The theme of "Aerospace" is online! Zebra Encyclopedia helps to cultivate available talents for China’s aerospace industry

Recently, Zebra Encyclopedia, the first 3D interactive encyclopedia for children in China, launched a new theme "Aerospace", which is its 13th theme. It is understood that in response to the expectations and needs of users, Zebra Encyclopedia has launched a new theme every month since 2024. In the first quarter alone, it has launched "Paleozoic animals", "revealing food" and "aerospace", constantly enriching the contents of nature, humanities and technology, and helping children to establish a scientific and complete cognitive framework. The theme of "Aerospace" launched this time is the second scientific and technological theme after "Physics in Life", and it is also one of the themes with the highest voice and expectation from users.

As the first 3D interactive encyclopedia for children in China, Zebra Encyclopedia is a digital content for children aged 5-12. This time, the theme of "Aerospace" was launched, with a total of 12 episodes of video content, including 200+ aviation and aerospace-related knowledge points, presenting 30+ kinds of aircraft, carrying out 96 interesting AI interactive exercises, and combining 3D animation film-level production with 2D cartoons to sum up popular science, helping children feel the development process and real origin of human flying dreams in all directions.

As the digital content of popular science encyclopedia in the new era, the professionalism, systematicness and scientificity of encyclopedia cognitive system have always been the core advantages of Zebra Encyclopedia. Then, what knowledge points should be covered under the theme of "aerospace"? How to explain these profound and far-reaching contents to children aged 5-12? How can we make children "immersed" in a professional and complete knowledge framework? These are the focus of the zebra encyclopedia team’s deep thinking. In order to build a scientific and complete aerospace knowledge framework, Zebra Encyclopedia has set up an excellent R&D team, including a research team, a teaching and research team, an expert team and a production team. Each team has deeply participated in and professionally delivered the content in their respective fields. Taking the team of experts as an example, Zebra Encyclopedia has introduced a number of expert groups above doctoral level for the aerospace field, and deeply participated in the production of all videos on this theme, including the outline, script, model, animation, theme selection, knowledge point demonstration and other details.

(Aerospace theme 3D screen screenshot)

At the same time, the three themes of "Aerospace", "Paleozoic Animals" and "Revealing Food", which were launched in 2024, all continued the professional standards of Zebra Encyclopedia in terms of quality and content. Taking the theme of "Aerospace" as an example, depending on the realistic 3D animation effect and high-precision 3D model, each frame of the picture is of film-level 3D quality, which can not only restore the real shape of each spacecraft in all dimensions, such as comprehensiveness, details, interior and exterior, but also simulate real scenes such as launch and flight, which is the best form for children to learn aerospace knowledge on the spot.

According to reports, in order to achieve super-high quality film-level 3D image quality presentation, Zebra Encyclopedia has set up a visual effects professional with more than 100 people, and each picture detail will go through more than 20 rounds of strict review, more than 100 R&D processes and tens of thousands of polishing, which has invested hundreds of millions of production costs. The theme of "Aerospace" alone, 12 episodes of video content cost 30,000+hours of fine polishing, with a total of 160,000+frames of exquisite 3D animation, which helps children to observe the structure of aerospace vehicles in an immersive and multi-dimensional way, learn the diversity and operation knowledge of aircraft types, cultivate children’s observation, thinking, imagination and firm willpower, and cultivate the aerospace spirit of selfless dedication, fearlessness and exploration while stimulating children’s interest in learning.

(Aerospace theme 3D screen screenshot)

In addition, Zebra Encyclopedia’s 3D voice illustration function has been newly upgraded, which has been loved and recommended by many encyclopedia users, and the theme of "Aerospace" has also matched this function synchronously. "Children can not only observe the whole picture of each spacecraft in 360 degrees, but also make a comprehensive, complete and detailed observation by zooming in and out or rotating, and can also consolidate it repeatedly to strengthen understanding and memory." A senior parent user of Zebra Encyclopedia said.

(Screenshot of 3D voice illustration screen)

In order to consolidate the learning effect, the theme of "Aerospace" has also set up 96 AI interactive fun exercises to explain difficult knowledge points with 2D cartoons to stimulate children’s interest in learning and desire to explore. While learning aerospace knowledge with video content, children will also easily master a large number of knowledge points in the real-time interesting interaction of AI, so that children can "see and remember" and absorb encyclopedia knowledge subtly.

(Screenshot of 2D picture of aerospace theme)

As a boutique digital content for children in the new era, Zebra Encyclopedia continues to help children build a cognitive system of the new era encyclopedia with professional, systematic and scientific popular science digital content. Up to now, Zebra Encyclopedia has launched 13 topics, including insects, astronomy, birds, plants, marine animals, dinosaurs, human bodies, physics in life, mammals, ancient world civilization, Paleozoic animals, revealing food, aerospace, etc. In the future, it will continue to expand the theme of popular science content around the fields of nature, humanities, science and technology, create a systematic, professional and scientific knowledge framework for children, and help children build a new era encyclopedia.

It is reported that Zebra has been deeply cultivating digital content and AI technology for a long time, and the technology-driven digital publishing has achieved remarkable innovation results. At present, it has formed a digital publishing system including Zebra App, Little Scabber, Zebra Encyclopedia, Zebra Playing Teaching Aids and Zebra Children’s Books. In the future, Zebra will continue to optimize the combination ability of AI technology and content research and development, continue to launch high-quality products related to children, create digital publishing products in the new era, and promote the integration, innovation and development of digital publishing industry.