The red theme film "Shuang Shan Blocking War" was shortlisted for the 3rd Hong Kong Bauhinia International Film Festival.

Recently, the red theme film "Shuang Shan Blocking War" jointly produced by Anhui Fang Quan Film Group, Hefei East Xincheng Wenlv Media Co., Ltd., Anhui Film Group and Anhui Wenyi Investment Group was selected for the 3rd Hong Kong Bauhinia International Film Festival, and Feidong element went international.

Movie poster. Photo courtesy of Peng Hongling

Movie poster. Photo courtesy of Peng Hongling

It is understood that the Hong Kong Bauhinia International Film Festival, approved by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, is a grand ceremony with the theme of China’s new mainstream films. Its purpose is to promote the internationalization of China’s new mainstream films, show the theme of the new era, new genre and new strength, unite outstanding filmmakers at home and abroad, and work together to show the new mainstream high-quality films that are harmonious, empathetic and resonant, and resonate with the new era.

The movie "Shuang Shan Blocking War" is full of elements in Feidong, and it is a theme film with the theme of anti-Japanese war, in which Feidong is the screenwriter, Feidong is the chief producer, Feidong County invests and the story takes place in Feidong. The 105-minute film tells the story of the Japanese invasion of Jianghuai during the Anti-Japanese War. Xu Daqiang, a company commander of the New Fourth Army, and Zhou Shanwen, a company commander of the Kuomintang, were ordered to stick to Shuang Shan, Qiaotou Town, Feidong County, and stop the Japanese invaders from going west. The joint operation of the two companies repelled several Japanese attacks, which showed the heroic spirit of China soldiers who died and fought bloody battles to the end.

The film was filmed in September, 2021, with a strong cast, written by Xu Zefu, a member of Chinese Writers Association, a member of China Television Artists Association and a native writer in Feidong, produced by Zheng Hui, chairman of Anhui Fang Quan Film Group, directed by Chen Yin, vice president of Hangzhou Traditional Culture Promotion Association, starring Hong Wei, a national first-class actor, and starring Guo Guangping, Liu Guanlin, Li Mingyu and Jiajia Ge.

The film was released in major theaters on January 26th, 2024, and the audience responded well. It is the second red theme film invested and filmed by Feidong County after the revolutionary historical film Yaogang 1949.

Feidong is a hot spot with a glorious red revolutionary tradition. Whether it is the origin of Hefei Central County Committee, the bonfire of eastward anti-Japanese war and the storm of crossing the river, it has stirred up powerful notes here, and countless people with lofty ideals have emerged, leaving behind 44 red sites and countless earth-shaking red stories, such as the memorial hall of the General Front Committee of the Crossing River Campaign, the Hefei History Museum of the Communist Party of China and the Cai Yongxiang Memorial Hall, which provide rich fertile soil for the creation of red theme films.

At present, Feidong County has created many patriotic film scripts such as Guild Wars at Huangtuan Temple, and it is expected to meet the audience one after another in the later period. (Peng Hongling)