Father pushes his son with cerebral palsy to run a marathon: "I promised him to stand behind him all his life."


  Xin’ an riverside

  Qingshan lvshuijian

  Zhejiang Jiande 2022 Xin ‘anjiang Marathon started shooting.

  On the track

  A pair of special contestants caught everyone’s attention

  A middle-aged man in a dark blue sports vest

  Pushing a tricycle.

  In the cart

  The little boy sat quietly.

  Work hard with my father towards the finish line

  Luo Shujian and his son are participating in the competition (provided by respondents)

  This middle-aged man

  It’s Luo Shujian, 45.

  From Wucheng District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

  Is a courier.

  In the cart is his 13-year-old son Xiao Bai.

  And this marathon

  It’s this father and son

  The 54th competition in 7 years.

  The medals hung on the walls of Luo Shujian’s home (provided by the respondents)

  One birth

  Xiao Bai, his son, became the most reluctant person for Luo Shujian.

  In 2009

  Severe asphyxia lasting for 15 minutes at birth.

  Causing xiaobai to have severe brain damage.

  He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after birth.

  And then appeared.

  Mental retardation, epileptic symptoms and autism tendency

  Later, he was diagnosed as "LGS syndrome" again.

  This is the most difficult type of epilepsy in children to control.

  A doctor once told Luo Shujian

  My son needs to be taken care of all his life.

  With the help of public welfare organizations

  Luo Shujian and his wife took Xiao Bai.

  Found an authoritative expert

  Seizure symptoms of Xiao Bai

  Also got better after using drugs.

  But Xiao Bai still can’t talk.

  Intelligence is only maintained at the level of children.

  Luo Shujian and his family usually take it with them.

  To go out for a walk.

  Luo Shujian and his son are participating in the competition (provided by respondents)


  Luo Shujian came across the story of Dick Huo Yite and his son.

  This great father

  Pushing a son with cerebral palsy

  With more than 1000 running races

  Run all over America along the runway

  It is also one of the six marathons in the world.

  Boston marathon

  Touched countless people.

  In 2015

  After learning the information that the Hangzhou Marathon started to register that year,

  Luo Shujian also wants to try.

  In order to improve physical fitness

  He gets up at 4: 30 every morning

  Run at 5 o’clock in the morning

  Go out to work after the end.

  Be fully prepared

  November 1, 2015

  He took his son to participate for the first time.

  Hangzhou Marathon 7 km Mini Run

  And finally finished the game.

  A cart for my son.

  It cost him half a month’s salary.

  Luo Shujian and his son are participating in the competition (provided by respondents)

  On the field

  Luo Shujian found his son Xiao Bai

  The whole process was very exciting and happy.

  "He likes that kind of lively scene.

  And this desire to chase

  Laugh and clap your hands. "

  After discovering that my son likes it very much,

  Luo Shujian was out of control from then on.

  5 km, 10 km

  Half horse, whole horse … …

  In the past seven years, Luo Shujian has pushed his son to complete it.

  54 games, big and small

  Footprints are all over the country

  Luo Shujian and his son are participating in the competition (provided by respondents)

  For seven years

  In the process of pushing my son to run.

  Luo Shujian for "father"

  Have a deeper understanding

  "I hope to be able to run.

  Can accompany him to walk around the country.

  Let him come into this world without regret.

  By running again and again like this

  I hope he can appreciate the hardships of everyone’s life.

  Also let him feel the warmth and strength in life. "

  Luo Shujian said

  Luo Shujian (third from right) is participating in public welfare activities (provided by respondents)

  Luo Shujian hopes

  Keep running with your son.

  "I promised him to stand behind him all my life."

  He smiled and told reporters

  Meet once, and live up to this life.

  Hail to the great father!

  Life is precious.

  In the wind, in the rain, on the road

  Love makes every step

  Full of power


  Source: Xinhua News Agency WeChat (ID:xinhuashefabu1) Comprehensive Yangguang. com and Jimu News.

  Reporter: Lin Guangyao, Ma Xiaoju

  Producer: Guan Kailiang

  Editor: Li Yongxi, Qing Shan

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