Reading at night If you love, life is lovely everywhere.

  "If you love, life is lovely everywhere." "If the heart is small, all the little things will be big; When the heart is big, all the big things are small. " He used graceful and quiet words to soothe people’s hearts and convey love and goodwill.

  "After people leave, a crescent moon is like water." "The streamer is easy to throw people, red cherries and green plantains." He uses poetic paintings to outline beauty and praise life.

  He is a master of comics, prose, calligraphy and music — — Feng Zikai. On November 9, 1898, Feng Zikai was born. Tonight, follow his works, break away from the secular network, and pay attention to the most authentic and beautiful world.

If you love, life is lovely everywhere;

If you hate, life is hateful everywhere;

If you are grateful, you can be grateful everywhere;

If you grow, everything can grow.

The world didn’t choose you, but you chose the world.

Since there is nowhere to hide, it is better to be silly;

There is nowhere to escape, it is better to be happy;

Without pure land, it is better to meditate;

It’s better to be relieved if you don’t get what you want.

There are things that are not done, and there is not enough to know;

The spirit is hidden in the chest, and the gas floats on the surface;

Talent is seen in things, and loyalty is given to people.

If the heart is small, all the little things will be big;

When the heart is big, all the major events are small;

Look down on the vicissitudes of the world and feel safe inside.


Life has three floors:

The first layer is material life,

The second layer is spiritual life,

The third layer is the soul life.

Everything goes with the flow;

Take things in stride;

Indifferent when you are proud;

Calm when frustrated;

Hard twists and turns are inevitable;

Go through the vicissitudes of life.

Books are piled up like mountains, and reading is like water.

There is a limit to the mountain shape, and the current never stops.

This world is not the world of the rich,

It’s not a world of people without money,

It’s a world for you.

Cut the net

Zikai Feng

  It turns out that this kind of thing "price" is easy to limit and reduce the meaning of things.

  Big uncleplay(Note: Wu vocabulary, meaning play)After coming back from the big world, I put two bags of chestnuts from Liangxiang on the table, lying in a rattan chair, with a happy and tired face, shook my head and said:


  "Shanghai local white phase is really happy! Beijing opera, new opera, shadow play, drum, storytelling, juggling, everything; Tea, wine, vegetables and snacks are your choice; There are also elevator spacecraft, flywheel, running ice … … Tigers, lions, peacocks, serpents, etc … … What a wonder! Alas, Bai Xiang is really happy, but he is not happy at the thought of copper coins. It’s easy to use copper coins in Shanghai! If Bai Xiang doesn’t want copper coins, hahahaha … …”

  I also accompanied him "Hahahaha … …”

  What my uncle said is really reasonable! "Bai Xiang is really happy, but he is unhappy at the thought of copper coins." I have often experienced this situation. I always feel that life is very meaningful when I take a boat, take a bus or buy things without thinking about money. I am very grateful to the manufacturers’ workers and suppliers’ businessmen. But the thought of a quid pro quo for money kills more than half of the fun.

  The same is true of teaching: how meaningful and happy it is to study together with a class of young people or children and tell them a little knowledge! However, when I heard the imperative bell for class and the bell for class, I did the military-style "roll call" and thought of the "salary" for business, my spirit became unhappy and I became disgusted with the "class". This is exactly the same as the big uncle’s white world. So I admire my uncle’s words are reasonable, and accompany him with a "hahahaha".

  The original "price" of a thing is easy to limit and reduce the meaning of things.

  For example, as the great aunt said, "A pot of tea in the Republican Hall costs twenty cents, and a look at the lion costs twenty coppers." If the price of a thing is set, the meaning of this thing is limited. It seems that eating a pot of tea in the Republican Hall is equivalent to eating twenty cents, and watching a lion is nothing more than watching twenty coppers. However, the tea in the actual Republican Hall is more interesting to me as a drinker and to me as a lion as a spectator.

  Therefore, if we look at things from the perspective of valuing money, there is only one thing of money in the world, and there is no other meaning, so the meaning of everything is reduced.

  If we want to know the true meaning of the existence of things, we must remove all its relations with the world.

  "price"Is to make things have a relationship with money. It is known that all other "relationships" in the world are enough to hinder the true meaning of the existence of things themselves. Therefore, if we want to know the true meaning of the existence of things themselves, we must remove all their relations with the world.

  Big uncle must be able to often forget about copper coins and talk about the world, so he can be so happy and praise. However, he just removed a relationship of "price". If you can always live in this world without thinking about all the relationships in the world, your life will be more enjoyable.

  For the wheat wave in the world, don’t think of it as the raw material of bread, and for the oranges in the plate, don’t think of it as the fruit to quench your thirst; For beggars on the road, don’t think of them as poor people begging for money; For the current scenery, don’t think of it as the countryside of a town or a village. If we can have this view, people in the world can always be happy and praise, just like the big uncle’s big world.


  I want to find a pair of quick scissors, cut this net to pieces, and then come to know the truth of the world.

  IIt seems that there is a huge and complicated net in this world. Everything, big and small, is firmly tied in this net, so when I want to grasp a certain thing, I always have to touch countless lines and bring out countless other things, so that this thing can’t appear in front of my eyes alone and clearly, so I can never see the truth of the world.


  In the big world, my uncle only cut off a thread tied to "money", which has been satisfied and returned. So I want to find a pair of quick scissors, cut this net to pieces, and then come to know the truth of the world.


△ The above illustrations and paintings are all from Feng Zikai.


Master Feng Zikai


  Feng Zikai is a modern cartoonist, essayist, educator, translator and calligrapher. On November 9, 1898, he was born in Chongde County, Zhejiang Province. In 1914, when he was studying in Zhejiang First Normal School, he studied under Li Shutong and Xia Mianzun. Li Shutong taught him music and painting, and Xia Mianzun taught him literature. Li Shutong had a deep influence on him, and later he even converted to Buddhism with Li Shutong, and wrote by nursing students with him.

△ Feng Zikai painted "Equality" for by nursing students

  He published more than 170 collections of paintings, works and translations in his life, including essays on Yuanyuantang, Rewriting on Yuanyuantang, Twenty Essays and Artistic Interest. His writing style is graceful and quiet, but his cartoons are the most commendable. His cartoons mostly depict children, which are humorous, poetic and full of humanistic care.

  At the same time, he is also a calligrapher.

  In 1935, he co-published Enlightened Mandarin Textbooks with Ye Shengtao, which reformed the primary school textbooks at that time. After that, he successively wrote 32 kinds of music books for primary and middle school students and ordinary music lovers, which were simple and vivid, and popularized the knowledge of western music.

  After the founding of New China, he settled in Shanghai and died in Shanghai on September 15th, 1975.

Memories of Father Feng Zikai (Excerpt)

Author: Feng Yiyin (daughter of Feng Zikai)

  △ About the beginning of 1937, Feng Zikai andyoungest daughterSing on the flower bed in the front yard of Yuanyuantang.


  Father has a kind heart. He loves all living things in the world. He loves human beings and children more. He believes that "the most honorable person in the world" and "the most spiritual person in the world is the child". He once said: "The method of raising children is very simple. To bring up a child, as long as you teach him to be a child forever, you will never lose the heart of his child. "

  So my father instilled in us all kinds of education, one of which was "education of love". Love our motherland, respect our elders, help others and treat others equally. It is in this environment that we grew up when we were young.

  In helping others and treating others equally, my father set an example for us with his own behavior. Father’s love for people is not limited by wealth and rank. As long as he is a kind person, his father is almost responsive to him.

  There is a distant granduncle in my hometown, who is honest and leads a poor life. When my father learned about it, he remitted money to him regularly every month as a support, which lasted for more than ten years and never stopped. Until this great-uncle died of old age.

  △ In Meiyu, Shanghai in 1948, Feng Zikai took a photo with Mei Lanfang with her young daughter.

  My father has no airs when he treats the nanny at home. My father never wanted a nanny to serve him, but he also took the initiative to care about the nanny’s life. Anyone who comes to my house as a nanny likes to stay here, unless my family moves to another city, or she has to resign because of something in her own family. He said, "People have abandoned their family to serve us. We should treat her as one of our own!"

  Father not only taught us to treat others equally, but also taught us to love all life in the world, as small as ants. Originally, I trampled an ant carelessly. Once my father saw me, he quickly stopped me and said, "Ants also have homes, and their parents are waiting for him. You trampled him to death, and his parents are going to cry. " I didn’t know it was called "nursing students" until I grew up. He advised us not to trample on ants, not to talk about "accumulated virtue" or "retribution", nor to protect the ants in the world, but to cultivate a kind heart from our childhood. He said that if we lose this heart, we can crush hundreds of ants with one foot today, and when this heart develops in the future, it will become an aggressor and kill innocent people.

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