BYD Hanxin arrived at the store, and the real car experience exceeded expectations.

  Economic Daily-China Economic Net July 2 With the listing date of BYD Dynasty flagship Han approaching, the distinguished models of Han EV with long battery life and the flagship models of Han EV four-wheel drive with high performance have taken the lead in landing in authorized stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and Xi ‘an. Many consumers are rushing to grab fresh tasting in the first time-the safety strength, benchmarking performance and luxury quality of Han comprehensive hardcore are amazing.

  Han’s sincere pre-sale price of 230,000-280,000 yuan, and two booking rights that can be enjoyed at the same time-"paying 99 yuan online intention money to participate in the activity of doubling Difenhui points" and "enjoying 60,000 yuan for science and technology for 10,000 yuan" are equally surprising, and both online and offline have set off a booking boom. Up to now, Han has received 13,000 online orders and 9,000 offline orders.

  Appearance: dynamic and elegant.

  When I first saw the real EV car, the sense of atmosphere and luxury given by the whole car was incomparable with the pictures. The first is the appearance. Han EV is developed based on the product positioning and design standards of medium and large cars, with a long wheelbase of 2920mm and a length, width and height of 4,980 mm/1,910 mm/1,495 mm, creating a powerful gas field comparable to that of executive-class cars. The Dragon Face design language adopted by Han EV combines the dragon elements of China culture with modern car-making aesthetics, and the dynamic and elegant vehicle shape with great aerodynamic efficiency is impressive.

  From the front face of Han EV, we can vaguely see the shadow of "Dragon": the curved surface design of "Dragon Mouth", and the "Dragon Eyebrows" are incarnated as daytime running lights and position lamp, which makes people sigh the perfect combination of aesthetics and functions. The effect after lighting is cool and can enhance the product recognition of Han.

  Coming to the side of the car, the design of the side of the Han car body is simple and hierarchical, and the waistline of the fender near the rear of the car protrudes, expressing the sense of diving power. Details such as the "Han" logo on the retractable door handle and the gentleman’s hairpin on the fender reflect unique design ingenuity.

  In the rear part, the headlights adopt the design element of "Dragon Claw", which echoes the dragon face. The scratch-type design shows the power sense of "Dragon Claw" more vividly. When the penetrating taillights are lit, they are not only dynamic and dazzling, but also make people feel the extraordinary charm of luxury cars.

  Interior: luxury is the bone and tradition is the rhyme.

  From the outside to the inside, Han has created a unique aesthetic feeling and charm of Chinese luxury through the careful carving of interior layout, detailed modeling and even materials, colors and textures, which is amazing. The driving space is centered on the large-size floating central control panel, and the display and function areas extend to both sides, creating a full-fledged atmosphere for drivers and passengers. The flat-bottomed multifunctional steering wheel, full LCD instrument panel, front trim panel of co-pilot, air outlet of air conditioner and speakers are unfolded in a zigzag layout on both sides, showing the character connotation of Chinese luxury. Han’s interior has developed five colors: Xuanwu Black, Suzaku Red, Kirin Brown, Eclipse Blue and Sky Grey, providing consumers with three kinds of atmosphere color matching options: Xuanwu Black+Suzaku Red, Xuanwu Black+Kirin Brown and Eclipse Blue+Sky Grey, which better meet the personalized needs of luxury car consumers with high-grade style.

  Han’s Chinese luxury is impressive. The Nappa leather raw material of the seat is selected from cattle hide imported from Brazil and processed by more than 20 processes. It has good air permeability, delicate texture and soft touch. The two-way Long Lin stitching is integrated into China aesthetics, bringing a noble and high-end look and feel. The solid wood in the car is made of nearly 100-year-old cork, which is polished by 12 processes. The strength and seismic performance are excellent, and the unique texture and high-grade gray texture create a harmonious and natural feeling. The real aluminum material of the audio cover is made of pure aluminum wire drawing technology, and the wire drawing depth is 1.33 microns. The proper embellishment effect further enhances the sense of luxury in vision and touch.

  The DiLink 3.0 car system carried by Han echoes the Chinese luxury style. The new UI is based on the concept of "flowing clouds and flowing water" and incorporates elements such as "Hanyu" and "Taiji" in China traditional culture, which is sci-fi without losing its ancient charm; The first screen and three interfaces enhance the sense of luxury intelligence through multi-theme, personalized interface and seamless combination of voice and screen. The whole system is very easy to use. Compared with DiLink 2.0, it has greatly improved fluency, accuracy of speech recognition and reaction speed, and has become smoother.

  Han’s Chinese luxury is not only in the front row, but also in the back row. The ample deep space created by the super-long wheelbase, the boss key on the side of the passenger seat and the rear seat supporting large-scale multi-directional electric adjustment not only bring the unique sense of dignity to the rear passengers of Chinese luxury, but also further strengthen the positioning of Han’s medium and large luxury cars.

  Starting from Yan Yan’s devotion to strength, Han set off a booking boom with super product strength, sincere pre-sale price and increasing booking rights. Han will go on the market on July 10th, and real cars will land in terminal stores in major cities one after another. Welcome to the store to taste more exciting things of Han.

There is little difference with the gasoline version design. Tiggo 8 PRO Kunpeng e+ official map is released.

  Recently, Netcom obtained the official picture of Tiggo 8 PRO Kunpeng e+ from Chery Automobile. From the official picture, we can see that the appearance and interior design of the vehicle are basically the same as the ordinary version, which is very atmospheric and beautiful, and there is no obvious difference on the whole. Earlier, it was reported that the new car will be listed in May.

Netcom automobile

  The front of the new car still uses a large-size air intake grille. The design is consistent with that of the gasoline version, which looks very fashionable. The internal matrix structure also adds a sense of exquisiteness to the appearance of the vehicle. In addition, the headlights of the new car are connected with the front grille, which not only enhances the visual width of the front face, but also brings a strong sense of integrity.

Netcom automobile

  A large number of curved surfaces are used on the side of the vehicle, and a wide-body design is formed at the front and rear, which makes the body look very burly and powerful, and the profile of the side is also relatively robust, giving people an atmospheric feeling.

Netcom automobile

  In terms of the tail, the shape of the tail is full of layers, and the popular through taillight shape is adopted, which enhances the visual width of the tail and is expected to have a good visual effect after lighting. Below, we can see that the vehicle uses the exhaust gas from both sides, and the sports atmosphere has become more intense. We can also see the four-wheel drive logo at the rear of the vehicle, which proves that the vehicle has a four-wheel drive version.

Netcom automobile

  Inside the car, the new car adopts a minimalist and atmospheric design concept. The design of the dual screen is particularly eye-catching, with a size of 24.6 inches. It is also equipped with a W-HUD head-up display function, which can display speed, driving assistance, navigation information, telephone information and other contents. The most important thing is that this configuration is more conducive to safe driving. In terms of entertainment configuration, the Tiggo 8 PRO Kunpeng e+ is equipped with SONY’s 10-speaker surround sound, which can make the interior of the vehicle look more luxurious.

  In terms of power, the Tiggo 8 PRO Kunpeng e+ is equipped with Kunpeng DHT hybrid power and has "3 engines, 3 gears, 9 models and 11 speeds". At the same time, with the "Cherya AWD" Chery full-scene intelligent four-wheel drive system jointly built by Chery and ZF, the vehicle can have six full-scene road conditions including economy, ordinary, sports, camping, skiing and off-road.

  (Photo/Text Netcom Gao Yue)

Polls show McCain’s support is far ahead of the Republican Party.

Topic: 2008 US Presidential Election

  Beijing, Jan. 28 (Xinhua)-The results of the South Carolina primary election in the US presidential election have had an effect on the polls of candidates from both parties. Arizona Senator John McCain, who was originally only slightly ahead, soared in the polls after winning the South Carolina primary on the 19th, and now leads other Republican candidates by two figures. After New York Senator Hillary Clinton lost the election in South Carolina on the 26th, the national polls dropped immediately.

  According to the "Central News Agency" report, the latest Gallup national poll released on the 27th shows that McCain is far ahead of other Republican candidates with 31% support. Before the South Carolina primary, McCain was only six percentage points ahead of the second-place huckabee by 26%.

  The current support of other candidates in the Republican camp is that former Massachusetts Governor Romney is 21%; Former Arkansas Governor huckabee 18%; Former new york Mayor Giuliani 12%.

  In the Democratic camp, before the South Carolina primary, Hillary Clinton was ahead of the second-place Obama by 32% with 47% support. On the 27th, Hillary’s support dropped to 45%, while Obama continued to maintain 32%. Former North Carolina Senator Edwards ranked third with 13%, two percentage points higher than before the South Carolina primary.

Editor: Zhao Deli

Geek briefing | Apple’s new system is the first to watch/Xiaomi invites Leica engineers to Beijing/the fourth largest operator is announced.

On Monday, Xiaomi announced a strategic cooperation with Leica, and the first works created by the two parties will be released in July.

Lei Jun published more details about this cooperation in Weibo. He said that the cooperation with Leica has gone deep into the product technology level, covering the entire link of smartphone images, including optics, imaging, image processing and experience. Besides the cooperation between China and Germany, Leica specially sent a team of engineers to Beijing to work side by side with Xiaomi engineers.

For the first works of both parties, Lei Jun revealed that the image performance of this product has exceeded the expectations of engineers of both parties. In the next month or so, the teams of both parties will strive for perfection and make final fine-tuning. Regarding this new flagship, there are still rumors that it may not be called Xiaomi 12 Ultra, but Xiaomi MIX5 Pro.


Apple announced the invitation letter of WWDC22 this week. There are five avatars with different colors in the invitation poster. It is worth noting that the green avatar in the middle wears glasses, which inevitably reminds people that WWDC may announce some information about AR/VR this time.

It’s hard to say whether there is "One more thing", but iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and macOS will definitely launch new versions. According to some current reports, iOS 16 will continue to improve the focus mode and information notification, and will also add Apple Watch mirroring function to make more efficient settings for watches on mobile phones.

IPad OS may add more professional applications this time, such as Final Cut Pro. It will also strengthen the performance in multitasking, and may allow the application window to be resized freely.

Watch OS may add a low-power mode this time, which can guarantee to run specific applications and functions under the premise of long battery life. In terms of health, sleep monitoring, female health management, medication reminder and other functions may be upgraded. In addition, watch OS will bring more new dials.

The news of the new version of macOS is less, but it is certain that it will focus more on Apple Silicon, and two Mac hardware products may be released this time.


Correspondents Home Network recently exposed the photos of China Radio and Television’s 5G SIM card, which is located in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, and revealed that China Radio and Television will release the number to the public at the end of June. As can be seen from the photo, the customer service telephone number of China Radio and TV Station is 10099, but it still does not exist (Beijing area) after we dialed it. According to relevant information, 10099 has just been opened in Hubei.

Some time ago, China Radio and Television announced that it would open the No.192 segment for consumers to choose from. Some netizens who are familiar with network knowledge said that they hope to choose the number starting with 192168.

In June 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 5G licenses to the three major operators together with China Radio and Television. In October 2020, China Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. was officially inaugurated and became the fourth largest operator in China.

In terms of communication frequency band, China Radio and Television has a golden frequency band of 700MHz, which was originally used for radio and television. The biggest advantage is that the signal coverage is very wide and the cost of building a communication base station is low. In order to rapidly popularize the 5G network, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has introduced many measures in recent years to open the 700MHz frequency band to telecom operators.

According to industry analysts, the participation of China Radio and Television will accelerate the popularization of 5G in counties, townships and rural areas, and at the same time reduce the tariff standard of communication packages.


Recently, People’s Education Publishing House has attracted attention because of the illustration incident of teaching materials. At the same time, some netizens have pulled out a "sky-high" educational tablet of People’s Education Society.

Official website of People’s Education Society shows that People’s Education Pad is an intelligent teaching terminal designed by People’s Education Society for primary and secondary school teachers and students. It is pre-installed with genuine people’s education digital teaching materials, which are divided into two configurations. According to the different warranty period, the pricing is different, and the price range is 3680 yuan — Between 4380 yuan. People’s Education Society disclosed in 2016 that the second generation of people’s education Pad has served more than 50 schools in Zhuhai.

The configuration of renjiao Pad is very old. It uses a large screen with 10.1-inch resolution of 1200*1920 and is equipped with MT8173 quad-core processor introduced by MediaTek in 2015. The maximum storage specification is 4+64GB, and it runs Android 6.0 system. For such a configuration, the price of more than 4,000 yuan can really be called "sky-high".


Redmi Note 11T series includes three models, namely Note 11T Pro, Note 11T Pro+ and Note 11T Trend Limited Edition (Astro Boy Edition), in which Astro Boy Edition is customized based on Pro+ models.

Redmi Note 11T Pro/Pro+ are the same mold models, and their designs are consistent. In terms of hardware, they are equipped with Tianji 8100 chip and 144Hz LCD direct screen (certified by DisplayMate A+). The main difference lies in the battery and charging. The Pro model has a larger battery, which is equipped with 5080mAh battery+120W fast charging, and the Pro+ model has a stronger fast charging, which is equipped with 4400.

In terms of price, the Pro model 618 starts at 1699 yuan, and the 8+128GB version is 1899 yuan. Pro+ model 8+128GB version 618 starts at 1999 yuan. Under the condition of the same specification storage, Pro+ model is more expensive than Pro model by 100 yuan.


OPPO Reno8 series consists of three models, namely Reno8, Reno8 Pro and Reno8 Pro+, which are equipped with Tianji 1300, Snapdragon 7 and Tianji 8100-Max chips respectively, and the latter two also have Mariana X self-developed NPU.

The three models of Reno8 series are somewhat backward in configuration compared with competing products. The starting price of the standard version is 2499 yuan, but the rear camera lacks a wide-angle lens, and it is still a 90Hz screen. The Pro version starts at 2999 yuan, but the core configuration is not excellent, and the flash memory specification of UFS 2.2 is not even as good as the previous generation. The Pro+ version starts at 3699 yuan. Although there is Mariana blessing, the aftershot equipment is not balanced.

From the point of view of configuration and cost performance, Reno8 series is really hard to compete with, and it seems a bit like "high price and low price" in those days. However, the Reno8 series also has some bright spots, such as unique color matching and design. All three models have a 32-megapixel beauty front camera, and the high-profile model Pro+ has a very narrow chin.


I’m sure you’ve all heard how unpopular the three-cylinder engine is in China. This time, as the staunchest supporter of the three-cylinder machine, Chevrolet finally couldn’t stand it, and launched the 1.5T four-cylinder Chuangkuo RS.

Chevrolet has always been loved by young people because of its more sporty design. However, for friends who can’t afford to buy 2.0T Mai Rui Bao and Explorer, they can only choose a three-cylinder machine if they want to buy a cheaper Chevrolet, which is why Chevrolet has been tepid at the level of 100,000. This time, I found the crux, and I believe Chevrolet will become the choice of many young people who have just entered the society.


The innovation and technological advantages of the new forces in building cars may be difficult for even Mercedes-Benz to catch up with. But for electric performance cars, this touched the strength of Mercedes-Benz.

Different from the performance versions of other electric vehicles, AMG EQS 53 is a genuine AMG, and the driving atmosphere and experience it brings can’t be compared with those electric vehicles with a motor and sports kit. Of course, for those who are more eager to drive, I think intelligence is behind it.


On May 29th, at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, the rocket assembly of Shenzhou XIV has been transported to the launch area, and the window launch time is expected to be around 10: 44 am on June 5th.

Like previous manned missions, the Shenzhou 14 crew consists of three astronauts, and the official candidates and backup candidates will be announced next week. According to the previous combination, this time, the old will bring the new, and new faces will appear. In addition, China’s first female astronaut, Liu Yang, may go out again. They will stay in orbit for six months, and during this period, they will also welcome the arrival of two experimental modules, "Asking for Heaven" and "Dreaming for Heaven".

Starting from the manned space mission of Shenzhou XIV, the construction of China Space Station will enter the final stage and be completed in 2022.


The Dragon Boat Festival holiday will be ushered in next week, and there will be no rest from June 3 to June 5 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), for a total of three days. During this Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the national highways are not free. After the Dragon Boat Festival, there are still 10 days left in this year’s holiday balance: the Mid-Autumn Festival will be closed from September 10 to 12 for a total of 3 days; The National Day will be closed from October 1st to 7th, with a total of 7 days.


Glory 70 series:It will be released on May 30th, and it may be equipped with Tianji 8100/9000 chip platform.

vivo T2:Released on June 6th, iQone O6SE doll model.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra (tentative name):Released in July, Leica jointly designed Snapdragon 8+ chip with TSMC technology.

Meizu’s new flagship:After July, it is expected to be equipped with Snapdragon 8+ chip platform.


At yesterday’s Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show, Yu Chengdong and He Xiaopeng attended the "Pioneer Dialogue on Future Automotive Innovation and Integration" officially held by the auto show.

In Yu Chengdong’s speech, he spoke frankly about his new car, the M7, and said that the M7 would completely surpass millions of luxury cars such as Toyota Erffa and Lexus LM.

Later, He Xiaopeng took the stage to give a speech and jokingly responded to Yu Chengdong’s remarks, "If it is in committee of 100, Lao Yu said so, it is estimated that there will be a lot of shoes thrown up below. Just now, Lao Yu said so above, and I kind of want to throw a shoe up. 」


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Football-Serie A: Juventus beat Lecce.

  On September 26th, Juventus player Bremer (left) competed with Lecce player Krstovic. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Federico Tardito)

  On the same day, in the sixth round of the Italian Football League in the 2023-2024 season, Juventus beat Lecce 1-0 at home.

  On September 26th, Juventus player milic (middle) celebrated after scoring a goal. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Federico Tardito)

  On September 26th, Juventus player milic (right) scored a goal in the game. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Federico Tardito)

  On September 26th, Juventus player milic (right) scored a goal in the game. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Federico Tardito)

  On September 26th, Juventus player rugani (left) competed with Lecce player Krstovic. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Federico Tardito)

  On September 26th, Juventus player Labio (right) competed with Lecce player Bran. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Federico Tardito)

  On September 26th, Juventus player milic (left) competed with Lecce player Venuti. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Federico Tardito)

  On September 26th, Juventus player Locatelli (right) and Lecce player Oden competed in the match. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Federico Tardito)

  On September 26th, Juventus player milic (right) celebrated after scoring a goal. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Federico Tardito)

  On September 26th, Juventus player milic (front left) competed with Lecce player ramadani. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Federico Tardito)

  On September 26th, Juventus player milic was in the game. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Federico Tardito)

This Shanghai community in the epidemic is on fire!

Recently, a community in Shanghai issued to residents.

"Daily Epidemic Report"go viral on the Internet

In these epidemic reports,

Existing residents are most concerned about

Yang-related building and mixed-pipe abnormal building

Schematic diagram of Yang-related/abnormal building

The next day’s anti-epidemic news publicity and other content.

There are also group purchase notices for living materials.

Drug guarantee guide

  This "online celebrity" community is the third phase of Haitang Mingyuan in Zhou Pu Town, Pudong New Area. On April 8-13, the epidemic situation broadcast in this community has been published in six issues, and the content of each issue is richer and more personalized than the previous one.

  Busy daily life of community volunteers"Flat management"? Neighborhood committees can also do it!

  There are 61 buildings, 1,175 households and more than 4,000 residents in the third phase of Haitang Mingyuan, and there are only 6 social workers in the Haitang Mingyuan neighborhood committee. With the surge of epidemic prevention workload in the community, more and more residents have come forward to volunteer. According to Zhang Yu, secretary of the Party branch of Haitang Mingyuan residential area, there are already more than 200 volunteers in the large group — — In other words, about 5% of the residents in this community are volunteers.

  It is not easy to manage these volunteers and make full use of their enthusiasm and intelligence. On April 5, a landlord who has always been enthusiastic about community work forwarded an article to Zhang Yu, "Proposal to the Shanghai Neighborhood Committee in the Epidemic". Zhang Yu was greatly inspired after reading it, and decided to readjust her thinking and introduce the flat management of the company into community management.

  In addition to a large group of volunteers, the neighborhood Committee, according to the actual work needs,Several groups have been established, such as epidemic prevention materials management group, epidemic prevention materials procurement group, material transportation group, daily necessities group purchase group, emergency medical treatment report group, data technology group, and fund-raising and media group.. Volunteers choose to join different groups according to their personal intentions and abilities, and each group chooses one or two responsible persons to directly connect with the neighborhood committees.

  Then, the residents’ committee found new problems: whether in the group of building leaders, volunteers or buildings, people have been asking about the nucleic acid/antigen screening and community group buying in this community, and these are things that all residents are concerned about. The neighborhood Committee discussed it with the building manager and volunteers and decidedMake an announcement similar to "epidemic broadcast",countAccording to the daily updateTo make the epidemic prevention work in the community transparent..

  Villi, who is a software project manager and a volunteer in the Data Technology Group, designed this broadcast template. The first broadcast on April 8th consists of three pages:The first page is the epidemic situation.Proper is what residents want to know most every day;

  Page two,Dynamic refinement, forecast the epidemic prevention information the next day to remind you to get ready;

  Page three,Community epidemic mapWhen you see a building with a "star", please ask the residents to take a detour as much as possible.

  Do not buy unless necessary! Broadcast announcement unification group

  Good feedback from residents also gave the residents’ committee and the volunteer team confidence to continue broadcasting.

  On April 9th, in the second phase, in addition to increasing publicity by volunteer teams, Villi also included the work reports of his own data technology group and the working group on epidemic prevention materials.

  As can be seen from the work report of the data technology group, the volunteer team completed three group purchases of vegetables, eggs and paper towels on the same day, and will soon start group purchases of meat and seasoning.

  Behind this broadcast is the neighborhood Committee and volunteers.Another important task: manage and rectify the group purchase and express delivery in the community.

  Enthusiastic volunteers, faced with rice, noodles, oil and other materials, are happy to send them to the place quickly, no matter how hard and tired they are. However, when faced with the group purchase of cola, juice, fried chicken, etc., you will feel a little speechless. Neighborhood committees and volunteers also realized that a large number of logistics not only increased the delivery pressure of property and volunteers, but also had unpredictable hidden dangers of virus transmission.

  To this end, the Haitang Mingyuan Neighborhood Committee issued the "Notice on Epidemic Prevention to Residents (Trial Edition)" on April 8, reiterating that it is not necessary to buy: "The number of express delivery is huge, which not only guarantees the basic livelihood, but also guarantees the quality of life. The so-called unnecessary not to buy, ‘ Unnecessary ’ It refers to the part of improving the quality of life — — Basic livelihood materials except rice, oil, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, etc. "

  Deploy disinfection work in advance

  Announce residents to "leave the cabin" and go home

  In the third phase of the epidemic situation on April 10, there is a special forecast: "April 11: Three neighbors will go home from the shelter, and then they will undergo health management for 7 days."

  Will such a forecast cause panic among residents in the community? Zhang Yu is confident: "We dare to make such information transparent, which means that we are confident, and our explanation and appeasement work have been done ahead."

  In order to welcome these three families home, the neighborhood Committee and the property have made full preparations. Arrive outside the community door and kill it again; From the community to the building, the property is followed by all the way; Before entering the building, everyone, including volunteers, has been reminded not to go out for one hour; After three families entered the house, the property destroyed every floor, including the corridor."Our residents are very kind, and we have to give them enough sense of security and be worthy of their trust."

  Talent show of community residents

  Broadcasting is becoming more and more "literary and artistic"

  In addition to data updates and work reports, it is also talked about by netizens that the daily broadcast has gradually become a stage for the residents of the community to show their talents.

  This hand-drawn painting, which appeared in the second issue of April 9, "Neighbors, there are dishes!" Wang Yin, a volunteer and artist from the community, vividly fixed the work scene of the volunteers of the "Material Transportation Group".

  On April 11th, two talented residents — — Li Haotong, the director, cooperated with David Zou, the cameraman, and drew lessons from Wong Kar-wai’s film style that fans are familiar with, and handed over the community propaganda film and micro-film Time and Light.

  Because the broadcast is becoming more and more popular, the neighborhood Committee has also set up a daily newspaper review team, which is basically released before 10 pm every day.

  In this regard, many netizens shouted:Seek promotion, come and copy your homework!

  Source: Morning News, thoughtful APP, reporter: Sun Limei Editor: Hu Chengyuan, Wang Pingping

How long can it be popular after the first year of online celebrity and online celebrity?

  Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, December 26th, New Media Special Topic: How long will "online celebrity" be popular after the first year of online celebrity?

  Xinhua News Agency’s "China Net" reporter Ye Jianyou

  2016 can be described as "the first year of online celebrity", and the hot news about "online celebrity" has been popular from the beginning to the end of the year. With the valuation or acquisition of hundreds of millions of yuan at every turn, the ability of "online celebrity" to absorb gold is amazing. The rise of live broadcast also made "online celebrity" all the rage. This year, what "online celebrity" have been fired? Who can be "online celebrity"? Will "online celebrity" Economy Be a Bubble?

  This year, we chased the "online celebrity"

  The financing of "papi sauce" announced the beginning of "the first year of online celebrity" in 2016.

  This girl, who graduated from Chinese opera and is famous for her funny short videos, suddenly got 12 million yuan in financing in March, and her personal brand valuation was as high as several hundred million yuan. She was in the limelight and had a high valuation.

  Compared with the valuation, what is more attractive is the real money brought by "online celebrity". In December, the "fellow uncle", who is famous for constellation analysis, was bought more than 70% of his shares for more than 200 million yuan, and the young "post-80 s" uncle was worth over 100 million yuan in an instant. "online celebrity" liquidity, and then let everyone dumbfounded.

  On Taobao, Zhang Dayi, the "online celebrity", also rose from the first year to the end of the year. This high-value woman has won a large number of fans with her taste and eloquence, and the new products launched in her online shop are often robbed in a few seconds, with monthly sales reaching one million yuan, which is cited as a classic case in the industry.

  With the rise of the live broadcast format, with the help of platforms such as Yingke, Zanthoxylum bungeanum and Betta, the live broadcast "online celebrity" also emerges one after another. In the game industry, some "online celebrity" anchors earn a lot of money. Earlier, it was rumored that a well-known "online celebrity" anchor signed a contract for three years and earned hundreds of millions of yuan. In this regard, a senior gamer told reporters: "This price is not outrageous."

  Even in the field of writing without live broadcast and video, "online celebrity" is constantly being born.

  Among them, the word "online celebrity" of the year belongs to former media person Mi Meng. The writer, who graduated from Shandong University and loves Zhuangzi, has read 500,000 articles, the highest reading of a single article has reached 5 million, and the number of followers on WeChat WeChat official account has soared to 8 million.

  At the same time, various sub-sectors, such as fitness, beauty, luggage, etc., have also emerged their own "online celebrity". Network life is surrounded by "online celebrity", and "online celebrity" in turn enriches people’s network life.

  How to become a "online celebrity"?

  Being a "online celebrity" is not an easy task, and it is by no means easy to be popular with a high face value and less clothes. Having a skill in any field is an essential skill to become a high-quality "online celebrity".

  Take Mi Meng as an example. Before that, she was a senior media person with more than ten years’ experience. Mi Meng told reporters that she loves words very much. As long as she has words, she will look at them twice, and then she will read at least one book every week. Every month, she will study popular expressions with the team, such as those of Joker Xue and Zhang Wei, and she has studied them all. Just how to make a good title, Mi Meng’s handwriting has tens of thousands of words.

  As the "online celebrity" in financial circles, Cai Danfeng, the founder of "Maple Investment Circle", has also made great efforts in the content. "Most of the guests I invite for each live broadcast are women with business backgrounds. Starting from some interesting topics and talking about financial-related topics, I have accumulated a relatively high-end, reliable and like-minded financial community over time." Cai Danfeng said.

  Mr. Bao, a well-known blogger with more than 2.6 million fans in Weibo, holds a similar view. "For bloggers, the first thing is to think about how to make the content better. For me, my advantage lies in focusing on bags and shoes and never making beauty products. I have done a lot of research in this field. " "When your content has dry goods, people will naturally trust you and rely on your content."

  The agent of "papi sauce" told the reporter that although the video website is very developed now, because the threshold of the video industry is already relatively high, the high-quality video content is not rich. "papi Sauce" was born in a traditional Chinese opera class, and her performance had a very good sense of rhythm, which were the important conditions for her to stand out as a "online celebrity" at that time.

  Zhao Yu, the head of a cultural communication company in Shanghai, said: "As a ‘ Online celebrity ’ At least three conditions are required: one is to be able to continuously produce influential content on social media, the other is to have a certain right to speak in a certain vertical field, and the third is that the content it produces is liked by the audience and can continue to grow. "

  How long can "online celebrity" be popular?

  2016 is not only the first year of the rise of online celebrity, but also the year of the renovation of online celebrity. In April, the Ministry of Culture rectified the illegal webcast platform. In July, the Ministry of Public Security launched a special rectification of the webcast platform. In November, the National Network Information Office issued "Regulations on the Administration of Internet Live Broadcasting Service", which is regarded as the concrete embodiment of the governance of "online celebrity". The industry believes that these standardized management have dealt a blow to the virtual fire in the "online celebrity" economy, and also helped the real "online celebrity" to go further.

  And the bubble of "online celebrity" economy began to appear. At the end of 2016, Luo Jisi, the investor of "papi Sauce", announced his withdrawal from investment. It can be seen that the deeper reasons for the popularity of online celebrity can be traced back to the economic level.

  Ruhan, located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, is an ordinary garment manufacturing enterprise. After introducing the "online celebrity" model, the company’s sales began to grow rapidly. The person in charge of Ruhan told the reporter: "A considerable proportion of semi-standard products represented by food and non-standard products represented by clothing will be promoted by opinion leaders in the future."

  As a well-known observer of new media, Wei Wuhui of Tianqi Amoeba Fund also thinks that the economic development of "online celebrity" has great potential and obvious trend in the next few years. "From 2004 to 2014, the cost of obtaining a user’s click on the Internet of commercial enterprises increased by 10 times, and it is obviously more cost-effective to use the fan effect of" online celebrity "for publicity and promotion."

  This can indeed be supported by data. Nowadays, through the promotion cost of search engines, the cost per click ranges from several yuan to several hundred yuan. The "online celebrity" model greatly reduces this cost. According to Mi Meng’s advertising value, his single article has been read more than 500,000 times, and the value of a single advertisement is several hundred thousand yuan. In this way, the cost of covering each fan is only around 1 yuan, which is obviously more cost-effective.

  And more and more people are willing to share their views and experiences, which has also injected vitality into the development of "online celebrity".

  Yao Hongzhou, head of a cultural company in Shanghai, told reporters: "With the popularization of robots, more and more laborers will be able to be liberated from simple and repetitive labor in the future. The younger generation is paying more and more attention to individuality. We receive many resumes every week, and many people want to be ‘ Online celebrity ’ 。”

  Many people in the Internet industry believe that "online celebrity" is the driving force of network culture, but also the performance of network culture prosperity. As the artist andy warhol said, this is an era when "everyone can be a celebrity for 15 minutes". As for how long "online celebrity" will remain popular, it still depends on its integration with the economy and its long-term economic impact.

Say goodbye to the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show and look forward to a new era of automobiles! 2023-04-27 Source: Municipal Commission of CommerceNo.: large, medium and small.

  The 10-day 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2023 (hereinafter referred to as "2023 Shanghai Auto Show") closed at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on April 27th.

  The 2023 Shanghai Auto Show with the theme of "Embracing the new era of the automobile industry" is an international A-class auto show covering the whole vehicle, automobile supply chain and automobile technology enterprises, which has been highly valued by the global automobile industry. The total exhibition area exceeds 360,000 square meters, and 1,413 vehicles are exhibited in the vehicle exhibition area; 93 world first cars (including 28 world first cars of multinational companies) and 64 concept cars; There are 271 new energy vehicles (including 186 new energy vehicles of China automobile enterprises) and 513 new energy exhibition vehicles. This year’s auto show received more than 13,000 Chinese and foreign media workers competing to report the grand occasion of the auto show, with 906,000 visitors at home and abroad.

  On April 18th and 19th, two media days, major automobile manufacturers held 151 press conferences. During the same period of the exhibition, more than 20 forums, summits, seminars and technical exchange activities were held, focusing on hot topics such as new energy, intelligent networking, hydrogen energy and smart cars, providing a communication platform for mutual promotion and integration for the future development of the global automobile industry.

  The transformation of new energy sources in the global automobile industry is accelerating. The number of new energy vehicles released exceeded that of fuel vehicles for the first time, and new energy vehicles firmly occupied the absolute C position of most booths. Many China brands have become the hottest booths in this auto show, which shows the all-round rise of China brand new energy vehicles. The technical senior management teams of foreign brands frequently appear on the booths of China brands to seriously study "independent research and development technology", which shows that China brands have the ability to talk to the world in the fields of new energy and intelligence. Localization of foreign enterprises and internationalization of Chinese enterprises go both ways. At this year’s auto show, more and more exclusive products and technologies have been released for the China market, and foreign brands have said that "only by making decisions on the spot can we develop products that satisfy China consumers." On the other hand, China car companies are accelerating their global distribution, and the ways of "going out to sea" are becoming more and more diversified. This two-way trip also shows that the internationalization of China’s automobile industry has entered a new stage. The iteration speed of the new round of technological upgrading is accelerating. As one of the most important communication platforms in the world automobile industry, Shanghai Auto Show has always been adhering to the "technology leading" and has become the "wind vane" of the global automobile industry. At this year’s auto show, automobile power technologies including pure electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel power and extended range have also become more diverse and rich, providing consumers with more personalized and diversified car purchase options.

  The 20th Shanghai Auto Show witnessed the growth and leap of China auto industry.

  The new Shanghai Auto Show was founded in 1985, and this year is the twentieth. The auto show was originally a window for China to see the world, but now it has grown into a window for the world to see China, and its position in the international auto show is particularly important. The growth of Shanghai Auto Show is the growth of China’s automobile industry, which has promoted the popularization of automobile culture, promoted automobile consumption and greatly promoted the development of China’s automobile industry. In this feast, the core market of global automobile consumption is turning to China, and China consumers are also becoming the "protagonists" of the global automobile market. The competition in the new era of automobiles has begun, and the Shanghai Auto Show will continue to convey deeper and more influential market insights and changing trends to the industry and set off to a new height again.

Hainan Airlines added more than 120 routes in the summer and autumn season of 2024.

Beijing business today News(Reporter Guan Zichen, Niu Qingyan) On March 14, according to Hainan Airlines, Hainan Airlines will implement the summer and autumn flight plan from March 31, open a number of domestic and international routes, and increase the frequency of flights on popular routes.

Domestically, Hainan Airlines flew nearly 500 domestic routes after the summer and autumn seasons, covering more than 80 cities in China. After the season change, it is planned to add more than 120 domestic routes to and from Haikou, Guangzhou, Changsha and Dalian. In addition, the frequency of flights from Haikou to Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi ‘an, Zhengzhou, Beijing to Shanghai, Xiamen, Chengdu, Dalian and other popular routes will be increased; And in Beijing to Haikou, Sanya, Chengdu, Chongqing, Lanzhou, Sanya to Chengdu, Harbin, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Jinan and other popular public business and tourist routes to increase the capacity of wide-body aircraft.

Internationally, Hainan Airlines flies more than 40 international and regional routes in summer and autumn, covering more than 20 countries and regions, with routes reaching Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. Recently, Hainan Airlines plans to open a new Beijing — Dublin, Beijing — International routes such as Edinburgh and in Beijing — Berlin, Beijing — Increase flight frequency or wide-body aircraft capacity on popular routes such as Manchester. Hainan Airlines said that it will continue to speed up the resumption and sailing of international and regional routes to better meet the market demand for passengers’ entry and exit.

Image source: Photo courtesy of Hainan Airlines


The press conference of the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress has a huge amount of information. These dry goods must be seen!

  At 11: 00 am on March 4, the press conference of the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress was held in the press conference hall of the Great Hall of the People. Zhang Yesui, spokesman of the conference, introduced the conference to Chinese and foreign media and answered questions from reporters. China Youth Network reporter Yang Yushe

  At 11: 00 am on March 4, the press conference of the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress was held in the press conference hall of the Great Hall of the People. Zhang Yesui, spokesman of the conference, introduced the conference to Chinese and foreign media and answered questions from reporters. China Youth Network reporter Yang Yushe

  China Youth Network Beijing, March 4 th(Reporter Song Chen intern reporter Wang Mengsi) At 11: 00 am on the 4th, the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress held a press conference in the press room of the Great Hall of the People. Zhang Yesui, the eighth spokesman of the National People’s Congress since its establishment, appeared to answer questions from Chinese and foreign journalists on the agenda of the Congress and the work of the NPC.





  On constitutional amendment and legislation: providing legal guarantee for national social development

  In the questioning session of Chinese and foreign journalists at the press conference, a total of 11 journalists asked questions, nearly half of which were related to constitutional amendment and legislative work, and Zhang Yesui answered them one by one.

  In response to a reporter’s question about "Why do you want to amend the Constitution at this time, and what aspects will you consider to amend it?" Zhang Yesui said that an important task of this conference is to amend part of the Constitution, review and pass the constitutional amendment. Only by constantly adapting to the new situation, absorbing new experiences, confirming new achievements and making new norms can the Constitution have lasting vitality. In order to give full play to the important role of the Constitution in upholding and developing Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, it is necessary to make appropriate amendments to the current Constitution, so that the major theoretical innovations, practical innovations and institutional innovations achieved by the Party and the people in practice become constitutional provisions.

  "Taxation is closely related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. Governing taxation according to law is an important part of comprehensively promoting the rule of law. Implementing the statutory principle of taxation is an important reform task put forward by the CPC Central Committee." In response to a reporter’s question about "the progress of real estate tax law", Zhang Yesui said that real estate tax legislation is an issue of general concern to the society. Accelerating real estate tax legislation is an important task put forward by the CPC Central Committee. The the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) Budget Working Committee and the Ministry of Finance have taken the lead in organizing the drafting. At present, work is being accelerated in drafting and improving the draft law, demonstrating important issues and soliciting opinions internally, so as to complete the preparatory work for submitting it to the Standing Committee for initial deliberation as soon as possible.

  In response to a reporter’s question about "legislation and supervision of pollution prevention and control", Zhang Yesui said that in 2018, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) will continue to pay close attention to environmental protection work, formulate the law on prevention and control of soil pollution, revise the law on prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, review the annual report on environmental conditions and the completion of environmental protection targets, and carry out law enforcement inspections on the air pollution prevention and control law and the marine environmental protection law, in an effort to provide a solid legal guarantee for winning the battle of pollution prevention and control.

  It is understood that an important agenda of this conference is to review the draft supervision law. When answering a reporter’s question about the draft supervision law, Zhang Yesui said that the supervision law is the national legislation against corruption. It is of great and far-reaching significance to strengthen the unified leadership of the party over anti-corruption work, build an authoritative and efficient supervision system and promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity by formulating supervision law, implementing institutional innovation and organizational innovation, and upgrading the practices and experiences that have been proved to be effective in practice into legal systems.

  Regarding the "2018 Legislative Plan", Zhang Yesui said that in 2018, more than 20 laws will be formulated or amended, including various divisions of the Civil Code and related separate tax laws. At the same time, we will do a good job in the work related to authorization decisions and reform decisions, and strengthen the filing review system and capacity building.

  On China’s Diplomacy in the New Era: Promoting Two "Constructions"

  "The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China comprehensively summed up the historic achievements of China’s development, and proposed that Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and that the diplomacy of a big country with China characteristics in the new era should promote the construction of new international relations and the building of a community of human destiny." When answering a reporter’s question about "China’s diplomacy", Zhang Yesui said that China insists on taking its own road, neither importing foreign models nor exporting China models. China has always followed the path of peaceful development, pursued an open strategy of mutual benefit and win-win, and developed friendly cooperation with other countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. China is willing to actively participate in the reform and construction of the global governance system, and hopes to promote the development of the international order in a more just and reasonable direction.