Good morning world | Suspected hacker attack, 60% of gas stations in Iran shut down.

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On December 18, 2023, in Tehran, Iran, vehicles lined up outside a gas station in Tehran, Iran.

On December 18, 2023, local time, Tehran, Iran, on December 18, vehicles refueled in a gas station in Tehran, the capital of Iran.

On December 18, 2023, local time, Tehran, Iran, due to hacking, the gas station stopped serving.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Shana News Agency, a subsidiary of Iran’s Ministry of Oil, said that the fuel supply of some gas stations in Iran was temporarily stopped on December 18 due to technical problems.

According to Israeli media reports on December 18th, a hacker group "once associated with Israel" claimed to have attacked Iran’s gas station system. This hacker group previously claimed that at the end of 2021, it launched cyber attacks against Iran’s gas stations, railway systems and steel mills. The organization posted on social media on December 18 that they launched cyber attacks against Iran again that day, which led to the paralysis of most gas stations across Iran.

On December 18, 2023, in Tehran, Iran, cars lined up outside the gas station.

On December 18, 2023, in Tehran, Iran, motorcycles waited for refueling outside a gas station in Tehran, the capital of Iran.

Jalil As-Sarari, deputy minister of Iran’s Oil Ministry and CEO of Iran’s National Refining and Marketing Company, said in an interview with the Islamic Republic of Iran News Network that 60% of Iran’s gas stations have cut off fuel supply due to problems in the point-of-sale system and online payment function. He promised that all gas stations would resume supply that night.

On December 18, 2023, local time, Tehran, Iran, due to hacking, the gas station stopped serving.

On December 18, 2023, local time, Tehran, Iran, the closed gas station was filmed in Tehran, Iran.

On December 18, 2023, local time, Tehran, Iran, on December 18, vehicles refueled in a gas station in Tehran, the capital of Iran.

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The flood level in Queensland, Australia continues to rise and the airport is closed again.

On December 18th, 2023, local time, the flood disaster was shot at Cairns Airport in Queensland, Australia.

On December 18, 2023, local time, at Cairns Airport, Queensland, Australia, the vehicle was soaked in the rising flood.

According to Xinhua News Agency on December 18th, Queensland suffered the biggest flood on record, with serious water accumulation at the local Cairns International Airport, and some planes on the runway were flooded.

According to the Australian Meteorological Administration, on December 18th, local time, the flood levels in Cairns and Port Douglas in Queensland continued to rise. In the past 40 hours, the local rainfall has exceeded 600 mm, of which 307 mm was recorded locally in the past 24 hours.

Local time December 18, 2023, Queensland, Australia, residents affected by floods.

According to statistics, from the night of 17th to the early morning of 18th, the emergency department of Queensland conducted about 300 times to assist in rescue. Cairns, a famous tourist city, has been besieged by the once-in-a-century flood, and residents of several surrounding towns have been evacuated. At present, the local airport has been closed and all international and domestic flights have been cancelled.

On December 18, 2023, local time, a highway collapsed in Queensland, Australia.

On December 18, 2023, local time, in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, residents moved by boat.

The explosion of the oil depot in Guinea’s capital has killed 13 people.

On December 18, 2023, local time, Conakry, Guinea, the scene of the fuel warehouse fire.

On December 18, 2023, local time, Conakry, Guinea, the scene of the fuel warehouse fire.

According to Xinhua News Agency, a large fuel warehouse in Conakry exploded in the early morning of the 18th, causing a fire, and a large number of buildings and vehicles were burned. After the explosion, relevant professional organizations immediately put into rescue work to control the fire and minimize losses.

The explosion in the fuel warehouse has killed 13 people and injured more than 170 others. Most of the injured people have been sent to hospital, and 89 of them were discharged after receiving treatment.

On December 18, 2023, in Conakry, Guinea, residents watched the burning oil depot billow smoke.

On December 18, 2023, local time, in Conakry, Guinea, a fire broke out at the fuel warehouse, and flames rose at the scene.

Guinea’s transitional government issued a statement saying that all public and private sector workers in Conakry will remain at home except the national defense and security departments and the medical industry, and all schools and gas stations will be closed. The government will investigate the cause of the incident and the person responsible.

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China and the World in the New Era

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 27th-the State Council Press Office released a white paper entitled "China and the World in the New Era" on September 27th. The full text is as follows:

  China and the World in the New Era

  (September 2019)

  People’s Republic of China (PRC)

  the State Council Information Office



  First, China has embarked on a development path in line with national conditions.

  (1) China’s development depends on self-reliance and hard work.

  (B) China’s development in the interaction with the world.

  (3) The development of China has injected positive energy into world peace and development.

  (D) China Road conforms to China’s national conditions and meets the requirements of the times.

  Second, the development of China is an opportunity for the world.

  (A) China is the main stabilizer and power source of world economic growth.

  (2) All-round opening-up will create more opportunities for countries to share the "China dividend"

  (C) China provides more public goods for the international community.

  (D) China’s development provides experience and reference for other developing countries.

  (5) China will never take the road of "national power will dominate"

  3. Building a prosperous and beautiful world is the common dream of people of all countries.

  (A) The world today is in a great change that has never happened in a century.

  (2) Building Community of Shared Future for Mankind

  (C) building a new type of international relations

  (D) to promote new economic globalization

  (V) Maintaining the international system with the United Nations at its core.

  (6) Promoting exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations.

  Fourth, China contributes to building a better world.

  (1) Promoting world peace and development through its own development.

  (2) Adhere to win-win cooperation and common development.

  (3) Firmly safeguard and promote economic globalization.

  (D) Actively develop global partnerships.

  (5) Firmly support multilateralism and safeguard international fairness and justice.

  (6) Actively participate in leading the reform and construction of the global governance system.

  Concluding remarks


  This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China (PRC).

  Over the past 70 years, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, earth-shaking changes have taken place in China, creating an unprecedented development miracle in human history. It took China several decades to complete the development process that developed countries have gone through for hundreds of years, and its economic aggregate jumped to the second place in the world. Nearly 1.4 billion people got rid of the material shortage, and generally reached a well-off level, enjoying unprecedented dignity and rights. This is not only a great change in China, but also a great progress in human society, and it is also a great contribution of China to world peace and development.

  China is still the largest developing country in the world. The basic national conditions of a large population and a weak foundation have not changed. China still faces a series of severe challenges, and the people of China need to continue to work hard.

  The world today is in a great change that has never happened in a century. Human society is full of hope and challenges. World multi-polarization, economic globalization, cultural diversity and social informatization are developing in depth, and peace and development are still the themes of the times. At the same time, deep-seated global contradictions are prominent and instability and uncertainty are increasing. It is the common aspiration of people of all countries to build Community of Shared Future for Mankind and a better world.

  China’s development has entered a new era. China’s influence on the world has never been so comprehensive, profound and long-term as it is today; The world’s attention to China has never been as extensive, deep and focused as it is today. Where does China come from and where is it going? What kind of world is China promoting? How does the developed China get along with the world? In order to respond to external concerns and enhance the international community’s knowledge and understanding of China’s development, the China Municipal Government issued this white paper on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China (PRC).

  First, China has embarked on a development path in line with national conditions.

  China is a big country with a civilization history of more than 5,000 years, and it has been at the forefront of the world for a long time. After modern times, China fell into a dangerous situation of poverty and weakness, internal troubles and foreign invasion, and even national extinction. The people of China are always indomitable and struggling, and always dream of achieving national prosperity, national rejuvenation and people’s happiness. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the people of China, through arduous struggles, established a new China on the basis of a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society, realized national independence and people’s liberation, and the Chinese nation entered a new era of development. Over the past 70 years, the people of China have worked hard to explore and forge ahead. In the 5,000-year history and culture of the Chinese nation, on the basis of summing up the experience and lessons of the 500-year socialism and the 170-year prosperity of the Chinese nation in modern times, and in the great practice of China’s revolution, construction and reform, they have successfully opened up the Socialism with Chinese characteristics road and achieved remarkable development achievements.

  (1) China’s development depends on self-reliance and hard work.

  At the beginning of the founding of New China, it was faced with a devastated mess that experienced more than 100 years of war. The country was poor, the people lived in extreme poverty, the industrial and agricultural foundation was very weak, and the national economy nearly collapsed. It is more difficult for the people of China to survive and develop than they can imagine. Over the past 70 years, the people of China have started from scratch, made self-reliance and worked hard to create a new world.

  The economic strength has been significantly enhanced. From 1952 to 2018, the industrial added value of China increased from 12 billion yuan to 30,516 billion yuan, an increase of 970 times at constant prices, with an average annual growth rate of 11%; The GDP increased from 67.9 billion yuan to 90 trillion yuan, 174 times at constant prices, with an average annual growth rate of 8.1%; The per capita GDP increased from 119 yuan to 64,644 yuan in 2018, an increase of 70 times at constant prices. According to the data of the World Bank, at the market exchange rate, the economic scale of China in 2018 was US$ 13.6 trillion, second only to US$ 20.5 trillion. At present, China is the only country in the world with all industrial categories in the United Nations Industrial Classification Catalogue, and the output of many industrial products ranks first in the world. Remarkable achievements have been made in scientific and technological development. Major scientific and technological achievements such as "two bombs and one satellite", manned spaceflight, super hybrid rice, high-performance computer, synthetic bovine insulin, artemisinin and high-speed railway have provided strong support for economic and social development. Foreign trade continues to increase. In 2009, China became the world’s largest exporter and second largest importer of goods, and in 2013, it became the world’s largest country in goods trade. Since the reform and opening up, the introduction of foreign capital in China has greatly increased, and it has increasingly become a hot spot to attract global investment. China has become the world’s second largest economy, the largest manufacturing country, the largest commodity trade country, the second largest commodity consumption country, the second largest foreign capital inflow country and the largest foreign exchange reserve country (Table 1).

  Chart: Table 1 China’s economic strength has been greatly improved by Xinhua News Agency.

  People’s lives have greatly improved. After long-term efforts, the people of China are moving towards an all-round well-off society, from hunger and cold to food and clothing to overall well-off society (Table 2). According to the current rural poverty standards, the number of rural poor in China decreased from 770 million in 1978 to 16.6 million in 2018, and the incidence of rural poverty decreased from 97.5% to 1.7%, a decrease of 95.8 percentage points (Figure 1), creating a miracle in the history of human poverty reduction (Box 1). China has initially established the largest social security system in the world, covering the largest population, including pension, medical care, subsistence allowances, housing, education and other areas of people’s livelihood. By the end of 2018, there were 419.02 million people participating in the basic old-age insurance for urban workers, 196.43 million people participating in unemployment insurance, 238.74 million people participating in industrial injury insurance, more than 900 million people covered by basic old-age insurance and more than 1.3 billion people covered by basic medical insurance, basically achieving universal medical insurance. 70 years ago, the average life expectancy in China was 35 years, and it reached 77 years in 2018, far higher than the world average life expectancy of 72 years. Over the past 70 years, the spiritual outlook of the people in China has undergone profound changes, the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation has been fully carried forward, the values of contemporary China have been widely spread, and the spiritual life of the people in China has become richer and more active. According to the global report on people’s livelihood and welfare released by Boston Consulting Group, China’s ranking has risen by 25 places in the past 10 years, making the fastest progress among the 152 countries surveyed. (Note 1)

  Chart: Table 2 People’s living standards have been greatly improved by Xinhua News Agency.

   Chart: Figure 1: Incidence rate of rural poverty in China since 1978 by Xinhua News Agency.

  Chart: Column 1 China has made great achievements in poverty alleviation. Xinhua News Agency issued

  International status and international influence have improved significantly. In 1971, China resumed its legal seat in the United Nations and played a more active role in international affairs. In April and May 1980, China resumed its legal seats in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. In 2001, China joined the World Trade Organization and participated in international economic and trade exchanges and cooperation more extensively and deeply. China has made many friends in the international community, and has established diplomatic relations with 179 countries and established 110 pairs of partnerships in various forms. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has put forward an initiative to promote the construction of Community of Shared Future for Mankind and jointly build a "the belt and road initiative", which has been included in many UN resolutions and has been widely recognized and positively responded by the international community.

  China’s development achievements are the result of hard work. For China, a big country with a population of nearly 1.4 billion, the good times can’t wait or not, so there is no other way but to struggle. The development of China relies on the hard-working spirit of "800 million shirts for a Boeing". Several generations have kept fighting and paid unimaginable hard work and sweat; Relying on the spirit of "carrying your own burden", regardless of prosperity or adversity, we will not export problems, pass on contradictions, and develop ourselves by buying and selling hard and plundering other countries; Relying on the exploration spirit of "crossing the river by feeling the stones", we don’t follow the old road of imperialism and colonialism, and don’t copy the development model of western countries. Instead, we combine the reality of China, sum up experiences and lessons, learn from human civilization, and dare to try and blaze a new trail.

  (B) China’s development in the interaction with the world.

  China is China of the world, and the development of China is closely linked with the world. In the early days of the founding of New China, efforts were made to break the external blockade and actively carry out foreign exchanges in the fields of economy, trade and culture. Since the reform and opening up, China has actively followed the trend of globalization, adhered to the basic national policy of opening to the outside world, opened its doors for construction, embraced the world, learned from the world, contributed to the world, and interacted well with the world for common development.

  Large-scale "please come in". China, which has opened its doors, is full of vigor and vitality. The international community is optimistic about the development of China. More and more countries are cooperating with China. More and more foreign enterprises are investing in China, and more and more foreigners are coming to China for study, work and sightseeing. From 1978 to 2018, China attracted a total of 2,034.3 billion US dollars of non-financial foreign direct investment and established nearly 1 million foreign-invested enterprises. In 2018, more than 492,000 foreign students came to China to study. After China’s entry into the World Trade Organization, China has participated in economic globalization to improve its quality and speed (Box 2). From 2001 to 2018, China’s imports of goods increased from US$ 243.6 billion to US$ 2,135.8 billion, with an average annual growth rate of 13.6%, 6.8 percentage points higher than the global average; The import volume of service trade increased from $39.3 billion to $525 billion, with an average annual growth rate of 16.5%, accounting for 9.4% of the total import volume of global service trade.

  Chart: Column 2 The position of a big trading country is increasingly consolidated by Xinhua News Agency

  Stride "going out". From economic and trade investment to people-to-people exchanges, from official to non-governmental, China has gone global with unprecedented speed, breadth and depth, and carried out all-round, wide-ranging and multi-level foreign exchanges and cooperation. In 2018, China’s foreign direct investment reached US$ 143.04 billion, 53 times that of 2002, with an average annual growth rate of 28.2%. Foreign trade has increased year by year. From 1978 to 2018, China’s foreign trade totaled 52,192.11 billion US dollars. In 2018, the export volume of trade in goods and services reached $2,486.7 billion and $266.8 billion respectively. In recent years, China has continuously maintained its position as the world’s largest source of outbound tourists. In 2018, China citizens made nearly 150 million outbound trips.

  Develop yourself and benefit the world. Opening to the outside world has brought capital, advanced technology and management experience to China, changed people’s ideas in China, stimulated people’s creative enthusiasm in China, and significantly improved the level of modernization in China. At the same time, China’s open development has provided a broad market for other countries. China opened its investment and service trade, which promoted local economic growth and employment. China actively participates in the international division of labor and promotes a more rational allocation of global resources. The quality of China’s export products is excellent, which meets the international market demand, reduces public expenditure and reduces inflationary pressure. China people have traveled all over the world, which has greatly promoted exchanges and mutual learning between China and foreign countries.

  (3) The development of China has injected positive energy into world peace and development.

  China’s road not only has distinctive China characteristics, but also has broad and lofty world vision and profound and broad human feelings. Over the past 70 years, the people of China have worked hard through self-reliance. While achieving self-development, they have contributed to world peace and injected impetus into the common development of all countries.

  China contributes wisdom to world peace and development. At the beginning of the founding of New China, an independent foreign policy of peace was established, which injected peace energy into the post-war international structure. In 1950s, the five principles of mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non-aggression, non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, equality and mutual benefit, and peaceful coexistence jointly advocated by China, India and Myanmar became the basic norms of international relations and the basic principles of international law, which effectively safeguarded the rights and interests of developing countries and played an important role in promoting the establishment of a just and rational international political and economic order. In recent years, focusing on the development and changes of the international situation, China has put forward a series of important ideas and initiatives, such as promoting the construction of Community of Shared Future for Mankind, promoting the construction of new international relations, building a "the belt and road initiative", a correct view of justice and interests, a new security view, a global governance view and a civilization view, which have contributed to the China wisdom and China’s plan for safeguarding world peace and promoting common development.

  China takes practical actions to safeguard world peace. Over the past 70 years, China has never initiated any war or conflict, and has never occupied an inch of other countries’ land. Since the reform and opening up, China has taken the initiative to reduce the number of military personnel by more than 4 million. China actively participates in the international arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation process, opposes the arms race and maintains global strategic balance and stability. China has signed or acceded to 20 multilateral arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation treaties, including the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. China has become the second largest contributor to the United Nations peacekeeping budget and the regular budget, and the largest contributor to the permanent members of the Security Council (Box 3). In 2015, China announced the establishment of the China-United Nations Peace and Development Fund with a total amount of US$ 1 billion for 10 years, which was officially put into operation in 2016. China has always been committed to dealing with territorial issues and maritime delimitation disputes through negotiation and consultation, and has completely solved land boundary issues with 12 of its 14 neighboring countries, delineating the maritime boundary between China and Vietnam in the Beibu Gulf, which has opened up a brand-new road for peaceful settlement of historical issues between countries and international disputes. China has actively participated in solving major international and regional hotspot issues and played a constructive role.

  Chart: Column 3 China actively supports UN peacekeeping operations by Xinhua News Agency.

  China actively promotes global common development. As the largest developing country in the world, China has always been an advocate, promoter and practitioner of global poverty reduction and development. While striving to achieve self-development and eradicate poverty, we will actively carry out South-South cooperation, provide assistance to other developing countries without any political conditions, and support and help the vast number of developing countries, especially the least developed countries, to eradicate poverty. Over the past 60 years, China has provided nearly 400 billion yuan in aid to 166 countries and international organizations, dispatched more than 600,000 aid workers, and more than 700 people have given their lives for the development of other countries. It has announced seven times that it will unconditionally forgive the government interest-free loan debts of heavily indebted poor countries and least developed countries due to China. China has actively provided medical assistance to 69 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Oceania, and has helped more than 120 developing countries to implement the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Actively participate in the UN consultations on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, do a good job in domestic implementation, take the lead in publishing country programmes and progress reports on the implementation of the Agenda, and achieve early gains in many fields. Under the framework of South-South cooperation, help other developing countries to implement the agenda. The China-United Nations Peace and Development Fund’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Sub-fund has successfully implemented 27 projects in the past three years, benefiting 49 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and injecting strong impetus into the global implementation of the agenda. In 2015, China announced the establishment of the South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund. By 2018,More than 200 development cooperation projects related to disaster relief, health, women and children, refugees and environmental protection have been implemented in more than 30 countries in Asia, Africa and America.

  (D) China Road conforms to China’s national conditions and meets the requirements of the times.

  The road determines fate, and the choice of development path is very important to the success or failure of a country. There is no precedent in human history for a big country with a population of nearly 1.4 billion to realize modernization. China must follow its own path. Over the past 70 years, China has achieved great success in its development, and the fundamental reason is that it has found the correct development path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics and unswervingly followed it.

  This is a road established from the national conditions of our country. China, based on its own national conditions and practice, draws wisdom from Chinese civilization, absorbs the strengths of eastern and western schools, sticks to it without being rigid, draws lessons from it without copying it, and forms its own development path through constant exploration.

  This is a road that puts people’s interests first. In New China, the people are truly masters of the country. Over the past 70 years, China has adhered to the people-centered development thought, taking people’s yearning for a better life as the goal, taking improving people’s lives, enhancing people’s well-being and safeguarding people’s democratic rights as the starting point and the end result, seeking development impetus among the people, relying on the people to promote development and make development benefit the people.

  This is a road of reform and innovation. There is no ready-made model for the development of China, and there is no ready-made road for reference. The people of China are enterprising, dare to break through the difficulties and challenges encountered in their progress through reform and innovation, break down the institutional and institutional obstacles that hinder development, constantly emancipate and develop social productive forces, constantly emancipate and enhance social vitality, constantly improve and develop the Socialism with Chinese characteristics system, and promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity.

  This is a road to seek common development in opening up. China adheres to the basic national policy of opening to the outside world, pursues a win-win opening strategy, constantly enhances the internal and external linkage of development, benefits other countries and people more while realizing its own development, realizes a great historical turning point from closed and semi-closed to all-round opening, participates in and promotes the process of economic globalization, and promotes the lofty cause of human peace and development.

  This is a road to rule the country according to law in an all-round way. China regards the rule of law as the basic strategy of state governance, and insists on the joint promotion of rule of law, ruling by law and administration by law, and the integration of a country ruled by law, a government ruled by law and a society ruled by law, so as to provide a fundamental, overall and long-term institutional guarantee for national development, ensure that the country is both vibrant and orderly in profound changes, and ensure long-term stability of the country.

  In the past 70 years, the success of China’s development is fundamentally due to the Communist Party of China (CPC)’s leadership. China is huge, its national conditions are complex, and its governance difficulty is rare in the world. Without centralized, unified and strong leadership, China will split and disintegrate, which will bring disaster to the world. The Communist Party of China (CPC) became the core leading force of China and won the support of the people for a long time, because the initial intention of building the party was not for the private interests of one party, but for the happiness of the people of China, the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the peace and development of mankind and long-term persistence; It is to constantly strengthen self-construction, have a strong leadership core, be guided by scientific theories, have strict discipline and rules, and have a mechanism of selecting talents and appointing people, thus maintaining the stability, advancement and purity of the party; It lies in both the strategic planning ability of the country’s long-term development and the strong implementation ability of specific policies; It is to keep pace with the times, be enlightened and open, neither forget the original nor absorb foreign countries, and has strong cohesion, organization and appeal.

  Over the past 70 years, China has overcome all kinds of risks and challenges, and created one miracle after another in China that attracts worldwide attention. Especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has made historic achievements and changes in its development, and the Chinese nation has made a great leap from standing up, becoming rich and becoming strong, which is closer to the great goal of national rejuvenation than at any time in history. This development path of China will show more and more bright development prospects with the progress of the times (Box 4).

  Chart: Column 4 People at home and abroad are optimistic about the future development of China. Xinhua News Agency issued

  After 70 years of development, China has made great achievements, but the basic national conditions of China, which is still in the primary stage of socialism for a long time, and China’s international status as the largest developing country in the world have not changed. There is still a long way to go to solve the contradiction between the people’s growing need for a better life and the unbalanced development, so that nearly 1.4 billion people can live a prosperous life, and they still need to make long-term and arduous efforts.

  Second, the development of China is an opportunity for the world.

  With the rapid improvement of China’s comprehensive national strength and international influence, some people in the world are worried that China will take the road of "national power will dominate", and some people put forward the so-called "China threat theory". This has both cognitive misunderstanding, deep-rooted prejudice, psychological imbalance caused by the rise and fall of power, and deliberate distortion to safeguard their vested interests. Realizing national prosperity, national rejuvenation and people’s happiness is not only the dream of China people, but also the common dream of people of all countries. The development of China is an opportunity for the world, not a threat or a challenge.

  (A) China is the main stabilizer and power source of world economic growth.

  From 1979 to 2018, China’s economy developed rapidly at an average annual rate of 9.4%, becoming an important engine of global economic growth. In 2008, the world suffered a serious financial crisis, and the world economy was hit hard. China took a series of effective measures to successfully deal with the crisis, and its economy rebounded rapidly, and maintained a medium-high speed growth, becoming the main stabilizer and power source of world economic growth.

  China is the biggest contributor to world economic growth. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has implemented the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, adapted, grasped and led the new normal of economic development, strengthened supply-side structural reform, maintained sustained and healthy economic development, and continuously improved its quality and efficiency. In the past three years, China’s total economic output has continuously crossed 700,000, 800,000 and 90 trillion yuan, accounting for nearly 16% of the world economy. From 2013 to 2018, China’s average contribution rate to world economic growth exceeded 28.1%. The relevant calculation results show that, in 2013-2016, if there is no China factor, the average annual growth rate of the world economy will slow down by 0.6 percentage points and the fluctuation intensity will increase by 5.2%. According to the report released by McKinsey Global Institute, from 2000 to 2017, the comprehensive dependence index of the world on China’s economy gradually increased from 0.4 to 1.2, and China contributed 35% of the global manufacturing output. (Note 2)

  China’s scientific and technological innovation injects new kinetic energy into world economic growth. In recent years, the investment in science and technology in China has been increasing, and major scientific and technological innovations have emerged. In 2018, China’s R&D expenditure accounted for 2.19% of GDP. According to the global innovation index released by the World Intellectual Property Organization, in 2019, China’s national innovation capacity ranked 14th in the world, three places higher than that in 2018 (Box 5), making it the only middle-income economy to enter the top 20. (Note 3) In the high-tech field, China is catching up, with quantum communication, supercomputing, aerospace, artificial intelligence, the fifth generation mobile communication network (5G), mobile payment, new energy vehicles, high-speed railways, financial technology and so on in the world leading position. The wide application of scientific and technological innovations in China has brought more convenience to people in other countries’ production and life, and injected new momentum into world economic growth.

  Chart: Column 5 Relevant international organizations and foreign institutions positively evaluate China’s scientific and technological innovation. Xinhua News Agency issued

  In the future, the stabilizer and power source of China’s economy will play a more prominent role. At present, the momentum of world economic growth is insufficient, and a sound China economy is becoming more and more important to the world. China’s economy is shifting from high-speed growth to high-quality development. New industrialization, informationization, urbanization and agricultural modernization are accelerating, economic structure is deeply adjusted, industrial optimization is continuously upgraded, and new economic growth points are constantly emerging. In 2018, the urbanization rate of permanent residents in China will reach 59.6%. In the future, the urbanization level of population will increase steadily, and the permanent population in cities and towns will continue to increase, which will bring extensive demand in infrastructure, real estate, new retail, medical and health care, education, culture and entertainment, and provide an important engine for economic development. New industries and new formats have risen rapidly. In 2018, the added value of high-tech manufacturing, strategic emerging industries and equipment manufacturing increased by 11.7%, 8.9% and 8.1% respectively over the previous year. New energy vehicles, smart TVs, lithium-ion batteries and integrated circuits increased by 66.2%, 17.7%, 12.9% and 11.2% respectively; The growth rate of information service industry was as high as 30.7% year-on-year, and the growth rate of sub-industries such as mobile games, online shopping, car-sharing platform, travel platform and big data cloud computing reached 30%-50%. A number of unicorn enterprises were born in each sub-industry. According to the research report of McKinsey Global Institute, by 2040, the integration of China and other economies in the world is expected to create an economic value of 22 trillion to 37 trillion US dollars, equivalent to 15%-26% of the global economy, and other economies in the world will strengthen cooperation with China.Will create great economic value. (Note 4)

  China’s economy and the world economy have undergone structural changes and are deeply integrated. China, with more stable economic operation, higher growth quality and promising growth prospects, is good for the world economic development for a long time (Box 6). It is neither feasible nor harmful to regard China’s economic development as a "threat" nor a "challenge" and try to push China out of the global industrial chain, supply chain and value chain, so as to "decouple" China from the world economy.

  Chart: Column 6 International institutions are optimistic about China’s economic development prospects. Xinhua News Agency issued

  (2) All-round opening-up will create more opportunities for countries to share the "China dividend"

  China unswervingly pursues the win-win opening-up strategy and opens to the outside world with greater intensity and higher level. A safe and stable political environment, a large number of consumers with escalating demands, all-round and hard-working workers, a sound and comprehensive infrastructure, fair competition and a legalized, internationalized and convenient business environment provide countries with a broader market, more capital, more products and more opportunities for cooperation. China has always been an important promoter of global openness and a vibrant market for countries to expand business opportunities.

  China has the most potential consumer market in the world. China is both a "world factory" and a "global market". China has a population of nearly 1.4 billion and 400 million middle-income groups, and its market size is the largest in the world. China’s sustained and healthy economic development has brought extensive demand in many fields and provided an important engine for economic development. China has a huge consumption space and potential, and the consumption upgrading trend is obvious. The consumption growth rate exceeds the investment in fixed assets, and the consumption gradient effect is prominent, and consumption contributes more and more to the economy (Box 7). According to the report released by McKinsey Global Institute, China is the largest market in the world in many categories such as automobiles, alcohol and mobile phones, and its consumption accounts for about 30% of the total global consumption. (Note 5) The huge consumer demand provides a huge market for all countries in the world. In the next 15 years, China will import more than 30 trillion US dollars and 10 trillion US dollars respectively.

  Chart: Column 7 The consumption upgrade trend is obvious. Xinhua News Agency issued

  China is the most attractive investment destination. China has a labor force of nearly 900 million people, more than 700 million employees, 170 million high-quality talents with higher education and vocational education, and more than 8 million college graduates every year. The talent bonus is huge. China constantly optimizes the business environment to provide foreign producers and investors with a broader space and a better business environment (Box 8). China has implemented a high-level trade and investment liberalization and facilitation policy, enacted the Foreign Investment Law, fully implemented the pre-entry national treatment plus negative list management system, continuously relaxed market access, and made great efforts to create a new highland for opening up. China has strengthened the protection of intellectual property rights, further improved its institutional mechanisms, laws and regulations, and improved its innovative protection system in line with international economic and trade rules, so as to provide more powerful and effective protection for investors and obligees. According to the World Investment Report 2019 of UNCTAD, global foreign direct investment continued its downward trend in 2018, with a scale of 13% lower than that of the previous year. However, China achieved contrarian growth and remained the second largest foreign capital inflow country in the world. (Note 6) In the first half of 2019, the actually used foreign capital in China was 478.33 billion yuan, up 7.2% year-on-year, especially in high-tech manufacturing and high-tech service industries, showing its strong attraction to foreign capital.

  Chart: Column 8 Continuous improvement of business environment Xinhua News Agency issued

  Going out on a larger scale will benefit more countries. China enterprises actively participate in international competition and cooperation, carry out global trade and investment activities in a deeper and broader way, and make contributions to promoting economic growth and expanding local employment in the host country. A survey report on China’s investment in Africa by the School of Asian and African Studies (SOAS) of University of London shows that the employment rate of local employees in Ethiopian China enterprises’ construction sites and factories is over 90%, and China enterprises have created a lot of employment opportunities for Africa. (Note 7) It is estimated that China’s foreign trade in goods will reach US$ 25 trillion in the next five years. As China opens wider to the outside world, more and more enterprises will invest abroad, and more and more China people will study, work and travel abroad. China actively promotes scientific and technological innovation to the world, so that technological development and innovation will benefit not only China but also the world, and more people will enjoy the convenience and benefits brought by scientific and technological development (Box 9). 

  Chart: Column 9 China Science and Technology Innovation Benefits the World Case Xinhua News Agency issued

  Opening up should be two-way and mutually beneficial, not one-way and one side benefits. Mutual benefit can last for a long time. China promises to continuously expand imports, relax market access, improve business environment and strengthen intellectual property protection. Other countries should also open wider to the outside world and take corresponding measures to improve their business environment. Only when all parties move in the opposite direction can we create an open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced and win-win development environment, jointly make the "cake" of development bigger and bigger, and form a mutually beneficial and win-win interest community.

  (C) China provides more public goods for the international community.

  The Chinese nation has always had the feeling of building its own talents and helping the world. China’s development has benefited from the international community, and it has never forgotten to give back to the international family and provide more and better public goods for the international community.

  Promote high-quality co-construction of "the belt and road initiative". The "the belt and road initiative" initiative is based on the principle of discussing, building and sharing, guided by the Silk Road spirit of peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning and mutual benefit, and focused on policy communication, facility connectivity, smooth trade, financial intermediation and popular support. It has been transformed from concept to action, from vision to reality, and from initiative to global popular public goods (Box 10). In November 2016, the United Nations adopted a resolution welcoming economic cooperation initiatives such as the the belt and road initiative. In March 2017, the UN Security Council resolution called on all countries to promote the construction of "the belt and road initiative" and build Community of Shared Future for Mankind. The "the belt and road initiative" initiative originated in China, and the opportunities and achievements belong to the world. According to the research report of the World Bank, the "the belt and road initiative Initiative" will lift 7.6 million people out of extreme poverty and 32 million out of moderate poverty in relevant countries, and will increase the trade of participating countries by 2.8% to 9.7%, global trade by 1.7% to 6.2% and global income by 0.7% to 2.9%. (Note 8) The "the belt and road initiative" Initiative is a veritable road of resource sharing, common prosperity and common development.

  Chart: Column 10 "the belt and road initiative" Initiative has achieved fruitful results. Xinhua News Agency issued

  Build a platform for multilateral dialogue and cooperation. China firmly supports multilateralism, advocates that international affairs should be discussed by all countries, and actively builds a platform for multilateral dialogue and cooperation in the political, economic, security and humanities fields. The belt and road initiative International Cooperation Summit Forum, China International Import Expo, Hongqiao International Economic Forum, China-Africa Cooperation Forum, China-Arab Cooperation Forum, China-Latin America Forum, Boao Forum for Asia, China-ASEAN Expo, China-Arab Countries Expo, China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference, world internet conference and other global and regional multilateral platforms have been established to promote multilateral cooperation. Hosting AsiaInfo Shanghai Summit, APEC Leaders’ Informal Meeting in Beijing, G20 Leaders’ Summit in Hangzhou, BRICS Leaders’ Meeting in Xiamen, and Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit in Qingdao, etc., has achieved a series of groundbreaking, leading and institutional achievements. Initiate the establishment of international financial cooperation institutions such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the New Development Bank, and contribute more and more to global inclusive development. Initiating the establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has played an important role in maintaining regional and world peace and stability.

  Actively participate in international and regional affairs. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China strives to contribute wisdom and strength to solving international and regional hot issues. Actively promote political solutions to hot issues in the Korean Peninsula, the Iranian nuclear issue, Syria, Afghanistan and other regions, and strive to promote dialogue and consultation and seek solutions acceptable to all parties. Actively participate in the climate governance process of the United Nations and other multilateral platforms, and firmly support and promote the implementation of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Actively promote the implementation of the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and the Security Council’s counter-terrorism resolutions, and actively participate in international counter-terrorism cooperation. We will continue to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in the fields of energy security, food security, cyber security, polar regions, outer space and oceans.

  Actively carry out foreign aid. As a developing country, China feels the poverty and suffering of other developing countries and provides them with assistance within its capacity. China adheres to the correct concept of justice and interests, adheres to the principles of mutual respect, equal treatment, abiding by promises, mutual benefit and win-win, and doing its best to provide financial, technical, personnel and intellectual assistance to developing countries without any political conditions, helping recipient countries to enhance their independent development capabilities and make greater contributions to promoting local economic and social development, improving people’s lives and realizing the UN’s sustainable development agenda in 2030.

  (D) China’s development provides experience and reference for other developing countries.

  It is not easy for a country to find a development path that suits its national conditions. Since modern times, many developing countries have made arduous explorations in the hope of enriching the country and strengthening the country, but few have really found their own roads and achieved good development. Some countries blindly copied or were forced to introduce the western model, not only failed to achieve economic development and political stability, but fell into social unrest, economic crisis, paralysis of governance, and even endless civil war.

  In decades of hard exploration, China has always unswervingly followed its own path and formed its own development path through continuous exploration. The success of China’s development has boosted the confidence of developing countries to make the country rich and strong, expanded the way for developing countries to move towards modernization, and provided experience and reference for those countries and nations in the world who want to speed up their development and maintain their own independence, taking the road in line with their national conditions.

  There is no way out for copying, and imitation is easy to get lost. The biggest revelation of China’s development is that what kind of development path a country takes should be decided by its people, not only by learning from other countries’ experience, but also based on its own reality and its own historical heritage, cultural tradition and level of economic and social development. There is no universally applicable development path and model in the world, and there is no fixed development path and model. Countries can learn from each other’s development experience, but modernization does not mean westernization, nor can it be applied mechanically, let alone be decided by one family. Whether the road to development is suitable or not depends on whether this road can solve the historical and practical problems facing the country, improve people’s livelihood and enhance well-being, and win the approval and support of the people.

  It is the right of every sovereign country to choose what kind of development path. No country can impose its own model on others, let alone have the right to forcibly subvert the political power and political system of other countries. China respects the different development paths chosen by other countries. China does not "import" foreign models or "export" China models, and will not ask other countries to "copy" China’s practices. China will deepen its own practice, constantly explore the laws of modernization, national governance and the development of human society, strengthen exchanges with other countries in governing the country, share development experience and jointly realize good governance.

  (5) China will never take the road of "national power will dominate"

  In history, there are indeed countries that become tyrants because of their strength, but it is not a historical law that a strong country must dominate. Judging China with the development experience of some western countries and applying the development logic of some western countries to China, the conclusion is bound to be absurd and distorted. China’s peaceful development is not a diplomatic rhetoric, an expedient measure or a vague strategy, but an organic unity of ideological self-confidence and practical consciousness, which is an unshakable strategic choice and solemn commitment. No matter how the international situation changes and how it develops, China will never seek hegemony, expansion or sphere of influence.

  China’s peaceful development stems from the profound heritage of Chinese civilization. Chinese civilization originated from inland and farming, and it is a restrained and defensive civilization. The Chinese culture of more than 5,000 years contains the cosmological view of the harmony between man and nature, the international view of harmony among all nations, the social view of harmony but difference, and the moral view of kindness. Since ancient times, China has advocated "the strong do not hold the weak, and the rich do not bully the poor" and "Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you", knowing that "though a country is big, it will perish if it is belligerent". There is no gene in the blood of the Chinese nation to invade others and dominate the world. Since modern times, China has been bullied by foreign powers. It is deeply impressed by the sufferings brought by war and turmoil, and will never impose the sufferings it once suffered on other nations.

  China’s peaceful development comes from its understanding of the conditions for achieving China’s development goals. Development is China’s top priority. Over the past 70 years, the development of China has benefited from a peaceful and stable external environment, and the further development of China also needs a peaceful and stable external environment. The key to China’s better development is to concentrate on running its own affairs, promoting peace through development and peace through development. It is not in China’s interest to engage in foreign expansion and hegemony, and it is against the will of the people. It has always been China’s unshakable national will to actively strive for a peaceful international environment to develop itself, and to better safeguard world peace and promote common development through its own development.

  China’s peaceful development stems from its profound grasp of the general trend of world development. In today’s world, countries are increasingly becoming a community of interests and destiny of "you have me and I have you". Peace, development, cooperation and win-win are the trend of the times. Any country, big or small, strong or weak, can only achieve sustainable development by participating in international cooperation on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and win-win; On the contrary, the pursuit of hegemony and belligerence will only consume national strength and lead to decline. In the history of mankind, due to the hegemony of powerful countries, wars are frequent, lives are ruined, human civilization suffers setbacks and even retrogression, and the lessons are painful and profound. Peace without war, development without poverty, stability without chaos are the simple and true common aspirations of people of all countries. China’s peaceful development conforms to the historical trend and the general trend of the world.

  China has the right to development, and the people of China have the right to pursue a better life. As a big country that has been bullied and humiliated in history, the purpose of China’s development is to win dignity and security, so that the people who have suffered can live a good life. In the process of pursuing this goal, China has naturally developed and become powerful, but it does not want to threaten, challenge or replace anyone, let alone seek hegemony in the world. The future of China is in our own hands, and the fate of China is up to the people of China. No one can deprive the people of China of their right to pursue a better life, and no one can stop China from moving forward.

  China firmly adheres to the path of peaceful development, and hopes that all countries in the world will follow the path of peaceful development together. Only when all countries follow the path of peaceful development can all countries develop together and live in peace. China will never develop itself at the expense of others’ interests, nor will it give up its legitimate rights and interests. No country should expect China to trade its core interests, and no one should expect China to swallow the bitter fruit that harms national sovereignty, security and development interests.

  3. Building a prosperous and beautiful world is the common dream of people of all countries.

  In today’s world, peace and development are still the theme of the times, but there are many new problems and challenges, especially unilateralism, protectionism, hegemonism and power politics, which have become prominent factors affecting world peace and stability. Building a world of lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity, openness, tolerance, cleanliness and beauty, and letting people live a peaceful and prosperous life, is the common dream pursued by people of all countries.

  (A) The world today is in a great change that has never happened in a century.

  In the last 100 years, mankind has experienced bloody hot wars and cold wars, and has also made amazing development and great progress. Since the 21st century, with the in-depth development of economic globalization, the international political and economic structure has accelerated its evolution, the deep-seated contradictions in global development have become increasingly prominent, the balance of international power has become increasingly balanced, the international order and global governance system have undergone more in-depth changes, and the world has entered a new era of great development, great change and great adjustment, which is in a great change that has never happened in a century.

  Great changes have spawned new opportunities. The biggest change that has never happened in a century is the rise of emerging market countries and developing countries represented by China, which has fundamentally changed the international power balance. Since the industrial revolution, the western world has occupied a dominant position in the international political and economic structure for a long time. In recent decades, emerging market countries and developing countries have seized the historical opportunity of economic globalization and achieved rapid development. According to the latest data of the International Monetary Fund, in terms of purchasing power parity, the economic aggregates of emerging market countries and developing countries have surpassed those of developed countries in 2008, and will account for 59% of the world economy by 2018 (Figure 2). In today’s world, multi-polarization is accelerating, modern development models are becoming more diversified, and the international governance system is changing to co-governance. No country or group of countries can dominate world affairs alone anymore, and seeking stability, peace and development has become the universal appeal of the international community. Science and technology are revolutionary forces leading the great changes. Now, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation have developed in depth, and a new generation of information technology has been widely used, which has spawned a large number of new technologies, new industries, new formats and new models. Human society is on the eve of great development and leap in productivity.

  Great changes are full of risks and challenges. The great changes are profound, complicated and intertwined, and various old and new factors, forces and contradictions collide with each other. The relations between major powers, international order, regional security, social thoughts and global governance have been profoundly reshaped, and the instability and uncertainty of the international situation have become increasingly prominent. The governance deficit, trust deficit, peace deficit and development deficit are getting bigger and bigger, and the world is facing the risk of falling into division or even confrontation again. The global economic growth momentum is insufficient, the growth rate slows down, the excessive profit-seeking of capital leads to the continuous increase of polarization between the rich and the poor, trade protectionism intensifies, global public and private debts are high, some emerging economies have experienced great financial turmoil, and the downward pressure on the global economy has increased (Box 11). The international security situation is severe and complicated, the international strategic competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the regional security situation continues to be tense. Traditional and non-traditional security issues such as the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, cyber attacks, climate change, biosafety, organized crime and major infectious diseases are interrelated, seriously threatening global and regional security. The cold war mentality of containing and confronting threats has emerged, hegemonism and power politics are rampant, and the jungle law and zero-sum game have found new soil, seriously eroding and shaking the foundation of the post-war international order. Governance in some western countries is in trouble, populism is rampant, and anti-globalization is intensifying. International arms control and disarmament have suffered setbacks, the trend of arms race has emerged, strategic balance and stability have been undermined, contradictions in hot issues in some regions have continued to intensify and confrontation has escalated, and the spectre of war is looming. With the rapid development of information and intelligence,It poses a challenge to the existing form, activity mode, ethics and morality of human life.

  Chart: Figure 2: Changes in the proportion of developed countries, emerging market countries and developing countries in the global economy ① Xinhua News Agency

  Chart: Column 11 Global economic growth slows down and faces major risks. Xinhua News Agency issued

  In the face of a great change that has never happened in a hundred years, mankind once again stands at the crossroads of where to go. In the face of difficulties and challenges, hope and confidence are particularly important. The world is increasingly uncertain and unstable, but the trend of the times for peace and development will not change; The international pattern has undergone profound changes, but the trend of world multipolarization will not change; Free trade and multilateralism encounter counter-current, but the general trend of economic globalization will not change; The struggle for international order is fierce and complicated, but the direction of international system reform will not change. Grasp and make good use of the historical opportunities brought by the great changes and unite to deal with various crises and challenges, so that human society can achieve new development and leap forward and enter the next century with a brand-new attitude.

  (2) Building Community of Shared Future for Mankind

  What happened to the world? What about humans? Facing the great changes that have never happened in a century, facing the current governance problems and development dilemmas, human society urgently needs to establish a new concept of development, build a more just and reasonable international system and international order, and open up a better development prospect for human society. China proposed to build Community of Shared Future for Mankind, focusing on solving the practical problems facing the world today, realizing the peaceful and sustainable development of human society, aiming at the great harmony in the world, adhering to the concept of win-win cooperation, abandoning the law of the jungle, not monopolizing power, transcending the zero-sum game, opening up a new development path of win-win cooperation, co-construction and sharing, and providing a new choice for human development.

  The construction of Community of Shared Future for Mankind Thought is rich in connotation and complete in system. Politically, we advocate mutual respect and equal consultation, resolutely abandon the cold war mentality and power politics, and take a new path of state-to-state exchanges of dialogue without confrontation and partnership without alignment; In terms of security, it advocates persisting in resolving disputes through dialogue, resolving differences through consultation, coordinating traditional and non-traditional security threats, and opposing all forms of terrorism; Economically, we advocate helping each other in the same boat, promote the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment, and promote the development of economic globalization in a more open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced and win-win direction; Culturally, it advocates respecting the diversity of world civilizations, transcending the barriers between civilizations, learning from each other, and transcending the superiority of civilizations through civilized exchanges; Ecologically, we advocate adhering to environmental friendliness, cooperating to cope with climate change, and protecting the earth’s homeland on which human beings depend.

  Constructing Community of Shared Future for Mankind Thought, absorbing the essence of Chinese excellent traditional culture, inheriting the outstanding achievements of human social development, revealing the objective law that countries in the world are interdependent and human destiny is closely linked, reflecting the pursuit of common values of Chinese and foreign excellent cultures and all mankind, and finding the greatest common denominator for mankind to build a better world. Promoting the construction of Community of Shared Future for Mankind is not to advocate that every country must follow a unified value standard, not to promote one or a few civilizations unilaterally, nor to seek to build a unified actor on a global scale, not to mention that one system replaces another system and one civilization replaces another civilization, but to advocate that countries with different social systems, different ideologies, different historical civilizations and different levels of development have the same goals, symbiotic interests, shared rights and shared responsibilities in international activities, thus promoting.

  Building Community of Shared Future for Mankind is an undertaking full of hardships and twists and turns. However, it is a historical trend to replace backwardness with progress, eliminate disasters with happiness, and resolve barbarism with civilization, which is the moral place for the progress of human civilization. All countries in the world should unite, unite the consensus of people of different nationalities, faiths, cultures and regions, jointly promote the construction of Community of Shared Future for Mankind, and turn people’s longing for a better life into reality.

  (C) building a new type of international relations

  There is no winner in conflict and confrontation, and there is no loser in peaceful cooperation. If the country is peaceful, the world will be safe; If countries fight, the world will be chaotic. In history, the pursuit of hegemony, alliance and confrontation, and bullying the small with the big have brought chaos and even war to the world. Today’s world is not only facing the development dilemma, but also facing the profound crisis of rules, trust and order. Some rules, norms and moral concepts formed in long-term international practice and generally recognized and observed by all countries have been abandoned and trampled on, and some international treaties and agreements related to strategic stability and global well-being have not been fulfilled or even torn up and destroyed. Individual countries ignore international axioms, openly violate other countries’ sovereignty, interfere in other countries’ internal affairs, and bully the small and bully the weak at every turn. In the face of the turmoil in the international situation, all countries should abide by rules, enhance trust, maintain order, build new international relations, and take a new road of state-to-state exchanges of dialogue, non-confrontation and non-alignment, so as to make the global village a big stage for common development, rather than an arena for wrestling with each other.

  To build a new type of international relations, we should uphold the principles of mutual respect, fairness, justice and win-win cooperation. Mutual respect means that all countries, big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor are equal. All countries should respect each other’s political systems, their right to choose their own development paths, their interests and concerns, and oppose interference in other countries’ internal affairs, power politics and bullying. Fairness and justice means that all countries should abandon the simple materialistic orientation and the supremacy of competition, ensure that countries with different resource endowments and development levels can obtain equal development rights and opportunities, and narrow the development gap between them; Inter-country communication should follow the concept of combining justice and benefit, putting justice first, and realize the organic unity of self-benefit and international contribution. Win-win cooperation means that all countries should abandon the idea of blindly seeking their own greater relative interests, correct the outdated practice of "winner takes all", adhere to the goal of win-win, win-win and win-win, take into account the legitimate concerns of all countries when pursuing their own interests, promote the common development of all countries when seeking their own development, respect the security of all countries when safeguarding their own security, and turn pressure into motivation, crisis into opportunity and conflict into cooperation.

  A big country is an important force for maintaining world peace and stability and a key factor for building a new type of international relations. A big country should look like a big country, and a big country should have the responsibility of a big country. The greatness of a big country lies not in its size, size and fist, but in its breadth of mind, pattern and responsibility. Great powers should take the future and destiny of mankind as their priority and shoulder greater responsibility for world peace and development, instead of seeking monopoly on regional and international affairs by relying on their strength. In the process of the development of human society, a successful big country strategy must conform to the trend of the times and the general trend of world development, and can be recognized by other countries and people. Mutual respect and win-win cooperation among major powers can promote the continuous progress of human society. Great powers should strengthen coordination and cooperation, build a framework of relations between great powers with overall stability and balanced development, and be a ballast stone for world peace and stability. Great powers should respect each other’s core interests and major concerns, adhere to empathy and mutual understanding, and deal with contradictions and differences in a constructive way through communication and consultation. Big countries should treat small countries equally, and don’t be overbearing and buy and sell. No country can wage war at will, undermine the international rule of law, or open Pandora’s box. Contradictions and problems should be handled through equal consultation and resolved through dialogue with the utmost sincerity and patience.

  (D) to promote new economic globalization

  Economic globalization is the inevitable trend of world economic development, and it conforms to the trend of the times that people of all countries want to develop and cooperate. Economic globalization in history has contributed to the great prosperity of trade, the great convenience of investment, the great mobility of people and the great development of technology. People of all countries have benefited from it and made important contributions to the development of the world economy. At the same time, many problems and disadvantages have accumulated, and there has been a "turning wave" in economic globalization. The current mode of economic globalization is difficult to reflect the voices and interests of developing countries. The jungle law of "the law of the jungle" and the zero-sum game of "you lose and I win" and "the winner takes all" have caused the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer, and the gap between the rich and the poor in developed countries and developing countries has widened (Box 12); Individual countries blame the internal governance problems on economic globalization and other countries, and often adopt unilateralism, protectionism and bullying, destroying the global value chain, supply chain and consumption chain, leading to the disorder and even conflict of the existing international trade order and making the global economy fall into the "recession trap".

  Chart: Column 12 Economic globalization is a "double-edged sword" by Xinhua News Agency

  There are some problems in economic globalization that are not terrible. We should not "retreat from the group", "decouple" and "build a wall" because of choking on food. Only through reform and improvement can we find a way out, and we must solve the problems in progress. All countries should join hands, sum up historical experience and lessons, strengthen coordination and improve governance, and promote a new type of economic globalization that is open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced and win-win. The new economic globalization should be led by all countries in the world. We should continue to uphold and maintain the rules and systems such as trade liberalization and multilateral trading system that have been fully proved by practice, and constantly innovate, improve and develop; We should eliminate hegemonism and power politics, jungle law and zero-sum game, adhere to the concept of co-construction, co-construction and sharing, and truly realize democracy, equality, justice and rationality; It should be conducive to building an open world economy, promoting world peace and stability, and achieving common development, prosperity and prosperity.

  The fourth scientific and technological revolution that is taking place at present will have an incalculable and profound impact on the new round of economic globalization and the development of human society, bringing both unprecedented development opportunities and new severe challenges. All countries should take immediate action to jointly build a new global governance structure with the vision and foresight of the common destiny of all mankind. Exploring the establishment of relevant rules and standards is not only conducive to the innovative development of science and technology, but also adheres to the bottom line of human security. To take care of the interests of all countries, especially developing countries, we should not demand the whole world only by the safety and standards of developed countries and individual countries. We should respect the sovereignty of all countries, refrain from technological hegemony, interfere in other countries’ internal affairs, and engage in, condone or protect technological activities that endanger other countries’ security. We must adhere to multilateralism, conduct extensive dialogue and cooperation on the basis of mutual respect and trust, and build a peaceful, safe, democratic, transparent, inclusive technical rules system and a new framework for international cooperation. It is necessary to safeguard social fairness and justice and ensure that technological innovation operates on the basis of the rule of law and recognized international norms, and is led by human beings, serves human beings and conforms to human values.

  (V) Maintaining the international system with the United Nations at its core.

  The international order centered on the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations conforms to the interests of the overwhelming majority of countries and promotes world peace and development. Brutally trampling on the basic norms of international law and international relations in order to seek personal gain will push the world into a dangerous situation of chaos and even confrontation with conflicts. If power is tyrannical, justice will be exhausted. The international community should firmly unite, resolutely promote the democratization of international relations, resolutely safeguard the morality and the rule of law on which human beings depend for survival and development, and resolutely safeguard international fairness and justice.

  The United Nations is at the core of the contemporary global governance system. The Charter of the United Nations is an important cornerstone for maintaining the stability of the international system and regulating the behavior between countries. All kinds of confrontations and injustices in today’s world are not because the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter are out of date, but precisely because they have not been effectively implemented. Safeguarding the authority and role of the United Nations means safeguarding the common interests of the international community and the legitimate interests of all countries, and safeguarding the bright future of all mankind. All countries should firmly uphold the international system with the United Nations at its core, international law and basic norms of international relations based on the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, and the central role of the United Nations in international affairs.

  The multilateral trading system with the World Trade Organization as the core is the cornerstone of international trade, which has played a mainstay role in promoting the development of global trade, building an open world economy and enhancing the well-being of people in all countries. Adopting a unilateralist and protectionist trade policy does not conform to the laws of the market and international rules, and runs counter to the basic principles of the World Trade Organization, which leads to the shrinking of international trade and may even trigger a global economic crisis. All countries should join hands to firmly support multilateralism, take a clear-cut stand against unilateralism and protectionism, defend the core position and basic principles of the World Trade Organization, safeguard a free, open and non-discriminatory multilateral trading system, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of developing members and build an open world economy.

  International conventions, such as the Paris Climate Change Agreement, the Convention on Nuclear Safety and the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, are formed on the basis of consensus among all parties and are in the interests of all countries in the world. All parties should strictly implement them, and they should not be used together or abandoned. It is against the spirit of contract and international morality to "quit the group" and "withdraw from the contract" at will. Abiding by the rules must be fair and two-way, and we can’t adopt "pragmatism" and "double standards", only asking others, not ourselves.

  (6) Promoting exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations.

  Civilization is the basic symbol of human society, diversity is the basic feature of human civilization, and exchange and mutual learning are the basic requirements for the development of human civilization. The development history of human society for thousands of years is the history of human civilization development and communication. The world has come to this day in the exchange and blending of human civilizations. The more human society develops, the more it is necessary to strengthen exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, enhance mutual understanding, and promote the communication between the people. To cope with the increasingly prominent global challenges and move towards a better future for mankind, we need both economic, scientific and technological strength and cultural and civilized strength.

  Adhere to the concept of civilization of equality, diversity, tolerance and openness. Civilization is colorful. The civilization of a country and a nation is the collective memory of a country and a nation. Whether it is Chinese civilization or other civilizations existing in the world, it is the result created by human civilization. Civilizations are equal, there is no perfect civilization in the world, and there is no useless civilization. There is no distinction between high and low civilizations. Civilization is tolerant, and all civilizations created by human beings are the crystallization of labor and wisdom. All achievements of civilization deserve respect and all achievements of civilization should be cherished. It is foolish in understanding and disastrous in practice to think that one’s own race and civilization are superior, persist in transforming or even replacing other civilizations, and artificially create a clash of civilizations, which can only aggravate the gap between civilizations and plunge the world into division and confrontation.

  Strengthen exchanges and mutual learning among different civilizations. Countries should respect each other and treat each other as equals, abandon arrogance and prejudice, deepen their understanding of the differences between their own civilizations and other civilizations, and promote exchanges, dialogues and harmonious coexistence among different civilizations; We should make our own civilization full of vitality, create conditions for the development of other countries’ civilizations, and make the world’s civilized gardens flourish. We should be open, inclusive, learn from each other, strive to break down the barriers of cultural exchanges, actively absorb the nutrients of other civilizations, learn from each other, learn from each other’s strengths and make progress together; We should keep pace with the times, innovate and develop, constantly absorb the essence of the times, and provide inexhaustible motive force for the development of civilization with innovation.

  Fourth, China contributes to building a better world.

  The development of China cannot be separated from the world, and the peaceful development, prosperity and stability of the world cannot be separated from China. If the world is good, China can be good; China is good, and the world is better. China has always placed its own development in the coordinate system of human development, always closely linked its own destiny with that of people all over the world, always combined the interests of China people with the common interests of people all over the world, always been a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development and a defender of international order, and contributed wisdom and strength to building Community of Shared Future for Mankind and a better world.

  (1) Promoting world peace and development through its own development.

  As the largest developing country in the world, China unswervingly follows its own path, concentrates on doing its own thing well, makes the country richer and stronger, makes its people happier, and injects stability and certainty into the complicated and changeable world, which in itself is the greatest contribution to world peace and development.



  Let the people live a better life, which is always the biggest goal of China’s development. China will make greater efforts to safeguard and improve people’s livelihood, so that the fruits of reform and development will benefit the broad masses of the people more fairly. We will increase the intensity of precision poverty alleviation, resolutely win the battle against poverty, basically eliminate absolute poverty by the end of 2020, make the fruits of economic development better shared by the people, and make new contributions to global poverty reduction. China actively implements the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2030, unswervingly follows the road of green development, accelerates the formation of green development modes and lifestyles, guides international cooperation in tackling climate change, promotes global green, low-carbon, circular and sustainable development, and protects the common home of the earth.

  China’s army has always been a staunch defender of world peace. In the new era, China’s national defense will unswervingly pursue a defensive national defense policy, stick to the road of strengthening the army with China characteristics, and strive to build a consolidated national defense and a strong army commensurate with its international status and national security and development interests. China’s armed forces faithfully practice Community of Shared Future for Mankind’s concept, actively fulfill the international responsibilities of big-country armed forces, comprehensively promote international military cooperation in the new era, provide strategic support for promoting world peace and development, and contribute to building a beautiful world with lasting peace and universal security.

  (2) Adhere to win-win cooperation and common development.

  Win-win cooperation and common development can achieve great things, good things and long-term things. Some countries are getting richer, while others are getting poorer, so the world cannot be peaceful and prosperous for a long time. The people of China not only hope to live a good life for themselves, but also hope that the people of other countries will live a good life. China will strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries, promote exchanges and mutual learning, bridge the development gap and embark on a fair, open, comprehensive and innovative road of common development.

  Adhere to development and innovation, growth linkage and interest integration. While promoting its own innovation and development, China will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other countries, open up new sources of economic growth and expand new kinetic energy of economic growth. China will further strengthen the coordination and linkage of macro-policies and the docking of development strategic planning with other countries, complement each other’s advantages, leverage each other, amplify positive spillover effects and reduce negative external influences. China will promote more inclusive and open cooperation, taking into account both current and long-term interests, and taking into account its own interests and those of other countries, so as to expand and divide the "cake" and promote the rebalancing of the world economy, so that the fruits of development can benefit more people. China welcomes other countries to take the "express train" and "free ride" developed by China to help more emerging market countries and developing countries better integrate into the global industrial chain, supply chain and value chain and share the dividends of economic globalization.

  Promote the high-quality development of "the belt and road initiative". The the belt and road initiative Initiative is a practical platform for building Community of Shared Future for Mankind and a "ship" and "bridge" for promoting world peace and development. China will adhere to the principle of cooperation, co-construction and sharing with relevant parties, adhere to the concept of openness, green and honesty, strive to achieve high standards, benefit people’s livelihood and sustainable development, promote the high-quality development of "the belt and road initiative", and jointly build "the belt and road initiative" into a road of peace, prosperity, openness, green, innovation and civilization, creating development opportunities for all countries in the world and allowing more people to share a better life. Building a "the belt and road initiative" is an economic cooperation initiative, not a geopolitical alliance or a military alliance, and it does not target anyone or exclude anyone; It is an open and inclusive process, not a small circle or "China Club" behind closed doors; It is China’s sunshine avenue that shares opportunities with the world and seeks common development. It is not a so-called "trap" of one kind or another. It does not demarcate by ideology and does not engage in zero-sum games. China welcomes all countries that are willing to participate.

  Promote global poverty reduction and development. Eliminating poverty is still the biggest global challenge facing the world today. To achieve the goal of completely eliminating extreme poverty by 2030 proposed by the United Nations, all countries need to help each other in the same boat and make joint efforts. China advocates accelerating the process of global poverty reduction, that developed countries should increase development assistance to developing countries, and that developing countries should enhance their endogenous development momentum. China actively implements the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, further strengthens international cooperation in poverty reduction and development, supports the United Nations and the World Bank to continue to play an important role in international poverty reduction, and promotes the establishment of a new international poverty reduction exchange and cooperation relationship with win-win cooperation as the core. China has always paid attention to and helped the people of countries living in hunger and poverty. Through measures such as foreign aid, debt relief, increased imports, and expanded investment, it has made efforts to help developing countries, especially the least developed countries, enhance their own development capabilities, and continue to contribute wisdom and strength to global issues such as poverty alleviation, disease prevention and control, and refugee relief, so that the sunshine of common development can break through the haze of poverty and backwardness and light up a shared and prosperous future.

  (3) Firmly safeguard and promote economic globalization.

  China is an active participant in economic globalization and a staunch supporter. China is willing to work with the international community to take the initiative and strengthen guidance to make the process of economic globalization more dynamic, inclusive and sustainable. China will implement a more proactive opening-up strategy, create a more comprehensive, deeper and diversified opening-up pattern, achieve wider mutual benefit and win-win, and safeguard and promote economic globalization with practical actions.

  Resolutely oppose unilateralism and protectionism. China firmly upholds the multilateral trading system with the World Trade Organization as its core, and is willing to deepen cooperation with other countries on the basis of equality and mutual respect to jointly safeguard the stability and development of global economy and trade. Regarding the problems in international economic and trade exchanges, China advocates solving them through dialogue and consultation in accordance with WTO rules on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, mutual direction and honesty. Threatening a trade war and constantly imposing tariffs are not conducive to solving the problem. China is a mature economy with complete industrial system, complete industrial chain, vast market space and strong economic development momentum, which will never be weakened by the trade war. China is confident and capable of facing difficulties, turning crises into opportunities and opening up a new world.

  The door to opening to the outside world will open wider and wider. China has developed under open conditions, and China must achieve better development under more open conditions in the future. China has launched and will continue to implement a series of major opening-up measures, paying equal attention to "bringing in" and "going out", forming an open pattern of linkage between the land and the sea and mutual assistance between the East and the West. With lower tariff level, shorter negative list, more convenient market access, more transparent market rules and more attractive business environment, China will build a higher-level open economy and create more opportunities for growth, transformation and innovation for the world. China welcomes more foreigners to study, work and travel in China. China will step up its efforts to "go global", encourage more enterprises and institutions to invest overseas, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in economy, trade, humanities and other fields, and build a new platform for mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation. China will continue to hold the "the belt and road initiative" international cooperation summit forum, make every effort to build a world-class China International Import Expo, and create new demand and inject new impetus into China’s opening up and world economic growth.

  Accelerate regional economic integration. China will accelerate the implementation of the free trade zone strategy, build a high-standard free trade zone network based on its periphery, radiating "the belt and road initiative" and facing the world, actively promote the early conclusion of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, and accelerate the negotiation process of China-Japan-ROK Free Trade Zone and China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment. Promote the construction of the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area and the East Asian Economic Community, support the construction of the African Free Trade Area, promote regional economic integration, promote the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment, and make the power of economic globalization stronger.

  Continue to promote the internationalization of RMB. The internationalization of RMB enriches the monetary settlement methods of global trade and promotes the diversification of the global monetary system. The purpose of RMB internationalization is not to change the existing global monetary system, but to supplement and improve the international monetary system. The internationalization of RMB is a market-driven process, adhering to the principle of respecting market demand and serving the real economy. While further promoting the market-oriented reform of RMB exchange rate and promoting the opening of capital and financial accounts in a steady and orderly manner, China will continue to promote the internationalization of RMB, raise the financial standards and internationalization level, better realize the integration of interests between China and other countries, and make the world financial market more stable.

  (D) Actively develop global partnerships.

  Expanding partnership is an important direction that China insists on. Like-minded people are partners, and seeking common ground while reserving differences is also a partner. China will continue to carry forward the spirit of partnership, forge ahead firmly along the new path of state-to-state exchanges of dialogue without confrontation and partnership without alignment, strive to build a framework for relations between major powers with overall stability and balanced development, deepen relations with neighboring countries and strengthen unity and cooperation with developing countries. China adheres to the correct concept of justice and interests, constantly expands the convergence of interests with other countries, constantly enhances the gold content of the partnership, and constantly expands the global circle of friends.

  Sino-US relations are one of the most important bilateral relations in the world. China is the largest developing country and the United States is the largest developed country. Cooperation is the only correct choice for both countries, and a win-win situation can lead to a better future. The United States should look at the relationship between the two countries with rational thinking and development vision. China has no intention of challenging the United States or replacing it. The United States can’t control China, let alone stop the development of China. Curbing and suppressing other countries and transferring domestic contradictions to the outside world will not keep the United States strong. The United States should abandon the Cold War mentality, correctly understand itself, China and the world. Adapting to the strong development of other countries and living in harmony with the outside world is the way for a big country to survive. There is no "Thucydides trap" in the world, but serious strategic misjudgment among big countries may make conflicts and confrontations a "self-fulfilling prophecy". China is willing to work together with the United States to shoulder the responsibility of a big country, expand cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, manage differences on the basis of mutual respect, promote Sino-US relations based on coordination, cooperation and stability, and continuously enhance the well-being of the two countries and the people of the world.

  China and Russia are each other’s largest neighbors. The two countries have worked hand in hand for 70 years and have stood the test of the international situation and set a new model of international relations. China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation is mature, stable and solid, with the highest level of mutual trust, cooperation and strategic value. The new orientation of China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation in the new era marks a new future for bilateral relations. Sino-Russian relations have always been the priority of China’s foreign exchanges. China will further deepen Sino-Russian friendship, firmly support the other side in safeguarding its core interests, closely cooperate on major issues, strengthen the docking of development strategies, push bilateral relations to a higher level, in a wider field and at a deeper level, and act as a ballast and stabilizer in the complicated and ever-changing international situation. If China and Russia stand together closely, the world will be more peaceful, safer and more stable.

  Europe is an important pole in today’s world and a comprehensive strategic partner of China. China is committed to promoting the four partnerships of peace, growth, reform and civilization between China and Europe, combining the two major forces, two major markets and two major civilizations between China and Europe, and enhancing the global influence of China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership. China firmly supports the process of European integration, the unity and growth of the European Union, and Europe’s more important role in international affairs. China and Europe will further deepen cooperation, work together to safeguard multilateralism and inject more stability into the world.

  China regards its periphery as a place to settle down and the foundation of its development and prosperity, and always puts its periphery at the top of its foreign exchanges, taking it as its duty to promote its peace, stability and development. China practices the concept of sincerity and tolerance, and the neighboring foreign policy of being a good neighbor and partner, and continues to enhance mutual trust and assistance with neighboring countries, promote interconnection, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, safeguard peace and tranquility, and make China’s development achievements more beneficial to neighboring countries. In order to build a community of peripheral destiny, has always been a leader in neighboring regional cooperation and a watcher of regional peace and development.

  The vast number of developing countries are fellow travelers of China’s peaceful development. China adheres to the true and sincere concept and the correct concept of justice and interests, and strengthens solidarity and cooperation with developing countries. We will build a closer community of destiny between China and Africa, deepen China-Latin America comprehensive cooperative partnership of equality, mutual benefit and common development, and deepen China-Arab strategic partnership of all-round cooperation, common development and facing the future, so as to inject new impetus into South-South cooperation and make everyone live a good life.

  (5) Firmly support multilateralism and safeguard international fairness and justice.

  Fairness and justice are the eternal pursuit of human society and the lofty goal of building Community of Shared Future for Mankind. In today’s world, fairness and justice are far from being realized. The destiny of the world must be jointly controlled by the people of all countries, and the affairs of the world must be jointly discussed and handled by all countries. China will continue to firmly support multilateralism, safeguard international fairness and justice, and work with other countries to promote democratization, rule of law and rationalization of international relations.

  Adhering to multilateralism is the universal aspiration of the international community. Today, with the deep integration of interests of all countries and shared destiny, multi-polarization of the world and democratization of international relations are the general trend, and the days of "whoever is strong has the final say" are gone forever. As a founding member of the United Nations, a permanent member of the Security Council and the largest developing country, China will, as always, firmly safeguard the international system with the United Nations at its core and the international order with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter at its core, and work with other countries to uphold multilateralism and oppose unilateralism. With regard to the contradictions and differences between countries, China has always advocated discussing things, relying on multilateral frameworks and platforms, strengthening communication and coordination, seeking common ground while reserving differences, gathering differences, expanding consensus, solving problems by peaceful means, and opposing resorting to or threatening to use force at will. China firmly upholds the multilateral trading system with the World Trade Organization as the core, and resolutely opposes unilateral acts such as "building a wall", "tearing down Taiwan" and "quitting the group". China actively supports the World Health Organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the International Telecommunication Union and the International Labour Organization to play a better role in global governance.

  Maintaining fairness and justice is China’s basic principle in dealing with international issues. China respects the development path and social system independently chosen by the people of all countries, respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, and opposes external interference in other countries’ internal affairs. China will never impose its will on others, nor will it allow anyone to impose their will on the people of China. China will not interfere in the internal affairs of any country, nor will it allow any country or force to interfere in or interfere in the internal affairs of China. China has always adhered to the principle that all countries, big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor, are equal, and opposed the law of the jungle, hegemonic thinking and power politics, and promoted the representation and voice of developing countries in international affairs. China will shoulder more international responsibilities, work with other countries to safeguard human conscience and international justice, and uphold justice and justice in world and regional affairs. On international and regional hot issues, China continues to advocate and practice "insisting on non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs and opposing imposition on others;" Adhere to objectivity and fairness and oppose seeking personal gain; Adhere to the principle of political settlement and oppose the use of force, make a fair judgment according to the merits of the matter itself, persuade peace and promote talks, maintain stability and prevent chaos, do not seek favoritism, and play a constructive role in maintaining international and regional peace and tranquility.

  (6) Actively participate in leading the reform and construction of the global governance system.

  It is the universal expectation of all countries in the world to promote the development of the global governance system in a more just and reasonable direction and realize joint construction and sharing. As a responsible big country, China has always adhered to the balance of rights and obligations, seeing not only the requirements of China’s development for the world, but also the expectations of the international community for China, and actively participating in the reform and construction of the global governance system. As a participant, builder and contributor to the current international system, China participates in and promotes the reform of the global governance system, with the aim of not reinventing itself and starting a new stove, but keeping pace with the times and innovating and perfecting it.

  Promoting the reform of the global governance system is a matter for everyone in the international community. We should adhere to the principle of consultation, co-construction and sharing, so that the proposition of the reform of the global governance system can be transformed into consensus and concerted action. China maintains that what kind of international order and global governance system is good for the world and the people of all countries in the world should be discussed by the people of all countries, not by one family or a few people. China will actively play its role, strengthen coordination with all parties, and promote the reform of the global governance system to better reflect the common values of peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy and freedom, better reflect the changes in the international structure, and better reflect the wishes of the entire international community.

  China actively supports the reform of the United Nations, pushing the United Nations to better adapt to the new requirements of global governance in terms of ideology, institutional setup and operation mode, better fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted by the Charter of the United Nations, and playing a greater role in safeguarding world peace and promoting common development. China actively supports the necessary reform of the World Trade Organization on the basis of fairness and justice, and advocates that the reform of the World Trade Organization should safeguard the core values and basic principles of the WTO, especially the development interests and policy space of developing countries, promote the liberalization and facilitation of global trade, improve the trade dispute settlement mechanism, make global trade more standardized, convenient and open, and play a greater role in building an inclusive and open world economy. China will join hands with the international community to deal with global issues such as climate change, terrorism, network security, energy and resource security, and major natural disasters, and jointly protect the earth’s homeland on which human beings depend.

  China actively promotes the share and governance reform of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and truly reflects the changes in the international structure; Actively promote the role of the G-20 as the main forum for international economic cooperation, transform from crisis response to long-term governance mechanism, and make greater contributions to promoting world economic growth and improving global economic governance; Actively promote new progress in APEC cooperation, make the spirit of the Asia-Pacific family and the sense of community of destiny deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and be the leader and promoter of an open world economy; Actively promote the BRICS cooperation mechanism to be stable and far-reaching and play a greater role in the international platform.

  China actively promotes the innovative development of global governance concepts, sums up the successful practices and experiences of state governance in a timely manner, actively explores the positive ways of life and the resonance points of governance concepts in Chinese culture with the current era, and strives to contribute China wisdom, China’s plan and China’s strength to improving global governance.

  Concluding remarks

  Looking back on the magnificent 70 years, the people of China are proud of their achievements, but they will not be complacent and stand still. In the new era, China’s determination to take the road of Socialism with Chinese characteristics will not change, nor will it change its determination to learn from each other and win-win cooperation with other countries, nor will it change its determination to walk hand in hand with the world. China in the future will embrace the world with a more open and inclusive attitude, form a more benign interaction with the world, and bring more progress and prosperity to China and the world.

  Today’s world is full of opportunities and hopes, but also variables and challenges. The future and destiny of all countries in the world have never been so closely linked. Every country is closely related to the future and destiny of the world. As long as we have the same goal, unite, share opportunities and meet challenges together, we can build Community of Shared Future for Mankind, a better world and a brighter future.

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exchange of experience

From Putuo in the Red West of Shanghai to Ludian County in the hinterland of Wumeng Mountain, since 2021, the two places have witnessed the deep affection of Shanghai-Yunnan cooperation. Since the beginning of this year, Putuo District has continued to carry forward the spirit of "people are reliable (general) and things are done (tuo)", constantly expanding the depth of cooperation with an unshakable political stance and down-to-earth work style, helping Ludian County to realize endless new industries, constantly improving the employment level, and helping the rural revitalization to make great strides forward … The days of local people are getting more and more prosperous.

The development of key industries helps rural revitalization

When it comes to high-quality apple producing areas, many Shanghai residents’ first reaction is apples from the north. But in fact, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province is the largest high-quality apple production base in the south of China.

In Ludian County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, apples have been planted for more than 70 years. They are known for their bright color, delicate meat, rich juice, rich fruit aroma and rich selenium. However, due to the extensive traditional planting mode and the lack of modern grading inspection and testing technology, the standardization and marketization of local high-quality apples are low. In recent years, the similar situation has changed. Relying on the cooperation mechanism between Shanghai and Yunnan, the apple industry in Ludian is accelerating.

At the end of 2021, with the help of the cooperation mechanism between the east and the west in Putuo District, Ludian County introduced enterprises to contract and plant 2,200 mu of apple base in Taoyuan Township, and adopted modern planting mode.

Apple has become the local "fruit of getting rich". Two years have passed, and apples in Ludian County have been harvested one after another. This year, the local industrial park cold storage was also built, with a maximum cold storage capacity of over 10,000 tons, which effectively helped the locally abundant apples to be transported into the cold storage in time for storage and preservation, and the peak sales were staggered, thus enhancing the added value for the apple industry.

"Now, the cold storage has driven the apple sorting line workshop to put into use, attracting more than 300 people around, with a per capita income of nearly 30,000 yuan, and the local people have increased their income." Xu Xiong, a cadre of aiding Yunnan in Putuo District, member of the Standing Committee of Ludian County Committee and deputy county magistrate, told reporters in a telephone interview.

Apples are crisp, and walnuts, another important crop in Ludian County, are more ripe.

Ludian County is the key walnut production base in Yunnan Province, and also the origin and main producing area of hemp walnut, with a planting area of more than 850,000 mu. Since the pairing assistance between Putuo District and Ludian County, in accordance with the principle of "central requirements, Ludian needs, Putuo can", Putuo District has invested real money, sincerity, and hard work to help the local area fill the shortcomings in the deep processing and development of walnut industry.

In 2021, based on the project of intensive processing workshop of walnut industry in Ludian County, Ludian County introduced professional food production enterprises, developed high value-added products, expanded the market of walnuts, and developed intensive processing products of walnuts such as walnut oil, walnut kernels and walnut leisure snacks, which brought employment and income to local people, and embarked on a road of rural revitalization with industrial employment and effectively stimulated endogenous development momentum.

"Driven by the walnut intensive processing workshop project, this year, relevant production enterprises took the initiative to go to Longtoushan Town, Jiangdi Town and Huodehong Town to buy green-skinned walnuts from farmers. Farmers no longer peel green-skinned walnuts and sun-dried walnuts as in previous years, and then look for sales. Now, you can easily sell walnuts at your doorstep, saving labor and enriching the’ money bag’. " Jie Yi, a cadre of aiding Yunnan in Putuo District and deputy director of Rural Revitalization Bureau of Ludian County, told the reporter.

The frozen park and industrial park are just a microcosm of Putuo’s contribution to local industrial development under the cooperation of Shanghai and Yunnan. Since the "hand in hand" between Putuo District and Ludian County in 2021, more than 60 projects have been implemented in Putuo District, and the deep processing production lines of characteristic agricultural products such as apples, peppers and walnuts in Ludian County will all be established, and a number of key projects will be built, such as the cold storage of Ludian County Industrial Park, Xinjie Town Xinjie Community and Rural Revitalization Demonstration Site, Blueberry Industry Demonstration Base, and Natural Energy Water Lifting Project.

"The industry is booming, and the sales market should be broadened. Since 2021, since Putuo District paired up to help Ludian County, the aid cadres have focused on consumption cooperation and boosted’ cloud products into Shanghai’. We have helped local sales of agricultural and sideline products to exceed 57 million yuan, helping local people to increase their income." Xie Yixin said with joy.

Employment "in and out" enhances residents’ sense of gain

Maojiawan Easy Relocation and Resettlement Area is the second largest easy relocation and resettlement area in China, with the largest number of poverty-stricken households and nearly 40,000 people. How to continuously meet the employment needs of local residents, so that the majority of easy-to-move people can realize "moving out, staying stable and getting rich"?

This year, Putuo District continued to introduce food enterprises, and recruited jobs such as small kebabs, boneless chicken feet, and beef and mutton prefabricated dishes. At the same time, in order to further satisfy Ludian County’s concentration of enterprises and industries that attract investment from the east and the west to the plateau characteristic green food industrial park supporting the resettlement area, it is convenient for the people who are easy to move to and from work nearby. For enterprises that have been operating in the local area, Ludian County has actively done a good job in enterprise service and helped production enterprises to connect with the Shanghai market through the cooperation mechanism between the east and the west.

In addition to developing local industries, the transfer of labor force to employment is one of the most direct and effective ways to increase farmers’ income. On the basis of previous years, relying on Ludian Sub-station of Putuo Labor Cooperation Workstation, this year, we will build a part-time market in the part-time gathering place of Yi Qian ‘an District in Maojiawan.

"Under the multi-measures employment measures, Ludian County has helped nearly 2,000 rural laborers to find jobs and nearly 400 rural laborers to find jobs in Shanghai this year. It also held 15 labor cooperation training courses to train more than 650 rural laborers. " Jie Yi told reporters.

In Ludian County, the cadres of Putuo District’s aid to Yunnan always insist on the effective connection between consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, preventing large-scale poverty return in poverty-stricken areas, and promoting the income increase of poverty-stricken people. In accordance with the requirements of "the central government requires what Ludian needs and Putuo can do", taking the cooperation between Shanghai and Yunnan as an important opportunity, they actively explore and carry the resource endowment of Putuo District, regard industrial development as the top priority of the cooperation between the east and the west of Ludian County, and pay close attention to the industry, promote employment and promote.

When it comes to 2024, aid cadres in Yunnan are full of energy and confidence. "In June next year, our three-year attachment period is coming to an end. As always, we will carry forward the good style of" people are reliable (general) and things are done (tuo) ",do a good job in all kinds of assistance work, collect officials for this round of aid to Yunnan, and make a good start for successors." Xu Xiong expressed his position.

"I will be cautious to the end, continue to maintain high work enthusiasm and rigorous work style, and strive to be a’ five-owned’ reliable cadre in the new era, seize the day and live up to the glory." Jie Yi said.

Source: Shanghai Putuo

Shangguan author: Shanghai cooperation and exchange

The US media took stock of the war conflicts all over the world in 2023.

????The Associated Press published an article entitled "The Year of War: In 2023, Russia’s attack on Ukraine continued, and the most fierce fighting broke out between Israel and Hamas". The full text is as follows:

????As in previous years, the Associated Press recorded the conflicts around the world and their harm to civilians at close range this year.

????From the Israel-Hamas war to the continuous fighting between Russia and Ukraine, 2023 has shown the danger that the armed conflict will escalate into a regional-wide fighting. But behind their long shadows, the world is facing conflicts everywhere.

????Coups and violence in various parts of Africa have disrupted life in those countries. Myanmar in Southeast Asia faces what some experts call a chronic civil war. In Central and South America, violence driven by drug trafficking continues.

????Nuclear-armed India and Pakistan remain suspicious of each other. North Korea’s nuclear arsenal continues to grow. Iran’s uranium enrichment is now closer to weapons-grade level than ever before.

????UN Secretary-General antonio guterres said: "Conflicts have become more complicated, more deadly and more difficult to solve … Concerns about the possibility of nuclear war have resurfaced. New potential conflict areas and weapons of war are creating new ways of human self-destruction. "

????Let’s look at the current situation of some major wars in the world.

????The deadliest war between Israel and Kazakhstan

????The bloodiest war between Israel and Hamas began on October 7, when militants broke through the wall around the seaside enclave in the Gaza Strip. Its fighters killed about 1,200 people in Israel and took more than 200 hostages back to Gaza. The attack was described as the largest one-day killing of Jews since the Holocaust, which shocked Israel. Israelis used to think that their border walls, technologically advanced military and intelligence agencies could provide them with extensive protection from the almost constant rocket attacks by militants.

????The beleaguered Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been plagued by months of protests caused by his far-right government’s attempts to reform the country’s judicial system and corruption allegations, has launched a large-scale retaliatory air strike.

????The Israeli army entered the Gaza Strip for the first time in many years and launched a fierce street battle with Hamas in Gaza City. The attack killed more than 18,700 people in the Gaza Strip, and more than 2 million residents were besieged by the Israeli army, mainly because the transportation of food, fuel, water and medicine was blocked.

????The mass killings of Israelis and Palestinians have triggered protests around the world. After years of stalemate in Palestinian statehood, many people are very sympathetic to the Palestinians.

????Militia groups supported by Iran, including Hezbollah in Lebanon, opened fire on Israel. The United States sent two aircraft carriers, troops and other weapons and equipment to the region in an attempt to prevent the outbreak of a wider regional war. However, Israel has repeatedly stated its goal of destroying Hamas, which means that the risk of long-term military action will inevitably increase in the future.

????The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues.

????The fast pace of the Israel-Hamas war eclipsed the Russian-Ukrainian conflict at the end of 2023. In the previous months, the war situation has hardly changed. Ukraine acquired tanks, weapons and western training before launching a new round of counter-offensive. It is reported that the goal of this counterattack is to reach the Sea of Azov and split the Russian front in the south. However, faced with Russian troops digging trenches, multiple defense lines, minefields and other dangers, Ukrainian troops have either made slow progress or made no progress at all. Although western countries still openly support Ukraine, many factors, including next year’s US election, may affect how much aid Kiev will receive in the future.

????Russia also faces many challenges, including the death of yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of Wagner Group, a private defense contractor, in a mysterious air crash.

????African unrest

????Sudan, a big country in East Africa, has been teetering since its long-term ruler Omar al-Bashir was overthrown, and the country fell into civil war in April this year. The war has confronted the country’s army with a powerful paramilitary force called the Rapid Support Force, which has long been associated with atrocities in Darfur. During the fighting, the exchange of fire caused the aircraft at Khartoum International Airport to catch fire, and countries rushed to evacuate their citizens by land, sea and air. Up to now, the fighting has caused about 9000 deaths.

????At the same time, the wave of military coups sweeping across Africa in recent years continues. In Niger, a former French colony and an important uranium exporter, in July this year, soldiers overthrew the national election as president. A month later, the Gabonese army also staged a coup and overthrew the long-term ruling Gabonese president.

????Latin American drug war

????Violent activities of drug trafficking groups are rampant in some parts of Mexico, and they clash over territory and supply lines to the United States. But the conflict is not limited to there. Violence in other Central American countries, such as Honduras, has surged, and even Costa Rica, once calm, is considered as the main storage and transshipment point for transporting drugs to Europe. Coca production in Colombia has reached the highest level ever, and coca leaves are used to make cocaine.

????Deadlocks and conflicts elsewhere

????United Nations experts say that in the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar, since the coup overthrew Aung San Suu Kyi’s democratically elected government, there has been a civil war between the rebels and the army. Two years after the Taliban overthrew the western-backed government in Kabul, Afghanistan faced an armed attack from a branch of the Islamic State organization, and girls were still banned from receiving secondary education.

????In Yemen, the Houthi rebels supported by Iran and a Saudi-led alliance fighting against them have not yet reached a permanent peace agreement, which has led militants to intensify their attacks again in recent weeks. (Compile/sha li)?

Reading at night If you love, life is lovely everywhere.

  "If you love, life is lovely everywhere." "If the heart is small, all the little things will be big; When the heart is big, all the big things are small. " He used graceful and quiet words to soothe people’s hearts and convey love and goodwill.

  "After people leave, a crescent moon is like water." "The streamer is easy to throw people, red cherries and green plantains." He uses poetic paintings to outline beauty and praise life.

  He is a master of comics, prose, calligraphy and music — — Feng Zikai. On November 9, 1898, Feng Zikai was born. Tonight, follow his works, break away from the secular network, and pay attention to the most authentic and beautiful world.

If you love, life is lovely everywhere;

If you hate, life is hateful everywhere;

If you are grateful, you can be grateful everywhere;

If you grow, everything can grow.

The world didn’t choose you, but you chose the world.

Since there is nowhere to hide, it is better to be silly;

There is nowhere to escape, it is better to be happy;

Without pure land, it is better to meditate;

It’s better to be relieved if you don’t get what you want.

There are things that are not done, and there is not enough to know;

The spirit is hidden in the chest, and the gas floats on the surface;

Talent is seen in things, and loyalty is given to people.

If the heart is small, all the little things will be big;

When the heart is big, all the major events are small;

Look down on the vicissitudes of the world and feel safe inside.


Life has three floors:

The first layer is material life,

The second layer is spiritual life,

The third layer is the soul life.

Everything goes with the flow;

Take things in stride;

Indifferent when you are proud;

Calm when frustrated;

Hard twists and turns are inevitable;

Go through the vicissitudes of life.

Books are piled up like mountains, and reading is like water.

There is a limit to the mountain shape, and the current never stops.

This world is not the world of the rich,

It’s not a world of people without money,

It’s a world for you.

Cut the net

Zikai Feng

  It turns out that this kind of thing "price" is easy to limit and reduce the meaning of things.

  Big uncleplay(Note: Wu vocabulary, meaning play)After coming back from the big world, I put two bags of chestnuts from Liangxiang on the table, lying in a rattan chair, with a happy and tired face, shook my head and said:


  "Shanghai local white phase is really happy! Beijing opera, new opera, shadow play, drum, storytelling, juggling, everything; Tea, wine, vegetables and snacks are your choice; There are also elevator spacecraft, flywheel, running ice … … Tigers, lions, peacocks, serpents, etc … … What a wonder! Alas, Bai Xiang is really happy, but he is not happy at the thought of copper coins. It’s easy to use copper coins in Shanghai! If Bai Xiang doesn’t want copper coins, hahahaha … …”

  I also accompanied him "Hahahaha … …”

  What my uncle said is really reasonable! "Bai Xiang is really happy, but he is unhappy at the thought of copper coins." I have often experienced this situation. I always feel that life is very meaningful when I take a boat, take a bus or buy things without thinking about money. I am very grateful to the manufacturers’ workers and suppliers’ businessmen. But the thought of a quid pro quo for money kills more than half of the fun.

  The same is true of teaching: how meaningful and happy it is to study together with a class of young people or children and tell them a little knowledge! However, when I heard the imperative bell for class and the bell for class, I did the military-style "roll call" and thought of the "salary" for business, my spirit became unhappy and I became disgusted with the "class". This is exactly the same as the big uncle’s white world. So I admire my uncle’s words are reasonable, and accompany him with a "hahahaha".

  The original "price" of a thing is easy to limit and reduce the meaning of things.

  For example, as the great aunt said, "A pot of tea in the Republican Hall costs twenty cents, and a look at the lion costs twenty coppers." If the price of a thing is set, the meaning of this thing is limited. It seems that eating a pot of tea in the Republican Hall is equivalent to eating twenty cents, and watching a lion is nothing more than watching twenty coppers. However, the tea in the actual Republican Hall is more interesting to me as a drinker and to me as a lion as a spectator.

  Therefore, if we look at things from the perspective of valuing money, there is only one thing of money in the world, and there is no other meaning, so the meaning of everything is reduced.

  If we want to know the true meaning of the existence of things, we must remove all its relations with the world.

  "price"Is to make things have a relationship with money. It is known that all other "relationships" in the world are enough to hinder the true meaning of the existence of things themselves. Therefore, if we want to know the true meaning of the existence of things themselves, we must remove all their relations with the world.

  Big uncle must be able to often forget about copper coins and talk about the world, so he can be so happy and praise. However, he just removed a relationship of "price". If you can always live in this world without thinking about all the relationships in the world, your life will be more enjoyable.

  For the wheat wave in the world, don’t think of it as the raw material of bread, and for the oranges in the plate, don’t think of it as the fruit to quench your thirst; For beggars on the road, don’t think of them as poor people begging for money; For the current scenery, don’t think of it as the countryside of a town or a village. If we can have this view, people in the world can always be happy and praise, just like the big uncle’s big world.


  I want to find a pair of quick scissors, cut this net to pieces, and then come to know the truth of the world.

  IIt seems that there is a huge and complicated net in this world. Everything, big and small, is firmly tied in this net, so when I want to grasp a certain thing, I always have to touch countless lines and bring out countless other things, so that this thing can’t appear in front of my eyes alone and clearly, so I can never see the truth of the world.


  In the big world, my uncle only cut off a thread tied to "money", which has been satisfied and returned. So I want to find a pair of quick scissors, cut this net to pieces, and then come to know the truth of the world.


△ The above illustrations and paintings are all from Feng Zikai.


Master Feng Zikai


  Feng Zikai is a modern cartoonist, essayist, educator, translator and calligrapher. On November 9, 1898, he was born in Chongde County, Zhejiang Province. In 1914, when he was studying in Zhejiang First Normal School, he studied under Li Shutong and Xia Mianzun. Li Shutong taught him music and painting, and Xia Mianzun taught him literature. Li Shutong had a deep influence on him, and later he even converted to Buddhism with Li Shutong, and wrote by nursing students with him.

△ Feng Zikai painted "Equality" for by nursing students

  He published more than 170 collections of paintings, works and translations in his life, including essays on Yuanyuantang, Rewriting on Yuanyuantang, Twenty Essays and Artistic Interest. His writing style is graceful and quiet, but his cartoons are the most commendable. His cartoons mostly depict children, which are humorous, poetic and full of humanistic care.

  At the same time, he is also a calligrapher.

  In 1935, he co-published Enlightened Mandarin Textbooks with Ye Shengtao, which reformed the primary school textbooks at that time. After that, he successively wrote 32 kinds of music books for primary and middle school students and ordinary music lovers, which were simple and vivid, and popularized the knowledge of western music.

  After the founding of New China, he settled in Shanghai and died in Shanghai on September 15th, 1975.

Memories of Father Feng Zikai (Excerpt)

Author: Feng Yiyin (daughter of Feng Zikai)

  △ About the beginning of 1937, Feng Zikai andyoungest daughterSing on the flower bed in the front yard of Yuanyuantang.


  Father has a kind heart. He loves all living things in the world. He loves human beings and children more. He believes that "the most honorable person in the world" and "the most spiritual person in the world is the child". He once said: "The method of raising children is very simple. To bring up a child, as long as you teach him to be a child forever, you will never lose the heart of his child. "

  So my father instilled in us all kinds of education, one of which was "education of love". Love our motherland, respect our elders, help others and treat others equally. It is in this environment that we grew up when we were young.

  In helping others and treating others equally, my father set an example for us with his own behavior. Father’s love for people is not limited by wealth and rank. As long as he is a kind person, his father is almost responsive to him.

  There is a distant granduncle in my hometown, who is honest and leads a poor life. When my father learned about it, he remitted money to him regularly every month as a support, which lasted for more than ten years and never stopped. Until this great-uncle died of old age.

  △ In Meiyu, Shanghai in 1948, Feng Zikai took a photo with Mei Lanfang with her young daughter.

  My father has no airs when he treats the nanny at home. My father never wanted a nanny to serve him, but he also took the initiative to care about the nanny’s life. Anyone who comes to my house as a nanny likes to stay here, unless my family moves to another city, or she has to resign because of something in her own family. He said, "People have abandoned their family to serve us. We should treat her as one of our own!"

  Father not only taught us to treat others equally, but also taught us to love all life in the world, as small as ants. Originally, I trampled an ant carelessly. Once my father saw me, he quickly stopped me and said, "Ants also have homes, and their parents are waiting for him. You trampled him to death, and his parents are going to cry. " I didn’t know it was called "nursing students" until I grew up. He advised us not to trample on ants, not to talk about "accumulated virtue" or "retribution", nor to protect the ants in the world, but to cultivate a kind heart from our childhood. He said that if we lose this heart, we can crush hundreds of ants with one foot today, and when this heart develops in the future, it will become an aggressor and kill innocent people.

Text/CCTV News Comprehensive Guangming Daily, Jiefang Daily,Xinhua Daily,Zhejiang Daily, etc.Figure/Network,Copyright belongs to the original author.

The two giants in the Premier League compete for it! 27-year-old star wants to go: 68 games with 32 goals, priced at 80 million.

The 27-year-old Ivan Toni is once again caught in a transfer rumor. On November 1st, the British Evening Standard revealed that Chelsea and Arsenal, the two giants in the Premier League, are competing and hope to sign Tony in January next year. Brentford offered Tony a price of 80 million pounds, and the players sought to leave the team and play for a better club.

There is no doubt about Ivan Tony’s ability. In the Premier League in 2022-23, Tony scored 20 goals, ranking third in the top scorer list, only behind Harland (36 goals) and Kane (28 goals). During his Premier League career, Tony scored 32 goals in 68 games, and his efficiency was not bad. However, Tony got into big trouble: he bet on a football match, was banned by the FA for eight months, and will be released on January 17th next year.

The Evening Standard pointed out that brentford was willing to sell Ivan Toni for 80 million pounds. Objectively speaking, this price tag is somewhat inflated: Tony’s contract is only one and a half years, the player’s valuation in Germany is 30 million pounds, and he has not played a formal game for half a year.

There is no room for a big bodhisattva in a small temple. For his future, Ivan Tony is very clear: he wants to leave brentford and go to an "elite club". To this end, Ivan Toni also changed his agent and let Banert (who used to be Bell’s agent) handle his own transfer.

According to the analysis of the Evening Standard, both Arsenal and Chelsea intend to make moves in January next year:

Arsenal’s goal is still to compete for the Premier League title. If a scorer with 10 goals in the middle of the game is introduced in January, it will be of great help to the championship. Although Arsenal have Jesus and Nketiya, they are not prolific centers. Arsenal manager Artta appreciates Ivan Toni’s scoring ability. This summer, Arsenal spent 200 million pounds to bring in Tony in the winter window. The Gunners need to sell players to raise funds first.

Chelsea, with deep pockets, also intends to supplement the front line. Chelsea spent 1 billion pounds, completely overthrown and rebuilt, and there was not much improvement. This season, the Premier League only scored 12 points in 10 games and scored only 1.3 goals per game. In January next year, Jackson will play in the African Cup of Nations. Chelsea, which was originally weak in attack, needs Tony’s help.

Tony, who returned from the ban in January, hopes to complete the transfer in the winter window, seize the opportunity of half a year, strive for more goals, win the trust of English coach southgate and be selected for the European Cup 2024. As an excellent striker in the Premier League, Tony has only played for England once, which is not in line with his strength.

Some knowledge about football

Football is a sport in which the feet are the mainstay, the ball is controlled and dominated, and two teams attack and defend each other on the same rectangular court according to certain rules. Football is called "the first sport in the world" because of its strong antagonism, changeable tactics and large number of participants.

Here are some knowledge about football:


The origin of football

The predecessor of modern football originated from the ball game "Cuju" in Zizhou, Shandong Province (now Zibo City) in ancient China, and was later spread to Europe by Arabs from China, and gradually evolved into modern football.

Modern football originated in England.

In 2005, in the closing ceremony of the centenary celebration of FIFA, Linzi, Shandong Province, China was officially declared as the origin of world football.

The picture above shows the ancient Cuju map of China.


ancient football

The origin of football can be traced back to the ancient ball game Cuju in China. Cuju’s original name was "Tuju", and the word Cuju first appeared in Historical Records Biography of Bian Que Canggong, while Cuju was called the ancient football in China. In the Western Han Dynasty, writers Liu Xiang and Liu Xin and his son wrote in their personal works Bielu and Qilue: "Cuju players are rumored to be made by the Yellow Emperor." By the Tang and Song Dynasties, Cuju had become very popular and became an elegant activity in the court. This ball game was later introduced to Europe from China by Arabs.


Modern football day

October 26, 1863

On October 26th, 1863, several football fans met at the Fremason Hotel in Queen’s Street, London, England, and discussed and established the English Football Association, which was the first football association established in the history of world football, and its establishment marked the birth of modern football.


The "four" firsts in football

In 1848, the Cambridge Rules, the first written rule in the history of football, was born.

On October 26th, 1863, England established the first football association in the world, and unified the competition rules of football.

In 1872, the first official match between football associations was held between England and Scotland.

In 1900, in the Second Summer Olympic Games, football was included as an official event.


Football playing field


Venue area: The venue should be rectangular, with a length of no more than 120m or less than 90m and a width of no more than 90m or less than 45m (the venue for international competitions should be no more than 110m or less than 100m and no more than 75m or less than 64m). In any case, the length must exceed the width.


Line drawing: The competition venue should draw clear lines according to the plane drawing, the line width should not exceed 12 cm, and no V-shaped grooves should be made. The longer two lines are called sideline and the shorter one is called goal line. Draw a line across the court in the middle of the court, which is called the center line. The center of the site should be marked clearly, and a circle with this point as the center and a radius of 9.15m should be drawn, which is called the middle circle. On each corner of the site, a flat-topped flagpole with a height of not less than 1.50 meters should be erected, and a small flag should be tied on it; Similar flags and flagpoles can be erected on one side and at least 1 meter away from the sideline of the center line on both sides of the field.


Goal area: On the goal line 5.50 meters away from the inside of the goal post at both ends of the competition field, draw a line with a length of 5.50 meters perpendicular to the goal line into the field, with one end connected with the goal line and the other end drawing a connecting line parallel to the goal line. The area within the range of these three lines and the goal line is called the goal area.


Penalty area: On the goal line 16.50 meters away from the inside of the goal post at both ends of the playing field, draw a line with a length of 16.50 meters perpendicular to the goal line into the field, with one end connected with the goal line and the other end drawing a connecting line parallel to the goal line. The area within the range of these three lines and the goal line is called penalty area, and make a clear mark at the midpoint of the two goal lines measuring 11 meters vertically into the field, which is called penalty point. Draw an arc outside the penalty area with the penalty spot as the center and 9.15m as the radius, which is called the penalty arc.


Corner area: Take the intersection of sideline and goal line as the center and 1m as the radius, draw a quarter arc into the field, and the area within this arc is called corner area.


Goal: The goal should be located in the center of each goal line, and it is composed of two vertical goalposts with a distance of 7.32 meters and an equal distance from the flag point in the west corner, and a horizontal crossbar with a lower edge of 2.44 meters above the ground. In order to ensure safety, both the fixed goal and the movable goal must be stably fixed on the field. The width and thickness of doorposts and crossbars shall be symmetrical and equal, and shall not exceed 12 cm. The net is attached to the goalpost, crossbar and ground behind the goal. The net should be properly propped up, so that the goalkeeper has enough room to move. The material of the net is allowed to be made of hemp, jute or nylon. Nylon rope can be used, but it must not be thinner than hemp or hemp rope.


Position on the football field


Goalkeeper: The main responsibility is to hold the goal, observe the changes of the game on the field, organize and direct the offensive and defensive of the whole team.


Full-back: mainly responsible for defending the opposing winger or other players who are inserted into the winger position, and cooperating with the central defender to make up for each other and block the way to attack the goal directly. When our team attacks, we can also wait for an opportunity to help out and play the role of winger.


Central defender: It is the pillar of defense. Its main duty is to defend the most dangerous area in the front center of the goal, stop the opponent from shooting, and cooperate with the full-back and another central defender to make up for each other’s positions. It should also play the role of offensive and defensive organization and command.


Avant-garde: It is active in the middle zone between the striker and the defender, and its main responsibility is to control the midfield, which is the barrier of defense and the link of frontier attack. Advance can attack, retreat can defend, and timely insert or long-range, which plays the core role of the team.


Center: The main responsibility is to shoot through or catch a cross ball. Secondly, it is the "sharp knife" and "shooter" of our team through cross transposition, left and right coordination, disturbing the other side’s defense line and creating opportunities for our companions to insert, cut or shoot. It is the first line of defense for the whole team when the attack turns to the defense.


Winger: The main duty is to break through the opponent’s defense line from the side, take the ball and cut the shot or cross the baseline or outflank the shot. When defending, we should keep a close eye on our full-backs, prevent them from assisting freely, and assist our full-backs in defending the opposing wingers.







1. Competition system

The game is divided into two teams, each with 11 players (generally speaking, each team is allowed to replace three substitute players during the game), and one of them must be a goalkeeper. The whole game is 90 minutes, which is divided into upper and lower halves, with each half lasting 45 minutes. The rest time between the first half and the second half shall not exceed 15 minutes. There is a referee and two sideline referees in the game. In each half, the referee can make up time according to the injuries and time-consuming substitution on the field. If the game must be decided, if the two teams draw within 90 minutes, overtime will be played for 15 minutes in the first half and 15 minutes in the second half. If the game is still tied, the winner will be decided by penalty kick.

The game time should be divided into two equal halves, 45 minutes for each half and 90 minutes for a ball game. Unless otherwise agreed by both parties under special circumstances, the following provisions shall apply:

A. In each half, the time lost due to substitution, dealing with the wounded, delay time and other reasons shall be made up, and the amount of this time shall be decided by the referee.

B. At the end of each half-time or after the whole game, if a penalty kick, corner kick, frontcourt free kick or the ball enters the opponent’s penalty area and the goal has not been completed yet, the time shall be extended until the end of the attack. Unless the referee agrees, the rest time between the first half and the second half shall not exceed 15 minutes.

2. Kick-off method

1. Before the start of the game, the kick-off or venue should be selected by coin-in, and the party who picks first should have the right to choose the kick-off or venue. After the referee gives the signal, the game should be started by a player of the opening team kicking the ball (that is, kicking the ball placed in the center of the playing field). Before the ball is kicked out, all the other players (except the team members) should be in their own half, and the opposing team members who open the team should also keep at least 9.15 meters away from the ball; After the ball is kicked out, there is obvious displacement. It should be considered that the kickoff player is not allowed to touch the ball again before the ball is touched or kicked by other players.

2. After a goal is scored, a player from the negative side should kick off again in the same way to continue the game.

At the beginning of the second half, the two teams should exchange venues, and the other side of the team that kicked off in the first half will kick off.

3. Penalty

1. Any kick-off that violates the rules in this chapter should be reopened. If the kickoff player touches the ball again before the ball is touched or kicked by other players, the opposing team should be at the foul place. Kick an indirect free kick

2. Kick-off can be scored directly to the opponent. Kicking into one’s own goal will result in a corner kick.

3. If the ball doesn’t cross the sideline or goal line when the game is suspended for reasons not specified in these rules, when the game is resumed, the referee should drop the ball at the position where the ball was suspended, and the game will be resumed when it hits the ground. If the ball is in the goal area when the game is suspended, it should be dropped on the goal line nearest to the position where the ball is located and parallel to the goal line. When the ball is dropped, the players must not touch the ball before it hits the ground, otherwise the referee should drop the ball again.

4. Dead ball

In the following cases, it becomes a dead ball:

When the ball crosses the goal line or sideline on the ground or in the air.

When the game has been stopped by the referee.

5. The game is going on

From the start of the competition to the end of the competition, the competition should be in progress, including:

A. The ball bounces back from the goalpost, crossbar or corner flagpole.

B. The ball bounced off the referee or linesman on the court.

C. the players on the field fouled and the referee didn’t punish them.

6. Method of winning

Unless otherwise stipulated in the rules, if the whole ball crosses the goal line from between the goalposts and under the crossbar, instead of being thrown or brought in by the attacker’s hand and deliberately pushed into the goal with his hand or arm (except that the goalkeeper is in his own penalty area), the attacker wins a goal. In a game, the team that wins more goals is the winning team. If neither side wins or the number of wins is equal, the game should be called a "draw".

7. Penalty for violation of regulations


(1) An attacker who is closer to the opponent’s goal line than the ball is in an offside position. Except in the following cases:

1. The player is in his own half.

2. At least two players of the opposing team are closer to the goal line of the opposing team than this player.

(2) When the player kicks or touches the ball, and the team member is offside, the referee thinks that the player has the following behaviors, so it should be judged offside:

1. Interfering with the game or the other side;

2. Attempt to gain benefits from offside position.

(3) A player should not be judged offside in the following circumstances:

1. The players are only offside;

2. A player can directly catch a goal kick, corner kick or throw the ball out of bounds.

(4) If a player is sentenced to offside, the referee shall award an indirect free kick by the opposing player at the offside location. If the player is offside in the opponent’s goal area, then this free kick can be executed anywhere in the goal area where he was offside.

-Fouls and misconduct

(1) A member intentionally violates any of the following nine items, namely:

1. Kicking or attempting to kick an opposing team member.

2. Tripping the opponent’s players, that is, behind or in front of the opponent, stretching your legs or bending over to trip or attempt to trip the opponent.

3. Jump to the opposing team.

4. Violent or dangerous collision with the other team members.

5. In addition to the other side is blocking, from behind the other team.

6. Try to hit the opposing team and spit on them.

7. Pull the opposing team.

8. Push the opposing team.

9. Touch the ball with your hands, for example, carrying and pushing the ball with your hands or arms (except for the goalkeeper in his own penalty area).

Note: On March 5th, 2021, international football association board announced that it had adjusted the rules concerning hand ball, and not all handball was considered a foul. Unintentional handball that causes teammates to score a goal or get a chance to score will no longer be considered a foul. In all the above cases, the opponent should be sentenced to kick a direct free kick at the foul place. If the foul place is in the opponent’s penalty area, the free kick can be executed anywhere in the penalty area. In the course of the game, if the defender intentionally violates any of the above nine items in his own penalty area, he should be awarded a penalty no matter where the ball is at that time.

(2) A player commits any of the following five fouls, namely:

1. The referee thinks that his actions are dangerous, such as trying to kick the ball that the goalkeeper has caught.

2. When the goalkeeper is in the penalty area:

A. Holding, patting or throwing the ball into the air in any direction after controlling the ball by hand, and then catching it, and walking for more than 4 steps without making the ball enter the competition state.

B. After holding the ball, touch the ball with your hands again according to the situation in clause (2)c, although you have made the ball enter the competition state before touching the ball by the team members outside the penalty area or the opposing team members inside and outside the penalty area.

C. The goalkeeper touches the ball with his hand after a team member intentionally kicks the ball to the goalkeeper.

D. The referee thinks that due to tactical purposes, the team intentionally stops the game and delays the game time, which makes the team gain illegitimate interests.

In all the above cases, the opponent should be judged to kick an indirect free kick at the foul place according to the specific circumstances of the first free kick rule.

3. Players should be warned and shown a yellow card in the following situations:

E. After the start of the game, players enter or re-enter the game or leave during the game: except for accidents, in either case, without the permission of the referee in advance.

F. If the referee suspends the game to execute the warning, the opponent will kick an indirect free kick to resume the game at the place where the ball is located when the game is suspended according to the specific situation of the free kick rules.

G. If the foul player has other more serious foul circumstances, he shall be punished according to the relevant provisions of the rules.

H. the team members violated the rules continuously.

I. express dissatisfaction with the referee’s decision by words or actions.

J. has improper behavior.

Except for a more serious foul, if a player’s behavior falls into any of the last three items mentioned above, he should be given a yellow card warning and ordered to kick an indirect free kick at the foul place according to the specific conditions of any team rules.

(3) When the referee thinks that a player has the following situations, he should be ordered to play and show a red card:

1. Commit acts of violence.

2. Serious foul.

3. Use foul language or abuse.

4. After being given a yellow card warning, he was given a second yellow card warning for foul.

The game is suspended because of the penalty. If the player does not violate other rules, the opponent should be sentenced to kick an indirect free kick in the foul place according to the specific situation of the free kick rules.

8. Free kick

There are two kinds of free kicks: direct free kicks (which can be scored directly into the goal of the foul team) and indirect free kicks (the server is not allowed to shoot directly, and can only shoot after being touched by other players).

9. penalty kick

(1) Requirements

The penalty kick should be kicked from the penalty spot, and the penalty player must be clearly defined. When serving, all players except the referee and the opposing goalkeeper should be outside the penalty area and in the competition field, and at least 9.15m away from the penalty point. Before the ball is served, the opposing goalkeeper must stand on the goal line between the two goalposts (his feet are not allowed to move). The referee must kick the ball forward; Don’t touch the ball again until other players kick or touch it. When the ball rolls to the circumferential distance of the ball, the game is resumed. Penalty kicks can be scored directly. When the penalty kick is executed in the middle of the game, or when the penalty kick is extended or reissued at the end of the semi-full game in the first half, if the kicked ball touches any post or two posts; Or touch the crossbar; Or touch the goalkeeper; Or continuously touching the goalpost, crossbar or goalkeeper and entering the goal, as long as there is no foul, it should be judged as a winning goal.

(2) Penalty

Anyone who violates any provision of this chapter shall be dealt with as follows:

1. If the defender fouls, the ball should be severely punished if it is not penalized.

2. If an attacker other than the penalty shooters commits a foul, the penalty will be invalid and should be severely punished.

3. If the penalty player commits a foul after the game is resumed, the opposing player shall issue an indirect free kick at the foul place according to the specific situation of the free kick rules.

10. Throw a foul ball

When the whole ball crosses the sideline on the ground or in the air, it should be thrown in any direction in the court by the opponent who touched the ball last before it was out of bounds.

When throwing the ball, the thrower must face the court, and some of his feet should stand on the sideline or outside the sideline. He should not leave the ground with his feet, and throw the ball into the stadium from the head to the back with both hands. The game resumed as soon as the ball entered the court. The thrower must not touch the ball again until it is kicked or touched by other players. Throw a foul ball into the goal directly to score.

penalty provision

1. If the ball is not thrown into the stadium according to the prescribed method, the opposing team members should throw the foul ball in the same place.

2. If the ball thrower touches the ball again after throwing the ball into the stadium before it is kicked or touched by other players, the opposing team should kick an indirect free kick at the place where the foul occurred. If a player fouls in the opponent’s goal area or fouls in his own goal area, he should kick an indirect free kick according to the specific circumstances of the free kick rules.

Goal kick.

When the whole ball crosses the baseline from the outside of the goal in the air or on the ground, and the last player who kicks or touches the ball is the attacking player, the defending goalkeeper will directly issue a restricted area at any place in the restricted area to resume the game. The goalkeeper must not put the ball in his hand before sending it into the game. If the ball is not directly served from the tee, that is, it has not entered the game, it should be re-served. The goalkeeper must not touch the ball again before it is kicked or touched by other players. Goal kick is not allowed to score directly. When serving goal kick, the opposing team members should stand outside the service area before the ball is sent out of the service area.

After the player who serves goal kick kicks the ball out of the service court, he touches the ball again before it is kicked or touched by other players, and the opposing player shall be awarded an indirect free kick at the place where the foul occurred. If a player fouls in the penalty area, it will be executed according to the specific situation of the free kick rule.

12. Corner kick

When the whole ball crosses the goal line from the outside of the goal, whether in the air or on the ground, and the defender touches the ball finally, the attacking player puts the ball in the corner area close to the ball out of bounds and kicks the corner kick.

Do not move the corner flagpole when serving the corner kick. A corner kick can win a goal directly. The opponent of the corner kick player shall not enter within 9.15 meters from the ball when the ball has not entered the game, that is, the ball has not rolled to the circumferential distance of the ball. A player serving a corner kick is not allowed to touch the ball again before it is touched by other players.

1. When a player who kicks a corner touches the ball again before it is kicked or touched by other players, the referee shall order the opposing player to kick an indirect free kick at the place where the foul occurred. If a player fouls in the goal area, it will be executed according to the specific situation of the free kick rule in the rules.

2. If there is any other foul, the corner kick should be kicked again.

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The highest organization in the world is the International Football Federation, which was founded in 1904 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

The highest organization in China is the Chinese Football Association, which was established in Beijing on January 3rd, 1955.


Top ten famous football matches


The FIFA World Cup is held every four years. It is a football match with the participation of national teams all over the world, which symbolizes the highest honor in football and has the greatest popularity and influence.


The European Football Championship, also known as the "European Championship", is held every four years and is one of the most influential international football competitions. Since 2016, the number of teams participating in the final stage of the European Championship has expanded to 24.


The European Champions League, referred to as the "Champions League" or "Champions League", represents the highest level and honor of European club football. Twenty-two clubs have won the Champions League in succession, with Real Madrid winning the championship the most times, totaling 13 times.


The English Football Super League, referred to as the "Premier League" for short, is one of the "five major leagues" in Europe. It is composed of 20 teams and is considered to be one of the best leagues in the world. With its fast pace, fierce competition and numerous strong teams, it has become the most popular sports event in the world and the highest-paid football league.


Italian Football League One, referred to as "Serie A" for short, is one of the highest-level professional football leagues in the world. In the 1980s and 1990s, there were many stars and powerful teams in Serie A, which was called "Little World Cup".


Spanish Football League One, referred to as La Liga for short, is the most competitive league in Europe at present. It is known as the "Star League" and "Mr. League" and is the cradle of cultivating footballer of the year and the Golden Globe Award.


German Football League One, referred to as "Bundesliga", is the highest-level club competition in German football. Bayern Munich is the most successful team in the Bundesliga, winning 28 Bundesliga titles.


French Football League One, referred to as "Ligue 1" for short, started the era of "Green Giants" dominating Ligue 1 when French football superstar Platini debuted in saint etienne in the 1970s, which produced a turning point in Ligue 1 and made French football once again become an important force in Europe.


The America’s Cup is the most important national football match attended by the member countries of South American Football Association. It was formerly known as the South American Football Championship and is also the oldest national football match in the world. It is held every four years.


The Asian Cup is the highest-level national competition in Asia. Since 1997, Asian Cup champions have represented AFC in the FIFA Confederations Cup.


Top ten famous football stars


Famous stars: Pele, Diego Maradona, johan cruyff, franz beckenbauer, Zidane, Ronaldo, alfredo di stefano, bobby charlton, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Source: Ping An Kudur

Editor: Zhang Zibo

Editor in charge: Yang Xiaobin

Duty Officer: Zhang Lijuan

Fierce controversy! With the rise of football in China, fans are constantly cursing.

After the news that the main players of China football team were injured in Thailand came out, it caused extensive controversy and discussion. According to media reports, Titipan, the main midfielder of Thailand team, needs a long recovery period of at least 8 months because of tearing the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament of his knee. The striker of Thailand, Dangda, also missed at least four weeks due to injury, making it difficult for him to play against China on November 16th. In this regard, Soccer reported that China became the winner because Thailand lost important players before the preliminaries. However, such a report attracted a lot of fans’ scolding. Some fans said that China football now needs to rely on the injury of its opponent to win, which is really disgusting. They think that the football level in China is so low that it has fallen to the point where people want to be injured or even sent off, which is really worrying.

There are also fans who believe that the China men’s soccer team seems unable to win no matter whether the main players of Thailand are injured or not. They are pessimistic about the future of football in China, and think that China can’t win against Japanese teams and strong European teams, and they are still discussing how to beat Thailand and Vietnam, which is ridiculous. However, some fans are optimistic about China football. They believe that the China team can play its own strength in the face of stable opponents. They mentioned the fierce confrontation between the Japanese team and the European powers, and thought that China could meet the challenges of Thailand and Viet Nam as long as it played steadily. In any case, China Football got some good news in the news that the main players of Thailand were injured. Fans have different expectations and views on the performance of China team.

Whether optimistic or pessimistic, only when the China team can prove its strength in the competition can the fans have more confidence in it.

The above contents and materials are all from the internet, and the relevant data, and the theoretical research is based on the internet data, does not mean that the author agrees with the laws, rules, opinions and behaviors in the article and is responsible for the authenticity of the relevant materials. I am not responsible for any problems arising from the above or related issues, and the author of this article does not bear any direct or indirect legal responsibilities.

Night reading and prose scenery all the way

[Night Reading Prose] Scenery all the way. mp3sixteen past seven
From Dongfeng Express

The scenery on the way to zipper is often so charming. It was already two o’clock in the morning when I arrived at the lake. The oncoming cold wind gave me a warm hug, which suddenly blew away the fatigue of the journey and the deep sleep at night.

This 100-kilometer journey passes through dozens of large and small villages, endless pastures, sand islands with towering peaks, and greetings from tourists on the road, all of which add a little interest to this 100-kilometer tour. We sang military songs and encouraged each other to come to the lake.

After a year, I walked this road again, but the fierce yaks and unrestrained horses in the pasture along the way seem to have changed a batch, just like my comrades on this trip. A group of new faces walked hand in hand on this road.

Yes! It has been more than half a year since the squad leader left the army. I can’t help but feel foolish when I think of our tandem encouragement and walking on this familiar and unfamiliar road.

At this time, the company commander’s voice brought me back to reality. The company commander said, "Monitor Wang, you will be on duty at night for a while. You can arrange it according to the actual situation." I immediately ran to discuss with the other three squad leaders: "Why don’t you send two capable guards to each class?"

In this way, I took the recruit of our class, Xiao Du, and stood on the first patrol post. Xiao Du and I walked on this endless grassland, and the fragrance of the soil swept through, which is the natural taste. Looking at the lake, there is a bright moon in the distant mountains, and the silver moonlight fills the whole lake, making the lake with ripples as blue as the ocean, and the various signs on the lake are also shining with a trace of Yin Hui. In a thousand miles of moonlight, the tent we live in seems so insignificant that even the stars in the sky seem to be just symbols on the sky.

Hunter, a military dog over one year old, ran out of the tent from nowhere, turned left and right beside me, and sometimes licked my trouser legs and wagged his little tail vigorously to show his love here.

A cool breeze blows gently, and the moon is bright. Xiao Du and I slowed down, and Hunter wagged his tail and followed, enjoying the beauty of this area.

There is a river around the tent, and the thin water is shining, and the tender grass beside the river grows green, which adds a touch of agility to this river injected into the lake. Perhaps our footsteps alarmed the fish at the entrance, and they swam happily and didn’t want to leave.

A gust of cold wind brought me yearning. Last time I came with the monitor, the river was surrounded by wild flowers all over the place, and it was dancing willfully. At that time, I sat by the river with the monitor and talked about the feeling of coming to the army. I said, "The army is actually quite monotonous, boring and tasteless." The monitor said, "Life in the army is not boring, but it is still beautiful. You have to be good at discovering it." Now, I have repeated this sentence with Xiao Du.

Going north, rows of withered Sophora japonica are not glamorous and eye-catching, but silently guarding this natural beauty, like a veteran of military career, striving for fame and fortune, taking root in the military camp.

Walking to the hillside seems to be closer to the moon. The bright moonlight illuminates the open space in front of the tent area like day, and the camouflage net with complex colors is clearly visible. The distant castle peak is covered with a layer of silver gauze, mysterious and quiet. There is no light in the scattered small villages at the foot of the mountain at this time, only yellow walls and red tiles are seen, and there are dim acacia trees.

At night in the country, there are no lights, no bustling noise of the city, only peace and serenity! Xiao Du and I leaned against the fence to look at the bright moon, the stars, the night view, and the cold wind blowing, and my thoughts were myriad.

In the army, I am not a member of "heartbroken people are in the end of the world", and I am not lonely as "till, raising my cup, I asked the bright moon, to bring me my shadow and make us three". I am glad that I have countless comrades to accompany me; I am glad that my youth has a little more happiness in camouflage; I am glad that comrades-in-arms are not brothers but brothers.

In contrast, we struggle in the military career, what’s wrong with a little regret? There is a corner in the city or country where you live, and there is a lamp among thousands of lights, which is enough! When work is not smooth, life is frustrated, and mood is low, find a self-healing way to release yourself, write down the sun, moon and stars, flowers bloom and fall, and go to Qiu Lai in spring …

The night was particularly quiet, and Xiao Du said, "Monitor, it’s time to be laid off." Back to the tent, I looked at my sleeping comrades, turned on my mobile phone, sent a sentence "I understand the beauty of the army" to the old squad leader who was far away from home, and then slept under the pillow of moonlight.

Author:Wang xinglai

Broadcast: Zhang Yuming

Source: Rocket Soldier

Counting the 66 most beautiful scenery in China, it is not easy to go to 10, and it is too happy to go to 30.

In everyone’s years, there has been a longing for travel, a trip that says go. However, in reality, for various reasons, this beautiful hope is difficult to come true. If you haven’t set foot on that dream trip, you might as well follow this article today and see 66 beautiful places in China!

1. The most beautiful ancient city wall in China-Wan Li Great Wall.

Up and down for more than 2,000 years, more than 100,000 miles vertically and horizontally,It’s not a hero who doesn’t reach the Great Wall. It condenses the wisdom of ancient people, is a miracle on this blue planet, and is the pride and pride hidden in the bones of China people.

2. The most beautiful palace in China-Beijing Forbidden City.

I don’t know how many people stopped by the Zhu Qiang Jin Wa in the Forbidden City. Whether it is the plane layout or the magnificent three-dimensional effect, it is an unparalleled masterpiece and a national treasure.

3. Xi ‘an, the most beautiful ancient capital of China.

From Chang ‘an to Xi ‘an, this is the starting point of the Silk Road. Every brick and tile, every ruin, has countless history and stories, and the fascinating music of Chinese civilization is buried, which is also the Millennium glory of the ancient country.

4. The most beautiful spring in China-Linzhi

In winter, the silverware has not been removed, and it is already a sea of flowers, a paradise surrounded by fragrance, competing for beauty like a drunken cloud, and meeting the most beautiful spring in China with the people I love most.Peach blossom appointment to Linzhi.

5. The most beautiful temple in China-Labrang Temple.

This is a common sacred place in the hearts of believers, walking between the white walls and yellow eaves.A long warp corridor,Keep turning the warp beam,Whispering Sanskrit,The scent of Tibetan incense,All this is enough to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

6. The most beautiful belief in China-Seda in western Sichuan

No matter how many words are used to describe a place that is back to nature and quiet, it is not as good as taking a look at it in person. From the moment I met Seda, I knew that this would be the place I would miss in my life.

7. Erhai Lake, the most beautiful romantic place in China.

Erhai Lake is not a sea, but it is more beautiful than any sea, blowing the wind of Erhai Lake, bathed in the sunshine of Erhai Lake, immersed in the comfort of mountains and rivers, and heading for the distance. What a poetic life.

8. Lugu Lake, the most beautiful oriental daughter country in China.

Walking between the mountains and rivers of Lugu Lake, looking up is the blue sky. Squinting, enjoying under this blue sky, feeling that reaching out can touch happiness. The sunshine is slightly oblique, and the warm light is covered with the lake, which is full of charm.

9. Xishuangbanna, the most beautiful tropical rain forest in China.

This is an ideal and magical paradise for the Dai people. Numerous rare birds, animals and exotic plants thrive in this paradise, which is the most beautiful oasis on the Tropic of Cancer! Symbiotic things are bathed in poetic spring scenery and picturesque autumn wind.

10. The most beautiful and pure paradise in China-Daocheng Aden

People who have never been to Daocheng will be fascinated by a photo, and those who have been to Daocheng will never forget it at a glance! Everything is beautiful beyond imagination. Daocheng Aden can afford all the admiration in the world.

11. Kanas Lake, the most beautiful lake in China.

Kanas is a lake with a story. Whether it is obsessed with its legend or its color, it is full of mystery and charm. Every minute is a dream of entering the depths of the forest, giving people a sense of elegance and dust removal.

12. Luoping, the most beautiful karst landform in China.

The magical and beautiful Luoping Peak Forest has vast peaks. Against the background of blue sky and white clouds, various cone-shaped hills are dotted in the boundless yellow sea, and the blue peaks and golden waves set each other off in an interesting way, which is extremely beautiful.

13. hulun buir grassland, the most beautiful grassland in China.

The northern country, Jasper Hulunbeier, is endless with green and fragrant vegetation, which makes people feel relaxed and intoxicated.existHulun BuirThere is a kind of trip that is worthwhile, and I don’t want to leave when I come.

14. Lhasa, the most beautiful hiding place in China.

Everyone has a dream called Lhasa, which is the ultimate dream in many people’s hearts. Only when you have been there and felt it with your heart can you realize the sublimation of a person’s heart, which is something you can’t feel elsewhere.

15. Hemu Village, the most beautiful fairy tale village in China.

A forest and grassland, an ancient village, beautiful grasses, Kanas fairy tale world.Taste a pot of green tea, listen to a bird song, browse a roll of idle books and enjoy the stars. Everything is so beautiful.

16. Ejina, the most beautiful Populus euphratica forest in China.

China’s most fascinating autumn scenery, Ejina’s waiting for 3,000 years. An autumn wind draws the most beautiful scenery and stories. This is a place where you can only travel once a year. If you miss it, you have to wait another year.

17. The most beautiful forest in China-Daxinganling

The northernmost side of China is the rivers and mountains, with beautiful and incomparable vast forests.Playing the most beautiful autumn fairy tales,The color of all things’ life is released here, and you can walk into the autumn of Daxing ‘anling and feel a reincarnation of life.

18. The most beautiful gallery in China-Three Gorges of the Yangtze River

Since ancient times, the Three Gorges has written too many beautiful legends, just like a hearty ink painting, which is novel and beautiful.The beauty here is more breathtaking than many famous mountains and rivers.

19. Lijiang River, the most beautiful landscape in China.

There are thousands of paintings in the Baili River, and the landscape of the Lijiang River is the best in the world. There are surprises everywhere in this landscape. You can visit the Lijiang River, see the reflection of Qifeng, the clear water and green hills, the pastoral songs and the quaint countryside. Everything is so poetic.

20. The most beautiful ink painting in China-Wuyuan

Wuyuan isA place naturally full of poetry,Beautiful as a mistake into a dream, like a slowly unfolding mountain ink painting. In the brewing of time, it becomes more and more charming and makes people daydream.

21. The most beautiful scenery in China-West Lake

If you want to compare the West Lake with the West Lake, it is always appropriate to put on light makeup and heavy makeup. There are too many beautiful and moving legends about the West Lake.The scenery at four o’clock is different and picturesque. For thousands of years, many people yearn to stroll through Su Causeway and enjoy the West Lake.

22. Huangguoshu Waterfall, the most beautiful celestial fairy spring in China.

Huangguoshu Waterfall is famous as the largest waterfall in China, and many words of praise can’t describe the magnificence of its pouring down. A beautiful view,Fixed on the mountain canyon, it is full of poetry and painting, which makes people relaxed and happy.

23. The most beautiful Danxia landform in China-Zhangye

Don’t look forward to the snow on Qilian Mountain, and mistake Zhang Ye for Jiangnan. I didn’t come here in person, I didn’t see it with my own eyes, and I couldn’t imagine it. This mysterious region, which has exceeded 100 million years, is beautiful and magnificent.

24. the ancient town of xitang, the most beautiful water town in China.

The water in the Spring and Autumn Period, the towns in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the modern people are the most appropriate descriptions of the ancient town of xitang. Everything in the water town, in the long years, savoring the mellow taste of time, there is always a scene that can fall in the heart.

25. The most beautiful garden in China-Humble Administrator’s Garden

Rich Jiangnan water town, thisIs the memory of an era in China,Even after more than 400 years, you can still feel the elegant circulation, full of poetry and painting everywhere. It is true that you don’t know the beauty of gardens until you reach Suzhou!

26. The most beautiful ginkgo village in China-Tengchong Ginkgo Village

From the first touch of new green blooming branches to the last golden leaf quietly ending, the city is covered with the peerless beauty of golden flower.,Woven into an intoxicating beauty of the village in the forest, trees at home and people in the painting.

27. Danba, the most beautiful beauty valley village in China.

Accompanied by the gentle breeze, overlooking the scattered Tibetan towers, enjoying the boundless scenery and steaming buttered tea in the Dadu River Valley, everything is so lively and fragrant, which makes people feel like strolling in Xanadu.

28. The most beautiful Hakka building in China-Fujian Tulou

Unique residential buildings in the world,Carrying the sky and clouds, it is full of stars and stories in the flowing years, fermenting a steaming, lively and fragrant fireworks life, which is extremely fantastic and beautiful.

29. Yuanyang Terrace, the most beautiful terrace in China.

The Hani people, who have lived in Yuanyang Mountain for generations, have carved gorgeous and colorful scenery on this plain land. Under the light and shadow, it is like a dream, just like an extremely elegant ink painting, with an indescribable fairy charm.

30. Chaka Salt Lake, the most beautiful sky in China.

This is a place called the mirror of the sky, where people always have the illusion that reach for the sky is stretched out and stars are scattered all over the earth. This beautiful scene can reveal the truest beauty in the world.

31. The most beautiful blue in China-Qinghai Lake

Water and sky are the same color, and the sea and sky are connected.A huge jade jade plate, horizontally embedded between mountains and grasslands, is a picture of wind blowing grass and seeing cattle and sheep pastoral.At first glance, it is vast and ethereal, full of poetry and painting.

32. The most beautiful no-man’s land in China-Hoh Xil

This is the roof of the world of the world,The desolate and mysterious forbidden area of life has made countless people wave upon wave and vowed to conquer this land.This is a paradise for wild animals. Everything is quiet and peaceful in the vast world.

33. The most beautiful ghost city in China-Wuerhe Fengcheng

The world’s beautiful Yadan, carved by wind and rain, is a masterpiece of nature, as if it were a dreamy maze world, and it is amazing to feel the dreamy and mysterious brilliant Yadan through it.

34. The most beautiful Millennium Watch in China-Crescent Spring in Mingsha Mountain.

A piece of green is hidden in Mingsha Mountain, crescent spring lies in oasis, spring is in quicksand, drought is not exhausted, and wind and sand do not fall.Being in the beautiful scenery of blue sky and white clouds, Shaming Springs, I feel the magical charm of nature.

35. The most beautiful highway in China-Duku Highway

This miracle highway hidden in the depths of Tianshan Mountain can conquer your eyes and shake your heart in just one second. Look at the four seasons all the way, and you will never really understand its exquisiteness if you don’t go once in your life!

36. Meili Snow Mountain, the most beautiful snow mountain in China.

Meili’s Rizhao Jinshan is a rare scenic spot that many people dream of.The golden light fell from the sky and shone on the top of the snow-capped mountains.Between the clouds, it only takes a brake, and the sky is golden and moving beyond words.

37. Mount Everest, the most beautiful mountain in China.

This is the closest place to the sky, the mysterious sacred mountain in everyone’s heart, and the place that countless people yearn for. The sky here is as blue as washing, spotless, and the mountains are towering, and the mountains stop, which has never been so appropriate.

38. Emei Mountain, the most beautiful Buddhist shrine in China.

Mount Emei is the best in the world, with four seasons in one mountain and different days in ten miles, just like a fairyland in Heaven.Like a thousand years, like a thousand years, the sun rises and the stars set, and so on,Bring people into that dreamy magical realm.

39. Laojun Mountain, the most beautiful paradise on earth in China.

Go to the world for a grand banquet and see the world’s prosperity.The cloud takes the mountain as its body and the mountain takes the cloud as its clothing.Far and near peaks are at your feet, the sea of clouds is rolling, and the peaks are looming, like a perfect picture of a fairyland, where heaven and man are one.

40. The most beautiful color in China-Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhai is a dream, which is too beautiful to be true, but it really exists in the world. The colors you have seen or have never seen are all gathered here.Full of the most beautiful colors in the world.

41. Fanjing Mountain, the most beautiful city in China.

This is China’s sky city,Only the ingenuity of nature can create this unique and shocking masterpiece like myths and legends!The unpredictable beauty makes people intoxicated with the infinite Zen of Brahma Pure Land.

42. The most beautiful desert in China-Badain Jaran Desert.

The desert is lonely and straight, and the long river sets the yen. Here, you can see that Sha Feng, the lake and the blue sky are mysteriously blended together, which is a fantastic charm.No desert is more beautiful than Bataan.

43. Nujiang Grand Canyon, the most beautiful canyon in China.

This is the original ecological secret of China’s possession.A flower and a tree here recite the rhythm of life, and echo each other here carries the triumph of civilization, and every sound of it is enough to wash the soul.

44. Huangshan Mountain, the most beautiful natural bonsai in China.

It is the best evaluation of Huangshan Mountain to return without looking at the mountains and Huangshan Mountain without looking at the mountains.There are thousands of beautiful scenery in Huangshan Mountain, just like a fairyland on earth. There is always a place where you want poetry and distance.

45. Guo Liang Village, the most beautiful cliff family in China.

As far as the eye can see, the Taihang Mountain is towering, and the cliffs stand tall and steep, and the mountains and rivers are full of poetry and painting. If you feel that life is too complicated, you might as well take a nap here for a few days and feel the slow time here quietly.

46. Chengdu, the laziest city in China.

Chengdu is a city that you don’t want to leave when you come.Will be moved by the life here in Bashi. When you set foot on this land of Chengdu, you can always slow down unconsciously, and the world suddenly becomes quiet, simple and happy.

47. Chongqing, the most beautiful mountain city and foggy city in China.

The magical terrain and dreamy night scenes have attracted countless people. Eat hot pot to watch the night scene and simply kill time.Bayu is as beautiful as a splendid land, so you can get some leisure and walk into Chongqing with beautiful mountains, water and people.

48. Weizhou Island, the most beautiful island in China.

Riding an electric donkey on Weizhou Island and bumping into the sea breeze, shuttling through the dense shade and walking leisurely along the coastline, the waves are undulating at the feet, away from the bustling and noisy, which is really a kind of enjoyment.

49. The most beautiful waterway in China-Xitai Jiner Lake Highway.

The G315 National Road runs through the West Tai Ji Nair Lake, splitting the lake in half, with emerald green on the left and Tiffany blue on the right. The atmosphere is quiet as if it were a lifetime ago, and you can take amazing photos with your mobile phone at any time.

50. The most beautiful ink and wash scenery in China-Zhangjiajie West Sea Peak Forest

There are thousands of stone peaks in Shentang Bay, Wulingyuan, which is a unique peak forest landscape in the world.Stone peaks appear and disappear,Beautiful, just like ink painting, walking in the meantime, as in Traveling in a pictorial world.

51. Utsu, the most beautiful water Yadan in China.

In the endless desert Gobi, a piece of Wang Yang emerges out of thin air, and Yadan landform stands on this piece of Wang Yang. Yadan of different sizes is all over the blue water, with no end in sight, giving people unlimited freedom to daydream.

52. The most beautiful glacier world in China-Cuojia Glacier.

The Cuojia Glacier is an ice blue world in the depths of Tibet, and enters the primitive glacier.It’s like walking into a crystal palace.It’s like going back to the ancient ice age.As if through time and space, came to another planet.

53. Old Town of Lijiang, the most beautiful ancient city in China.

Between the green hills and the tiles, by the flowing water of the small bridge covered with green flowers, enjoy the warm embrace of the sun and the gentle caress at night, let the mood fly freely and experience the true charm of life.

54. Zada Tulin, the most beautiful Martian world in China.

The north wind of the plateau blows out the rough land of western Tibet, which is extremely barren and also the ultimate temptation, full of mysterious dreaminess. This is a place that will make you worthwhile, and you will find that desolation can be so beautiful.

55. Zhagana, the most beautiful pure land on earth in China.

This is a magical secret in Gannan, and the scenery is as beautiful as a fairyland. Under the blue sky and white clouds, everything is poetic. Zhagana, half fireworks and half fairy, is a holy place that you go to at least once in your life.

56. The most beautiful colorful canyon in China-Anji Sea.

It is called rivers and canyons flowing from modernist abstract paintings, and it is the source of color hidden in the northern foot of Tianshan Mountain. The ever-changing light and shadow rendering is dazzling and spectacular.

It is one of the buildings with the thinnest waist and the most difficult construction in the world, and has created a series of buildings that are the best in the world. There is the world’s tallest horizontal Ferris wheel at the top of the tower, which can enjoy the ultimate beauty of the Pearl River and the bright night in Guangzhou.

This is a large limestone cave, which was formed in the Quaternary Pleistocene more than 1.2 million years ago. It is magnificent, exquisite and dazzling, just like a gorgeous underground art palace.

At night in Hong Kong, there are not only brightly lit, bustling and noisy metropolitan customs, but also Baiyun Mountain Hills and warm sea breeze. Chinese and western cultures blend here, bringing unique charm here, and the beautiful night scene makes the city more romantic.

It’s like a huge Eight Diagrams Array. The street layout is like a magical maze. There are 8 avenues and 64 streets, and the roads and roads are connected. There is no traffic light, but the traffic is unimpeded. Here you don’t have to worry about traffic jams.

This place, which is the most like Mars on the earth, is under the stunning Kunlun Mountain, and the eyes of the earth have been spewing for thousands of years. The suffocating feeling of barren grass gives people an indescribable shock.It’s a little unreal.

This is a border town where you can pretend to be in Russia, with lush hulun buir grassland, rippling Hulun Lake, towering country doors and passionate Mongolian customs, which makes people fascinated.

This is a mysterious forbidden area, with too many stories and legends.Covered with virgin forests, lakes, strange peaks and different rocks,It is a paradise for explorers. There are too many unsolved mysteries hidden here, which are mysterious and fascinating.

Tianchi Lake, hidden between mountains and mountains, is pure and strange blue, with snow peaks reflected, spruce surrounded and clear water like a mirror.It’s beautiful,Like a jade pond in the sky falling on this earth, it cools the eyes and cleans the soul.

On the banks of the Irtysh River, the geological changes of hundreds of millions of years and the rich textures of colorful beaches are constantly changing in depth against the background of blue sky and white clouds, just like coral bushes on the seabed, swaying a mysterious charm of life.

A bright spot on the Sichuan-Tibet line,It is a fascinating photography paradise and a picturesque paradise.The scenery along the way conquered many friends who came here.Every minute can surprise you.

Only when traveling can a person hear his own voice. It will tell you that the world is wider than expected. go toLooking forward to the distant place, you don’t have to envy foreign countries, you don’t have to go abroad, you just have to travel around China and see the beautiful scenery of the motherland, and you are also a super traveler!

These unique beautiful scenery in China can amaze all your time. Let’s visit the 66 most beautiful poems and distant places in China one by one! How many of these places have you been to? Which do you think is the most beautiful? What other beautiful places in China have you been to? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area. Let’s talk together.