The Spring Festival is not "closed"! The wonderful activities of the Chenghuang Temple Fair in the ancient city of Yongzhou continued until the Lantern Festival.

How to play in Nanning during the Spring Festival holiday? On the morning of February 10th, in the historical and cultural block of Three Streets and Two Alleys in the ancient city of Yongzhou, the first Spring Festival of the National Style and the Chenghuang Temple in the ancient city of Yongzhou was held in a lively way, and the citizens and tourists who came to visit were in an endless stream and felt the strong flavor of the year.

There is an endless stream of citizens and tourists who come to play.

Citizen tourists come to visit the Town God Temple Fair Market and decorate the historical and cultural blocks of the three streets and two lanes of the ancient city of Yongzhou. Ruishi Xianglong brings wonderful performances to citizen tourists in the Town God Temple Square, which is lively and festive. After the performance, Ruishi Xianglong began the Spring Festival parade, and the Chenghuang Temple Fair opened in Chenghuang Temple Square and China Grand Theater Square. Sour fruit, eggs, fake baskets, fragrant tofu, chicken cakes, tanghua and other delicious foods are dazzling, which makes everyone enjoy themselves.

Lots of food.

Ms. Li, a tourist from the northeast who came to Nanning for the New Year, called for food from the alley to the alley. She said that this was their first time to spend the New Year in the south. On the same day, they visited the Chenghuang Temple Fair and visited the memorial halls of ceramics museum and Deng Yingchao in Ouluohanfeng, Nanning, and felt that this year’s New Year ceremony was full of sense. After eating delicious food on the spot, they also bought chicken cakes and old lady cakes, and planned to bring them back to the northeast.

Food attracts tourists to stop.

In addition to food, everyone is also interested in handmade costume headdresses, cute dolls and other items in the market. A child saw "Altman" selling dragon-shaped balloons and was deeply attracted. Some citizens burn incense and pray for blessings, and some have a non-legacy cultural experience. The activities are rich and colorful.

"Altman" sells dragon balloons so that children can’t move their feet.

At the event site, young people are keen to participate in interactive garden games such as "good luck", "lucky money" and "dragon carp ring". When a family travels, they like to take photos at the punching points in Chenghuangmiao Square, China Grand Theater Square and other places to record the happy moments of reunion. It is understood that the dragon is the design element in the three streets and two lanes of the ancient city of Yongzhou, and the Spring Festival punch points are set up at landmark points in several cities such as Chenghuangmiao Square, China Grand Theater Square, Deng Yingchao Memorial Hall, Cangximen, and the foot of Xinhua Road Water Tower, so that citizens and friends can feel the Spring Festival culture in an all-round and immersive way in a strong atmosphere of the annual scene. This activity reproduces the lively temple fair scene in ancient times, promotes the culture of Chenghuang Temple Fair, and triggers the retro fashion of "visiting temple fairs" for young people through activities such as New Year’s Fair, folk art exhibition, intangible cultural experience, welcoming visitors to the Garden, collecting stamps, and art flash.

The Spring Festival activities in Sanjie and Liangxiang, the ancient city of Yongzhou, are colorful.

[Special reminder] Nanning City God Temple Association

★ Activity location: the ancient city of Yongzhou, the square in front of the Town God Temple in three streets and two lanes, and the square in front of the China Grand Theatre, etc.

activity time: February 10-24

★ Activity content:

1, the city god temple will be the first day of the first month to the eighth day.

New Year’s Fair, Folk Custom Skills, Non-legacy Experience, Welcome to the Garden

2, the three major parades on the first day of the first month

Xianglong Ruishi Blessing Parade, Chenghuang Blessing, Ruishi Performance, Xianglong Performance, Ruishi Parade, worship ceremony of Chenghuang on the second day of the first month, blessing of Chenghuang, temple fair opening on the fifth day of the first month, welcoming wealth and receiving blessings, welcoming the God of Wealth, the God of Wealth Parade, and the God of Wealth sending a ceremony to celebrate the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first month, Hanfu Parade Fish Dragon Dance, Happy Lantern solve riddles on the lanterns, and national clown immersion.

3, year of the loong punch device from the first day to the fifteenth day of the first month.

Denglong Nafu atmosphere installation, family portrait series punching beautiful, yue longmen atmosphere beautiful, Hongyun Changlong atmosphere beautiful, other streets and lanes atmosphere beautiful.

4, dragon plan from the first day to the eighth day of the first month.

Interactive stamp collection: landmark punching, interactive punching and stamp collection punching.

5. Theme art exhibition from the first day to the fifteenth day of the first month.

Dragon theme art exhibition

6, the atmosphere of punching the fifth day of the first month

Mei Chen punched in, a love letter/giant rose Mei Chen/love is around the corner.
Source:Nanning Evening News Nanning Bao News Client Reporter Wei weiwen/map

Special Feature: Finding the Way in the Changing Situation —— Review of the International Situation in 2019

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 19th Special feature: Finding the way in the changing situation — — Review of the International Situation in 2019

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Ban Wei

  In 2019, the second decade of the 21st century is coming to an end.

  This year, the world was full of chaos and challenges: the game between big countries intensified, the governance deficit increased, and the world economy continued to slump. The characteristics of the accelerated evolution of the "great change in a hundred years" are more obvious: the dispute between multilateralism and unilateralism is more acute, protectionism and populism are surging against the current, and power politics and bullying are rampant everywhere.

  This year, globalization and multipolarization are still moving forward with heavy burdens in twists and turns, and a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is emerging. More and more countries are seriously thinking about what choices should be made in the contest between cooperation and confrontation, multilateralism and unilateralism, and openness and closure.

  The Sound and the Fury

  The change of the "2019 edition" shows that the game between big countries has obviously warmed up.

  Near the end of the year, NATO held a "70th birthday party". However, American leaders repeatedly complained that "NATO is out of date", demanded NATO member countries to substantially increase their military spending, and called the EU an "enemy" of trade. France said that NATO experienced "brain death" and so on, which made the party "play inharmony", and the wrestling of all parties increased. NATO tasted the birthday cake with "trust deficit".

  The German newspaper Le Monde said: "NATO is now threatened from within." Gusev, director of the Russian Institute of Strategic Planning and Forecasting, said: "The complicated relationship between the United States and NATO allies complicates the current international relations."

  This is the latest epitome of the widening rift in traditional relations in western countries. In one year, the G-7 held a summit, but only issued a "one-page statement" that lacked substance, highlighting internal differences and weak influence. As the world’s largest economy, the United States has repeatedly opened new fronts in the global trade war. After announcing the imposition of tariffs on EU aviation and agricultural goods, it plans to retaliate against French digital tax … …

  During the past year, Russia hoped that Russia-US relations would return to normal, but frankly this situation has not yet appeared, and relations with the United States are "regressing and getting worse and worse". Although Russia and Europe have released in good faith from time to time, improving relations is facing challenges. Japan’s Diplomatic magazine said that "cold peace" seems to be becoming the new normal of bilateral relations.

  The change of the "2019 edition" shows that anxiety, tearing and chaos are staged in many parts of the world, and the uncertainty is further increased.

  Political struggles in Latin American countries have intensified, and governance problems have become prominent; The confrontation between Iran and the West and the Syrian conflict are intertwined, which intensifies the turmoil in the Middle East and presents a peace deficit. Britain’s "Brexit" has been delayed for a long time, revealing social tears and institutional difficulties; The United States continues to "retreat from the group" and tries to make the United States "great again" through unilateralism and protectionism, which has impacted the international order.

  The change of the "2019 edition" is also manifested in the continued downturn of the world economy. Georgieva, the new managing director of the International Monetary Fund, said that trade disputes, Britain’s "Brexit" and the uncertainties brought about by geopolitical tensions are inhibiting the global economic growth potential. IMF predicts that the global economic growth this year will be the lowest since the international financial crisis in 2008.

  The sunshine behind the dark clouds

  In the changing world, people can still touch the development force in the deep dive. The light coming out of the clouds still indicates the general trend of global development.

  In the face of changes, "everyone is also looking for new alternatives and ways out." Zheng Yongnian, a professor at the Institute of East Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore, pointed out that it is a general trend for more countries to jointly promote multilateralism while some western powers are pursuing economic nationalism and unilateralism.

  This year, in the face of counter-current, globalization is making efforts to take new steps. On November 4th, the Third Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) leaders’ meeting issued a joint statement, announcing that the 15 member countries had concluded all text negotiations and virtually all market access negotiations. The publication of the joint statement marks a major breakthrough in the construction of the East Asia Free Trade Area with the largest population, the largest membership structure and the greatest development potential in the world, highlighting that multilateralism and free trade are still the mainstream in the world.

  Yu Jie, a senior researcher at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, believes that the breakthrough in RCEP negotiations plays an exemplary role in solving the development problem of economic globalization and sets an example for developing countries to seek the right to speak in global governance.

  Earlier, the construction of a free trade area on the African continent was officially launched, and the "marathon" negotiations between MERCOSUR and the EU Free Trade Agreement finally came to fruition. Today, with the increasing downside risks of the world economy, more and more countries realize the importance of maintaining free trade and a rules-based multilateral trading system for hedging risks and seeking growth.

  This year, the world saw the trend of the continuous development of multipolarization. In the great changes, emerging markets and developing countries, represented by BRICS countries, are constantly rising, which has injected strong impetus into the reform of the global economic governance system and effectively promoted the process of world multipolarization.

  This year, the world saw that a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation was emerging. The limit of growth has always been a haze lingering over the development of human society. Nowadays, people are increasingly seeing the bright future of innovation-driven solution to the development difficulties.

  In the past year, the world began to enter the stage of 5G commercial deployment, and the transformation of old and new kinetic energy accelerated; AI intelligence in all fields has provided a broad blue ocean for economic development; New breakthroughs have been made in quantum computing, and its prospects are limitless. The new scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation have provided more opportunities for countries to achieve leap-forward development, and also made it an inevitable logic for countries to increasingly blend interests, share common destiny and win-win cooperation.













The wind of making up lessons outside school is prevalent, and the recruitment of "pinching the top" should be real.

  Recently, this newspaper has received reports from parents of primary and secondary school students in some places that some middle schools organize examinations and selection through off-campus training institutions in the process of upgrading from primary school to junior high school. The school’s "pinch-top" enrollment forces primary school students to participate in various extracurricular classes in the fourth and fifth grades, and the wind of making up classes outside the school is prevalent. The reporter conducted interviews and surveys in major cities.

  Xiaoshengchu illegally recruited students, and in some places, less than half of primary school graduates participated in computer allocation.

  "Since the fifth grade, my son has no weekends, no winter and summer vacations. When the school is on holiday, we are all making up lessons. " Recently, Li Yun of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, is going to take his son who graduated from primary school to travel. Li Yun told reporters that this is her "reward" for her son. In this year’s junior high school exam, his son was admitted to Qixiu Campus of the Municipal Experimental Education Group.

  When it comes to junior high school education in Hohhot, the experimental middle school is the most famous, with five campuses, three of which are public and two are private, collectively known as Hohhot Experimental Education Group. In recent years, the state has vigorously promoted the balanced development of compulsory education. The public campus of experimental middle schools mainly relies on computers to recruit students, which makes two private branch schools of experimental middle schools that can enroll students independently increasingly sought after. Li Yun’s children are one of them.

  Compulsory education is free of entrance examination, so why can the experimental middle school branch organize "pinching the top" recruitment? Qu Huihua, president of the Experimental Education Group, said: "The education department allows them to enroll students, but they are not allowed to take exams. At present, the personnel and finance of these two campuses, including enrollment, are carried out independently. They can enroll students independently and will not communicate with me. I don’t ask how they enroll students, and I don’t know how to operate. "

  In the investigation, the reporter found that some places turned a deaf ear to the provisions of the Ministry of Education on the simultaneous enrollment of private compulsory education schools and public schools. In many cities, private schools have been the first to recruit students for many years in a row, while public schools have been the last to assign computers.

  In another provincial capital city, at the end of last year, the Education Bureau issued a notice that public junior high schools are free of examination and allocated to schools nearby or relatively nearby, but private junior high schools adopt the method of "computer random allocation+independent enrollment". The best two or three local junior high schools are run by the local people, and "self-enrollment" is allowed. Many parents can only take their children to various remedial classes for their children’s future.

  A student’s parents told the reporter: "I learned that there are entrance exams in junior high schools, both public and private, and the exams in private junior high schools are more difficult." Her daughter entered the public middle school because she didn’t pass the entrance examination of the private middle school.

  The reporter’s investigation in Hohhot found that if the candidates took the private school exam and were admitted, and wanted to participate in the computer allocation of public schools again, they would be deprived of the qualification of the senior high school entrance examination, and they would not have the opportunity to enjoy the relevant preferential policies of high-quality high schools. It is understood that in recent years, there are more than 20,000 junior high school students in Hohhot every year, but only 9,087 primary school graduates participated in the on-site computer allocation this year, less than half of the total.

  The recruitment is becoming more and more hidden, and the teacher of the training class calls temporarily, and also submits resumes and open days.

  In recent years, the Ministry of Education has issued a number of documents, requiring all localities to fully implement the policy of free entrance examination for compulsory education. This year, the General Office of the Ministry of Education reiterated in the Notice on Doing a Good Job in Enrollment of Ordinary Primary and Secondary Schools in 2019 that all public and private compulsory education schools must strictly abide by the compulsory education exemption admission regulations. However, under the strict investigation, some schools still secretly recruit students through various means.

  Parents who have experienced junior high school in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province in recent years, most of them know "MK", a phonetic alphabet with the nature of code. "MK" is the homonym of "secret exam", and there are also "ZA" (believing in the Olympic class), "YS" (cultivating experiment), "YLQ" (pre-admission) and "QY" (signing) … … Parents told reporters that they joined the students’ parents group, teaching auxiliary institutions group and "MK" group through various channels, and inquired about the "secret test" information through this set of "passwords".

  Different from previous years, this year’s "secret exams" in private schools have been reduced, and they have been replaced by forms such as submitting resumes and "meeting" for a few minutes on the school open day.

  The reporter came to a junior high school when the enrollment was the most tense. Because the education department did not allow the school to collect students’ resume materials, the school did not set up a resume material collection office, but placed several large wastebaskets on the spot, and the security guards instructed parents to throw the "abandoned" students’ resume materials into the wastebaskets. After the activities were over and the school gate was closed, some parents received calls from social teaching auxiliary institutions one after another.

  According to the reporter’s investigation, despite the increased efforts to investigate and deal with illegal recruitment at the beginning of Xiaoshengchu, the examination is more and more hidden and has been repeatedly banned.

  In a certain place, Linlin, who just graduated from primary school, took nearly 10 junior high school exams organized by training institutions in the first half of this year. Apart from some private schools, there are also several "rocket classes" exams in public schools, most of which are in remote temporary examination rooms.

  The reporter came to a training institution in Linlin where she attended the Olympic Mathematics tutorial and organized her to take the exam, and asked the staff whether she could participate in the junior high school entrance examination. A staff member said that "the situation changes every year, and not every school can participate in the recruitment." The staff member next to him immediately took out his mobile phone and typed a few words, whispering to the staff member: "That’s what he meant." The staff member immediately changed his statement: "We never organize junior high school exams for schools, but only conduct ordinary extracurricular training."

  "Don’t say they won’t tell you, our parents can’t ask!" Linlin’s mother, Ms. Zhao, told the reporter that every time she took the exam, she received a phone call from the teacher of the training class, informing her when and where there was a very important exam. "But which school exam didn’t tell us."

  A staff member of a training institution said: "This year, the Education Bureau conducted a strict investigation. In previous years, each school organized at least two or three exams, but this year, each school basically only took one exam. It turns out that we have even moved our office this year, and we are afraid to put up a sign now … …”

  Training institutions are crowded, and some say that they are closely related to popular schools, and super-class teaching is more common.

  "Among the students I came into contact with in Xiaoshengchu, 80% of the children will go to tutoring institutions." Teacher Li of a training institution said that due to the scarcity of high-quality educational resources and the continuous intensification of academic competition, various counseling institutions have sprung up.

  As parents of students, the reporter made unannounced visits to several off-campus training institutions in several cities, and found that the teaching contents of many training institutions seriously exceeded the prescribed scope of the syllabus. At the same time, in the face of parents who come to consult, most institutions will introduce the close relationship with popular schools, as well as the high quality of education and stable transportation of students.

  According to the reporter’s investigation, the state’s repeated requests for strict prohibition of the Olympiad, which is the basis for entering the compulsory education stage, has become an unavoidable threshold for students taking the junior high school selection examination in some places. Chinese and English have greatly improved the investigation of primary school students’ ancient prose and vocabulary. "In order to recruit top-notch young talents, if you only test the knowledge in the textbook, you can’t open the grade at all. Therefore, if you want to pass the exam and enter a good school, you must learn the Olympics, and the difficulty of Chinese and English will also increase. " A staff member of a training institution somewhere said.

  "I got Pythagorean Theorem in my junior high school exam. This is what I learned in junior high school. I won’t do it without attending junior high school training!" A parent said that some counseling institutions have private contact with the school, and some students said after the exam that "the exam is not difficult at all, I have done it all". It is said that the enrollment rate of this counseling institution has reached 80%— 90%。

  In Guangzhou, some parents told reporters that some junior high school "secret exams" were entrusted to teaching auxiliary institutions in the society, which were true and false and could not be identified. "Many exams fall from the sky without meaning, charging hundreds of yuan and thousands of yuan. After answering the questions and handing in the papers, there is no news." Sometimes parents also suspect that some "secret exams" are scams, but they are afraid that this is an "opportunity" and would rather be deceived than let go once.

  A parent in Chengdu, Sichuan said: "Schools want students, but dare not organize exams. Training institutions have students, but they don’t ‘ Exit ’ , both ‘ In and out ’ , hit it off. " The parent told reporters that the tuition fees of these training institutions are expensive, often tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan.

  "On one side is the solemn statement of the school ‘ Never entrusted any organization to organize the junior high school entrance examination ’ On the one hand, it is organized by various institutions ‘ Xiaoshengchu ’ Exam. Report the problem to the Education Bureau, and the Education Bureau will reply ‘ Upon inquiry, the school did not organize the examination ’ 。” In this regard, some parents are puzzled: "Since it is strictly forbidden to take the junior high school entrance examination and choose a school based on the examination results ‘ Pinch the tip ’ Why not thoroughly investigate the organizers of the exam? If the exam has nothing to do with the school, it is cheating. "

  The reporter’s investigation found that in recent years, the measures to rectify the problem of "pinching the top" recruitment should be said to be severe, but for schools, there are still many countermeasures. Some schools have joined hands with teaching auxiliary institutions to avoid punishment. It is an open secret in some areas that parents can’t get exam information without enrolling in various cram schools at high prices. At the beginning of Xiaoshengchu, the problem of "pinching the top" recruitment and the chaos of teaching auxiliary institutions should be highly valued by the competent authorities.

  (The names of students and parents in the article are all pseudonyms.)

  ■ after editing

  Cut off the interest chain of illegal recruitment

  Judging from the letters from the masses and the investigation by reporters, the phenomenon of illegal recruitment and crazy make-up classes is worth noting.

  At the beginning of Xiaoshengchu, it was like "one is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer". However, illegal recruitment disrupts the order of enrollment and destroys the educational ecology; Rushing to the top of the class disrupts the progress of education and teaching and increases the burden on students; If you don’t give lectures in class, it will damage the teaching order and the atmosphere of teachers. To control illegal recruitment and make up classes, we must resolutely cut off the interest chain. Imagine, if the training institutions are decoupled from further studies, will business still be so hot? If the school strictly implements the admission to the nearest school, will students still rush to get away?

  Not long ago, the national basic education work conference was held, which put forward new requirements for the reform and development of basic education. In order to cool down the school selection fever from the root, in addition to drumming, it is necessary to further expand quality education resources and make more and more good schools at home; It is even more necessary to focus on solving the "baton" problem fundamentally, not only evaluating schools by enrollment rate, but also evaluating students by scores, resolutely overcoming and correcting the tendency of exam-oriented education, and making great efforts to cultivate and develop students in an all-round way.

It snows in many places in the north! Suspension of classes, off-peak commuting …

From the night of December 10th to 11th,
Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Henan and many other places
It’s snowing
Earlier, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning of blizzard at 18: 00 on the 10th. It is estimated that there will be heavy snow in central Shaanxi, southwestern Beijing, southern Hebei, western Shandong and eastern peninsula by 20: 00 on the 11th, including southwestern Shanxi, northern Henan and southeastern Liaoning.
Netizens have exposed snow scenes ↓↓↓
Image source: @ Meteorology Beijing
Image source: CCTV News
The cold wave swept through most of the central and eastern regions.
Snowfall in parts of Huanghuai in North China is extreme.
From December 10th to next week, there will be two rounds of large-scale rain and snow weather in the central and eastern regions of China, in which some areas of North China, Huanghuai and other places have overlapping heavy snowfall, and the snowfall is extreme, so it is necessary to guard against the influence of snow and road icing on traffic. In addition, the cold wave will continue to bring significant cooling to the central and eastern parts of China, and the cumulative cooling range in some areas such as Huanghuai and Jianghuai can exceed 14℃.
The first rain and snow process
It is expected that the first large-scale heavy snowfall will occur in North China and Huanghuai this winter from December 10th to 11th. There are small to medium snows in North China, northern Huanghuai, south-central Northeast China and eastern Northwest China, among which there are heavy snows or blizzards in parts of northwestern Shaanxi, south-central Shanxi, south-central Hebei, north-central Henan, eastern Liaoning and southeastern Jilin.
Heavy snowfall mainly occurs in Shanxi, Hebei, Henan and other places, among which there are local blizzards in southern Shanxi, northwestern Henan and central China, and the daily snowfall is extreme.
The second rain and snow process
It is estimated that from December 13th to 15th, there will be large-scale rain and snow weather in the central and eastern regions again, with small to medium snow in the eastern part of northwest China, north China, northern Huanghuai, south-central Northeast China and southeastern Tibet, heavy snow in parts of south-central North China, northern Huanghuai and southeastern Northeast China, and local snowstorms. There are small to moderate rains and local heavy rains in southern Huanghuai, Jianghan, Jianghuai and Jiangnan. There are small to medium snows in the eastern part of northwest China, north China, northern Huanghuai, south-central Northeast China and southeastern Tibet, and there are heavy snow and local snowstorms in parts of south-central North China, northern Huanghuai and southeastern Northeast China. There are small to moderate rains and local heavy rains in southern Huanghuai, Jianghan, Jianghuai and Jiangnan.
Xu Jun, chief forecaster of the National Meteorological Center, said that the rain and snow process from 13th to 15th lasted longer than the first process, mainly concentrated on 13th and 14th, and the accumulated snowfall in the two days was relatively large, and it was close to the first rain and snow process, so it was necessary to pay attention to the superimposed effect of snowfall. In addition, after the completion of the process, most parts of North China will have a temperature drop of 6 to 8℃, and the local temperature drop will be more than 12℃.
Many measures have been taken in various places.
In response to the rain and snow, various measures have been taken to ensure the normal production and living order of the people.
Beijing: subway extends the delivery time of peak capacity
According to the forecast of the meteorological department, there will be small to medium snow in Beijing from the evening of the 10th to the night, and snowfall is relatively obvious in some areas of Mentougou, Fangshan, Yanqing, Changping and Daxing, which is expected to have a certain impact on Monday morning rush hour traffic. Beijing Metro announced that Beijing ground line trains will turn on warm air and electric heating in advance. During the morning rush hour on Monday, December 11th, depending on the passenger flow, suburban lines will extend the peak capacity by one hour, and urban lines will extend the peak capacity by 40 minutes.
Heilongjiang: ensuring the safety and stability of heating and water supply
On December 10th, most areas of Heilongjiang Province ushered in a sharp drop in temperature. It is expected that the minimum temperature in some areas will drop to-25 ~-30℃ on October 15th. In order to cope with the extremely cold weather, all localities have strengthened various livelihood security work such as water supply and heating. In Fujin City, Jiamusi, the local heating company increased the number of inspections of heating equipment such as pipe networks and valves to ensure the heating quality. With the cold wave cooling, the water pipe network is also prone to problems. In Wangkui County, Suihua City, due to the sudden drop of temperature, the water supply pipeline of a household in the bungalow area of Xihuan Community in Wangkui County was frozen and cracked. After receiving the emergency maintenance call, the staff restored the water supply in the household after two hours of emergency repair.
Wang Yanming, a staff member of Wangkui Water Supply Service Center, Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province, set up four emergency repair teams, which are on standby 24 hours a day to fully ensure the safety of water supply for residents in winter.
Shanxi: Some high-speed traffic control measures are implemented.
Affected by strong cold air, most parts of Shanxi ushered in rain and snow to cool down, and the drop in some areas exceeded 12 C. In Yangquan, Jincheng and other places in Shanxi, snow has appeared on the expressway pavement. In order to ensure traffic safety, the traffic police implemented traffic control measures on the snow-covered sections and icy sections. At present, some road sections have implemented traffic closure control measures. In Taiyuan, in order to cope with the adverse effects of rain and snow cooling on outdoor workers, more than 2,000 "bee-warming stations" have been set up to provide outdoor workers with hot water, charging, first-aid kits, food heating and other services.
Henan three places: junior high school, primary school and kindergarten are closed for half a day.
According to the forecast of the meteorological department, severe weather such as snowfall, strong wind and low temperature is expected to occur in Zhengzhou, which will affect normal education and teaching activities. According to the Emergency Plan of Zhengzhou Education Bureau on Low-temperature Freezing Rain and Snow Disaster, in order to ensure the safety and health of teachers and students, Zhengzhou Education Bureau decided to take temporary suspension measures. The suspension time is on the morning of Monday, December 11th, 2023, and the suspension range covers all junior high school, primary school and kindergarten students in Zhengzhou (including districts and counties). Whether to continue to suspend classes on the afternoon of the 11th, Zhengzhou Education Bureau will inform you separately according to the weather conditions.
On the 11th, the Education Bureau of Anyang City, Henan Province issued an urgent notice on the temporary suspension of classes under extreme weather conditions.
According to the forecast of the meteorological department, severe weather such as snowfall and low temperature will affect the normal education and teaching activities. According to the Emergency Plan of Anyang Education Bureau on Low Temperature Frozen Rain and Snow Disaster, Anyang Education Bureau decided to take temporary suspension measures to ensure the safety and health of teachers and students.
Scope of suspension: all junior high school, primary school and kindergarten students in the city (including counties and districts). Time of suspension: Monday morning, December 11th, 2023. Whether to continue to suspend classes on the afternoon of the 11th will be notified separately by the Municipal Education Bureau according to the weather conditions.
On December 10th, the Education Bureau of Xinxiang City, Henan Province issued a notice that due to the influence of snow, strong wind, low temperature and other weather, Xinxiang City Education Bureau decided to take temporary suspension measures to ensure the safety and health of teachers and students, according to the Emergency Plan of Xinxiang City Education Bureau on Low-temperature Freezing Rain and Snow Disaster.
Time of suspension: Monday morning, December 11th, 2023. Whether to continue to suspend classes on the afternoon of the 11th, Xinxiang Education Bureau will inform you separately according to the weather conditions. Scope of suspension: all junior high school, primary school and kindergarten students in Xinxiang City (including counties and districts).
It is reported that Xinxiang City, Henan Province, launched a Class IV emergency response to low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disasters on December 10th.
Shandong Jinan initiative: implementing peak-to-peak commuting
On December 10th, Jinan issued: A proposal on peak-to-peak commuting in response to heavy snowfall.
According to the forecast of the meteorological department, from the afternoon of December 10th to the evening of 11th, there will be heavy snow to blizzard in the whole city, and with the drop of temperature, roads will be frozen and covered with snow. In order to ensure the safety of the city’s citizens, we propose:
All levels and departments have implemented the requirements of the Notice of Jinan Municipality on Implementing Opinions on Dealing with Suspension Arrangements and Delayed Work in Extreme Weather. On December 11th, in addition to ensuring the normal operation of the city and convenient service posts, personnel from other organs, enterprises and institutions have to commute at peak hours. Those who can’t get to work on time due to weather are not included in daily attendance. All social units can refer to the implementation. Advocate citizens to travel green. If it is not urgent, try to reduce self-driving travel and pay attention to travel safety.
The ground is slippery on snowy days.
In the beautiful scenery of snowflakes.
Don’t forget to keep warm and travel safely.
this week
The temperature in Zhejiang has also dropped.
Large temperature difference between morning and evening
Everybody keep warm.
Source: Voice of Zhejiang

Perfect diary "bionic film" essence lipstick shining conference, promoting the continuous upgrading of beauty industry

  Nowadays, the competition in China’s cosmetics market is fierce, and the domestic cosmetics market has been growing, and more and more emerging brands have emerged. However, in the era of fragmentation, if brands want to break out of the circle and get long-term development, they must have a keen insight into the trends in the industry and have a deep understanding of the needs of consumers. As a new generation of professional beauty brand, Perfect Diary has been making continuous efforts in the field of make-up skin for many years, leading the new beauty trend of makeup and maintenance, and bravely climbing the beauty peak.

  In September last year, Perfect Diary once again waved the banner of innovation and successfully held the first launch conference of "bionic film" essence lipstick, which opened a new breakthrough in the integration of brand makeup and maintenance. This conference is a brand-new exploration of the definition of beauty, and it also brings more imagination space for exploring the combination of Industry-University-Research medicine and modern art aesthetics.

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  At the conference site, Perfect Diary also held the Biomimetic Membrane Technology Forum, and specially invited many experts such as Cheng Jing, chief scientific officer of Perfect Diary, to share and speak and witness the research and development story behind the new brand lipstick species, namely bionic membrane essence lipstick. Biomimetic film lipstick is the first product launched by Perfect Diary, which combines lip essence, blush makeup effect and lip film effect. The main purpose is to break through the limitations of traditional makeup products, and at the same time solve the problem of consumers’ demand for lipstick "color fixing and color locking", so that makeup products can also provide consumers with skin care effect and provide consumers with a brand-new product experience that truly conforms to the concept of "integrating makeup and nourishing".

  Perfect diary bionic film essence lipstick through the creation of lip bionic film Biolip™ Technology, with biotechnology research and development to enhance product efficacy, create lip bionic sebum film, while achieving excellent effects of color development and uniform color locking, it can also dilute lip lines, increase skin moisture content after continuous use for two weeks, significantly improve lip dryness and roughness, and make lip skin smoother. In addition, Perfect Diary has made great innovation in formula research and development with the first bionic film essence lipstick, and also chose to return to simplicity and neatness in packaging design, which is closer to the needs of consumers. The perfect diary of the new era adheres to the research and development concept of BIO-TEC biotechnology products, integrates biotechnology and skin care ingredients, and leads the new trend of cosmetic care.

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  Perfect diary insists on taking consumers as the center of gravity and constantly improving brand strength. I hope that in the future, Perfect Diary will continue to challenge the boundaries of beauty cosmetics, and together with various forces inside and outside the industry, it will continue to lead the growth and progress of beauty cosmetics, promote the sustainable development of beauty cosmetics industry with practical actions, and create more effective cosmetic products.

Zheshang Bank launched a real estate debt basket and accurately served the real estate financing needs.

On January 26 th, Titanium Media App reported that the General Administration of Financial Supervision held a meeting to deploy and promote the implementation of the coordination mechanism for urban real estate financing. Actively responding to the call of national policies, we officially launched the real estate debt basket on January 25, 2024, and independently underwritten and issued the first asset-backed debt financing tool for real estate enterprises. Through a series of innovative measures, the bank’s real estate bonds provide market liquidity, accurately support real estate enterprises, boost the market confidence of real estate enterprises and help their financing needs while meeting the trading needs of investment institutions.

It is understood that the real estate bond basket (basket code: BBX026002) launched this time has a trading unit of 30 million yuan, and the portfolio includes three real estate corporate bonds, each of which is 10 million yuan. All of them select high-quality real estate bonds with a remaining maturity of less than 5 years, which has both allocation value and market liquidity. The bonds in the portfolio will be adjusted according to the actual market situation.

While launching the real estate debt basket, Zheshang Bank also innovatively launched the asset-backed debt financing tool for real estate enterprises. On January 25th, Zheshang Bank independently underwritten and issued the asset-backed debt financing instrument (CB) of Huayuan Real Estate Co., Ltd., with a total scale of 290 million yuan and a term of 2 years.

In the new era, China’s high-quality economic development, industrial and financial cooperation and building a manufacturing power.

  The large-scale fire fighting/water rescue amphibious aircraft AG600 was assembled and rolled off in Zhuhai a few days ago. This is another major achievement made by China in the field of large aircraft. Every breakthrough of "Made in China" is a powerful annotation of China’s economy. Xinhua news agency

  [Economic Interface, Building a Modern Economic System]

  Manufacturing is the main body of the real economy and the foundation of the construction of a modern economic system. How to allocate more financial resources to the key areas and weak links of manufacturing development in accordance with the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, promote the transformation from China manufacturing to China creation, from China speed to China quality, and from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, are major issues facing China’s high-quality economic development in the new era.

  Finance is the lifeblood of modern economy, and smooth finance leads to substantial prosperity. Finance supports the construction of manufacturing power, on the one hand, it needs finance to return to its origin and enhance the ability to serve the development of manufacturing industry; On the other hand, it is also necessary to actively create conditions to provide guarantee support for financial reform and innovation.

  1. What is the root cause?

  Financing is difficult and expensive for manufacturing industry.

  [status quo]

  Data show that from 2006— In the decade of 2016, the proportion of loans in China’s manufacturing industry dropped from 25% to 16.2%. Affected by this, the growth rate of China’s manufacturing investment continued to decline from 2012 to 4.2% in 2016, and it decreased by 27.4 percentage points in five years, which lasted for a long time and the decline was unprecedented. Although it stopped falling and rebounded in 2017, it was only 4.8%.

  Financing is difficult and expensive, which is a prominent problem in the development of China’s manufacturing industry in recent years.

  2006— In the decade of 2016, the proportion of loans in China’s manufacturing industry dropped from 25% to 16.2%. Affected by this, the growth rate of China’s manufacturing investment has continued to decline since 2012. Investment is not only related to the current economic growth, but also to the cultivation and generation of new kinetic energy, which plays a key role in optimizing the supply structure. The weak investment has seriously restricted the optimization and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry.

  The formation of this problem is first related to the inadaptability of China’s manufacturing development under the new normal, and also reflects the inadaptability of China’s financial structure. For a long time, the development of China’s manufacturing industry has a remarkable "speed-benefit" feature, with economic growth reaching more than 10%, and all industries, trades and enterprises will make profits; Once the economic growth is lower than 8%, many industries will suffer industry-wide losses. With China’s economic development entering a new normal, the growth rate has shifted from high-speed growth of about 10% to medium-high-speed growth of about 7%, and the efficiency of enterprises has begun to decline continuously. The research shows that the average return on equity of China’s A-share non-financial listed companies has been declining since 2010, from 12.9% to 6.8% in 2015, while the weighted average asset-liability ratio has increased from 58.2% in 2010 to 60.1% in 2015. In 2016, the leverage ratio of the enterprise sector was still as high as 165%, far higher than the international warning line of 90%.

  From the perspective of financial structure, bank loans, bonds and stocks currently account for more than 80% of the financing amount of the real economy. These three financing methods all have typical procyclical characteristics. When the economic situation is good, the benefits of enterprises are good, banks are willing to lend, and it is easier to issue bonds and stocks; The economic situation is not good, and the efficiency of enterprises is declining. For the sake of risk prevention and control, banks will be reluctant to lend, suppress loans or even cut off loans, and it is difficult to issue bonds and stocks. Before 2012, this financing method will not have much problem for the investment development of enterprises, because the economic growth rate has decreased, but it is a short-term fluctuation in high-speed growth, and it will soon resume high-speed growth. In other words, China’s financial structure based on bank loans is more suitable for the previous high-speed growth stage. Facing the requirements of high-quality development in the new era, it also needs reform, optimization and innovative development.

  Revitalizing manufacturing industry, especially advanced manufacturing industry, is the key to realize a virtuous circle of economy in the short term and the lifeline of national economy in the long term. Finance is the lifeblood of modern economy, and smooth finance leads to substantial prosperity. Facing the inevitable requirement of China’s economic development in the new era and the fierce competition in the world, we must focus on eliminating the financing constraints of manufacturing development, guide and promote finance to improve the efficiency and level of service manufacturing development, and accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power.

  2. How to support it

  Create new demands of powerful countries for financial development.


  The development of China’s manufacturing industry in the new era requires not only effective financing support from finance, but also a series of service solutions including consulting, investment and financial management, so as to realize the transformation from "financing" to "integrating wisdom".

  At present, the scale of China’s manufacturing industry has been ranked first in the world for seven consecutive years, but the problems of insufficient development imbalance such as key core technologies being controlled by people and lack of world-renowned brands are still very prominent. We must implement the innovation-driven development strategy with greater efforts, accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industries, support the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, and promote quality change, efficiency change and power change.

  Different development needs different financial support. First, we should vigorously implement differentiated credit policies. At present, bank credit funds account for more than 2/3 of China’s real economy financing. In accordance with the requirements of supply-side structural reform, we should improve and optimize credit conditions, support the manufacturing industry to increase varieties, improve quality and create brands, actively resolve excess production capacity, eliminate backward production capacity, and give full play to the role of finance in promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. At the same time, we should vigorously develop small and medium-sized banks and private financial institutions. It is strictly forbidden for bank funds to enter the stock market and real estate market for speculation and so-called innovation that is divorced from the real economy. In fact, after World War II, Germany and Japan also experienced a situation similar to today’s China. In order to accelerate the upgrading and development of manufacturing industry, both governments have adopted structural credit support policies.

  Second, vigorously develop industrial chain finance, financial leasing and other financial services that are directly integrated with the industry. Industrial chain finance is a service model that financial institutions rely on the core enterprises in the industrial chain to provide comprehensive solutions for all enterprises in the industrial chain. Compared with bank loans, it is more service-oriented and targeted. However, financial leasing integrates financing and material integration, and reduces the pressure of one-time payment of funds, which provides an effective way for enterprises to upgrade their technical equipment. In 1950s and 1960s, the United States upgraded its technical equipment in this way. At present, the penetration rate of financial leasing in developed countries such as the United States and Britain remains above 50%, while China has not yet reached 5%, and there is still much room for improvement.

  Third, actively develop venture capital (VC), private equity funds (PE) and other financing products, and explore service modes such as equity pledge loans and investment-loan linkage to provide long-term and stable financial support for the innovation and development of manufacturing industry. VC is future-oriented, and values the potential and benefits of the future development of enterprises. It does not require the past operating conditions, nor does it require enterprises to provide financing mortgages. PE is a combination of financing and financing, which not only provides capital support for enterprise development, but also provides all-round value-added services for enterprises, such as coordinating the relationship between enterprises and other enterprises in the industry, expanding procurement or sales channels, improving governance structure, etc. It is a capital that can span the economic cycle and is intellectual capital. VC and PE still have great development potential in China.

  Fourth, efforts should be made to provide specialized comprehensive financial services for enterprises to "go global". The "Belt and Road" construction is an important measure for China to implement all-round opening up in the new era. As an important part and implementer of this strategy, it is inevitable for the manufacturing industry to "go global". However, the economic development level of the 65 countries along the "Belt and Road" is uneven, and the social system is very different. Relevant research shows that in 33 countries, the proportion of stock transactions to GDP is less than 10%, and direct financing is almost lacking; There are 24 countries with higher real interest rates than China, and the credit supply is seriously insufficient. Faced with this situation, we must coordinate financial support methods such as policy banks and commercial banks, banks and non-banks, financial innovation and institutional mechanism reform, and strive to provide professional, personalized and diversified financial support for the manufacturing industry to "go global".

  3. Explore practice

  Realize the benign interaction between finance and manufacturing industry


  In order to promote the benign interaction and coordinated development between finance and manufacturing, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the People’s Bank of China, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission have jointly issued and implemented a series of policies and measures since 2016, and conducted exploration and practice of industrial and financial cooperation.

  Finance is related to the overall economic and social development and has its own development laws and requirements. Finance supports the construction of manufacturing power, on the one hand, it needs finance to return to its origin and enhance the ability to serve the development of manufacturing industry; On the other hand, it is also necessary to actively create conditions to provide guarantee support for financial reform and innovation.

  The General Office of the State Council clearly stated in the Notice on Establishing the Made in China 2025 National Demonstration Zone (Guo Ban Fa [2017] No.90) that it is necessary to "actively promote the integration of industry and finance, establish an industry-finance information docking platform, innovate financial support methods, and enhance the ability and efficiency of financial support for manufacturing development". The so-called integration of production and operation refers to the institutional innovation practice carried out by government departments, financial institutions and industrial enterprises to improve the efficiency and level of financial service manufacturing. Among them, government departments mainly build platforms and mechanisms for the interaction and cooperation between financial institutions and industrial enterprises, and at the same time, make necessary improvements and reforms to relevant policies and regulations and institutional mechanisms, support the market to play a leading role in the allocation of financial resources, and do not interfere in the business decisions of financial institutions and manufacturing enterprises.

  The integration of production and operation has been highly recognized and actively participated by all parties concerned for more than a year, and remarkable results have been achieved. Taking the docking between banks and enterprises as an example, according to incomplete statistics, as of December 2017, more than 5,000 banking institutions involved in the integration of production and operation have actually issued loans of more than 3 trillion yuan to more than 95,000 enterprises. The root of this achievement lies in the fact that the integration of industry and finance has realized the communication and interaction between financial institutions and industrial enterprises at the macro and micro levels by establishing the coordination mechanism of industrial and financial information docking and direct docking between banks and enterprises, and solved the information asymmetry problem of all parties; By means of financial discount, reward, compensation and shareholding, the problem that financial departments are unwilling to invest and enterprises cannot afford to invest has been solved; It provides an effective way to actively and steadily promote financial reform through pilot projects and gradual advancement.

  At present, the integration of industry and production is just the beginning. In the next step, we will focus on the following six aspects: First, make full use of big data, cloud computing and other information technology means to establish more convenient, fast and efficient information communication channels; The second is to expand the field of production-integration, support enterprises to effectively use the capital market to optimize the industrial organization structure and industry layout, encourage financial institutions to innovate services and support enterprises to "go global"; Third, give full play to the leverage guiding role of financial funds and drive financial capital to support the development of strategic, basic and leading industries; Fourth, encourage financial innovation products and services, and support the construction of the Made in China 2025 National Demonstration Zone; Fifth, evaluate and summarize the situation of industrial integration in pilot cities, put forward reform suggestions, and promote the reform of financial system and mechanism; The sixth is to promote enterprises to incorporate the content of production integration into strategic planning and management process reengineering, build industrial culture in the new period and enhance the soft power of enterprises.

   (Author: Wang Xinzhe, chief economist of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology)

China Consumers Association and China Tea Association: Advocating moderate tea packaging to promote green and civilized consumption.

  China Consumers Association and China Tea Circulation Association jointly issued a proposal today to advocate moderate tea packaging and promote green and civilized consumption.

  "Tea is the national drink". China is the hometown of tea and has a profound tea drinking culture. Tea and tea culture have become a beautiful business card of China in the world. In recent years, the tea industry has developed by leaps and bounds. More categories and brands of tea have entered the consumer market, deeply integrated into the lives of China people, and improved the quality of life of consumers in China. However, there have also been some excessive luxury and extravagance in the packaging of tea products, which has damaged the rights and interests of consumers, affected the image of the tea industry and is not conducive to its healthy development.

  On September 1, 2023, "Restricting Over-packaging of Commodities Requires Food and Cosmetics" will be fully implemented. In terms of consumers’ rights and interests, the Law on the Protection of Consumers’ Rights and Interests also stipulates that "the state advocates civilized, healthy, resource-saving and environmental-friendly consumption patterns and opposes waste". It has become the consensus of all walks of life, including operators and consumers, that "it is the duty of operators to practise economy and consumers to oppose waste". The recent consumer perception survey conducted by China Consumers Association shows that consumers have concentrated on the problem of over-packaging of tea, and hope that the tea industry will set an example in eliminating over-packaging and promoting green and civilized consumption.

  China Consumers Association and China Tea Circulation Association, starting from opposing excessive packaging of tea, jointly issued an initiative of "advocating moderate packaging of tea and promoting green and civilized consumption" to the majority of operators and consumers in line with the principle of laying equal stress on standardizing the production of tea products according to law and promoting the development of tea industry to meet the needs of consumers.

  First, strictly abide by state regulations and resolutely operate according to law.

  Tea business operators shall abide by the Law on Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Wastes, the Law on Promotion of Circular Economy, the Law on Promotion of Cleaner Production, the Law on Anti-unfair Competition, the Advertising Law, the Food and Cosmetics for Restricting Overpackaging of Commodities, and other laws and national standards, and produce according to the standards according to law. Conscientiously carry out self-inspection and self-inspection, implement, use and meet the standards as soon as possible, ensure that the rectification is in place when the standards are implemented, and promote the return of tea products to the attributes of the goods themselves. For goods with accessories, accessories, etc., we should make reasonable combinations according to law in accordance with the necessary principles, and do not play "edge ball", so there is no luck.

  Second, fair competition and respect for consumer rights and interests

  Respect the rights and interests given to consumers by the Consumer Protection Law. By standardizing commodity packaging, scientific pricing and reasonable marketing, we will provide consumers with quality and affordable products. According to the principle of plain code and real price, the accessories and accessories are marked separately, so that consumers can choose independently. Consciously resist using commodity packaging as a gimmick to induce or mislead consumers to make purchases. Respect consumers’ rights such as the right to know, the right to choose independently and the right to fair trade. Do not use excessive packaging for unfair competition, and do not harm the legitimate rights and interests of other operators.

  Third, promote frugality and promote green consumption

  Tea operators should firmly establish the concepts of "safety, practicality, resource conservation, green simplicity and consumer friendliness" and promote frugality. Actively explore the establishment of packaging recycling mechanism, adhere to the principle of combining source management with end management, and advocate a new concept of simple but not simple commodity packaging. Continuously improve product innovation research and development capabilities and production technology level, and provide consumers with more categories and specifications of healthy and nutritious tea products. In terms of tea packaging, according to the requirements of different tea categories, brands, varieties and quality, the packaging materials should be appropriate, the structure should be optimized, the materials used should be moderate, harmless processing and green production should be achieved. Advocate tea operators to publicize information such as energy efficiency, water efficiency, environmental performance and carbon emission in the whole production chain of tea raw material production, processing and packaging for consumers’ choice and social supervision.

  Four, industry self-discipline, sharing scientific and technological achievements

  Tea operators should fully understand the importance and urgency of opposing waste, especially over-packaging, and take opposing waste, especially over-packaging, as an important criterion for cooperative product selection. The tea industry should cooperate in unifying product standards and promoting common accessories, and reach a consensus to jointly reduce the waste of repeated purchases by consumers due to inconsistent product specifications and standards. Actively develop and use new packaging materials that are conducive to resource conservation, actively promote new technologies, new designs and new processes that meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, and actively adopt recyclable, easy-to-handle, degradable and reusable packaging. Encourage tea operators to open to the outside world the standards, patents and process formulas that are conducive to the production of green and low-carbon products for other operators to use in order to enhance social benefits.

  Five, strengthen scientific guidance and promote rational consumption.

  Advocate tea operators to humanize product packaging, improve the proportion of new packaging and simple packaging, reduce the volume and weight of packaging, save packaging costs, and be "law-abiding", "advocate", "innovator" and "sharer" to resist excessive packaging of tea. Advocate consumers to establish a scientific and rational consumption concept, try to buy and choose resource-saving products, and be pioneers, practitioners, propagandists and supervisors against excessive packaging of tea. Appeal to consumers to consciously choose simple and moderate packaging products when visiting relatives and friends, and refuse to pay for excessive packaging; Try to bring your own shopping bag when shopping to reduce the consumption and pollution of packaging. At the same time, we will take the initiative to complain and report the waste behavior that violates the national standard of excessive packaging of tea in consumption, and jointly promote the formation of a lifestyle and consumption pattern that saves resources and protects the environment.

  (CCTV reporter Wang Wei)

Reading at night If you love, life is lovely everywhere.

  "If you love, life is lovely everywhere." "If the heart is small, all the little things will be big; When the heart is big, all the big things are small. " He used graceful and quiet words to soothe people’s hearts and convey love and goodwill.

  "After people leave, a crescent moon is like water." "The streamer is easy to throw people, red cherries and green plantains." He uses poetic paintings to outline beauty and praise life.

  He is a master of comics, prose, calligraphy and music — — Feng Zikai. On November 9, 1898, Feng Zikai was born. Tonight, follow his works, break away from the secular network, and pay attention to the most authentic and beautiful world.

If you love, life is lovely everywhere;

If you hate, life is hateful everywhere;

If you are grateful, you can be grateful everywhere;

If you grow, everything can grow.

The world didn’t choose you, but you chose the world.

Since there is nowhere to hide, it is better to be silly;

There is nowhere to escape, it is better to be happy;

Without pure land, it is better to meditate;

It’s better to be relieved if you don’t get what you want.

There are things that are not done, and there is not enough to know;

The spirit is hidden in the chest, and the gas floats on the surface;

Talent is seen in things, and loyalty is given to people.

If the heart is small, all the little things will be big;

When the heart is big, all the major events are small;

Look down on the vicissitudes of the world and feel safe inside.


Life has three floors:

The first layer is material life,

The second layer is spiritual life,

The third layer is the soul life.

Everything goes with the flow;

Take things in stride;

Indifferent when you are proud;

Calm when frustrated;

Hard twists and turns are inevitable;

Go through the vicissitudes of life.

Books are piled up like mountains, and reading is like water.

There is a limit to the mountain shape, and the current never stops.

This world is not the world of the rich,

It’s not a world of people without money,

It’s a world for you.

Cut the net

Zikai Feng

  It turns out that this kind of thing "price" is easy to limit and reduce the meaning of things.

  Big uncleplay(Note: Wu vocabulary, meaning play)After coming back from the big world, I put two bags of chestnuts from Liangxiang on the table, lying in a rattan chair, with a happy and tired face, shook my head and said:


  "Shanghai local white phase is really happy! Beijing opera, new opera, shadow play, drum, storytelling, juggling, everything; Tea, wine, vegetables and snacks are your choice; There are also elevator spacecraft, flywheel, running ice … … Tigers, lions, peacocks, serpents, etc … … What a wonder! Alas, Bai Xiang is really happy, but he is not happy at the thought of copper coins. It’s easy to use copper coins in Shanghai! If Bai Xiang doesn’t want copper coins, hahahaha … …”

  I also accompanied him "Hahahaha … …”

  What my uncle said is really reasonable! "Bai Xiang is really happy, but he is unhappy at the thought of copper coins." I have often experienced this situation. I always feel that life is very meaningful when I take a boat, take a bus or buy things without thinking about money. I am very grateful to the manufacturers’ workers and suppliers’ businessmen. But the thought of a quid pro quo for money kills more than half of the fun.

  The same is true of teaching: how meaningful and happy it is to study together with a class of young people or children and tell them a little knowledge! However, when I heard the imperative bell for class and the bell for class, I did the military-style "roll call" and thought of the "salary" for business, my spirit became unhappy and I became disgusted with the "class". This is exactly the same as the big uncle’s white world. So I admire my uncle’s words are reasonable, and accompany him with a "hahahaha".

  The original "price" of a thing is easy to limit and reduce the meaning of things.

  For example, as the great aunt said, "A pot of tea in the Republican Hall costs twenty cents, and a look at the lion costs twenty coppers." If the price of a thing is set, the meaning of this thing is limited. It seems that eating a pot of tea in the Republican Hall is equivalent to eating twenty cents, and watching a lion is nothing more than watching twenty coppers. However, the tea in the actual Republican Hall is more interesting to me as a drinker and to me as a lion as a spectator.

  Therefore, if we look at things from the perspective of valuing money, there is only one thing of money in the world, and there is no other meaning, so the meaning of everything is reduced.

  If we want to know the true meaning of the existence of things, we must remove all its relations with the world.

  "price"Is to make things have a relationship with money. It is known that all other "relationships" in the world are enough to hinder the true meaning of the existence of things themselves. Therefore, if we want to know the true meaning of the existence of things themselves, we must remove all their relations with the world.

  Big uncle must be able to often forget about copper coins and talk about the world, so he can be so happy and praise. However, he just removed a relationship of "price". If you can always live in this world without thinking about all the relationships in the world, your life will be more enjoyable.

  For the wheat wave in the world, don’t think of it as the raw material of bread, and for the oranges in the plate, don’t think of it as the fruit to quench your thirst; For beggars on the road, don’t think of them as poor people begging for money; For the current scenery, don’t think of it as the countryside of a town or a village. If we can have this view, people in the world can always be happy and praise, just like the big uncle’s big world.


  I want to find a pair of quick scissors, cut this net to pieces, and then come to know the truth of the world.

  IIt seems that there is a huge and complicated net in this world. Everything, big and small, is firmly tied in this net, so when I want to grasp a certain thing, I always have to touch countless lines and bring out countless other things, so that this thing can’t appear in front of my eyes alone and clearly, so I can never see the truth of the world.


  In the big world, my uncle only cut off a thread tied to "money", which has been satisfied and returned. So I want to find a pair of quick scissors, cut this net to pieces, and then come to know the truth of the world.


△ The above illustrations and paintings are all from Feng Zikai.


Master Feng Zikai


  Feng Zikai is a modern cartoonist, essayist, educator, translator and calligrapher. On November 9, 1898, he was born in Chongde County, Zhejiang Province. In 1914, when he was studying in Zhejiang First Normal School, he studied under Li Shutong and Xia Mianzun. Li Shutong taught him music and painting, and Xia Mianzun taught him literature. Li Shutong had a deep influence on him, and later he even converted to Buddhism with Li Shutong, and wrote by nursing students with him.

△ Feng Zikai painted "Equality" for by nursing students

  He published more than 170 collections of paintings, works and translations in his life, including essays on Yuanyuantang, Rewriting on Yuanyuantang, Twenty Essays and Artistic Interest. His writing style is graceful and quiet, but his cartoons are the most commendable. His cartoons mostly depict children, which are humorous, poetic and full of humanistic care.

  At the same time, he is also a calligrapher.

  In 1935, he co-published Enlightened Mandarin Textbooks with Ye Shengtao, which reformed the primary school textbooks at that time. After that, he successively wrote 32 kinds of music books for primary and middle school students and ordinary music lovers, which were simple and vivid, and popularized the knowledge of western music.

  After the founding of New China, he settled in Shanghai and died in Shanghai on September 15th, 1975.

Memories of Father Feng Zikai (Excerpt)

Author: Feng Yiyin (daughter of Feng Zikai)

  △ About the beginning of 1937, Feng Zikai andyoungest daughterSing on the flower bed in the front yard of Yuanyuantang.


  Father has a kind heart. He loves all living things in the world. He loves human beings and children more. He believes that "the most honorable person in the world" and "the most spiritual person in the world is the child". He once said: "The method of raising children is very simple. To bring up a child, as long as you teach him to be a child forever, you will never lose the heart of his child. "

  So my father instilled in us all kinds of education, one of which was "education of love". Love our motherland, respect our elders, help others and treat others equally. It is in this environment that we grew up when we were young.

  In helping others and treating others equally, my father set an example for us with his own behavior. Father’s love for people is not limited by wealth and rank. As long as he is a kind person, his father is almost responsive to him.

  There is a distant granduncle in my hometown, who is honest and leads a poor life. When my father learned about it, he remitted money to him regularly every month as a support, which lasted for more than ten years and never stopped. Until this great-uncle died of old age.

  △ In Meiyu, Shanghai in 1948, Feng Zikai took a photo with Mei Lanfang with her young daughter.

  My father has no airs when he treats the nanny at home. My father never wanted a nanny to serve him, but he also took the initiative to care about the nanny’s life. Anyone who comes to my house as a nanny likes to stay here, unless my family moves to another city, or she has to resign because of something in her own family. He said, "People have abandoned their family to serve us. We should treat her as one of our own!"

  Father not only taught us to treat others equally, but also taught us to love all life in the world, as small as ants. Originally, I trampled an ant carelessly. Once my father saw me, he quickly stopped me and said, "Ants also have homes, and their parents are waiting for him. You trampled him to death, and his parents are going to cry. " I didn’t know it was called "nursing students" until I grew up. He advised us not to trample on ants, not to talk about "accumulated virtue" or "retribution", nor to protect the ants in the world, but to cultivate a kind heart from our childhood. He said that if we lose this heart, we can crush hundreds of ants with one foot today, and when this heart develops in the future, it will become an aggressor and kill innocent people.

Text/CCTV News Comprehensive Guangming Daily, Jiefang Daily,Xinhua Daily,Zhejiang Daily, etc.Figure/Network,Copyright belongs to the original author.

Some knowledge about football

Football is a sport in which the feet are the mainstay, the ball is controlled and dominated, and two teams attack and defend each other on the same rectangular court according to certain rules. Football is called "the first sport in the world" because of its strong antagonism, changeable tactics and large number of participants.

Here are some knowledge about football:


The origin of football

The predecessor of modern football originated from the ball game "Cuju" in Zizhou, Shandong Province (now Zibo City) in ancient China, and was later spread to Europe by Arabs from China, and gradually evolved into modern football.

Modern football originated in England.

In 2005, in the closing ceremony of the centenary celebration of FIFA, Linzi, Shandong Province, China was officially declared as the origin of world football.

The picture above shows the ancient Cuju map of China.


ancient football

The origin of football can be traced back to the ancient ball game Cuju in China. Cuju’s original name was "Tuju", and the word Cuju first appeared in Historical Records Biography of Bian Que Canggong, while Cuju was called the ancient football in China. In the Western Han Dynasty, writers Liu Xiang and Liu Xin and his son wrote in their personal works Bielu and Qilue: "Cuju players are rumored to be made by the Yellow Emperor." By the Tang and Song Dynasties, Cuju had become very popular and became an elegant activity in the court. This ball game was later introduced to Europe from China by Arabs.


Modern football day

October 26, 1863

On October 26th, 1863, several football fans met at the Fremason Hotel in Queen’s Street, London, England, and discussed and established the English Football Association, which was the first football association established in the history of world football, and its establishment marked the birth of modern football.


The "four" firsts in football

In 1848, the Cambridge Rules, the first written rule in the history of football, was born.

On October 26th, 1863, England established the first football association in the world, and unified the competition rules of football.

In 1872, the first official match between football associations was held between England and Scotland.

In 1900, in the Second Summer Olympic Games, football was included as an official event.


Football playing field


Venue area: The venue should be rectangular, with a length of no more than 120m or less than 90m and a width of no more than 90m or less than 45m (the venue for international competitions should be no more than 110m or less than 100m and no more than 75m or less than 64m). In any case, the length must exceed the width.


Line drawing: The competition venue should draw clear lines according to the plane drawing, the line width should not exceed 12 cm, and no V-shaped grooves should be made. The longer two lines are called sideline and the shorter one is called goal line. Draw a line across the court in the middle of the court, which is called the center line. The center of the site should be marked clearly, and a circle with this point as the center and a radius of 9.15m should be drawn, which is called the middle circle. On each corner of the site, a flat-topped flagpole with a height of not less than 1.50 meters should be erected, and a small flag should be tied on it; Similar flags and flagpoles can be erected on one side and at least 1 meter away from the sideline of the center line on both sides of the field.


Goal area: On the goal line 5.50 meters away from the inside of the goal post at both ends of the competition field, draw a line with a length of 5.50 meters perpendicular to the goal line into the field, with one end connected with the goal line and the other end drawing a connecting line parallel to the goal line. The area within the range of these three lines and the goal line is called the goal area.


Penalty area: On the goal line 16.50 meters away from the inside of the goal post at both ends of the playing field, draw a line with a length of 16.50 meters perpendicular to the goal line into the field, with one end connected with the goal line and the other end drawing a connecting line parallel to the goal line. The area within the range of these three lines and the goal line is called penalty area, and make a clear mark at the midpoint of the two goal lines measuring 11 meters vertically into the field, which is called penalty point. Draw an arc outside the penalty area with the penalty spot as the center and 9.15m as the radius, which is called the penalty arc.


Corner area: Take the intersection of sideline and goal line as the center and 1m as the radius, draw a quarter arc into the field, and the area within this arc is called corner area.


Goal: The goal should be located in the center of each goal line, and it is composed of two vertical goalposts with a distance of 7.32 meters and an equal distance from the flag point in the west corner, and a horizontal crossbar with a lower edge of 2.44 meters above the ground. In order to ensure safety, both the fixed goal and the movable goal must be stably fixed on the field. The width and thickness of doorposts and crossbars shall be symmetrical and equal, and shall not exceed 12 cm. The net is attached to the goalpost, crossbar and ground behind the goal. The net should be properly propped up, so that the goalkeeper has enough room to move. The material of the net is allowed to be made of hemp, jute or nylon. Nylon rope can be used, but it must not be thinner than hemp or hemp rope.


Position on the football field


Goalkeeper: The main responsibility is to hold the goal, observe the changes of the game on the field, organize and direct the offensive and defensive of the whole team.


Full-back: mainly responsible for defending the opposing winger or other players who are inserted into the winger position, and cooperating with the central defender to make up for each other and block the way to attack the goal directly. When our team attacks, we can also wait for an opportunity to help out and play the role of winger.


Central defender: It is the pillar of defense. Its main duty is to defend the most dangerous area in the front center of the goal, stop the opponent from shooting, and cooperate with the full-back and another central defender to make up for each other’s positions. It should also play the role of offensive and defensive organization and command.


Avant-garde: It is active in the middle zone between the striker and the defender, and its main responsibility is to control the midfield, which is the barrier of defense and the link of frontier attack. Advance can attack, retreat can defend, and timely insert or long-range, which plays the core role of the team.


Center: The main responsibility is to shoot through or catch a cross ball. Secondly, it is the "sharp knife" and "shooter" of our team through cross transposition, left and right coordination, disturbing the other side’s defense line and creating opportunities for our companions to insert, cut or shoot. It is the first line of defense for the whole team when the attack turns to the defense.


Winger: The main duty is to break through the opponent’s defense line from the side, take the ball and cut the shot or cross the baseline or outflank the shot. When defending, we should keep a close eye on our full-backs, prevent them from assisting freely, and assist our full-backs in defending the opposing wingers.







1. Competition system

The game is divided into two teams, each with 11 players (generally speaking, each team is allowed to replace three substitute players during the game), and one of them must be a goalkeeper. The whole game is 90 minutes, which is divided into upper and lower halves, with each half lasting 45 minutes. The rest time between the first half and the second half shall not exceed 15 minutes. There is a referee and two sideline referees in the game. In each half, the referee can make up time according to the injuries and time-consuming substitution on the field. If the game must be decided, if the two teams draw within 90 minutes, overtime will be played for 15 minutes in the first half and 15 minutes in the second half. If the game is still tied, the winner will be decided by penalty kick.

The game time should be divided into two equal halves, 45 minutes for each half and 90 minutes for a ball game. Unless otherwise agreed by both parties under special circumstances, the following provisions shall apply:

A. In each half, the time lost due to substitution, dealing with the wounded, delay time and other reasons shall be made up, and the amount of this time shall be decided by the referee.

B. At the end of each half-time or after the whole game, if a penalty kick, corner kick, frontcourt free kick or the ball enters the opponent’s penalty area and the goal has not been completed yet, the time shall be extended until the end of the attack. Unless the referee agrees, the rest time between the first half and the second half shall not exceed 15 minutes.

2. Kick-off method

1. Before the start of the game, the kick-off or venue should be selected by coin-in, and the party who picks first should have the right to choose the kick-off or venue. After the referee gives the signal, the game should be started by a player of the opening team kicking the ball (that is, kicking the ball placed in the center of the playing field). Before the ball is kicked out, all the other players (except the team members) should be in their own half, and the opposing team members who open the team should also keep at least 9.15 meters away from the ball; After the ball is kicked out, there is obvious displacement. It should be considered that the kickoff player is not allowed to touch the ball again before the ball is touched or kicked by other players.

2. After a goal is scored, a player from the negative side should kick off again in the same way to continue the game.

At the beginning of the second half, the two teams should exchange venues, and the other side of the team that kicked off in the first half will kick off.

3. Penalty

1. Any kick-off that violates the rules in this chapter should be reopened. If the kickoff player touches the ball again before the ball is touched or kicked by other players, the opposing team should be at the foul place. Kick an indirect free kick

2. Kick-off can be scored directly to the opponent. Kicking into one’s own goal will result in a corner kick.

3. If the ball doesn’t cross the sideline or goal line when the game is suspended for reasons not specified in these rules, when the game is resumed, the referee should drop the ball at the position where the ball was suspended, and the game will be resumed when it hits the ground. If the ball is in the goal area when the game is suspended, it should be dropped on the goal line nearest to the position where the ball is located and parallel to the goal line. When the ball is dropped, the players must not touch the ball before it hits the ground, otherwise the referee should drop the ball again.

4. Dead ball

In the following cases, it becomes a dead ball:

When the ball crosses the goal line or sideline on the ground or in the air.

When the game has been stopped by the referee.

5. The game is going on

From the start of the competition to the end of the competition, the competition should be in progress, including:

A. The ball bounces back from the goalpost, crossbar or corner flagpole.

B. The ball bounced off the referee or linesman on the court.

C. the players on the field fouled and the referee didn’t punish them.

6. Method of winning

Unless otherwise stipulated in the rules, if the whole ball crosses the goal line from between the goalposts and under the crossbar, instead of being thrown or brought in by the attacker’s hand and deliberately pushed into the goal with his hand or arm (except that the goalkeeper is in his own penalty area), the attacker wins a goal. In a game, the team that wins more goals is the winning team. If neither side wins or the number of wins is equal, the game should be called a "draw".

7. Penalty for violation of regulations


(1) An attacker who is closer to the opponent’s goal line than the ball is in an offside position. Except in the following cases:

1. The player is in his own half.

2. At least two players of the opposing team are closer to the goal line of the opposing team than this player.

(2) When the player kicks or touches the ball, and the team member is offside, the referee thinks that the player has the following behaviors, so it should be judged offside:

1. Interfering with the game or the other side;

2. Attempt to gain benefits from offside position.

(3) A player should not be judged offside in the following circumstances:

1. The players are only offside;

2. A player can directly catch a goal kick, corner kick or throw the ball out of bounds.

(4) If a player is sentenced to offside, the referee shall award an indirect free kick by the opposing player at the offside location. If the player is offside in the opponent’s goal area, then this free kick can be executed anywhere in the goal area where he was offside.

-Fouls and misconduct

(1) A member intentionally violates any of the following nine items, namely:

1. Kicking or attempting to kick an opposing team member.

2. Tripping the opponent’s players, that is, behind or in front of the opponent, stretching your legs or bending over to trip or attempt to trip the opponent.

3. Jump to the opposing team.

4. Violent or dangerous collision with the other team members.

5. In addition to the other side is blocking, from behind the other team.

6. Try to hit the opposing team and spit on them.

7. Pull the opposing team.

8. Push the opposing team.

9. Touch the ball with your hands, for example, carrying and pushing the ball with your hands or arms (except for the goalkeeper in his own penalty area).

Note: On March 5th, 2021, international football association board announced that it had adjusted the rules concerning hand ball, and not all handball was considered a foul. Unintentional handball that causes teammates to score a goal or get a chance to score will no longer be considered a foul. In all the above cases, the opponent should be sentenced to kick a direct free kick at the foul place. If the foul place is in the opponent’s penalty area, the free kick can be executed anywhere in the penalty area. In the course of the game, if the defender intentionally violates any of the above nine items in his own penalty area, he should be awarded a penalty no matter where the ball is at that time.

(2) A player commits any of the following five fouls, namely:

1. The referee thinks that his actions are dangerous, such as trying to kick the ball that the goalkeeper has caught.

2. When the goalkeeper is in the penalty area:

A. Holding, patting or throwing the ball into the air in any direction after controlling the ball by hand, and then catching it, and walking for more than 4 steps without making the ball enter the competition state.

B. After holding the ball, touch the ball with your hands again according to the situation in clause (2)c, although you have made the ball enter the competition state before touching the ball by the team members outside the penalty area or the opposing team members inside and outside the penalty area.

C. The goalkeeper touches the ball with his hand after a team member intentionally kicks the ball to the goalkeeper.

D. The referee thinks that due to tactical purposes, the team intentionally stops the game and delays the game time, which makes the team gain illegitimate interests.

In all the above cases, the opponent should be judged to kick an indirect free kick at the foul place according to the specific circumstances of the first free kick rule.

3. Players should be warned and shown a yellow card in the following situations:

E. After the start of the game, players enter or re-enter the game or leave during the game: except for accidents, in either case, without the permission of the referee in advance.

F. If the referee suspends the game to execute the warning, the opponent will kick an indirect free kick to resume the game at the place where the ball is located when the game is suspended according to the specific situation of the free kick rules.

G. If the foul player has other more serious foul circumstances, he shall be punished according to the relevant provisions of the rules.

H. the team members violated the rules continuously.

I. express dissatisfaction with the referee’s decision by words or actions.

J. has improper behavior.

Except for a more serious foul, if a player’s behavior falls into any of the last three items mentioned above, he should be given a yellow card warning and ordered to kick an indirect free kick at the foul place according to the specific conditions of any team rules.

(3) When the referee thinks that a player has the following situations, he should be ordered to play and show a red card:

1. Commit acts of violence.

2. Serious foul.

3. Use foul language or abuse.

4. After being given a yellow card warning, he was given a second yellow card warning for foul.

The game is suspended because of the penalty. If the player does not violate other rules, the opponent should be sentenced to kick an indirect free kick in the foul place according to the specific situation of the free kick rules.

8. Free kick

There are two kinds of free kicks: direct free kicks (which can be scored directly into the goal of the foul team) and indirect free kicks (the server is not allowed to shoot directly, and can only shoot after being touched by other players).

9. penalty kick

(1) Requirements

The penalty kick should be kicked from the penalty spot, and the penalty player must be clearly defined. When serving, all players except the referee and the opposing goalkeeper should be outside the penalty area and in the competition field, and at least 9.15m away from the penalty point. Before the ball is served, the opposing goalkeeper must stand on the goal line between the two goalposts (his feet are not allowed to move). The referee must kick the ball forward; Don’t touch the ball again until other players kick or touch it. When the ball rolls to the circumferential distance of the ball, the game is resumed. Penalty kicks can be scored directly. When the penalty kick is executed in the middle of the game, or when the penalty kick is extended or reissued at the end of the semi-full game in the first half, if the kicked ball touches any post or two posts; Or touch the crossbar; Or touch the goalkeeper; Or continuously touching the goalpost, crossbar or goalkeeper and entering the goal, as long as there is no foul, it should be judged as a winning goal.

(2) Penalty

Anyone who violates any provision of this chapter shall be dealt with as follows:

1. If the defender fouls, the ball should be severely punished if it is not penalized.

2. If an attacker other than the penalty shooters commits a foul, the penalty will be invalid and should be severely punished.

3. If the penalty player commits a foul after the game is resumed, the opposing player shall issue an indirect free kick at the foul place according to the specific situation of the free kick rules.

10. Throw a foul ball

When the whole ball crosses the sideline on the ground or in the air, it should be thrown in any direction in the court by the opponent who touched the ball last before it was out of bounds.

When throwing the ball, the thrower must face the court, and some of his feet should stand on the sideline or outside the sideline. He should not leave the ground with his feet, and throw the ball into the stadium from the head to the back with both hands. The game resumed as soon as the ball entered the court. The thrower must not touch the ball again until it is kicked or touched by other players. Throw a foul ball into the goal directly to score.

penalty provision

1. If the ball is not thrown into the stadium according to the prescribed method, the opposing team members should throw the foul ball in the same place.

2. If the ball thrower touches the ball again after throwing the ball into the stadium before it is kicked or touched by other players, the opposing team should kick an indirect free kick at the place where the foul occurred. If a player fouls in the opponent’s goal area or fouls in his own goal area, he should kick an indirect free kick according to the specific circumstances of the free kick rules.

Goal kick.

When the whole ball crosses the baseline from the outside of the goal in the air or on the ground, and the last player who kicks or touches the ball is the attacking player, the defending goalkeeper will directly issue a restricted area at any place in the restricted area to resume the game. The goalkeeper must not put the ball in his hand before sending it into the game. If the ball is not directly served from the tee, that is, it has not entered the game, it should be re-served. The goalkeeper must not touch the ball again before it is kicked or touched by other players. Goal kick is not allowed to score directly. When serving goal kick, the opposing team members should stand outside the service area before the ball is sent out of the service area.

After the player who serves goal kick kicks the ball out of the service court, he touches the ball again before it is kicked or touched by other players, and the opposing player shall be awarded an indirect free kick at the place where the foul occurred. If a player fouls in the penalty area, it will be executed according to the specific situation of the free kick rule.

12. Corner kick

When the whole ball crosses the goal line from the outside of the goal, whether in the air or on the ground, and the defender touches the ball finally, the attacking player puts the ball in the corner area close to the ball out of bounds and kicks the corner kick.

Do not move the corner flagpole when serving the corner kick. A corner kick can win a goal directly. The opponent of the corner kick player shall not enter within 9.15 meters from the ball when the ball has not entered the game, that is, the ball has not rolled to the circumferential distance of the ball. A player serving a corner kick is not allowed to touch the ball again before it is touched by other players.

1. When a player who kicks a corner touches the ball again before it is kicked or touched by other players, the referee shall order the opposing player to kick an indirect free kick at the place where the foul occurred. If a player fouls in the goal area, it will be executed according to the specific situation of the free kick rule in the rules.

2. If there is any other foul, the corner kick should be kicked again.

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The highest organization in the world is the International Football Federation, which was founded in 1904 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

The highest organization in China is the Chinese Football Association, which was established in Beijing on January 3rd, 1955.


Top ten famous football matches


The FIFA World Cup is held every four years. It is a football match with the participation of national teams all over the world, which symbolizes the highest honor in football and has the greatest popularity and influence.


The European Football Championship, also known as the "European Championship", is held every four years and is one of the most influential international football competitions. Since 2016, the number of teams participating in the final stage of the European Championship has expanded to 24.


The European Champions League, referred to as the "Champions League" or "Champions League", represents the highest level and honor of European club football. Twenty-two clubs have won the Champions League in succession, with Real Madrid winning the championship the most times, totaling 13 times.


The English Football Super League, referred to as the "Premier League" for short, is one of the "five major leagues" in Europe. It is composed of 20 teams and is considered to be one of the best leagues in the world. With its fast pace, fierce competition and numerous strong teams, it has become the most popular sports event in the world and the highest-paid football league.


Italian Football League One, referred to as "Serie A" for short, is one of the highest-level professional football leagues in the world. In the 1980s and 1990s, there were many stars and powerful teams in Serie A, which was called "Little World Cup".


Spanish Football League One, referred to as La Liga for short, is the most competitive league in Europe at present. It is known as the "Star League" and "Mr. League" and is the cradle of cultivating footballer of the year and the Golden Globe Award.


German Football League One, referred to as "Bundesliga", is the highest-level club competition in German football. Bayern Munich is the most successful team in the Bundesliga, winning 28 Bundesliga titles.


French Football League One, referred to as "Ligue 1" for short, started the era of "Green Giants" dominating Ligue 1 when French football superstar Platini debuted in saint etienne in the 1970s, which produced a turning point in Ligue 1 and made French football once again become an important force in Europe.


The America’s Cup is the most important national football match attended by the member countries of South American Football Association. It was formerly known as the South American Football Championship and is also the oldest national football match in the world. It is held every four years.


The Asian Cup is the highest-level national competition in Asia. Since 1997, Asian Cup champions have represented AFC in the FIFA Confederations Cup.


Top ten famous football stars


Famous stars: Pele, Diego Maradona, johan cruyff, franz beckenbauer, Zidane, Ronaldo, alfredo di stefano, bobby charlton, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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