and Brazil in college.

  "I still remember that it was June 8, and it was almost 11 o’clock after watching the game. The dormitory was turned off and the gate was closed, so I had to go back over the wall." As a result, Xiao Nuo was expelled from the school student union because of this.

  Not only that, during the World Cup in Germany in 2006, Xiao Nuo, who had just joined the work, almost fought with male fans when he went out to watch the ball with friends. In order to get a commemorative jersey of the German team, Xiaonuo did not hesitate to mobilize all his friends around him to help, and finally entrusted someone to bring one back from abroad … … All these, there are many.

  Xiao Nuo told reporters that her biggest wish this year is that the German team won the European Cup. But for why she loves football so much, Xiaonuo can’t give a general answer. She just said, "Like is like. If girls really like football, they will be crazier than boys."

  Louis’ tears, Xiaoxue can understand.

  "Ordinary" Female Fans: From "Bored" to "Tears"

  Xiaoxue was born in 1990 and has just worked for one year. Her career as a female fan began four years ago, also because of the European Cup. In the summer vacation of sophomore year, under the guidance of friends, Xiaoxue entered the world of football.

  Because of that European Cup, Xiaoxue fell in love with Spain and Iniesta. After the contest, Xiaoxue began to pay attention to La Liga, and then he liked Barcelona, followed by Messi, Suarez and Neymar. Now, talking about the stars who have played in Barcelona in recent years and the achievements made by the club, Xiaoxue is like a few treasures. In this competition, she hopes that Spain can defend its title.

  Xiaoxue also told reporters that in fact, when I first started watching the ball, I felt that football was quite boring. "I didn’t score a goal for a long time. I don’t understand why everyone is so excited because of a ball game."

  "Until the World Cup semi-final two years ago, Germany’s 7-1 massacre against Brazil, I watched the ball among a group of German fans, and I couldn’t stop crying in the first half." As a fan of Neymar, Xiaoxue had a personal experience for the first time.

  Nowadays, Xiaoxue watches the ball every week and occasionally stays up late on weekends. Around her, there is also a small circle of female fans, and everyone will meet to watch the ball together from time to time. "By the way, I also went to the Bird’s Nest to watch the South American Derby! Super excited! " It can be seen that football has become a part of Xiaoxue’s life.

  But even so, Xiaoxue still thinks she is a fake fans, even though she has watched more games than some boys who claim to be real fans in recent years. "I don’t have a deep understanding of tactics, and sometimes I feel quite confused when listening to the commentator analyze the game." However, Xiaoxue also said that she likes the feeling of watching the ball now and will not deliberately move closer to the "real" fans.

  The German team now relies not only on face value, but also on strength.

  Female fans studying abroad: Football makes me meet new friends in a foreign land.

  Lizi is a college student majoring in Korean. She watched the ball for the first time with several Korean students. It was two years ago in the World Cup, a game in which the German team participated. Chestnut’s friend happened to be a fan of the German team, so she also liked this team.

  However, Chestnut is a pure fake fans. Even her favorite German team, she can only name a few key players. Even so, Chestnut thinks that this will not affect her interest in watching the ball. "I didn’t know the rules very well, so I like the lively atmosphere."

  Now, Chestnut is studying in Korea as an exchange student. In this European Cup, the German team has played two games, and Chestnut watched the live broadcast with her classmates. Among them, a small number are China students, and most of them are Koreans. In chestnut’s view, football gave her the opportunity to make new friends in a foreign land.

  "Football is very popular in Korea. Even for girls, if there is a game on the pedestrian street, many people will stop to watch it," Chestnut told reporters. "Watching the game together has enhanced the friendship between my classmates and I have made some new friends. After all, people with common interests are easier to get along with."

  Besides, Li Zi said that watching football can also help her change her mood, which is also a way to vent negative emotions. "After all, it is very important for me to study abroad alone," said Li Zi. (Some characters in the text are pseudonyms) (End)