Main parameter 1.5T DCT flagship model 2014 1.5T DCT exclusive model 2014 Manufacturer’s guide price: 209,800 189,800 Dealer quotation: Brand: BYD BYD Level: Compact car Compact car Length/width/height (mm): 4740/1770/1480 4740/1770/1480 Wheelbase (mm): 2670 2670 Track (front) (mm): 1525 1525 Track (rear) (mm): 1520 1520 Luggage compartment volume (liter) 300 300 Tank volume (liter): 50 50 Displacement (ml): ▲ ▲ Number of cylinders: four four Transmission form: powershift powershift Gear number six six Front brake: Ventilated disc Ventilated disc 100km acceleration time (s): 5.9 5.9 Vehicle kerb mass (kg): 1720 1720 View detailed parameter configuration of BYD Qin > >

BYD Qin PLUS EV 2023 Champion Edition goes on the market: five hard-core upgrades, starting at 129,800 yuan.

China Economic Weekly-Economic News On April 7, BYD announced that the Champion Edition of Qin PLUS EV 2023 was officially launched, with an official guide price of 129,800 ~ 176,800 yuan. As another sharp edge of the Qin family to subvert fuel, the new car was upgraded with five hard cores, in order to lead the pure electric A sedan to an advanced value.

figure 1

BYD introduced that at the beginning of this year, the company launched the "King Bomb", and the Qin PLUS DM-i 2023 Champion Edition opened a new era of "the same price of oil and electricity" with an entry price of 99,800 yuan. The first month of listing got off to a good start, and the Qin family sold 30,540 cars. With the trend of "Qin" sweeping Liuhe, it topped the sales of all kinds of cars and became the champion of a new generation of family cars. In March, the Qin family sold 40,850 sets, reaching a new high.

The newly-launched Qin PLUS EV also has a brilliant historical record: since its listing, Qin PLUS EV has won the title of pure electric A sedan for many times and is deeply loved by young families.

Figure 2

According to BYD, Qin PLUS EV 2023 Champion Edition has launched six models, all of which have upgraded the core technology of E platform 3.0, and the starting price has reached 120,000, so that young friends who want to enter the new energy era in one step can more easily imagine pure electric life.

According to reports, in terms of technology upgrade, the new car upgraded the core technology of E platform 3.0, and the "gold content" of the model was greatly improved. Equipped with high-efficiency heat pump system with wide temperature range, the energy consumption of air conditioning is reduced by 40% under low temperature conditions, and the cruising range at low temperature is greatly improved; With the eight-in-one electric powertrain, the volume and weight of the system are reduced by 10%, and the comprehensive working condition efficiency is as high as 89%.

Figure 3

In terms of power enhancement, the maximum power of the vehicle motor is enhanced to 150kW, and the acceleration time of 0-50km/h is increased to 3.8 seconds; Equipped with industry-leading blade batteries, CLTC can last 610km under comprehensive working conditions, and its comprehensive energy consumption is as low as 12.5kWh/100km, so it eats less and runs faster.

In terms of face value rejuvenation, the appearance of ink jade blue and the interior of warm sun brown are added, so that the texture is in place in one step and the warmth goes with it.

In terms of comfort upgrade, the integrated sports luxury seat increases the punching process and the heat dissipation is greatly improved. It is more comfortable to drive with the cloud cushion with better wrapping.

Figure 4

In the advanced aspect of Zhilian, listening to the voice of the market, the 2023 Champion Edition is equipped with an 8.8-inch (0.2235 m) full LCD instrument, which is rich in content and clear in perception, fully meeting the needs of users; Equipped with DiLink 4.0 intelligent network system, massive applications, free to play.

BYD said that from "A sedan selling crown" to "all-category sedan selling crown", Qin PLUS has changed from a chaser to a leader in the car market, breaking the joint venture monopoly and reshaping the market structure on behalf of China brand. If the 99,800 Qin PLUS DM-i broke through the price moat of the joint venture fuel vehicle for the first time, it accelerated the subversion of the fuel vehicle by inserting the A sedan; Then, Qin PLUS EV 2023 Champion Edition will allow high-quality pure electric A sedan to enter the hinterland of fuel price, anchoring the new value of pure electric A sedan, which is expected to make China brand fully grasp the right to speak.

Editor: Sun Bing

First trial: Zheng Yangbo Second trial: Wang Xinjing Third trial: qi zhou

Lei Jun did not mention the future of Xiaomi Automobile.

People live their dreams.

How many people like Xiaomi, which should be reflected in sales.

In 2022, Xiaomi’s global smartphone shipments remained third, ahead of Samsung and Apple.

In the latest market report, in the second quarter of 2023, Samsung ranked first with 53 million units, Apple ranked second with 43 million units, and Xiaomi ranked third with 33.2 million units.

Looking at the steady development, the third in the world, Xiaomi should relax, and his country is saved.

In numerous global data analysis reports, companies standing at the top of the pyramid are not happy, and they almost follow the same sentence, "In 2022, global smartphone shipments fell by 11.7% year-on-year, reaching the lowest level in nine years."

The bottleneck of smart phones still appears as scheduled.

The third place in the world, but in the domestic market, Xiaomi’s share is falling behind.

Obviously, this is not an accident.

Xiaomi needs to release more information to the market. In addition to mobile phones and other digital products, cars can boost morale.

Xiaomi’s approach is to remain mysterious.

Without releasing too much information to the outside world, Xiaomi Automobile can withstand loneliness and race against time.

I believe it is Lei Jun’s intention.

On August 14th, Lei Jun’s annual speech, which had been laid for many days, was officially opened.

In Weibo, # Lei Jun’s Annual Speech Topic #, which has contributed nearly 10 million readings, is full of expectations for Lei Jun’s speech and praise for Lei Jun himself.

Everyone has a filter for Lei Jun.

Annual speech as scheduled, simple stage design; This is only Lei Jun’s fourth lecture, but if possible, fans hope that Brother Jun will keep it.

This kind of thing, which exists like a promise, is a beautiful little fortunate. Cheers and shouts accompanied Lei Jun to the stage.

"Growth" kicked off.

I was moved by Lei Jun during the three-hour speech.

One person, one pen.

A stage, a play.

Simple blue shirt+jeans, which is the standard of technology experts; I still can’t change the local accent, which makes me play at some moments.

Kan Kan talked for 3 hours, and Lei Jun talked about starting a business and working all the way from college time. This kind of "looking back" seems to sigh the passage of time.

Recalling Wu Da’s life, Lei Jun is warm.

The beauty of youth and yearning for the future are the blueprints that every college student will paint "I want …".

Lei Jun said, "I read a book in the library, Fire in Silicon Valley, and established my lifelong dream."

With only one book, you can build a lifelong dream.

If everyone can be as simple and crisp as Lei Jun, then we should all succeed.

A book is enough to arouse a person’s lifelong goals. What a pure thing it is.

Dreamers are always pure.

Fire in Silicon Valley is on fire.

Under the appeal of Lei Jun, Fire in Silicon Valley rekindled the click-through rate and purchase rate.

This is the celebrity effect.

"If there is a fire in your heart, you are willing to take practical actions; Those who work hard and don’t calculate the gains and losses should succeed, shouldn’t they? "

Although this kind of inspirational prologue can be seen everywhere, you have to copy "since heaven gave the talent, let it be employed!" for 1000 times before you can get started.

Find a way, use it, and then stick to it. It seems that any successful thing cannot escape these three things.

It’s hard to persist, isn’t it?

Lei Jun said, "In fact, no matter what problems you encounter, others may have encountered them, solved them, and even have standard answers. You just need to ask someone."

I quite agree with him.

As the old saying goes, you are not ashamed to ask questions.

Asking for advice with an open mind should be the first step to learn to study effectively.

In those unsuccessful years, persistence and self-encouragement are the only motivation to "live". Many people will choose to give up before the quantitative change to the qualitative change, saying all kinds of words to comfort themselves, for fear that others will misunderstand their weakness.

A successful person never talks about suffering.

Now he is successful. In front of others, he is an outstanding alumnus who can return to school with scenery, stand on the stage of the 130th anniversary of Wuhan University, and look back on the past life of Wuhan University in front of more than 17,000 people. It is the senior brothers of those students who are equally ambitious and eager to succeed.

Cheers always overwhelm everything.

Because he is Lei Jun.

He is the bright star in the rise of China’s mobile phone industry; Xiaomi’s mobile phone stores have opened all over the mainland of China; In countless business circles, the orange LOGO is always so conspicuous, and the extremely simplified furnishings in the store and household appliances other than digital products such as mobile phones make users look new.

Xiaomi has more than just a mobile phone.

He also has more applications in the smart home system; Crucially, he is a civilian.

The products with extremely high cost performance and minimalist design make Xiaomi quickly go out of the circle, and the products with intelligent ecological network connection make Xiaomi change from a simple mobile phone manufacturer to an ecological closed loop.

Xiaomi’s entrepreneurship is the best performance of Lei Jun’s persistence and hardship.

With an annual sales of 150 million mobile phones, Xiaomi is glorious.

The decline in revenue exceeded 14%, and Xiaomi was also anxious.

When the global millet flour is cheering for Xiaomi’s mobile phone, many people put forward that "it is a disadvantage that Xiaomi can’t be high-end".

A muffled thunder made the world quiet.

As difficult as any brand needs high-end, Xiaomi’s high-end process has made Lei Jun very painful.

He said, "The most painful and biggest growth in the past decade is high-end exploration."

When you get used to his high cost performance, high-end is the cornerstone that hinders the purchase rate.

Xiaomi’s test of water on Xiaomi 10 is successful, but it is said that Xiaomi 11 and Xiaomi 12 are failures. I am not a mobile phone fan, and there is only one Xiaomi mobile phone I used, and I still don’t know where it is; But I know that to make a product high-end and beyond the price of brand awareness, it must be amazing and perfect.

The network said that because of the quality problems of Xiaomi 11 and Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi suffered serious losses at the beginning; As a result, Lei Jun began to reflect on his decision, and the company also began to question the necessity of "high-end road".

At this moment, who should you ask?

Although Lei Jun believes that "there is a standard answer to some things", no one should be able to solve this standard answer.

Although there is ambiguity, high-end is almost the only way for Xiaomi.

If the mobile phone business cannot be realized for the time being, then Xiaomi’s car-making may be the peak of Xiaomi’s high-end.

It is Lei Jun’s confidence in Xiaomi.

In 2022, the number of connected devices (excluding smartphones, tablets and laptops) on Xiaomi AIOT platform increased by 35.8% year-on-year to 589 million; The annual revenue of smart home appliances increased by over 40% year-on-year; The annual shipment of Xiaomi tablet increased by over 160% year-on-year.

These data are telling us that Xiaomi has money.

On the basis of money, Xiaomi automobile was born conditionally.

I think Lei Jun thinks so, too.

In March 2021, Xiaomi officially announced that it would enter the automobile industry and "fight for Xiaomi Automobile", which started the first step of Lei Jun’s impact on the high-end ceiling.

At that time, Lei Jun was confident and excited. "Xiaomi has money and Xiaomi can afford it."

But I think Xiaomi can’t afford to lose.

The high-end that was questioned, set sail again, and Lei Jun started another venture.

Independent research and development of batteries, motors, electronic control, but also self-built factories.

Xiaomi Group currently has a complete IOT service ecosystem and consumer electronics portfolio, which is another layer of confidence for Lei Jun in automobile supply.

Did Xiaomi Automobile take the lead in investing 3.1 billion yuan to accompany you?

Should you be excited?

Lei Jun made a car at the end, and the mobile phone circle boiled.

Compared with the unreliability of Apple’s car-making, Xiaomi’s car process remains mysterious, but it has been moving forward.

Although the automobile industry is worried about it.

Despite the same manufacturing industry, the resistance of alternating mountains seems to be whispering, so don’t be too optimistic.

Lei Jun is confident.

We are locked in the sentence "Xiaomi’s first smart car will be mass-produced in 2024", and the countdown begins.

Lei Jun is ambitious.

His goal is that Xiaomi Automobile will enter the first camp of the industry in 2024.

These boasting are to cheer themselves up.

This complex big project, in Lei Jun’s view, can be broken down into countless independent points, solved one by one, and finally achieved perfection, just like the study in that year.

Is that the truth?

The unsolvable problem of building a car has become more confusing under the premise that Lei Jun will not reveal more details.

At the opening of the lecture in 2023, we expect to get new progress about Xiaomi Automobile.

Even the slightest trace.

Can’t get it, always in turmoil; Those who are favored have nothing to fear.

Lin xi’s lyrics are always so precise. However, hope still failed, Lei Jun, without a word.

Especially low-key, do you want to be vigorous when it breaks out?

Practitioners in the automobile industry have also begun to become scouts. In those few articles, they are trying to find any clues about the progress of Xiaomi Automobile, for example, the progress of the factory.

The news that Xiaomi Automobile Factory was completed in Beijing Yizhuang New Town was confirmed, and the offline delivery center industry of Xiaomi Automobile is being started as scheduled.

The unanimous "smooth progress" of Xiaomi executives is the only official source of news for Xiaomi Automobile.

So mysterious, so desperate, Lei Jun’s cross the rubicon, do you feel it?

Honestly, I didn’t.

Returning to rationality, why does Xiaomi build a car?

Is it because of the intelligent layout of Xiaomi itself?

Is it because of the huge and strong fan base behind Xiaomi’s ecology, or because of the dilemma of the ceiling of the mobile phone industry?

Will the original intention of Xiaomi’s need to change be exactly the same as Huawei’s?

The only difference is that Huawei chose a good helper, and Xiaomi decided to fight alone.

But I still firmly believe that there are always several outlets in this seemingly interlinked world, which makes it difficult for them to walk separately.

Xiaomi’s pressure is not small, and the data can be reflected.

According to the network data, in the whole year of 2022 and Q1 of 2023, Xiaomi’s mobile phone revenue declined by 20%. Keeping the third place in the world, the declining market share is the biggest drop among the major manufacturers.

The decline of the mobile phone business and the unclear start of the car have also become the own label of Xiaomi Automobile, a new entrant.

If people live for their dreams, should it become "living for reality" at this moment?

Some people say that Lei Jun is too optimistic, and he really underestimates the risk value of the automobile industry. But we are not Lei Jun, so we can’t consider what he is thinking.

But he is the man who created the Xiaomi empire.

I think that the annual speech in 2023 may be a charge before the birth of Xiaomi Automobile.

It seems that there is no car speech, but it is full of the shadow of making a car.

Lei Jun took his dream seriously, tried to break it down into one achievable goal after another, and then tried his best to achieve it, and so did Xiaomi. Only by down-to-earth growth can we have enough self-confidence, courage and determination to meet all the unknown challenges. "The same is true for Xiaomi to build a car.

Lei Jun’s dream is great. I want to interpret it as, "Xiaomi Auto will eventually achieve greatness because of its perseverance in these years." This confidence about cars was put into the speech by Lei Jun one by one.

I still firmly believe that those consoled chicken soup for the soul are Lei Jun’s interpretation of Xiaomi Automobile at this moment.

Schopenhauer said, "Life is either painful or boring, and happiness is also a delusion." This thoroughly pessimistic philosopher spoke frankly about the emptiness of human nature.

I think Lei Jun would also say, "Since life is boring, I will try to fill it."

In the face of the explosion of Huawei, why are you most anxious about ideals?

Ideal has held many strategic meetings in recent years. At the strategic meeting in early 2021, Li Xiang specially invited Wang Xing and Wang Huiwen from the US delegation, and finally came to the conclusion that 2025 is the turning point of the new energy vehicle market in China, and the ideal must achieve an annual sales volume of 1.6 million units in order not to be eliminated.

From 2021 to now, car companies are indeed facing this increasingly fierce competition. On the one hand, the market share is further concentrated in Tesla and BYD. On the other hand, traditional car companies such as Volkswagen and General Motors have begun to launch key models. At the same time, there are also Huawei and Apple that are not moving for the time being. It can be called the hundred regiments battle of the electric car version.

In September of this year, Huawei released the new M7, which wrinkled a pool of spring water. According to 36Kr, the ideal is once again on the verge of an enemy, and another strategy meeting has been held in recent days. It is reported that the meeting has a huge agenda, lasting for four days, and intensively discussed the strategic direction and landing rhythm of LI in the next 5-10 years. Strategically, BYD, Huawei and Tesla were listed as strong rivals in Ideal Interior according to the market structure in 2025, and BYD ranked first. This year, the name has been changed to Huawei.

Facing Huawei, the ideal of top students has become the most anxious one.

Li Xiang’s attention and anxious attitude are somewhat surprising. After all, when it comes to anxiety, it’s definitely not ideal-horizontally comparing Tucki, Weilai, Zero Run and other peers, the ideal delivery volume, revenue and profit are all leading the way, and the position of the new power to build cars is secure.

In terms of delivery volume, a total of 36,060 new cars were delivered in September, a year-on-year surge of 212.7%, which also set a new high in a single month. Although the delivery volume of Tucki and Weilai has also improved, there are only 15,310 vehicles and 15,641 vehicles respectively, and the gap is visible to the naked eye. Judging from the growth rate, Ideal has been climbing steadily in the first three quarters of this year, with a year-on-year growth rate of 296.3% in the third quarter, which is not in an order of magnitude with the other two old enemies.

(Source: Ideal official Weibo)

Looking at the data on the financial side, the ideal advantage is more obvious. In the second quarter of this year, the ideal net profit of returning to the mother was as high as 2.31 billion yuan, and the profit in the first half of this year has almost filled the losses in the previous three fiscal years. Compared with bicycle profit and gross profit rate, ideal is more outstanding: in the second quarter, ideal bicycle income was 323,200, bicycle net profit was 26,700, gross profit rate of automobile sales reached 21%, and Tesla’s bicycle gross profit rate was 18.65% in the same period.

Since the situation is excellent, why does Huawei make its ideals so tense? First of all, ask the new M7, which can be said to be the direct competitor of the ideal L7.

It’s nothing new in the automobile circle in recent years to show the advantages of products by comparing competing data. There are also two such roles in the new M7 conference, one is BMW X5L and the other is ideal L7.

At present, these two models rank first and third respectively in the sales ranking of medium and large SUVs in China, among which the first and second are ideal L7 and L8 respectively.

BMW X5L, as a popular model in the era of fuel vehicles, can be seen as "compared" in many press conferences, but L7 seems to be difficult to understand. After all, the competing product of the new M7 should be L8 in time sequence. Why does the new M7 list L7 as a competing product?

This is because the new M7 is no longer just a 5-door and 6-seat model, but also redesigned the layout and added 5-door and 5-seat models. In terms of vehicle size, the boundary M7 is also closer to the ideal L7, the former is 5020*1945*1760mm, and the latter is 5050*1995*1750mm.

In terms of pricing, the 2024 model M7 has launched five models, with the price range of 249,800 yuan to 329,800 yuan, which is about 70,000 yuan lower than that of the 2022 model.

Compared with the three versions of the ideal L7, which cost RMB 31.98, RMB 33.98 and RMB 379,800, the new M7 has opened a sufficient price gap. In particular, the M7 Max five-seat intelligent driving version with high-order intelligent driving assistance and the ideal L7 Air without air suspension and laser radar have formed a strong dislocation competition situation, and the M7 Max six-seat intelligent driving version and the L8 Air will have the same high probability.

In addition to outstanding cost performance, Huawei Mate 60 series has driven Huawei’s popularity to an unprecedented level, and then the brand power has spilled over to the world. Some analysts believe that the determined price reduction of the new M7 is only the main reason for the sharp increase in sales in the world. The fundamental reason is the social sensation brought by Huawei Mate series, which brings huge passenger flow to stores. And Huawei has a huge user base in China, which overlaps with the potential users in LI.

According to the latest data, Huawei has ordered more than 60,000 new M7 vehicles in the market for about one month.

(Source: Wen Jie Guan Wei)

Huawei is different from its former rivals: it can make products and do marketing.

In addition to the direct competition of products, Huawei is very different from its former competitors.

LI creates a sense of luxury through the big sofa with refrigerator and color TV. Compared with the traditional BBA, it is very cost-effective in space and interior decoration. Coupled with excellent marketing, the sales volume keeps rising.

However, the ideal moat is too shallow, because it does not have its own core technology, and it has no outstanding advantages in three-electric system, energy efficiency, chassis, range extender, intelligence and other technologies. It is constantly reported that it is impossible to brake when encountering a large truck on a sunny day, and it is impossible to recognize the scratching accident of the ice cream cone at high speed. A series of negative news about intelligent driving such as "overturning" at the press conference site can be seen.

A good product is the perfect combination of technology and business, and the ideal meets the real opponent, because Huawei knows both technology and marketing.

What Li Xiang really fears is not a certain product in the world, but the powerful combat capability of Huawei Corps. Huawei’s "wolf nature" is well known in the industry, and its capital reserve, technical strength, channel resources and organizational ability are far from what ordinary startups can compare.

Huawei’s characteristic is that after finding the breakthrough, the relevant business groups devote themselves to it in a legion manner, relying on the staff size of 200,000 people and the bonus of engineers to achieve the ultimate efficiency and cost performance. Just like a dam break, we will turn our potential energy into market share.

In the past, Huawei has proved this in the communications and mobile phone markets. Even after being sanctioned by the United States, Huawei still eats more than half of the domestic high-end mobile phone market.

And the old question M7 once brought great shock to the ideal. "In the third quarter of 2022, the release and trading of M7 in the world directly crippled Li ONE. We have never met such a strong opponent. For a long time, we have no strength to fight back."

(Source: Li Xiang Weibo)

This is Li Xiang’s description of M7 in an essay in June this year.

Ideal is prepared to spend money to make up for the shortcomings of his own wisdom.

In the face of such competitors, it is not difficult to understand that Li wants to choose to temporarily avoid its edge when talking about Huawei.

According to the 36Kr report, a person familiar with the matter said that the ideal dialogue technique originally at the sales end has now been cancelled, and the M7 has not been mentioned on its own initiative. "If a car owner asks about it, say that the L6 that is ideal for next year is a price product with the M7."

However, as the saying goes, the brave will win in the narrow road. In the face of Huawei’s continuous invasion of its hinterland, the ideal will naturally not really be left unchecked. In this regard, the ideal choice is to save money and use it to make up for the shortcomings of your own wisdom.

According to 36Kr, how to "spend money well" has become an internal consensus of Ideal. The financial report shows that as of the end of the second quarter, the ideal cash on hand was 73.77 billion yuan, equivalent to the sum of Weilai and Tucki in the same period. Next, choosing the direction and crazy investment are the keys to the ideal to break the game.

In terms of products, the ideal thinking about the demand side is to choose to continue to deepen the main battlefield of family segmentation and extend the product planning to 2027. On the other hand, Li Xiang is still working hard to break the bottleneck of production capacity. On October 10th, he issued a document saying that the impact of Changzhou factory upgrading and Beijing factory qualification switching at the end of September has been lifted. "We can challenge the delivery of 40,000 in advance this month".

At the same time, for the function of intelligent driving, Li Xiang also has a "late step" reflection, and bluntly said, "The lessons that fall behind due to insufficient investment can only be solved by strengthening investment." At the same time, it is ideal to promote the person in charge of perception and system to vice president respectively, which is a signal that the weight of smart driving business is upgraded. In addition, on October 10th, LI officially released more than 50 jobs for intelligent driving in one breath, covering software algorithms, large models, vehicle hardware, testing, operation and other fields.

Some people close to the ideal revealed that they think that by 2025, the decisive battle of smart cars in the second half will be over. At that time, they will come out if they can run out, and they will be gone if they can’t. Because the data model and training amount have been finalized, what is needed behind it is a large number of start-up users, which is the decisive battle time in these three years. Ideal will try to overtake at the corner of the smart driving track.

No one can accurately predict whether the smart driver of the ideal future will catch up later, but it can be predicted that after the end of the year, Ideal and Huawei will further meet in product matrix and technology. In the next knockout, any short board may give the opponent a chance to overtake.

In this context, family background and technology will become the key words for new energy vehicle enterprises to compete.

On the eve of the introduction of national standards, the battery selection of low-speed electric vehicles is controversial again

  For most industries, the formulation and promulgation of national standards have more advantages than disadvantages for standardizing the market, unified management and reasonable competition among different enterprises. Recently, however, the formulation of a national standard for low-speed electric vehicles has triggered a big war of words among enterprises, academics and markets.

  Debate between lead-acid battery and lithium battery

  The cause of the incident was that on December 30 last year, after consultation with the relevant departments of low-speed electric vehicle standards, it was clear that low-speed electric vehicles were equipped with lithium batteries, and lead batteries were rejected as power sources for low-speed electric vehicles. Later, Dong Yang, the leader of the drafting group of four-wheel low-speed electric vehicle standards and the executive vice president of China Automobile Industry Association, also pointed out in an article that lead batteries will not be allowed to be used in the formulation of low-speed electric vehicle standards, and frontal and side impact experiments are required.

  "If the new national standard is implemented, it means that 90% of low-speed electric vehicle enterprises will be destroyed, and the excellent situation of the development of low-speed electric vehicle industry will be destroyed." Wei Xueqin, executive vice president and secretary general of Shandong Automobile Association, said helplessly in an interview.

  Low-speed electric vehicle companies also expressed concern about the introduction of this standard. Shu Xin, general manager of Reading Automobile, said frankly that the mainstream price of low-speed electric vehicles is 20,000 ~ 30,000 yuan, accounting for more than 80% of the whole market. If we change from lead battery to lithium battery, the price of bicycle will rise to 40 thousand yuan, but this market is only about 5%. "Such a small market is difficult to operate, and it is difficult for dealers to feed. In the future, the market will disappear."

  What is the difference between lead battery and lithium battery? Which battery is more suitable for low-speed electric vehicles?

  Safety is not the weakness of lead-acid batteries. It is understood that the lead-acid battery has been born for more than 160 years. Since its birth, the whole world has been researching and developing whether there is any new technology to replace it, but up to now, there is still no mature technology to completely replace it.

  The focus of controversy lies in the pollution risk of lead-acid batteries. In 2016, the market size of low-speed electric vehicles has reached 1.2 million. Some experts believe that if a large number of batteries are eliminated, lead pollution will easily occur in the process of recycling and smelting, which will not only endanger human health, but also cause environmental pollution.

  Therefore, in the selection of batteries for low-speed electric vehicles, some experts have given high expectations to lithium batteries. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have advantages in energy density and cycle life. Using lithium batteries can make low-speed electric vehicles lighter and the cruising range can be improved one after another.

  In this regard, an industry source said that "lead battery recycling is a false proposition". "In 2016, China sold more than 28 million traditional cars, which means that 28 million lead batteries were used. Why didn’t anyone ask, what is the recovery rate of lead batteries in traditional cars? " He asked, "Based on trust, many people believe that the batteries of traditional cars have been recycled. Why do they suspect that people don’t recycle when they arrive at low-speed electric vehicles?"

  Lu Hong, a standard member of Shandong Automobile Industry Association and chairman of Hupu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., told the reporter that if each city can set up a recycling point, it will be beneficial to standardize the batch use of lead batteries for electric vehicles. "A battery can sell 200 yuan on average, and no one is willing to throw it."

  Wang Du, deputy secretary-general of china automobile dealers association, pointed out: "The problem is not pollution, but how to supervise it." It is understood that in Weifang, battery manufacturers Tianneng and Chaowei have set up more than ten recycling points and established a complete system. Zhang Tianren, chairman of Tianneng Group, said in an interview that the recycling technology of lead-acid batteries is very mature. At the end of last year, Tianneng Group’s recycling capacity of waste lead batteries has been upgraded from 150,000 tons/year to 300,000 tons/year, and the recycling capacity has doubled.

  Low-speed electric vehicles can also produce fine products.

  In January this year, committee of 100, an electric vehicle in China, held a closed-door meeting with some low-speed electric vehicle enterprises. The meeting put forward two viewpoints: First, low-speed electric vehicles can make rural areas directly electrified without the transition of fuel vehicles. Second, invigorating the rural economy is the re-liberation of rural productive forces.

  Some experts believe that there are buses, taxis, subways and drip taxis in big cities, but there are very few means of transportation in rural areas. Rural public transportation is also being carried out, but it is still inconvenient to have a few shifts a day. Because the use cost of cars is relatively high, gas stations are separated by ten or twenty kilometers, and fewer people buy cars in rural areas. "The advantages of low-speed electric vehicles are particularly obvious. Short-distance travel does not need to be particularly fast, which is of great help to the active rural economy. At the same time, rural charging is very convenient, and it can be completed with 220 volts at home. "

  The data shows that from 2014 to 2016, the average annual growth rate of low-speed electric vehicles reached more than 50%, and it was developed without any state subsidies. In the fourth-and fifth-tier cities and rural markets, low-speed electric vehicles with a price of about 20,000 to 30,000 yuan meet the consumption needs of low-income families.

  However, for a long time, low-speed electric vehicles were regarded as the "culprits" of many road jams and frequent safety accidents because of the reasons that the low-speed electric vehicles were not licensed, most users did not have driver’s licenses and drivers did not understand the traffic rules. In addition, the quality of low-speed electric vehicles has also become a controversy. "I have always believed that low speed and low price do not mean low quality, and low-speed electric vehicles should also find a good direction to upgrade." Shi Jianhua, deputy secretary general of China Automobile Industry Association, said in an interview.

  In fact, low-speed electric vehicles have gradually entered the industry upgrade in recent years. Among them, there are enterprises represented by Zhidou, which have entered the product catalogue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology by means of alliance with high-speed car production enterprises and with the help of high-speed car production qualifications, and realized the regularization; In addition, there are also enterprises represented by Reading that introduce new technologies and upgrade themselves. In the new Redding factory in Weifang, Shandong, the reporter saw the same four processes as traditional vehicle manufacturing: stamping, welding, painting and final assembly. There are more than hundreds of robotic arms in the factory, and there are also professional quality inspection processes such as test track and rain detection line.

  At the same time, in order to solve a series of problems caused by "black households", low-speed electric vehicle enterprises have also upgraded their products and improved related after-sales services through industry self-discipline.

  "Although we are low-speed electric vehicles, it is really not low-quality at low speed." An insider of a low-speed electric vehicle company said, "Through interconnection technologies such as background data and optimized positioning, we helped customers find hundreds of lost cars. From the data of batteries and motors to the control system, all fault codes can be transmitted to the background, realizing the optimization of big data. It can be said that in many technologies, we are not worse than high-speed cars. "

  Due to the product upgrade, the supply chain of low-speed electric vehicles has also been upgraded accordingly, and its suppliers have gradually upgraded from the initial commercial vehicle suppliers to passenger vehicle suppliers. Because the quality of some low-speed electric vehicle enterprises has risen rapidly, some excellent suppliers have taken the initiative to come to the door, and the improvement of supply chain quality has further promoted the development of low-speed electric vehicles in the normal direction.

  Luo Lei, deputy secretary-general of china automobile dealers association, said: "The government should guide these car companies well and cannot sit idly by; It is necessary to lower the entry threshold and encourage more powerful enterprises to participate. Low-speed electric vehicles also need to improve their quality and meet the national quality requirements for new energy vehicle products, so that they have the opportunity to enter the urban consumer market. "

This Shanghai community in the epidemic is on fire!

Recently, a community in Shanghai issued to residents.

"Daily Epidemic Report"go viral on the Internet

In these epidemic reports,

Existing residents are most concerned about

Yang-related building and mixed-pipe abnormal building

Schematic diagram of Yang-related/abnormal building

The next day’s anti-epidemic news publicity and other content.

There are also group purchase notices for living materials.

Drug guarantee guide

  This "online celebrity" community is the third phase of Haitang Mingyuan in Zhou Pu Town, Pudong New Area. On April 8-13, the epidemic situation broadcast in this community has been published in six issues, and the content of each issue is richer and more personalized than the previous one.

  Busy daily life of community volunteers"Flat management"? Neighborhood committees can also do it!

  There are 61 buildings, 1,175 households and more than 4,000 residents in the third phase of Haitang Mingyuan, and there are only 6 social workers in the Haitang Mingyuan neighborhood committee. With the surge of epidemic prevention workload in the community, more and more residents have come forward to volunteer. According to Zhang Yu, secretary of the Party branch of Haitang Mingyuan residential area, there are already more than 200 volunteers in the large group — — In other words, about 5% of the residents in this community are volunteers.

  It is not easy to manage these volunteers and make full use of their enthusiasm and intelligence. On April 5, a landlord who has always been enthusiastic about community work forwarded an article to Zhang Yu, "Proposal to the Shanghai Neighborhood Committee in the Epidemic". Zhang Yu was greatly inspired after reading it, and decided to readjust her thinking and introduce the flat management of the company into community management.

  In addition to a large group of volunteers, the neighborhood Committee, according to the actual work needs,Several groups have been established, such as epidemic prevention materials management group, epidemic prevention materials procurement group, material transportation group, daily necessities group purchase group, emergency medical treatment report group, data technology group, and fund-raising and media group.. Volunteers choose to join different groups according to their personal intentions and abilities, and each group chooses one or two responsible persons to directly connect with the neighborhood committees.

  Then, the residents’ committee found new problems: whether in the group of building leaders, volunteers or buildings, people have been asking about the nucleic acid/antigen screening and community group buying in this community, and these are things that all residents are concerned about. The neighborhood Committee discussed it with the building manager and volunteers and decidedMake an announcement similar to "epidemic broadcast",countAccording to the daily updateTo make the epidemic prevention work in the community transparent..

  Villi, who is a software project manager and a volunteer in the Data Technology Group, designed this broadcast template. The first broadcast on April 8th consists of three pages:The first page is the epidemic situation.Proper is what residents want to know most every day;

  Page two,Dynamic refinement, forecast the epidemic prevention information the next day to remind you to get ready;

  Page three,Community epidemic mapWhen you see a building with a "star", please ask the residents to take a detour as much as possible.

  Do not buy unless necessary! Broadcast announcement unification group

  Good feedback from residents also gave the residents’ committee and the volunteer team confidence to continue broadcasting.

  On April 9th, in the second phase, in addition to increasing publicity by volunteer teams, Villi also included the work reports of his own data technology group and the working group on epidemic prevention materials.

  As can be seen from the work report of the data technology group, the volunteer team completed three group purchases of vegetables, eggs and paper towels on the same day, and will soon start group purchases of meat and seasoning.

  Behind this broadcast is the neighborhood Committee and volunteers.Another important task: manage and rectify the group purchase and express delivery in the community.

  Enthusiastic volunteers, faced with rice, noodles, oil and other materials, are happy to send them to the place quickly, no matter how hard and tired they are. However, when faced with the group purchase of cola, juice, fried chicken, etc., you will feel a little speechless. Neighborhood committees and volunteers also realized that a large number of logistics not only increased the delivery pressure of property and volunteers, but also had unpredictable hidden dangers of virus transmission.

  To this end, the Haitang Mingyuan Neighborhood Committee issued the "Notice on Epidemic Prevention to Residents (Trial Edition)" on April 8, reiterating that it is not necessary to buy: "The number of express delivery is huge, which not only guarantees the basic livelihood, but also guarantees the quality of life. The so-called unnecessary not to buy, ‘ Unnecessary ’ It refers to the part of improving the quality of life — — Basic livelihood materials except rice, oil, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, etc. "

  Deploy disinfection work in advance

  Announce residents to "leave the cabin" and go home

  In the third phase of the epidemic situation on April 10, there is a special forecast: "April 11: Three neighbors will go home from the shelter, and then they will undergo health management for 7 days."

  Will such a forecast cause panic among residents in the community? Zhang Yu is confident: "We dare to make such information transparent, which means that we are confident, and our explanation and appeasement work have been done ahead."

  In order to welcome these three families home, the neighborhood Committee and the property have made full preparations. Arrive outside the community door and kill it again; From the community to the building, the property is followed by all the way; Before entering the building, everyone, including volunteers, has been reminded not to go out for one hour; After three families entered the house, the property destroyed every floor, including the corridor."Our residents are very kind, and we have to give them enough sense of security and be worthy of their trust."

  Talent show of community residents

  Broadcasting is becoming more and more "literary and artistic"

  In addition to data updates and work reports, it is also talked about by netizens that the daily broadcast has gradually become a stage for the residents of the community to show their talents.

  This hand-drawn painting, which appeared in the second issue of April 9, "Neighbors, there are dishes!" Wang Yin, a volunteer and artist from the community, vividly fixed the work scene of the volunteers of the "Material Transportation Group".

  On April 11th, two talented residents — — Li Haotong, the director, cooperated with David Zou, the cameraman, and drew lessons from Wong Kar-wai’s film style that fans are familiar with, and handed over the community propaganda film and micro-film Time and Light.

  Because the broadcast is becoming more and more popular, the neighborhood Committee has also set up a daily newspaper review team, which is basically released before 10 pm every day.

  In this regard, many netizens shouted:Seek promotion, come and copy your homework!

  Source: Morning News, thoughtful APP, reporter: Sun Limei Editor: Hu Chengyuan, Wang Pingping

What is the difference between the eye-catching points of Zhihu and Xiaohongshu in the variety track?

Big data focuses on hot spots 

Zhihu new comprehensive attention to young people’s demands

Zhihu’s upcoming youth round-table talk series "Talks in the Wilderness" focuses on the stories, thoughts and cognition of young people. The program invited Li Xueqin, Xi Rui, Li Haoyuan, Zhang Ruonan, Jiang Xiangui, Li Songwei and Liu Boyang, outstanding respondents from Zhihu, as guests, and adopted the mode of four regular guests and one flying guest in each session to discuss the high fever in Zhihu Station. The program production team "Everyone Records" has produced high-profile humanities documentary programs such as Thirteen Invitations, Friends and Discretion. The recording scene of the program moves from the studio to the outdoors, avoiding scenic spots and popular routes, choosing wilderness, forest and river beach, and combining the space scene with the content theme under the concept of "spiritual wilderness", which is quite aware of the unique tonality of the community.

"The Career I yearn for" is a documentary observation program for young people in the workplace. In each issue, an outstanding post-90 s workplace person leads the audience to experience different careers in an immersive way. During the program, the audience can feel the daily work of programmers in Silicon Valley, walk into foreign companies and Internet giants, and get close to the lawyer industry … At the same time, the program sets up a second observation room to invite professionals to discuss topics, so that users can gain interesting and useful workplace skills. The regular guests of the program include Yang Tianzhen, Ming Chen and Ran Gaoming.

College entrance examination is the focus of the whole society. During the college entrance examination in 2022, there were 7.67 million questions related to the college entrance examination in Zhihu, and the number of related search words was 197 million times. Many college entrance examination "experienced people" share their knowledge, experience and opinions in Zhihu, and many candidates look for the "answers" they want in Zhihu. In this context, the college entrance examination documentary interview variety show "My College Entrance Examination Forgetting Book" came into being. The original script of the program comes from the college entrance examination topics that young users pay attention to and discuss hotly in Zhihu, and the user’s question-and-answer interaction. Respondents ranged in age from 20 to 40, covering a variety of occupations.

Jiang Mingxue, head of the pan-entertainment operation team in Zhihu, told the reporter of Variety Daily that there are a lot of professional discussions and high-quality contents in Zhihu in the fields of college entrance examination, workplace, life and emotion. "The upcoming three variety shows are an extension of Zhihu’s content ecology. The program invited many Zhihu hosts as guests, which will provide a broad development space for the creators. From the content point of view, these three variety shows not only have innovative breakthroughs in themes, but also conform to the current cultural and ideological trends of young users, and are an interpretation of the development direction of Zhihu as a question and answer community. "

Love women homemade variety show

Xiaohongshu focuses on young lifestyles.

The diversified little red book is also expanding the territory of entertainment products and joining the self-made variety track. In July last year, Xiaohongshu launched the travel reality show "Escape from the City Plan". Subsequently, the same type of "Two Days and One Night Camping Plan" was launched in Xiaohongshu, inviting bloggers to camp in various places. Xiaohongshu also launched a cultural program "Night in the Corner", in which Liang Wendao, the host, together with Chen Danqing, Chen Di, Liu Qing, Li Houchen, Huang Zhizhong, Jiang Sida and other guests, expressed their opinions on topics of concern or hot discussion among young people at present, such as love will, consumption concept and investment proposition.

At the end of 2021, Xiaohongshu’s self-made life program "I’m going to live like this" went online, and traveled around the city through "life home" and "experience officer", opening up lifestyles in different scenes such as sports, travel and art, and driving users to share their hobbies. In May of this year, the program started the second season of "camping season" with a new theme. Under the wave of reasoning variety sweeping across major platforms, Xiaohongshu recently launched a self-made variety "Let’s Reasoning Together", inviting bloggers at the head of the platform to participate and launch an immersive script killing.

Judging from the content and form, the variety show launched by Xiaohongshu has a short duration, and KOL and fashion stars in the station are invited as guests. These variety shows are quite platform-oriented, basically focusing on the lifestyle of young people, and the content also focuses on the common tourism, food and other sectors of the platform. Little Red Book’s self-made variety shows are biased towards female theme content. According to the "2021 Little Red Book Active User Portrait Trend Report", women account for 90.41% of the active users of Little Red Book. Taking female theme as the starting point is a major feature of its vertical marketing.

Variety enhances user stickiness 

Differentiated advantages produce "long tail"

"Compared with film and television content, variety shows have stronger social attributes and are easier to drive community fans." Bao Ran, a member of the Science and Technology Committee of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the Network Audiovisual Professional Committee, told the reporter of Variety Daily that Zhihu and Xiaohongshu are both community platforms. In order to stimulate the stock and growth, they need to broadcast and share new stories, so as to increase the user’s stickiness and strengthen the connection between communities.

Bao Ran takes Xiaohongshu as an example. The advantage of UGC (user-generated content) in the station is that it is fast in quantity, but the disadvantage is that quality control is difficult to grasp. "At present, the regulatory authorities are more and more strict in the management of MCN institutions and online celebrity, and Xiaohongshu needs to constantly optimize and improve the community content ecology. Homemade variety shows are not only more formal, but also have a production threshold, which is conducive to the transfer of traffic to high-quality content. " Bao Ran bluntly said that many Internet platforms are now facing the bottleneck of the disappearance of user growth dividends. Both Xiaohongshu and Zhihu have been exploring new paths beyond their core business in recent years.

However, compared with Tik Tok, Aauto Quicker, bilibili and Watermelon Video, Zhihu and Xiaohongshu have not made such a big step, and a series of actions are just constantly strengthening their platform attributes. For example, several programs launched by Xiaohongshu are typical micro-variety shows, closely following social topics such as camping and travel; Zhihu’s upcoming program also focuses on issues of concern to youth groups based on its own characteristics of "professional discussion". "The cost of traditional variety shows is gradually rising, and the income depends solely on advertising sponsorship, and the shelf life is also short. Zhihu and Xiaohongshu exert their strength in variety shows. Naturally, they have to take a differentiated route to get a slice of the market. This small and beautiful strategy is a good choice. " Bao Wei said.

Talking about the expectation of self-made variety shows on the platform, Jiang Mingxue said that the layout of self-made variety shows is an attempt by Zhihu to extend high-quality content and an innovation of traditional variety shows. The production, dissemination, interaction and aggregation of the contents of the three programs are all completed in Zhihu. At the same time, the opinions and topics in the program will be widely discussed by users on Zhihu, which will precipitate and accumulate, resulting in the long tail effect. "We hope that Zhihu’s high-quality content can form a positive content closed loop and create a better community ecology."

Photo: Douban, program official micro

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How to visit Guangzhou Auto Show? How to choose your favorite car? The citizens at the scene have something to say.

  The 21st Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Auto Show") is in full swing in Pazhou Pavilion of China Import and Export Fair. On November 18, the first audience open day coincided with Saturday, and the venue was crowded and lively.

  How to visit the auto show? How to choose your favorite vehicle? What are the highlights of the RV exhibition area? What new products and services have smart cars launched? With these questions, the reporter visited the Guangzhou Auto Show and listened to the voices from the citizens on the spot.

  Buy a new energy vehicle or a fuel vehicle? The public has different opinions.

  This Guangzhou Auto Show has attracted mainstream auto brands and new energy auto companies from all over the world. The exhibition area covers an area of 220,000 square meters, with a total of 1,132 vehicles, including 469 new energy vehicles, accounting for 40%. Various brands, rich models, preferential promotions and multiple price ranges … Guangzhou Auto Show attracted many citizens to buy their favorite models with its series of advantages.

  In front of Huawei’s HarmonyOS Zhixing booth, Ms. He is listening carefully to the lecturer’s introduction of related technologies and products. She told reporters that she made a special trip from Shenzhen, hoping to choose a suitable car here.

  Regarding the purchase of traditional fuel vehicles or new energy vehicles, Ms. He expressed her preference for new energy vehicles for her own consideration. "Because I don’t know much about parking, I really want to know more about the function of automatic parking. In addition, intelligent driving, automatic obstacle avoidance, artificial intelligence technology, etc. are all points I care about. "

  In the field of new energy vehicle segmentation, she prefers hybrid electric power. "My budget is less than 300,000, and my daily travel is mainly to work and the suburbs. I may drive back to my hometown during the holiday. If you can charge and refuel, you will feel more at ease. " In addition, car brands are also an important factor affecting Ms. He’s car purchase. "At this stage, if you buy a car, you will still choose a well-known car company, which feels more secure in quality and safety."

  For those who prefer to buy new energy vehicles or traditional fuel vehicles, the reporter interviewed some citizens randomly at the scene. People who intend to buy new energy vehicles often mention the following points: the price of the car is superior, the charging cost is lower, the model is more scientific and technological, the level of intelligence is high, and relevant policy support is provided. However, they also mentioned problems such as mileage anxiety, difficulty in charging and inadequate charging infrastructure.

  Many people who choose traditional fuel vehicles mention that they prefer to use fuel vehicles, which are suitable for long-distance travel, lower maintenance costs and better driving experience. The disadvantage is that the vehicle price is relatively high, the fuel cost is expensive, and the product update is slow, so it is difficult to meet the needs of intelligent travel.

  With the development of the automobile market, consumers’ choices are also changing. Mr. Zheng bought a hybrid electric vehicle in 2017, and three years later he bought a fuel vehicle. In this regard, he said: "Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is difficult to generalize. It will be more comfortable to drive a fuel car at high speed, but it will be smoother to drive a hybrid car in the city. I will definitely buy a tram in the future, but now I feel that the tram still has quite a few limitations, such as low battery life at high speed, easy to get hot when charging, and cannot guarantee 100% safety. "

  Different groups of people have different needs? Precise positioning of car enterprises

  The competition on the car track is fierce. How can car companies attract customers with high-quality products and high cost performance? At the exhibition hall, some car companies strive to attract more target customers by reducing prices in a limited time, giving discounts, live online and providing customized services.

  Different groups of people have different needs, and car companies need accurate positioning to win customers.

  In some booths, car companies put camping tables and chairs and bicycles on the roof to set off the highlights of products with specific life scenes. Mr. Ge, who likes cycling and outdoor camping, said frankly, "It is really attractive. When I see the car, I think of the outdoor camping scene. My budget for buying a car is around 150,000. After watching it for a while, there are also many favorite products. "

  In response to the needs of some family trips, some car companies have positioned themselves as "affordable, comfortable and specially designed for family trips"; Some car companies also put forward a more ideal concept of "home" for young people …

  There are also some car companies that are ingenious and choose a relatively small track. For example, Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi launched E9 Caring Edition, which is equipped with an electric welfare wheelchair to facilitate the elderly, pregnant women, the disabled and other groups to travel.

  An elderly person experienced it on the spot, and someone on the side said, "This kind of innovation is really practical and humanistic. My parents are old, and it looks good to buy this car to take them out. " In this regard, a staff member of GAC Chuanqi said that the car is still in the research and development stage and is expected to be mass-produced next year.

  A sense of science and technology, practicality, intelligence and personalization … At the Guangzhou Auto Show, a wide variety of products with different positioning made the public feast their eyes. "I have been to the Guangzhou Auto Show before, and I obviously feel that the number of new energy vehicles has increased this year. The exhibition areas of new energy auto shows such as Tesla, Ideality, Tucki and BYD are quite cool, and the intelligent level of cars is also surprising. In particular, the release of some concept cars makes people can’t help but imagine the future direction of automobile development. " At the Xpeng Motors Pavilion, Mr. Wang, a veteran car fan, looked at Li Chuo’s car suspended in the air and said.

  At the scene, many citizens passing by the exhibition area took a group photo with the car, and some people gave the imagination of "technology changes life and where to travel in the future".

  RV is expensive. Can’t afford it? Three or four hundred thousand also have a choice.

  When asked, how do you feel about coming to Guangzhou Auto Show to see the RV? Many citizens have mentioned that the price of RV is cheaper than expected, and there are many choices for 300,000 yuan to 400,000 yuan.

  "I used to think that the RV was very expensive and only existed in the beautiful travel life of others in the short video. But when I came to the RV area of Guangzhou Auto Show today, I knew for the first time that I could buy a RV for 300,000 yuan. Just now, my friends and I went up to experience it, which was quite comfortable. I have never thought of buying a car before, and this moment was ignited. " Ms. Wang, who is in her thirties, said with a smile.

  Another couple also expressed similar feelings. Mr. Chen, who came to see the exhibition with his girlfriend, said: "I didn’t have much chance to see so many models before, but I was really surprised today." The price of the RV broke my stereotype. " His girlfriend couldn’t help feeling, "I don’t even want to buy a house with an RV. It would be great if the relevant infrastructure could keep up. "

  At the scene, DTV, Yutong RV, Jiangwei RV, Great Wall RV and other brands displayed a variety of highly competitive products. According to the relevant person in charge of Yutong RV, from more than 80,000 yuan to more than one million yuan, they launched different grades of RVs to meet the differentiated needs of the market. Among them, the range of 400,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan sold more. "Retirees and freelancers buy most, they have more free time and like to travel outdoors."

  A retired couple are sitting in an RV to experience the comfort of the driver’s seat. They also checked the size of the bathroom, the size of the bed board, the length of the water pipe and the size of the water tank. Aunt Huang told reporters that she and her husband have been "playing RV" for many years, and recently they plan to replace a new RV. "With the RV, you can travel freely, where the car is, where the home is, and life is full of fun." However, Aunt Huang also suggested that you should think carefully before buying a car. Is it really necessary? Do you have time to travel? Can you accept problems such as parking difficulties and trouble in water and electricity supply? If you just want to experience it, renting a car is also an option.

The ultimate preview of "The Scare of the Spy Wars in the Deep Sea" Ruoyun Zhang and Angel joined forces to break the enemy.

Produced by Qiancheng Film and Television Co., Ltd. and Xinli TV Culture Investment Co., Ltd., it is adapted from the novel of the same name by Hai Fei, the winner of the People’s Literature Award and a gold screenwriter, and it is written by him, directed by Sun Hao, starring Ruoyun Zhang, Angel, Sean and Adi, and starring by Wang Longzheng. The TV series "The Deep Sea of Spy Wars" co-starring Calvin, Li Qiang, Gao Shuguang, Wang Wanjuan, Luo Qiuyun and Ji Li will be held at 8 o’clock tonight. At the same time, Tencent Video and Iqiyi will synchronize network updates. VIP members will update 2 episodes every Sunday to Thursday at 24 o’clock, and update 1 episode on Friday and Saturday. Non-members will be exempted at 24 o’clock the next day. Today, The Scare of the Deep Sea of Spy Warfare has successively issued the final preview of the "Immediate Action" version and the single poster of the "Twin Cities Spy Shadow" version. Two heavy materials have declassified the highlights of this drama in advance, and the sinister situation, tense spy war, and many forces of the enemy and the enemy, which are fighting with each other, are intertwined in Chongqing and Shanghai, indicating that a secret spy war is about to start, which has doubled the audience’s expectation.

The battle of alternating life starts, drinking ice and moving forward is full of dangers.

With the sinister struggle situation in Shanghai and Chongqing in 1941 as the background, The Scare in the Deep Sea tells the story that Chen Shan (Ruoyun Zhang), Zhang Li (Angel) and other patriots with firm beliefs fought hard with the enemy in the hidden front, and Chen Shan was inspired by Zhang Li to transform from a small gangster on the beach and eventually grow into an excellent communist fighter. In the final preview of the "Immediate Action" version, which lasted only about one minute, the suspenseful background music laid the foundation for Chen Shan to walk in treading on thin ice as a three-sided spy after being forced to "transform" into a military special agent Xiao Zhengguo. Various characters appeared in succession in the changeable situation, and the dense amount of information refined and extracted the story context. The siege of Japanese spies, the questioning and questioning of the Kuomintang military junta and other difficulties have pushed Chen Shan into the fear of being caught at any time, and the resulting suspense is one of the many highlights of this play.

Chen Shan has no choice but to embark on this thorny road full of crises. Zhou Haichao (Sean), Yu Xiaoyue (Adi), Araki Wei (Wang Longzheng), Qian Shiying (Calvin) and others are either right or wrong, and they are playing a good show with Chen Shan Zhang Li on the hidden front. As shown in the trailer, suspense, nervousness and even humor are all reflected in this play. The simple explanation of "We are all from China" is full of hit the floor’s sense of faith, and he is concerned about whether his country can succumb to being a Japanese spy. Fortunately, there is a warm presence like a guide on the hidden road of treading on thin ice. Chen Shan and Zhang Li, who walked side by side in the hail of bullets, strengthened their faith together and strived for the dawn of national destiny.

The sinister situation of the game between all parties is simmering, and the Chinese soul ignites patriotic enthusiasm.

The "Twin Cities Spy Shadow" version of the single poster released this time also has a full sense of texture and a strong sense of home and country belief, and the horizontal display space has a deeper sense. The street view with a sense of time complements the depression of the sky with dark clouds and approaching showers. The city with beautiful shops should have been peaceful and prosperous, but the enemy occupied it and the mountains and rivers were covered with dust. Innocent compatriots are bullied by brutal aggressors, and my sons and daughters with aspirations in the Chinese nation will always be ready to be regarded as sacrifices, willing to be a beacon of fire and fight to the death with the enemy.

The drama embodies the quality with ingenuity, and the details are polished everywhere in the Republic of China. In addition to the fine demands on modeling and scenery, it also observes the hard struggle situation of revolutionary martyrs in special times. When they face the country, they swear to defend their beliefs and support the magnificent spirit of the national backbone with courage without fear of sacrifice. In "The Scare of the Deep Sea", the twists and turns between the two cities and the dangerous crouching of the multi-faceted spy add different highlights to the drama from different dimensions. The multi-line coexistence narrative and plentiful and diverse characterization will also enhance the audience’s experience of watching the drama.

In the story premiered at 8 o’clock tonight, Xiao Zhengguo will lead the military special agent, and the three-person team will carry out a secret mission. However, the plan has changed abruptly, and their actions are surrounded by the Japanese, and one person will be captured, one person will escape, and one person will be shot dead by an unknown person. Araki, the head of the Japanese intelligence agency, was the mastermind behind this operation. When he saw Chen Shan, who looked very similar to Xiao Zhengguo, he immediately came up with a plan to lose money. He takes the life of Chen Shan’s sister Chen Xia (played by Luo Qiuyun) as a threat, threatening him to become Xiao Zhengguo and go to the military to steal information for him. Chen Shan had no choice but to receive intensive training to prepare for his departure from Chongqing … Can Chen Shan, who has become Xiao Zhengguo in a new guise, go to Chongqing without being caught? What other crises are there within the same sinister military system? What crazy move will Araki, who is cruel and ruthless, make? Please look forward to the follow-up story.

Authoritative release | How to build the best investment destination in Shenzhen? Please see the transcript of the press conference on March 28th.

Press conference on promoting high-quality development series.

Time: March 28th, 2024 at 10:00 a.m.

Venue: Press Release Hall of Shenzhen Municipal Government

Record content

Moderator Su Rongcai (Deputy Director of Propaganda Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Director of Information Office of the Municipal Government):

Good morning, media friends! Welcome to today’s press conference. In order to implement the spirit of the provincial high-quality development conference and the city’s high-quality development promotion conference, and further play a strong voice of high-quality development, this year, the Information Office of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government will hold a series of press conferences to promote high-quality development. Today is the first of a series of press conferences, which mainly introduces Shenzhen’s promotion of high-quality development and the creation of the best investment destination, and answers questions from reporters on issues that everyone cares about.

Present at today’s conference are:

Ms. Guo Ziping, Director of Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission;

Mr. Ye Wenge, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce;

Ms. Huang Xiaoyu, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Investment Promotion Bureau;

I am Su Rongcai, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee and director of the Information Office of the Municipal Government.

Next, we invite Ms. Guo Ziping, director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, to introduce the overall situation of Shenzhen in promoting high-quality development and creating the best investment destination. Please welcome!

Guo Ziping: Good morning, friends from the media! Investment is the basic driving force of economic growth, and grasping effective investment means grasping high-quality development. As an important window of China’s reform and opening-up, Shenzhen has been attracting all kinds of high-quality resources from all over the world and striving to build the best investment destination. By February 2024, the total number of commercial entities in the city had reached 4,257,500, including 2,613,100 enterprises, 11 local Fortune 500 enterprises, and about 300 Fortune 500 branches settled in Shenzhen, which injected a steady stream of momentum into economic and social development. Below, I would like to briefly introduce the practice and effect of Shenzhen as the best investment destination.

First, we will continue to introduce influential and competitive industrial policies. We have always maintained the sensitivity to seize the industrial outlet, issued a series of systematic and precise industrial support policies, helped the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to complement each other, develop in a gradient and grow together, and accelerated the construction of a modern industrial system with Shenzhen characteristics and advantages. Strategic emerging industries and future industries are the new pillars and tracks to lead industrial development, and also the main positions to develop new quality productivity. As early as 2009, Shenzhen began to plan the development of strategic emerging industries and future industries. For example, in 2009, Shenzhen was selected as the first batch of pilot cities for demonstration and promotion of new energy vehicles in China, and continuously launched a series of support policies around R&D, manufacturing, application demonstration, popularization and encouraging consumption of new energy vehicles, and issued dozens of local industry standards to help the new energy vehicle industry gradually grow into a new pillar industry. In 2023, the output and ownership of new energy vehicles in Shenzhen reached 1.79 million and 970,000 respectively, ranking first in the country. Entering the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Shenzhen continued to implement the "20+8" industrial cluster action, and strategic emerging industries entered a new round of rapid development, with an average annual growth rate of 7.5%, and the added value exceeded 1.4 trillion yuan, accounting for 41.9% of GDP. This year, we iteratively launched the "20+8" industrial cluster policy version 2.0, and focused on a number of special policies, such as the high-quality development of car-grade chips and power semiconductor devices, the cultivation of core supply chain enterprises with hot-selling single products, and the cross-border integration and development of "fashion new products". The implementation of these policies,It will definitely put our enterprise on the fast track of development. Paying attention to the development of service industry is another distinctive feature of Shenzhen’s industrial policy. On March 18 this year, the city held a high-standard conference to accelerate the high-quality development of the service industry. The Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have issued opinions on accelerating the high-quality development of service industry, and various departments will also launch a series of policies around key areas of service industry, forming a "1+N+X" policy system for the high-quality development of service industry, and promoting the potential sub-sectors to be different every year, different in three years and brilliant in five years. For example, around the professional service industry, we have issued special support policies in the fields of human resources, lawyers, certified public accountants, asset appraisal, etc. Next, we will formulate implementation plans to promote the high-quality development of the professional service industry, introduce and cultivate professional service institutions with international competitiveness, and provide first-class professional services for enterprises to invest and start businesses. For another example, the headquarters economy is an important embodiment of the city’s core competitiveness. Last year, we issued the implementation opinions to promote the high-quality development of the headquarters economy, and gave all-round support to the headquarters enterprises in settling down, renting and buying houses, using land and talents. We also planned and laid out 40 headquarters economic clusters in the city, including Shenchao Headquarters, Xiangmihu and before the gulf, and introduced world-class headquarters enterprises to settle down.

The second is to establish and improve the innovation system with enterprises as the main body. Shenzhen is a city of innovation. Over the years, we have actively integrated into the global innovation network, gathered global innovation resources, and established an innovation system that is market-oriented, industrialization-oriented, and enterprise-oriented, so that enterprises want to innovate, dare to innovate, and can innovate. In 2023, the R&D investment of the whole society reached 188 billion yuan, accounting for 5.81% of GDP, of which the R&D investment of enterprises accounted for 94.9% of the total R&D investment of the whole society, ranking first in the country. Shenzhen has the strong support of a national strategic platform. We have built Bright Science City with high level and standard, laid out a number of major scientific and technological infrastructures such as Free Electron Laser and National Supercomputing Phase II, and accelerated the construction of a comprehensive national science center in Greater Bay Area. Materials genomics, brain analysis and simulation, synthetic biology research and other facilities have been built and put into trial operation, and will be further opened to enterprises in the future. In August last year, the State Council officially issued the Development Plan of Shenzhen Park in Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone. We will give full play to the advantages of Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation and accelerate the comparison with international high-standard innovation rules, so as to make the cooperation zone a pilot zone for Shenzhen-Hong Kong science and technology innovation and open cooperation, an experimental zone for international advanced science and technology innovation rules, and a pilot transformation gathering area in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. There are innovative carriers with diverse structures here in Shenzhen. The city has more than 3,600 innovative carriers, and has established a high-level laboratory system including 1 national laboratory, 13 national key laboratories, 4 laboratories in Guangdong Province, and more than 390 key laboratories in Shenzhen.It was approved to build the third-generation semiconductor national technology innovation center, the national high-performance medical device innovation center, the national bio-manufacturing industry innovation center and other national industrial innovation carriers. In addition, we are speeding up the layout of a number of concept verification centers and pilot platforms to provide enterprises with full chain services for technical research, concept verification and achievement transformation. There are world-class innovative talents here in Shenzhen. We provide all kinds of talents with preferential personal income tax in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, financial support for outstanding talents, second-batch settlement, living allowance and other package policies to help enterprises better gather and retain talents. By the end of 2023, Shenzhen had gathered more than 6.79 million talents, 98 full-time academicians, 24,000 high-level talents, 1.534 million high-skilled talents and over 200,000 returned overseas students. More and more top talents in the world are accelerating to gather in Shenzhen.

The third is to provide convenient and complete cost-effective factor guarantee. Last year, we introduced specific measures to implement "20 measures to reduce manufacturing costs" and continued to promote comprehensive reform of market-oriented allocation of factors. In terms of industrial space that enterprises are generally concerned about, according to the principle of relative agglomeration layout and centralized contiguous development, we plan to build 20 advanced manufacturing parks and 20 scientific and technological innovation clusters in the city, innovatively launch industrial affordable housing, promote the development and construction of centralized contiguous areas, and promote the construction of large projects with "overall planning of large areas" to ensure that high-quality projects, whether newly put into production or increased capital and expanded production, have land to fall in Shenzhen. In terms of capital elements, Shenzhen has a multi-level capital market system with Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the core. The comprehensive strength of banking, insurance, securities and other industries ranks among the top three in the country. The asset management scale of various wealth management institutions exceeds 28 trillion yuan, and an industrial fund group of 100 billion levels has been established around the "20+8" industrial cluster. We will take the initiative to connect the resources of various financial institutions to provide enterprises with life-cycle financing services. This year, more than 800 billion yuan will be added in small and micro loans, manufacturing loans, technology-based enterprise loans and green loans. In terms of data elements, we will attach great importance to the function of data, a new production factor, to empower thousands of industries, build a national data trading platform with international influence based on Shenzhen Data Exchange, introduce third-party management institutions for data transactions, data vendors and data circulation transactions, and register data property rights. By the end of 2023, we have gathered 305 data vendors nationwide.The transaction volume was 6.49 billion yuan, of which cross-border transactions exceeded 100 million yuan, ranking first in the country. Next, according to the development needs of artificial intelligence and other industries, we will focus on promoting the socialized application of government data such as people, places, things, things, feelings and organizations in cities, actively strive for the pilot of data assets entering the table, and fully release the social value of data elements.

The fourth is to create a first-class business environment in accordance with international standards. In January this year, we also held a press conference on the theme of business environment here. We will put forward a work plan for optimizing the market-oriented, rule-based and international business environment in 2024 and a work plan for optimizing and upgrading the business environment assessment standards of the World Bank, and introduce a number of practical and effective methods based on the needs and feelings of enterprises. In terms of market access, we will accelerate the full implementation of 24 measures to relax market access in Shenzhen, and further relax market access in telecommunications, medical care, energy and other fields. For example, taking the opportunity of promoting the "Hong Kong-Macao Medical Machinery Link", we will support innovative drugs that have been listed overseas, promote the application of real-world data in the clinical evaluation of Shenzhen’s life cycle, and further accelerate the process of listing new products. In terms of examination and approval services, we will pay attention to improving the examination and approval efficiency of private investment projects, set up special classes for project coordination and docking, and implement "starting with land" for major private investment projects to promote early start, early completion and early production of projects. In terms of policy enjoyment, we rely on the "I Shenzhen" and "Shenzhen I Enterprise" APP to launch the through train platform for benefiting enterprises and realize a large number of policies, such as "one-click confirmation, application-free enjoyment". For example, in 2023, 159 items such as post expansion subsidies were introduced, and more than 50 items will be added this year, so that more policies can be enjoyed directly.

Shenzhen is a hot spot and a broad stage for the development of global enterprises. We will adhere to the principle of "sincerity+itinerary" to attract investment from all over the world and the whole country, and continue to provide guarantee for enterprises to invest in all factors, provide good services throughout the chain and optimize the environment in all directions. We sincerely invite entrepreneurs, investors and scientists to invest in Shenzhen to create a miracle and win-win future! Thank you!

Su Rongcai: Thanks to Director Guo Ziping for his briefing. Next, let’s enter the questioning session. Please inform the name of your news organization before asking questions. Now start asking questions.

Reporter: A reporter from the Central Radio and Television General Station asked questions. We have been paying attention to the development of private economy in Shenzhen, and would like to ask Director Guo Ziping what measures Shenzhen will take to further support the development of private economy? thank you

Guo Ziping: Thank you for your question. The private economy has always been an important engine of Shenzhen’s economic and social development. I have a set of data here to report to you. Our private economy contributes about 40% of the city’s fixed assets investment, 50% of GDP, 60% of import and export, 70% of tax revenue and 80% of technological innovation. From this set of data, we can see the important position of private economy in Shenzhen’s economic and social development. In 2023, Huawei, BYD and other private enterprises in Shenzhen were selected into the world’s top 500. Among the top 500 private enterprises in China, 27 enterprises came from Shenzhen, and the top 10 enterprises in Shenzhen accounted for 4 seats, which has become the city with the most active private economy and the most concentrated private enterprises in China. We have always grown and developed together with the private economy and private enterprises, and always regard private enterprises and entrepreneurs as our own. On the basis of implementing the "20 Articles of Private Economy" launched last year, we will launch more measures this year to support the private economy to become bigger, better and stronger. First, further reduce the operating costs of private enterprises. Accelerate the construction of high-quality industrial space such as headquarters economic cluster and advanced manufacturing park, implement zero investment in pipeline connection projects outside the red line such as water supply, power supply, gas supply and drainage, promote the green transformation of 100 industrial parks, and reduce the cost of land and energy use for enterprises. Smooth financing channels for private enterprises, continue to promote the linkage among the government, banks, business associations and enterprises, and promote government affairs data to become a "passport" for private enterprises’ financing, and accurately match the financing needs of private enterprises. Strengthen the employment service guarantee of private enterprises,Support schools and scientific research institutions to build professional and practical training bases with private enterprises in an order-based mode, optimize and improve the high-end talent service system, and provide solid talent support and intellectual support for the development of private enterprises. The second is to increase the application scenarios and market opening for private enterprises. Focusing on the goals and tasks of building a pioneer city of ultra-fast broadband, a pioneer city of artificial intelligence, a pioneer city of digital twins, a pioneer city of digital energy, a city of super-charging, a new generation of world-class automobile city, and a city of Euler in HarmonyOS, we will open application scenarios such as smart city operation and management, low-altitude distribution, unmanned driving, charging and replacing facilities, and whole-house intelligence to private enterprises, and provide the best "testing ground" for new technologies and new products of enterprises. We will introduce some measures to expand private investment, support private enterprises to participate in bidding and government procurement on an equal footing, strictly implement the provisions that the number of finalists in state-owned capital investment projects should not be less than one-third, dynamically update the list of major projects, industrial projects and franchise projects recommended to private capital, and support private capital to deeply participate in the construction and operation of affordable housing, "flat and emergency" public infrastructure, urban village reconstruction, old-age care and new infrastructure. The third is to support private enterprises to participate in international competition. Improve and perfect the "going out" comprehensive service platform, give full play to the network functions of 93 sister cities, 26 sister ports, 11 overseas economic and trade liaison offices, 4 overseas economic and trade representative offices and the majority of business associations, and support private enterprises to "go out to sea in groups".Integrate all kinds of resources to provide more convenient and efficient foreign-related legal services, industrial policy consultation, investment risk early warning and other support for overseas enterprises, and increase consular protection for overseas enterprises. Make good use of the list of products from Shenzhen’s dominant enterprises covering 222 enterprises and 228 products and services, help private enterprises to expand overseas markets, vigorously explore emerging markets such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Latin America and Africa, and increase the "depth" of the global market. thank you

Reporter: The Economic Daily asked a question. Recently, a conference on accelerating the high-quality development of the service industry was held in Shenzhen, and it was proposed to build a new high-quality and efficient modern service industry system with Shenzhen characteristics and advantages. Excuse me, Deputy Director Ye Wenge, what is the work foundation and work goal of this year in accelerating the high-quality development of service industry in the business field?

Ye Wenge: Thank you for your question. Let me answer this question. Here, I would like to briefly introduce some situations of accelerating the high-quality development of the service industry in the business field. The first is wholesale and retail. Last year, the added value of wholesale and retail in our city was 292.3 billion yuan, accounting for 8.4% of GDP, but there is still much room for growth. This year, in the wholesale industry, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will focus on four tasks: First, accelerate the introduction and cultivation of a number of wholesale enterprises. The second is to highlight the development of wholesale business related to the supply chain of manufacturing industry chain. The third is to take the import and export business as an important starting point for the wholesale industry. Fourth, vigorously develop wholesale business related to bulk commodities and high-quality consumer goods. In the retail industry, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will focus on the following three tasks: First, introduce and cultivate more retail enterprises that are marketable and lead the demand; Second, from the needs of residents and tourists, constantly optimize the layout of the city’s retail industry; The third is to vigorously develop e-commerce, especially cross-border e-commerce. Our import and export target for cross-border e-commerce this year is 300 billion yuan.

The second is the convention and exhibition industry. Last year, the exhibition industry in our city achieved leap-forward development, and the number of exhibitions held, the exhibition area, the revenue of exhibition enterprises and the number of conferences held all achieved the best level of growth in history. However, we need to make greater efforts in the quantity and quality of holding international conferences and national conferences. This year, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will focus on the following three tasks: First, cultivate and build a number of professional exhibitions and fine exhibitions. Strive to increase the number of new industries and future industrial exhibitions by 10% throughout the year. The second is to turn the popularity of convention and exhibition economy into the kinetic energy of development. Strive to hold an exhibition area of 12 million square meters throughout the year, and give full play to the role of exhibitions in promoting investment, facilitating transactions, exchanges and cooperation. The third is to improve various supporting facilities and services around the needs of participating in the exhibition.

The third is trade in services. Last year, our city comprehensively deepened the pilot of innovation and development of service trade, and promoted the full implementation of 102 measures in the pilot list. The import and export of service trade reached US$ 130.07 billion, an increase of over 20%. It can be said that the demonstration effect of service trade innovation in our city continues to expand, among which four service trade innovation cases, such as "Simplifying the Maritime Procedures for Yacht Free Travel in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao", were selected as the third batch and the fourth batch of "Best Practice Cases" of the the State Council Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference Office for the Comprehensive Deepening of Service Trade Innovation and Development, and 20 enterprises and four projects were promoted to be selected as key national cultural export enterprises and key projects in 2023-2024. Last year, we also issued the Work Plan of Shenzhen Municipality on Implementing the Construction Plan of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Digital Pilot Area for Global Trade, comprehensively promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of the whole trade chain, and promoting the digital development of new trade industries, new formats and new models.

On March 22nd, the Ministry of Commerce issued Special Administrative Measures for Cross-border Trade in Services (Negative List) (2024 edition) and Special Administrative Measures for Cross-border Trade in Services in Pilot Free Trade Zone (2024 edition), which are important measures for China to actively benchmark international high-standard economic and trade rules and promote institutional opening, and will provide new opportunities for global open cooperation in service trade. We will carefully sort out the contents of the list and make further innovations. We in Shenzhen are confident of achieving more and greater results in service trade.

Promoting the high-quality development of service industry is a systematic project. Next, under the deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will formulate policies related to the high-quality development of service industry segments and make systematic arrangements to implement them. In 2024, Shenzhen’s service industry has great potential, unlimited prospects, great potential and just the right time.

thank you

Reporter: Phoenix TV reporter asked questions. We would like to pay attention to the current foreign investment confidence in Shenzhen, and ask Deputy Director Huang Xiaoyu what specific measures the government has to optimize the business environment for foreign investment? thank you

Huang Xiaoyu: I am very grateful to the reporters of Phoenix TV and the media friends present for their attention to the foreign investment in Shenzhen. Attracting and utilizing foreign investment is an important part of promoting high-level opening to the outside world and building a new open economic system. In 2023, 8002 foreign-invested enterprises were established in the city, up by 86.6% year-on-year, and the actually used foreign capital was 62.62 billion yuan, indicating that the momentum of foreign investment in Shenzhen has not diminished, and multinational companies are still optimistic about the investment prospects in Shenzhen. In 2023, the Shenzhen Global Investment Conference negotiated and signed more than 380 projects, involving an investment of over one trillion yuan.

From January to February 2024, the actual use of foreign capital in the city was 7.04 billion yuan, and the newly established foreign-invested enterprises in the city were mainly concentrated in the service industry, among which the newly established foreign-invested enterprises in scientific research and technical service industry increased by 97.1%.

In order to further optimize the foreign investment environment, improve the level of investment promotion and increase the intensity of attracting foreign investment, the following three aspects are mainly done:

The first is to expand the breadth and depth of opening up. Vigorously implement the 24 policies and measures to stabilize foreign investment issued by the State Council, strictly implement the negative list of foreign investment access, and completely cancel the restrictions on foreign investment access in the manufacturing sector. We will further implement the new negative list of foreign investment access in the country, continue to reduce the restrictions on foreign investment access, and carry out access pilots in areas such as medical care and value-added telecommunications that foreign-funded enterprises are very concerned about. We will further promote the reform and opening-up of major platforms such as Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone and Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone, increase the comprehensive pilot demonstration of service industry expansion and opening-up, support more qualified foreign-funded institutions to carry out business in banking, insurance, bond funds and other fields, and encourage foreign investors to set up private equity funds and carry out various investment activities according to law.

The second is to increase the guidance of foreign investment. Combined with the relevant documents of the state and our city, we will speed up the introduction of the implementation measures for further attracting and utilizing foreign capital and the methods for identifying the headquarters enterprises of multinational corporations (revised version), strengthen the publicity of investment opportunities and policies for the whole world, give play to the dynamic role of policies, promote the docking of investment promotion and the matching of projects, and introduce a number of influential foreign-funded landmark projects.

The third is to strengthen foreign investment promotion and service guarantee. We will implement the round-table meeting system for foreign-invested enterprises, answer policy questions that foreign-invested enterprises care about, give full play to the all-round and multi-level service role of Shenzhen’s public service system for foreign investment promotion, provide enterprises with one-stop service throughout their life cycle, and coordinate and solve difficulties and problems in the operation of foreign-invested enterprises in a timely manner. Next, we will upgrade the foreign investment promotion and service system, deepen the normal exchanges with foreign-funded enterprises and foreign business associations, continuously improve and optimize the level of foreign investment services, and continue to create a market-oriented, rule-of-law and international first-class business environment, so that Shenzhen will always become a hot spot for transnational investment, allowing foreign-funded enterprises to enter, stay and develop well. thank you

Reporter: Southern Finance all-media reporter asked questions. It is understood that the "single window" of international trade in Shenzhen has played an important role in improving the level of cross-border trade facilitation and the high-quality development of foreign trade services. Can Deputy Director Ye Wenge please tell us about the current operation of "single window" and what new measures will be taken in 2024? thank you

Ye Wenge: Thank you for your questions. The single window of international trade is an important digital infrastructure for the high-quality development of foreign trade. By the end of 2023, the single window of Shenzhen international trade had been launched in 36 business fields and 165 business modules, providing over 2,000 services. There are 148,300 registered enterprises on the platform and over 500,000 enterprises serving the whole country. Business indicators rank among the top in the country. In 2023, major business applications exceeded 53 million votes, accounting for 66.2% of the province and 14.1% of the country.

With regard to the construction of a single window for international trade, according to the work arrangement of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce has studied and formulated the Action Plan for the Construction of a Comprehensive Foreign Trade Service System for China (Shenzhen) International Trade Single Window, and put forward 23 specific measures from four aspects: strengthening digital processing capacity, promoting data aggregation and sharing, optimizing and innovating public services, and supporting the development of new formats and new models, so as to improve the convenience of international trade business through digital empowerment.

In 2023, focusing on the logistics cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, we developed and launched the "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Seamless Customs Clearance" service, realizing the "one-time entry and two-place declaration" of customs clearance documents between Shenzhen and Hong Kong in the "single window" of international trade in Shenzhen, and reducing the import and export business cost of each ticket between the two places by more than 60%; Focus on improving the efficiency of tax refund, research and develop an online electronic filing document system for export tax refund and collaborative service for export tax refund, and reduce the tax refund cycle of users to three working days; Focus on the docking of financial services between banks and enterprises, research and develop the online "foreign trade financial supermarket", realize the "full-process online operation" of international settlement, empower financial institutions to optimize foreign trade credit products through data, realize more than 220,000 trade verification services, and settle and pay more than 8.1 billion US dollars online, helping SMEs to increase their average credit line by more than 660,000 yuan and reduce their average interest rate by 2.1 percentage points. At the same time, the country’s first full-mode sunshine public service platform for cross-border e-commerce was built, providing one-stop sunshine services of "customs clearance, remittance and tax", and the declared business volume reached 2.3 billion votes.

In 2024, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will closely follow the theme of promoting the high-quality development of foreign trade, accelerate the application of new technologies such as "blockchain+big data+artificial intelligence", and launch a number of "foreign trade+customs clearance+logistics+finance" public services with local characteristics in Shenzhen, further enrich the digital service benchmarking scenarios such as intelligent customs clearance, smart logistics, smart tax rebate, international settlement, freight insurance and trade financing, and make every effort to build a big data base for shipping trade in Shenzhen.

thank you

Su Rongcai: Dear media friends, our graphic record of this conference will be released in Shenzhen and official platforms such as Shenzhen Government Online. At the same time, there will also be video playback on media platforms such as Read Special, Shenzhen I and Shenzhen I.. This is the end of today’s press conference. Thank you for your publishers and media friends’ support. Thank you!

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