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From Dongfeng Express

The scenery on the way to zipper is often so charming. It was already two o’clock in the morning when I arrived at the lake. The oncoming cold wind gave me a warm hug, which suddenly blew away the fatigue of the journey and the deep sleep at night.

This 100-kilometer journey passes through dozens of large and small villages, endless pastures, sand islands with towering peaks, and greetings from tourists on the road, all of which add a little interest to this 100-kilometer tour. We sang military songs and encouraged each other to come to the lake.

After a year, I walked this road again, but the fierce yaks and unrestrained horses in the pasture along the way seem to have changed a batch, just like my comrades on this trip. A group of new faces walked hand in hand on this road.

Yes! It has been more than half a year since the squad leader left the army. I can’t help but feel foolish when I think of our tandem encouragement and walking on this familiar and unfamiliar road.

At this time, the company commander’s voice brought me back to reality. The company commander said, "Monitor Wang, you will be on duty at night for a while. You can arrange it according to the actual situation." I immediately ran to discuss with the other three squad leaders: "Why don’t you send two capable guards to each class?"

In this way, I took the recruit of our class, Xiao Du, and stood on the first patrol post. Xiao Du and I walked on this endless grassland, and the fragrance of the soil swept through, which is the natural taste. Looking at the lake, there is a bright moon in the distant mountains, and the silver moonlight fills the whole lake, making the lake with ripples as blue as the ocean, and the various signs on the lake are also shining with a trace of Yin Hui. In a thousand miles of moonlight, the tent we live in seems so insignificant that even the stars in the sky seem to be just symbols on the sky.

Hunter, a military dog over one year old, ran out of the tent from nowhere, turned left and right beside me, and sometimes licked my trouser legs and wagged his little tail vigorously to show his love here.

A cool breeze blows gently, and the moon is bright. Xiao Du and I slowed down, and Hunter wagged his tail and followed, enjoying the beauty of this area.

There is a river around the tent, and the thin water is shining, and the tender grass beside the river grows green, which adds a touch of agility to this river injected into the lake. Perhaps our footsteps alarmed the fish at the entrance, and they swam happily and didn’t want to leave.

A gust of cold wind brought me yearning. Last time I came with the monitor, the river was surrounded by wild flowers all over the place, and it was dancing willfully. At that time, I sat by the river with the monitor and talked about the feeling of coming to the army. I said, "The army is actually quite monotonous, boring and tasteless." The monitor said, "Life in the army is not boring, but it is still beautiful. You have to be good at discovering it." Now, I have repeated this sentence with Xiao Du.

Going north, rows of withered Sophora japonica are not glamorous and eye-catching, but silently guarding this natural beauty, like a veteran of military career, striving for fame and fortune, taking root in the military camp.

Walking to the hillside seems to be closer to the moon. The bright moonlight illuminates the open space in front of the tent area like day, and the camouflage net with complex colors is clearly visible. The distant castle peak is covered with a layer of silver gauze, mysterious and quiet. There is no light in the scattered small villages at the foot of the mountain at this time, only yellow walls and red tiles are seen, and there are dim acacia trees.

At night in the country, there are no lights, no bustling noise of the city, only peace and serenity! Xiao Du and I leaned against the fence to look at the bright moon, the stars, the night view, and the cold wind blowing, and my thoughts were myriad.

In the army, I am not a member of "heartbroken people are in the end of the world", and I am not lonely as "till, raising my cup, I asked the bright moon, to bring me my shadow and make us three". I am glad that I have countless comrades to accompany me; I am glad that my youth has a little more happiness in camouflage; I am glad that comrades-in-arms are not brothers but brothers.

In contrast, we struggle in the military career, what’s wrong with a little regret? There is a corner in the city or country where you live, and there is a lamp among thousands of lights, which is enough! When work is not smooth, life is frustrated, and mood is low, find a self-healing way to release yourself, write down the sun, moon and stars, flowers bloom and fall, and go to Qiu Lai in spring …

The night was particularly quiet, and Xiao Du said, "Monitor, it’s time to be laid off." Back to the tent, I looked at my sleeping comrades, turned on my mobile phone, sent a sentence "I understand the beauty of the army" to the old squad leader who was far away from home, and then slept under the pillow of moonlight.

Author:Wang xinglai

Broadcast: Zhang Yuming

Source: Rocket Soldier