Authoritative release | How to build the best investment destination in Shenzhen? Please see the transcript of the press conference on March 28th.

Press conference on promoting high-quality development series.

Time: March 28th, 2024 at 10:00 a.m.

Venue: Press Release Hall of Shenzhen Municipal Government

Record content

Moderator Su Rongcai (Deputy Director of Propaganda Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Director of Information Office of the Municipal Government):

Good morning, media friends! Welcome to today’s press conference. In order to implement the spirit of the provincial high-quality development conference and the city’s high-quality development promotion conference, and further play a strong voice of high-quality development, this year, the Information Office of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government will hold a series of press conferences to promote high-quality development. Today is the first of a series of press conferences, which mainly introduces Shenzhen’s promotion of high-quality development and the creation of the best investment destination, and answers questions from reporters on issues that everyone cares about.

Present at today’s conference are:

Ms. Guo Ziping, Director of Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission;

Mr. Ye Wenge, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce;

Ms. Huang Xiaoyu, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Investment Promotion Bureau;

I am Su Rongcai, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee and director of the Information Office of the Municipal Government.

Next, we invite Ms. Guo Ziping, director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, to introduce the overall situation of Shenzhen in promoting high-quality development and creating the best investment destination. Please welcome!

Guo Ziping: Good morning, friends from the media! Investment is the basic driving force of economic growth, and grasping effective investment means grasping high-quality development. As an important window of China’s reform and opening-up, Shenzhen has been attracting all kinds of high-quality resources from all over the world and striving to build the best investment destination. By February 2024, the total number of commercial entities in the city had reached 4,257,500, including 2,613,100 enterprises, 11 local Fortune 500 enterprises, and about 300 Fortune 500 branches settled in Shenzhen, which injected a steady stream of momentum into economic and social development. Below, I would like to briefly introduce the practice and effect of Shenzhen as the best investment destination.

First, we will continue to introduce influential and competitive industrial policies. We have always maintained the sensitivity to seize the industrial outlet, issued a series of systematic and precise industrial support policies, helped the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to complement each other, develop in a gradient and grow together, and accelerated the construction of a modern industrial system with Shenzhen characteristics and advantages. Strategic emerging industries and future industries are the new pillars and tracks to lead industrial development, and also the main positions to develop new quality productivity. As early as 2009, Shenzhen began to plan the development of strategic emerging industries and future industries. For example, in 2009, Shenzhen was selected as the first batch of pilot cities for demonstration and promotion of new energy vehicles in China, and continuously launched a series of support policies around R&D, manufacturing, application demonstration, popularization and encouraging consumption of new energy vehicles, and issued dozens of local industry standards to help the new energy vehicle industry gradually grow into a new pillar industry. In 2023, the output and ownership of new energy vehicles in Shenzhen reached 1.79 million and 970,000 respectively, ranking first in the country. Entering the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Shenzhen continued to implement the "20+8" industrial cluster action, and strategic emerging industries entered a new round of rapid development, with an average annual growth rate of 7.5%, and the added value exceeded 1.4 trillion yuan, accounting for 41.9% of GDP. This year, we iteratively launched the "20+8" industrial cluster policy version 2.0, and focused on a number of special policies, such as the high-quality development of car-grade chips and power semiconductor devices, the cultivation of core supply chain enterprises with hot-selling single products, and the cross-border integration and development of "fashion new products". The implementation of these policies,It will definitely put our enterprise on the fast track of development. Paying attention to the development of service industry is another distinctive feature of Shenzhen’s industrial policy. On March 18 this year, the city held a high-standard conference to accelerate the high-quality development of the service industry. The Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have issued opinions on accelerating the high-quality development of service industry, and various departments will also launch a series of policies around key areas of service industry, forming a "1+N+X" policy system for the high-quality development of service industry, and promoting the potential sub-sectors to be different every year, different in three years and brilliant in five years. For example, around the professional service industry, we have issued special support policies in the fields of human resources, lawyers, certified public accountants, asset appraisal, etc. Next, we will formulate implementation plans to promote the high-quality development of the professional service industry, introduce and cultivate professional service institutions with international competitiveness, and provide first-class professional services for enterprises to invest and start businesses. For another example, the headquarters economy is an important embodiment of the city’s core competitiveness. Last year, we issued the implementation opinions to promote the high-quality development of the headquarters economy, and gave all-round support to the headquarters enterprises in settling down, renting and buying houses, using land and talents. We also planned and laid out 40 headquarters economic clusters in the city, including Shenchao Headquarters, Xiangmihu and before the gulf, and introduced world-class headquarters enterprises to settle down.

The second is to establish and improve the innovation system with enterprises as the main body. Shenzhen is a city of innovation. Over the years, we have actively integrated into the global innovation network, gathered global innovation resources, and established an innovation system that is market-oriented, industrialization-oriented, and enterprise-oriented, so that enterprises want to innovate, dare to innovate, and can innovate. In 2023, the R&D investment of the whole society reached 188 billion yuan, accounting for 5.81% of GDP, of which the R&D investment of enterprises accounted for 94.9% of the total R&D investment of the whole society, ranking first in the country. Shenzhen has the strong support of a national strategic platform. We have built Bright Science City with high level and standard, laid out a number of major scientific and technological infrastructures such as Free Electron Laser and National Supercomputing Phase II, and accelerated the construction of a comprehensive national science center in Greater Bay Area. Materials genomics, brain analysis and simulation, synthetic biology research and other facilities have been built and put into trial operation, and will be further opened to enterprises in the future. In August last year, the State Council officially issued the Development Plan of Shenzhen Park in Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone. We will give full play to the advantages of Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation and accelerate the comparison with international high-standard innovation rules, so as to make the cooperation zone a pilot zone for Shenzhen-Hong Kong science and technology innovation and open cooperation, an experimental zone for international advanced science and technology innovation rules, and a pilot transformation gathering area in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. There are innovative carriers with diverse structures here in Shenzhen. The city has more than 3,600 innovative carriers, and has established a high-level laboratory system including 1 national laboratory, 13 national key laboratories, 4 laboratories in Guangdong Province, and more than 390 key laboratories in Shenzhen.It was approved to build the third-generation semiconductor national technology innovation center, the national high-performance medical device innovation center, the national bio-manufacturing industry innovation center and other national industrial innovation carriers. In addition, we are speeding up the layout of a number of concept verification centers and pilot platforms to provide enterprises with full chain services for technical research, concept verification and achievement transformation. There are world-class innovative talents here in Shenzhen. We provide all kinds of talents with preferential personal income tax in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, financial support for outstanding talents, second-batch settlement, living allowance and other package policies to help enterprises better gather and retain talents. By the end of 2023, Shenzhen had gathered more than 6.79 million talents, 98 full-time academicians, 24,000 high-level talents, 1.534 million high-skilled talents and over 200,000 returned overseas students. More and more top talents in the world are accelerating to gather in Shenzhen.

The third is to provide convenient and complete cost-effective factor guarantee. Last year, we introduced specific measures to implement "20 measures to reduce manufacturing costs" and continued to promote comprehensive reform of market-oriented allocation of factors. In terms of industrial space that enterprises are generally concerned about, according to the principle of relative agglomeration layout and centralized contiguous development, we plan to build 20 advanced manufacturing parks and 20 scientific and technological innovation clusters in the city, innovatively launch industrial affordable housing, promote the development and construction of centralized contiguous areas, and promote the construction of large projects with "overall planning of large areas" to ensure that high-quality projects, whether newly put into production or increased capital and expanded production, have land to fall in Shenzhen. In terms of capital elements, Shenzhen has a multi-level capital market system with Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the core. The comprehensive strength of banking, insurance, securities and other industries ranks among the top three in the country. The asset management scale of various wealth management institutions exceeds 28 trillion yuan, and an industrial fund group of 100 billion levels has been established around the "20+8" industrial cluster. We will take the initiative to connect the resources of various financial institutions to provide enterprises with life-cycle financing services. This year, more than 800 billion yuan will be added in small and micro loans, manufacturing loans, technology-based enterprise loans and green loans. In terms of data elements, we will attach great importance to the function of data, a new production factor, to empower thousands of industries, build a national data trading platform with international influence based on Shenzhen Data Exchange, introduce third-party management institutions for data transactions, data vendors and data circulation transactions, and register data property rights. By the end of 2023, we have gathered 305 data vendors nationwide.The transaction volume was 6.49 billion yuan, of which cross-border transactions exceeded 100 million yuan, ranking first in the country. Next, according to the development needs of artificial intelligence and other industries, we will focus on promoting the socialized application of government data such as people, places, things, things, feelings and organizations in cities, actively strive for the pilot of data assets entering the table, and fully release the social value of data elements.

The fourth is to create a first-class business environment in accordance with international standards. In January this year, we also held a press conference on the theme of business environment here. We will put forward a work plan for optimizing the market-oriented, rule-based and international business environment in 2024 and a work plan for optimizing and upgrading the business environment assessment standards of the World Bank, and introduce a number of practical and effective methods based on the needs and feelings of enterprises. In terms of market access, we will accelerate the full implementation of 24 measures to relax market access in Shenzhen, and further relax market access in telecommunications, medical care, energy and other fields. For example, taking the opportunity of promoting the "Hong Kong-Macao Medical Machinery Link", we will support innovative drugs that have been listed overseas, promote the application of real-world data in the clinical evaluation of Shenzhen’s life cycle, and further accelerate the process of listing new products. In terms of examination and approval services, we will pay attention to improving the examination and approval efficiency of private investment projects, set up special classes for project coordination and docking, and implement "starting with land" for major private investment projects to promote early start, early completion and early production of projects. In terms of policy enjoyment, we rely on the "I Shenzhen" and "Shenzhen I Enterprise" APP to launch the through train platform for benefiting enterprises and realize a large number of policies, such as "one-click confirmation, application-free enjoyment". For example, in 2023, 159 items such as post expansion subsidies were introduced, and more than 50 items will be added this year, so that more policies can be enjoyed directly.

Shenzhen is a hot spot and a broad stage for the development of global enterprises. We will adhere to the principle of "sincerity+itinerary" to attract investment from all over the world and the whole country, and continue to provide guarantee for enterprises to invest in all factors, provide good services throughout the chain and optimize the environment in all directions. We sincerely invite entrepreneurs, investors and scientists to invest in Shenzhen to create a miracle and win-win future! Thank you!

Su Rongcai: Thanks to Director Guo Ziping for his briefing. Next, let’s enter the questioning session. Please inform the name of your news organization before asking questions. Now start asking questions.

Reporter: A reporter from the Central Radio and Television General Station asked questions. We have been paying attention to the development of private economy in Shenzhen, and would like to ask Director Guo Ziping what measures Shenzhen will take to further support the development of private economy? thank you

Guo Ziping: Thank you for your question. The private economy has always been an important engine of Shenzhen’s economic and social development. I have a set of data here to report to you. Our private economy contributes about 40% of the city’s fixed assets investment, 50% of GDP, 60% of import and export, 70% of tax revenue and 80% of technological innovation. From this set of data, we can see the important position of private economy in Shenzhen’s economic and social development. In 2023, Huawei, BYD and other private enterprises in Shenzhen were selected into the world’s top 500. Among the top 500 private enterprises in China, 27 enterprises came from Shenzhen, and the top 10 enterprises in Shenzhen accounted for 4 seats, which has become the city with the most active private economy and the most concentrated private enterprises in China. We have always grown and developed together with the private economy and private enterprises, and always regard private enterprises and entrepreneurs as our own. On the basis of implementing the "20 Articles of Private Economy" launched last year, we will launch more measures this year to support the private economy to become bigger, better and stronger. First, further reduce the operating costs of private enterprises. Accelerate the construction of high-quality industrial space such as headquarters economic cluster and advanced manufacturing park, implement zero investment in pipeline connection projects outside the red line such as water supply, power supply, gas supply and drainage, promote the green transformation of 100 industrial parks, and reduce the cost of land and energy use for enterprises. Smooth financing channels for private enterprises, continue to promote the linkage among the government, banks, business associations and enterprises, and promote government affairs data to become a "passport" for private enterprises’ financing, and accurately match the financing needs of private enterprises. Strengthen the employment service guarantee of private enterprises,Support schools and scientific research institutions to build professional and practical training bases with private enterprises in an order-based mode, optimize and improve the high-end talent service system, and provide solid talent support and intellectual support for the development of private enterprises. The second is to increase the application scenarios and market opening for private enterprises. Focusing on the goals and tasks of building a pioneer city of ultra-fast broadband, a pioneer city of artificial intelligence, a pioneer city of digital twins, a pioneer city of digital energy, a city of super-charging, a new generation of world-class automobile city, and a city of Euler in HarmonyOS, we will open application scenarios such as smart city operation and management, low-altitude distribution, unmanned driving, charging and replacing facilities, and whole-house intelligence to private enterprises, and provide the best "testing ground" for new technologies and new products of enterprises. We will introduce some measures to expand private investment, support private enterprises to participate in bidding and government procurement on an equal footing, strictly implement the provisions that the number of finalists in state-owned capital investment projects should not be less than one-third, dynamically update the list of major projects, industrial projects and franchise projects recommended to private capital, and support private capital to deeply participate in the construction and operation of affordable housing, "flat and emergency" public infrastructure, urban village reconstruction, old-age care and new infrastructure. The third is to support private enterprises to participate in international competition. Improve and perfect the "going out" comprehensive service platform, give full play to the network functions of 93 sister cities, 26 sister ports, 11 overseas economic and trade liaison offices, 4 overseas economic and trade representative offices and the majority of business associations, and support private enterprises to "go out to sea in groups".Integrate all kinds of resources to provide more convenient and efficient foreign-related legal services, industrial policy consultation, investment risk early warning and other support for overseas enterprises, and increase consular protection for overseas enterprises. Make good use of the list of products from Shenzhen’s dominant enterprises covering 222 enterprises and 228 products and services, help private enterprises to expand overseas markets, vigorously explore emerging markets such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Latin America and Africa, and increase the "depth" of the global market. thank you

Reporter: The Economic Daily asked a question. Recently, a conference on accelerating the high-quality development of the service industry was held in Shenzhen, and it was proposed to build a new high-quality and efficient modern service industry system with Shenzhen characteristics and advantages. Excuse me, Deputy Director Ye Wenge, what is the work foundation and work goal of this year in accelerating the high-quality development of service industry in the business field?

Ye Wenge: Thank you for your question. Let me answer this question. Here, I would like to briefly introduce some situations of accelerating the high-quality development of the service industry in the business field. The first is wholesale and retail. Last year, the added value of wholesale and retail in our city was 292.3 billion yuan, accounting for 8.4% of GDP, but there is still much room for growth. This year, in the wholesale industry, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will focus on four tasks: First, accelerate the introduction and cultivation of a number of wholesale enterprises. The second is to highlight the development of wholesale business related to the supply chain of manufacturing industry chain. The third is to take the import and export business as an important starting point for the wholesale industry. Fourth, vigorously develop wholesale business related to bulk commodities and high-quality consumer goods. In the retail industry, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will focus on the following three tasks: First, introduce and cultivate more retail enterprises that are marketable and lead the demand; Second, from the needs of residents and tourists, constantly optimize the layout of the city’s retail industry; The third is to vigorously develop e-commerce, especially cross-border e-commerce. Our import and export target for cross-border e-commerce this year is 300 billion yuan.

The second is the convention and exhibition industry. Last year, the exhibition industry in our city achieved leap-forward development, and the number of exhibitions held, the exhibition area, the revenue of exhibition enterprises and the number of conferences held all achieved the best level of growth in history. However, we need to make greater efforts in the quantity and quality of holding international conferences and national conferences. This year, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will focus on the following three tasks: First, cultivate and build a number of professional exhibitions and fine exhibitions. Strive to increase the number of new industries and future industrial exhibitions by 10% throughout the year. The second is to turn the popularity of convention and exhibition economy into the kinetic energy of development. Strive to hold an exhibition area of 12 million square meters throughout the year, and give full play to the role of exhibitions in promoting investment, facilitating transactions, exchanges and cooperation. The third is to improve various supporting facilities and services around the needs of participating in the exhibition.

The third is trade in services. Last year, our city comprehensively deepened the pilot of innovation and development of service trade, and promoted the full implementation of 102 measures in the pilot list. The import and export of service trade reached US$ 130.07 billion, an increase of over 20%. It can be said that the demonstration effect of service trade innovation in our city continues to expand, among which four service trade innovation cases, such as "Simplifying the Maritime Procedures for Yacht Free Travel in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao", were selected as the third batch and the fourth batch of "Best Practice Cases" of the the State Council Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference Office for the Comprehensive Deepening of Service Trade Innovation and Development, and 20 enterprises and four projects were promoted to be selected as key national cultural export enterprises and key projects in 2023-2024. Last year, we also issued the Work Plan of Shenzhen Municipality on Implementing the Construction Plan of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Digital Pilot Area for Global Trade, comprehensively promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of the whole trade chain, and promoting the digital development of new trade industries, new formats and new models.

On March 22nd, the Ministry of Commerce issued Special Administrative Measures for Cross-border Trade in Services (Negative List) (2024 edition) and Special Administrative Measures for Cross-border Trade in Services in Pilot Free Trade Zone (2024 edition), which are important measures for China to actively benchmark international high-standard economic and trade rules and promote institutional opening, and will provide new opportunities for global open cooperation in service trade. We will carefully sort out the contents of the list and make further innovations. We in Shenzhen are confident of achieving more and greater results in service trade.

Promoting the high-quality development of service industry is a systematic project. Next, under the deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will formulate policies related to the high-quality development of service industry segments and make systematic arrangements to implement them. In 2024, Shenzhen’s service industry has great potential, unlimited prospects, great potential and just the right time.

thank you

Reporter: Phoenix TV reporter asked questions. We would like to pay attention to the current foreign investment confidence in Shenzhen, and ask Deputy Director Huang Xiaoyu what specific measures the government has to optimize the business environment for foreign investment? thank you

Huang Xiaoyu: I am very grateful to the reporters of Phoenix TV and the media friends present for their attention to the foreign investment in Shenzhen. Attracting and utilizing foreign investment is an important part of promoting high-level opening to the outside world and building a new open economic system. In 2023, 8002 foreign-invested enterprises were established in the city, up by 86.6% year-on-year, and the actually used foreign capital was 62.62 billion yuan, indicating that the momentum of foreign investment in Shenzhen has not diminished, and multinational companies are still optimistic about the investment prospects in Shenzhen. In 2023, the Shenzhen Global Investment Conference negotiated and signed more than 380 projects, involving an investment of over one trillion yuan.

From January to February 2024, the actual use of foreign capital in the city was 7.04 billion yuan, and the newly established foreign-invested enterprises in the city were mainly concentrated in the service industry, among which the newly established foreign-invested enterprises in scientific research and technical service industry increased by 97.1%.

In order to further optimize the foreign investment environment, improve the level of investment promotion and increase the intensity of attracting foreign investment, the following three aspects are mainly done:

The first is to expand the breadth and depth of opening up. Vigorously implement the 24 policies and measures to stabilize foreign investment issued by the State Council, strictly implement the negative list of foreign investment access, and completely cancel the restrictions on foreign investment access in the manufacturing sector. We will further implement the new negative list of foreign investment access in the country, continue to reduce the restrictions on foreign investment access, and carry out access pilots in areas such as medical care and value-added telecommunications that foreign-funded enterprises are very concerned about. We will further promote the reform and opening-up of major platforms such as Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone and Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone, increase the comprehensive pilot demonstration of service industry expansion and opening-up, support more qualified foreign-funded institutions to carry out business in banking, insurance, bond funds and other fields, and encourage foreign investors to set up private equity funds and carry out various investment activities according to law.

The second is to increase the guidance of foreign investment. Combined with the relevant documents of the state and our city, we will speed up the introduction of the implementation measures for further attracting and utilizing foreign capital and the methods for identifying the headquarters enterprises of multinational corporations (revised version), strengthen the publicity of investment opportunities and policies for the whole world, give play to the dynamic role of policies, promote the docking of investment promotion and the matching of projects, and introduce a number of influential foreign-funded landmark projects.

The third is to strengthen foreign investment promotion and service guarantee. We will implement the round-table meeting system for foreign-invested enterprises, answer policy questions that foreign-invested enterprises care about, give full play to the all-round and multi-level service role of Shenzhen’s public service system for foreign investment promotion, provide enterprises with one-stop service throughout their life cycle, and coordinate and solve difficulties and problems in the operation of foreign-invested enterprises in a timely manner. Next, we will upgrade the foreign investment promotion and service system, deepen the normal exchanges with foreign-funded enterprises and foreign business associations, continuously improve and optimize the level of foreign investment services, and continue to create a market-oriented, rule-of-law and international first-class business environment, so that Shenzhen will always become a hot spot for transnational investment, allowing foreign-funded enterprises to enter, stay and develop well. thank you

Reporter: Southern Finance all-media reporter asked questions. It is understood that the "single window" of international trade in Shenzhen has played an important role in improving the level of cross-border trade facilitation and the high-quality development of foreign trade services. Can Deputy Director Ye Wenge please tell us about the current operation of "single window" and what new measures will be taken in 2024? thank you

Ye Wenge: Thank you for your questions. The single window of international trade is an important digital infrastructure for the high-quality development of foreign trade. By the end of 2023, the single window of Shenzhen international trade had been launched in 36 business fields and 165 business modules, providing over 2,000 services. There are 148,300 registered enterprises on the platform and over 500,000 enterprises serving the whole country. Business indicators rank among the top in the country. In 2023, major business applications exceeded 53 million votes, accounting for 66.2% of the province and 14.1% of the country.

With regard to the construction of a single window for international trade, according to the work arrangement of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce has studied and formulated the Action Plan for the Construction of a Comprehensive Foreign Trade Service System for China (Shenzhen) International Trade Single Window, and put forward 23 specific measures from four aspects: strengthening digital processing capacity, promoting data aggregation and sharing, optimizing and innovating public services, and supporting the development of new formats and new models, so as to improve the convenience of international trade business through digital empowerment.

In 2023, focusing on the logistics cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, we developed and launched the "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Seamless Customs Clearance" service, realizing the "one-time entry and two-place declaration" of customs clearance documents between Shenzhen and Hong Kong in the "single window" of international trade in Shenzhen, and reducing the import and export business cost of each ticket between the two places by more than 60%; Focus on improving the efficiency of tax refund, research and develop an online electronic filing document system for export tax refund and collaborative service for export tax refund, and reduce the tax refund cycle of users to three working days; Focus on the docking of financial services between banks and enterprises, research and develop the online "foreign trade financial supermarket", realize the "full-process online operation" of international settlement, empower financial institutions to optimize foreign trade credit products through data, realize more than 220,000 trade verification services, and settle and pay more than 8.1 billion US dollars online, helping SMEs to increase their average credit line by more than 660,000 yuan and reduce their average interest rate by 2.1 percentage points. At the same time, the country’s first full-mode sunshine public service platform for cross-border e-commerce was built, providing one-stop sunshine services of "customs clearance, remittance and tax", and the declared business volume reached 2.3 billion votes.

In 2024, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will closely follow the theme of promoting the high-quality development of foreign trade, accelerate the application of new technologies such as "blockchain+big data+artificial intelligence", and launch a number of "foreign trade+customs clearance+logistics+finance" public services with local characteristics in Shenzhen, further enrich the digital service benchmarking scenarios such as intelligent customs clearance, smart logistics, smart tax rebate, international settlement, freight insurance and trade financing, and make every effort to build a big data base for shipping trade in Shenzhen.

thank you

Su Rongcai: Dear media friends, our graphic record of this conference will be released in Shenzhen and official platforms such as Shenzhen Government Online. At the same time, there will also be video playback on media platforms such as Read Special, Shenzhen I and Shenzhen I.. This is the end of today’s press conference. Thank you for your publishers and media friends’ support. Thank you!

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