BYD Qin PLUS EV 2023 Champion Edition goes on the market: five hard-core upgrades, starting at 129,800 yuan.

China Economic Weekly-Economic News On April 7, BYD announced that the Champion Edition of Qin PLUS EV 2023 was officially launched, with an official guide price of 129,800 ~ 176,800 yuan. As another sharp edge of the Qin family to subvert fuel, the new car was upgraded with five hard cores, in order to lead the pure electric A sedan to an advanced value.

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BYD introduced that at the beginning of this year, the company launched the "King Bomb", and the Qin PLUS DM-i 2023 Champion Edition opened a new era of "the same price of oil and electricity" with an entry price of 99,800 yuan. The first month of listing got off to a good start, and the Qin family sold 30,540 cars. With the trend of "Qin" sweeping Liuhe, it topped the sales of all kinds of cars and became the champion of a new generation of family cars. In March, the Qin family sold 40,850 sets, reaching a new high.

The newly-launched Qin PLUS EV also has a brilliant historical record: since its listing, Qin PLUS EV has won the title of pure electric A sedan for many times and is deeply loved by young families.

Figure 2

According to BYD, Qin PLUS EV 2023 Champion Edition has launched six models, all of which have upgraded the core technology of E platform 3.0, and the starting price has reached 120,000, so that young friends who want to enter the new energy era in one step can more easily imagine pure electric life.

According to reports, in terms of technology upgrade, the new car upgraded the core technology of E platform 3.0, and the "gold content" of the model was greatly improved. Equipped with high-efficiency heat pump system with wide temperature range, the energy consumption of air conditioning is reduced by 40% under low temperature conditions, and the cruising range at low temperature is greatly improved; With the eight-in-one electric powertrain, the volume and weight of the system are reduced by 10%, and the comprehensive working condition efficiency is as high as 89%.

Figure 3

In terms of power enhancement, the maximum power of the vehicle motor is enhanced to 150kW, and the acceleration time of 0-50km/h is increased to 3.8 seconds; Equipped with industry-leading blade batteries, CLTC can last 610km under comprehensive working conditions, and its comprehensive energy consumption is as low as 12.5kWh/100km, so it eats less and runs faster.

In terms of face value rejuvenation, the appearance of ink jade blue and the interior of warm sun brown are added, so that the texture is in place in one step and the warmth goes with it.

In terms of comfort upgrade, the integrated sports luxury seat increases the punching process and the heat dissipation is greatly improved. It is more comfortable to drive with the cloud cushion with better wrapping.

Figure 4

In the advanced aspect of Zhilian, listening to the voice of the market, the 2023 Champion Edition is equipped with an 8.8-inch (0.2235 m) full LCD instrument, which is rich in content and clear in perception, fully meeting the needs of users; Equipped with DiLink 4.0 intelligent network system, massive applications, free to play.

BYD said that from "A sedan selling crown" to "all-category sedan selling crown", Qin PLUS has changed from a chaser to a leader in the car market, breaking the joint venture monopoly and reshaping the market structure on behalf of China brand. If the 99,800 Qin PLUS DM-i broke through the price moat of the joint venture fuel vehicle for the first time, it accelerated the subversion of the fuel vehicle by inserting the A sedan; Then, Qin PLUS EV 2023 Champion Edition will allow high-quality pure electric A sedan to enter the hinterland of fuel price, anchoring the new value of pure electric A sedan, which is expected to make China brand fully grasp the right to speak.

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There is a face and a face, starting at 149,900, with a battery life of 520km. Analyze BYD Qin Pro EV.

When it comes to the domestic automobile market, there are only a handful of independent brands, and BYD is one of them. However, compared with the Great Wall and Geely, BYD has not only succeeded in the field of fuel vehicles, but also shined in the field of new energy, such as the Qin Pro EV (parameter picture) that we are going to analyze today.

There are 8 models of Qin Pro EV on sale, with a guide price of 149,900 to 204,900. However, after subsidies, the price of Qin Pro EV is 144,900 to 199,900. As a compact car, this pricing is actually relatively high, but the cost performance of BYD’s models is generally good. Continue to learn about Qin Pro EV.

Although Qin Pro EV is a pure tram, it is hard to detect in appearance. It basically copied the design of the fuel version and continued BYD’s "Longyan" design concept. The recognition of the front part is also very high. The large-area medium mesh grille adopts lattice structure, which has a strong sense of exquisiteness, and diversion grooves are also designed on both sides of the front enclosure.

The shape of the headlights is also very exquisite, and the top is also connected with a chrome trim strip, which has a feeling of "dragon eyebrow". And Qin Pro EV is equipped with matrix LED headlights, which are bright and murderous after lighting. However, only three models, namely the exclusive model, the leading model and the leading model, are equipped with adaptive far and near light.

The shape of the side of the car body is also very dynamic, and the lines on the roof have a slippery breath, so the overall look is also a bit of a coupe. The design of the waistline is also very aesthetic, extending from the headlights to the top of the taillights and blending with the tail lines. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of Qin Pro EV are 4765/1837/1515mm, and the wheelbase is 2718mm. This parameter is average and below average.

The shape of the wheel hub is also very dynamic. Except for the travel version and the pilot version, which are equipped with 16-inch wheels, tyre size is 225/60, and other models are equipped with 17-inch wheels with multi-spoke and two-color shapes, and tyre size is 225/55.

The shape of the rear part is simpler, the overall layering is richer, and more horizontal lines are used. The design of the through taillight is also very bright, with a chrome trim in the middle, and the left and right sides extend longer, and the recognition after lighting is ok.

Entering the car, Qin Pro EV’s interior design is also very layered, and it also uses more horizontal lines, but if its line curvature is larger, there will be a circular layout in the car. The performance of Qin Pro EV is average, only the top of the center console is covered with soft material, and other places are made of hard material, but its decorative pattern design is still very beautiful.

The steering wheel has three flat-bottomed structures. Except for the leading model, which is wrapped in leather, other models are only wrapped in leather, but the grip is also excellent. The layout of multi-function buttons is also reasonable, and it is not difficult to control, and the logos of all BYD models’ interiors are in Chinese, which is commendable.

The design of the dashboard always looks awkward, although it is very conventional. The whole system adopts an 8-inch full LCD screen, and adopts frameless design. The display effect is very delicate, and the UI interface design is also very intuitive, which can read a lot of information about the vehicle condition.

The design of the central control office adopts BYD’s usual suspension type and supports rotation, but only the Lingshang, Lingyao and Lingchuang models use a 12.8-inch touch LCD screen, while the Lingshang, Lingshang and Lingyue models use a 10.1-inch touch LCD screen. The travel version and the pilot version are only equipped with an 8-inch touch LCD screen, but a 10.1-inch touch LCD screen is optional.

The integration ability of this central control panel is also relatively strong, although it is very routine, such as air conditioning system, entertainment system, active safety system and vehicle settings can be operated in it. The car system it carries is also rich in functionality, supporting navigation, road information display, road rescue, Bluetooth phone, voice recognition control and car networking, but the travel version and the pilot version do not support road rescue and voice recognition control.

In passive safety configuration, only the Lingyao model is equipped with 6 airbags, other models are only equipped with 4 airbags, and only the travel version and the pilot version are equipped with tire pressure alarm, and other models are equipped with tire pressure display. In terms of active safety, only the three models, namely, the exclusive model, the leading model and the leading model, are equipped with lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, road traffic sign recognition and active braking.

In terms of driving assistance control, the three models of Lingshang, Lingdong and Lingyue are only equipped with rear parking radar, reversing image and constant speed cruise, while the three models of Lingxiang, Lingyao and Lingchuang are equipped with front and rear parking radar, 360-degree panoramic image and full-speed adaptive cruise, while the travel version and the pilot version are only equipped with rear parking radar.

The shape of the seat is also very interesting, with more stitches. The cushion and backrest are also decorated with stripes, and the word "Qin" is embroidered above the backrest. The comfort and wrapping of the seat are also quite satisfactory. There is little difference between the rear seat and the front seat, but the comfort is better and the wrapping is good, but the middle seat is not equipped with headrest.

In the sitting space, adjust the front row to a suitable position. The height of the experiencer is 1.8 meters, and there are four fingers left in the head space. Keep the front seat unchanged, enter the back row, there are more than three fingers left in the head, and there are still three fingers left in the leg space. For this class of cars, this performance is quite good. Except for the travel version and the pilot version, which are not equipped with skylights, all other models are equipped with electric skylights.

Power: All Pro EV systems in Qin adopt the layout of front single motor, but three kinds of power motors are provided. The maximum power and torque of the motors equipped in Lingshang, Travel and Pilot versions are 100kW and 180N·m respectively. However, the maximum power and torque of the motors equipped with the leading type, the enjoying type and the leading type are 120kW and 280N·m, and the maximum power and torque of the motors equipped with the leading type and the leading type are 135kW and 280N·m. The transmission adopts a single-speed fixed gear ratio gearbox, while on the chassis suspension, the travel version and the pilot version adopt the combination of front McPherson independent suspension and rear torsion beam dependent suspension, while other models adopt front McPherson independent suspension and rear multi-link independent suspension.

In terms of endurance, Qin Pro EV also provides three kinds. The leading version, the travel version and the pilot version use a ternary lithium battery with a battery energy of 53.1kWh and a battery life of 401km. The ternary lithium battery equipped with the leading, enjoying and leading models has a battery energy of 56.4kWh and a battery life of 420km, and the battery life of the leading and leading models is 520km. The ternary lithium battery also used has a battery energy of 69.5kWh.

Generally speaking, the competition in the new energy market will only become more and more fierce. The overall strength of Qin Pro EV is good and competitive, but there is still room for improvement, at least it makes people feel sincere. Now it gives me the feeling that it is always a little less interesting, and I may have seen a car with higher cost performance.

Lei Jun did not mention the future of Xiaomi Automobile.

People live their dreams.

How many people like Xiaomi, which should be reflected in sales.

In 2022, Xiaomi’s global smartphone shipments remained third, ahead of Samsung and Apple.

In the latest market report, in the second quarter of 2023, Samsung ranked first with 53 million units, Apple ranked second with 43 million units, and Xiaomi ranked third with 33.2 million units.

Looking at the steady development, the third in the world, Xiaomi should relax, and his country is saved.

In numerous global data analysis reports, companies standing at the top of the pyramid are not happy, and they almost follow the same sentence, "In 2022, global smartphone shipments fell by 11.7% year-on-year, reaching the lowest level in nine years."

The bottleneck of smart phones still appears as scheduled.

The third place in the world, but in the domestic market, Xiaomi’s share is falling behind.

Obviously, this is not an accident.

Xiaomi needs to release more information to the market. In addition to mobile phones and other digital products, cars can boost morale.

Xiaomi’s approach is to remain mysterious.

Without releasing too much information to the outside world, Xiaomi Automobile can withstand loneliness and race against time.

I believe it is Lei Jun’s intention.

On August 14th, Lei Jun’s annual speech, which had been laid for many days, was officially opened.

In Weibo, # Lei Jun’s Annual Speech Topic #, which has contributed nearly 10 million readings, is full of expectations for Lei Jun’s speech and praise for Lei Jun himself.

Everyone has a filter for Lei Jun.

Annual speech as scheduled, simple stage design; This is only Lei Jun’s fourth lecture, but if possible, fans hope that Brother Jun will keep it.

This kind of thing, which exists like a promise, is a beautiful little fortunate. Cheers and shouts accompanied Lei Jun to the stage.

"Growth" kicked off.

I was moved by Lei Jun during the three-hour speech.

One person, one pen.

A stage, a play.

Simple blue shirt+jeans, which is the standard of technology experts; I still can’t change the local accent, which makes me play at some moments.

Kan Kan talked for 3 hours, and Lei Jun talked about starting a business and working all the way from college time. This kind of "looking back" seems to sigh the passage of time.

Recalling Wu Da’s life, Lei Jun is warm.

The beauty of youth and yearning for the future are the blueprints that every college student will paint "I want …".

Lei Jun said, "I read a book in the library, Fire in Silicon Valley, and established my lifelong dream."

With only one book, you can build a lifelong dream.

If everyone can be as simple and crisp as Lei Jun, then we should all succeed.

A book is enough to arouse a person’s lifelong goals. What a pure thing it is.

Dreamers are always pure.

Fire in Silicon Valley is on fire.

Under the appeal of Lei Jun, Fire in Silicon Valley rekindled the click-through rate and purchase rate.

This is the celebrity effect.

"If there is a fire in your heart, you are willing to take practical actions; Those who work hard and don’t calculate the gains and losses should succeed, shouldn’t they? "

Although this kind of inspirational prologue can be seen everywhere, you have to copy "since heaven gave the talent, let it be employed!" for 1000 times before you can get started.

Find a way, use it, and then stick to it. It seems that any successful thing cannot escape these three things.

It’s hard to persist, isn’t it?

Lei Jun said, "In fact, no matter what problems you encounter, others may have encountered them, solved them, and even have standard answers. You just need to ask someone."

I quite agree with him.

As the old saying goes, you are not ashamed to ask questions.

Asking for advice with an open mind should be the first step to learn to study effectively.

In those unsuccessful years, persistence and self-encouragement are the only motivation to "live". Many people will choose to give up before the quantitative change to the qualitative change, saying all kinds of words to comfort themselves, for fear that others will misunderstand their weakness.

A successful person never talks about suffering.

Now he is successful. In front of others, he is an outstanding alumnus who can return to school with scenery, stand on the stage of the 130th anniversary of Wuhan University, and look back on the past life of Wuhan University in front of more than 17,000 people. It is the senior brothers of those students who are equally ambitious and eager to succeed.

Cheers always overwhelm everything.

Because he is Lei Jun.

He is the bright star in the rise of China’s mobile phone industry; Xiaomi’s mobile phone stores have opened all over the mainland of China; In countless business circles, the orange LOGO is always so conspicuous, and the extremely simplified furnishings in the store and household appliances other than digital products such as mobile phones make users look new.

Xiaomi has more than just a mobile phone.

He also has more applications in the smart home system; Crucially, he is a civilian.

The products with extremely high cost performance and minimalist design make Xiaomi quickly go out of the circle, and the products with intelligent ecological network connection make Xiaomi change from a simple mobile phone manufacturer to an ecological closed loop.

Xiaomi’s entrepreneurship is the best performance of Lei Jun’s persistence and hardship.

With an annual sales of 150 million mobile phones, Xiaomi is glorious.

The decline in revenue exceeded 14%, and Xiaomi was also anxious.

When the global millet flour is cheering for Xiaomi’s mobile phone, many people put forward that "it is a disadvantage that Xiaomi can’t be high-end".

A muffled thunder made the world quiet.

As difficult as any brand needs high-end, Xiaomi’s high-end process has made Lei Jun very painful.

He said, "The most painful and biggest growth in the past decade is high-end exploration."

When you get used to his high cost performance, high-end is the cornerstone that hinders the purchase rate.

Xiaomi’s test of water on Xiaomi 10 is successful, but it is said that Xiaomi 11 and Xiaomi 12 are failures. I am not a mobile phone fan, and there is only one Xiaomi mobile phone I used, and I still don’t know where it is; But I know that to make a product high-end and beyond the price of brand awareness, it must be amazing and perfect.

The network said that because of the quality problems of Xiaomi 11 and Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi suffered serious losses at the beginning; As a result, Lei Jun began to reflect on his decision, and the company also began to question the necessity of "high-end road".

At this moment, who should you ask?

Although Lei Jun believes that "there is a standard answer to some things", no one should be able to solve this standard answer.

Although there is ambiguity, high-end is almost the only way for Xiaomi.

If the mobile phone business cannot be realized for the time being, then Xiaomi’s car-making may be the peak of Xiaomi’s high-end.

It is Lei Jun’s confidence in Xiaomi.

In 2022, the number of connected devices (excluding smartphones, tablets and laptops) on Xiaomi AIOT platform increased by 35.8% year-on-year to 589 million; The annual revenue of smart home appliances increased by over 40% year-on-year; The annual shipment of Xiaomi tablet increased by over 160% year-on-year.

These data are telling us that Xiaomi has money.

On the basis of money, Xiaomi automobile was born conditionally.

I think Lei Jun thinks so, too.

In March 2021, Xiaomi officially announced that it would enter the automobile industry and "fight for Xiaomi Automobile", which started the first step of Lei Jun’s impact on the high-end ceiling.

At that time, Lei Jun was confident and excited. "Xiaomi has money and Xiaomi can afford it."

But I think Xiaomi can’t afford to lose.

The high-end that was questioned, set sail again, and Lei Jun started another venture.

Independent research and development of batteries, motors, electronic control, but also self-built factories.

Xiaomi Group currently has a complete IOT service ecosystem and consumer electronics portfolio, which is another layer of confidence for Lei Jun in automobile supply.

Did Xiaomi Automobile take the lead in investing 3.1 billion yuan to accompany you?

Should you be excited?

Lei Jun made a car at the end, and the mobile phone circle boiled.

Compared with the unreliability of Apple’s car-making, Xiaomi’s car process remains mysterious, but it has been moving forward.

Although the automobile industry is worried about it.

Despite the same manufacturing industry, the resistance of alternating mountains seems to be whispering, so don’t be too optimistic.

Lei Jun is confident.

We are locked in the sentence "Xiaomi’s first smart car will be mass-produced in 2024", and the countdown begins.

Lei Jun is ambitious.

His goal is that Xiaomi Automobile will enter the first camp of the industry in 2024.

These boasting are to cheer themselves up.

This complex big project, in Lei Jun’s view, can be broken down into countless independent points, solved one by one, and finally achieved perfection, just like the study in that year.

Is that the truth?

The unsolvable problem of building a car has become more confusing under the premise that Lei Jun will not reveal more details.

At the opening of the lecture in 2023, we expect to get new progress about Xiaomi Automobile.

Even the slightest trace.

Can’t get it, always in turmoil; Those who are favored have nothing to fear.

Lin xi’s lyrics are always so precise. However, hope still failed, Lei Jun, without a word.

Especially low-key, do you want to be vigorous when it breaks out?

Practitioners in the automobile industry have also begun to become scouts. In those few articles, they are trying to find any clues about the progress of Xiaomi Automobile, for example, the progress of the factory.

The news that Xiaomi Automobile Factory was completed in Beijing Yizhuang New Town was confirmed, and the offline delivery center industry of Xiaomi Automobile is being started as scheduled.

The unanimous "smooth progress" of Xiaomi executives is the only official source of news for Xiaomi Automobile.

So mysterious, so desperate, Lei Jun’s cross the rubicon, do you feel it?

Honestly, I didn’t.

Returning to rationality, why does Xiaomi build a car?

Is it because of the intelligent layout of Xiaomi itself?

Is it because of the huge and strong fan base behind Xiaomi’s ecology, or because of the dilemma of the ceiling of the mobile phone industry?

Will the original intention of Xiaomi’s need to change be exactly the same as Huawei’s?

The only difference is that Huawei chose a good helper, and Xiaomi decided to fight alone.

But I still firmly believe that there are always several outlets in this seemingly interlinked world, which makes it difficult for them to walk separately.

Xiaomi’s pressure is not small, and the data can be reflected.

According to the network data, in the whole year of 2022 and Q1 of 2023, Xiaomi’s mobile phone revenue declined by 20%. Keeping the third place in the world, the declining market share is the biggest drop among the major manufacturers.

The decline of the mobile phone business and the unclear start of the car have also become the own label of Xiaomi Automobile, a new entrant.

If people live for their dreams, should it become "living for reality" at this moment?

Some people say that Lei Jun is too optimistic, and he really underestimates the risk value of the automobile industry. But we are not Lei Jun, so we can’t consider what he is thinking.

But he is the man who created the Xiaomi empire.

I think that the annual speech in 2023 may be a charge before the birth of Xiaomi Automobile.

It seems that there is no car speech, but it is full of the shadow of making a car.

Lei Jun took his dream seriously, tried to break it down into one achievable goal after another, and then tried his best to achieve it, and so did Xiaomi. Only by down-to-earth growth can we have enough self-confidence, courage and determination to meet all the unknown challenges. "The same is true for Xiaomi to build a car.

Lei Jun’s dream is great. I want to interpret it as, "Xiaomi Auto will eventually achieve greatness because of its perseverance in these years." This confidence about cars was put into the speech by Lei Jun one by one.

I still firmly believe that those consoled chicken soup for the soul are Lei Jun’s interpretation of Xiaomi Automobile at this moment.

Schopenhauer said, "Life is either painful or boring, and happiness is also a delusion." This thoroughly pessimistic philosopher spoke frankly about the emptiness of human nature.

I think Lei Jun would also say, "Since life is boring, I will try to fill it."

To do live broadcast with goods, you need to master 6 marketing skills.

What points do enterprises need to step on if they want to do video marketing well? This paper introduces six main points for everyone, hoping to inspire you.

In 2017, anchor Viya seized the new outlet of Taobao live broadcast and became the first anchor to enter the live broadcast with goods. More than 4 million Taobao fans, the highest number of live viewers exceeded 8 million, and the goods were 267 million in 2 hours. In 2018, the turnover reached 2.7 billion.

In 2018, Li Jiaqi’s five-and-a-half-hour Taobao live broadcast sold 23,000 orders and completed a turnover of 3.53 million. During the Double Eleven period, it challenged Ma Yun to become a "lipstick brother" and the whole network became popular.

In 2019, according to the double 11 record announced by Tmall, the live broadcast of Double Eleven Taobao drove the transaction to nearly 20 billion yuan. And there are more than 10 live broadcast rooms with a turnover of 100 million yuan and more than 100 live broadcast rooms with a turnover of 10 million yuan.

Viya, the anchor, also ranked first in the popularity list of Taobao live broadcast. Zhao Yuanyuan, the head of Taobao live broadcast operation, revealed in the early morning that Viya’s sales during the Double Eleven this year had reached her sales for the whole year of last year. In the whole year of 2018, Viya led the turnover of 2.7 billion.

Is live shopping really just a new retail method in recent three years? After the analysis of growth phenomenon, it is not. Live shopping is essentially the 2.0 version of TV shopping.

Comparing TV shopping with live shopping, in fact,It’s just that in different times, consumers borrow the same expressions from different communication tools, and their essential logic is the same.They all try their best to communicate with fans/audiences and show the selling points of the products in a specific environment in order to achieve the transaction.

But the progress of live delivery is thatLive broadcast can realize real-time interaction with fans.. When fans have questions, they can leave messages directly in the live broadcast room, and the anchor can interact with fans across the screen and help them answer questions online, which restores the scene of offline consumption. What’s better is that the shopping guide (anchor) here does not have those uncomfortable faces of offline shopping guide, which greatly improves the shopping experience. Live shoppingCreate a scene where old friends chat.Quickly close the distance between fans and anchors and drive the atmosphere in the live broadcast room.

The essence of marketing is to build trust with users. From the traditional offline retail to the content e-commerce and online celebrity live broadcast in the Internet era, the essence of sales has not changed, but the sales channels are constantly updated.

In the past 30 years, in the era of radio and television, when commodity production was not so rich and the means of communication were relatively simple, people would shop from TV and listen to the host on TV constantly "998, as long as 998, eight arrows with eight hearts". This kind of incitement made people immediately brainwashed and called the order hotline.

Nowadays, with the advent of the Internet era, commodity production is further enriched, the means of communication are more diversified, and the content is still produced, but the channels for carrying information have changed. Now short videos and live broadcasts are essentially newspapers and televisions in the past.

"All girls, buy it!" As soon as it appears, it is awkward; On the other hand, the information in the text now is equivalent to the media of newspapers and magazines 30 years ago.

So the growth of flying elephants came to the conclusion,Now live shopping is the 2.0 version of TV shopping.

Nowadays, video marketing is still in its infancy. Strictly speaking, pictures, texts, short videos and long videos can all be brought, but the most efficient way to bring goods is live broadcast. Many serious Taobao users get used to watching live broadcasts, but they can’t read pictures and texts any more. This principle is the same as getting used to watching pictures and texts of Tik Tok Aauto Quicker who don’t want to read Weibo WeChat WeChat official account, and getting used to watching TV is just like not focusing on reading newspapers. The expression of video is far more intuitive and impactful than words and sounds.

Coupled with the arrival of the 5G era, video is even more powerful. In the past, newspapers mobilized readers’ vision, and after TV came out, we could watch or listen. After the video comes out, you can not only listen and watch, but also have people there to try products and chat with you, which can mobilize your senses in a 360-degree way, stimulate your nerves and transform you. This is why some people usually consume rationally, but they can’t help but pick their hands when they watch the live broadcast.

Therefore, the growth flying elephant believes that there will still be more room for development in the future, and there will be a continued version 3.0.

Next, the growth of flying elephants is for everyone.Analyze what points an enterprise needs to step on if it wants to do a good job in video marketing.

If you choose products with enough profit margin, businesses should make money through video marketing, and people who bring goods must make money, which means that the price of goods must contain rebate commission for people who bring goods. However, often the price of the live broadcast room is indeed relatively low. How is this done? After our analysis of the growth of flying elephants, there are the following two situations:

1. Part of the situation is that merchants really make profits for the sake of quantity. Some online celebrity really carry a large quantity of goods, so they have bargaining chips with merchants, and they use the amount to drive down the price crazily and get a very low cost price, so that they can not only sell the lowest price in the whole network, but also make money.

But in the long run, this kind of list is not a list that merchants are willing to take for a long time. After all, the profit is extremely meager. If you are not careful, it will become a loss-making business.

23. Selling special customized models from online celebrity, many online celebrity will let you go to Taobao to search for the same model on the spot when selling goods live. You can search and find that this product does exist, and the price is 299, while the live broadcast room only sells 89.

You think it’s a good deal, but the truth is, what you see.That commodity is specially designed to resist the price., almost no sales, this product mainly depends on video marketing to bring goods, and now many manufacturers are customizing various products for the major platforms online celebrity, and a very important link in promoting products is to put the same product on Taobao and set a high price.

In fact, this routine has long been played by merchants. The same product is marked with different models online and in physical stores, so you can’t do absolute price comparison, thus avoiding a lot of trouble.

Many anchors are born at the grassroots level. In order to have no sense of distance from their fans,Take the "friend recommendation" personal designOn the contrary, many stars also follow the trend to do live broadcast with goods, such as Li, a former famous host of Hunan Satellite TV, who tried to bring goods but met with a fiasco.

Some of these anchors often open chat posts, and inadvertently reveal the bitterness behind their work in the "trumpet" that fans all know, so that the audience can realize that glamorous anchors, like ordinary people, will get sick, tired and stay up late. They sacrifice their hobbies and socializing for their careers, which is very similar to the story of ordinary people’s life, and can instantly narrow the distance between fans and anchors, which is enough to help anchors successfully circle fans.

Secondly, in line with the fan front, follow the fans to bargain with the merchants, gain the trust of fans, and lower the threshold of fans’ hearts.

Finally,Clear positioning, not easy to cross the border.

Just like Li Jiaqi, we all know that his personal name is "Brother Lipstick". Because of his superior carrying ability, the manufacturer of non-stick pan found him, but there was a huge mistake, and the non-stick pan stuck in a mess at the scene of frying eggs. Although the follow-up Li Jiaqi’s public relations were handled properly, this rollover made these anchors give them a wake-up call.

When Li Jiaqi was in Amway lipstick,Always describe you with this lipstick through the imagination of the scene.

If you want to be a lady today, choose a super elegant plum sauce purple lipstick;

If you want to take the girl route again tomorrow, then come to a rotten tomato color, Bo Tu it, and you are a young girl full of vitality;

The day after tomorrow is Hong Kong-style retro style, so you can’t go wrong if you take it with matte red.

By contrast, just like other bloggers, describe this lipstick as moist in texture, positive in color, strong in brand background and affordable, which can only convey the information of lipstick to users, but it does not directly hit people’s hearts.Li Jiaqi is well versed in women’s psychology and knows that what every girl yearns for is a more beautiful self.Therefore, when I was in Amway, I abstracted various scenes, making girls feel that they are not only missing a dress in the closet forever, but also a lipstick on the dressing table forever.

Secondly,Frequent golden sentences,“OMG! This is so beautiful! All girls, buy it! " Let the rumors spread that "the sky is not afraid, the land is not afraid, and I am afraid of Jiaqi OMG!"

The anchor sells goods not just by low prices, but more.Through coupons, gifts, limits, price limitsTo arouse fans’ curiosity and interest in products,Give fans the feeling of taking advantage.. The growth elephant once said,What customers want now is not a bargain, nor an advantage, but a feeling of taking advantage.

The anchor keeps rendering to create an atmosphere of "if you don’t buy it now, you’ll never get this bargain again". I’m afraid it will be out of stock one second later!

"Today, there are limited to 2,000 orders, and there are not many. After grabbing it, there will be no more!" Don’t chop your hands at this time, but when.

Taobao is based on its own natural platform advantage, and it is also an organization that set foot on live broadcast and brought goods early, and its sales conversion rate is still the highest.General consumer goods are the best sellers..

Aauto Quicker and Tik Tok are content logic, and their daily life is high. The difference is thatAauto Quicker pays attention to private domain traffic precipitation.The vermicelli is sticky, which is suitable for promoting products whose customer unit price is generally below 300 yuan.

Tik Tok has a large flow.However, due to its algorithm-oriented restrictions, Tik Tok’s traffic can’t be privatized, so it’s worthless.Beauty products are better transformed..

In addition to the above platforms with a large volume of goods, there are also some other platforms that have tried water and added different elements.

Pinduoduo first tried the water and moved the fission game into the live broadcast room.

JD.COM is also promoting the Red Man Incubation Plan recently, and has invested at least 1 billion resources for this purpose.

The "Grass Planting Platform" Xiaohongshu will also broadcast live e-commerce, allowing creators to broadcast live with note-taking gameplay, online gameplay and red envelope gameplay.

Marketing must be continuous, and the effect is obvious.

In an interview with reporters, Li Jiaqi said that he broadcast 389 live broadcasts in 365 days a year.This high-intensity and high-frequency live broadcast is to cultivate fans’ habit of watching live broadcasts and maintain loyalty.

At the same time, careful answering questions or entertaining communication can narrow the distance between KOL and fans, realize emotional resonance, and establish intimacy and trust between anchors and fans. In this way, it is logical to bring goods.

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the species that survive every big change are not the strongest ones, nor the ones with the highest intelligence, but the ones that can make the most positive response to the change.

[1] Zhao Yuanyuan, the person in charge of Taobao live broadcast: the live broadcast of the show is big brother, and the live broadcast of e-commerce is big sister.

[2] How long can live broadcast with goods fire?

[3] Analysis and optimization of TV shopping program host’s program production process


Author: Once, WeChat official account: Growth Flying Elephant

This article was originally published by @ 中中中中中中. Everyone is a product manager, and it is forbidden to reprint without the permission of the author.

The title map comes from Unsplash and is based on CC0 protocol.

Why do young people eager to "go ashore and become public" take the civil service exam?

  Editor’s note: The words here are not flashy, empty talk, and there is no "title party". In the network era of information bombing, we just want to quietly record the stories around us, pay attention to the cold and warm life, and take you to touch the questions of society.

  Chinanews. com client Beijing, October 25 th:Why do young people eager to "go ashore and become public" take the civil service exam?

  Author: Lang Lang

  It is another year of national examination season. Since 2009, the national examination has registered more than one million people for 11 consecutive years.

  Public examination fever, which is not a new topic, attracts social discussion every year.

  "Iron rice bowl", "within the system" and "wanting to be an official" … … On the internet, it seems that public opinion can’t escape these stereotypes in interpreting the fever of public examinations.

  However, focusing on individuals, those young people who embark on the road of public examinations either want to give themselves more opportunities to apply for jobs after graduation or have re-planned their lives and careers. In short, they hope to fight hard for themselves in an equal competition.

  Data Map: A national examination center in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, candidates are ready to enter the examination room. Photo by Wu Junjie

  Four public exams: I didn’t think about anything except civil servants.

  In April this year, Zhang Keran participated in the recruitment of civil servants for the fourth time, but she lost again, only 0.5 points away from the admission score.

  She was disheartened and lay in bed for seven days without eating or drinking, constantly asking herself why she didn’t pass the exam again, and why she was so inferior to others. Cut off contact with the outside world, Zhang Keran like into thin air.

  Her collapse is understandable. After all, since she graduated from college in 2015, all her life has revolved around public examinations, and becoming a civil servant has even become her dream.

  As an only child, she doesn’t want to be too far away from home. In her own words, the "stability" and "security" of civil servants can best give her a sense of security.

  At the age of 26, Zhang Keran, who is single, also plans to get married and start a family in the future. He has an official position in his hometown and is even an important bargaining chip when talking about marriage.

  "Although it will not be rich and expensive, the work of civil servants can guarantee my basic life." She said.

  Data Map: Candidates are looking for the examination room. Photo by Zhang Bin

  The four-year journey of the public examination is inseparable from the support of family members. Grandpa has been Zhang Keran’s staunchest supporter since he made the decision to take the public examination in his senior year. The retired civil servant has a certain understanding of the system. After all, civil servants have a decent social status. In the eyes of his hometown, public officials eat "imperial grain" and are guaranteed to receive income through drought and flood.

  Fairness is another important reason why Zhang Keran chose the road of civil servants. Zhang Keran, who graduated from an ordinary undergraduate college, deeply feels that the employment pressure is too great, and the civil service team is becoming more and more standardized and the selection method is fairer. For her, it is really the best choice.

  In order to prepare for the fourth exam, the family spent more than 30 thousand to send her to a 53-day closed training class in a public training institution. Before leaving, my mother said, "This is your last exam. If you fail, don’t give me another exam!" " With pressure, from 8: 30 a.m. to 11: 00 p.m. every day, Zhang Keran dare not relax and can’t sleep at night.

  After enduring great mental pressure and intense review rhythm, she still didn’t get the ideal result, which she couldn’t accept.

  But she is still unwilling and plans to take the fifth civil service exam.

  Photo courtesy of candidates who are studying in closed classes

  Career choice: public examination is only one of the choices.

  After taking the civil service exam for so many years, Zhang Keran’s dream is still to "go ashore" one day, which is a jargon among candidates in the public exam, referring to the success of the exam. In their view, if leaving the system is called "going to sea", then their goal should be called "landing".

  Liang Yihui and Han Xiao are now "people on the shore".

  Three years ago, when the university was about to graduate, Liang Yihui wanted to stay in Shenzhen. Getting a stable and secure job in such a big city could help him lay a relatively stable foundation.

  In the next semester of junior year, Liang Yihui started the busy graduation season. Internship, campus job fair, graduation project, written interview … … After trying to do the simulation questions, Liang Yihui felt that it was possible to win the civil service exam, so he ended his internship early and began to concentrate on reviewing.

  Piecemeal review +3 months of assault, Liang Yihui broke through the encirclement from the national examination army of millions in 2017 and "went ashore". Before that, he also got the offer from the company.

  "Leave yourself a little retreat, and do something else if you don’t pass the exam." He said.

  Compared with Liang Yihui, Han Xiao was a little confused in his graduation season.

  He didn’t have a career plan when he failed in the postgraduate entrance examination. He just felt that he should have a job anyway, and he followed the resume of everyone in a daze. He changed five jobs five years after graduation, and finally decided on the public examination.

  "My previous jobs were not what I wanted, and I didn’t have a sense of value," Han said with a smile, unwilling to get along like this.

  He traveled to nearly ten cities and experienced 22 exams. He was eager to "go ashore" and even passed the highway toll collector. Finally, Han Xiao successfully "landed" in the civil service recruitment exam in Hebei.

  In the data map, Xinhua News Agency issued Meng Delong photo

  After "landing": the civil service profession "can be seen at a glance"?

  After all the hardships, I finally "landed". Is the life after "landing" what I want? Just as they are for the civil servants in stabilizing selection, this feature of "stability" makes them questioned by the outside world.

  On the Internet, whenever there is a public examination topic, netizens’ comments on public office are mostly "iron rice bowl", "wanting to be an official", "life at a glance" and "comfort within the system" … … However, as an experienced person, Liang Yihui, who has been working for two years, felt the challenge brought by his work.

  "Communication and coordination, overall planning, deployment and implementation, summary and improvement, as long as you work hard and think well, you can make people grow." Liang Yihui said that civil servants are just a professional identity. From the perspective of posts and ranks, different heights do different things, which is full of changes and richness.

  For him, since he chose to be a civil servant, he has to bear the corresponding post responsibilities, even if he went to other posts at the beginning, he has such an attitude.

  "I have never imagined my ideal working state, but this state of civil servants is acceptable to me." Liang Yihui said.

  Data map: Candidates walk out of the examination room. Photo by Wang Zhongju, a reporter from China News Service.

  Han Xiao once disdained the work within the system. The potential "survival rule" of the office and the repetitive work content made him feel that this was a job that only people without ambitions would choose. However, after the social beating, he changed his mind about this job.

  "You may not see the upper limit when you are admitted to a civil servant, but you can guarantee your lower limit," Han Xiao said. "You can’t guarantee the lower limit of your life when you go to a business, and it’s hard to live a life that you can see at a glance."

  "The days when you look at the end are for those who don’t make progress all their lives." Persistently choosing the road of public examination, Zhang Keran is also quite disgusted with the outside world’s view that "public examination is a comfortable way". She believes that people who have this idea are a matter of attitude towards life, not a matter of occupation.

  "If you only treat your work as a job, then any job is at the end of your life. If you do sales, you will be selling all your life; As a teacher, I have been a teacher all my life. Is it all at once? "

  Zhang Keran obviously has a higher pursuit, and this ideal job has brought her a sense of self-identity. She doesn’t think the work of civil servants is particularly simple, but like a pinion, she promotes the progress of society and the country in repeated and day-to-day work.

  Data map: Taiyuan, Shanxi, candidates who took the civil service exam walked into the test center. Photo by Wei Liang.

  Cold thinking behind "public examination fever"

  In 1994, the former Ministry of Personnel formally established the civil service examination and recruitment system, and organized the first civil service recruitment examination for the central state administrative organs. According to statistics from some media, the national examination in that year provided 490 places for more than 30 state organs, and finally 4,400 people formally applied for the exam, which is equivalent to 9 people competing for a position.

  The real "public examination fever" occurred in the last ten years. Looking back at the number of applicants for the national examination in the past 10 years, the number of applicants for the national examination exceeded 1 million for the first time in 2009, and the number of applicants for the national examination has been more than one million for 11 consecutive years until the recruitment of the national examination in 2019. In the registration, the competition ratio of "one in a thousand" or even "one in a thousand" makes the "public examination fever" a topic of concern to the whole society.

  "In many employment choices, many people still choose civil servants as their careers. After all, this is a relatively stable industry with guaranteed treatment." According to Wang Yukai, a professor at the National School of Administration, from the perspective of college students’ career choices, the advantages of civil servants’ careers are, on the one hand, decent jobs and respect, on the other hand, stable job security and career expectations.

Data map: Candidates enter the examination room, photo by China News Service reporter Chen Yushe.

  "There is no denying that in the annual public examination army, many college students decide to prepare for the exam blindly. In the face of employment competition, they regard the public examination as one of their graduation ways and give themselves multiple opportunities." Ding Ya, an expert in public examination counseling and the founder of the hornbill public examination, said that in the face of the confusion at graduation, there is a relatively perfect growth system and career channels in the civil service system, which is also one of the factors that attract young people to enter the public examination.

  Ding Ya said that at present, with the rapid economic and social development, the country needs to enrich more talents to enter the civil service, and the public examination is more professional and high-quality. College students are an important source of talent selection, and they should be attracted to the grassroots to make contributions.

  As experts have said, judging from the requirements of the public examination itself in recent years, the recruitment policy has tilted to the grassroots level, the threshold for registration has gradually increased, and the job requirements have become more and more clear. The selection of civil servants by the state has become more and more detailed and strict.

  "As far as the public examination itself is concerned, candidates need to make rational choices and carefully prepare for the exam. They should effectively prepare for the exam by post. The post means that candidates should choose suitable positions according to their own abilities and majors, and have a clear aim to maximize the matching between people and posts." Ding Ya said.

  Ding Ya said that every year, candidates register for public examinations, and the competition ratio of some positions is too high. In fact, the civil service examination is only one of the public examinations, and there are examinations for public institutions and Selected Graduates. Some candidates who have repeatedly lost and fought can put down their attachment to a certain position and choose a matching unit according to their own abilities.

  Wang Yukai said that in recent years, the recruitment policy of the national civil service examination is more inclined to the grassroots. "This is actually an important signal to those who apply for civil servants. Don’t simply think too high, but be pragmatic. You can go to the grassroots to get exercise. "

The red theme film "Shuang Shan Blocking War" was shortlisted for the 3rd Hong Kong Bauhinia International Film Festival.

Recently, the red theme film "Shuang Shan Blocking War" jointly produced by Anhui Fang Quan Film Group, Hefei East Xincheng Wenlv Media Co., Ltd., Anhui Film Group and Anhui Wenyi Investment Group was selected for the 3rd Hong Kong Bauhinia International Film Festival, and Feidong element went international.

Movie poster. Photo courtesy of Peng Hongling

Movie poster. Photo courtesy of Peng Hongling

It is understood that the Hong Kong Bauhinia International Film Festival, approved by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, is a grand ceremony with the theme of China’s new mainstream films. Its purpose is to promote the internationalization of China’s new mainstream films, show the theme of the new era, new genre and new strength, unite outstanding filmmakers at home and abroad, and work together to show the new mainstream high-quality films that are harmonious, empathetic and resonant, and resonate with the new era.

The movie "Shuang Shan Blocking War" is full of elements in Feidong, and it is a theme film with the theme of anti-Japanese war, in which Feidong is the screenwriter, Feidong is the chief producer, Feidong County invests and the story takes place in Feidong. The 105-minute film tells the story of the Japanese invasion of Jianghuai during the Anti-Japanese War. Xu Daqiang, a company commander of the New Fourth Army, and Zhou Shanwen, a company commander of the Kuomintang, were ordered to stick to Shuang Shan, Qiaotou Town, Feidong County, and stop the Japanese invaders from going west. The joint operation of the two companies repelled several Japanese attacks, which showed the heroic spirit of China soldiers who died and fought bloody battles to the end.

The film was filmed in September, 2021, with a strong cast, written by Xu Zefu, a member of Chinese Writers Association, a member of China Television Artists Association and a native writer in Feidong, produced by Zheng Hui, chairman of Anhui Fang Quan Film Group, directed by Chen Yin, vice president of Hangzhou Traditional Culture Promotion Association, starring Hong Wei, a national first-class actor, and starring Guo Guangping, Liu Guanlin, Li Mingyu and Jiajia Ge.

The film was released in major theaters on January 26th, 2024, and the audience responded well. It is the second red theme film invested and filmed by Feidong County after the revolutionary historical film Yaogang 1949.

Feidong is a hot spot with a glorious red revolutionary tradition. Whether it is the origin of Hefei Central County Committee, the bonfire of eastward anti-Japanese war and the storm of crossing the river, it has stirred up powerful notes here, and countless people with lofty ideals have emerged, leaving behind 44 red sites and countless earth-shaking red stories, such as the memorial hall of the General Front Committee of the Crossing River Campaign, the Hefei History Museum of the Communist Party of China and the Cai Yongxiang Memorial Hall, which provide rich fertile soil for the creation of red theme films.

At present, Feidong County has created many patriotic film scripts such as Guild Wars at Huangtuan Temple, and it is expected to meet the audience one after another in the later period. (Peng Hongling)

National fitness-sports are at the right time

Original title: National Fitness-Sports at the Right Time

On March 20th, residents and merchants participated in the tug-of-war competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Faye Wong photo

On the vernal equinox of the same day, a tug-of-war competition was held in the shopping mall of Erdaoqiao Community, Erdaoqiao Street, Tianshan District, Urumqi, to advocate national fitness and enjoy the warm sunshine in spring.

On March 20th, residents and merchants participated in the tug-of-war competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Faye Wong photo

On March 20th, residents and merchants participated in the tug-of-war competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Faye Wong photo

On March 20th, residents and merchants participated in the tug-of-war competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Faye Wong photo

On March 20th, residents and merchants participated in the tug-of-war competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Faye Wong photo

How many times can the folding screen be folded? Netizen measured: the result was unexpected

Many new players have been added to the folding screen track, and OPPO and vivo have launched their folding screen models. So far, all domestic mainstream manufacturers have folding screen mobile phones.

It should be noted that each folding screen mobile phone emphasizes one point, that is, the number of folds, which is also the focus of many interested users.

For example, vivo X Fold claims that it can achieve lossless folding times of 300,000 times, OPPO Find X is 200,000 times, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is also publicized for 200,000 times, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 folded up and down is also 200,000 times.

So are these data credible? After all, there is no actual data support, but there are many real netizens.

Recently, some foreign netizens conducted the ultimate folding test on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. In addition to daily folding, they also covered the mobile phone in dust and dirt and dipped it in water to fold it.

How many times can the folding screen be folded? Netizen measured: the result was unexpected

The data shows that when the Flip 3 was folded to about 350,000 times, the hinge began to become loose, and occasionally it could not be folded. After being folded for 418,503 times, it could not be opened and closed normally.

Compared with the official 200,000 folds, the 410,000 folds are unexpected. It seems that the manufacturer’s propaganda on folding life is still conservative. Of course, the above data are for reference only, and it is better to be careful in actual folding. After all, changing a screen is not cheap.

How many times can the folding screen be folded? Netizen measured: the result was unexpected

Double super in one city! Why is Qingdao football fruitful?

Public Network reporter Mao Daoguang reports from Qingdao

The past weekend has become the most unforgettable day for Qingdao football!

In the 29th round of League A, Qingdao West Coast, which holds the initiative, beat Guangzhou team 2-0, thus locking the Super League seat in advance for next season. At this point, there are two Super League teams for the first time in the history of Qingdao football, and it has become the seventh city in China that will soon have the "Super League Derby" after Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Success is never achieved overnight. In the past ten years, Qingdao professional football has set foot on the top of the mountain and once fell into a trough. Fortunately, Qingdao football has never given up lightly, and with a tenacity, it has regained the road of chasing dreams in difficulties.

One city "double super"! At this moment, Qingdao football has realized the "dream of two heroes" in the top leagues in China, and let the whole country see the profound connotation of "Football City" and let football become the shining business card of this city again!


Looking back at Qingdao football in recent years, there are too many moments worth remembering!

Drinking ice for 9 years, blood is hard to cool! After many years of silence, Qingdao Manatee returned to the Super League from China B, and made its home debut 10 years later in Youth Stadium, the first 50,000 professional football stadium newly opened in Shandong this season, beating former enemy Beijing Guoan 3-1, which made countless fans dream back to 10 years ago and rekindled the hope of Qingdao football.

Qingdao West Coast Football Club, formerly known as Qingdao Kangtaiyuan Commercial Concrete Football Team, was established in 2007. In 2019, it was awarded the qualification of Grade B, and officially entered the China Football Professional League in 2020. In April, 2022, Qingdao Youth Island Football Club officially moved into German Football Asia Base. After playing in League A in the 2022 season, the young team hit it off with the West Coast, a city of youth, and set a more ambitious goal: changing its name to the West Coast, fighting for Qingdao and fighting for the West Coast New District.

The home relocation to Qingdao West Coast University Town Stadium marks that Qingdao West Coast New District has the first team to compete in professional football matches. As a new landmark of the West Coast New District, Guzhenkou University Town Stadium can accommodate 20,000 people and is one of the closest stadiums in China. It has been officially unveiled and put into use on May 10th this year. As the home of Qingdao West Coast Team in League A and Qingdao Red Lion Team in League B, it has been frequently unveiled in national competitions.

This autumn, Qingdao Manatee relegated to the Super League two rounds ahead of schedule, Qingdao West Coast overtook the Super League one round ahead of schedule, and Qingdao women’s football team returned to the domestic women’s football professional league, all of which are inseparable from the silent cultivation of Qingdao football for many years. With the end of the "Jinyuan Football" era, the inherent advantages of Qingdao football have gradually emerged, and the achievements of football development and youth training have blossomed everywhere, which has also polished the "golden signboard" of football again.

"The success of the West Coast Club is inseparable from the attention of the municipal party committee and the municipal government and the support from all walks of life. With two super league teams, Qingdao football has reached a new height. I hope that we can make persistent efforts next, and Qingdao Football can continue to contribute to China Football. " Tian Weiguo, director of Qingdao Football Activity Management Center, said this.


As a prestigious "Football City", on January 25th, 2022, Qingdao was successfully selected as one of the first nine key cities for football development in China during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. This is the third time that Qingdao has won this honor since 1979 and 1992. In 2023, Qingdao Football has achieved full coverage of football professional clubs at all levels, including Super League, China A, China B, Women A and Five Super League.

The achievement of such excellent results is inseparable from Qingdao’s policy support for football development.

In terms of support for professional sports clubs, Qingdao Sports Bureau issued the Measures for Supporting and Encouraging High-level Professional Sports Clubs in Qingdao according to the spirit of the document "Implementation Opinions on Promoting National Fitness and Sports Consumption to Promote High-quality Development of Sports Industry". The Qingdao Municipal Sports Bureau will set up a sports industry support incentive fund, which will invest 35 million yuan every year to support the high-level professional sports clubs in Qingdao, and reward them according to the results of professional leagues.

In November of the same year, the leading group for the promotion of football reform and development in Qingdao also issued the "Construction Plan of National Key Cities for Football Development in Qingdao during the Tenth Five-Year Plan". The plan clearly sets the goals to be achieved by 2025, focusing on building 1-2 super league teams; Realize the 9-level elite echelon of Super League Club and the 7-level elite echelon of Zhongjia Club; Set up 1-2 professional women’s football clubs … and the goal of focusing on building 1-2 super league teams was first fulfilled this autumn.

Looking at the whole country, there are only a handful of cities that can be called "football cities". Qingdao has enjoyed a good reputation for many years, which is inseparable from its excellent youth training system and good youth football competitions.

For a long time, Qingdao youth football has a profound foundation and outstanding achievements in youth training. The traditional event "Mayor Cup" campus football league has gone through 32 seasons. The league also achieved full coverage from the primary school, junior high school, senior high school and university four-level campus football league system. By the end of 2021, the "Mayor Cup" campus football league had organized 3,694 games, in which 22,553 players from 1,510 teams participated. Qingdao campus football is constantly exploring the deeper field of integration of sports and education. The introduction of a series of security policies and the practice of trying first provide protection for children who like playing football and take care of their studies.

By 2023, 10 Qingdao athletes, including Wang Ziming, Liu Yang, Li Lei, Wei Zhang, Wang Haobin, Li Suda, Liu Chen, Zhang Yiqian, Shuo Yang and Shao Mingzhen, have been selected into national football teams at all levels, and outstanding talents are constantly emerging; Qingdao U9-U14 football team won five championships in six groups in the 2023 Shandong Football Championship, and Qingdao U16 women’s football team became the first team to advance to the top four of the National Student (Youth) Games, with excellent competitive results.

In addition, Dong Lu, a well-known football commentator, also praised Qingdao’s youth training in the recent live broadcast. He said that Qingdao has a large number of football talents and good football development genes. Youth training clubs such as Qingdao West Coast Football Club and Qingdao Zhuifeng Youth Football Club have performed very well on the field, and many high-level athletes and coaches are also impressive.


"Fight, Qingdao team!" It is not only a slogan, but also engraved into the football memory of a generation.

Counting the football history of Qingdao, at the beginning of the China Professional League, Qingdao established its own professional team-Qingdao Manatee. The time can be traced back to December 31st, 1993. Qingdao Manatee Football Club was formally established, and it became one of the founding teams of Chinese Football Association Super League together with Shandong Taishan, Beijing Guoan, Tianjin Jinmenhu and Shenzhen Team.

In 2002, Qingdao Yizhong Manatee hired Li Zhangzhu, a famous Korean coach, as the head coach, and the team won the China Football Association Cup, which was the first national championship in the history of Qingdao professional football. Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang Team won the championship in the 2019 season and successfully overtook it. In the 2020 season, Qingdao Manatee Team and Qingdao West Coast Team also staged the "Qingdao Derby" in the second season. In the 2021 season, the Qingdao Manatee team took the lead in rushing to the A, and the West Coast team subsequently succeeded in rushing to the A in the play-offs of the 2021 season. In the 2022 season, the two teams will continue to stage the "Qingdao Derby" in the Chinese team. Last year, the Manatees took the lead in overtaking, and the West Coast team gained a foothold in the Chinese team. By the 2023 season, the West Coast team was successful, while the Manatee team was successful in relegation in the Super League.

At the recently concluded 2023 China Qingdao Fashion Sports Industry Conference, Liu Jianhong attended as a guest, also talked about Qingdao at the scene, and praised the development of Qingdao football. He said, "In 1996, as a reporter of CCTV’s Football Night, I came to Qingdao to interview League A and B, and witnessed the process of the Manatees returning from League A to League A that year." After leaving CCTV, Liu Jianhong came to Qingdao again in 2021. He presided over the expedition ceremony of Qingdao Manatee. The Manatee was successfully upgraded from B in that year, and it was successful at the end of 2022. Today, the Manatee has become a strong force in the Super League again. As a football city, Qingdao and Liu Jianhong have witnessed the ups and downs of Qingdao football for so many years.

In the long history of football development in China, Qingdao football has experienced ups and downs, but it has never been absent.


Derby is an unavoidable topic in a region where football is booming. Two teams in the same region staged a "peak showdown", accompanied by tens of thousands of fans shouting like a tsunami, the two sides joined hands in the game to contribute to the offensive and defensive war, and the fierce physical confrontation and the collision of beliefs among fans undoubtedly made it the most eye-catching game at present, which also made the football economy "hot"!

Looking around the world, there are the famous Manchester derby and North London derby in the Premier League, the national derby between Real Madrid and Barcelona in La Liga, the "Milan duo" in Serie A, and the most intense national derby between Boca and Riverbed Argentina.

In China, the derby in the same city is also one of the most concerned games. Compared with the "Jinglu War" and "Jingyue War", the once Guangzhou Derby, Wuhan Derby and Tianjin Derby gradually disappeared from public view with the fading of "Jinyuan Football". Now, the joining of Qingdao Derby not only injects fresh blood into the league, but also appears more precious in timing.

Looking forward to the 2024 season, Qingdao will usher in the "city derby" of the Super League for the first time, Qingdao manatee and Qingdao West Coast will usher in "love and kill each other", and the "football economy" will gradually spread from the north shore of Jiaozhou Bay, which was on fire this year, to the west coast of Jiaozhou Bay. At that time, the two teams will also dedicate a wonderful showdown for Qingdao and even the national fans.

One city "double super"! This is an affirmation of the hard work of Qingdao football for many years, and it has injected a "cardiotonic agent" into the development of Qingdao football. Whether manatees avoid relegation, or the West Coast overtake, or the gradual improvement of the youth training system, to a certain extent, it reflects the long-term vision and unremitting pursuit of Qingdao’s football career development.

Dapeng rises with the wind in one day, soaring to Wan Li. In the future, Qingdao Football will take advantage of the east wind of "building a key city for national football development" to vigorously promote the deepening of football reform, do a good job in training and transporting youth football, comprehensively improve the overall development level of football, and make the reputation of "Football City" a "golden signboard" of Qingdao.

UEFA has cooperated with the parent company of French football, and will jointly hold the Golden Globe Award from 2024.

On November 3rd, UEFA and media company Groupe Amaury (the owner of French football magazine and team newspaper) announced today that they will jointly organize the famous Golden Globe Award from 2024. The common goal of UEFA and Amauri Group is to enhance the status and global influence of the award, and at the same time cultivate the sense of unity and cooperation in football.

Since 1956, the Golden Globe Award has been awarded by the French football magazine every year, which is the most prestigious honor that a football player can get in recognition of the outstanding achievements and extraordinary talents of the award-winning players. As part of the agreement, Amauri Group remains the owner of the Golden Globe brand and will continue to supervise the voting system, which will remain unchanged and independent. UEFA will contribute its football expertise, market global commercial rights and organize the annual awards evening.

In addition, the plan will add two new awards, the Men’s Football Team and the Women’s Football Team Coach of the Year Award, which will recognize the valuable contribution of coaches. The current trophy lineup will keep the same names as before, namely, Golden Ball Award for Men’s Football Team, Golden Ball Award for Women’s Football Team, Copa Award (U21 Best Player), Yaxin Award (Best Goalkeeper), Gade-Mueller Award (Top Shooter last season), Club Award for Men’s Football Team, Club Award for Women’s Football Team and Socrates Award (Humanitarian Contribution).

UEFA President Cheferin said: "In the past 70 years, the Golden Globe Award has been the most prestigious personal honor in football, a proof of the extraordinary skills, dedication and influence of football legends, and an immortal mark left by them in the history of football. The competitions between UEFA clubs and national teams, such as the Champions League and the European Cup, are considered to be the highest stage for elite players in the world, and usually play a key role in the candidates for major honors and their position in the football temple. UEFA and Golden Globe are synonymous with sports Excellence, so our cooperation will be a natural integration of Excellence and synergy, which will be unparalleled. "

Jean-étienne Amaury, CEO of Amauri Group: "The Golden Globe Award is the dream award of the greatest players in the world. We hope that the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony will become a global event to showcase and highlight the individual and collective performances of top football players, inspire all football talents, and aim to gather the passion and enthusiasm of fans from all over the world. "

This cooperative relationship has further consolidated the relationship and historical ties between UEFA and Amauri Group, which can be traced back to more than half a century ago, when Team Newspaper contributed to the idea of creating the European Champions Cup, which has become the world’s top club competition, that is, the current European Champions League.