Say goodbye to the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show and look forward to a new era of automobiles! 2023-04-27 Source: Municipal Commission of CommerceNo.: large, medium and small.

  The 10-day 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2023 (hereinafter referred to as "2023 Shanghai Auto Show") closed at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on April 27th.

  The 2023 Shanghai Auto Show with the theme of "Embracing the new era of the automobile industry" is an international A-class auto show covering the whole vehicle, automobile supply chain and automobile technology enterprises, which has been highly valued by the global automobile industry. The total exhibition area exceeds 360,000 square meters, and 1,413 vehicles are exhibited in the vehicle exhibition area; 93 world first cars (including 28 world first cars of multinational companies) and 64 concept cars; There are 271 new energy vehicles (including 186 new energy vehicles of China automobile enterprises) and 513 new energy exhibition vehicles. This year’s auto show received more than 13,000 Chinese and foreign media workers competing to report the grand occasion of the auto show, with 906,000 visitors at home and abroad.

  On April 18th and 19th, two media days, major automobile manufacturers held 151 press conferences. During the same period of the exhibition, more than 20 forums, summits, seminars and technical exchange activities were held, focusing on hot topics such as new energy, intelligent networking, hydrogen energy and smart cars, providing a communication platform for mutual promotion and integration for the future development of the global automobile industry.

  The transformation of new energy sources in the global automobile industry is accelerating. The number of new energy vehicles released exceeded that of fuel vehicles for the first time, and new energy vehicles firmly occupied the absolute C position of most booths. Many China brands have become the hottest booths in this auto show, which shows the all-round rise of China brand new energy vehicles. The technical senior management teams of foreign brands frequently appear on the booths of China brands to seriously study "independent research and development technology", which shows that China brands have the ability to talk to the world in the fields of new energy and intelligence. Localization of foreign enterprises and internationalization of Chinese enterprises go both ways. At this year’s auto show, more and more exclusive products and technologies have been released for the China market, and foreign brands have said that "only by making decisions on the spot can we develop products that satisfy China consumers." On the other hand, China car companies are accelerating their global distribution, and the ways of "going out to sea" are becoming more and more diversified. This two-way trip also shows that the internationalization of China’s automobile industry has entered a new stage. The iteration speed of the new round of technological upgrading is accelerating. As one of the most important communication platforms in the world automobile industry, Shanghai Auto Show has always been adhering to the "technology leading" and has become the "wind vane" of the global automobile industry. At this year’s auto show, automobile power technologies including pure electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel power and extended range have also become more diverse and rich, providing consumers with more personalized and diversified car purchase options.

  The 20th Shanghai Auto Show witnessed the growth and leap of China auto industry.

  The new Shanghai Auto Show was founded in 1985, and this year is the twentieth. The auto show was originally a window for China to see the world, but now it has grown into a window for the world to see China, and its position in the international auto show is particularly important. The growth of Shanghai Auto Show is the growth of China’s automobile industry, which has promoted the popularization of automobile culture, promoted automobile consumption and greatly promoted the development of China’s automobile industry. In this feast, the core market of global automobile consumption is turning to China, and China consumers are also becoming the "protagonists" of the global automobile market. The competition in the new era of automobiles has begun, and the Shanghai Auto Show will continue to convey deeper and more influential market insights and changing trends to the industry and set off to a new height again.