What does Zhang’s frequent hot search on the bell bring to "Fu Seoul"?

Wen | Xiao Gu Dong

Recently, with the release of the short video "It’s really hard to kill Zhang’s ringing", the topic # Zhang’s ringing is miserable and funny # has been on the hot search, which has also made more people know about the real life in multinational families, and all kinds of stories caused by cultural and cognitive differences have made people laugh, which is just a microcosm of her hot search.

In the early days, most viewers got to know Zhang Zhanling from the seventh season of "The Story of Qipa" and the fourth season of talk show conference. In the process of recording the program, Zhang Zhanling attracted much attention because of telling the story of "Big Fat Daughter-in-law" giving chrysanthemums and playing table tennis with his 70-year-old grandfather, and then he created a circle code around the cultural differences of multinational families. At present, this creative way continues in short video creation. With the continuous innovation of materials, Zhang Zhanling’s content on social platforms is updated frequently and with good quality, and is in a state of continuous powder absorption.

In addition, because Fu Seoul and Lao Liu participated in the program "Goodbye to Lovers", many netizens compared Zhang Zhanling, a husband and wife group who also looked like "women are strong and men are weak", with her "fat daughter-in-law", and pointed out the differences between the two groups. For example, the "fat daughter-in-law" was temporarily unemployed, and now she has found a job, and Zhang Zhanling affirmed the emotional value he brought, while Lao Liu was lying flat and needed. In this discussion, the public has a different understanding of the marriage between Zhang Zhanling and Fu Seoul.

There are both the traffic brought by transnational family cultural differences and the external traffic brought by entertainment topics. Recently, Zhang Zhanling is very popular on the short video platform. His personal Tik Tok account has 792w+ fans, and the Tatie brothers and sisters with Xiao Aoda and Latte as the protagonists have 114W fans. To some extent, among a group of talk show actors and debaters, Zhang Zhanling has taken a new path in the field of short video by virtue of his personal ability and unique family advantages.

In the early days, Zhang stepped on the bell and became popular in foreign countries because of the cultural differences between China and foreign countries. Later, with a second child, she returned to China to participate in the recording of "Qi Yu Shuo". After the program was launched, it was known by more people, and it also diverted her social account to some extent. Of course, the key to Zhang’s popularity so far lies in its continuous output in the content field, which not only has certain speculative significance, but also can convey happiness and healing, and has diversified value for the majority of netizens.

Funny is the core feature of Zhang Dailing’s short video, which comes from the fact that every member of her family is walking material. In her short video, every family member has a distinctive character tag. For example, the fat daughter-in-law often makes a lot of jokes because of cultural, language differences and body shape. Latte loves Tieling hukou and refuses foreign language and culture. Xiao Aoda is the younger sister of some ghosts and horses who can also serve as bilingual translators, and Wendy is a foreign mother-in-law who is full of highlights except picking … So a group of people with different personalities, whether living in a foreign country or in Beijing, can always derive countless materials for Zhang to step on the bell to create.

Take China’s behavior of Wendy and her big fat daughter-in-law as an example. The family not only completed the "fixed task" of climbing the Great Wall and visiting the Forbidden City, but also went to Inner Mongolia, Chengdu and Guilin. There have been many stories along the way, either conflicts caused by dietary differences, frequent jokes caused by the cheap price of the lotus pond, or a series of "accidents" caused by accidents, all of which have become the creative materials of Zhang Zhanling, and have received continuous attention from netizens.

Family warmth is the background color of the short video created by Zhang Zhanling. In addition to being funny, there are also many moments that make people cry. For example, Zhang Zhanling meets the figure of a big fat daughter-in-law and Xiao Aoda who have been separated for two years due to the epidemic at the airport, prepares a surprise for her mother-in-law Wendy’s birthday, and relives the figure skating that she loved as a girl. These two paragraphs have touched many netizens. The former is maternal love from the heart, while the latter puts herself in Wendy’s shoes, which is a great model for women to understand women.

While short videos are widely loved by netizens, Zhang Zhanling has also been favored by brand customers. At present, in the video created by Zhang Zhanling, there are different kinds of advertisements such as learning, skin care products and life, or interspersed with advertisements in regular content, or tailored the theme content for advertisements, which successfully realized personal traffic. In addition, she was invited by the producers of programs such as Invite 100 Girls Home, The Great Conjecture of Joy, Half of Life and Magee Kitchen, which also effectively supplemented her popularity.

Family-centered creation, supplemented by the language style of Northeast China, has found a personalized output mode in the field of short video, maintained high yield in the safe and comfortable zone of content creation, and realized the instant realization of personal IP while continuously accumulating fans and gaining good reputation.

For the top players who come out of the programs such as "The Story of Qi Pa" and "Talk Show Conference", artistry and online celebrity are the only way. Starting from short video, becoming popular and returning to short video, Zhang stepped on the bell and found a development direction suitable for himself. Of course, there are thousands of transformation paths, and from the perspective of the whole debater and talker circle, more transformation paths will be found.

Debaters and talk show actors have a sense of variety in common, so some of them have successfully transformed into variety coffee. From Mix, Fan Tiantian and Ming Chen, who were out of the circle in the early days, to Li Dan, Wang Mian and Xu Zhisheng, who were in the post-fire, they all participated in many reality shows. Take Xu Zhisheng, who has the shortest debut time, as an example, and participated in more than ten files such as Fifty Kilometers Peach Blossom House Season 3, Let’s Camp Together Season 3, Exploring the Case, How to "outsmart", Shop 2 on the Cloud and Home of Everyone. It is not difficult to find that Xu Zhisheng is quite popular with the "Comprehensive N Generation" program, probably because the program group is more inclined to bring new additions by artists with both freshness and variety when iterating over the guest lineup.

Except for a few who can become variety coffee, most debaters and talk show actors will have limitations on the road to artistry and are only suitable for opinion output programs. For example, Huang Zhizhong participated in the variety "Goodbye My Lover" as a member of the "Observer Mission" in addition to the series of programs.

Coincidentally, Fu Seoul became famous in his early years because of Qi Pei Shuo, and now he has attracted much attention because of Goodbye to Lovers. However, during this period, he participated in only a handful of variety shows, among which he was an observer in Men Doing Housework and "Unfolding Talk", which was a permanent guest with Yang Tianzhen, Yi Lijing and Yang Li, played a role in exporting personal opinions. However, when the tide of live broadcast came, Fu Seoul set foot on this big ship and started a new branch of her career as "Fu Ma" in Tik Tok.

With the change of life stage, they will also have different choices. For example, King Wang, who was positioned as "the successor of Xiao S" in the early days, is now married and pregnant. She recorded the state of pregnancy in real time on personal social media. Diet changes, taking photos of pregnant women and stepping on the pit all triggered the resonance of women who were pregnant or had experience in pregnancy. In addition, in the roadshow of the movie "Learning Dad", King Wang talked about the problem of choosing a kindergarten after he began to worry in the pregnancy stage, which also caused widespread spread on the Internet. According to this trend, Dawang will be deeply involved in the fields of maternal and child care in the future, unlocking a new track for artists’ career.

Whether they become a variety coffee, an anchor with goods, or a mother-infant blogger, they have not only exerted their personal celebrity effect, but also enjoyed the dividend of the times, so it is not surprising that they can take off on the cusp. Just how high and how long you can fly in the end depends on your ability and value choice.

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