Why can’t Yujian Popular Science see the sun after taking some medicines?

I heard that sun exposure can cause adverse drug reactions? Some drugs can’t see the sun after taking them, so they need to "avoid the light"? Summer is coming. In order to prevent people from being inadvertently poisoned by "photosensitivity", today I will tell you what this is all about.

What is the photosensitive reaction?

Some drugs, after being taken, can cause allergic reaction of human body under the stimulation of light, which is called photosensitive reaction. Its symptoms are similar to solar dermatitis or sunburn rash, such as erythema and edema, accompanied by itching and burning pain; Or pigmentation occurs, and in severe cases there are blisters or erosive ulcers.

Photosensitive reactions include phototoxic reactions and phototoxic reactions. Phototoxic reaction has nothing to do with the autoimmune system, and can occur in anyone without incubation period. Generally, it can occur within a few minutes to a few hours after the first drug is irradiated by sunlight, mostly at the exposed site. After stopping the drug or avoiding light, the reaction can quickly subside. Photoallergic reaction is a kind of delayed allergic reaction related to the autoimmune system, which can be triggered by a small dose of light or weak sunlight. It usually occurs in a small number of allergic people, with a incubation period of 24 ~ 48 hours, and symptoms can occur all over the body, not just in the exposed parts. This kind of reaction lasts for a long time and can develop into a chronic and persistent photosensitive reaction.

What drugs can cause photosensitive reactions?

There are many drugs that can cause photosensitive reaction. Here are some common drugs.

Quinolone antibiotics: including sparfloxacin, lomefloxacin, ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin, ofloxacin, levofloxacin, etc. It is clearly pointed out in the instructions of levofloxacin capsules that after exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet rays, moderate to severe photosensitive/phototoxic reactions will occur, which can be manifested as excessive sunburn reaction, so excessive exposure to light sources should be avoided. In order to reduce the adverse reactions of such drugs, it is generally recommended to take drugs every night.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: including aspirin, ibuprofen, diclofenac sodium, meloxicam, piroxicam, sulfasalazine, etc. Such drugs can cause photosensitive/phototoxic reactions, and once they occur, they should be stopped immediately.

Cardiovascular drugs: Nifedipine, Nimodipine, Amiodarone, Captopril, Benazepril, Enalapril, Indapamide, Valsartan, Losartan, etc. can cause photosensitive reaction. These drugs are generally chronic diseases and need to be taken for a long time. Therefore, patients need to strengthen safety awareness and avoid excessive sun exposure or exposure to light sources during medication.

Sulfonylurea hypoglycemic drugs: including glibenclamide, glimepiride, glipizide, etc. Such drugs can cause photo-allergic reactions. Diabetic patients should also pay attention to the adverse reactions of such drugs if they take them for a long time.

Other drugs: including tetracycline drugs (minocycline, doxycycline, etc.), sulfonamides, anti-tuberculosis drugs (pyrazinamide), digestive system drugs (ranitidine, omeprazole, pantoprazole, etc.), antidepressants (fluoxetine), retinoic acid (isotretinoin), etc.

How to prevent photosensitive reaction?

If you use the above drugs, you should pay attention to sun protection during the medication and at least 5 days after stopping the drug; Try to avoid traveling during periods of strong sunshine. In the event of a rash or skin reaction, you can immediately stop taking medicine or sunscreen, and at the same time, cold compress the red, swollen and hot parts. If the symptoms are still not relieved, go to the dermatology department in time.

Authors: The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Liu Chong, Chen Chengqun and Shi Xiangfen.


Congratulations to Lang Dao! At the age of 15, she passed on her talent and won the world championship at the age of 14. Ni Feifan is her cousin.

Athletes pay attention to talent, which can’t be achieved no matter how hard they try. Zhu Ting’s talent in the women’s volleyball world is at the level of Mount Rushmore, and our protagonist Zou Jiaqi has laid his talent since childhood. She is different from Zhu Ting, Zhu Ting is a talented player, and she has volleyball genes in her body. Fans who are familiar with the NBA should know that Stephen Curry’s three-pointer is fantastic, and ordinary stars can’t reach it for a lifetime. This is all because he has the shooting gene of Dell Curry. It happens that Zou Jiaqi, like Curry, has the volleyball gene from birth.
Why is Zou Jiaqi gifted? Zou Jiaqi has been in contact with volleyball since she was a child, and has been undergoing formal volleyball training since she was five years old. The schools she attended are all top universities in volleyball. At the age of 14 in 2019, she has grown to 1.77 meters. She is already the captain of Nanjing No.3 Middle School, a world-famous volleyball school, and has won the world middle school students’ volleyball championship six times. Zou Jiaqi, who is only 14 years old, is the captain of this famous volleyball school. It is conceivable how outstanding her talent is.
Zou Jiaqi’s grandfather is called Zou Zhihua, who was once a teammate who worked hard with Yuan Weimin. Together, they gave up the opportunity to go to college to join the volleyball cause. Zou Zhihua was the head coach of China men’s volleyball team and led China men’s volleyball team to take the eighth place in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, while Yuan Weimin was a pioneer of women’s volleyball team, creating a brilliant record of five consecutive championships for the old women’s volleyball team. These two men are close friends, and domestic famous coaches Yu Juemin, Zhou Jianan and Wang Baoquan all studied under Zou Zhihua. Zou Jiaqi’s grandfather alone is amazing. Sun Hongxian, Zou Jiaqi’s grandmother, was the national player of China women’s volleyball team in the 1960s. Shen Lan, Zou Jiaqi’s mother, was the former setter of Jiangsu women’s volleyball team, and was selected as the China women’s volleyball team coached by Lang Ping. Zou Jiaqi’s cousin is a Jiangsu women’s volleyball free man, Ni Feifan, who was selected as the second team of China women’s volleyball team last year and played in the World Women’s Volleyball League with Lang Dao. Zou Jiaqi’s volleyball gene is quite strong.
In 2019, Zou Jiaqi led Nanjing No.3 Middle School to participate in the World Middle School Women’s Volleyball Competition. She once again helped Nanjing No.3 Middle School win the championship. Nanjing No.3 Middle School has won seven world championships. Last year, Zou Jiaqi was only 14 years old. Zou Jiaqi’s excellent China women’s volleyball coaching team naturally focused on it. On October 19, 2019, Zou Jiaqi was selected into the training list by China National Junior Women’s Volleyball Team, but she was too young to participate in the World Junior Volleyball Competition. However, her talented women’s volleyball coaching team is in the eyes, so talented players can be independent as long as they are tempered. It has to be said that there are endless talents in China women’s volleyball team, and it is the key that China women’s volleyball team can always dominate the cultivation and excavation of talents in the world.
After leading Nanjing No.3 Middle School to win the championship last year, Zou Jiaqi was once praised as a "volleyball genius" by the media. She led Nanjing No.3 Middle School to speak, but she was not proud of these false names. She said that she would continue to train hard, improve her skills without losing her book knowledge, and strive to become a professional volleyball player to win glory for her country in the future. A child with a childish face can say such a thing, which is enough to show how successful her education is. She should be the main setter in the next World Junior Tournament, and the position of China women’s volleyball setter is followed by someone else.
Text/Yan Xiaobai
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Lang Ping is hard to find new people every day. If you look at people’s small series, you can always find talents. Lang Ping is really inferior to Xiaobian. It’s time to make way!




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At the age of 15, can I get guidance from Lang Ping? What’s the relationship with Lang Ping?




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Lang Ping now exists like a god.




Jean yin AX

No matter what, it’s just a setter. (It’s very important) What the national team urgently needs now is a good backup. No one is available except Xiaoyu (Ceng Chunlei is a little overwhelmed when he is old).




Magical day and evening 5

I like to see the reports that there are talents in China, which are inspiring. Mom is the second biography of the national name, and it is estimated that the future will be a talent newcomer. Come on! You can succeed without fear of hardship if you have volleyball genes.




Seventy-year-old fan

Genius comes every year, and it is not easy to become a talent. But something is better than nothing.





Su Chui, you can blow anything. Anything that hasn’t been born can be taken out and blown.




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The ITTF will give Lang Ping an award?




I know people’s livelihood.

There are thousands, if not hundreds, of such people in China, and how many can become professionals?





The future champion team is awesome.




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The World Club Cup champion team is awesome.




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Don’t congratulate Lang Dao. Let her have a good rest after Lang Dao leads the Olympic Games. She is ill all over and should be retired. Besides, the child has not lost his word. Whether he can type it depends on the next efforts.





Then winning seven championships in Nanjing No.3 Middle School is also a boast. You have a good mouth. You have to come back and try it.




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Congratulations to the next one. The maturity of Erchuan is generally in the middle or even the second half of the twenties. By the time she is mature and available, Lang Dao will be seventy.




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Don’t kill, it is most important for talented players to grow steadily.




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Ni Feifan is so beautiful, a temperament beauty!




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Her cousin is beautiful.




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I know people’s livelihood.

They are all geniuses, but they can’t achieve anything.




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Yuan Longping’s sports life: he loves swimming and playing volleyball, and won the swimming championship in Wuhan.

"In order not to be bullied by others, the country must be strong." Yuan Longping has closely linked his personal future with the national interests since he was a child. Before becoming an agronomist, he once thought about joining the army to serve the country and had the dream of saving the country through sports. Throughout his life, Yuan Longping was a sports enthusiast, once won the swimming championship in Wuhan, loved playing volleyball and even refused to join the senior team. And sports also gave Yuan Longping a strong body, so that he can still appear in the fields at the age of 90.
In an interview, when asked how to maintain a good physical and mental state in scientific research, Yuan Longping gave a simple answer-sports. "Sports are beneficial in all aspects and have a role. As the saying goes, the body is the capital of the revolution, and a good body is also the basis for all work."
Yuan Longping once proudly told reporters: "I liked to exercise when I was young, and the swimming competition was the first in Wuhan!"
As early as during the Anti-Japanese War, Yuan Longping, who was only 8 years old, accidentally fell into the water on his way from Hankou to Taoyuan County, Hunan Province with his parents. Fortunately, he was rescued by an old boatman in time. From that day on, young Yuan Longping was determined to learn to swim, even to save people in the water.
After school, Yuan Longping exchanged skills with a master swimmer, and Yuan Longping was responsible for teaching him to solve math problems, in exchange for swimming teaching. According to the memories of Yuan Longping’s classmates at that time, Yuan Longping learned to swim quickly, and he was able to swim across the Yangtze River in only one year, so that when he was young, he went to the other side of the river to watch movies. In order to save money, he almost never took a boat, but swam with his clothes on his head and put them on.
Since the age of 16, Yuan Longping has been a great swimmer in Wuhan No.4 Middle School. He has won the swimming champion in Wuhan, the runner-up in the 100-meter freestyle in Hubei Province and the swimming champion after entering Southwest Agricultural College.
Because of his superb swimming skills, Yuan Longping once went to Chengdu to participate in the competition on behalf of East Sichuan, but he only finished fourth because of his bad stomach. The top three players were all selected into the national team, which may make China lose a swimmer, but make China gain a world-renowned hybrid rice expert.
After work, Yuan Longping insisted on swimming wherever there was water, whether in Yuanshui, near Anjiang Agricultural School, the seaside natural swimming pool on Hainan Island, or Xiangjiang River near the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences. This habit persisted until he was 70 years old.
In an interview during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Yuan Longping even joked: "Phelps won the gold medal in Beijing and broke the record, but if I go to the competition, maybe he will not be so relaxed!"
Besides keen on swimming, Yuan Longping also loves playing volleyball. There is a volleyball court in front of his residence in Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. As long as the weather is good, he often appears on the court after dinner and plays soft volleyball with the retired staff of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences.
However, due to his age, Yuan Lao himself felt: "I am playing volleyball everyday now, but I am too old to play."
Yuan Longping also served as honorary chairman of Hunan Volleyball Association, during which he personally kicked off a number of public welfare activities. In 2011, he went to Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences for academic exchange and led a team to play a volleyball friendly match.
Yuan Longping also regards scientific research in the field as a good way to exercise. He believes that working in the fields can breathe fresh air and fully enjoy the sun, which is beneficial to health.
Tap dancing is another specialty of Yuan Longping, and he likes it for a simple reason. "That kind of dance is fast-paced, free and free, and the mood can be relaxed very well." Doing broadcast gymnastics every morning is a sport that the elderly can’t shake.
Except for a little gastritis, Yuan Longping has always been in good health. For this reason, Yuan Longping often said that he has an age of 80, a body of 50, a heart of 30 and a muscle of 20. It is precisely because of years of exercise that in 2008, at the age of 78, he was elected as the No.001 torchbearer of the Beijing Olympic Games.
When it comes to physical strength, Yuan Lao himself is full of confidence. "I like to play sports and run a distance. Physical strength should be affordable."
The staff next to Yuan Longping said: "Academician Yuan can become an Olympic torchbearer, not because of his social status, but more because of an old man’s long-term love and persistence in sports."
On New Year’s Day in 2020, 90-year-old Yuan Longping also sent a message to young people: Pay attention to your health, and exercise more in 2020, and you will be healthy. Just like 90-year-old Yuan Lao said to himself, "This is the real post-90s generation".
Upstream News chongqing morning post reporter Tang Hao

Visit the canal, enjoy the beautiful scenery, taste the culture … A new chapter on the flowing world heritage.

  China’s famous world cultural heritage — — The Grand Canal is a great water conservancy project created by the ancient people of China. It consists of three parts: the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the Sui-Tang Grand Canal and the East Zhejiang Grand Canal. It starts from Beijing and Tianjin in the north, reaches Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the south, and spans eight provinces of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. It is the north-south traffic artery in ancient China.

  In 2019, the Outline of Cultural Protection, Inheritance and Utilization Planning of the Grand Canal was promulgated, and eight provinces along the Grand Canal were deployed to promote the construction of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park. At present, 73 key projects along the route are progressing smoothly, and related museums, cultural parks and sites have achieved initial results. The ancient canal is showing new vitality.

  Beijing Section of the Grand Canal: Inheriting History and Creating the Future

  The history of the Grand Canal in Beijing can be traced back to Yongji Canal dug in Sui Dynasty. After the water source project of Tonghui River was implemented in Yuan Dynasty, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal was connected. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Grand Canal route of the Yuan Dynasty was basically followed. But later, due to the diversion of the Yellow River and the development of railway transportation in history, the Grand Canal gradually turned from prosperity to decline. However, it is undeniable that the political, economic and cultural exchanges linked by the Grand Canal have become a spectacular and brilliant page in the history of Chinese civilization. Now, the Beijing section of the Grand Canal is full of vitality.

  The Beijing section of the Grand Canal takes Baifu Spring and Yuquanshan Springs as water sources, pours into Kunming Lake of the Summer Palace, passes through the long river, introduces Shichahai, passes through the old Yuhe River and Tonghui River, and flows into the North Canal. Among them, Tonghui River and Tongzhou section of the North Canal are all rivers of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Relying on the Grand Canal, the development of cultural belt, ecological belt and tourism belt is on the rise.

  Chen Xibo, Executive Director of Tongzhou Grand Canal Research Association:From the perspective of the Grand Canal, it contains many cultures, such as water transport culture, dock culture, folk culture, and many landscape cultures, which are too numerous to list. These cultures are displayed on both sides of the canal, which is very conducive to giving full play to the cultural inheritance function of the grand canal.

  At present, Beijing is accelerating the construction and protection of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park, which is based on the canal water system, linked with the canal culture and integrated with natural ecology and social and economic factors.

  Chen Xibo, Executive Director of Tongzhou Grand Canal Research Association:Cultural heritage can be better protected, and the splendid Millennium Canal culture can be displayed, which is conducive to the management and protection of the entire water system of the Grand Canal, making the water on both sides of the strait clearer, the trees greener and the sky bluer, and also conducive to the development of cultural tourism industry on both sides of the strait. The canal will live. Because we can not only understand the culture, but also feel the customs on both sides of the Grand Canal through cultural tourism.

  Since 2017, a number of landmark projects have been launched in Beijing: the retreat and renovation of sites along the canal, the comprehensive management of rivers such as the Xiao Taihou River, the establishment of a national 5A-level scenic spot in Tongzhou Grand Canal, and the navigation of cruise ships in Tongzhou section of the North Canal for 11.4 kilometers.

  Near the old canal road, three new cultural landmarks — — The Grand Canal Museum, Theatre and Library will be built into a Beijing Grand Canal National Cultural Park with capital standards, Beijing characteristics and the weather of the times.

  Tan Xuxiang, Director of Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission:Up to now, the monitoring of the Grand Canal in Beijing has been completed for ten sections, four lakes and twenty-eight sections, and the water environment quality has reached the requirements of the water environment functional zone. The cultural protection along the Grand Canal has also been strengthened, and the protection and utilization of a number of historical sites and remains have been fully launched. So far, the first phase of the Beijing section, 11.4 kilometers, has been completed, and the second phase will be completed in June this year, thus promoting the perfect integration of culture, tourism and the city in the Grand Canal Cultural Park. In the next step, we will strive to improve the ecological, cultural and environmental pattern of the Grand Canal, making it a symbol of the high-quality development of the sub-center and a green paradise for the happy life of ordinary people.

  A new chapter on the context of the Millennium Canal.

  The Grand Canal is a great project created by China in ancient times, and it is also a cultural symbol of China with extensive influence in the world. Beijing is accelerating the construction of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park. During the May Day period, Tongzhou Grand Canal Forest Park became a popular place for citizens to go on holiday.

  Headquarters reporter Wang Shengdong:I am now in the Grand Canal Forest Park. According to past experience, the park authorities estimate that the number of visitors here may reach about 300,000 during the May Day holiday. It can be said that the Grand Canal Forest Park has become a good place for foreign tourists and Beijing residents to spend their holidays. The river section where I am located is also a part of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park under construction in our country, and now it belongs to Tongzhou section of Beijing.

  A river: the cruise ship will sail soon at the end of June

  Among all the familiar sections of the Grand Canal, Beijing has two sections, one is Tonghui River, and the other is Tongzhou Section of the North Canal.

  Today, the first thing I want to introduce is a river. The entire Tongzhou section of this river is 41 kilometers. It is necessary to complete the navigation of the whole line of cruise ships by the end of June this year. This is a prosperous time that many people have been looking forward to for many years, because the existing river section is only 11.4 kilometers, which can meet the needs and experiences of more people to visit the canal culture after the whole navigation.

  This river is divided into two parts, but after navigation, there will be three modes of sightseeing: one short, one long and one night sailing.

  Scenery all the way: Tongzhou Grand Canal is creating a national 5A scenic spot.

  Now, at the starting point of the North Canal, that is, the intersection of the five rivers, there are familiar scenic spots of three temples and one tower, as well as the Tongzhou Grand Canal, which is connected in series by the Canal Park and the Grand Canal Forest Park. At present, a national 5A-level scenic spot is being created.

  A Fan: Witness of Water Transport Culture

  You can see the symbols on this fan in the picture above. It is very strange. The original and copy of the fan are now quietly kept in Tongzhou Museum. This fan is an important witness to the canal water transport culture. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, in order to ensure the safety of transporting the bridge from the south to Beijing, a non-official and non-civilian organization was derived. The personnel in the organization were called grain brokers, who checked the quality of the bridge. If relevant officials found that there was a problem with the quality of grain, they could check the responsibility through the secret symbols drawn on the grain bags by these brokers. So this fan was also called the QR code or barcode at that time.

  Such a traceability system can be said to be an early traceability system in our country at present.

  One line: 17 sites have been retired for repair and protection.

  All large-scale landscape sites and sites along the canal have been properly protected, including 17 heritage sites and sites such as Baifuquan, manjuji and Baliqiao, which have been cleared, repaired and protected.

  A feast: A number of Grand Canal cultural signs will appear.

  Along the Grand Canal, there are not only the wisdom of our ancestors, but also the achievements of today’s people. Now three new cultural landmarks are about to rise. Now they are under intensive construction, and the museums, theaters and libraries in Tongzhou will become new landmarks in the future.

  In addition, people are familiar with the digital experience such as the champion cultural exhibition, the map of the Luhe River, and even the workshops of various intangible products, which are now spread out on the banks of the canal.

  Tianjin Section of the Grand Canal: Ecological Improvement and Cultural Continuation

  As an important transportation hub of the Grand Canal, Tianjin is known as the "city carried by the Canal". The formation, development and prosperity of Tianjin city are closely related to the Grand Canal.

  The Tianjin section of the Grand Canal starts from Muchang Gate in wuqing district in the north and ends at Jiuxuan Gate in Jinghai District in the south, with a total length of 182.6 kilometers, including North Canal, South Canal, Haihe River and Ziya River.

  According to the distribution of river courses and heritage resources, wuqing district, Beichen District, Hebei District, Hongqiao District, Nankai District, Xiqing District and Jinghai District in Tianjin are the core areas where the Grand Canal flows.

  The tourism resources on both sides of the Grand Canal are rich and diverse, with six main categories, including biological landscape, ruins, buildings and facilities, and a total of 275 resource products, among which the types of buildings and facilities account for the highest proportion.

  Follow the aerial camera from the birthplace of Tianjin — — Sanchahekou started to set out, passing through many historical and cultural blocks such as Laochengxiang, Guwen Street, Juyi Street and Haihe River. Beiyang Garden and Wenjin Garden, which have just been completed in recent two years, rely on canal resources to create an ecological landscape for the people to go out and see the scenery, enjoy flowers in four seasons and walk into the forest.

  Following the aerial camera to wuqing district, Tianjin, the green and golden eyes add gorgeous colors to the canal this season.

  Yang Longyue, Tianjin wuqing district Water Affairs Bureau:We are now located in an important water conservancy hub in Wuqing section of the North Canal, with a total of nine water structures. The one behind me is an important one called the 16-hole sluice, which undertakes the task of flood discharge and drainage during the flood season. In recent years, we have also planted more than 200,000 square meters of landscape plants such as Isatis indigotica and rape flowers on the basis of the original landscape of the North Canal in non-flood season, providing landscape belts for people to enjoy and play.

  Since the beginning of this year, Tianjin has made every effort to promote the cultural protection, inheritance and utilization of the Grand Canal, and carried out planning, cultural relics protection, project implementation, etc., and established a "1+4" planning system, namely, the Implementation Plan for Cultural Protection, Inheritance and Utilization of the Grand Canal in Tianjin and four special plans for cultural heritage protection, cultural tourism integration development, river water system management and protection, and ecological environment protection and restoration. The cultural protection, inheritance and utilization of the Grand Canal has changed from top-level design to full implementation stage.

  Liang Jun, Deputy Director of Tianjin Development and Reform Commission:According to the protection of cultural relics, water resources protection and ecological restoration along the river, there are 9 categories and 51 key projects, with a total investment of 31 billion yuan. In the next step, Tianjin will adhere to one policy, pay attention to one map as a whole, highlight the protection of cultural relics, ecology, rivers, and accelerate the navigation of tourism in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

  Enjoy the charm of the canal by painting the ancient town in New Year.

  The most distinctive section of the Grand Canal in Tianjin — — Xiqing section of the Grand Canal, where the Yangliuqing Grand Canal National Cultural Park has been started.

  Headquarters reporter Wang Xiaopei:I am now located in the Xiqing section of the Grand Canal, with a total length of more than 30 kilometers, of which 16.5 kilometers is a world cultural heritage, and the ancient town of Yangliuqing is on both sides of the canal. Just now, I also experienced a circle by boat, and the scenery on both sides of the strait in the water is also unique. On the north side of the canal is the most prosperous amorous feelings block in Yangliuqing town, next to the Shijia Courtyard, a national 4A-level scenic spot known as the "first house in North China". On the south side of the canal is the Yangliuqing Grand Canal National Cultural Park, which was officially launched in 2019.

  The Yangliuqing Grand Canal National Cultural Park covers an area of more than 2,800 mu, which is divided into three sections: a famous historical town, a treasure island and a cultural town. The core part is the treasure island, which is also the main part of planning and construction at this stage.

  Yuanbaodao is divided into three areas: Jingu Wetland Cultural Tourism Zone, Chinese Traditional Quyi Cultural Experience Zone and Nian Cultural Experience Zone, as well as the vitality ring of water transport culture.

  The entire Yangliuqing Grand Canal National Cultural Park, when planning, has three adherences.

  First, insist on planning before moving. That is to solve the problem of "how to plan and what to build". In fact, before you see this planning version, there are five versions planned and designed by famous designers from all over the country and even the world. The final version can be said to be the most suitable for Yangliuqing, Tianjin and the Grand Canal.

  The second is to adhere to cultural guidance and solve the problem of "how to protect and inherit what". The biggest charm of Yangliuqing Grand Canal National Cultural Park is the Millennium culture behind it. In addition to Yangliuqing New Year pictures, there are also a series of national non-legacy projects such as paper-cutting and kites. In the future, the China New Year Picture Museum will be planned and built here, giving full play to Yangliuqing’s New Year Picture culture, water transportation culture and rushing to camp culture. At the same time, according to the principle of "preserving the past, inheriting the past, promoting the past and using it", we will learn from the exhibition method of Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival to realize the reappearance of historical scenes. That is to say, the buildings repaired here will also show a bright breeze in the future.

  The third is to adhere to the integration of cultural tourism and solve the problem of "how to operate and what to develop". For example, in view of the famous historical town plate, the method of "reactivation" is adopted to retain more than 800 existing old houses, to carry out historical and cultural restoration, to develop special tourism, special homestays and other formats, and to introduce market capital, focusing on building canal water street, intangible experience, Chinese time-honored brands and other formats, so as to turn this place into a tourist attraction and a cultural punching place.

  Tianjin is a city born and prospered by rivers. Everyone in Tianjin has learned the warmth and perseverance of water, and also has the obligation and responsibility to protect, inherit and make good use of the Grand Canal and its long-standing culture. The designers and managers of the National Cultural Park also have a small wish, that is, to make people all over the world yearn for celebrating the China Year of the Lunar New Year in Yangliuqing, so that tourists from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei can have a full moon weekend in Yangliuqing and enjoy the living heritage here.

Lingao Beautiful Scenery Come to Guyin Waterfall to enjoy the spectacular scenery formed by force of nature.

Original title: Lingao Beautiful Scenery Come to Guyin Waterfall to enjoy the spectacular scenery formed by force of nature.

New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net February 2 news (Reporter Lin Wenquan) "When you stand under Guyin Waterfall, surrounded by thin water droplets, under the big banyan tree, the sun passes through the forest leaves, and the fog in the water suddenly becomes a golden beam, hitting the water and the jungle … This is not just a trip, but more like a baptism of the soul." Ms. Xie, a tourist, shared her wonderful feelings about her trip to Lingao. In recent years, Guyin Waterfall has become a punch-in point for many tourists in online celebrity, which has also promoted the development of local economy.

Guyin Waterfall. Photo courtesy of Lingao County Rong Media Center

Guyin Waterfall is located near the west of Juren Village, Huangtong Town, north of Lingao. As a minority scenic spot, there are few people and beautiful scenery here, and the surrounding tropical plants are rich, and the ancient banyan trees are magnificent. According to local villagers, Guyin Waterfall has the reputation of "Three Tanks and Nine Songs", because it is located in Juren Village, and there is another one named Juren Waterfall. It is understood that the waterfall is caused by the drop of Pingchuan, with a drop of 20 meters, a width of 20 meters and a width of 400 square meters. There are many strange rocks around it, with different shapes and various shapes.

Enter from the gate of the scenic spot and walk for more than ten minutes to see the waterfall. Along the way in full of green, flowing water gurgled and butterflies shuttled freely. The waterfall poured down from the top of the mountain, forming a spectacular sight. The background of the waterfall is dense tropical rain forest and rolling mountains, which makes people feel like they are in a vivid picture.

During the tour, tourists can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of Guyin Waterfall, but also experience the local folk culture and food. In the villages around Guyin Waterfall, you can learn about the traditional Li culture and customs, such as Li costumes, songs and dances, food and so on. In addition, you can also taste farm dishes with Lingao characteristics, such as wild vegetables, bamboo rice, grilled fish and so on.

When the Spring Festival comes, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also watch the volleyball match. It is reported that from February 18th to 20th, the 2024 Hainan (Lingao) Trade Union Elite Volleyball Tournament will be held in Binjiang Park, Lingao County. In this competition, there are four teams, namely Lingao Team, Haikou Team, Ding ‘an Team and Chengmai Team, who will challenge the men’s nine-a-side volleyball competition.

(Lin Wenquan)

Willful! The highest water level is 197.26 meters. Swimmers insist on "experiencing drifting" and refuse to rescue.

  CCTV News:Heavy rainfall has caused the water level of many rivers to rise. On July 13th, the flood peak of Jialing River passed through Chongqing, which exceeded the warning water level. In the afternoon, the command center of fire brigade in Beibei District of Chongqing suddenly received an alarm, saying that there was a figure in the flood peak of Jialing River. After receiving the alarm, rescuers quickly took the assault boat to the rescue, but unexpectedly, it was a different situation.


  When the flood peak crossed the border that day, the highest water level reached 197.26 meters, which exceeded the warning water level by 2.76 meters. There are some floating objects on the Jialing River, and there are also many undercurrents and eddies below the seemingly smooth river. Rescuers quickly put the assault boat into the water and searched for the drowning person along the river. After nearly an hour, they finally found several figures in the water at Beibei Water and Soil Wharf.

  Rescuers: "Master, catch the lifebuoy."

  Swimmer: "No, no,no."

  Rescuers: "Are you swimming? Are you swimming? "


  Swimmer: "Yes."

  Wang Zhi, Squadron Leader of Chengnan Squadron of Beibei District Fire Brigade, Chongqing: "They told us that they came from other places to experience such an act of flood peak drifting, and they belonged to the Swimming Association. At that time, they did refuse to rescue them and refused to let us film them."

  Firefighters were escorted by assault boats in the flood peak.

  There were seven people in the water. Due to the rapid current, the firemen’s assault boat was almost overturned by the flood peak many times. Despite their repeated patient persuasion, these seven people refused to go ashore. Two of them first agreed to go ashore, and within a few minutes, they jumped into the flood again.


  Wang Zhi, Squadron Leader of Chengnan Squadron of Beibei District Fire Brigade, Chongqing: "At that time, we had no way to restrict them. We could only say that we protected them through our means."

  Legal expert: swimmers occupy and waste public emergency resources. 


  Firefighters carefully drove the assault boat in the flood peak, while paying attention to the state of these seven people in order to rescue them in time. Nearly an hour later, these seven people finally landed. Rescuers reminded that fire and water are ruthless, so don’t risk your life in the flood peak. Legal experts also said that the behavior of these swimmers is a waste of public emergency resources.


  Wu Ruqiao, Associate Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Chongqing University Law School.: "This behaviorFrom the point of view of swimmers, they should say that it is difficult to constitute an illegal act, but emotionally and rationally, their behavior is very inappropriate., one isDisrespect for one’s own life. The other one isIt wastes our public resources and puts our firefighters in such a dangerous situation.. In this case,I suggest that we can even consider letting these swimmers bear the time cost, economic cost and other related costs incurred by firefighters.. "

It’s a little summer today! "Sauna mode" is about to start. Are you ready?

Suddenly warm and windy.
Follow the light summer heat
At 17: 21 today
welcomeMinor Heatsolar term
This is the fifth solar term in summer.
Marks the midsummer debut
As the saying goes, "After a short summer, it is three points hot every day."
The summer heat is around the beginning of the summer.
The air humidity gradually increases.
The weather changed from dry heat to sultry heat.
"Sauna Mode" is about to start.
Are you ready?
There is a hot topic on Weibo.
# Who gave me the life in summer #
How to cool off summer heat and cope with bitter summer?
It has always been a big topic.
The ancients said: hide from the heat.
The best policy for summer vacation is to reduce going out.
For example, Tao Qian lies high in the north window with his hair covered.
The breeze is coming, and it’s very comfortable.
Nowadays, there are many leisurely ways to spend summer in ancient times.
It is difficult to intersect with the fast-paced modern life.
Air conditioner, beverage, iced watermelon
Our way to spend the summer
More simple and "rough" than the ancients.
However, the weather is sultry.
The human yang is also in a vigorous stage.
Therefore, we should also pay attention to "nourishing qi" while avoiding the summer.
Don’t stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time
Pay attention to ventilation and avoid being greedy for cold.
Wear some cotton clothes.
Maintain moderate exercise
Learn to stabilize your mood
Keep in a good mood
It is also a good way to avoid heatstroke.
In order to spend the summer safely
There are also many customs among the people.
For example, "eating jiaozi on your head" is widely spread.
People in Furi have poor appetite.
And in jiaozi, in traditional customs,
It’s just appetizing food.
Some places also have the habit of eating three treasures.
Monopterus albus, honey lotus root, mung bean sprouts
It’s both a summer vacation and an appetizer.
It’s fresh in season again.
"On June 6th, people dry their clothes and robes."
Before and after the light summer, the sunshine time is long.
Many families will also take advantage of this good time.
Take out the clothes and bedding at home to dry.
To remove moisture, mildew and moth.
unbearable hot summer
The coolness in summer is especially precious.
Ten thousand tiles are like fire dragons,
When the train is still, sweat melts.
Without the help of feathers,
Sit and feel steamed and cook.
How hot can it be in summer?
Lu You in the Song Dynasty described it this way
The tiles on the house are like fire dragons.
You can sweat like rain when you sit still.
A feeling of steaming and baking came to my face.
Bring a dog to chase after the cool outside the willow,
On the south bank of the painting bridge, I lean on the Hu bed.
In the moonlight, the ship’s horns are jagged,
The wind sets the pool lotus fragrant.
But even if it’s wet and hot
Can’t quench the elegance of life.
The wind blows the bamboo forest, and it is rustling.
Rain hits people, ticking softly.
Qin Guan’s "Cool" in Song Dynasty
A few strokes will outline a romantic summer picture.
Summer comes quietly.
Hot weather combined with busy work
It often makes people feel irritable and inefficient.
Try to let yourself empty.
Adjust your mood before you start.
2019 has already passed halfway.
May you be like the sunshine in summer.
Bright and vivid
Full of spirit to welcome the second half of the year

The controversial part of the article "Multinational Women Want to Marry in China" has been deleted.

  Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean women all want to marry in China?

  After "Chinese businessmen are hard to find" and "many countries are eager to return to China", the articles of WeChat WeChat official account and Sohu series of "Women from many countries want to marry in China" attract people’s attention.

  Some netizens joked, "Women all over the world actually have the same dream, that is, to marry China."

  On April 25th, The Paper searched with the keyword "Everyone wants to marry in China", and nearly 100 articles about "All women in a certain country want to marry in China" were retrieved on the WeChat article retrieval page. The titles of the articles are mostly "I am a Vietnamese woman, I want to marry in China" and "Why do all Mongolian beauties want to marry in China?" "Beautiful Korean girls, why many people want to marry in China" and so on. Searching on Baidu with the same keywords, there are 28500000 related information on the webpage and 452000 related contents on the information page.

  Different from the previous cloned articles on "It’s too difficult for Chinese businessmen", there is no obvious phenomenon of copying and applying copywriting in the content narration of the articles on "Women from many countries want to marry in China", but their narrative theme is "Women from so-and-so countries want to marry in China".

  In response to the WeChat official account series of WeChat articles on "Women from many countries want to marry in China", the public relations of WeChat team told The Paper that similar articles on "Women from many countries want to marry in China" are different in nature from the malicious marketing WeChat WeChat official account articles. "More than 30 articles retrieved by WeChat backstage are similar in content, but only similar views are expressed differently".

  On April 17, the WeChat team responded to the series of illegal articles, saying that WeChat has been actively cleaning up similar articles that use epidemic marketing, fabricate and integrate false information, and incite public sentiment. From January 1 ST to April 16 th, WeChat platform deleted about 9,000 articles suspected of exaggerating and misleading, restricted the ability or banned 2,500 WeChat official account; 6,915 articles on rumors were deleted, and 20,000 articles were restricted in ability or titles.

  Among them, there are articles with more than 10,000+readings.

  The title of the article includes North Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam and other countries Source: WeChat screenshot

  How is the series of articles "A woman from a certain country wants to marry China" produced?

  The Paper found on the WeChat public account and Baidu page that the titles of such articles are mostly "I am a Vietnamese woman and I want to marry China." "Many Japanese women want to marry in China. Why?" "Why are North Korean girls crazy about marrying China?" "Blessed are single men. Women all over the world want to marry in China." "Vietnamese girls want to marry in China? They said: "Compared with Japan, being a daughter-in-law in China is really so happy!" "Vietnamese women want to marry in China? It is best not to marry, and experts suggest that it is best to marry Cambodian women.

  The countries mentioned in these articles include North Korea, Ukraine, India, Vietnam, South Korea, Belarus, Myanmar, Japan, Nepal and Mongolia.

  How are these articles produced?

  The Paper selected articles with a reading of over 10,000, and found that the contents of the articles mostly narrated the benefits of foreign women marrying in China.

  In three of them, I am a Vietnamese woman and I want to marry in China, Japanese girls want to marry in China, and why do Mongolian beauties want to marry in China? Taking China as an example, the main point of the article is to tell that foreign women married to China because of its good environment and high per capita GDP. After marrying in China, China’s wife will get a house, her husband will take the initiative to do housework, and her in-laws will help. In addition, from the perspective of history and humanities, it is not unusual for Vietnamese, Japanese, Mongolian and other countries to intermarry with China.

  "I am a Vietnamese woman and I want to marry China" Similar article Source: WeChat screenshot

  For example, in Why do all Mongolian beauties want to marry in China? In the article, it is mentioned at the beginning of the article that "the main reason is that Mongolia is too poor, and the most important thing is that Mongolia’s fertility rate is negative, … … The country’s current per capita GDP is about 1000 US dollars, and the gap between the rich and the poor is very large. "

  This paper argues that the advantages of Mongolian beauties marrying in China are: the environment in China is better than that in Mongolia, there are more women than men in China, and the quality of men in China is generally higher than that in Mongolia.

  Finally, the article concludes that Mongolia will regain its glory when a beautiful Mongolian woman marries China.

  WeChat article "Why do Mongolian beauties want to marry in China" Source: WeChat screenshot

  The Paper found that the article was published on March 2, and the account number was "Historical Heritage". The account profile stated "Interesting historical story, folk unofficial history, democratic analysis, telling the past". The main company of the account number was Hefei Downs Household Products Co., Ltd., and the account number was certified and opened on November 14, 2018.

  On April 16th, The Paper called the account entity company about this article, but it was not connected.

  Hundreds of articles on WeChat public accounts, most of which are individuals.

  The Paper found from nearly 155 articles retrieved from the WeChat public account that these articles were published from different WeChat official account, including the personal account "Peach Notes" to promote the "Sex World Revival Plan", and the tourism consulting service number "Taozui Neon" to promote "Travel around Japan". Its account main body is Shanghai Taozui Neon Network Technology Co., Ltd., and there is also a history that claims to tell "interesting historical stories, folk unofficial history and telling the ancient road today". The main body of this kind of WeChat public account is mostly displayed as an individual, and the time of publishing articles can be retrieved from 2017 to April 2020.

  Japanese girls want to marry in China. Source: WeChat screenshot

  The Paper found that "Women in a certain country want to marry in China" published by this kind of WeChat public account article has the same theme and slightly deviated expression.

  Take the article "I finally understand why Korean women would rather be single in their own country than marry in China" published on March 27th by the WeChat public account of Changsha Yangyujin Network Technology Co., Ltd., as an example. The writing is similar to the previous article, and it is mentioned at the beginning that the fertility rate in South Korea fell below 1% in 2018. Korean women choose to marry in China on the one hand because South Korea and China have similar cultures, and on the other hand, because China has done a better job of equality between men and women.

  The Paper found that the WeChat public account was registered on December 9, 2018. Prior to this, on April 16, The Paper called the account entity company for this article, but it was not connected.

  Korean girls want to marry in China. Source: WeChat screenshot

  Another account shows an individual as the main body. For example, the article "Beautiful Korean Girls, Why Do Many Want to Marry in China" published on May 6, 2019 by Wechat WeChat official account Visual Korea with the registration time of February 1, 2020 also mentions that North Korea is poor and backward in everyone’s impression, and it is still in the 1970s and 1980s in China. North Korean girls have a soft spot for China men, and many North Korean girls want to marry in China.

  Some articles have been deleted.

  As of 20: 40 on 16th, The Paper found that some articles about "Women in a certain country want to marry in China" had been deleted. For example, the current page of "I am a Vietnamese woman and I want to marry China" published by WeChat public account "Peach Notes" is displayed as "This content cannot be viewed due to violation of regulations".

  Previously, the page "I am a Vietnamese woman and I want to marry China" published by WeChat public account "Peach Notes" has been deleted. Source: WeChat screenshot.

  "Beautiful Korean girls, why do many people want to marry in China" published by WeChat official account’s WeChat "Visual Korea", whose account subject is an individual, has also been deleted.

  Why do Korean women want to marry in China? They can’t find the source: WeChat screenshot.

  However, with the keyword "Korean girl, want to marry to China", there are still related WeChat posts in WeChat official account.

  For example, on January 8, 2017, the WeChat public account "Oumeidi Xuefu", whose account body is displayed as an individual, posted "Why do North Korean girls want to marry China crazily?" At the beginning of the article, it was written in a similar way that North Korea’s national conditions are poor, and most North Korean girls are not bad-looking, hardworking and filial to their parents. They are married to China and prefer to live here than their own country.

  The Paper inquired about Article 4.11 of the Operating Specification of WeChat Public Platform, which showed that the incited, exaggerated and misleading content of WeChat platform included "false or exaggerated content of the title involving domestic and foreign politics, military affairs, economic fields and national policies" and "the title is described in an exaggerated way, thus inciting people to do something" and so on. For WeChat official account who has a minor violation, (WeChat) will deal with its name, avatar, function introduction, graphic message and other violations; If the circumstances are serious, the functions of group sending, attention, sharing, search, etc. of the account will be restricted, or the use of the account will be directly restricted.

  The Paper previously reported that in the past two months, there have been many articles entitled "A certain country under the epidemic: it is too difficult for Chinese businessmen to close their shops!" The content of the article in WeChat official account on WeChat "XX country longs to return to China" is exactly the same. More than 60 WeChat WeChat official account posts the same titles and articles in batches, such as Palm Switzerland, Palm Belarus, Palm India and Palm Dublin. After telling the plight of foreign epidemic in Chinese, WeChat official account, entitled "Information about the latest car", published nearly 30 articles entitled "Why does a certain country yearn to return to China" and "Why does a country go out independently from China".

  On April 3rd, The Paper learned from Fuzhou Public Security Bureau that Xue Mou, a manager of WeChat official account who published many false news about "Chinese businessmen are too difficult", had been taken criminal compulsory measures by the police. After arriving at the case, Xue admitted that the relevant articles were all fabricated by him, in order to increase the reading volume and increase the powder in order to make a profit. As for the article "Many countries are eager to return to China", on the evening of April 15th, WeChat responded exclusively to The Paper that such articles were exaggerated and misleading. At present, WeChat has deleted 227 illegal articles "XX countries (or regions) are eager to return to China" and blocked 153 public accounts.

Six economic industries of Dalang Commercial Center, and build Longhua nightlife gathering area.

Jianzhen Client Shenzhen News NetworkJuly 14th (Reporter Hu Ankun, Zheng Ruixin, Zeng Jiaqi) "Night market, night show, night food, night shopping, night entertainment and night reading", come to Dalang Commercial Center in Longhua District at night, so that you can "surf" for one night! Nowadays, night economy plays an important role in helping Shenzhen to build an international consumption center city. In order to vigorously develop the night economy, Longhua District took the lead in setting up a leading group for night economic work in the whole city, and laid out seven night economic demonstration circles, among which Dalang Commercial Center was included in the municipal "night economic demonstration point" to meet your various needs for "nightlife"! At 7: 00 pm on July 13th, Shenzhen News Network launched the theme live broadcast of "Visiting Shenzhen at night to see the vitality of the fifth phase: Come to Longhua to surf together tonight", and hundreds of thousands of netizens followed the reporter’s lens to feel the energetic "nightlife" of big waves.

The reporter’s first stop came to Friendship Book City, where many citizens came to read and enjoy the quiet "night reading" moment. As one of the six theme cultures of Dalang Commercial Center, the theme of "night reading" added a book to "nightlife". The manager of the book mall told the reporter that the passenger flow and turnover of the book mall have reached 80% before the epidemic, and the number of people coming to the book mall to study at night has also increased. The bookstore has a business area of 3,300 square meters, integrating books, culture, sports, coffee and other diverse areas, with more than 80,000 kinds of products. The rich commodities and good environment in the store provide an excellent leisure and cultural place for Dalang residents.

Coming out of the Book City is the second stop of this trip-Milk Tea Street. The night is getting dark, and the popularity of milk tea street is getting more and more prosperous. When friends are tired of shopping, they come here to have a drink and chat. Ms. Lu, who lives nearby, said that the commercial atmosphere of Dalang Commercial Center is strong. After the opening of Metro Line 6, it will be more convenient for citizens to come here. Children also said that they like it here and will often come to the Book City to read books with their classmates.

"Our business is even hotter now than before the epidemic, and people come to dinner at one or two. The Dalang Commercial Center is very popular, and I think it is no different from the East Gate. " Ms. Li, the manager of Hexing Hakka King, talked about the booming business in the store. Hexing Hakka King, which is known as "One Hundred Famous Restaurants in Shenzhen" and "Top Ten Hakka Cuisine Brands", is full of guests. Mr. Huang is a frequent visitor here. He told reporters that he comes here several times a month, and authentic Hakka dishes and fresh seafood are his favorite.

In Dalang Commercial Center, besides delicious food, rich entertainment items are the favorite of young people. "Lehman Racing" is Longhua’s first indoor racing track with more than 2,000 square meters, comprehensive protective facilities, perfect track and entertaining multi-functional activity area, and it is the base camp for fashionable youth gathering activities. According to Ms. Wang, the store manager, since it opened in May, there have been more and more passengers, mainly young people coming to play racing, and there will be more passengers at night, and sometimes queues are needed. The Hero Hui Animation City Amusement Park in the city is always particularly popular during holidays. It is a large-scale fashion animation game theme park carefully built, providing consumers with a completely different feeling from the previous "electronic game hall".

"Boss comes to a bowl of hot and sour powder!" "Iron plate squid needs ten strings!" "Add more spice to the fish with Chinese sauerkraut!" Fanxiang Snack Street is the most "fireworks" place in Dalang Commercial Center. There are 43 restaurants here, where you can find delicious food from north and south of the Yangtze River. The atmosphere of the snack street is as hot as the summer weather. The proprietress of the noodle family told the reporter that the dishes in the store are all Sichuan flavors, and now the business situation has basically returned to before the epidemic. Mr. Wang, the owner of Youzhi Baiwei, said that the busiest time of the day is at night, and the passenger flow is particularly large. The best-selling squid in the store can sell thousands of strings a day.

Not far from the snack street, there is another place where you can feast your eyes-Yangtaishan Food Street. There are 23 shops open here.Shanxi Chinese hamburger, fish with you, Zijin Badao soup …Every family’s business is very hot. Mr. Han, the manager of "Fish You Together", said that the fish with pickled vegetables in the store is very popular. Now there are more people coming to the store to eat than those who order takeout, and there will be more people at night and on weekends. The Zijin Badao Soup in Yangtaishan Food City can be regarded as a perfect interpretation of pigs by Hakkas. Badao Soup is a famous specialty of Zijin, which is based on Hakka local pigs. The proprietress here said that about 300 bowls can be sold every day now, and business will be better at noon.

Taiqing Dessert, located in the third building of Dalang Commercial Center, is a popular food that can’t be missed. It focuses on the research and development of seasonal desserts in Lingnan, featuring authentic Guangdong herbal tea, turtle paste and handmade Chinese desserts, and has become a favorite brand of Shenzhen people.

Known by the public and readers as "the most beautiful library in Shenzhen", the Shufei Life Store has books, wine, coffee, delicious food and art. The last stop of the interview came to "Shufei Life". Ms. Gong, the manager, introduced that there will also be some public welfare lecture halls and flower arranging activities in the store. Mr. Chen told reporters that he often comes here to relax, read books and have a drink. It’s hard to work all day, so it’s very comfortable to enjoy it.

Wang Fajin, assistant to the chairman of Hengguan Investment Development Co., Ltd., the operator of Dalang Commercial Center, said that the operation of Dalang Commercial Center has gradually improved since the resumption of work. At present, there are more than 600 shops, and the catering industry has recovered to the pre-epidemic level, and the retail industry has also been improving. At the end of this year, the third phase of Dalang Commercial Center will be completed and delivered, and the economy will be more prosperous at night. Welcome to visit us again.

It is understood that the municipal demonstration project of night economy in Dalang Commercial Center covers a total area of about 300,000 square meters, and will focus on the development of six economic industries, namely night market, night show, night food, night shopping, night entertainment and night reading, around the characteristics of "international norm", "fashion trend" and "oriental flavor", so as to build Longhua nightlife gathering area and accelerate the construction of an international consumer city. Dalang Commercial Center will upgrade the quality of the first and second phases, and the third phase will fully introduce multiple high-end formats such as "brand shopping center, cultural complex, creative block, children’s city, bar street and night market with lights".

Among them, around the theme of "night market", Dalang Commercial Center will build an "international model" nightlife gathering area, create cool night lighting, and introduce night leisure and entertainment formats such as folk culture street, large bar street, snack food stall street and online celebrity punch street; Around the theme of "Night Show", we will build a performing arts plaza with the theme of performing arts stage, music fountain and world of ice and snow, cultivate performing arts IP, and hold cultural performances such as music festivals, youth song competitions, folk festivals, art festivals and light shows on a regular basis; Around the theme of "Night Eating", we will build a "Midnight Food Store" characteristic food and beverage block, and create the first "China Time-honored Brand" theme food block with local characteristics in the region; Around the theme of "night shopping", we will build a large-scale shopping and entertainment world in all directions, including a large supermarket, a family entertainment city, a home appliance city, a movie city, a sports city, a video game city, a training base and various well-known consumer brands. Around the theme of "night entertainment", we will build two characteristic sightseeing pedestrian streets with "modernity and antiquity", one is the modern western-style East Street; One is West Street which inherits Chinese style; Focusing on the theme of "Night Reading", through the introduction of the cultural complex brand of "Kama Bookstore", with the most beautiful bookstore in China in 2019 as the cultural core and the theme of openness, artistry and comfort, it is comparable to famous brand cultural complexes such as Taiwan Province Eslite and Japanese Amaya.

Merry Christmas in 2021, a beautiful greeting, a collection of words about Merry Christmas in 2021.

"This article is from Minnan. com"
Christmas is another year. Chinese people still like this festival very much. On Christmas Eve, they will also send apples to each other. Of course, Christmas will also send gifts to each other and warm Christmas wishes. The following Minnan Net (www.mnw.cn) Xiaobian brings: A collection of beautiful wishes for a Merry Christmas in 2021.
Merry Christmas in 2021: a beautiful message.
Dear, although I can’t spend our first Christmas with you, I still want to send you my deep blessing, wishing you a more beautiful tomorrow.
2. Warm greetings and sincere wishes. May happiness always accompany you, and may you have full hopes of happy harvest, which will overflow in this new year.
3. Your peace is my wish, your sincerity is my happiness, and my gift to you is my lifelong blessing! Merry Christmas!
4. It’s another festive season. The University of Hong Kong wishes you a Merry Christmas! May all the troubles dissipate and all the dreams come true. No matter where you are, HKU is always with you!
5. The warm atmosphere of Christmas Eve: the moonlight, the bell, the shadow and my little blessing; It conveys the holiday message: Merry Christmas!
6. Christmas is coming again. Think that there is nothing for you, and I don’t intend to give you too much. I only give you 50 million: be happy! Be healthy! Be safe! Be content! Don’t forget me!
7. The bell rang in my ears, and gradually became clear with my memory; Snowflakes fall in my palm, and gradually blur with a smile; The law of happiness falls in your palm. Who will comfort you? I will accompany you on Christmas night.
8. Which courier company does Santa Claus come from? I have waited for ten years and didn’t arrive. I want to give a bad review.
9. Have you ever seen a sand dune wrapped in silver? Dune Christmas tips: Cedar, bonfire, barbecue, and companions who play together can’t be less! Merry Christmas to everyone ~
10. It’s cold and snowy, the night is long, a pot of warm wine, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas ~
Merry Christmas 2021 collection of talks
1. If one day you are put in a bag by Santa Claus, don’t worry, because you are the Christmas present I want.
2. In a blink of an eye, it’s Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. At this moment, may all your unhappiness disappear, and the future days will be safe and happy forever. Merry Christmas and be safe!
3. As Christmas approaches, I want to send my sincere and sincere wishes to you. May your love be full, your career be smooth and beneficial, your life be perfect and beautiful, your mood be sweet, your family love and happiness last forever!
Today, I am the messenger of Christmas Eve, and I send all my best wishes to you. You must seriously accept the happiness I gave you. I hope you will be so happy every day!
5. There is something in the world called love, which is born in attraction and harmonious in sublimation. One of your friends is you, knowing by accident and ending in eternity. My friend sent me my deep blessing on the occasion of Christmas!
6. The dust of the years has not diminished the hard work of missing. May your life be relaxed everywhere, accompanied by the most beautiful happiness, and I wish you a merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, dear. Do you know who I am? This question may not be important to you, but it cares about me.
8. Hello, Santa Claus. I’ve warmed the bed. You can tuck the person I like into my bed. Thank you.
9. Love is silent and love is eternal. Christmas with flying snow, baby, our hearts are embracing each other!
10. Bai Xueer flutters and deer bells knock, and the sweet Christmas Eve comes again. What a wonderful Christmas! Love is silent, love is eternal, dear, merry Christmas!
The above is the whole content. For more exciting, please continue to pay attention to Xiaobian.