Speed Leopard Liu Chao: The new power of commercial vehicles lies in product definition and is not eager to seek sales.

  In Liu Chao’s view, many new commercial vehicles have emerged, but if the product positioning is inaccurate and cannot meet the market demand, then a car may be dumped before it can be sold. "The pure electric commercial vehicle market is very large, and anything can happen. We may not always be in an invincible position, and we must adjust our strategy at any time according to market changes."

  Liu Chao said that our initial target this year is to sell 300 vehicles, but if the verification process goes smoothly, more sales may be achieved. Yu Yang said, "We don’t define this year as the sales year, but we hope to quickly verify and iterate the products when realizing mass transportation, and making the products well is the primary goal."

  "Now many new commercial vehicles have emerged, but if the product positioning is inaccurate and cannot meet the market demand, it may be dumped in an instant, so product definition and technological leadership are very important." Liu Chao, chairman and CEO of Speedleopard Technology, said in an interview with China Economic Net reporter recently that our strategy this year is to be steady and steady, and continue to polish our products while serving our existing customers.

  Focusing on bulk transportation, the new force of commercial vehicles focuses on defining products.

  Looking back about 10 years ago, the new forces of passenger car manufacturing mushroomed, and "Wei Xiaoli" was established at that time, and now it has developed into a brand with an annual sales of more than 100,000 vehicles. Liu Chao said, "From the perspective of the development of the new forces of car-making, it is because of the drive of’ Wei Xiaoli’ that passenger cars are available.Behind the current achievements is technological innovation. "

  Compared with passenger cars, the new power of commercial vehicles was established 7-8 years later, mainly because commercial vehicles pursue the ultimate energy efficiency and cost, and help users to make profits. Liu Chao said bluntly, "Compared with big manufacturers, we only need to focus on technological innovation and change, so we have a certain technological leading edge."

  According to Liu Chao, in view of the short battery life of the current "oil to electricity" electric truck,Self-gravity leads to transportation loss of tons, halving battery life in winter, back safety and many other pain points. Speed Leopard has greatly improved the performance of the whole vehicle through core technologies such as distributed electric drive bridge, 800V high-voltage power domain motherboard, intelligent chassis domain control and integrated thermal management.

  In Liu Chao’s view, many new commercial vehicles have emerged, but if the product positioning is inaccurate and cannot meet the market demand, then a car may be dumped if it cannot be sold. On the other hand, if you stay ahead of technology, you still have a chance to stay at the table.

  As the first model of Super Leopard Technology, Super Leopard Black King Kong locates intelligent electric heavy trucks specially designed for bulk transportation scenes. Liu Chao said, "China.There are more than 20 scenarios. At present, we only do bulk transportation, but this market segment has a market share of nearly 50%. As a start-up enterprise, if Subao Technology can succeed in this market segment, it will be the first step of marketization. "

  In addition, traditional commercial vehicle enterprises are also forced to transform into electric intelligence, but the process will be more difficult than passenger cars. Liu Chao said that the former five main engine manufacturers of commercial vehicles, for example, may consider how to get rid of the "burden" when they want to invest in electric intelligence. In contrast, our decision-making is faster, and we may have been at the forefront.

  "Of course, the market for pure electric commercial vehicles is very large, and anything can happen. We may not always be in an invincible position. This is unrealistic, and we must adjust our strategy at any time according to market changes." Liu Chao added.

  Do not rush to seek sales volume, and establish a benign relationship between supply and demand with suppliers.

  As a new force of commercial vehicles, Speed Leopard has abundant resources, and the actual measurement of its products is also excellent, with dozens of potential customers. Liu Chao said that these customers support SpeedLeopard to have more fault tolerance in the early stage, but our strategy this year is to be cautious about the first stage of rapid loading.

  Liu Chao added, we hope to provide good service, and at the same time, we will continue to polish our products, so that new technologies can stand the test of time, and then deliver them to customers all over the country or even around the world in batches. "Our initial goal this year is to sell 300 vehicles, but if the verification process is smooth, more sales may be achieved."

  Yu Yang, vice president of brand and marketing of Super Leopard Technology, also believes that in the field of commercial vehicles, each brand has its own distinctive product and brand characteristics, and it will also anchor a transportation scene. At this stage, we are more concerned about product attributes in special demand scenarios. We don’t define this year as the sales year, but hope to quickly verify and iterate the products when realizing batch transportation, and making the products well is the primary goal.

  Talking about the cooperative relationship with suppliers, Liu Chao said that the whole vehicle industry chain is very long, and it is impossible for any car company to take care of everything, nor does it have the ability. "China has a perfect supply chain system. We only need to do the core extreme energy efficiency and the’ black box’ related to customer value well, and adhere to the self-research and continuous update and evolution of core technologies, and the rest will cooperate with suppliers in depth."

  Liu Chao sighed, I know that it is not easy for start-ups, and whether the first product can be a hit is particularly important, so I put forward high requirements for parts companies. Parts companies are also under great pressure, but finally we overcame various difficulties to make our first product available, and we hope to go on with early suppliers for a long time.

  In addition, "both automakers and parts companies are facing cost pressure, and we hope to work together to reduce costs and form a healthier and benign relationship between supply and demand, instead of simply defining ourselves as Party A." Liu Chao said. (Photo/Text China Economic Net reporter Jiang Zhiwen)

After the influx of designers, Xiaohongshu wants to suppress big moves with VOGUE.

In 2023, the prestigious "VOGUE Fashion Fund" project landed in China for the first time. The award was jointly founded by American VOGUE and the American Fashion Designers Association (CFDA), and has nurtured many cutting-edge designers in the past 20 years. A few days ago, the VOGUE Fashion Fund 2024 China Young Designers Support Program was officially launched. This support program will protect the growth of designers in all directions. In addition to winning awards, contestants can also deeply connect with top international fashion resources.

As one of the most eye-catching industry events this year, how to undertake the influence radiated from the designer circle online? Unlike international projects, which often seek the head platform, "VOGUE Fashion Fund" finally chose Xiaohongshu as the exclusive platform partner.

Think about it carefully, such a choice is reasonable-since last year, Xiaohongshu has made full efforts in e-commerce.

Thanks to the unique content gene, Xiaohongshu e-commerce is rapidly forming an atmosphere of integration of brand merchants, buyers and users. Xiaohongshu e-commerce has established brand recognition through rich content, and the advantages of high repurchase rate and low return rate have also made many brands start to make efforts in Xiaohongshu e-commerce, treating it as a high-potential player at the same level as WeChat video number, and the last "traffic depression".

Among them, designers are a special group, which is a circle that matches the platform mind and user portrait of Xiaohongshu. In the past year, the potential of designers in the rise of Little Red Book is obvious: under the topic of Little Red Book # First Person Designer #, the exposure of notes has exceeded 79 million. In 2023, Xiaohongshu launched Xiaohongshu REDlabel, as a store IP with Xiaohongshu certification, unique concept, fashionable attitude and leading the trend. Since March last year, the number of REDlabel brands has increased fourfold.

If we look at the whole industry horizontally, designers are also one of the brightest new forces in the past two years.

In the past, designers in China made their mark in the industry more by "creativity", but the lack of business operation knowledge made the subsequent development of designers’ brands weak. Changes have occurred in recent years. More and more young designers have completed the identity transformation from "designer to manager", and the incubation process of independent designer brands has obviously accelerated. These stylized designer brands have enriched the content of the platform and the source of "goods" with diverse brand temperament, and after gathering people with different interests, they have precipitated and formed "circle culture".

Xiaohongshu, which has rich content and buyers’ resources, naturally has the advantage of attracting designers, but how to maintain this advantage? How to make designers realize commercialization while recognizing the value of content planting grass, Xiaohongshu has its own solution.

Designers who are not obsessed with "explosive models"

Found a friend here

"I don’t really approve of the Internet, or the presentation of some short videos."

In 2014, Linhuanying registered her own original brand under the name of the pinyin of her name "Lin Huanying". At that time, the domestic market style was single, and there was no new national tide or new Chinese style. The most popular markets for clothes with oriental elements are in Europe and America. The sales logic of the apparel industry is mostly "fast-moving", and the high-priced "designer money" appears more in the show.

For a subdivided style like "New Chinese Style", it is no exaggeration to say that we want to find accurate users such as "looking for a needle in a haystack".

But Lin Huanying doesn’t want to give up. In 2023, the "New Chinese Style" became popular, and it swept out of the circle from Xiaohongshu, becoming the fastest growing track. According to the data of thousands of melons, the volume of notes related to "New Chinese Style" in Little Red Books increased by more than 390% last year, and the total amount of interaction increased by more than 188%. After nearly ten years, Lin Huanying finally waited for the "fashion reincarnation" and ushered in her own opportunity.

Lin Huanying described it as a feeling at that time: "I felt that I saw hope in Little Red Book." The notes spontaneously created by a large number of users make the "new Chinese style" completely out of the circle. This platform potential energy leads the cutting-edge trend style and quickly gathers a circle of "loving the new Chinese style". Here, she found fans-or "friends"-who can exchange brand ideas and fabric technology.

LINHUANYING, the manager of the new Chinese clothing brand Lin Huanying

Detonating the style of the minority, even the subdivided categories can find "accurate user groups" for them, input the first batch of users for the brand, and accumulate the reputation of designers through content fermentation, which is the unique value that Xiaohongshu can provide.

Long Hongzi, the founder of the handmade silver jewelry brand "soft mountains Soft Mountain", recalled that when he was studying in london college of fashion in his early years, he brought the traditional accessories of the Yi people, and people around him were very interested in these jewels. This gave her the idea of "building a brand in a literary and humanistic way". However, after returning to China to set up "Soft Mountain", it was not smooth at first.

She often feels lonely. "No one in China can understand what we are doing, and almost no one is optimistic. I don’t even have anyone to discuss, how to do this style of brand is to cross the river by feeling the stones. There is no case reference in China. "

She is eager to know, "What are my guests, living them?"

In 2023, exploring the beauty of tradition, represented by national tide culture and minority culture, became a new popular trend of Little Red Books. "It turns out that what my grandmother and they wear can also be worn by modern young people." Long Hongzi began to receive such private messages frequently on the account of Xiaohongshu. She was surprised to find that the face of the "guest" was no longer blurred. The unique customer community and sharing community in Little Red Book are natural research fields and communication spaces. This made her "a little closer to the real guests".

At the same time, the original vegetable tanning leather brand "Qiuzhen" also found this unique group in Little Red Book: "tap water users". Founder Cheng Baohua attaches great importance to these "real voices". These loyal customers shared their real experience and satisfaction with Qiuzhen products in Little Red Book, which made great contributions to Qiuzhen’s attention and growth. He believes that "because these sharing are real experiences, they are from the heart, so other users can feel that this is a real sharing."

The unique user communication atmosphere and real user voice on Little Red Book platform enable designers to find "confidence" and gain insight into market trends. Even in constant communication and collision, designers generate can come up with new ideas and feed back product development.

However, one problem is that when the field of "content planting" and "user communication" is opened, how can designers be willing to settle in and retain them, not only to "plant grass" but also to realize "transaction"?

From planting grass to trading

How to expand the "living space" of designer brands?

For a long time, Little Red Book has been imitated by other platforms.

Under the background of the peak of Internet demographic dividend, "seeking increment" is no longer the core competitive idea, and how to "tap the stock" is the main theme of competition. And "content" is the most intense battlefield-whether it is to improve the platform DAU (the number of daily active users), or to increase the frequency of users’ use and stretch the duration of users’ use, "content" has a miraculous effect.

For merchants, Xiaohongshu is the most suitable platform for interacting with consumers. When e-commerce enters the era of "diversified and multi-platform operation", many merchants begin to operate across platforms, while Xiaohongshu, video number and other platforms that have not invested much in e-commerce business before are considered as the last "traffic depression".

In 2023, Xiaohongshu obviously accelerated the process of commercialization and increased investment in e-commerce. In this year, Angel, Orfila and other small red book buyers’ live broadcast rooms have been circled one after another. The original power of small red book, "designer", became the first group to catch the small red book e-commerce express train, realizing "opening the market with content and buyers planting grass, and stabilizing the passenger flow with buyers’ cooperation and shops".

Soft mountains soft mountain new products

This is also in line with the expectations of many designers: customers who spend in Xiaohongshu first perceive the brand and content, and then trade, rather than the traditional e-commerce "54321" sales promotion. This gives Xiaohongshu e-commerce a "differentiated" advantage.

Lin Huanying recalled that she registered her corporate account in Xiaohongshu in April 2022, but it was only as a supplement to offline business at that time. It was not until July that she began to spend 50% of her energy on the operation of Xiaohongshu. Until the end of the year, she suddenly discovered that the online demand for Xiaohongshu was very high. She said that she came to Xiaohongshu at first because of "operating costs". "Because of the high investment in offline branding and the large market for other head brands, it is more difficult to start. However, being self-media has little pressure on capital requirements. "

In Xiaohongshu, they experienced three stages of growth. Due to the lack of certain e-commerce experience, they initially achieved initial growth through the investment of commodity notes. After Daren took the initiative to seek cooperation, it achieved a large increase again; After that, in the context of the platform encouraging brands to do shop broadcasting, preparations, anchor search and mutual running-in began in July last year, and shop broadcasting began to improve from September to October. To sum up, through the three steps of "note drainage, live broadcast by talented people, and self-broadcast by shops", we gradually found the rhythm of business.

ALMOND ROCKS(AR), a brand of designer socks, takes a fancy to the "stability" of management.

Its founder said that at first, the unique value of Little Red Book to AR brand mainly lies in its rich content and interactive community, as well as the gathering of buyers who have a unique understanding of wearing and fashion. But they gradually found that this value is not limited to promotion. "Our buyers are all real users. They are opinion leaders in the minority field, and they share the rules and feelings of dressing in daily life. I think this is the most touching thing for consumers." He revealed that the most direct impact is that consumers can understand products from multiple angles, which greatly reduces impulse purchases and the return rate is very low.

The founder of cashmere knitting brand "322 workhouse" believes that the small red book e-commerce is an incremental supplement. "After Xiaohongshu planted grass, even through passwords and other means, there will be a loss rate in the process of forming and transforming another platform. These data feedbacks made the team realize very early that opening a store in Xiaohongshu has the opportunity to minimize the turnover rate and improve the initiative. "

Whether it is because of the controllable operating costs, the consideration of inventory and return rate, or the incremental supplement, these designer brands have started to invest in Xiaohongshu e-commerce for different reasons. Xiaohongshu’s active user content community and rich buyer resources make them grow rapidly and have considerable potential.

The offline physical space of designer socks brand ALMOND ROCKS(AR)

China cutting-edge designer

What kind of long-term business position is needed?

In recent years, China designers have attracted more and more attention on the international stage and brought more and more heavyweight design awards back to China. Most of these designers graduated from famous design and art schools all over the world. Their design styles span traditional and modern times, and the original brand stores they created appear in the streets and lanes, which are gradually becoming the vanguard of China fashion industry.

But in the past, designers were a relatively "closed" group. A designer wants his own brand to survive, and the places where his works can be seen are very limited. Behind the seemingly rich choices, designers often need to pay an "invisible tuition fee". Designers who don’t know how to operate, channel or market may have to bear the price of failure. How to balance creativity and business is also a science-excessive commercialization may make the brand lose its creativity and become boring; However, excessive pursuit of creativity may also leave the market and make the brand unable to survive.

How can these young designers be seen by more people and cross the market cycle when the brand is still young?

Little Red Book, which is not so "commercialized" and has a unique "content gene", may be the most suitable platform to support designers’ brands. Xiaohongshu e-commerce is biased towards the bottom logic of "content community" and has built a set of traffic distribution mechanism with "content" as the core. Even the most individual niche designer brands will not be involved in the endless situation of "advertising and advertising". The right to speak is dispersed to buyers, users and experts, so that small and medium-sized brands also have the opportunity to "mine traffic by content".

These designers who are good at sharing their lifestyles and life concepts are not only the brand owners, but also one of the most important user groups of Xiaohongshu. It can be said that their style is brand style, which constantly attracts users with the same "smell" to approach the brand.

This is also an important reason why Xiaohongshu e-commerce has continuously introduced favorable measures to support designers.

Since last year, Xiaohongshu e-commerce has promoted designer brands with the help of many fashion buyers. Such as Angel, Orfila and Han Huohuo. The offline showroom launched once a month last year has created a space for designers to communicate with fashion buyers, so that designers can be seen by more people. This popular activity was continued this year, creating an online showroom.

In order to better support the brand, Xiaohongshu e-commerce launched the Focus30 list and the Rise100 annual list. This year, the RedForce project was also launched, which provided customized support according to the needs of the brand, such as the latest on-line riding plan, and invited fashion bloggers and designers to jointly build a brand live broadcast room, so as to open a bigger world for designer brands and find new growth.

Recently, Little Red Book REDlabel has become the exclusive platform partner of VOGUE Fashion Fund 2024, which is also to better incubate designer brands. During the event, Little Red Book REDlabel will join hands with VOGUE to open an exclusive registration channel for designers. REDlabel of Xiaohongshu will also provide "note flow incentive" and "green channel for opening a store" for the participating designers, as well as all kinds of training and resource support needed for the long-term operation of the store, so as to help the brand’s fans accumulate and grow, and open up the business path of "content-e-commerce" for them.

From opening a store in the offline trend block to creating the IP of the manager, this is the traditional path of designer brand development in the past.

However, with the increasing popularity of the domestic independent designer market, a more mature and professional way is needed to incubate brands. This requires not only enough fashion resources for irrigation, but also financial and commercial assistance to capital, which requires founders to learn multi-dimensional knowledge such as supply chain management, channel management and cost control to launch brand management.

In a sense, Xiaohongshu e-commerce, which supports designers from various aspects in terms of content, management and resources, has become an important platform for obtaining industry information and communicating with peers, and has also become a "novice training camp" for founders to change from designer status to brand management. In the future, with more and more original designers settling in and opening stores, Little Red Book will also become the core business position of cutting-edge designers in China, and under the unique ecological blessing of "content community", it will become a key channel to get through the dialogue between designers and users.

BYD was investigated by an organization: Yifangfang Technology takes four motors as the core, and comprehensively reconstructs the characteristics of new energy vehicles from three dimensions: percept

  () The Record Form of Investor Relations Activities was released on June 26th. On June 26th, 2023, the company was investigated by an institution with the type of overseas institution. The main contents of investor relations activities are introduced:

  Q: What are the highlights of Tengshi N7?

  A: Tengshi N7, which is positioned as an "intelligent luxury hunting and running SUV", combines the forms of hunting car, coupe and SUV, and its appearance breaks the design boundary of traditional luxury SUV models. The interior cockpit inherits π-Motion’s aesthetic concept of endless exploration of potential energy, and creates a super-sensory interactive intelligent cockpit with five senses of space, perception, hearing, touch and smell, and potential energy extension. In terms of intelligence, N7 is the world’s first intelligent air body control system (standard version), and together with Tengshi Link super intelligent interactive cockpit and Tengshi Pilot advanced intelligent driving assistance system, it forms three intelligent technologies of Tengshi N7: intelligent chassis, intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving. With the help of BYD technology empowerment, Tengshi N7 adopts hard-core technologies such as newly upgraded E platform 3.0 and CTB technology to help create a new luxury of vehicle technology.

  Q: What’s the progress of the company’s new models at sea?

  A: On June 22nd, 2023, BYD joined hands with Australian local partner EV Direct to hold the launch conference of BYD DOLPHIN at Ocean World on the Gold Coast. The prices announced on the spot were 38,890 Australian dollars for the standard endurance version, 44,890 Australian dollars for the long endurance version, and 49,990 Australian dollars for the sports version (about 240,000 RMB). The listing of BYD DOLPHIN has brought more choices to the Australian market. This model will continue to enrich BYD’s product matrix and car scenes in Australia, inject a touch of bright color into Australia’s new energy green future, and help Australia achieve a new energy green future.

  Q: What is the overseas sales situation of the company’s new energy passenger cars?

  A: According to the data of AutoLife official website in Thailand, the number of BYD ATTO3 (Yuan PLUS) was 2,025 units in May, and it won the champion of pure electric vehicle sales in Thailand for the fifth consecutive month. From January to May, 2023, the total number of BYD ATTO3 was 9,310, accounting for 38.6% of the market, and it continued to lead the pure electric passenger car market in Thailand.

  Q: Looking forward to the advantages and highlights of the brand’s easy Sifang technology platform?

  A: In January 2023, the company officially released Easy Sifang Technology. Easy Sifang technology takes the independent drive of four motors as the core, and comprehensively reconstructs the characteristics of new energy vehicles from three dimensions: perception, control and execution, bringing consumers the ultimate safety, performance and experience. In the future, E-Sifang technology platform will be installed on all models of Looking Up Auto as standard, and four-motor technology will be used to bring innovative driving experience to users.

  Q: Looking forward to the channel model and the expected listing time of U8?

  A: Wangwang U8 Deluxe Edition is expected to be officially launched in August 2023, and it is expected to be delivered in September. Looking up to the brand will adopt self-operated sales channels, including self-built looking up to the central store and looking up to the exhibition hall. At present, the first batch of store building work has been started in 16 cities, and it is expected that the trial operation will begin in August, and more cities and store building progress will be announced one after another;

  Details of participating institutions are as follows:

Name of participating unit Category of participating units Name of participants Mizuho Securities overseas establishment Qian Jin

The 2020 Tik Tok Entertainment Annual Award was announced, and Zhejiang Satellite TV was awarded many honors.

With the rise and development of mobile Internet, short videos provide more subdivided and high-quality content for users with different interests, and embracing short videos has become the choice of more and more people. Tik Tok Entertainment Annual Award was officially launched on January 18th, 2021. Based on Tik Tok Entertainment Big Data, the project made an annual inventory around four modules: stars, movies, dramas and variety shows, awarded industry honors to entertainment IP, companies and creators who made outstanding performance in a year, and officially released the "2020 Tik Tok Entertainment White Paper".

Among them, Zhejiang Satellite TV has won many honors in various aspects such as platform, variety show and TV, and has been recognized by the industry. Zhejiang Satellite TV likes to mention the annual influence platform. Ace to Ace won the most popular TV variety show of the year, The Voice of Heaven won the annual music variety show, Poems and Distant Places won the annual cultural variety show, Travel Notes around Youth won the annual breakthrough variety show, and Wu Tong, deputy director of Zhejiang Satellite TV Program Center, won the honor of TV person of the year.

The official Tik Tok fans of Zhejiang Satellite TV broke 17.6 million, produced 8,500 short videos independently, praised 640 million, and played about 200 billion. In addition, programs such as Run, Ace to Ace, and Voice from Heaven have all opened the Tik Tok platform, and there are countless short videos that have broken millions of likes and tens of millions of broadcasts. Zhejiang Satellite TV has blossomed on the vibrato platform with full matrix coverage, becoming a veritable "short video business king".

"Ace to Ace" has a good reputation and popularity in Qi Fei. During the program broadcast, the large and small screens are linked, and the topic "Ace to Ace" has been broadcast in Tik Tok for 12.8 billion, and short videos have repeatedly broken the circle to attract the audience’s attention. In the special period of the national anti-epidemic battle, "Ace to Ace" entered the epidemic prevention propaganda battle with thunder, showing the responsibility and responsibility of Taitai, handing over the stage to the "bravest people", and showing the strength of a variety show to warm people’s hearts and a heavy sense of social responsibility besides laughter.

With the slogan of "Voice from Heaven", "Voice from Heaven" plays music program movements, and the topic of "Voice from Heaven" has reached 5 billion in Tik Tok. The core idea of the program is to restore the moving essence of music, and thus produce emotional resonance and emotional release with tension.

"There are Poems and Distant Places", directed by the Propaganda Department of committee of cpc zhejiang provincial committee, is a brand-new practice program of integrating literature and tourism in Zhejiang Satellite TV. This program is based on the cultural travel program, exploring the poetry road culture in Zhejiang and discovering the beauty of Zhejiang culture. In terms of short video communication, "There are Poems and Distant Places" combines humanities with variety, and the short video "Crossing the River with a Reed" has a broadcast volume of over 100 million.

"Travel Notes around Youth" is a tour group composed of "Spring Tour Family", which starts a wonderful journey to various cities to appreciate the most distinctive local cultural elements and feel the Chinese cultural heritage. Explore the scenery along the way, enjoy local cuisine, and go all the way to the sun. This season, Travel Notes of Youth Circle has made great strides in the volume of communication on the Tik Tok platform, with 24 short videos with tens of millions of broadcasts.

Wu Tong, deputy director of Zhejiang Satellite TV Program Center, has produced a series of excellent programs, such as Ace to Ace, Youth Travel Season 2, I am an Actor, etc., with a double harvest of word-of-mouth ratings, continuous short videos, and repeated innovations in screen interaction. Wu Tong, who loves to try new things, won the honor of "Tik Tok TV Person of the Year", which is well deserved.

Short video, short time and long love. In the future, Zhejiang Satellite TV will produce more excellent TV programs and create more excellent short video content to accompany more viewers in all directions.

Four online celebrity attractions make you the focus.

Life News (trainee reporter Zhang Huibo) Summer is coming! Do you still have to stay at home and blow air conditioning and watch the photos of Jiugongge parents and children taken by others in your circle of friends? Action is better than action! If you want to have fun and beautiful photos, come to the Royal Luyuan Scenic Area (Shenlu Mountain) in Pingshan Tourist Area of Forest Industry, Heilongjiang Province. Today, I recommend four "online celebrity attractions" of Shenlu Mountain, teach you to take new photos and make you the focus of the audience.

Location 1: Forest Tatou Wetland Features: Look at the plant fossil forest.

One of the wonders of punching card in Shenlu Mountain is the forest tower wetland. The tower head here grows in the forest and is the source of wetland formation. "Tatou", also known as "Tatunzi", is a kind of grass pier that is tens of centimeters or even one meter above the water surface. It is formed by the roots of various Carex in the swamp growing again after death, rotting again, growing again and again, and condensing with marl carbon for many years. The pier on the tower head is a kind of non-renewable natural plant "fossil", which is known as "a century-old tree on the tower head" in the local area. A pier with a diameter of 65 cm takes thousands of years to form, and the longest one can reach 100 thousand years. The tower head of Shenlu Mountain begins to grow green "hair" in spring, and the golden leaves in winter remain at the bottom, which looks like "gold inlaid jade". It is a spectacular sight that you must not miss. Because the surrounding trees are soaked in the wetland all the year round, the dense branches and leaves form the phenomenon of "heavy head", and sometimes they fall into the forest wetland, forming a sharp contrast between the dead wood and the tower head, which is spectacular and beautiful.

Location 2: Herbivorous Zoo Features: Intimate photo with Meng Chong

It is reported that Royal Deer Garden is the largest habitat of wild sika deer in China, where there are more than 2,000 sika deer and red deer. The most attractive thing about Shenlu Mountain is the wild free-range deer. Those deer with big eyes come timidly, but don’t scare it away. It just wants to taste the carrots and Chinese cabbage in your hand. At this time, you just need to hold up your mobile phone to take a selfie with Zhang Mengmeng, without P-picture and beauty, and the true feelings are carved naturally, which will definitely kill the circle of friends.

There are also herbivorous animals such as reindeer, deer, camel, pony, alpaca, small-tailed Han sheep and argali in the herbivorous zoo, which is also one of the must-see attractions in online celebrity.

Location 3: Sunshine Bath Features: Picnics under the "Blessing Tree" are interesting.

The sunshine bath can be said to be the core area of the scenic spot and the best choice for picnicking. Visitors can sit on the swing chairs around, bask in the sunshine, and enjoy the European customs and the natural wildness of the screen. In the sunshine bath, there is a "blessing tree", which is covered with red strips of cloth and entrusted with people’s good wishes. If you also want to pray for the health of the elderly and the success of children’s studies, you can walk around the "Blessing Tree" and sit on the floor under the tree. The green lawn is the best mat, a picnic full of European style, and I believe the photos taken will definitely become the focus of friends.

Location 4: Birch Forest Features: Breathe negative oxygen ion air heartily.

On the way to Hongye Garden, there is a unique birch forest, which is a natural background for taking pictures. This birch forest is called "white girl" by the local people, which is slim and graceful, tall and beautiful. When tourists arrive here, many of them make gestures to take pictures, and couples also make promises of love here. Wandering in the winding path of birch forest, the hot summer seems to be dispelled instantly, breathing pure air full of negative oxygen ions, and every bite is refreshing and comfortable!

In June, the green grass of Shenlu Mountain is lingering and the breeze is blowing gently. In the distance, the green hills are like Dai, and the mountains are green, which is a charming European scenery. Why not enjoy the natural wild interest here, take fancy photos with Meng Chong, have a picnic, camp and have a leisure vacation?

Self-driving navigation: Pingshan tourist area of provincial forest industry (1 hour by car); You can also take the high-speed train from Harbin to Maoershan.

Zhijie S7 is a smart driving spot. Yu Chengdong said that Huawei’s visual smart driving completely surpassed Tesla.

On April 11th, Huawei’s first smart car, Zhijie S7, launched a new version, new rights and interests, and launched Huawei’s visual intelligent driving, which further enhanced its product strength. Especially in the field of intelligent driving, the intellectual S7 has been several positions ahead of the industry, and this is the first time for Huawei’s visual intellectual. Yu Chengdong said that Huawei’s visual intellectual driving has surpassed Tesla in an all-round way.

Nowadays, smart driving has become the main battlefield for high-end new energy vehicles, but most models are still in the "primary stage" of selling futures and opening cities. Zhijie S7 doesn’t sell futures by self-driving, but it can be used by picking up the car. By April, 2024, NCA in Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving city opened 40,000+towns and villages, and all urban main roads and branch roads can be opened, with 99.56% of available sections.

This means that you can use it not only in the streets where people and cars are confused in the north and the south, but also in the long-distance self-driving in the west or in the towns and villages of your hometown. Huawei’s 192-line laser radar, which originated from the same model of M9, is the highest line number laser radar in the industry. It has the highest specifications in the industry and can realize the full scene and all-weather perception of dynamic and static targets (including irregular objects). In software, BEV network +GOD network can accurately identify all kinds of obstacles, while RCR network 2.0 can realize navigation map matching with the real world, complex environment reasoning, and can be opened with or without maps, so that high-order intelligent driving no longer depends on high-precision maps.

One of the great significance of technological innovation lies in the universal benefits of technology. This time, Zhijie S7 is also equipped with the basic version of HUAWEI ADS, and launched Huawei’s visual intelligent driving, which has realized the intelligent driving of the whole department and further consolidated its position as the intelligent driving ceiling. This set of visual intelligent driving system can realize NCA intelligent driving navigation assistance on national highways and urban expressways, automatically get on and off ramps, and have certain ability to automatically change lanes and avoid obstacles when encountering road construction, cone barrel diversion and other scenes. In terms of intelligent parking, it supports multi-scene parking spaces and can be parked when it is visible.

In addition, the intelligent safety of Zhijie S7 has been upgraded, equipped with an omni-directional anti-collision system of the leading industry generation, and it has a multi-sensor fusion sensing system of the leading industry, so that vehicles can still identify all kinds of road obstacles in all directions even in bad weather and insufficient light. The effective range of forward AEB is 4-150km/h, and the braking speed is 120km/h; The effective range of lateral active avoidance is 40-130km/h, which can actively identify water horses, rows of cones, kerbs, stationary pedestrians, dynamic pedestrians, stationary vehicles and dynamic vehicles; The effective range of backward initiative is 1-60km/h, and it can actively identify pedestrians crossing, moving two-wheeled vehicles and vehicles crossing, greatly reducing the accident probability.

Write at the end:

To sum up, the product strength of Zhijie S7 has been greatly upgraded this time. The larger battery pack, longer battery life and stronger intelligent driving have once again proved Huawei’s powerful intelligent innovation technology strength to the industry and outside. In the competition of "7" series models in the pure electric car market, Zhijie S7 has successfully occupied the highest point in the market. If you want to buy an intelligent "all-excellent" model at the price level of 300,000, Zhijie S7 is worth recommending.

Modern Hospital Development Forum in the New Period and the New Book Release Conference of Medical Process and Spatial Organization

At the beginning of the new year in 2020, the "Modern Hospital Development Forum in the New Period and the New Book Release Conference of Medical Process and Spatial Organization" hosted by China Northwest Architectural Design and Research Institute was held in the ancient city of Xi ‘an. Wang Jun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of China Construction Northwest Institute, delivered a speech at the release conference.

Mr. Ouyang Dong, vice president of China Building Industry Press, congratulated the meeting and fully affirmed the new book.

Mr. Li Baoshan, Vice President and Secretary General of Hospital Construction and Equipment Branch of China Medical Equipment Association, came to congratulate and gave a keynote speech on "Development Trend of Modern Hospitals in the New Era".

Ms. Yi Fenghua, Secretary General of Shaanxi Civil Architecture Society, Ms. Dai Wudi, Deputy Director of Planning Department of Xi ‘an Health and Health Commission, Mr. Li Yueyan and Mr. Li Zhimin, Vice Presidents of School of Architecture of Xi ‘an University of Architecture and Technology, Ms. Liu Qibo, Vice President of School of Architecture of Chang ‘an University, Mr. Qin Zhongsheng, Dean of Jincheng People’s Hospital of Shanxi Province, Director Liu Yuquan of Northwest Research Base of Medical Technology and Deputy General Manager Liang Xiaoguang of Zhonglian Northwest Engineering Design and Research Institute, Tian Ce, Deputy Chief Architect of Shaanxi Architectural Design and Research Institute, and Yang Xiaoping, Chief Architect of Xi ‘an Architectural Design and Research Institute, and other representatives attended the meeting and had extensive exchanges and discussions on the topic of "Development of Modern Hospitals in the New Era", so as to make suggestions for China’s medical construction in the new era.

Zhao Yuanchao, a national engineering survey and design master and chief architect of Northwest China Construction Institute, read a congratulatory letter from Mr. Zhang Jinqiu, an academician of China Academy of Engineering, and delivered a speech.

Li Jianguang, chief architect and editor-in-chief of Northwest Institute of China Construction, introduced the compilation of Medical Process and Spatial Organization. Some leaders and chief architects of China Construction Northwest Institute attended this academic event.

Medical Process and Spatial Organization is a special book about medical process and spatial organization of medical buildings. This book consists of five parts: the first chapter is the basic concept, the second chapter is the hospital functional system, the third chapter is the design principle and organization mode of medical process and medical space, the fourth chapter is the medical process and spatial organization of typical medical functional units, and the fifth chapter is the hospital construction project.

The readers of this book are architects engaged in hospital architectural planning, and can also be used as reference for hospital construction, managers and teachers and students in colleges and universities.


What is the difference between the eye-catching points of Zhihu and Xiaohongshu in the variety track?

Big data focuses on hot spots 

Zhihu new comprehensive attention to young people’s demands

Zhihu’s upcoming youth round-table talk series "Talks in the Wilderness" focuses on the stories, thoughts and cognition of young people. The program invited Li Xueqin, Xi Rui, Li Haoyuan, Zhang Ruonan, Jiang Xiangui, Li Songwei and Liu Boyang, outstanding respondents from Zhihu, as guests, and adopted the mode of four regular guests and one flying guest in each session to discuss the high fever in Zhihu Station. The program production team "Everyone Records" has produced high-profile humanities documentary programs such as Thirteen Invitations, Friends and Discretion. The recording scene of the program moves from the studio to the outdoors, avoiding scenic spots and popular routes, choosing wilderness, forest and river beach, and combining the space scene with the content theme under the concept of "spiritual wilderness", which is quite aware of the unique tonality of the community.

"The Career I yearn for" is a documentary observation program for young people in the workplace. In each issue, an outstanding post-90 s workplace person leads the audience to experience different careers in an immersive way. During the program, the audience can feel the daily work of programmers in Silicon Valley, walk into foreign companies and Internet giants, and get close to the lawyer industry … At the same time, the program sets up a second observation room to invite professionals to discuss topics, so that users can gain interesting and useful workplace skills. The regular guests of the program include Yang Tianzhen, Ming Chen and Ran Gaoming.

College entrance examination is the focus of the whole society. During the college entrance examination in 2022, there were 7.67 million questions related to the college entrance examination in Zhihu, and the number of related search words was 197 million times. Many college entrance examination "experienced people" share their knowledge, experience and opinions in Zhihu, and many candidates look for the "answers" they want in Zhihu. In this context, the college entrance examination documentary interview variety show "My College Entrance Examination Forgetting Book" came into being. The original script of the program comes from the college entrance examination topics that young users pay attention to and discuss hotly in Zhihu, and the user’s question-and-answer interaction. Respondents ranged in age from 20 to 40, covering a variety of occupations.

Jiang Mingxue, head of the pan-entertainment operation team in Zhihu, told the reporter of Variety Daily that there are a lot of professional discussions and high-quality contents in Zhihu in the fields of college entrance examination, workplace, life and emotion. "The upcoming three variety shows are an extension of Zhihu’s content ecology. The program invited many Zhihu hosts as guests, which will provide a broad development space for the creators. From the content point of view, these three variety shows not only have innovative breakthroughs in themes, but also conform to the current cultural and ideological trends of young users, and are an interpretation of the development direction of Zhihu as a question and answer community. "

Love women homemade variety show

Xiaohongshu focuses on young lifestyles.

The diversified little red book is also expanding the territory of entertainment products and joining the self-made variety track. In July last year, Xiaohongshu launched the travel reality show "Escape from the City Plan". Subsequently, the same type of "Two Days and One Night Camping Plan" was launched in Xiaohongshu, inviting bloggers to camp in various places. Xiaohongshu also launched a cultural program "Night in the Corner", in which Liang Wendao, the host, together with Chen Danqing, Chen Di, Liu Qing, Li Houchen, Huang Zhizhong, Jiang Sida and other guests, expressed their opinions on topics of concern or hot discussion among young people at present, such as love will, consumption concept and investment proposition.

At the end of 2021, Xiaohongshu’s self-made life program "I’m going to live like this" went online, and traveled around the city through "life home" and "experience officer", opening up lifestyles in different scenes such as sports, travel and art, and driving users to share their hobbies. In May of this year, the program started the second season of "camping season" with a new theme. Under the wave of reasoning variety sweeping across major platforms, Xiaohongshu recently launched a self-made variety "Let’s Reasoning Together", inviting bloggers at the head of the platform to participate and launch an immersive script killing.

Judging from the content and form, the variety show launched by Xiaohongshu has a short duration, and KOL and fashion stars in the station are invited as guests. These variety shows are quite platform-oriented, basically focusing on the lifestyle of young people, and the content also focuses on the common tourism, food and other sectors of the platform. Little Red Book’s self-made variety shows are biased towards female theme content. According to the "2021 Little Red Book Active User Portrait Trend Report", women account for 90.41% of the active users of Little Red Book. Taking female theme as the starting point is a major feature of its vertical marketing.

Variety enhances user stickiness 

Differentiated advantages produce "long tail"

"Compared with film and television content, variety shows have stronger social attributes and are easier to drive community fans." Bao Ran, a member of the Science and Technology Committee of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the Network Audiovisual Professional Committee, told the reporter of Variety Daily that Zhihu and Xiaohongshu are both community platforms. In order to stimulate the stock and growth, they need to broadcast and share new stories, so as to increase the user’s stickiness and strengthen the connection between communities.

Bao Ran takes Xiaohongshu as an example. The advantage of UGC (user-generated content) in the station is that it is fast in quantity, but the disadvantage is that quality control is difficult to grasp. "At present, the regulatory authorities are more and more strict in the management of MCN institutions and online celebrity, and Xiaohongshu needs to constantly optimize and improve the community content ecology. Homemade variety shows are not only more formal, but also have a production threshold, which is conducive to the transfer of traffic to high-quality content. " Bao Ran bluntly said that many Internet platforms are now facing the bottleneck of the disappearance of user growth dividends. Both Xiaohongshu and Zhihu have been exploring new paths beyond their core business in recent years.

However, compared with Tik Tok, Aauto Quicker, bilibili and Watermelon Video, Zhihu and Xiaohongshu have not made such a big step, and a series of actions are just constantly strengthening their platform attributes. For example, several programs launched by Xiaohongshu are typical micro-variety shows, closely following social topics such as camping and travel; Zhihu’s upcoming program also focuses on issues of concern to youth groups based on its own characteristics of "professional discussion". "The cost of traditional variety shows is gradually rising, and the income depends solely on advertising sponsorship, and the shelf life is also short. Zhihu and Xiaohongshu exert their strength in variety shows. Naturally, they have to take a differentiated route to get a slice of the market. This small and beautiful strategy is a good choice. " Bao Wei said.

Talking about the expectation of self-made variety shows on the platform, Jiang Mingxue said that the layout of self-made variety shows is an attempt by Zhihu to extend high-quality content and an innovation of traditional variety shows. The production, dissemination, interaction and aggregation of the contents of the three programs are all completed in Zhihu. At the same time, the opinions and topics in the program will be widely discussed by users on Zhihu, which will precipitate and accumulate, resulting in the long tail effect. "We hope that Zhihu’s high-quality content can form a positive content closed loop and create a better community ecology."

Photo: Douban, program official micro

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How to visit Guangzhou Auto Show? How to choose your favorite car? The citizens at the scene have something to say.

  The 21st Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Auto Show") is in full swing in Pazhou Pavilion of China Import and Export Fair. On November 18, the first audience open day coincided with Saturday, and the venue was crowded and lively.

  How to visit the auto show? How to choose your favorite vehicle? What are the highlights of the RV exhibition area? What new products and services have smart cars launched? With these questions, the reporter visited the Guangzhou Auto Show and listened to the voices from the citizens on the spot.

  Buy a new energy vehicle or a fuel vehicle? The public has different opinions.

  This Guangzhou Auto Show has attracted mainstream auto brands and new energy auto companies from all over the world. The exhibition area covers an area of 220,000 square meters, with a total of 1,132 vehicles, including 469 new energy vehicles, accounting for 40%. Various brands, rich models, preferential promotions and multiple price ranges … Guangzhou Auto Show attracted many citizens to buy their favorite models with its series of advantages.

  In front of Huawei’s HarmonyOS Zhixing booth, Ms. He is listening carefully to the lecturer’s introduction of related technologies and products. She told reporters that she made a special trip from Shenzhen, hoping to choose a suitable car here.

  Regarding the purchase of traditional fuel vehicles or new energy vehicles, Ms. He expressed her preference for new energy vehicles for her own consideration. "Because I don’t know much about parking, I really want to know more about the function of automatic parking. In addition, intelligent driving, automatic obstacle avoidance, artificial intelligence technology, etc. are all points I care about. "

  In the field of new energy vehicle segmentation, she prefers hybrid electric power. "My budget is less than 300,000, and my daily travel is mainly to work and the suburbs. I may drive back to my hometown during the holiday. If you can charge and refuel, you will feel more at ease. " In addition, car brands are also an important factor affecting Ms. He’s car purchase. "At this stage, if you buy a car, you will still choose a well-known car company, which feels more secure in quality and safety."

  For those who prefer to buy new energy vehicles or traditional fuel vehicles, the reporter interviewed some citizens randomly at the scene. People who intend to buy new energy vehicles often mention the following points: the price of the car is superior, the charging cost is lower, the model is more scientific and technological, the level of intelligence is high, and relevant policy support is provided. However, they also mentioned problems such as mileage anxiety, difficulty in charging and inadequate charging infrastructure.

  Many people who choose traditional fuel vehicles mention that they prefer to use fuel vehicles, which are suitable for long-distance travel, lower maintenance costs and better driving experience. The disadvantage is that the vehicle price is relatively high, the fuel cost is expensive, and the product update is slow, so it is difficult to meet the needs of intelligent travel.

  With the development of the automobile market, consumers’ choices are also changing. Mr. Zheng bought a hybrid electric vehicle in 2017, and three years later he bought a fuel vehicle. In this regard, he said: "Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is difficult to generalize. It will be more comfortable to drive a fuel car at high speed, but it will be smoother to drive a hybrid car in the city. I will definitely buy a tram in the future, but now I feel that the tram still has quite a few limitations, such as low battery life at high speed, easy to get hot when charging, and cannot guarantee 100% safety. "

  Different groups of people have different needs? Precise positioning of car enterprises

  The competition on the car track is fierce. How can car companies attract customers with high-quality products and high cost performance? At the exhibition hall, some car companies strive to attract more target customers by reducing prices in a limited time, giving discounts, live online and providing customized services.

  Different groups of people have different needs, and car companies need accurate positioning to win customers.

  In some booths, car companies put camping tables and chairs and bicycles on the roof to set off the highlights of products with specific life scenes. Mr. Ge, who likes cycling and outdoor camping, said frankly, "It is really attractive. When I see the car, I think of the outdoor camping scene. My budget for buying a car is around 150,000. After watching it for a while, there are also many favorite products. "

  In response to the needs of some family trips, some car companies have positioned themselves as "affordable, comfortable and specially designed for family trips"; Some car companies also put forward a more ideal concept of "home" for young people …

  There are also some car companies that are ingenious and choose a relatively small track. For example, Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi launched E9 Caring Edition, which is equipped with an electric welfare wheelchair to facilitate the elderly, pregnant women, the disabled and other groups to travel.

  An elderly person experienced it on the spot, and someone on the side said, "This kind of innovation is really practical and humanistic. My parents are old, and it looks good to buy this car to take them out. " In this regard, a staff member of GAC Chuanqi said that the car is still in the research and development stage and is expected to be mass-produced next year.

  A sense of science and technology, practicality, intelligence and personalization … At the Guangzhou Auto Show, a wide variety of products with different positioning made the public feast their eyes. "I have been to the Guangzhou Auto Show before, and I obviously feel that the number of new energy vehicles has increased this year. The exhibition areas of new energy auto shows such as Tesla, Ideality, Tucki and BYD are quite cool, and the intelligent level of cars is also surprising. In particular, the release of some concept cars makes people can’t help but imagine the future direction of automobile development. " At the Xpeng Motors Pavilion, Mr. Wang, a veteran car fan, looked at Li Chuo’s car suspended in the air and said.

  At the scene, many citizens passing by the exhibition area took a group photo with the car, and some people gave the imagination of "technology changes life and where to travel in the future".

  RV is expensive. Can’t afford it? Three or four hundred thousand also have a choice.

  When asked, how do you feel about coming to Guangzhou Auto Show to see the RV? Many citizens have mentioned that the price of RV is cheaper than expected, and there are many choices for 300,000 yuan to 400,000 yuan.

  "I used to think that the RV was very expensive and only existed in the beautiful travel life of others in the short video. But when I came to the RV area of Guangzhou Auto Show today, I knew for the first time that I could buy a RV for 300,000 yuan. Just now, my friends and I went up to experience it, which was quite comfortable. I have never thought of buying a car before, and this moment was ignited. " Ms. Wang, who is in her thirties, said with a smile.

  Another couple also expressed similar feelings. Mr. Chen, who came to see the exhibition with his girlfriend, said: "I didn’t have much chance to see so many models before, but I was really surprised today." The price of the RV broke my stereotype. " His girlfriend couldn’t help feeling, "I don’t even want to buy a house with an RV. It would be great if the relevant infrastructure could keep up. "

  At the scene, DTV, Yutong RV, Jiangwei RV, Great Wall RV and other brands displayed a variety of highly competitive products. According to the relevant person in charge of Yutong RV, from more than 80,000 yuan to more than one million yuan, they launched different grades of RVs to meet the differentiated needs of the market. Among them, the range of 400,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan sold more. "Retirees and freelancers buy most, they have more free time and like to travel outdoors."

  A retired couple are sitting in an RV to experience the comfort of the driver’s seat. They also checked the size of the bathroom, the size of the bed board, the length of the water pipe and the size of the water tank. Aunt Huang told reporters that she and her husband have been "playing RV" for many years, and recently they plan to replace a new RV. "With the RV, you can travel freely, where the car is, where the home is, and life is full of fun." However, Aunt Huang also suggested that you should think carefully before buying a car. Is it really necessary? Do you have time to travel? Can you accept problems such as parking difficulties and trouble in water and electricity supply? If you just want to experience it, renting a car is also an option.

Online celebrity blogger suspected of cooking great white shark was reported to attract attention. What kind of shark is it?

  Video screenshot

  These days, a video of a online celebrity food blogger shooting boiled sharks and barbecued sharks has attracted the attention of the whole network. Some popular science bloggers reported that this shark was actually a great white shark (also known as a man-eating shark), which belongs to the national second-class protected animal. Sichuan Nanchong police then intervened in the investigation.

  On the evening of July 14th, the reporter contacted online celebrity blogger Tizi, who said that the shark in the video was a "sharp-toothed shark". "I got it through formal channels, and we are looking for a lawyer here. It’s all those people who talk nonsense. "

  On July 16, the reporter contacted the netizen "Myth Q Blast" (hereinafter referred to as "Mr. Q") who first reported this matter, and he told some things behind this report.

  On the same day, the reporter learned from a person close to handling the case that the police have found a blogger "Tizi" in online celebrity to investigate, and will collect relevant evidence and find an authoritative organization for identification.

  Event review

  Send a video of "cooking sharks"

  Food bloggers were reported.

  In the online video, the food blogger opened a package at the door of a shop, which contained a huge "shark", attracting many people to watch. Later, the online celebrity blogger and others transported the shark to the countryside, cut it up and used it for boiling and barbecue. In the video screen, the caption "Edible by Artificial Farming" is written in the upper left corner.

  The reporter found that the blogger named "Tizi" has more than 1 million fans on a short video platform, which mainly publishes videos of cooking food with seafood. However, this "shark video" reflected by netizens is no longer visible at present.

  On the evening of July 15th, the netizen "Mr. Q" updated a Weibo message: "I reported the blogger who illegally ate great white sharks, which may be a bit sudden, but I don’t intend to continue to hide it now."

  On July 16th, "Mr. Q" told reporters that the clue about "anchor online celebrity eats great white shark" originally came from a screenshot of QQ group. At 10: 38 am on July 14th, someone posted a video screenshot of the anchor "Tizi" and the shark on the QQ group. After that, I went to the short video platform to find the account of "Tizi". "According to the details of the video and the feedback from the group friends, I confirmed that it was a great white shark."

  According to the video content released by Tizi, the shark in the video weighs about 100 Jin, slightly larger than the anchor Tizi himself.

  After watching the video, "Mr. Q" then reported to the short video platform. Half an hour later, the short video platform gave him feedback, saying that the video push had been reduced. In the afternoon, "Mr. Q" and some netizens called the local fishery administration department in Nanchong to report.

  "Mr. Q" didn’t expect this matter to get such great attention. He said that even if the anchor didn’t "eat" the great white shark this time, this kind of incident may continue to happen. He hoped that everyone could better protect our marine ecology, and he didn’t want future generations to know about the great white shark only through museums and literature. "If even the great white shark can’t be protected, how can we have confidence to protect other sharks, and how can we have confidence to protect the marine ecology?"

  Question 1

  Is it a great white shark or a sharp-toothed shark?

  Blogger: It’s a sharp-toothed shark, which was obtained through formal channels.

  On the evening of July 14th, the reporter contacted the blogger Tizi, and the other party said that the shark in the video was not a man-eating shark or an endangered animal, but a sharp-toothed shark. "I got it through formal channels, and we are also looking for a lawyer here. It’s all those people who talk nonsense. " The blogger said that these people are slandering, and no police have contacted her yet.

  Some netizens who have seen the video suspect that the "shark" in the video is probably just a prop for bloggers to shoot the video. In response to this question, the blogger has not responded to the reporter yet.

  Professional: It’s a great white shark, and there is no artificial breeding at present.

  According to media reports, Zhou Zhuocheng, chairman of the professional committee of protozoa and aquatic ecology of China Fisheries Association, said that the shark in the video is a man-eating shark, also known as great white shark, which is a national second-class protected animal. According to the law, after fishing, it is necessary to abandon it into the sea regardless of life or death. It is illegal to go ashore, sell or buy it, and the man-eating shark is not farmed artificially.

  Netizen "crested snake with black scales" is a well-known science blogger with 2.31 million fans, a research tutor and a natural science writer. He is also paying attention to the incident of "online celebrity anchor eating sharks" these days.

  On July 16th, "crested snake with black scales" said in an interview with reporters, "From the appearance characteristics, that shark is the great white shark (man-eating shark), a national second-class protected animal, and the sharp-toothed shark is a common name for the sand shark in Taiwan Province, China. The shape of the big hole sand shark is significantly different from that of the great white shark, and its size is not as big as that of the shark in the video. "

  Netizen "crested snake with black scales" introduced that great white sharks are distributed all over the world, and there are records in the Yellow Sea, East China Sea and Bohai Sea in China, but at present, large sharks, including great white sharks, have no artificial breeding population and cannot be cultured artificially. "The anchor said that this is ‘ Breeding big sharks ’ It is a false thing. "

  Question 2

  Where did this shark come from?


  Or suspected illegal trafficking chain.

  Well-known science blogger "crested snake with black scales" analyzed that if the shark in the video is a great white shark, it should be illegally trafficked from the coast to Sichuan. "According to the current wildlife protection law, it is not allowed to sell the national first-class and second-class protected aquatic wildlife such as the great white shark privately. Even if it is dead, it is not allowed to sell it ashore. The national first-and second-class aquatic wild protected animals that can be sold can only be marked on the list ‘ Wild population only ’ And the relevant documents are complete and can prove that they are from artificially propagated individuals. "

  "Mr. Q" also said that the shark in the video of "Tizi" was filmed in Nanchong. Based on this, he analyzed that sharks should be transported to Nanchong from coastal suppliers through cold chain transportation, which involves an illegal chain. Only the anchor himself and his group know where the supplier is.

  Mr. Q hopes to find more clues. "I tentatively put forward a preliminary action plan in the group, and five people responded successively, so I established an action planning group chat." "Mr. Q" said that according to the planned action, the six of them turned into fans of the anchor "Tizi", and first tentatively expressed their desire to buy sharks in the comment area, but the anchor only responded to the top two comments (suspected list one and list two at that time), and several people then booked the live broadcast at 7: 30 that night.

  Before the live broadcast began, Mr. Q made a simple role definition in the group. Some people pretended to be buyers of foreign aquatic products stores, and some people went to the live broadcast room to first propose to buy shark meat, with followers and children who wanted to taste shark meat.

  "In order to ensure the anchor ‘ Tizi ’ In response, the six of us will try our best to be on the list. Before the live broadcast, ‘ Snake bone ’ (Net name) charged the money separately and joined the anchor fan group. " "Mr. Q" said that that night, "Tizi" began to live broadcast the goods on the short video platform. Several of them went to the live broadcast room to leave a message and brush the screen according to the previous planning plan, and then gave gifts to the anchor "Tizi" as a reward.

  "Since the anchor has been selling the goods that the fan group doesn’t want, the top ten of the initial list left the live broadcast room one after another, so I took the opportunity to rush to the second list, ‘ Snake bone ’ Then rushed to the list of six. " "Mr. Q" said, however, something unexpected happened at this time. As the "Shark" incident gradually fermented on the Internet, many netizens flooded into the live broadcast room, asking why Tizi ate "Great White Shark".

  "Mr. Q" said that the sudden change in the live broadcast room made it impossible for himself and his teammates to ask questions to "Tizi" as originally planned, and finally "Tizi" was broadcast in advance.

  "Mr. Q" told the reporter that on July 15th, they called the fishery administration in the relevant areas where sharks may come from to tell about the situation, and then some local authorities in Nanchong took the initiative to contact him to learn about the situation.

  state of play

  The police launched an investigation.

  The blogger has been found.

  The reporter looked through the videos taken by the netizen "Tizi" in the past and found that he had been shopping in the seafood market in Nanchong, Sichuan.

  On the evening of July 14th, the reporter contacted a manager of a seafood market in Nanchong City, and the other party said that he knew the online celebrity food blogger who had bought seafood in the seafood market. The manager said that the online celebrity blogger sometimes brought seafood by car and filmed it in the market. However, he doesn’t know much about this online celebrity blogger.

  The above-mentioned staff member said that he had also seen the "shark" video shot by the online celebrity blogger, saying that it was not from their market, and there was no shark for sale in the market. Besides, watching the video, the "shark" looked like frozen goods.

  Later, after contacting some vendors in the market, the above-mentioned market managers gave feedback to reporters again, saying that some online celebrity bloggers often came to the market to shoot videos. Most of the time, they brought their own frozen goods, soaked them in water, and occasionally bought some common seafood in the market.

  The manager also said that all the seafood sold in the market is very common. "I also asked the merchants in our market if they didn’t get sharks. They also said which one dares to sell sharks?"

  Afterwards, it was proved that "Tizi" filmed the shark at the entrance of an aquatic product store in Gaoping District, Nanchong, and the shark was also brought by Tizi, and it was filmed by borrowing the venue at the entrance of the aquatic product store.

  On the morning of July 15th, the reporter visited a community that appeared in the video picture of "Tizi". The doorman said that there were indeed two young girls who had taken videos in the community before. The doorman recognized that the blogger "Tizi" in the video was one of the girls who had made videos in the community before, but he was not a resident of the community.

  At present, the investigation detachment of forest and food and drug environmental knowledge of Nanchong Public Security Bureau in Sichuan has been involved in the investigation.

  The source of the shark in Tizi video and whether the shark is a "great white shark" questioned by netizens or a "sharp-toothed shark" in Tizi’s mouth still need further investigation by the police.

  On July 16th, a person familiar with the matter told the reporter that the police have found a blogger "Tizi" in online celebrity to investigate, and will collect relevant evidence and find an authoritative organization for identification.

  Law popularization time

  Buying and selling great white shark teeth

  Both the buyer and the seller were sentenced.

  The reporter found that the People’s Court of Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province had tried a case of buying and selling great white shark teeth in 2019.

  The contents of the judgment document show that in September 2012, the defendant Zhang sold three great white shark (also known as man-eating shark) teeth to the defendant Gu for 18,000 yuan. It has been identified that two of the three shark teeth belong to a man-eating shark, which is a protected animal listed in Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. After the incident, the defendants Gu and Zhang arrived at the case after receiving the notice from the public security organ. They all truthfully confessed the above facts and pleaded guilty.

  The Dongtai People’s Court held that Gu’s illegal acquisition of precious and endangered wildlife products constituted a crime of illegal acquisition of precious and endangered wildlife products. Zhang illegally sells precious and endangered wildlife products, and his behavior constitutes the crime of illegally selling precious and endangered wildlife products, and all of them should be punished. In the end, Gu was sentenced to five months’ criminal detention, suspended for six months and fined 5,000 yuan for the crime of illegally purchasing precious and endangered wildlife products. Zhang was sentenced to five months’ criminal detention, suspended for six months and fined 5000 yuan for the crime of illegally selling precious and endangered wildlife products.

  Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star Journalist Wang Chao zhangqian