Laure Shang denies that he is not suitable for the entertainment circle and wants to do part-time translation (Figure)


  Laure Shang

  In my impression, Laure Shang should be silent, singing his own songs with his head down, ignoring other people’s eyes and comments, and not good at expressing and fighting for what he wants. Everything is only in the songs. The first time I interviewed Laure Shang, I was surprised by her performance. Her comfortable alto and slow speech speed were like a French chansons. Her language expression was very accurate, clear, confident and calm.

  Laure Shang said, "Who says I’m not suitable for entertainment?" Yes, it’s not appropriate to say it. Just because we don’t understand it, we are all too used to judging people by their appearances.

  I hope every performance is amazing.

  Reporter: I held my first solo concert in Beijing before. Originally, it was to be held in Shenzhen, but it was cancelled for some special reasons. I still have to congratulate you first. You will have your own concert soon and it is very successful.

  Laure Shang: Thank you. I don’t think the concert in Shenzhen will be cancelled, but it will be postponed temporarily for special reasons. It should be held after the Olympics. Concert is something that makes me very excited and also feels a lot of pressure. I cherish the opportunity, because many singers may not be able to sing for many years, and I am still a newcomer. I am very happy to have such an opportunity to improve myself through the opportunity. The overall evaluation of the Beijing concert was very good. At that time, after the performance, my colleagues and sponsors all embraced happily, which could bring surprises and accidents to everyone. My performance exceeded their expectations, which made me very happy.

  Reporter: Many singers take it as their goal to hold a solo concert. I know that the biggest dream of many Hong Kong singers is to sing in the Red Pavilion. Do you have such a goal or a stage for dreams?

  Laure Shang: The Red Pavilion is a symbol of status and strength because of its special significance to Hong Kong singers. However, there is no such special stage in the Mainland, so I won’t ask for a venue. My goal is to do a good job in every performance, hoping that the performances in every place will surprise fans in the future.

  Reporter: Speaking of surprise, many people actually have different views on the style of your Beijing concert. Some of your styles are really surprising. And I saw some of your latest modeling photos. Do you want to change your image and take a more feminine route?

  Laure Shang: Every painting painted by a painter can’t satisfy everyone, even Picasso can’t. I think I only look at the opinions of important people. As for styling, I don’t really care. The stylist team is designing for me. All I can do is choose one of their styles I want. In fact, I am very satisfied with the design of this team now. I think it suits my style very well. Of course, I am also willing to try different styles. I think this may be more rights than ordinary girls.

  Reporter: I feel that your hair release speed is actually quite fast, and it is an album and EP. Can you adapt to such high-intensity work? What is your most satisfying work at present?

  Laure Shang: Personally, I feel fine. After the high-density film distribution process, I feel more confident about this job-the hardest work is nothing more than that, and the rest is nothing serious. I don’t think this is just a simple workload, but an opportunity. I have this opportunity to make a record and sing to others. In fact, many people don’t have this opportunity, and they haven’t had the opportunity to make a record for many years. My own favorite is "A Big Sky" in the album "Under Van Gogh’s Starry Sky". All aspects, whether it is music, words or market reaction, are the best, and they are also well combined with my personality. It is not that I say yes, but that everyone says yes.

  Self-confessed typical workaholic

  Reporter: Being a singer is very tiring and stressful, but you don’t seem to feel hard, and you feel quite enjoyable.

  Laure Shang: Haha, actually I’m a bit of a workaholic. When I was in college, I was used to everyone working hard. There were many people who got good grades in Fudan and many people who could read. At that time, I was used to reading for hours, but I couldn’t compete with others. I was not smart enough, but I was more diligent. Later, after work, I worked in a private enterprise, which was a company with unlimited overtime, and there was no overtime pay. Haha, anyway, I just looked at the final results. I often worked for more than ten hours every day, went to bed when I fell down at home, and got up and went to work the next day. In fact, I think the workload now is far less than before. Maybe I’ve adapted to my previous job, but now I’m in a good mood because I have nothing to do, but I’m a little depressed, haha, a typical workaholic.

  Reporter: Everyone knows that you graduated from Fudan University. Have you achieved great success since childhood? Laure Shang: The grades from elementary school to junior high school have been good, but they are poor in high school. Because I was the first boarding school in Shanghai at that time, it was a great liberation for me to leave home and live in school. No one was in charge. As soon as I left my parents, I was very happy, curious about everything and completely wild. Grade one of senior high school dropped, and grade two of senior high school often failed. Later, I suddenly felt that this was my bottom line, so I should study hard and get into a good university. So I worked hard to make up for what I left behind and study hard. In fact, I have experienced such a rather unreliable life. I can understand some children now, but I think I should study hard. Reading is always useful.

  Reporter: There are not many singers like you who are highly educated and graduated from famous schools in the entertainment circle. Do you think your education has brought any convenience to your development?

  Laure Shang: The benefits are subtle. Reading is not without benefits. Many people will define that I am not suitable for this circle, because at present, singers in China generally have low academic qualifications. In fact, singers with high academic qualifications are very common abroad. Many people study medicine or law in universities, so no one discusses it as a topic, but I am concerned. I think whether you are a good singer has something to do with whether you can sing and the quality of the songs you sing, not academic qualifications. After reading for so many years, it is actually helpful for me to be a singer. At least I will have my own views on the understanding of lyrics. Every circle is similar, and it is necessary to contact many people. A good education will make people more mature in dealing with people.

  Want to work part-time as a translator

  Reporter: There are few opportunities to use French now. Will it be a pity?

  Laure Shang: Indeed, French is rarely used. I think it is more suitable as a sideline. Anyway, I also like reading some books in foreign languages. If I have time, I will translate some of my favorite books, which is not bad as a part-time job, or I think I want to do them all, which is helpful to others and beneficial to myself.

  Reporter: I’m surprised that you even want to do a part-time job. Few stars have such a simple part-time job plan.

  Laure Shang: There’s nothing wrong with translating foreign books. I always feel that I can’t concentrate all my energy on one thing, which will be very tiring and put great pressure on myself. Doing other things occasionally is a kind of relaxation. Translation can help me adjust my mentality and maintain my original major. What a good thing, I don’t care what others think. In fact, if the company arranges interviews with foreign media, I am very happy every time. I will review my English or French at home one week in advance. I always tell people in the company that it will be very good if I can get back 70% of my French, no matter how big the final report is.

  Reporter: After talking for so long, I feel that your mentality is very peaceful. You don’t seem to take the job of a singer very seriously, let alone treat yourself as a star.

  Laure Shang: I have never felt that I am not suitable for this circle. On the contrary, I feel more and more at home now. A singer is actually a job, but it is a so-called job that I cherish very much. It is easy to find a job in a foreign company, but it is not easy to sing and so many people are willing to listen. I cherish it very much. If I can, I hope I can keep doing this job. If one day, my personal interests are gone, no one wants to listen, and there is no need to do it again, but at this age, I will keep singing and sing well.

  Reporter: I feel that your thinking is very clear. Will you try to create in the future?

  Laure Shang: Clear thinking is better than clear thinking, but I’ve never written anything, and I don’t think I can write better than professional creators. I still trust them more because of my specialization, and I just need to find my own works seriously.

Editor: Li Dan