Launching Ceremony of the 7th "Tracing China —— Entering Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties" Historical Culture and Reading Festival at Huaxi Primary School in Innovation Street

  Elephant News Oriental Jinbao reporter Gong Fengshuo correspondent He Quanyi/graphic

  Cross history and explore cultural roots. Focus on books and feel the humanistic context. On March 18th, 2024, the 7th "Tracing China — Entering the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, the launching ceremony of the historical culture and reading festival was held on the beautiful campus as scheduled, and all teachers and students participated in the ceremony.

  First of all, President Shine Wong made a speech for this historical, cultural and reading festival. The rolling river of history and the profoundness of culture have quietly flowed into the blood of Huaxi students. President Wang not only brought the children back to the past dynasties, but also learned about the brilliant cultural and artistic achievements of Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties. Encourage everyone to talk to history in practice, lay a foundation for life, wish everyone to meet a better self in reading, make reading a habit, and let books float all over Huaxi.

  Northern Dynasty folk songs, Mulan legend, women disguised as men, went out on behalf of their fathers. Some students in Grade One and Grade Two of the school brought excerpts from the speech of Brother Liu from Mulan, Henan Opera, with a unique accent, lovely appearance and majestic momentum, just like an audio-visual feast, and the students called it "wonderful"!

  During the Wei and Jin Dynasties, literature was brilliant, Jian ‘an was strong and talented. Then, all the students in Class Four and Class Four brought "Short Songs", and the students crossed time and space together to touch the beating heart of the heroes in the world. Cherish the present together and write a brilliant life with diligence!

  Reading history can make us transparent and open-minded, and reading can make us have excellent knowledge. At the launching ceremony, the sixth-grade students Wang Jiahan, Li Yuetong, Li Zhuoyi and Li Xinyi, as students’ representatives, shared their reading achievements and issued the initiative of this historical, cultural and reading festival.

  When spring is blooming, let’s embark on the long river of tracing China together. It is beneficial to open books, be diligent and thoughtful, broaden our horizons, strengthen our historical self-confidence and cultural self-confidence, and appreciate great ideas and splendid culture. Let books fill the campus of Huaxi, and let history fill our lives.