After Didi’s "scold", more pragmatic actions are needed


 Didi has recently been quite "attentive", launching a complain program of "Chattering Didi", which is self-deprecating, self-deprecating, mutual tearing, "red-faced sweating", which has attracted a lot of laughter and applause. The president, Ms. Liu Qing, personally "went to the grassroots" and worked as an operator to respond to users’ complaints. The funny and warm feelings are combined, and while adding points to Didi, there are also voices of doubt.

In the public video, Liu Qing asked Didi executives to go to the first-line experience operator when they were promoted. From her personal experience, the professionalism is debatable. Grassroots customer service is a variety of cooperation work. If this can represent Didi’s customer service level, it will actually increase users’ concerns. We can’t say this is a "show", but professional people do professional things. Even if executives come to answer the phone as customer service, can they reap real problems? The key is that on-the-job customer service strictly implements relevant systems.

Look at the complain link again. The selected roles are talk show stars, luxury car stars, drivers, and product manager representatives. Is this user sample down-to-earth and can it represent the voice of the majority? In response to specific questions: the price increase of taxis, take "riding a bicycle will pass by the fruit store to buy expensive cherries" to prove that taxis are more cost-effective; the big data kill problem, the response is "You have only driven a few times, are we familiar with you?"; the estimated price error problem, take the black car price "darker" as a comparison; the customer thinks that the navigation detours far and insists on his own direction, which boils down to the passenger’s "will to ride a bicycle".

For another example: passengers can’t get a taxi, and the product manager attributed the root cause to limited transportation capacity, "I can’t do it". The problem is that behind the limited transportation capacity, is it a regulatory problem in various places? Or is it a problem with the platform? In a business, if there is demand, there will be supply. Who doesn’t make money? If the reflection is not deep, the problem is difficult to solve.
Didi allows users, drivers, and staff to "make a big noise" and figure out the problem in complaining, ridiculing, and speculating. This is a good thing.After all, it opened the door to facing the problem directly, but the problem was that the on-site answers were more hesitant, which closed the door to solving the problem again.

Therefore, many netizens have questioned,Is this spending money to scold, or whitewashing and boasting?

Looking at the scope of the problems discussed in this Roast, it is generally limited to shallow levels such as long queuing time, opaque price, inaccurate positioning, inaccurate navigation, and stingy taxi coupons.Safety is rarely discussed.Finally, Liu Qing’s sentence "On security issues, we are not joking" ended hastily. Judging from the effect of solving the problem, this kind of open dialogue seems to "address only the symptoms but not the root cause of the issue". On the surface, it is lively. If you think about it carefully, there is no real solution to the fundamental problem.

For travel, it’s not about how fast you run, but how stable you run without "rolling over". Users don’t necessarily demand how perfect the app is.What matters more is that the service is cost-effective and safe.A correct understanding of the problem is the prerequisite for correcting the problem later.

Some people think that it is difficult to travel, and it is inherently difficult, and they are too harsh on Didi. Many people commute to get off work and travel without Didi. We are patient with service improvement and innovation. As a "breaker", we must have a great responsibility.

Self-blackening is a good starting point, don’t keep "blackening".Liu Qing also realized that "users always think that Didi is cheating people". We have seen too many examples of companies "humbly admitting their mistakes and not changing their lives", such as telecommunications harassment, bidding rankings, big data push… After many companies fall into a crisis, they either pass the problem on to temporary workers to take the blame, or directly attack the media to spread rumors, or hide and be an "ostrich". Didi has chosen a good way to dare to scold, and now it needs more pragmatic actions, otherwise scolding is equivalent to scolding in vain.

Autonavi announced the launch of "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Integrated Navigation", which realizes the first unified navigation experience in the Greater Bay Area based on Beidou

  Recently, on the 24th anniversary of Macau’s return to China, Autonavi Maps announced the official launch of "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Integrated Navigation". This service is based on the research and development of the Beidou satellite navigation system, and is committed to providing accurate and convenient navigation and travel services in the Greater Bay Area. It realizes a seamless connection with the use experience of Autonavi maps in the mainland, so as to better serve the increasingly hot "south-up-north-down" two-way travel and promote economic integration and development. This is also the first map navigation product in the industry to span the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao region and achieve a unified experience.

  According to reports, in order to achieve the goal of integrated travel and navigation in the Greater Bay Area, this Autonavi map is based on Beidou positioning technology and has launched a number of innovative functions for Hong Kong and Macao, including lane-level navigation, intelligent traffic light countdown, tunnel navigation, and intersection guidance maps, etc., which have greatly improved the level of route planning and navigation services in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

  For example, the Beidou lane-level navigation service, Autonavi’s self-developed deep learning model, can realize the 3D automatic modeling of the whole road network integration, and realize the fully automated 3D mapping of building roads, natural environment, urban landmarks and other elements in the map in Hong Kong and Macao; and based on the AI dynamic vision technology for driver human factors engineering, it can dynamically adjust the navigation screen closer to the driving perspective according to the current location and road shape, and build a digital world that combines virtual and real, allowing users to see what they get during the navigation process, "second understanding".

  After the launch of "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Integrated Navigation", Autonavi Beidou lane-level navigation has been further popularized nationwide and has become the largest lane-level navigation service in the world.

  There is also an intelligent traffic light countdown service, which is also based on the continuous and stable positioning ability of the Beidou system, combined with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and smart transportation to build core computing power, so that the real-world traffic light countdown countdown can be realized on the APP. "Mirror" reproduction.

  According to reports, the Autonavi smart traffic light service was first launched in the mainland in May 2022. This is the first red light countdown service in the industry to be launched on the smartphone terminal and "anticipate" second-level changes in computing power. As of now, the daily countdown service provided by Autonavi smart traffic lights nationwide has exceeded 2 billion.

  In addition, Autonavi tunnel navigation has also been launched in Hong Kong and Macao. Based on the self-developed "inertial navigation spatial positioning technology", it integrates mobile phone sensors, road networks, mobile networks, satellites and other elements for mixed real-time computing, which greatly alleviates the stability of positioning signals in tunnels.

  Autonavi tunnel navigation was first launched in March this year and is the first domestic tunnel navigation technology solution with complete positioning capabilities and based on smartphones.

  There is also the Autonavi cross-city bus service, which can also realize the integrated travel plan planning that spans any city and region in the Greater Bay Area, covers multiple travel modes such as bus, walking, cycling, and calculates extremely fine time and distance, truly achieving a "door-to-door without dead ends", one-click intercity public travel planning service.

  In addition to the above features, Autonavi Maps has also added practical services such as intersection guidance large map, riding and walking navigation in the Greater Bay Area, and greatly updated and optimized the data "freshness" in the area (for example, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge that has just started trial operation has also been included in the route planning plan), dedicated to further strengthening the unity of navigation and travel services in the Greater Bay Area.

  As a professional provider of digital map content, navigation and location-based service solutions, Autonavi Maps has always been committed to using technological innovation to transform various cutting-edge technologies into civilian transportation services to provide users with a better travel experience. In the future, Autonavi Maps will also continue to improve in the field of technology to better serve the transportation of the majority of users.

Autonavi Maps launches truck navigation to help 30 million drivers travel safely

On December 6th, Autonavi Maps launched a new truck navigation function, which is a new feature introduced by Autonavi Maps for special needs groups after the launch of barrier-free maps. Truck navigation can help many drivers accurately avoid the restricted and restricted routes of trucks, making it smarter and safer to travel in large cars.

With the rapid development of logistics freight and e-commerce, truck drivers have now become a very large social group. According to statistics, there are currently about 30 million truck drivers in China, and there are 15 million road freight vehicles, with an average of more than 84 million tons of goods in transit every day.

Due to the strong demand for long-distance, long-distance and multi-frequency travel, truck drivers rely heavily on mobile maps and navigation applications. Autonavi traffic big data shows that trucks in some areas use navigation for an average of more than 400 minutes in a month. At present, there is no accurate and easy-to-use product in the mainstream map applications in China that can fully meet the requirements of truck drivers.

"Trucks should have the highest requirements for navigation and map data fineness among all vehicle types." The relevant person in charge of Autonavi Maps said that due to the strict height, width, weight, and travel restrictions on the road, once the truck enters the restricted road section, it is more difficult for the truck to turn around, not only to pay fines for violations, but also to cause road congestion and even cause safety risks.

There have been many similar cases this year. In late November this year, under the overpass of Jianshe Road, West Third Ring Road, Zhengzhou City, a refrigerated truck was stuck under the overpass while passing a bridge with a height limit of 3 meters. Traffic data showed that after the accident, the congestion delay index of the relevant road section (the travel time of traffic congestion passing/the travel time of free flow passing, the higher the index, the more serious the congestion) peaked at 4.11, and the congestion delay index was greater than 1.8 for about 8 hours throughout the day.

Autonavi map truck navigation is to solve the urgent needs of 30 million truck drivers. When drivers use it for the first time, they can directly use this function by adding basic parameters such as truck type, brand, weight, length and width. During the use of truck navigation, Autonavi map performs intelligent calculation based on high-precision big data, and will automatically plan a navigation route that meets the restrictions of all aspects of the truck they drive. The road is safe and smooth to avoid violations and dangers.

It is understood that the current Autonavi map has covered more than one million truck weight limits, height limits, width limits, axle load limits, travel restrictions, bans and other road information across the country. In addition, the Autonavi map also specially adds the location data of truck checkpoints across the country, and provides navigation and voice reminders during the navigation process, allowing drivers to know the number and location of checkpoints.

Another new feature of the Autonavi map, "Team", is also very suitable for the needs of truck drivers. The so-called "team" means that drivers share each other’s real-time location through the same group of team passwords, and can be displayed in real time on each other’s Autonavi map navigation interface, which is convenient for each other to view and find. Since truck drivers often start in teams when delivering goods, and the journey is long, they can take care of each other through the "team" function of the Autonavi map. In addition, with the help of this function, cargo owners and card sisters can also check the real-time location of drivers and keep abreast of their movements.

"Truck navigation once again reflects Autonavi Maps’ professional and profound accumulation in big data." The person in charge said that Autonavi Maps has Class A surveying and mapping qualifications for navigation electronic maps, Class A qualifications for surveying and mapping aerial photography, and Class A surveying and mapping qualifications for Internet map services. As of the first half of 2017, Autonavi traffic big data has covered 360 + cities across the country, as well as 7.90 million kilometers of navigation road data, with more than 400 kinds of road attribute information alone.

The launch of truck navigation has once again enriched the travel services of the Autonavi map easy platform. The easy platform is the one-stop public travel service platform first launched by Autonavi in the middle of this year. It has previously been connected to many travel service providers such as Didi Chuxing, Shenzhou Special Car, Shouqi Car, Mobike, ofo, and Flying Pig.

Reduce the price! Subsidies! Cars with more than 200,000 yuan are directly discounted by 100,000 yuan? The "price war" started! These cars are all cheap →

Guangzhou, Guangdong: A variety of models get together to promote consumers’ opportunities.

In China, the sales of new energy vehicles are increasing.In 2022, the annual sales of new energy vehicles in China was 6.887 million, a year-on-year increase of 93.4%.According to the latest data of the Federation, the retail penetration rate of new energy vehicles in China reached 31.6% in February 2023, far exceeding the level of the same period last year. This brings double challenges of market and price to the traditional fuel vehicle market. What changes have taken place in the consumer market?

CCTV reporter Yan Yaqian:At the scene of an automobile consumption festival in Guangzhou, Guangdong, many consumers came to buy cars and choose cars. There are about 50 automobile brands in the whole exhibition area, and there are as many as 150 models on display.

The staff told reporters that the biggest change in this year’s auto show is that the preferential strength has increased significantly. In addition to the 1000 yuan-3,000 yuan consumption subsidy, various manufacturers also have different degrees of promotional activities.

Mo Zunming, a staff member of Guangzhou Dongfeng Nissan booth:The original price of this car is 271,300 yuan, which means a discount of 85,000 yuan. There are licensing subsidies and insurance subsidies, and the maximum discount can be more than 100,000 yuan.

The staff told the reporter that two years ago, the proportion of new energy vehicles at the auto show was only 20%, and there were few concessions. This year, the proportion of new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles is equivalent, and the promotion efforts have also increased. In the face of competition, in order to win more customers, fuel car manufacturers are also reducing prices and promoting sales. The "price war" is in full swing, which also makes consumers with car purchase plans eager to try.

Since the beginning of this year, Hubei, Guangdong, Jilin, Sichuan and other places have introduced various policies aimed at stimulating automobile consumption, including issuing coupons, extending the time of car purchase subsidies, and increasing car purchase indicators.China Association of Automobile Manufacturers predicts that the total automobile sales in China will be 27.6 million in 2023, up 3% year-on-year, of which the sales of passenger cars will be 23.8 million, up 1.3% year-on-year; The sales volume of new energy vehicles was 9 million, a year-on-year increase of 35%.

New energy vehicles have cut prices and fuel vehicles have entered the market to "fight"

At the beginning of January this year, Tesla launched the "first shot" of car price reduction, and then new energy brands such as Wenjie, Tucki and Zero Run followed suit.At the beginning of March, the news of a group of "Dongfeng" car companies’ promotion pushed the "price war" of this price reduction promotion to a climax. With the promotion of new energy vehicles at reduced prices, fuel vehicles have increased subsidies to "fight". What changes are reflected behind this in the automobile industry?

In March, in Hubei Province, several brands of Dongfeng Motor Group jointly cut prices, and Citroen C6, which only sold for 120,000 yuan, rushed to the hot search, and "flying to Hubei to buy a car" became a hot topic.

After Hubei, more than 40 car companies and nearly 100 models have joined the "price war" in Shanghai, Guangdong, Jilin and other regions, which has also stimulated consumers’ enthusiasm for buying.

The reporter learned that for fuel vehicles, on the one hand, the price reduction promotion is due to fierce market competition, on the other hand, the "National Six B", which is known as the most stringent emission standard, will be implemented. Car companies that used the "National Six A" emission standard models need to clean up their inventory before the implementation of the new regulations, and price reduction is undoubtedly the most direct and effective means. The price reduction of new energy vehicles also benefited from the sharp drop in the price of raw materials upstream of power batteries. According to industry insiders, in the long run, the new energy vehicle market has great development potential.

Ni Wei, Chief Analyst of Everbright Securities Automobile:The impact of fuel vehicle price reduction on new energy vehicles will become smaller and smaller, because users will naturally stratify; At the same time, the R&D investment of car companies based on the next generation is basically in the field of new energy vehicles, so we think that the competitiveness of fuel vehicles will become weaker and weaker.

Market participants said that "green and low carbon" has become the transformation direction of the automobile industry, and the rapidly growing brands and models of new energy vehicles are also the performance of traditional automobile enterprises and market transformation. In the foreseeable future, the fast-growing new energy vehicles will launch rounds of challenges to fuel vehicles, and the fuel vehicles themselves are also fully transforming into new energy vehicles. Traditional car companies and new forces will meet again on a smarter and greener track.

The combustion ban schedule has been delayed again and again. When will fuel vehicles be eliminated?

Author: Xiao Yu; please bring the above information for reprinting as automatic authorization

In the past few years, we have seen the "death penalty court verdict" of fuel vehicles in the news every now and then. Today, a certain car company announced that it will completely stop production of traditional fuel vehicles in the near future. Tomorrow, a certain country announced that before the mid-21st century, all commercially available models will be turned into electric vehicles.

As early as September 2017, MIIT had stated that China was also studying and formulating a "ban on combustion" timetable. After the tone was set, all kinds of news were flying around. Because the independent brands announced that they would stop production of traditional fuel vehicles in 2025, many news initially said that the time for China to completely ban combustion would be 2025. Later, an official background "Study on the Exit Schedule of Traditional Fuel Vehicles in China" also said that private cars in first-class cities will achieve comprehensive new energy in 2030, and China is expected to achieve a complete withdrawal of traditional fuel vehicles by 2050. Everyone immediately guessed that a complete ban on combustion will be achieved in 2050.

Three years later, there is still no certainty when China will fully phase out traditional fuel vehicles.

At the recent "Second Global New Energy Vehicle Supply Chain Innovation Conference", a scholar named Wang Binggang proposed: "China’s new energy vehicles and energy-saving vehicles should be developed simultaneously. It is not recommended to abandon traditional vehicles, it is not recommended to formulate a timetable for banning combustion, and it is not recommended to put forward the slogan of banning combustion in China."

Wang Binggang is the head of the expert group of the National Clean Vehicle Action Coordination Leading Group, the director of the Technical Committee of the National Electric Passenger Vehicle Technology Innovation Alliance, and the head of the National New Energy Vehicle Innovation Engineering Expert Group. His opinion represents not only himself, but also the many experts involved in national decision-making behind him. I believe everyone has smelled the signal that China’s ban on combustion may never come.

In contrast, other countries’ combustion ban schedules are completely certain, such as Norway in 2025, the Netherlands in 2030, and the United Kingdom in 2040. As we all know, compared with traditional fuel vehicles, Chinese car companies have a great advantage in new energy technologies. In recent years, they have been talking about overtaking in curves. Why is there a curve braking now? To put it simply, in order to avoid "policy waste". With China’s current conditions, it is very unrealistic to completely stop the production of fuel vehicles in 2030. Even by 2050, China’s general environment is still not suitable for only selling new energy vehicles. The introduction of a timetable is just causing trouble for everyone.

The countries that have implemented the ban on combustion have several things in common. First, they are often small in size, with Norway, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom all being relatively small. New energy vehicles represented by pure electric vehicles, at least with the current level of technology, can only reach a few hundred kilometers. When the electricity is used up, it is necessary to charge the nest. For small countries, this battery life is enough to cope with a domestic trip and is more convenient to use.

Second, their economies are more developed, and the auto market is close to saturation. When everyone has a car, it is difficult for the auto industry to sell new cars. Changes in regulations will accelerate the obsolescence of old cars, which is a way to stimulate car consumption.

Third, their electricity mainly comes from clean power generation. European countries, represented by Norway and the Netherlands, use a lot of nuclear power, wind power, hydropower, and solar energy instead of coal and oil for thermal power, which means that their new energy vehicles are really "zero emissions" when they operate, rather than transferring emissions to power stations.

The above three characteristics are also the basis for the implementation of a comprehensive ban on combustion. Unfortunately, China does not have a single feature. Our country is very vast, and the geographical environment is very complex. New energy vehicles with a range of several hundred kilometers may not even save money on a single charge. Our average car ownership per thousand people is 154, the UK is 519, and Norway is 584. Obviously, China’s automobile market still has great potential. There is no need for a mandatory ban on combustion to stimulate consumption for the time being. 70% of our electricity is thermal power obtained by burning coal. If the combustion is completely banned, it is equivalent to the power of the car being basically provided by coal. This is not an environmentally friendly thing.

Regarding electricity, we have to say a few more words. Many people know that China needs to import a large amount of oil every year, and then feel that as long as the car is fully new energy, it can reduce its dependence on imported oil and ensure China’s energy security. The current ban on combustion is only to replace oil burning with indirect coal burning. Coal and oil are both non-renewable energy sources. China’s coal self-sufficiency is higher, but it also needs to import more than 300 million tons per year. Coupled with the consumption of new energy vehicles, China’s coal resources will only dry up faster, and it will be more dependent on imported coal. Isn’t it the same thing?

It is precisely because we do not have the conditions that we are calling for the ban on fuel vehicles at this time, and the whole of China will pay a huge price for it. And the dividends that come from this price are not much. Only Chinese car companies that have an advantage in the field of new energy can make a lot of money because of this, and everyone else will suffer.

At present, the correct path for China to take is not to set a timetable for banning combustion and let the market eliminate fuel vehicles. For a long time to come, the tone of China’s auto market should be that fuel-efficient vehicles and new energy vehicles should go hand in hand, walking on two legs. On the one hand, continue to tap the potential of internal combustion engines and drain their last bit of potential. On the other hand, improve new energy vehicles and related facilities to make them more comfortable and environmentally friendly to use.

Future new energy vehicles may switch to graphene batteries with extremely high performance (essentially a super capacitor rather than a chemical battery), which can be charged in a few seconds and have a range of thousands of kilometers; perhaps they will be replaced by hydrogen fuel cells, just like a fuel car refueling, full of hydrogen and you can run. Anyway, it will not be the current "electric dad". It will take a lot of time for new energy vehicles to complete the transformation from dad to true god, which may take decades or hundreds of years. At the same time, human beings have to complete the transformation of energy structure, no longer relying on coal to generate electricity, and switching to cleaner power generation methods, which will be a more difficult task.

Most countries in the world, like China, do not have the conditions for a ban on combustion, so they take a wait-and-see attitude, like the United States, Germany, and France, which release rumors of a ban on combustion every now and then, but there is no actual action at all; car companies are just playing word games to cope with the increasingly strong calls for environmental protection. Now the car companies that have announced that they will stop producing traditional fuel vehicles should be studied carefully. They are all models that are driven by engines. They add a 48V system to the engine, which is not a "traditional fuel car". This is a real monkey…

Everything must be prioritized. Should fuel vehicles be eliminated? Should! Should fuel vehicles be eliminated now?

Speed Leopard Liu Chao: The new power of commercial vehicles lies in product definition and is not eager to seek sales.

  In Liu Chao’s view, many new commercial vehicles have emerged, but if the product positioning is inaccurate and cannot meet the market demand, then a car may be dumped before it can be sold. "The pure electric commercial vehicle market is very large, and anything can happen. We may not always be in an invincible position, and we must adjust our strategy at any time according to market changes."

  Liu Chao said that our initial target this year is to sell 300 vehicles, but if the verification process goes smoothly, more sales may be achieved. Yu Yang said, "We don’t define this year as the sales year, but we hope to quickly verify and iterate the products when realizing mass transportation, and making the products well is the primary goal."

  "Now many new commercial vehicles have emerged, but if the product positioning is inaccurate and cannot meet the market demand, it may be dumped in an instant, so product definition and technological leadership are very important." Liu Chao, chairman and CEO of Speedleopard Technology, said in an interview with China Economic Net reporter recently that our strategy this year is to be steady and steady, and continue to polish our products while serving our existing customers.

  Focusing on bulk transportation, the new force of commercial vehicles focuses on defining products.

  Looking back about 10 years ago, the new forces of passenger car manufacturing mushroomed, and "Wei Xiaoli" was established at that time, and now it has developed into a brand with an annual sales of more than 100,000 vehicles. Liu Chao said, "From the perspective of the development of the new forces of car-making, it is because of the drive of’ Wei Xiaoli’ that passenger cars are available.Behind the current achievements is technological innovation. "

  Compared with passenger cars, the new power of commercial vehicles was established 7-8 years later, mainly because commercial vehicles pursue the ultimate energy efficiency and cost, and help users to make profits. Liu Chao said bluntly, "Compared with big manufacturers, we only need to focus on technological innovation and change, so we have a certain technological leading edge."

  According to Liu Chao, in view of the short battery life of the current "oil to electricity" electric truck,Self-gravity leads to transportation loss of tons, halving battery life in winter, back safety and many other pain points. Speed Leopard has greatly improved the performance of the whole vehicle through core technologies such as distributed electric drive bridge, 800V high-voltage power domain motherboard, intelligent chassis domain control and integrated thermal management.

  In Liu Chao’s view, many new commercial vehicles have emerged, but if the product positioning is inaccurate and cannot meet the market demand, then a car may be dumped if it cannot be sold. On the other hand, if you stay ahead of technology, you still have a chance to stay at the table.

  As the first model of Super Leopard Technology, Super Leopard Black King Kong locates intelligent electric heavy trucks specially designed for bulk transportation scenes. Liu Chao said, "China.There are more than 20 scenarios. At present, we only do bulk transportation, but this market segment has a market share of nearly 50%. As a start-up enterprise, if Subao Technology can succeed in this market segment, it will be the first step of marketization. "

  In addition, traditional commercial vehicle enterprises are also forced to transform into electric intelligence, but the process will be more difficult than passenger cars. Liu Chao said that the former five main engine manufacturers of commercial vehicles, for example, may consider how to get rid of the "burden" when they want to invest in electric intelligence. In contrast, our decision-making is faster, and we may have been at the forefront.

  "Of course, the market for pure electric commercial vehicles is very large, and anything can happen. We may not always be in an invincible position. This is unrealistic, and we must adjust our strategy at any time according to market changes." Liu Chao added.

  Do not rush to seek sales volume, and establish a benign relationship between supply and demand with suppliers.

  As a new force of commercial vehicles, Speed Leopard has abundant resources, and the actual measurement of its products is also excellent, with dozens of potential customers. Liu Chao said that these customers support SpeedLeopard to have more fault tolerance in the early stage, but our strategy this year is to be cautious about the first stage of rapid loading.

  Liu Chao added, we hope to provide good service, and at the same time, we will continue to polish our products, so that new technologies can stand the test of time, and then deliver them to customers all over the country or even around the world in batches. "Our initial goal this year is to sell 300 vehicles, but if the verification process is smooth, more sales may be achieved."

  Yu Yang, vice president of brand and marketing of Super Leopard Technology, also believes that in the field of commercial vehicles, each brand has its own distinctive product and brand characteristics, and it will also anchor a transportation scene. At this stage, we are more concerned about product attributes in special demand scenarios. We don’t define this year as the sales year, but hope to quickly verify and iterate the products when realizing batch transportation, and making the products well is the primary goal.

  Talking about the cooperative relationship with suppliers, Liu Chao said that the whole vehicle industry chain is very long, and it is impossible for any car company to take care of everything, nor does it have the ability. "China has a perfect supply chain system. We only need to do the core extreme energy efficiency and the’ black box’ related to customer value well, and adhere to the self-research and continuous update and evolution of core technologies, and the rest will cooperate with suppliers in depth."

  Liu Chao sighed, I know that it is not easy for start-ups, and whether the first product can be a hit is particularly important, so I put forward high requirements for parts companies. Parts companies are also under great pressure, but finally we overcame various difficulties to make our first product available, and we hope to go on with early suppliers for a long time.

  In addition, "both automakers and parts companies are facing cost pressure, and we hope to work together to reduce costs and form a healthier and benign relationship between supply and demand, instead of simply defining ourselves as Party A." Liu Chao said. (Photo/Text China Economic Net reporter Jiang Zhiwen)


Main parameter 1.5T DCT flagship model 2014 1.5T DCT exclusive model 2014 Manufacturer’s guide price: 209,800 189,800 Dealer quotation: Brand: BYD BYD Level: Compact car Compact car Length/width/height (mm): 4740/1770/1480 4740/1770/1480 Wheelbase (mm): 2670 2670 Track (front) (mm): 1525 1525 Track (rear) (mm): 1520 1520 Luggage compartment volume (liter) 300 300 Tank volume (liter): 50 50 Displacement (ml): ▲ ▲ Number of cylinders: four four Transmission form: powershift powershift Gear number six six Front brake: Ventilated disc Ventilated disc 100km acceleration time (s): 5.9 5.9 Vehicle kerb mass (kg): 1720 1720 View detailed parameter configuration of BYD Qin > >

Xiaomi Automobile: SU7 needs to be re-queued after refitting, and it cannot be returned after refitting successfully.

On April 14 th, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi Automobile, issued a document today announcing that the 24-hour limited time reconfiguration will be started at 9: 00 am on April 19. Xiaomi Automobile gave a further explanation in the answer to a netizen’s question (episode 17) tonight.

Xiaomi said. The delay of car pick-up time depends on the lock time of the user’s current order Even if the user locks the order early and ranks high, the delivery cycle will be significantly increased because of the successful reconfiguration. And it cannot be returned after successful repartition, so please repartition carefully.

For the question of "why is it limited to one day?" Xiaomi said that the production of the factory and the preparation of materials were prepared in advance according to everyone’s lock orders, and the supply of materials was not timely, which in turn affected the efficiency of production and delivery of vehicles. Starting from ensuring the delivery cycle of all users, the company chose the scheme to minimize the impact, hoping to get everyone’s understanding.

The full text of Xiaomi attached to IT House is as follows:

We really weighed the impact of the reallocation on the order sequence many times, and finally decided that we need to queue up again after reallocation, which is fairer to all users.

The delay of picking up the car depends on the locking time of your current order. Even if you lock the order early and rank high, the delivery cycle will be significantly increased because of the successful reconfiguration. And it cannot be returned after successful refitting. Please refit carefully!

Since listing, we have been listening carefully to your suggestions and continuously trying our best to solve problems for you. Thank you for your trust and support. The specific rules are subject to the relocation rules in Xiaomi community, and you can also consult your sales consultant or delivery consultant for a more personalized consultation reply.

The production of the factory and the preparation of materials are prepared in advance according to everyone’s lock list. If a large number of changes are made continuously, the production will be chaotic and the material supply will not be timely, which will affect the efficiency of production and delivery of vehicles. Starting from ensuring the delivery cycle of all users, we chose the scheme to minimize the impact, hoping to get your understanding.

Due to the different default permission settings of different brands, it may be impossible to charge Xiaomi SU7 normally because it is only available for a certain brand model or the white list authorization mechanism. Before users of Xiaomi SU7 use other brands to fill piles, please make sure that the charging permission setting is turned on at the pile end. For the specific permission setting method, please refer to the instruction manual of the corresponding brand pile or communicate with its customer service for a detailed tutorial.

Taking the pile filling of Tesla’s third generation home as an example, it is necessary to change the access control of the pile end from "Tesla only" to "all vehicles" before charging Xiaomi SU7. The steps to modify the initial setting procedure are as follows:

At present, Xiaomi’s smart parking products do not support the related functions of calling vehicles from a long distance at a specific location in the parking lot.

The modified structures and parts cannot enjoy the official warranty rights; The structural and functional damage of the vehicle caused by modification is also beyond the coverage of warranty rights. Detailed warranty policy of Xiaomi SU7 can be found in official website.

Sure. After you turn on the cell phone hotspot, find the corresponding cell phone hotspot network in "Settings-Connection -WLAN" on the central control panel and connect it.

Of course, the mobile phone can also be connected to the hotspot network of the car. If you have purchased the physical buttons on the central control panel, you can use the NFC-enabled system mobile phone to connect the car hotspots by relying on the volume knob in the middle of the physical buttons on the central control panel. If there is no physical button on the central control panel, open the car hotspot network on the central control panel and connect with the mobile phone.

After the mobile phone is connected to the hot spot of the car, it can not only share the network of the car. If passengers use mobile phones equipped with Xiaomi HyperOS system, convenient control of vehicle seats, air conditioners, music, etc. can also be realized in the integrated equipment center of mobile phones.

Eleven driving assistance cameras are standard on all models of Xiaomi SU7. When the forward binocular camera detects occlusion, it will automatically turn on the heating wire in its window for heating, defogging/rain/snow removal, without manual operation.

At the same time, Xiaomi SU7 Pro and Xiaomi SU7 Max are also equipped with lidar. When occlusion is detected, the lidar window will automatically turn on the heating function, and this heating function also needs no manual operation.

Xiaomi SU7 has four electric air outlets, so you can freely choose the blowing mode and wind direction. At present, functions such as automatic wind sweeping and avoiding people blowing are not supported, and related functions will be pushed through OTA upgrade in the future.

In addition, the air conditioning system of Xiaomi SU7 is equipped with CN95 filter element, PM2.5 real-time monitoring system, AQS air quality detection system, antibacterial evaporator, etc., which makes the cabin air healthier and fresher.

How badly they were cut to get rid of the bill

Wen’s financial stories are written by Ning Yutian and edited by Chen Jiying.

From the four love stories of "Cowherd and Weaver Girl, Legend of White Snake, Legend of Meng Jiangnu and butterfly lovers" to one of the four happy events of China "Wedding Night"; From the grape tree on Tanabata to the first cup of milk tea in autumn; From the old adage that "there are three unfilial things, and no heirs are great" to the daily routine of urging marriage and love for seven aunts and eight aunts on holidays … … Marriage has always been the eternal obsession of most people in China.

At the same time, with the demand for marriage and love reaching its peak after 1990s, gradually entering marriageable age after 00, the divorce rate rising year by year, and the aging population increasing, the number of singles with marriage and love needs is growing. By 2019, the total number of singles in China is about 300 million.

However, the world is not very friendly to single dog. They may not only be questioned by their parents and puzzled by their relatives and friends, but also go through eighty-one difficult on the road of courtship: racking their brains to take off their orders but being hunted by "killing pigs"; Falling out of love and being cheated by emotional recovery institutions; In order to get rid of one-way PUA training, but lost the ability of true love … …

Wheat was born in a rural family, the cooking style of dry wood stoves, the father who sold coolies to make money, and the mother who had to hesitate to buy clothes for tens of dollars … … The bleak family situation has made wheat thrifty and bitter since childhood.

After graduating from college, she became a salesman with a monthly income of over 10,000 yuan. After the holiday at the end of the year, she went home for the New Year with the money she had saved for half a year, but it ushered in the beginning of a nightmare … …

The epidemic came unexpectedly, the company’s business was stagnant, and her family worried about her risk of infection and tried their best to prevent wheat from reworking.

In this way, she broke her income. However, "I feel uncomfortable if I don’t make money for a day", and she began to find ways to make money online.

At the end of March, she decided to try sending short videos in Tik Tok. The first video was only played for 20 or 30 minutes, but someone paid attention to it and privately believed in Wheat.

The two chatted. "At that time, I thought he was very interesting and nice. Later, he asked me to add his QQ."

Watching the men’s QQ space and vibrato videos, Mai found that the other party turned out to be an excellent boy in all aspects: Fudan University’s bright academic qualifications, decent and rich programmer work, two generations of well-off family in business, and high-end and comfortable petty bourgeoisie life … … "At first, I felt that there was a big gap between us, and he was too unattainable; Looking at the photos, he has tattoos and earrings, which is a bit evil and looks very fancy. I can’t control it. "

However, the boy seems to be very concerned about wheat, and he actively shared his growing experience, took his parents out for a trip, accompanied his uncle for morning running and fitness, and helped his friends in distress … … "We talk about everything, just like my old friends who have known each other for years."

In this way, wheat gradually became interested in this male netizen.

On April 1 ST, the male netizen asked Mai to help manage his investment account, and also told him his password and investment method.

"I was very touched and felt that he trusted me so much." Not long after, Mai witnessed the income of thousands of dollars in the boy’s account.

One day later, the boy generously shared his way to get rich with Wheat. "This is the way I found by taking advantage of the loopholes in the platform, and I won’t lose money." He claimed that he also misappropriated the company’s funds to bet, so he asked Wheat to keep it secret. "Otherwise, I will face legal risks."

"In order not to hurt him, I took the initiative to delete the chat record and reminded him to delete it too." Wheat is convinced.

At the beginning, wheat invested 2000 yuan and earned hundreds in a few minutes; Then invest another 20,000 yuan, and thousands of dollars will arrive in an instant; "But every time I have to go to the customer service to recharge, I feel so troublesome. Just charge a little more and withdraw the cash together."

Wheat took out all his savings of80,000 yuan and took a handful of All in.

"Later, he told me that there was an activity recently, and if I upgraded, I could get more lottery money, and then encouraged me to continue to replenish my money."

When Wheat hesitated, the boy used the killer weapon: "We finally have so much principal, so we should invest more, and then we can buy a house together."

So, Wheat remembered the passbook at home again, and added 500,000 yuan. Seeing that the account balance rose from more than 500,000 yuan to more than 1 million yuan, Wheat was ecstatic and anxious to withdraw the money.

At the same time, I am also grateful to her "noble person". "I asked him for Alipay account number or bank card number, and I wanted to transfer some money to him, so that I could be grateful."

The boy claimed that he had forgotten to pay back the money before, so he stopped using Alipay. "He also said that he didn’t want my money. He earned more than me, and I was even more moved."

However, joy begets sorrow, and before wheat has taken out the money, the account number shows that it has been frozen. "I immediately panicked. He said that his was also frozen. Let me not panic. He has encountered this situation before. Let me ask the customer service how to unfreeze it."

After consulting customer service, Wheat learned that it had to recharge 150,000 yuan before it could be thawed. In order to avoid the huge sinking cost, she took out the last 100,000 yuan from the passbook at home and borrowed 50,000 yuan from the online loan platform.

The account was finally unfrozen. Wheat thought it was ready to withdraw cash, but the customer service said that it needed 7 times of running water, that is, more than 7 million yuan.

Before the wheat collected enough money, the account balance suddenly fell from more than 1.5 million to 83 yuan; The boy also said that the money he invested was also trapped, leaving only a dime.

"He said he was sorry for me first, and then he was pathetic, saying he was afraid to go back to the company and tell his family. I began to feel sorry for him. I felt that my family had not discovered my loss. His pressure was definitely greater than mine. Instead, I began to comfort him and let him not blame himself. "

However, the boy gradually became indifferent to wheat and disappeared completely after the end of April. She once worried that he disappeared because he was taken away by the police … …

"At that time, I was so concerned about him that I felt that even if he was sentenced to ten, twenty or thirty years, I would wait for him, and even thought about taking care of his parents and filial piety for him when I was free."

While Wheat was worried about his "lover", his mother found that the passbook at home was missing, and when she watched her mother get angry in a hurry, Wheat confessed … … Mother suddenly collapsed on the ground.

The family took the wheat to the police, but she never wanted to believe that her "soul mate" was a liar. Later, she searched and browsed various cases of "killing pig plates" on the Internet, and she woke up like a dream.

After the incident was exposed, grandma swore every day that wheat was a black sheep; My sister also blamed her for losing her parents’ hard-earned money for a lifetime, and even hit her with anger; Father was silent and never spoke to her again … …

My mother was afraid of wheat, so she comforted her all the time, even contradicting the whole family. "That was the dowry that my mother saved for you."

Wheat is deeply in remorse and remorse. The liar cheated her of her money and stole her heart. "Now, I hate him and hope that he will be caught and brought to justice; But sometimes I want to love him, and it’s ridiculous to think about it. There should be few people who know that they are cheated and miss the liar. "

After being cheated by the emotional recovery agency, Chenchen posted the experience of being cheated on Xiaohongshu, and the followers were in an endless stream.

There are not a few victims with similar experiences, and many comments in the comment area: "Good exposure! I have also been cheated, and I want to ask how to recover the money "; "I was almost cheated, and he kept urging me to pay"; "Is there any XX organization cheated" … …

There are also many people who plan to place an order, "I am still ready to participate"; "It’s so expensive to recover" … …

Xiaohongshu met a constellation blogger and signed 3400 yuan to save the service.

Last year, Chenchen quarreled with her boyfriend who had been in love for many years and broke up.

Very sad, Chenchen searched for "How to save XX constellation boyfriend" in Xiaohongshu, and a sign blogger’s post attracted her attention. After Chenchen left a message below, the blogger quickly wrote Chenchen privately and proposed to add WeChat to help Chenchen save her boyfriend.

Chenchen was cautious at first, and specifically asked whether to charge. After getting a negative reply, she added the blogger WeChat.

After adding WeChat, the blogger claimed that he was only an emotional teacher’s assistant, and pushed WeChat, who claimed to be Liu Zhe’s "emotional counselor", to Chenchen.

Liu Zhe said that it is not difficult to recover. "I am in the same constellation as your boyfriend. He must still love you, but you can only make a plan by paying money. You will probably get five or six thousand in this situation."

Chenchen said that he was short of money, and Liu Zhe made an exception and discounted it to 3400.

Seeing that Chenchen was still hesitating, Liu Zhe sent a business license, a screenshot of Tianyan, etc., showing that the other organization was named Encounter Psychological Consulting Co., Ltd. (now renamed X Wo Education Consulting Co., Ltd.).

At the same time, Liu Zhe repeatedly reminded Chenchen that "if you miss the best opportunity, you will regret it later", creating a sense of urgency. At the same time, he also promised that the recovery was ineffective and the fee could be refunded.

In the end, Chenchen’s defense line completely collapsed, and he paid a monthly service of 3,400 yuan.

After paying the money, he was recommended to Enmou, the director of the guidance department, who arranged one-on-one "emotional mentor" for him, calling himself Jane Eyre.

During the service, Jane Eyre instructed Chenchen to send some positive energy circle of friends visible only to her and her boyfriend, "or forward the WeChat official account articles recommended by her. They didn’t give me any psychological counseling from beginning to end. At that time, I was slightly depressed, and they didn’t care. They just said a word — — ‘ Calm down ’ 。”

Day after day, Chenchen’s relationship with her boyfriend made no progress, and finally her boyfriend blacked her out directly. So Jane Eyre instructed her to bring gifts to her boyfriend’s house.

At first, Chenchen strongly refused, "My boyfriend is stubborn, which will annoy him", but under the brainwashing of Jane Eyre and the urgency of saving her boyfriend, Chenchen got up the courage to go, and as a result, her boyfriend closed the door and disappeared.

After the relationship deteriorated completely, Chenchen continued to ask for help.

Jane Eyre’s plan is to improve women’s charm and emotional intelligence in the morning. "You have to sign up for two more courses."

At this time, Chenchen was completely awake and asked the organization to refund in full. As a result, the organization not only refused to refund, but also blamed Chenchen’s "own problems" for the failure of recovery.

Chenchen suddenly remembered that when she talked with Liu Zhe about buying classes in the early stage, the latter provided her with a contract sample about the refund, so she quickly turned out the contract. What shocked her was that the contract finally signed was "a thousand miles away" from the contract presented by Liu Zhe during the initial communication — — The refund clause is missing.

At the same time, the above-mentioned "teachers" have blacked them out and deleted them; The redemption agencies that provide services for them and the WeChat nicknames of "teachers" have been renamed several times; The account content of the aforementioned Little Red Book constellation blogger has also been completely emptied … …

In fact, the "master of emotion" has no license to work, and his education and experience are not limited.

Chenchen was not the only one who was deceived. In July this year, the Shanghai police detected the case of "emotional redemption" fraud, arrested 69 suspects, and initially verified more than 500 cases involving more than 7 million yuan across the country.

Caijing Story also talked about the victims of several emotional recovery institutions and summarized the routines of the above-mentioned emotional recovery institutions: the content platform publishes emotional articles to drain — Contact and contact induce signing a bill to buy a class — Prevarication, procrastination, perfunctory, and providing unreliable and unfeasible suggestions — Success depends entirely on nature, and failure will lead to a second promotion renewal fee — PUA shirks its responsibility if the fee is not renewed.

There are many similar victims. In the case of black cat complaints, "emotional consultation" was used as the key word, and more than 600 complaints were retrieved. Most of the complainants’ experiences were exactly the same as those of Chenchen.

There are also many such fraud cases on Chinese judgment documents online.

Moreover, such fraudulent institutions have built a mature organizational system, including media propaganda department, technology department, customer service department, planning department and other departments.

The Media Propaganda Department publishes emotional articles on major platforms, operates platform accounts to attract customers, collects and deletes negative information of the company, is responsible for compiling false comments on platform accounts and official online shopping malls, and uses the "screenshot monster-WeChat conversation to generate a false chat record to" create "successful cases of emotional recovery to attract more customers;

The technical department is responsible for promoting false stories to save feelings, saving successful cases, using search keywords to bid on Baidu, Google and other platforms, and establishing web pages;

The customer service department manages receptionists and customer service personnel, and the customer service specifically contacts the victims through WeChat to promote various services such as warming up love, emotional recovery, and persuasion of mistress … …

In a recruitment software, many emotional consulting companies have a low threshold for the position of "emotional/marriage consultant": on the one hand, the job description has a strong sales color; On the other hand, there are no rigid requirements such as psychology-related majors and psychological counseling certificates, and more labels are "unlimited experience" and "unlimited academic qualifications".

After Caijing Story once communicated the above positions in the name of job hunting and told the other party that there was no psychological counseling certificate, many companies still said it was acceptable.

In other words, the "master of emotional recovery" who holds Cupid’s arrow in your eyes and can influence marriage and love is likely to be a young man with no psychological knowledge and not rich emotional experience.

In this regard, Quan Yunfeng, the founder of Peng Orange Psychology, told Caijing Story: "There is no ’ in psychology; Emotional redemption ’ This entry, in essence, is a concept that has been commercially packaged. And their routines, including WeChat chatting and sending friends circle, have long been out of the scope of psychological counseling. "

He also revealed to the "Financial Stories" that the marketing investment of many so-called emotional counseling institutions now accounts for more than 60%. "This has been divorced from the origin of psychological counseling services."

The little hero can’t tell whether he is a victim or a perpetrator. "Maybe both? !”

Xiaojie, who was born in a small county in the Central Plains, is a typical Phoenix man. Because he studied in an engineering college, there were more men than women, and he never talked about his girlfriend until he graduated from college.

After graduating, he worked for five or six years, bought a house in a second-tier city, and did not call several times in succession. His parents kept urging marriage, so at the beginning of 2018, he successively downloaded a number of social software, such as Momo and Exploration.

Through the online chat on the screen, the confession of love slipped left and right, which eliminated his shyness and shyness, but either he fell into the embarrassment of nothing to say when chatting, or when he met offline, Xiaojie would "see the light die" with the girls.

Hard hit, Xiaojie was ready to turn to the Internet, and then went to the website of a love training institution.

On the page, various training products are displayed in different categories: 599 yuan crash course, 1599 yuan introductory course, 3599 yuan systematic training course, 7899 yuan growth advanced class and so on.

A number of contact information popped up on the screen, and Xiaojie tried to add a tutor to consult. The other party first sent him a free study material and encouraged him to sign up for class.

At this time, Xiaojie was dubious and didn’t intend to report to class. After reading the free materials roughly, he began to try.

Drawing a tiger according to a cat, Xiaojie, who was originally dull, tried to play a "caring and warm man". In the second half of 2018, Xiaojie finally decided to have a relationship with a lady.

When he first tasted the sweetness of love, Xiaojie was satisfied and even planned to call his girlfriend home to see his parents during the Spring Festival, but his girlfriend was at arm’s length with him.

It was not until a movie that his girlfriend got up and went to the bathroom and dropped his mobile phone on his seat. Xiaojie accidentally saw his girlfriend’s WeChat message pop-up window, only to find out that he was just one of his girlfriend’s spare tires.

Angry at heart, Xiaojie didn’t understand why his girlfriend was derailed, so he asked the love tutor he had contacted before. The other party said that he had to pay for consulting specific cases, and promised that as long as he participated in the training, "everyone is a girl who can’t catch up." This time, Xiaojie paid without hesitation.

After paying the fee, Xiaojie was pulled into a WeChat group, and the tutor also encouraged everyone in the group. "We will all be professional players in the future."

"Now it seems that those means are not on the table."

The first step of pick up hot chicks’s method is to change his values first. "In fact, what they teach is not the way of love, but the way of divorce with strong utility.".

Secondly, to eliminate social barriers, we should "dare to take the initiative to attack". For this reason, under the guidance of our mentor, a group of people marched into the nightclub, which was the first time that Xiaojie walked into such a colorful place — — Of course, this experience is not free, and the extra charge is 800 yuan.

"I feel full that I have opened it, and I am not flustered when I see a girl."

Third, learn to package yourself. "Gao Fushuai has the highest success rate," Xiaojie said.

To this end, the tutor suggested that they open a WeChat trumpet, and then provide a variety of fake brand-name clothing for them to buy, pose and send to their circle of friends. "To show the feeling of being rich inadvertently, this WeChat trumpet must be isolated from the circle of acquaintances and professions."

During that period, Xiaojie felt that he was very divided and everything was ready. It was time to take the initiative. "When talking about a girl, she should be classified first, and then when to hint at love, when to meet offline, when to touch physically, when to have intimate relations, and when to break through every barrier, there are routines."

At first, Xiaojie enjoyed it very much. From the beginning of 2019 to the end of 2019, he reused the above routines and frequently contacted girls in various social software. Finally, as many as 12 of them went to the "love" stage.

When the emotional relationship seems at your fingertips, Xiaojie suddenly feels dull. On the one hand, he is afraid to show his true self in front of the girl, and he is exhausted. On the other hand, in order to disguise his "Gao Fushuai" identity, Xiaojie spent a lot of money during his "love" and was overwhelmed. He never dared to talk about marriage with a girlfriend for fear of his identity being exposed. "What’s the point of this? !”

And he is obviously not a "PUA" master. Other PUA students in the same institution even show off that they are stepping on multiple boats. At the same time, many girlfriends are dead set on them, and even lovers from different places come from afar. Male students avoid it but are proud; On the internet, some women who are deeply involved in PUA routines are trapped in depression and even die.

Xiaojie was disgusted with all this. At the end of 2019, he left the circle completely. "I spent more than 10,000 yuan, failed to take off the bill and bought a lonely one." He is still looking for the other half — — In a clumsy and sincere way, not in a seemingly efficient PUA.

With the marriage and love industry becoming a golden track, there are endless platforms for marriage and love, such as Lily Jiayuan, soul, zhenai and Iran, and Internet giants are also scrambling to get a piece of it: QQ dating and blind date area; Online matchmaker blind date in Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker; Heartbeat duet of national K songs … …

Opportunities seem to be everywhere, but it is not easy to successfully get rid of the order. When singles are trying to get rid of their bills, those emotional swindlers are also lurking at the other end of the screen, waiting for opportunities to hunt, cheat money and punish their hearts … … Good things are often dangerous, such as love, and how many scams are fake in your name. (Wheat, Xiaojie and Chenchen are all pseudonyms, and the pictures are all from the respondents except the source.)

Volvo’s new XC60: smarter, for safety.

When it comes to Volvo, "safety" will almost be the first word in everyone’s mind. With the advantages of brand history, reputation and safety performance, Volvo has achieved double growth in brand and sales in China. Among them, XC60 is Volvo’s most popular and highest-selling model. In 2020, XC60 accounted for about 30% of Volvo’s sales in China.

Facing the luxury medium-sized SUV market which is already in the Red Sea, Volvo XC60 (parameter picture) has a place in the highly competitive market with its distinctive Nordic brand label and excellent safety performance.

On June 11th, the new XC60 was officially launched, with a total of 9 styles including 1 B4, 5 B5 and 3 T8. The official guide price is 373,900-603,900 yuan. The new car continues to strengthen its competitiveness to cope with the upgrade of its competitors. The key word this time is "intelligence".

Intelligence is the only way for Volvo to be safe.

"Intelligence" is the only way for Volvo to achieve the ultimate safety in the new era, but people are the starting point and end point of all Volvo technologies. Therefore, the upgrade focus of the new XC60 is intelligence.

In fact, in the intelligent tide of the automobile industry, the safety of automobile products is constantly approaching this aspect, including intelligent and safe driving, pedestrian safety, and car networking. As a representative in the field of automobile safety, Volvo also demonstrated its future layout of intelligent safety technology through the launch of the new XC60.

The first is the intelligent cockpit. The new intelligent concept and technology have further changed our car life and made the car operate like a smart phone.

Volvo’s new XC60 has a built-in native Android car, which is based on the standard version of the car Android system jointly developed by Volvo and Google, which can achieve better adaptation and effectively promote the establishment of an open intelligent ecosystem.

On the other hand, Volvo cooperates with the best partners in various fields, such as Ali, Tencent, Huawei, Iflytek and Gaode Map, to create the best application and service, and it can be accessed through the ONE ID account system. The most intuitive example is the WeChat scan code login machine, which is the only model that can be achieved at present.

The upgrade iteration of intelligent driving technology is the top priority of Volvo safety.

In 2015, the Volvo industry first introduced the Pilot Assist navigation assistance system, equipped with three world-first intelligent safety technologies. The whole system comes standard with City Safety urban safety assistance system, which has been iterated for many times in the past ten years, covering travel safety to every participant on the road and making safety to the extreme.

At the same time, Volvo is constantly approaching the advanced stage of intelligent driving-automatic driving, which is realized by cooperating with a series of technology companies. For example, to become the first automobile brand supported by NVIDIA OrinX chip, the powerful chip provides enough computing power for the automatic driving system, and the brand-new electronic and electrical architecture based on the central computing platform and Ethernet will ensure the high-speed data throughput required by the automatic driving function.

Volvo plans to achieve highly automatic driving assistance functions such as navigation assistance and automatic lane change according to the route set by navigation in 2023. Around 2025, automatic driving without human intervention will be realized on closed road sections. At present, it has reached a strategic partnership with Waymo, the world’s leading autonomous driving company.

In China, Volvo cooperated with Didi Chuxing to launch XC60 self-driving taxi service in Shanghai last year, and in April this year, Didi provided hundreds of XC90 self-driving cars equipped with redundant systems supporting steering and braking functions.

With the upgrading of the three strengths, the new XC60 is more competitive and has more cards.

The XC60 model has been recognized by many elite consumers in the city and established a good reputation. Therefore, the internal and external design of this annual change has not changed much. After all, this design is excellent enough. Choosing fine-tuning will be more rational and safe, mainly through the adjustment of details and materials to improve the overall texture and grade of the car.

For example, the straight waterfall chrome plating on the front face of the luxury model adds a broken line design, and the C-shaped chrome trim on both sides of the old bumper is replaced with a long strip design on the new model, which stretches the visual width of the front of the car. The sports version is replaced with a more radical bumper, and the net adopts a sharper and more dynamic blackened dot matrix style.

There are also many changes in the new XC60. All electronic gear bars have replaced the old mechanical gear bars, and the luxury version has used the Swedish royal national treasure Orrefors crystal gear bar. In addition, the medium-high configuration version will be equipped with or equipped with B&W Baohua Weijian audio system, and the whole system is still the only CleanZone? Nordic clean cockpit at the same level. On the whole, the cockpit of XC60 has a very distinctive temperament and luxury label compared with BBA of the same level and competitors of second-tier luxury brands. Many consumers choose XC60 for this set of interior.

Intelligent cockpit and safety upgrade are all reflected in the new XC60. For example, the only native built-in Android car system at the same level, the open Ali/Tencent/Huawei open ecological full coverage and Iflytek natural speech semantic recognition system provide drivers and passengers with a more convenient travel experience. In addition, the threshold of City Safety urban intelligent safety system is further lowered, and all XC60 models are equipped.

In terms of performance, the power control chassis of the new XC60 has been fully upgraded.

In terms of power, the whole new car is upgraded with 48V light mixing system, which further improves the overall performance and fuel saving level, and also significantly improves NVH and ride comfort.

Volvo Cars has formed a complete electrified product matrix including pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and light hybrid vehicles. According to Volvo’s timetable for electrification transformation, all product lines will be electrified in 2021; In 2030, it became a pure electric luxury car enterprise; Strive to become a climate zero-load benchmark enterprise in 2040.

In terms of chassis control, the damping adjustment of the shock absorber of the new car tends to improve comfort, and with the seat jointly developed by the Royal Swedish Medical College, the driving comfort is further improved.

In addition, the new XC60 adopts an electronically controlled braking system to achieve a braking response of 0.15 seconds, and the braking response speed is increased by 2 times; There is also a full-time intelligent four-wheel drive system +4C adaptive chassis and air suspension equipment, which greatly improves the driving safety and handling.

Zero integer ratio is the best, attracting more rational users.

In the current market, XC60 still focuses on mainstream rivals such as Mercedes-Benz GLC, BMW X3 and Audi Q5L. In terms of brand power, Volvo may not be as good as it is, but in terms of product quality, XC60′ s advantages lie in more complete safety equipment and more cost-effective configuration advantages. There is also the tonality and connotation of Volvo’s unique brand.

Another thing I have to mention is the zero integral ratio. In the 12th Vehicle Zero-integral Ratio System Data released by China Automotive Technology Research Institute, the zero-integral ratio coefficient of BMW Brilliance X3 is 700.72%, that of Beijing Benz GLC is 614.69%, that of FAW Audi Q5L is 479.20%, and that of Volvo XC60 is only 466.60%, which is obviously the lowest among competing products of the same level.

The lower the zero integral ratio, the lower the maintenance cost of this model, not only the XC60, but also the models under the Volvo brand have lower zero integral ratio than the same level, which is a big attraction for the rational luxury car consumers, and many users who choose Volvo are actually rational buyers.

Zhong Shu

Nowadays, the competition of luxury medium-sized SUVs is becoming more and more fierce, and the "differentiation" characteristics of products will become a breakthrough. The unique Nordic design and people-oriented safety concept of XC60 will attract more and more attention. At the same time, fully accessing the online ecosystem of Ali, Tencent and Huawei, and Volvo embracing local suppliers in China to further meet the domestic market demand will become Volvo’s competitive advantage.