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From Putuo in the Red West of Shanghai to Ludian County in the hinterland of Wumeng Mountain, since 2021, the two places have witnessed the deep affection of Shanghai-Yunnan cooperation. Since the beginning of this year, Putuo District has continued to carry forward the spirit of "people are reliable (general) and things are done (tuo)", constantly expanding the depth of cooperation with an unshakable political stance and down-to-earth work style, helping Ludian County to realize endless new industries, constantly improving the employment level, and helping the rural revitalization to make great strides forward … The days of local people are getting more and more prosperous.

The development of key industries helps rural revitalization

When it comes to high-quality apple producing areas, many Shanghai residents’ first reaction is apples from the north. But in fact, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province is the largest high-quality apple production base in the south of China.

In Ludian County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, apples have been planted for more than 70 years. They are known for their bright color, delicate meat, rich juice, rich fruit aroma and rich selenium. However, due to the extensive traditional planting mode and the lack of modern grading inspection and testing technology, the standardization and marketization of local high-quality apples are low. In recent years, the similar situation has changed. Relying on the cooperation mechanism between Shanghai and Yunnan, the apple industry in Ludian is accelerating.

At the end of 2021, with the help of the cooperation mechanism between the east and the west in Putuo District, Ludian County introduced enterprises to contract and plant 2,200 mu of apple base in Taoyuan Township, and adopted modern planting mode.

Apple has become the local "fruit of getting rich". Two years have passed, and apples in Ludian County have been harvested one after another. This year, the local industrial park cold storage was also built, with a maximum cold storage capacity of over 10,000 tons, which effectively helped the locally abundant apples to be transported into the cold storage in time for storage and preservation, and the peak sales were staggered, thus enhancing the added value for the apple industry.

"Now, the cold storage has driven the apple sorting line workshop to put into use, attracting more than 300 people around, with a per capita income of nearly 30,000 yuan, and the local people have increased their income." Xu Xiong, a cadre of aiding Yunnan in Putuo District, member of the Standing Committee of Ludian County Committee and deputy county magistrate, told reporters in a telephone interview.

Apples are crisp, and walnuts, another important crop in Ludian County, are more ripe.

Ludian County is the key walnut production base in Yunnan Province, and also the origin and main producing area of hemp walnut, with a planting area of more than 850,000 mu. Since the pairing assistance between Putuo District and Ludian County, in accordance with the principle of "central requirements, Ludian needs, Putuo can", Putuo District has invested real money, sincerity, and hard work to help the local area fill the shortcomings in the deep processing and development of walnut industry.

In 2021, based on the project of intensive processing workshop of walnut industry in Ludian County, Ludian County introduced professional food production enterprises, developed high value-added products, expanded the market of walnuts, and developed intensive processing products of walnuts such as walnut oil, walnut kernels and walnut leisure snacks, which brought employment and income to local people, and embarked on a road of rural revitalization with industrial employment and effectively stimulated endogenous development momentum.

"Driven by the walnut intensive processing workshop project, this year, relevant production enterprises took the initiative to go to Longtoushan Town, Jiangdi Town and Huodehong Town to buy green-skinned walnuts from farmers. Farmers no longer peel green-skinned walnuts and sun-dried walnuts as in previous years, and then look for sales. Now, you can easily sell walnuts at your doorstep, saving labor and enriching the’ money bag’. " Jie Yi, a cadre of aiding Yunnan in Putuo District and deputy director of Rural Revitalization Bureau of Ludian County, told the reporter.

The frozen park and industrial park are just a microcosm of Putuo’s contribution to local industrial development under the cooperation of Shanghai and Yunnan. Since the "hand in hand" between Putuo District and Ludian County in 2021, more than 60 projects have been implemented in Putuo District, and the deep processing production lines of characteristic agricultural products such as apples, peppers and walnuts in Ludian County will all be established, and a number of key projects will be built, such as the cold storage of Ludian County Industrial Park, Xinjie Town Xinjie Community and Rural Revitalization Demonstration Site, Blueberry Industry Demonstration Base, and Natural Energy Water Lifting Project.

"The industry is booming, and the sales market should be broadened. Since 2021, since Putuo District paired up to help Ludian County, the aid cadres have focused on consumption cooperation and boosted’ cloud products into Shanghai’. We have helped local sales of agricultural and sideline products to exceed 57 million yuan, helping local people to increase their income." Xie Yixin said with joy.

Employment "in and out" enhances residents’ sense of gain

Maojiawan Easy Relocation and Resettlement Area is the second largest easy relocation and resettlement area in China, with the largest number of poverty-stricken households and nearly 40,000 people. How to continuously meet the employment needs of local residents, so that the majority of easy-to-move people can realize "moving out, staying stable and getting rich"?

This year, Putuo District continued to introduce food enterprises, and recruited jobs such as small kebabs, boneless chicken feet, and beef and mutton prefabricated dishes. At the same time, in order to further satisfy Ludian County’s concentration of enterprises and industries that attract investment from the east and the west to the plateau characteristic green food industrial park supporting the resettlement area, it is convenient for the people who are easy to move to and from work nearby. For enterprises that have been operating in the local area, Ludian County has actively done a good job in enterprise service and helped production enterprises to connect with the Shanghai market through the cooperation mechanism between the east and the west.

In addition to developing local industries, the transfer of labor force to employment is one of the most direct and effective ways to increase farmers’ income. On the basis of previous years, relying on Ludian Sub-station of Putuo Labor Cooperation Workstation, this year, we will build a part-time market in the part-time gathering place of Yi Qian ‘an District in Maojiawan.

"Under the multi-measures employment measures, Ludian County has helped nearly 2,000 rural laborers to find jobs and nearly 400 rural laborers to find jobs in Shanghai this year. It also held 15 labor cooperation training courses to train more than 650 rural laborers. " Jie Yi told reporters.

In Ludian County, the cadres of Putuo District’s aid to Yunnan always insist on the effective connection between consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, preventing large-scale poverty return in poverty-stricken areas, and promoting the income increase of poverty-stricken people. In accordance with the requirements of "the central government requires what Ludian needs and Putuo can do", taking the cooperation between Shanghai and Yunnan as an important opportunity, they actively explore and carry the resource endowment of Putuo District, regard industrial development as the top priority of the cooperation between the east and the west of Ludian County, and pay close attention to the industry, promote employment and promote.

When it comes to 2024, aid cadres in Yunnan are full of energy and confidence. "In June next year, our three-year attachment period is coming to an end. As always, we will carry forward the good style of" people are reliable (general) and things are done (tuo) ",do a good job in all kinds of assistance work, collect officials for this round of aid to Yunnan, and make a good start for successors." Xu Xiong expressed his position.

"I will be cautious to the end, continue to maintain high work enthusiasm and rigorous work style, and strive to be a’ five-owned’ reliable cadre in the new era, seize the day and live up to the glory." Jie Yi said.

Source: Shanghai Putuo

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