Reading for all has infinite charm.

Carrying out "reading for all" activities throughout the country is an important measure to build a learning society and an indispensable cultural construction to realize the great Chinese dream. Since the nationwide reading activity was launched, it has received enthusiastic response from all walks of life and achieved remarkable results.

Why should we advocate reading for all? In short, reading can cure fools and improve intelligence; Long knowledge and broad thinking; Learn skills and increase your skills; Enrich one’s thoughts and cultivate one’s sentiments. One person benefits from reading; Read for all and benefit all. In a word: opening books is beneficial. For individuals, reading can improve their quality and change their destiny; For the nation, reading can inherit civilization and spread science. Therefore, Confucius never let go of the book all his life, and in his seventies, he still "read the Book of Changes and compiled three unique works by Wei"; Gorky "threw himself at the book, just like a hungry man threw himself at the bread". Zheng Chenggong sincerely felt that "cultivating the heart is nothing more than wanting, and the joy is nothing more than reading"; Ji Xianlin sincerely praised "reading is the best thing in the world". They all turned reading into a necessity of life, and enjoyed it tirelessly, so they benefited greatly and benefited for life. They come from different ages and engage in different occupations, which can be regarded as a microcosm of national reading.

Reading for all evolved from "World Reading Day". The purpose of setting up reading day is to call on everyone in the whole society to read, so that books can become a necessity and reading can become a part of life. Therefore, every year on World Reading Day, we will sum up our experience, discuss our gains and losses, and put forward improvement measures to make the reading activities for the whole people more solid and effective.

Reading for the whole people depends on persistence and long-term success. Marx studied hard all his life, and regarded reading as his life. No matter how poor and difficult his life was, he never forgot to study, often forgot to eat and sleep, day and night, and finally slept on his desk. Mao Zedong studied tirelessly since he was a teenager, read widely and loved reading all his life. He was still studying a few hours before his death. They are all models who insist on reading, which makes people stop at the mountains. Unfortunately, some of us spend three days fishing and two days drying the net, reading a few pages when we are happy, and putting them on the shelf when we are depressed; Turn over a few articles in your spare time, and forget about it when you are busy with your work. Such a reading attitude, in a spirit, exposed to ten cold, it is difficult to gain something. In view of this, we should also persevere in reading, and the long running water will not stop, and over time, water drops and stones will wear out before we can read out the benefits and effects.


全民阅读,要加强引导,让大家多读好书,多读经典。所谓好书,一是具有思想性、艺术性、可读性;二是经得起时间检验,能够传世;三是被评论家广泛认可,拥有大量读者。若按这三个标准衡量,好书与古今中外那些经典书最为接近。人生如白驹过隙,书籍却浩如烟海。为提高生命的知识含量和学习效率, 就一定要多读经典,以便在有限时间获取更有价值的知识。多读经典,于个人可以广见识、明事理、受熏陶,善莫大焉;对社会而言,则可教化民众,端正风气,提高全民族精神文明素质,对于我们正在打造的书香社会更是功德无量。

Reading by the whole people should keep pace with the times in various ways. It can be either a flat paper book reading or an e-book reading; You can read on the computer network or on the mobile phone WeChat. It can be a big time to concentrate on studying, or it can be a casual browsing of leftover materials; It can be the sound of books in the classroom, or it can be "immediately, on the pillow, on the toilet" when you are busy. In short, it’s not stick to one pattern, it’s good to read it, and it’s beneficial to read it

Reading for all makes reading a common practice. Taking reading as a way of life is not only a rational and conscious choice, but also a need to adapt to the objective situation. Reading can be a subjective hobby, because if you are interested, you will feel happy, such as drinking good wine and soaking in the spring breeze. At the same time, you can cultivate your sentiment, open your mind, improve your consciousness and broaden your knowledge. Reading is also an objective need, which can acquire knowledge, learn skills, increase talents and broaden ideas, so as to be competent for the work, keep up with the situation, meet challenges calmly and be invincible in the fierce competition. (Author: Chen Lumin)