State Press and Publication Administration: Strictly Check 40 Internet Obscene Pornography Novels

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  BEIJING: China’s General Administration of Press and Publication issued a notice on its official website, asking all localities to carry out in-depth administrative law enforcement activities against online pornographic information. Severely investigate and deal with online pornographic novels that disrupt the normal order of online publishing and endanger the physical and mental health of young people.

  In view of the recent publication of pornographic novels on some websites, the State General Administration of Press and Publication issued the Emergency Notice on Severely Investigating and Punishing Pornographic Novels on the Internet, requiring all localities to follow the principle of territorial management and "whoever is in charge is responsible", and to order relevant websites within their jurisdiction to immediately delete pornographic novels listed in the list and prohibit any websites from publishing, linking and disseminating relevant information. For websites that fail to delete obscene pornographic novels and related information as required, administrative penalties shall be imposed in accordance with relevant regulations.

  Websites that change their addresses to escape supervision should be tracked and searched in time, severely punished according to law, and if necessary, the website will be closed according to law. Cases suspected of committing crimes by publishing obscene pornographic novels and disseminating obscene pornographic information on the Internet should be promptly transferred to public security organs according to regulations.

  The full text of the notice is as follows:

  Severely investigating and dealing with harmful information such as internet obscenity and pornography is an inevitable requirement for building a harmonious socialist society and purifying the environment for the healthy growth of teenagers. It is also an important work of "eliminating pornography and illegal publications" and Internet publishing management, and the central leadership attaches great importance to it. Recently, the General Administration of Press and Publication found that some domestic websites published novels with obscene and pornographic contents. The spread of these obscene pornographic novels has disturbed the normal order of online publishing and endangered the physical and mental health of the vast number of teenagers, and must be resolutely and severely investigated according to law. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

  First, all localities and departments concerned should carry out in-depth administrative law enforcement activities on online obscene pornographic information in strict accordance with the deployment and requirements of the Work Plan of the Special Action against Internet Obscene Pornography by the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Office of the National Working Group on Combating Pornography, and severely crack down on the use of the Internet to spread obscene pornographic information.

  Second, around the "anti-pornography and illegal publications" work leading group office to coordinate with relevant departments, in accordance with the principle of territorial management and "who is in charge, who is responsible", according to the "List of Forty Obscene Pornographic Online Novels" and "List of Domestic Websites Published with Obscene Pornographic Novels" published in this notice, ordered relevant websites within the jurisdiction to immediately delete the obscene pornographic novels listed in the list, and prohibited any websites from publishing, linking and disseminating relevant information.

  Third, the local press and publication administrative departments should strengthen the supervision of Internet publishing content within their respective jurisdictions, and impose administrative penalties on websites that fail to delete obscene pornographic novels and related information as required in accordance with the Regulations on the Administration of Publishing and the Interim Provisions on the Administration of Internet Publishing. Websites that change their addresses to escape supervision should be tracked and searched in time and severely punished according to law. When necessary, inform the local public security network supervision, telecommunications management and other departments about the situation and close the website according to law.

  Four, the relevant departments of all localities should promptly transfer to the public security organs the cases of publishing obscene pornographic novels and spreading obscene pornographic information on the Internet, and cooperate with the investigation.

  Five, the local press and publication administrative departments and the office of the leading group for the work of "eliminating pornography and illegal publications" before August 20, 2007, the local investigation and punishment of online pornographic novels were reported in writing to the General Administration of Press and Publication and the office of the national working group for "eliminating pornography and illegal publications". In case of important information and clues, they should report at any time.

Editor: Wang Yuxi

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Those jokes caused by "occupational diseases" must be seen by migrant workers!

Tell everyone a joke.

"It’s Friday today, and I won’t go to work tomorrow."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Disease control jun, I’ll laugh first.

Fridays are always wonderful.

In such a good mood

Why don’t we have a few more jokes to help-

Those "occupational diseases" in life

I dowaiterI have been doing this for a long time. On my classmate’s birthday, we went out to eat. In the middle of eating, the next table shouted."waiter". I suddenly stood up and replied "Hello!" Is this the legendary occupational disease?

taxi driverAfter working for eight years, I went to the supermarket by private car one day and saw someone waving a taxi by the roadside, so I turned right and went straight to others, stopped by them, and then drove away silently without thinking.

Today, I went to the supermarket to buy a bowl. The cashier’s sister said, "Two dollars and five cents". I didn’t have change and gave a ten-dollar bill, sister.I’ll just pass the bowl when I get the change, and thenThe cashier sister laughed and the people in line at the back laughed. Alas. Occupational disease, I can’t afford to hurt.

Working outside

Have you ever made a joke because of "occupational disease"?

We often ridicule "occupational diseases"

But in fact, these are not real occupational diseases.

Let’s talk today.

Occupational disease in the true sense


What is a real "occupational disease"?

China has the largest working population in the world.

New occupational health hazards are constantly emerging.

Some migrant workers have to be exposed to all kinds of harmful factors.

Coupled with physical and psychological pressure.

So I got a real "occupational disease"-

industrial diseaseRefers to the employees of enterprises, institutions, individual economic organizations and other employers in their professional activities,Diseases caused by exposure to dust, radioactive substances and other toxic and harmful substances.

The legal occupational diseases in China mainly include (10 categories, 132 kinds):

Occupational pneumoconiosis and other respiratory diseases

Occupational dermatosis

Occupational ophthalmopathy

Occupational otorhinolaryngology and oral diseases

Occupational chemical poisoning

Occupational diseases caused by physical factors

radiation induced diseases

Occupational infectious diseases

occupational cancer

Other occupational diseases

How to judge whether you have occupational diseases?

Refer to these four standards

(1) there must be a factual employment relationship with the employer;

(2) must be produced in the course of engaging in professional activities;

③ It must be caused by contact with dust, radioactive substances and other toxic and harmful factors;

④ It must be the occupational diseases listed in the occupational disease classification and catalogue published by the state. (I won’t list them one by one if there are too many)

Common occupational diseases include these

Do you know?

1. Occupational-related lung diseases, such aschronic bronchitispneumonectasisWait;

2. Bone and soft tissue injuries, such as many forced posture operations such as standing and sitting.Low back pain, shoulder and neck pain, scoliosis, tenosynovitisWait;

3. Career-related heartVascular diseaseFor example, the detection rate of hypertension in high temperature workers is higher than that in non-high temperature workers, and the incidence and mortality of coronary heart disease are increased due to exposure to chemicals such as carbon monoxide and carbon disulfide;

4. Reproductive dysfunction, such as exposure to lead, mercury and carbon disulfide, can lead tobe born prematurelyandabortionThe incidence rate increased;

5. Digestive tract diseases, such as coal miners.Gastrointestinal ulcerThe rate is higher than that of the general population, and high temperature workers can causeIndigestionThe incidence of other diseases has increased.

Don’t want to get occupational diseases

How should workers correctly prevent it?

Stay away from occupational hazards

Workers must take precautions first.

this6 doses of "vaccination"Please accept

Vaccination 1:

Before taking up their posts, workers should sign with the employer.labour contract;

Vaccination 2:

Abide by the occupational health post of the employing unit.operating instructionOr something regulations;

Vaccination 3:

Persist in homework.Correct use of occupational disease protection articles, such as dust masks, anti-noise earplugs, etc.; (Refer to previous tweets: How important is protective equipment? Know these personal protective equipment and protect occupational health. I will act! )

Vaccination 4:

Participate in the organization of the employer in time.Occupational health examinationAccording to the requirements of medical institutions, timely review relevant occupational abnormal items;

Vaccination 5:

If you find any illness or abnormality that may be related to your occupation, pleaseCheck or consult with professional institutions in time.;

Vaccination 6:

⑥ Take an active part in the activities carried out by the employer.Occupational disease prevention knowledge training, or through the media, the network search knowledge of occupational diseases, improve their awareness of protection. (PS: Pay attention to "Shenzhen Longgang Disease Control", where there is a lot of occupational disease knowledge)


That’s the end of today’s popular science

Have a nice weekend, worker!

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Source: CDC trends in China, CDC in Sichuan and CDC in Longgang.

Part of the picture comes from the internet, and the copyright belongs to the author.

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A Super Practical 2018 Examination Calendar: June and October are the most intensive examinations.

  China Jiangxi Net News reporter Shen Guannan reports that the exam is not complete, but it can effectively urge lazy cancer patients. Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued a notice announcing the work plan for the qualification examination of professional and technical personnel in 2018. 2017 is coming. Do you have any plans for the new year?

  Opportunities are often reserved for those who are prepared. Here, the reporter from Jiangxi Network in China has compiled a calendar of super-practical examinations for you in 2018, wishing everyone to become a "Kao Ba" in 2018 and win the spearhead in the examination room.


  May 20: GRE test

  6, 7: 2017 Teacher Qualification Interview

  6th, 13th, 18th and 20th: IELTS.

  6, 13, 27 and 28: TOEFL test

  21st: TOEIC exam


  1st, 3rd, 10th and 24th: IELTS test.

  2 nd: GRE exam

  4th: TOEFL test

  25th: TOEIC exam


  3rd, 10th, 15th and 24th: IELTS test.

  3rd, 10th, 11th, 24th and 31st: TOEFL test.

  April, 17th and 30th: GRE test

  17th: TEM8 (TEM8)

  18th: TOEIC exam


  14th and 28th: GRE test

  14th and 15th: Consulting Engineer (Investment)

  14-17: Computer Application Level Examination

  15th: TOEIC exam

  15th and 21st: TOEFL test

  21st: TEM-4 (TEM4)

  21st and 22nd: assistant real estate agent, real estate agent.


  5th and 6th: Registered Architect (Class I and Class II)

  5-7 days: professional qualification of nurses

  6, 12, 19 and 26: TOEFL test

  12-20: Accounting (Elementary)

  12th and 13th: Registered Architect (Grade I)

  13th, 20th and 27th: GRE test

  19th and 20th: Qualification of supervision engineer, environmental impact assessment engineer and translation major (Grade I, II and III).

  20th: TOEIC exam

  26th and 27th: Health (primary and intermediate), computer technology and software (primary, intermediate and advanced)


  2nd and 3rd: Professional qualification of health (primary and intermediate) and banking professionals (primary and intermediate)

  2, 10, 23 and 30: TOEFL test

  7-9: National College Entrance Examination

  7, 15 and 29: GRE test

  9th and 10th: Assistant social worker, social worker, motor vehicle inspection and maintenance engineer.

  16-21: Computer Application Level Examination

  16th: CET-4 and CET-6 written test (undetermined, usually the third Saturday in June).

  17-23: Practitioner (practical skills, undetermined, this is the time of 2017)

  23rd and 24th: registered surveyor (Grade I) and land registration agent.

  24th: TOEIC exam

  Late stage: senior high school entrance examination (different provinces and cities)


  1, 7, 8 and 14: TOEFL test

  May 5 and 15: GRE test

  15th: TOEIC exam


  25th: Certified Public Accountant (comprehensive stage)

  25th and 26th: TOEFL test

  26th: TOEIC exam

  26th and 27th: Medical practitioners (comprehensive written test, undetermined, this is the time of 2017).


  1, 7, 14 and 28: GRE test

  2, 8, 9, 15 and 16: TOEFL test

  8th and 9th: registered nuclear safety engineer, registered equipment supervisor, registered surveyors, accountant (intermediate and advanced).

  15th and 16th: Architect (Grade I) and Appraiser.

  23rd: TOEIC exam


  12th, 21st and 26th: GRE test.

  13th: Publication (primary and intermediate)

  13th and 14th: real estate appraiser, assistant inspector of highway and waterway engineering, experimental tester, auctioneer (paper and pen answer), licensed pharmacist (pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine), certified public accountant (professional stage).

  13th, 14th, 20th, 27th and 28th: TOEFL.

  20th: Communication (Primary, Intermediate)

  20th and 21st: registered urban and rural planner, assistant real estate agent, real estate agent, registered civil engineer (geotechnical engineering, port and waterway engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering (5 majors)), registered public equipment engineer (3 majors), registered chemical engineer, registered environmental engineer, registered structural engineer (level 1) and certified public accountant (European test area).

  21st: Registered Institution Engineer (Grade II), Audit (Junior, Intermediate and Advanced) and Statistics (Junior, Intermediate and Advanced)

  27th and 28th: Professional qualifications of cost engineer (intermediate), registered surveyor (ships and offshore facilities, fishing vessels), registered safety engineer (intermediate) and banking professionals (primary and intermediate).

  28th: TOEIC exam


  3, 18 and 23: GRE test

  3rd and 4th: Economics (primary and intermediate level) and translation professional qualification (first, second and third level).

  4th, 10th, 11th, 17th, 24th and 25th: TOEFL test.

  10th and 11th: registered fire engineer (level I), computer technology and software (primary, intermediate and advanced), tax agent.

  17th and 18th: auctioneer (actual operation), tender (final exam)

  17-20: Computer Application Level Examination

  25th: TOEIC exam


  1, 8, 15 and 16: TOEFL test

  2, 14 and 22: GRE test

  October: written national civil service examination (undetermined, this is the time of 2017)

  15th: CET-4 and CET-6 (undetermined, usually the third Saturday in December)

  15-20: Computer Application Level Examination

  23-25: National Postgraduate Entrance Examination (undetermined, this is the time of 2017).

  16th: TOEIC exam

Protect and restore the excellent environment, picturesque Lijiang River scenery is new.

The 10 kV cross-river power grid lines from Di Yang to Xingping, the core scenic spot of Lijiang River, have all been demolished, and the green power facilities and landscape resources of Lijiang River have been integrated and developed. Reporter Liu Jiaoqing photo

□ Our reporter Liu Qian

On October 15th, 2023, the Department of Ecological Environment of the Autonomous Region and the Guilin Municipal People’s Government held a press conference on the ecological environment quality report of the Lijiang River, and released the 2022 Lijiang Ecological Environment Quality Report (hereinafter referred to as the Report) for the first time. The Report comprehensively summarizes the experience and practices of Lijiang River protection, scientifically evaluates the good situation of Lijiang River protection, and looks forward to the bright future of protecting Lijiang River. Guilin, as a prefecture-level city, issued a report on the quality of ecological environment, which is the first in China, marking a new stage of protecting the Lijiang River and Guilin’s landscape, and is a milestone in the historical process of Lijiang River protection.

A river with clear water and green hills on both sides. Between mountains and rivers, it is related to "the country’s greatest." Lijiang River is the source of life for Guilin’s survival and development, and it is also the best witness of urban ecological protection and green development.

Since 2021, Guilin has kept in mind the entrustment, deeply practiced the concept of "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", insisted on protecting the Lijiang River and Guilin’s landscape as its political responsibility and bottom line requirements, managed the ecological environment with the strictest rule of law, continuously and accurately "controlled chaos", systematically and accurately "controlled water", deepened the precision "controlled scenery", protected the authenticity and integrity of the Lijiang River, and closely followed the beautiful scenery, green development, harmonious coexistence and harmony. As the only typical river management model in China, the Lijiang River Basin was praised by the Inspector General of the State Council.

New achievements have been made in ecological environment protection of Lijiang River.

Over the past two years, Guilin has made great efforts to cultivate the advantages of ecological environment, do a good job in the ecological environment protection of the Lijiang River basin, and strive to build the Lijiang River into a model of comprehensive river management in China and a world-class model of ecological environment protection, and build a modern and beautiful Guilin with Chinese style in which man and nature coexist harmoniously, so that nature can give the Chinese nation this magical and beautiful treasure to be preserved forever.

Since 2017, the national surface water assessment section of Lijiang River Basin has maintained Class II or above water quality for six consecutive years, and the water quality is excellent, with an excellent ratio of 100%. The water environmental quality of surface water assessment section in Guilin has been ranked in the forefront of the country for many years. Focusing on improving and improving the quality of water environment, Guilin strengthens source control and land and water planning, scientifically manages the surface water environment in different regions and stages, and systematically promotes water pollution prevention and control. Strengthen the source control, implement the project of "improving the quality and carrying forward" the surface water quality, and investigate the sewage outlets entering the river in the urban built-up areas. Implement urban and rural governance, complete centralized sewage treatment in the urban section of Lijiang River, transform the municipal pipe network in the old residential areas in the urban section of Lijiang River, continuously promote the comprehensive treatment of 10 tributaries in the urban section of Lijiang River, and basically realize the full coverage, collection and treatment of sewage pipe networks in urban villages, old residential areas and urban-rural junctions. The urban sewage collection rate is over 80%, the centralized treatment rate is over 99%, and the proportion of black and odorous water bodies is 100%.

At the same time, Guilin insists on coordinated gas management, and the ambient air quality continues to improve. Promote the prevention and control of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pollution in key industries, and 115 VOCs-related emission enterprises have completed the installation of pollution control facilities. Implement the "Skynet" project of motor vehicle exhaust, and become the only city in the whole region to realize the coverage of remote sensing monitoring points in all counties (cities, districts); Take the lead in the implementation of scoring system management for motor vehicle emission inspection institutions in the whole region. We will promote the efficiency and quality improvement of the brick-making industry, strengthen the supervision of brick factory enterprises, carry out the rectification of waste gas emission standards, supervise and monitor the stable discharge of major pollutants in brick factories, and push the illegal information of enterprises to law enforcement departments. We will spare no effort to protect the pure land and keep the quality of soil environment stable. Strictly control the risk of soil pollution in construction land, carry out on-site inspection on the safe use of construction land, and the safe use rate of key construction land is 100%.

After unremitting protection and restoration, today, the Lijiang River Basin has complete ecosystem types, diverse community structures, rich biological resources and many endemic species. There are about 3,100 known vascular plants and more than 600 terrestrial vertebrate wild animals. In 2022, a new species, Rana guibeiensis, was discovered in Maoershan Nature Reserve. The Lijiang River Basin has established 1 national nature reserve, 5 autonomous region-level nature reserves, 2 scenic spots, 3 forest parks, 1 wetland park, 2 geological parks, 1 world natural heritage site, 2 aquatic germplasm conservation zone, and 2 national monitoring stations for terrestrial wildlife epidemics.

Accurately "control chaos" and jointly enforce the law to "escort" green mountains and green hills.

In the early morning of March 25th, 2023, it rained heavily. The law enforcement patrol boats of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment of Lijiang Scenic Area slowly sailed out of the dock, and at the same time, the patrol boats of maritime affairs, fishery administration and public security also quietly sailed out of their respective docks. The purpose of this joint law enforcement is that law enforcement departments receive reports from the masses and conduct inspections and strikes against the behavior of electric fish in Lijiang River.

The ecological management of Lijiang River is a complex and grand project, which needs to be solidly promoted with systematic thinking and long-term vision, and needs the full cooperation of management departments. In March 2023, under the leadership of Lijiang Scenic Area Management Committee, Guilin established a joint law enforcement team composed of Lijiang Scenic Area Management Committee, public security, maritime affairs, fishery administration and tourism supervision departments, which constituted a new working pattern of "sharing resources, complementing each other’s advantages, promoting each other and protecting Lijiang".

Law enforcement departments have established mechanisms such as joint meeting system, joint law enforcement system, special meeting system and information sharing system to carry out joint cruise activities. In addition, it also cooperated with the local governments to standardize and enforce the law on the destruction of the ecological environment on the beaches of coastal islands, issued a notice prohibiting barbecues, picnics and littering, comprehensively cleaned up the hygiene of the river beaches, and standardized the order of tourists’ sightseeing and vehicle parking.

In addition to gathering the joint efforts of the law enforcement departments of Lijiang River, we also set up a four-level Lijiang River grid management mechanism of "city, county (district), township (town) and village (neighborhood) committees" to unite the village committees along the Lijiang River, mobilize the masses to report and supervise, and set up joint law enforcement stations in front to deal with problems in time, so as to play its role of "clairvoyance" and "clairvoyance". "Like this electric fish behavior, the masses first discovered it and then reported it to 110, and multiple departments conducted joint investigations." Liu Xiaohong, instructor of the Fifth Brigade of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment of Lijiang Scenic Area, said.

Idle and scattered "Gui Gui Yu" ships are a historical problem on the Lijiang River, and also a key and difficult point in the regulation of the Lijiang River. The Party Working Committee and Management Committee of Lijiang Scenic Area thoroughly practiced the concept of "two mountains", taking Yangshuo County as the entrance, and adopted fishing boat acquisition and one-time subsidy to clean up and dismantle fishing boats. In 2022, the comprehensive law enforcement detachment of Lijiang Scenic Area cooperated with Yangshuo County to carry out a special campaign to clean up and rectify the "Gui Gui Yu" ships in the main stream of Lijiang River, and dismantled 155 "Gui Gui Yu" ships according to law, which improved the scenery along the Lijiang River.

In recent years, with the promotion of special rectification work, the beautiful scenery of "green mountains, green waters and egrets" has reappeared one by one.

"The ecological environment is good, and there are more and more egrets." The hearts of law enforcement players are full of sense of accomplishment. With the in-depth development of the series of special actions of "controlling chaos, water and scenery", the "Lijiang Ecological Defence War" has been reported frequently, and egrets have become frequent visitors to the Lijiang River. The comprehensive law enforcement detachment of Lijiang Scenic Area has become the "Guardian of Lijiang River" guarding the clear water and green mountains, and has successively won the titles of "Civil Servant Collective Satisfied by the People", "National Advanced Collective of Administrative Law Enforcement" and "National Women’s Civilized Post".

Persist in protecting the ecological authenticity of Lijiang River landscape

Maoershan, which stretches across the northern part of Guangxi, is known as "the crown of five mountains and the top of South China". It is here that the world-famous beautiful Lijiang River was born.

Guarding this green mountain is the police of Maoershan Police Station of Ecological Environment Protection Branch of Guilin Public Security Bureau. They are the "mountain guards" in the new era here.

Established in 1981, the Maoershan police station has become the guardian of the source area of Lijiang River. "In the past, the villagers’ awareness of environmental protection was not enough. They all relied on mountains to eat mountains, and poaching occurred from time to time. The law popularization work for fellow villagers is something we have to do every year. Now the ecological environment of Maoershan is getting better and better. More and more tourists come to Maoershan, which has promoted the development of the local economy. The villagers have seen it and consciously become the staunchest supporters of protecting the ecological environment of Maoershan. " Zheng Yongming, director of the Maoershan police station, said.

"With the implementation of the ecological restoration project, the environment in our village has been greatly improved, and there are more tourists. Everyone is more confident to increase income and get rich by developing rural tourism!" The ecological restoration of Lijiang River has been unanimously praised by the villagers in Xingping Fishing Village, Yangshuo County.

Accelerating the implementation of ecological restoration and upgrading project is to maintain the authenticity and integrity of Lijiang River ecology to the maximum extent. The third phase of Guilin karst ecological restoration project was fully completed, with 8 ecological restoration sites covering an area of 57,000 square meters. After the restoration of the third phase of the project, the ecological restoration of the Lijiang River has achieved remarkable results. The ecological landscape environment and rural living environment of Xingping fishing village in Yangshuo have been greatly improved, and the occupancy rate of villagers’ homestays and the number of tourists received by farmhouses have increased significantly.

There are 97 households with 384 residents (villagers) in the island of Leech Island and the big and small continents on the Lijiang River. For a long time, the island’s garbage facilities are not complete, the living environment is poor and the ecosystem is very fragile.

In order to make the environment of Duanzhou Island in the urban area of Lijiang River cleaner and more beautiful, and further maintain the authenticity and integrity of the landscape ecology, from November 2021 to June 2022, our city invested 30 million yuan to implement the first-phase ecological restoration project of Leech Island and Daxiaozhou Island, completed the sewage interception project, completely solved the problem of sewage discharging directly into Lijiang River, and ecologically restored 52,000 square meters of green plants, which greatly improved the living environment of ordinary people.

In 2023, the second phase ecological relocation project of Lijiang Island continued to advance in an orderly manner. Our city has set up the joint headquarters of the ecological relocation project in Leech Island, established the weekly regular meeting system, raised hundreds of millions of yuan, and carried out ecological relocation for 97 households (villagers) in Leech Island and various continents. In the next step, we will further speed up the work related to ecological restoration in various continents.

Whether it is the persistent figures of Maoershan, the optimization of the living environment of the villagers in Yangshuo fishing village, or the gratifying change of the greening of Lijiang Island, it is a vivid microcosm of the ecological protection and restoration of Lijiang River Basin in Guilin.

Guilin has continuously strengthened planning guidance, systematic management, strict control and scientific utilization, maintained the authenticity and integrity of the landscape ecology of the Lijiang River, intensified ecological restoration and environmental management of the Lijiang River basin, and cared for this treasure land endowed by nature to the Chinese nation.

Since 2023, in order to better enhance the landscape effect and dress up the "beautiful face value" of the Lijiang River, the management committee of Lijiang Scenic Area, power supply and maritime affairs departments have continuously accelerated the rectification of cross-river cables in the core scenic spots of the Lijiang River, and carried out the demolition of cross-river lines through the landscape integration of power facilities in the core basin of the Lijiang River, so that the new mechanism of green power facilities construction and landscape integration development of the Lijiang River will benefit the people along the river. By December 2023, 12 river-crossing cables, including Mingcun in Yanshan District, Laocuntou in Xingping, Dahebei, Ergendi, Lengshui Village, Shangtaoyuan Village to Langzhou Village and Dahebei to Fishing Village in Yangshuo, have been successfully demolished, and all the 10 kV river-crossing power grid lines in Di Yang-Xingping section of Lijiang River core scenic spot have been demolished. At present, 24 power grid projects have been planned to support the grid structure after the demolition of the river-crossing lines, and the work of replacing electric energy for Lijiang tourism has been promoted in an orderly manner, so that tourists and people along the Lijiang River can enjoy green travel, green tourism and green life.

"Mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand" to build a solid ecological foundation




In 2023, Guangxi hired experts in the fields related to ecological protection and restoration of grass and sand in landscape forest fields and lakes, set up an expert consulting team, and transferred the technical guidance group of the special class for the formation of technical backbones from Guangxi Natural Resources Ecological Restoration Center to carry out ecological adaptability technical guidance for the Lijiang River landscape project sub-project.

At present, Guilin has fully integrated the source and coastal forests of the Lijiang River into the management of ecological public welfare forests, implemented Pearl River Shelterbelt (Pearl River Basin Comprehensive Management Shelterbelt), returned farmland to forests, forest phase transformation, etc., completed afforestation of 1.635 million mu, built a hundred-mile ecological demonstration belt on the east bank of the Lijiang River, implemented the project of "greening, colorization, flowering and fruitization", and completed the upgrading and transformation of a number of tourist terminals.

There are more forests, and wild animals are gradually thriving. Dishui Village, Di Yang Township, located on the east bank of the Lijiang River, has many mountains and few fields, and the ecological environment is good. Wild monkeys often come to the front and back of the village to "feed", and people and animals live in harmony. There have never been any injuries to monkeys or monkeys in the village. Protecting monkeys means protecting the ecology of Lijiang River. This consensus reached by the villagers has been praised by many people.

Today’s Lijiang River, water, stones, grass and trees are natural. Birds are singing and flowers are fragrant, fish are swimming in the shallow bottom, and the beautiful picture of sky blue, green water and clear water has become the normal state of Lijiang River. It can be predicted that the beautiful scenery of the Lijiang River in the future will remain clear and flow forever.

Source: Guilin Daily


Temperature record | to be "steamed"! Guangdong "sauna day" with a maximum temperature of 37℃ will be launched.

Text/Yangcheng Evening News All Media Reporter Liang Zeming

In the last month, have you been bored by the frequent "dragon boat water"? The good news is that this year’s "Dragon Boat Water" in Guangdong has been "withdrawn".

Although "Dragon Boat Water" has ended, sunny heat has become the protagonist, but it does not mean that there is no rain at all. Thunderstorms will still come from time to time to grab the show, especially in eastern Guangdong. Thunderstorm+high temperature, does it feel like a "sauna"? Standing outside for a while during a thunderstorm is comparable to being in a sauna. Try it?

It is estimated that on June 29, due to the fluctuation of the east wind, there will be heavy rain to heavy rain and local heavy rain in the cities and counties of eastern Guangdong, and there will be moderate thunderstorms and local heavy rain in the southern cities and counties of the Pearl River Delta and Meizhou. From June 29th to July 1st, there was a high temperature of about 35℃ and local 37℃ in cities and counties in the north-central region.

The specific forecast is as follows:

On June 29, there were heavy rains to heavy rains and local heavy rains in cities and counties in eastern Guangdong. The southern cities and counties in the Pearl River Delta and Meizhou were cloudy with moderate thunderstorms and local heavy rains, while the rest cities and counties were sunny to cloudy with local thunderstorms. Maximum temperature: 29℃ ~ 33℃ in eastern Guangdong, southern coastal cities and counties and Meizhou, and 34℃ ~ 36℃ in most other cities and counties.

From June 30th to July 1st, most cities and counties were sunny to cloudy with some thunderstorms, among which the southern coastal cities and counties were cloudy with scattered thunderstorms. Maximum temperature: 31℃ ~ 34℃ in southern coastal cities and counties, 35℃ ~ 36℃ in most other cities and counties, and 37℃ in some cities and counties.

In Guangzhou, the sunshine will be accompanied by thunderstorms in the next few days, and it will still be hot and sunny during the day, and local thunderstorms will sneak up. When it’s time to leave air conditioning, WiFi and watermelon, everyone should pay attention to heatstroke prevention and take an umbrella with them to keep out the rain and shade.

Every summer, "sauna days" are the most difficult. In this weather, high temperature and high humidity are combined, which makes it difficult to breathe. Why is the "sauna day" so difficult? Wang Weiyue, a meteorologist of China Weather Network, said that in general, people cool down by sweating in hot weather, and sweat can take away the heat generated by the human body in time. However, in the "sauna day", due to the high humidity and low wind speed, the evaporation rate of sweat is greatly slowed down, and the clothes can be soaked after going out for a few minutes, feeling sticky all over.

Due to the imbalance between heat production and heat dissipation, people are prone to heatstroke in sauna days, especially the following categories of people, which need special care. For example, people who drink less water and have underdeveloped sweat glands are not easy to sweat and suffer from heatstroke in sauna days; For people who are stressed and irritable, hot and humid weather will easily affect their hypothalamic ability to regulate emotions, leading to palpitation and chest tightness; People with poor cardiopulmonary function are prone to cardiovascular diseases in high temperature and high humidity environment.

Source | Yangcheng Evening News Yangcheng School Comprehensive @ Guangdong Weather @ Guangzhou Weather @ China Weather, etc
Editor | Zheng Zongmin

What if the car is not easy to start in winter?

In winter, it is often difficult to start a car. If you encounter this situation, you can try to press the accelerator while turning the key to light the fire. This method is very effective, but when the car starts, you should pay attention to loosen the throttle properly, because excessive stepping on the throttle will cause damage to the car. If this method still fails to solve the problem, there may be the following reasons:

1. The battery is short of electricityIt is the most common reason that makes it difficult to start a car in cold weather. The lower the temperature, the lower the battery capacity. Generally speaking, the life of a battery is about 3 years. When the engine is difficult to start, the headlights are dim or the horn sound is unclear, you should check whether the battery is short of electricity.

2. The exhaust pipe is frozen

It is also a common problem. If the car is used less frequently and the route is shorter, the water vapor after engine combustion will freeze in the exhaust pipe, and short-distance driving is not enough to melt it. After a night, there will be more ice, which will affect the starting and exhaust of the vehicle.

3. Poor performance of engine oil or incorrect selection.

It may also lead to difficulties in starting the car. In winter, the viscosity of engine oil increases greatly, which leads to the increase of internal resistance of engine. Therefore, low viscosity engine oil should be used to cope with the cold weather in winter.

Note that the above method is only applicable to the situation that the car is difficult to start. If the problem still exists, please contact professional car maintenance personnel for inspection and maintenance.

Insert/Fuel/Travel Edition and GTI New Golf Official Map

  [Official Map of New Cars in car home] Recently, Volkswagen officially released a set of official maps of new golf, this time it released a medium-term redesigned golf () (8.5 generations of golf), and the 8th generation of golf currently on sale in China was launched in 2020. This time, Volkswagen released the regular version of golf, the plug-in hybrid version of high-performance golf GTE, the travel version of Golf Variant and the high-performance fuel small steel gun golf GTI. The biggest change of the new models is the replacement of brand-new LED headlights and the new car system. The new car is scheduled to be pre-sold overseas in the spring. It is worth mentioning that in 2024, the golf has reached its 50th anniversary, and the global cumulative sales volume has exceeded 37 million.

● Ordinary Golf

Volkswagen (Import) Golf New Energy (Import) 2024 eHybrid

Volkswagen (Import) Golf New Energy (Import) 2024 eHybrid

Volkswagen (Import) Golf New Energy (Import) 2024 eHybrid

  Let’s take a look at the new regular golf. This time, there is no picture of the pure fuel version. This is a plug-in version, and the charging socket can be seen in the left front of the vehicle. Appearance, compared with the current model, the biggest change of the new car is to upgrade the brand-new LED headlights, and the eyes look sharper. In addition, matrix LED headlights can be selected, and the lighting distance can reach 500 meters.

Volkswagen (Import) Golf New Energy (Import) 2024 eHybrid

  For the interior, the new car adopts a brand-new MIB4 car system and has an intelligent IDA voice assistant. Through natural voice interaction, it can not only control functions such as air conditioning, telephone or navigation, but also broadcast weather forecast, answer common sense questions and obtain all kinds of online information. ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence language model, will also be integrated into IDA voice assistant. In addition, the screen has also been upgraded, with 10.4-inch and 12.3-inch options, and the air conditioner is controlled by a newly designed touch slider. The shift lever adopts a compact electronic gear handle.

  In terms of power, the regular version of Golf is equipped with a 1.5T four-cylinder gasoline engine with 114 horsepower and 150 horsepower, and the transmission system is matched with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Volkswagen said that Golf has a 48V light-mixed model, but did not specify which gasoline engine the light-mixed system is matched with. There is also a 1.5T eHybrid plug-in version, the maximum power of the gasoline engine is 150 HP, the transmission system is matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and it can realize 50 kW DC fast charging, 10%-80% charging in 25 minutes, 100km pure battery life and 1,000 km comprehensive battery life. In addition, a 2.0T engine is available. The gasoline version has a maximum power of 204 HP, and the transmission system is matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The diesel version has 114 HP and 150 HP. The former is matched with a 6-speed manual gearbox and the latter is matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Volkswagen (Import) Golf New Energy (Import) 2024 eHybrid

  In addition, the new golf is equipped with a series of driver assistance systems. When passing the parking space, the Park Assist Plus system can automatically detect whether the parking space is large enough and start the corresponding parking program. Park Assist Pro system enables drivers to control vehicles to enter and leave parking spaces through mobile phones. The Area View system is another new function on the new car. The system creates a 360-degree panoramic view by synthesizing the images of four cameras, and transmits the corresponding images to the car screen, so that drivers can more easily notice the signs around the kerbs and parking spaces.

● Golf GTI

Home of the car

Volkswagen (Import) Golf (Import) 2024 GTI

Volkswagen (Import) Golf (Import) 2024 GTI

Volkswagen (Import) Golf (Import) 2024 GTI

  The new Golf GTI is a performance model in the golf series, with a positioning lower than (|). The car is also equipped with brand-new LED headlights, and the lower enclosure adopts exaggerated aerodynamic design, which makes this car a bit more powerful. In addition, the car is equipped with brand-new double five-spoke wheels, and the petal-shaped shape is somewhat similar to Alfa Romeo’s style.

Volkswagen (Import) Golf (Import) 2024 GTI

 Home of the car

Home of the car

  In terms of interior, as a performance model, the steering wheel and doors are decorated in red, the car system is also changed into a red theme style, and the pedals are also made of metal, further rendering the fighting atmosphere. In terms of power, the car is equipped with a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 265 HP, which is 20 HP higher than the current one. The transmission system is matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

● Golf GTE

Home of the car

Volkswagen (Import) Golf New Energy (Import) 2024 GTE

Volkswagen (Import) Golf New Energy (Import) 2024 GTE

Volkswagen (Import) Golf New Energy (Import) 2024 GTE

  The new Golf GTE is a high-performance plug-in hybrid vehicle. Its overall design style is similar to that of Golf GTI, and it is painted in a relatively fresh light blue, but the red brake calipers reflect its high-performance identity. The rear of the car adopts a hidden exhaust pipe, and the decoration similar to the diffuser further enhances the sense of movement.

Volkswagen (Import) Golf New Energy (Import) 2024 GTE

  There are a lot of blue decorations in the car, the theme color of the car system has also been changed to blue, and there is an exclusive GTE logo under the steering wheel to highlight its identity as a new energy performance car. In terms of power, the car adopts a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 1.5T engine and a motor, with a comprehensive power of 272hp, and the transmission system is matched with a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

● Golf Variant

Volkswagen (import) Golf (import) 2024 wagon R-Line

Volkswagen (import) Golf (import) 2024 wagon R-Line

Volkswagen (import) Golf (import) 2024 wagon R-Line

Volkswagen (import) Golf (import) 2024 wagon R-Line

  Finally, let’s take a look at the travel version of the new Golf Variant, which uses the R-Line sports kit, and the aerodynamic kits on both sides of the lower surround bring a stronger sense of movement, and the rim is also a very dynamic two-color design. The side lines of the car are more slender, which increases practicality and is a little more stable and elegant than hatchback golf. The interior is consistent with the new model, and the power parameters are not specified separately. It is expected to share the power system with the ordinary golf. (Text/car home Yan Huan)

The US media took stock of the war conflicts all over the world in 2023.

????The Associated Press published an article entitled "The Year of War: In 2023, Russia’s attack on Ukraine continued, and the most fierce fighting broke out between Israel and Hamas". The full text is as follows:

????As in previous years, the Associated Press recorded the conflicts around the world and their harm to civilians at close range this year.

????From the Israel-Hamas war to the continuous fighting between Russia and Ukraine, 2023 has shown the danger that the armed conflict will escalate into a regional-wide fighting. But behind their long shadows, the world is facing conflicts everywhere.

????Coups and violence in various parts of Africa have disrupted life in those countries. Myanmar in Southeast Asia faces what some experts call a chronic civil war. In Central and South America, violence driven by drug trafficking continues.

????Nuclear-armed India and Pakistan remain suspicious of each other. North Korea’s nuclear arsenal continues to grow. Iran’s uranium enrichment is now closer to weapons-grade level than ever before.

????UN Secretary-General antonio guterres said: "Conflicts have become more complicated, more deadly and more difficult to solve … Concerns about the possibility of nuclear war have resurfaced. New potential conflict areas and weapons of war are creating new ways of human self-destruction. "

????Let’s look at the current situation of some major wars in the world.

????The deadliest war between Israel and Kazakhstan

????The bloodiest war between Israel and Hamas began on October 7, when militants broke through the wall around the seaside enclave in the Gaza Strip. Its fighters killed about 1,200 people in Israel and took more than 200 hostages back to Gaza. The attack was described as the largest one-day killing of Jews since the Holocaust, which shocked Israel. Israelis used to think that their border walls, technologically advanced military and intelligence agencies could provide them with extensive protection from the almost constant rocket attacks by militants.

????The beleaguered Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been plagued by months of protests caused by his far-right government’s attempts to reform the country’s judicial system and corruption allegations, has launched a large-scale retaliatory air strike.

????The Israeli army entered the Gaza Strip for the first time in many years and launched a fierce street battle with Hamas in Gaza City. The attack killed more than 18,700 people in the Gaza Strip, and more than 2 million residents were besieged by the Israeli army, mainly because the transportation of food, fuel, water and medicine was blocked.

????The mass killings of Israelis and Palestinians have triggered protests around the world. After years of stalemate in Palestinian statehood, many people are very sympathetic to the Palestinians.

????Militia groups supported by Iran, including Hezbollah in Lebanon, opened fire on Israel. The United States sent two aircraft carriers, troops and other weapons and equipment to the region in an attempt to prevent the outbreak of a wider regional war. However, Israel has repeatedly stated its goal of destroying Hamas, which means that the risk of long-term military action will inevitably increase in the future.

????The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues.

????The fast pace of the Israel-Hamas war eclipsed the Russian-Ukrainian conflict at the end of 2023. In the previous months, the war situation has hardly changed. Ukraine acquired tanks, weapons and western training before launching a new round of counter-offensive. It is reported that the goal of this counterattack is to reach the Sea of Azov and split the Russian front in the south. However, faced with Russian troops digging trenches, multiple defense lines, minefields and other dangers, Ukrainian troops have either made slow progress or made no progress at all. Although western countries still openly support Ukraine, many factors, including next year’s US election, may affect how much aid Kiev will receive in the future.

????Russia also faces many challenges, including the death of yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of Wagner Group, a private defense contractor, in a mysterious air crash.

????African unrest

????Sudan, a big country in East Africa, has been teetering since its long-term ruler Omar al-Bashir was overthrown, and the country fell into civil war in April this year. The war has confronted the country’s army with a powerful paramilitary force called the Rapid Support Force, which has long been associated with atrocities in Darfur. During the fighting, the exchange of fire caused the aircraft at Khartoum International Airport to catch fire, and countries rushed to evacuate their citizens by land, sea and air. Up to now, the fighting has caused about 9000 deaths.

????At the same time, the wave of military coups sweeping across Africa in recent years continues. In Niger, a former French colony and an important uranium exporter, in July this year, soldiers overthrew the national election as president. A month later, the Gabonese army also staged a coup and overthrew the long-term ruling Gabonese president.

????Latin American drug war

????Violent activities of drug trafficking groups are rampant in some parts of Mexico, and they clash over territory and supply lines to the United States. But the conflict is not limited to there. Violence in other Central American countries, such as Honduras, has surged, and even Costa Rica, once calm, is considered as the main storage and transshipment point for transporting drugs to Europe. Coca production in Colombia has reached the highest level ever, and coca leaves are used to make cocaine.

????Deadlocks and conflicts elsewhere

????United Nations experts say that in the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar, since the coup overthrew Aung San Suu Kyi’s democratically elected government, there has been a civil war between the rebels and the army. Two years after the Taliban overthrew the western-backed government in Kabul, Afghanistan faced an armed attack from a branch of the Islamic State organization, and girls were still banned from receiving secondary education.

????In Yemen, the Houthi rebels supported by Iran and a Saudi-led alliance fighting against them have not yet reached a permanent peace agreement, which has led militants to intensify their attacks again in recent weeks. (Compile/sha li)?

Counting the 66 most beautiful scenery in China, it is not easy to go to 10, and it is too happy to go to 30.

In everyone’s years, there has been a longing for travel, a trip that says go. However, in reality, for various reasons, this beautiful hope is difficult to come true. If you haven’t set foot on that dream trip, you might as well follow this article today and see 66 beautiful places in China!

1. The most beautiful ancient city wall in China-Wan Li Great Wall.

Up and down for more than 2,000 years, more than 100,000 miles vertically and horizontally,It’s not a hero who doesn’t reach the Great Wall. It condenses the wisdom of ancient people, is a miracle on this blue planet, and is the pride and pride hidden in the bones of China people.

2. The most beautiful palace in China-Beijing Forbidden City.

I don’t know how many people stopped by the Zhu Qiang Jin Wa in the Forbidden City. Whether it is the plane layout or the magnificent three-dimensional effect, it is an unparalleled masterpiece and a national treasure.

3. Xi ‘an, the most beautiful ancient capital of China.

From Chang ‘an to Xi ‘an, this is the starting point of the Silk Road. Every brick and tile, every ruin, has countless history and stories, and the fascinating music of Chinese civilization is buried, which is also the Millennium glory of the ancient country.

4. The most beautiful spring in China-Linzhi

In winter, the silverware has not been removed, and it is already a sea of flowers, a paradise surrounded by fragrance, competing for beauty like a drunken cloud, and meeting the most beautiful spring in China with the people I love most.Peach blossom appointment to Linzhi.

5. The most beautiful temple in China-Labrang Temple.

This is a common sacred place in the hearts of believers, walking between the white walls and yellow eaves.A long warp corridor,Keep turning the warp beam,Whispering Sanskrit,The scent of Tibetan incense,All this is enough to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

6. The most beautiful belief in China-Seda in western Sichuan

No matter how many words are used to describe a place that is back to nature and quiet, it is not as good as taking a look at it in person. From the moment I met Seda, I knew that this would be the place I would miss in my life.

7. Erhai Lake, the most beautiful romantic place in China.

Erhai Lake is not a sea, but it is more beautiful than any sea, blowing the wind of Erhai Lake, bathed in the sunshine of Erhai Lake, immersed in the comfort of mountains and rivers, and heading for the distance. What a poetic life.

8. Lugu Lake, the most beautiful oriental daughter country in China.

Walking between the mountains and rivers of Lugu Lake, looking up is the blue sky. Squinting, enjoying under this blue sky, feeling that reaching out can touch happiness. The sunshine is slightly oblique, and the warm light is covered with the lake, which is full of charm.

9. Xishuangbanna, the most beautiful tropical rain forest in China.

This is an ideal and magical paradise for the Dai people. Numerous rare birds, animals and exotic plants thrive in this paradise, which is the most beautiful oasis on the Tropic of Cancer! Symbiotic things are bathed in poetic spring scenery and picturesque autumn wind.

10. The most beautiful and pure paradise in China-Daocheng Aden

People who have never been to Daocheng will be fascinated by a photo, and those who have been to Daocheng will never forget it at a glance! Everything is beautiful beyond imagination. Daocheng Aden can afford all the admiration in the world.

11. Kanas Lake, the most beautiful lake in China.

Kanas is a lake with a story. Whether it is obsessed with its legend or its color, it is full of mystery and charm. Every minute is a dream of entering the depths of the forest, giving people a sense of elegance and dust removal.

12. Luoping, the most beautiful karst landform in China.

The magical and beautiful Luoping Peak Forest has vast peaks. Against the background of blue sky and white clouds, various cone-shaped hills are dotted in the boundless yellow sea, and the blue peaks and golden waves set each other off in an interesting way, which is extremely beautiful.

13. hulun buir grassland, the most beautiful grassland in China.

The northern country, Jasper Hulunbeier, is endless with green and fragrant vegetation, which makes people feel relaxed and intoxicated.existHulun BuirThere is a kind of trip that is worthwhile, and I don’t want to leave when I come.

14. Lhasa, the most beautiful hiding place in China.

Everyone has a dream called Lhasa, which is the ultimate dream in many people’s hearts. Only when you have been there and felt it with your heart can you realize the sublimation of a person’s heart, which is something you can’t feel elsewhere.

15. Hemu Village, the most beautiful fairy tale village in China.

A forest and grassland, an ancient village, beautiful grasses, Kanas fairy tale world.Taste a pot of green tea, listen to a bird song, browse a roll of idle books and enjoy the stars. Everything is so beautiful.

16. Ejina, the most beautiful Populus euphratica forest in China.

China’s most fascinating autumn scenery, Ejina’s waiting for 3,000 years. An autumn wind draws the most beautiful scenery and stories. This is a place where you can only travel once a year. If you miss it, you have to wait another year.

17. The most beautiful forest in China-Daxinganling

The northernmost side of China is the rivers and mountains, with beautiful and incomparable vast forests.Playing the most beautiful autumn fairy tales,The color of all things’ life is released here, and you can walk into the autumn of Daxing ‘anling and feel a reincarnation of life.

18. The most beautiful gallery in China-Three Gorges of the Yangtze River

Since ancient times, the Three Gorges has written too many beautiful legends, just like a hearty ink painting, which is novel and beautiful.The beauty here is more breathtaking than many famous mountains and rivers.

19. Lijiang River, the most beautiful landscape in China.

There are thousands of paintings in the Baili River, and the landscape of the Lijiang River is the best in the world. There are surprises everywhere in this landscape. You can visit the Lijiang River, see the reflection of Qifeng, the clear water and green hills, the pastoral songs and the quaint countryside. Everything is so poetic.

20. The most beautiful ink painting in China-Wuyuan

Wuyuan isA place naturally full of poetry,Beautiful as a mistake into a dream, like a slowly unfolding mountain ink painting. In the brewing of time, it becomes more and more charming and makes people daydream.

21. The most beautiful scenery in China-West Lake

If you want to compare the West Lake with the West Lake, it is always appropriate to put on light makeup and heavy makeup. There are too many beautiful and moving legends about the West Lake.The scenery at four o’clock is different and picturesque. For thousands of years, many people yearn to stroll through Su Causeway and enjoy the West Lake.

22. Huangguoshu Waterfall, the most beautiful celestial fairy spring in China.

Huangguoshu Waterfall is famous as the largest waterfall in China, and many words of praise can’t describe the magnificence of its pouring down. A beautiful view,Fixed on the mountain canyon, it is full of poetry and painting, which makes people relaxed and happy.

23. The most beautiful Danxia landform in China-Zhangye

Don’t look forward to the snow on Qilian Mountain, and mistake Zhang Ye for Jiangnan. I didn’t come here in person, I didn’t see it with my own eyes, and I couldn’t imagine it. This mysterious region, which has exceeded 100 million years, is beautiful and magnificent.

24. the ancient town of xitang, the most beautiful water town in China.

The water in the Spring and Autumn Period, the towns in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the modern people are the most appropriate descriptions of the ancient town of xitang. Everything in the water town, in the long years, savoring the mellow taste of time, there is always a scene that can fall in the heart.

25. The most beautiful garden in China-Humble Administrator’s Garden

Rich Jiangnan water town, thisIs the memory of an era in China,Even after more than 400 years, you can still feel the elegant circulation, full of poetry and painting everywhere. It is true that you don’t know the beauty of gardens until you reach Suzhou!

26. The most beautiful ginkgo village in China-Tengchong Ginkgo Village

From the first touch of new green blooming branches to the last golden leaf quietly ending, the city is covered with the peerless beauty of golden flower.,Woven into an intoxicating beauty of the village in the forest, trees at home and people in the painting.

27. Danba, the most beautiful beauty valley village in China.

Accompanied by the gentle breeze, overlooking the scattered Tibetan towers, enjoying the boundless scenery and steaming buttered tea in the Dadu River Valley, everything is so lively and fragrant, which makes people feel like strolling in Xanadu.

28. The most beautiful Hakka building in China-Fujian Tulou

Unique residential buildings in the world,Carrying the sky and clouds, it is full of stars and stories in the flowing years, fermenting a steaming, lively and fragrant fireworks life, which is extremely fantastic and beautiful.

29. Yuanyang Terrace, the most beautiful terrace in China.

The Hani people, who have lived in Yuanyang Mountain for generations, have carved gorgeous and colorful scenery on this plain land. Under the light and shadow, it is like a dream, just like an extremely elegant ink painting, with an indescribable fairy charm.

30. Chaka Salt Lake, the most beautiful sky in China.

This is a place called the mirror of the sky, where people always have the illusion that reach for the sky is stretched out and stars are scattered all over the earth. This beautiful scene can reveal the truest beauty in the world.

31. The most beautiful blue in China-Qinghai Lake

Water and sky are the same color, and the sea and sky are connected.A huge jade jade plate, horizontally embedded between mountains and grasslands, is a picture of wind blowing grass and seeing cattle and sheep pastoral.At first glance, it is vast and ethereal, full of poetry and painting.

32. The most beautiful no-man’s land in China-Hoh Xil

This is the roof of the world of the world,The desolate and mysterious forbidden area of life has made countless people wave upon wave and vowed to conquer this land.This is a paradise for wild animals. Everything is quiet and peaceful in the vast world.

33. The most beautiful ghost city in China-Wuerhe Fengcheng

The world’s beautiful Yadan, carved by wind and rain, is a masterpiece of nature, as if it were a dreamy maze world, and it is amazing to feel the dreamy and mysterious brilliant Yadan through it.

34. The most beautiful Millennium Watch in China-Crescent Spring in Mingsha Mountain.

A piece of green is hidden in Mingsha Mountain, crescent spring lies in oasis, spring is in quicksand, drought is not exhausted, and wind and sand do not fall.Being in the beautiful scenery of blue sky and white clouds, Shaming Springs, I feel the magical charm of nature.

35. The most beautiful highway in China-Duku Highway

This miracle highway hidden in the depths of Tianshan Mountain can conquer your eyes and shake your heart in just one second. Look at the four seasons all the way, and you will never really understand its exquisiteness if you don’t go once in your life!

36. Meili Snow Mountain, the most beautiful snow mountain in China.

Meili’s Rizhao Jinshan is a rare scenic spot that many people dream of.The golden light fell from the sky and shone on the top of the snow-capped mountains.Between the clouds, it only takes a brake, and the sky is golden and moving beyond words.

37. Mount Everest, the most beautiful mountain in China.

This is the closest place to the sky, the mysterious sacred mountain in everyone’s heart, and the place that countless people yearn for. The sky here is as blue as washing, spotless, and the mountains are towering, and the mountains stop, which has never been so appropriate.

38. Emei Mountain, the most beautiful Buddhist shrine in China.

Mount Emei is the best in the world, with four seasons in one mountain and different days in ten miles, just like a fairyland in Heaven.Like a thousand years, like a thousand years, the sun rises and the stars set, and so on,Bring people into that dreamy magical realm.

39. Laojun Mountain, the most beautiful paradise on earth in China.

Go to the world for a grand banquet and see the world’s prosperity.The cloud takes the mountain as its body and the mountain takes the cloud as its clothing.Far and near peaks are at your feet, the sea of clouds is rolling, and the peaks are looming, like a perfect picture of a fairyland, where heaven and man are one.

40. The most beautiful color in China-Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhai is a dream, which is too beautiful to be true, but it really exists in the world. The colors you have seen or have never seen are all gathered here.Full of the most beautiful colors in the world.

41. Fanjing Mountain, the most beautiful city in China.

This is China’s sky city,Only the ingenuity of nature can create this unique and shocking masterpiece like myths and legends!The unpredictable beauty makes people intoxicated with the infinite Zen of Brahma Pure Land.

42. The most beautiful desert in China-Badain Jaran Desert.

The desert is lonely and straight, and the long river sets the yen. Here, you can see that Sha Feng, the lake and the blue sky are mysteriously blended together, which is a fantastic charm.No desert is more beautiful than Bataan.

43. Nujiang Grand Canyon, the most beautiful canyon in China.

This is the original ecological secret of China’s possession.A flower and a tree here recite the rhythm of life, and echo each other here carries the triumph of civilization, and every sound of it is enough to wash the soul.

44. Huangshan Mountain, the most beautiful natural bonsai in China.

It is the best evaluation of Huangshan Mountain to return without looking at the mountains and Huangshan Mountain without looking at the mountains.There are thousands of beautiful scenery in Huangshan Mountain, just like a fairyland on earth. There is always a place where you want poetry and distance.

45. Guo Liang Village, the most beautiful cliff family in China.

As far as the eye can see, the Taihang Mountain is towering, and the cliffs stand tall and steep, and the mountains and rivers are full of poetry and painting. If you feel that life is too complicated, you might as well take a nap here for a few days and feel the slow time here quietly.

46. Chengdu, the laziest city in China.

Chengdu is a city that you don’t want to leave when you come.Will be moved by the life here in Bashi. When you set foot on this land of Chengdu, you can always slow down unconsciously, and the world suddenly becomes quiet, simple and happy.

47. Chongqing, the most beautiful mountain city and foggy city in China.

The magical terrain and dreamy night scenes have attracted countless people. Eat hot pot to watch the night scene and simply kill time.Bayu is as beautiful as a splendid land, so you can get some leisure and walk into Chongqing with beautiful mountains, water and people.

48. Weizhou Island, the most beautiful island in China.

Riding an electric donkey on Weizhou Island and bumping into the sea breeze, shuttling through the dense shade and walking leisurely along the coastline, the waves are undulating at the feet, away from the bustling and noisy, which is really a kind of enjoyment.

49. The most beautiful waterway in China-Xitai Jiner Lake Highway.

The G315 National Road runs through the West Tai Ji Nair Lake, splitting the lake in half, with emerald green on the left and Tiffany blue on the right. The atmosphere is quiet as if it were a lifetime ago, and you can take amazing photos with your mobile phone at any time.

50. The most beautiful ink and wash scenery in China-Zhangjiajie West Sea Peak Forest

There are thousands of stone peaks in Shentang Bay, Wulingyuan, which is a unique peak forest landscape in the world.Stone peaks appear and disappear,Beautiful, just like ink painting, walking in the meantime, as in Traveling in a pictorial world.

51. Utsu, the most beautiful water Yadan in China.

In the endless desert Gobi, a piece of Wang Yang emerges out of thin air, and Yadan landform stands on this piece of Wang Yang. Yadan of different sizes is all over the blue water, with no end in sight, giving people unlimited freedom to daydream.

52. The most beautiful glacier world in China-Cuojia Glacier.

The Cuojia Glacier is an ice blue world in the depths of Tibet, and enters the primitive glacier.It’s like walking into a crystal palace.It’s like going back to the ancient ice age.As if through time and space, came to another planet.

53. Old Town of Lijiang, the most beautiful ancient city in China.

Between the green hills and the tiles, by the flowing water of the small bridge covered with green flowers, enjoy the warm embrace of the sun and the gentle caress at night, let the mood fly freely and experience the true charm of life.

54. Zada Tulin, the most beautiful Martian world in China.

The north wind of the plateau blows out the rough land of western Tibet, which is extremely barren and also the ultimate temptation, full of mysterious dreaminess. This is a place that will make you worthwhile, and you will find that desolation can be so beautiful.

55. Zhagana, the most beautiful pure land on earth in China.

This is a magical secret in Gannan, and the scenery is as beautiful as a fairyland. Under the blue sky and white clouds, everything is poetic. Zhagana, half fireworks and half fairy, is a holy place that you go to at least once in your life.

56. The most beautiful colorful canyon in China-Anji Sea.

It is called rivers and canyons flowing from modernist abstract paintings, and it is the source of color hidden in the northern foot of Tianshan Mountain. The ever-changing light and shadow rendering is dazzling and spectacular.

It is one of the buildings with the thinnest waist and the most difficult construction in the world, and has created a series of buildings that are the best in the world. There is the world’s tallest horizontal Ferris wheel at the top of the tower, which can enjoy the ultimate beauty of the Pearl River and the bright night in Guangzhou.

This is a large limestone cave, which was formed in the Quaternary Pleistocene more than 1.2 million years ago. It is magnificent, exquisite and dazzling, just like a gorgeous underground art palace.

At night in Hong Kong, there are not only brightly lit, bustling and noisy metropolitan customs, but also Baiyun Mountain Hills and warm sea breeze. Chinese and western cultures blend here, bringing unique charm here, and the beautiful night scene makes the city more romantic.

It’s like a huge Eight Diagrams Array. The street layout is like a magical maze. There are 8 avenues and 64 streets, and the roads and roads are connected. There is no traffic light, but the traffic is unimpeded. Here you don’t have to worry about traffic jams.

This place, which is the most like Mars on the earth, is under the stunning Kunlun Mountain, and the eyes of the earth have been spewing for thousands of years. The suffocating feeling of barren grass gives people an indescribable shock.It’s a little unreal.

This is a border town where you can pretend to be in Russia, with lush hulun buir grassland, rippling Hulun Lake, towering country doors and passionate Mongolian customs, which makes people fascinated.

This is a mysterious forbidden area, with too many stories and legends.Covered with virgin forests, lakes, strange peaks and different rocks,It is a paradise for explorers. There are too many unsolved mysteries hidden here, which are mysterious and fascinating.

Tianchi Lake, hidden between mountains and mountains, is pure and strange blue, with snow peaks reflected, spruce surrounded and clear water like a mirror.It’s beautiful,Like a jade pond in the sky falling on this earth, it cools the eyes and cleans the soul.

On the banks of the Irtysh River, the geological changes of hundreds of millions of years and the rich textures of colorful beaches are constantly changing in depth against the background of blue sky and white clouds, just like coral bushes on the seabed, swaying a mysterious charm of life.

A bright spot on the Sichuan-Tibet line,It is a fascinating photography paradise and a picturesque paradise.The scenery along the way conquered many friends who came here.Every minute can surprise you.

Only when traveling can a person hear his own voice. It will tell you that the world is wider than expected. go toLooking forward to the distant place, you don’t have to envy foreign countries, you don’t have to go abroad, you just have to travel around China and see the beautiful scenery of the motherland, and you are also a super traveler!

These unique beautiful scenery in China can amaze all your time. Let’s visit the 66 most beautiful poems and distant places in China one by one! How many of these places have you been to? Which do you think is the most beautiful? What other beautiful places in China have you been to? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area. Let’s talk together.

Li Mingguang, founder of UR: The essence of fast fashion is "fashion" rather than "fast" | Interview with Houxue Company 36.

Even if the current consumer venture capital ebbs, are we still optimistic about cutting-edge consumer brands?

There is no doubt about the answer.

Consumption is a track with a long slope and thick snow. Brand development is not overnight, but once it is established, it will not die easily. We see that after a round of high-speed growth pains, some new brand companies have loyal users, and then they have gained considerable scale and even profits, and entered a new stage of steady growth. Most of them were born after 2014, and they took advantage of the hot air of investment in 2019 to win in the fierce competition.

Based on this, 36Kr’s future consumption decided to select 36 new consumer brand companies, and continue to track their development by means of interviews and case studies, and gather them in "Houxue Company 36"In this column.

UR store, brand for the picture

Interview |Yaolan Yang Xuan

Text |Yao LAN

Edit |Qiao Qian

Source |Future consumption in 36Kr (ID: LSLB168)

Fast fashion has a wonderful beginning in China. What people see is that the Spanish brand ZARA officially entered China in 2006, but neglected its corner in Guangdong. That year, its strong rival was born.

Before 2017, ZARA, H&M, GAP and other international fast fashion brands spent their time in golden decade. They occupied gold shops in major shopping malls in first-and second-tier cities with an area of thousands of square meters, and played an important role as a "passenger flow driver". Nowadays, in China, they are not only replaced by Lululemon offline, but also slow in the face of emerging e-commerce channels.

There are many players overtaking in corners in domestic brands. On June 18th last year, on the Tmall women’s sales list, the champion was no longer Uniqlo, which had dominated the list for a long time, but URBAN REVIVO (hereinafter referred to as UR), a local fast fashion brand that had ranked second the year before, while ZARA was always behind UR, falling out of the top ten all the way.

UR seems to have jumped into the public eye overnight. In fact, it has been quietly growing offline for more than ten years, and has completed five rounds of financing in a low-key manner, and its annual sales scale has exceeded 6 billion yuan.

In this "fast war", UR showed its "slow" side. Known as "ZARA’s Apprentice in China", UR has adopted the practice of "holding high and beating high" since its birth, and opened "luxury stores". However, before it was released to join in 2015, the number of UR’s stores was small, and its founder Li Mingguang chose to spend financing on the construction of buyers and designers, supply chain construction and digital system, which lengthened its profit schedule.

After ten years of dormancy, in 2017, UR achieved sales of nearly 3 billion yuan by relying on about 200 stores, making a profit for the first time. To know that clothing is a high-margin industry, it is not difficult to make quick money.

Li Mingguang regards clothes as spiritual products. He said that the essence of fast fashion clothing industry is "fashion", not "fast". "China’s clothing enterprises generally only have a glorious period of about 20 years. It sells well, but it is not fashionable. This is the reason why many brands have declined. "

"Fashion" is perceptual and individualized in Li Mingguang’s eyes. Just as he plays his favorite alternative music in UR stores, he advocates that designers and buyers should often watch art exhibitions, concerts, operas, travel and stay in good hotels. "These are all about improving aesthetics". Today, UR has about 400 stores around the world, and the designer development team has more than 500 members, while ZARA, which has more than 1,900 stores around the world, has only 600 designers.

He Yu, the founding partner of Black Ant Capital, still remembers his first meeting with Li Mingguang. "The first feeling is that people are glowing, dressed in white, clean and refreshing, which is very consistent with their store temperament." He Yu said that Li Mingguang was the founder of "meaning-oriented", and he had higher pursuit besides making a big company and making profits.

How to always keep "fashion"? How to lead the company from the scale of one billion to the scale of ten billion? The following is a dialogue between 36Kr’s future consumption and UR founder Li Mingguang:

UR founder Li Mingguang

Future consumption in 36Kr: How did the brand name "UR" come from?

Li Mingguang:I will buy a lot of foreign music discs, and the cover design of some discs is really emotional. Seeing the beautiful Logo, I was thinking, I will be a brand in the future, and how to use it. UR’s name is inspired by a music disc released at the beginning of the new century, hoping to convey the creative aesthetic concept that can span the times and an international vision.

36Kr’s future consumption: UR is actually your fifth entrepreneurial practice. From the beginning, did you clearly know how to be a "brand"?

Li Mingguang:It should be said that I have always liked and pursued "beauty" since middle school, but I didn’t understand the matter of "making a brand" from the beginning.

In 1998, I started my first business, prepared 50,000 yuan, and opened a foreign trade clothing store in an alley in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, with a pavement of 30 square meters and a monthly rent of 2,000 yuan. A year later, I went to Guangzhou’s high-end business district-Good World Plaza to open a shop, and the monthly rent was 40,000, and the business was really better. But it is difficult to develop rapidly, or it is difficult to copy, because I am engaged in miscellaneous brand retail, not brand.

36Kr’s future consumption: Your brand road seems to have started from acting as an agent for the men’s wear brand VJC in 2000, and you also opened this store in the most fashionable Shanghai. This is a big step, and you are very courageous.

Li Mingguang:But the performance is not satisfactory. Basically, this store loses money every month. In just one year, I have spent almost all the money I have accumulated in the past two years. It is certain to close it. If I have any experience this year, I have a deeper understanding of how to make price positioning and communicate with consumers. Most importantly, we have strengthened our determination to create our own brand.

36Kr’s Future Consumption: How did you decide to be a "fast fashion" brand?

Li Mingguang:In 2003, I saw the domestic media reports about ZARA, and then I went to Japan to see ZARA’s physical store, and soon realized that "fast fashion" was the blue ocean in the Red Sea of China clothing at that time. I called to ask ZARA if she could join us, but they said she didn’t. I don’t think this is high-tech (laughs). It’s not that difficult to do, is it?

In 2006, we formally established UR brand, and ZARA entered the China market in the same year. UR opened its first store in Zhengjia Plaza, Guangzhou. At that time, a shop was more than 100 square meters. I told the mall that you had opened all eight shops, and I wanted to build a brand with a brand-new business model. In fact, Zhengjia Plaza in that period didn’t develop so well, and they were very happy to be taken away by self-employed people like me.

After opening the store for three months, UR’s sales performance is very good. I used to have a jeans brand BC jeans, which also opened a store in Zhengjia Plaza. The store area is 100 square meters, and the monthly rent is more than 100,000 yuan, but the sales volume is also more than 100,000 yuan, so the sales volume has not increased. Finally, I decided to close the jeans brand that opened seven or eight stores.

Future consumption in 36Kr: In the second year after UR opened its first store in China, another fast fashion giant H&M came. ZARA’s first store is located in Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, and H&M’s first store is located in Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai. You are also targeting first-and second-tier cities. In terms of point selection, these overseas giants have priority. What does UR rely on to compete with them head-on?

Li Mingguang:At that time, in Zhengjia Plaza, Guangzhou, UR was the largest brand in the single clothing store except the department store giant Friendship Store. After driving out, I obviously feel that consumers think that we are a "big brand" and will have a sense of trust. Through the dimensions of shop size, decoration materials, lighting and music played, consumers can judge what brand this stall is.

UR store, brand for the picture

For a long time, few local clothing brands dared to open stores over 200 square meters. At that time, studying this business model, we knew that the store should be big enough and the store style was "luxury". UR didn’t invest much in marketing before, and the store itself was an advertisement. Brand is a kind of belief. Our store wants to be like a "church", and many art installations have been added in the store. In this atmosphere, consumers will have a feeling of admiration for the brand.

36Kr’s future consumption: I heard that you like listening to music very much. Will you play your favorite music in the store?

Li Mingguang: Yes, I want consumers to hear songs that are different or have never been heard before. I like House and Lounge styles which combine modern musical instruments with national elements, and I like the music of Buddha-bar best. Buddha-bar is located in Paris, which is a pub and a restaurant. There is a giant Buddha statue in the store, and the music played includes Middle Eastern elements, Japanese Sanxian and traditional music in China, etc. The styles are diverse and very special. Like listening to music, but also the pursuit of "beauty" performance.

36Kr’s Future Consumption: What did UR learn from ZARA?

Li Mingguang:In the past, clothing enterprises often attended some training courses, and I also attended them, but I found that I didn’t learn what I wanted to learn, so I stopped attending them later. To learn it, our channels are more media reports.

You will find "fast fashion". There is nothing summative for you to learn in China, so you have to grope for it by yourself, and then come back after learning something wrong. In the past, we read those reports that ZARA stores changed goods once a month, so we changed them once. Later, it was found that it was wrong. When people changed them once, they did not change them all, but partially. Among them, the trendy models may be updated once a week. Simply put, the traditional clothing brand is "a small amount of money", and ZARA has achieved a breakthrough of "a large amount of money but a small amount".

In 2006 and 2007, when ZARA was mentioned, many people didn’t know what brand it was. UR was the verifier and beneficiary of this business model in China. We have now precipitated our own "fast fashion business model".

36Kr’s Future Consumption: What do you think is the essence of "fast fashion business model"?

Li Mingguang:As the name implies, it is fast and fashionable, among which "fashion" is the core element.

UR women’s wear, brand for the picture

36Kr’s future consumption: Why is "fast" not the core element?

Li Mingguang:The supply chain of China garment industry is very mature, and so are some other industries. If you only compete for "fast" in this respect, UR is ahead. But this is not enough. We want to be a "fashion brand". The essence of clothing industry is fashion, and creative aesthetic ability is not only the core competitiveness of UR, but also the core competitiveness of clothing industry.

In the fashion industry, especially luxury brands, there are generally two parallel positions, one is CEO and the other is creative director. And in many cases, the creative director is a more decisive role. When luxury brands fail to grow, they often change creative directors and CEOs, because the brand itself has gone through a long period of time, which shows that organizational construction usually does not have problems, and more creativity is not good. Clothing enterprises in China generally only have a glorious period of about 20 years, and then they go down, because it is no longer fashionable.

36Kr’s Future Consumption: What’s Your Role?

Li Mingguang:You can understand that I have more roles as creative director. In the early days, I will follow the details of each model. Now, I am more concerned with controlling the overall direction, such as internationalization, being too young, being too old and so on.

36Kr’s Future Consumption: What’s the difference between UR and ZARA from a product perspective?

Li Mingguang:Compared with ZARA, UR is not the most international, but it is this difference that makes us do well in China. UR is more localized in terms of format, size, color and design details. ZARA is a European style, and many clothes need to be very tall to control, and the whole is a little mature.

36Kr’s future consumption: There are dozens of fashion styles popular in the market today. It’s hard to say which style dominates the market. How can your team grasp the latest fashion trends?

Li Mingguang:This actually depends on everyone’s fashion potential, because fashion is a perceptual and individual thing, and it cannot be standardized or copied. But it has a learning method, that is to say, as a designer and a buyer, you should not only pay attention to industry information, but also often watch art exhibitions, concerts and operas, travel more and stay in some good hotels, all of which are improving your own taste.

Recruiting designers and buyers, I also care about whether TA is willing to invest enough time in this matter, that is, "crazy about fashion". People who often have potential will be "madly in love". Dress and makeup are the first factors to judge "crazy love". Secondly, I will ask some professional questions.

36Kr’s future consumption: Apart from personal potential and "crazy love", is there a mechanism to ensure that UR is always fashionable?

Li Mingguang:The biggest difference between us and traditional clothing brands is that the product design is dominated by buyers rather than designers. Designers help buyers to realize the landing of products, and designers can play freely, but buyers should control them well and make products have two dimensions at the same time-leading fashion and selling well, so as to achieve the best balance between aesthetics and commerce.

UR designers may have a stronger digital thinking, and clearly understand why each model is easy to sell or not, which will help TA to have a clearer direction when designing the next model. However, we will never suppress TA’s creativity, not completely maximize sales. I don’t want UR products to sell well, but they are not fashionable. It sells well, but it is not fashionable, which is the reason why many China brands have declined.

UR women’s and men’s wear, brand for the picture.

36Kr’s future consumption: When it comes to "selling well", what is UR’s definition of "explosion"?

Li Mingguang:Reach a certain sales volume, and the gross profit is within the standards we set, which is the explosion. If you can sell 10 thousand pieces without making money, it is definitely not an explosion.

Future consumption in 36Kr: What is the earliest supply chain?

Li Mingguang:At first, we produced 30 pieces at a time, and many suppliers were unwilling to cooperate, which forced us to build our own factory in 2007. Slowly, for some reasons, the workshop worker opened a factory with 10 or 20 people outside with his wife or several fellow villagers, and then asked me for goods. With the increase of UR volume, the scale of these factories is also expanding, and UR is always their core customer. You can understand that these factories were hatched by us and gradually formed a small supply chain cluster around UR to serve UR. Up to now, bigger suppliers have also come to us.

36Kr’s future consumption: the most criticized issue of "fast fashion" is quality. How do you evaluate the product quality of early UR?

Li Mingguang:We have always believed that "quality" is an important factor driving consumers to continue to buy fast fashion brands. In the early days, many suppliers pursued profit maximization without considering quality at all, and each version was different. How can we talk about building a brand? So, later we built our own factory and R&D center. At present, the trend and quality of products are improving rapidly every year, and the speed of supply chain is also at the leading level in the industry. From design to store shelves, UR can take 6 days at the earliest.

36Kr’s future consumption: The international fast fashion giants represented by ZARA are no longer so beautiful in China. What do you think are the reasons for this situation?

Li Mingguang:I admire ZARA very much. The "fast fashion" it represents has deeply influenced the clothing industry in China.

In the past, ZARA has made great transformation and adjustment. For example, many stores have been closed in Europe, and many offline stores have gone online. At the same time, it raises the sense of quality to cope with the competition of some low-end brands. These actions made its sales and profits last year very good. There are two main reasons for the poor performance in China. First, the products are not localized enough, so it is difficult to go to the third and fourth lines, and it is impossible to develop on a large scale; Second, the main industrial chain is in Europe, so it is difficult to supply the latest products to China quickly. I firmly believe that its development in China is still worth looking forward to if it can get through the supply chain and make a big breakthrough in product level from this year.

Future consumption in 36Kr: Besides quality, serious homogenization is also a problem faced by fast fashion brands.

Li Mingguang:Just like Gucci and LV, both belong to the luxury field, making products related to aesthetics, which are non-standard categories. The same dress, the styles designed by each brand are absolutely different, because there are DNA of each brand in it.

36Kr’s Future Consumption: But Uniqlo is living well in China.

Li Mingguang:Uniqlo is the basic model for winning quality, and its customer base is relatively wide. Nowadays, Shopping Mall, Uniqlo and UR in China are two major clothing brands that they prefer. One focuses on basic models and the other focuses on fashion models, which can attract different customers. Uniqlo now strengthens its quality positioning with a sense of science and technology, and we focus on the trend and fashion.

36Kr’s future consumption: more subdivided styles and richer styles, in fact, the requirements for the supply chain have been further improved. Some people compare SHEIN to "advanced ZARA". What do you think of this opponent from China?

Li Mingguang:SHEIN is called "Super Fast Fashion", which is another brand-new business model. By simple comparison, we are positioned a little higher than it. What I want to say is that every model and style has its market opportunities.

36Kr’s Future Consumption: What consumer goods companies do you admire in China?

Li Mingguang:At present, there are many powerful consumer goods companies in China, especially some consumer brand companies that have accumulated over time, such as Arowana and Gree. I quite appreciate a suit company that is partial to production in the clothing industry. It has made a flexible supply chain system, which is very powerful and can meet the personalized and fast needs of consumers.

36Kr’s Future Consumption: Not only in the field of consumption, which China companies do you like?

Li Mingguang:I like two China enterprises, one is Huawei and the other is Vanke. Let’s talk about Huawei first. It is famous for its heavy investment in R&D. What impressed me most is the wolf management concept. Vanke is a very professional company, and the standardization and modernization of management are very good. This is what I particularly want to learn, because I am more emotional. I hope UR will have its own scientific management system in the future, which will ensure the sustainability of enterprise development.

36Kr’s future consumption: Before launching e-commerce, UR grew silently offline for more than ten years. From 2020 to 2022, UR’s ranking on the Tmall 618 sales list rose all the way, and finally won the championship, surpassing Uniqlo. Do you think it will be easier for clothing brands to go online from offline?

Li Mingguang:In my opinion, offline can build a more stable user base. Doing online, to put it bluntly, is to open a store on the platform. Of course, it also tests the operational ability, such as how to play different live broadcasts. However, the offline chain is very long, involving multi-city management, and site selection is only the first step, as well as space design, decoration, water and electricity fire protection and other links, which cost more. Where is the cashier, how wide the door is, and how to move the line? These questions are trivial. For big stores, atmosphere building is a science.

36Kr’s future consumption: Shanghai is UR’s "base camp", and there are more stores than ZARA. What is your logic of opening stores?

Li Mingguang:We call it the onion principle. In China, Shanghai should be opened before other cities, because Shanghai is the fashion capital of China. If you stand there, you can follow the trend and influence other cities. In Shanghai, it’s best to start from Huaihai Road or Nanjing West Road. You can’t suddenly open a very biased suburb for you to open, so you should stick to it.

UR store, brand for the picture

36Kr’s Future Consumption: Why did you choose to join in 2015?

Li Mingguang:After the successful financing in 2010, I found that the direct store has a large investment in a single store, about 6 million stores, and the funds are limited. In addition, the China market is so big that we have to let go of joining in the end. A very clever thing happened in this process. A Shopping Mall in Zhengzhou asked me to open a shop. I saw that the location of this Mall seemed not very good, so I dared not open it. Later, he said that I would invest, so you can help me manage it. At that time, we were short of money, so I agreed, and the result proved that the effect was good.

After joining in 2015, the scale ran out. The pace of opening stores every year is very stable, basically 50, even in the past three years, there are 40~50.

Future consumption in 36Kr: Since 2015, UR has started brand transformation and put forward a new positioning. You don’t want to be called "ZARA’s China Apprentice" any more.

Li Mingguang:Before 2015, we developed in Shopping Mall. Many people said that we were the second ZARA. To tell the truth, we were a little unconvinced at that time. Many successful brands in China, such as Internet brands, are transformed from foreign advanced business models. I don’t understand why this is not easy for clothing brands, so I want to build a unique UR in the world.

At the peak of fast fashion, there were three criticisms, namely, lack of originality, poor quality and environmental protection. So I put forward the positioning of "fast luxury fashion" again, trying to find a blank spot in the market between "fast fashion" and "light luxury"-the design is more fashionable and the quality is higher, so the price will naturally rise accordingly; At the same time, don’t update too fast to solve environmental problems.

Later, everyone will feel a little contradictory, and "fast" and "luxury" can’t have both. The team is now rethinking how to describe the new UR positioning.

36Kr’s future consumption: To become the unique UR in the world means that UR’s ambition is not just to compete with giants at home.

Li Mingguang:The strategic theory will tell you to make China bigger and stronger before going out, but I don’t think clothing brands with higher aspirations should do this. So, in 2016, UR opened the first overseas physical store in Singapore.

36Kr’s future consumption: Why not go through the China market before going to sea?

Li Mingguang:UR’s brand positioning and vision determine that we must be international. First, although China’s clothing market is also large, it only accounts for a quarter of the global market. To achieve over 100 billion revenues, a single brand must be globalized. You will find that there is no single clothing brand with a scale of more than 30 billion in China. It is true that all styles can survive, but as consumers’ aesthetic preferences become more and more international, brands with more international styles can have a longer life cycle. If you can gain a foothold in the world, it proves that your fashion has reached the international level.

Second, many clothing brands in China compromise a lot when they go down. Although sales will increase for a period of time after the compromise, after a while, consumers will abandon you if they think you are not fashionable enough, so this will test the strategic strength of the brand. UR is not only sinking at home and forcing itself to compromise. Why not go abroad and accept the challenge first? Singapore has a high degree of internationalization, and our stores are growing well. Now it proves that our strategy is correct.

36Kr’s Future Consumption: Will China sink the market? Do you need to compromise?

Li Mingguang:Sooner or later, it will sink into the market, but when to sink and where to "compromise", the inside is still thinking. UR is a link between the preceding and the following. It can not only upgrade its style in the international market, but also meet a wave of consumers who are temporarily weaker than the international level in fashion in China.

36Kr’s future consumption: UR didn’t make a profit in the first ten years. Looking back on this period, what does it mean to you and UR?

Li Mingguang: This decade is a stage of laying a foundation and practicing internal strength. I started financing in 2009, and in 2010, I got 10 million dollars. In 2011, I was short of money, and I got 60 million yuan. In other words, there is a lack of money between its establishment and 2017. UR has made 1 billion yuan and still hasn’t made any money. Some investors told me that many of your clothing peers have made 500 million yuan. Then we went to check whether the number of people was too large and the cost was not well managed. After checking them all, it seemed that none of these problems existed.

When we reach 2 billion yuan, we are still not profitable. Then investors asked me why I haven’t made any money yet, and I couldn’t find any other reason (laughs). Our own summary may be determined by our business model. UR is a brand that holds high and hits high.

36Kr’s future consumption: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Li Mingguang:I opened a big store as soon as I came up, and I attached great importance to the image of the store. I may not have done so well in controlling the cost of decoration. After 10 years of long accumulation, we have finally established a relatively high barrier, and other brands can easily come in without a little capital or an idea.

From an unplanned stack of goods to a series of strategic ones, the store space has never been very good and is getting better and better, so we have gradually formed our own business model. In 2015, I let go of joining, and it developed rapidly at once. This decade has been slow, and I am right in retrospect.

36Kr’s future consumption: what challenges will it bring to the company if it spans different revenue scales?

Li Mingguang:The core reason why UR can go today is that our business model has not changed much from beginning to end. Large-scale expansion will have an impact on efficiency. Recently, we are thinking about how to make UR, which has grown into a big company, more flexible.

I have read many reports that 100 million is a barrier, 5 billion is a barrier, and 10 billion is a barrier. I am constantly experiencing the different feelings of each barrier. In the early days, I would worry or question, can I really do 1 billion or 5 billion with my own and my team’s ability? But now, we are moving towards a scale of 10 billion.

36Kr’s Future Consumption: What was your "anxiety" in the past three years?

Li Mingguang:My biggest experience is that cash flow is very important. Especially in November last year before the opening of the epidemic, I felt that enterprises would fall at any time. I had never felt this anxiety before. However, the CFO is more anxious than me (laughs). I actually thought about it. If this really happens, how can I make UR make a comeback? The answer is that I can still do a good job in maintaining the essence and basic ability of clothing, and that is our design.

UR women’s wear, brand for the picture

36Kr’s Future Consumption: If you started your business in the clothing industry today, would you choose a different incision?

Li Mingguang:If today I find that there is no second leading brand in the fast fashion industry except ZARA, I will still choose this incision.

Clothing is a very competitive industry. I call it "cake cutting market", and the market share of each enterprise is relatively low. It is not a sunrise industry, but it is not a sunset industry. The good point is that the market capacity is large and the demand is stratified and diversified. Uniqlo’s founder has been ranked as the richest man in Japan for many times, LV’s president is the richest man in the world, and ZARA’s boss is the second richest man in Europe. I was just wondering, why do you think that such a traditional so-called clothing fashion industry has produced outstanding enterprises and entrepreneurs in such developed countries as Japan and Europe? My understanding is that clothing is a spiritual product. After material satisfaction, clothing is needed to meet spiritual needs, and technology cannot solve this demand. Therefore, clothing is also an industry that can achieve great enterprises.

Creative aesthetic ability is a difficult point in this industry and an important factor affecting the fluctuation of the industry. Investors often ask me how to keep my creativity. I think the fast fashion industry seems to have some ways to make this fluctuation smaller.

36Kr’s Future Consumption: What is UR’s way to make this fluctuation smaller?

Li Mingguang:Digital construction is the key. For example, we have explosions, best-selling models, flat-selling models, unsalable models and ultra-unsalable models. Explosions will have commonalities, so maximize this commonality and add this factor to the best-selling models. Generally speaking, UR will make efficient decisions with the help of IT system, and also rely on the perceptual ability of buyers and designers. In the whole product structure, sales-oriented and creative products account for half each, and we will make a good balance.

We have long established two strategies-fashion UR and technology UR, with fashion as the root and technology as the foundation. The core competitiveness of the company is fashion, and technology can help improve operational efficiency. Our IT team is close to 200 people, which is rare in clothing companies with large offline revenue. Our investment in this area is second only to product research and development.

Future Consumption in 36Kr: What is UR’s latest thinking about brand building?

Li Mingguang:I used to think that the store is our best advertisement, and the core is to provide consumers with a unique experience from the perspective of vision and space. If the product is good, it will get twice the result with half the effort, but now I find that this strategy alone may not be enough. In the past ten years, UR has driven brand development by product power. In the next 10 years, I hope to add a brand power to realize two-wheel drive of product power and brand power. Starting from this year, we will make great efforts to build brand strength and make the brand’s personality and spirit more distinct. The fashion industry has always needed to be expressed.

36Kr’s Future Consumption: What do you want UR to look like in the end?

Li Mingguang:Many overseas fashion brands have come to China and set up stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other places, but no China brand can be opened in London, new york, Munich or Los Angeles. In the next 10~20 years, there will be such a brand in China. Why not UR?

If clothing enterprises want to develop on a large scale, they will definitely take two paths, one is brand globalization, and the other is multi-brand. In the future, UR these two roads will go hand in hand.

Future consumption in 36Kr: Will you often go back to the first store now?

Li Mingguang:If that store is still in its original state, I may go back often, but it has become another store.

36Kr’s future consumption: what changes have you made?

Li Mingguang:People must be getting older and quieter. The love of clothing, the pursuit of beauty, and the firmness of brand mission and vision have never changed.