Xiamen continues to carry out beach protection and restoration to increase more pro-sea space.

Strolling along the beach and overlooking the sea is a pleasant leisure way for Xiamen people. The "Gold Coast" of more than 20 kilometers makes coastal tourism a "golden signboard" in Xiamen. The blue sea and silver beach is not only a gift from nature, but also from the local protection and restoration for many years.
"The beach is a valuable natural resource and plays an important role in ecological services, tourism and leisure, disaster prevention and mitigation." Cai Feng, director of the Third Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of Natural Resources, has been deeply involved in beach protection and restoration for nearly 30 years, leading the team to think of many ways and do a lot of work for the beaches in Xiamen.
According to reports, in the 1980s, due to natural and human factors, the beaches in Xiamen were damaged to varying degrees, and the beaches were eroded and the environment was messy. The common method of early coastal protection is to build hard revetment with riprap and reinforced concrete. Xiamen, on the other hand, follows the principle of "beach is suitable" to restore beaches, enhance coastal protection capacity and carry out systematic protection and restoration of beaches.
"In order to achieve’ retention, no mud, no sand’, we have carried out research and development on beach restoration technology, integrated and formed a technical system, and formulated four industry standards." Cai Feng said that the development of beach protection and restoration has effectively maintained the health of the beach ecosystem and provided a strong guarantee for the sustainable use of beaches and the improvement of the use function of coastal waters.
Since 2007, Xiamen has successively completed the protection and restoration of many beaches such as Guanyin Mountain, Convention and Exhibition Center and Gulangyu Island, with a cumulative restoration area of 1.65 million square meters. Ke Yuzong, director of Xiamen Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, introduced that the beach protection and restoration is based on Xiamen’s natural characteristics, combined with the sea area use planning, and comprehensively considered the feasibility from the perspective of land and sea planning, which restored the natural form, landform and vegetation units of the coastline to the greatest extent, improved the ability of disaster prevention and mitigation, and restored and improved the ecological function.
Guanyinshan Beach, with an area of 400,000 square meters, is the first landmark beach protection and restoration project in Xiamen. With soft and delicate sand and beautiful coastline, it is a popular tourist destination for tourists. In the process of protection and restoration, Xiamen insists on leaving the most beautiful coastline to the people. The total beach area of the city is 2.4 million square meters, which adds more sea-friendly space for citizens and tourists. Xiamen organically combines sports, culture, tourism and leisure facilities, and organizes beach football matches, beach culture festivals and other activities. The once dirty beach has become a scenic beach and an activity area for cultural and sports events.
In recent years, Xiamen has continuously strengthened cooperation with scientific research institutes in beach protection and restoration, increased investment in scientific research and development, and carried out basic and applied scientific research on beach conservation. Together with the Third Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of Natural Resources and other units, a number of industry standards have been compiled and approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources, which has become an important support for scientific and standardized beach maintenance and restoration projects. Related technologies have been gradually extended to Guangdong, Hainan and other provinces, and have also been applied to coastal protection projects in countries such as Thailand and Sri Lanka where the Belt and Road Initiative is jointly built.

Special Feature: Finding the Way in the Changing Situation —— Review of the International Situation in 2019

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 19th Special feature: Finding the way in the changing situation — — Review of the International Situation in 2019

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Ban Wei

  In 2019, the second decade of the 21st century is coming to an end.

  This year, the world was full of chaos and challenges: the game between big countries intensified, the governance deficit increased, and the world economy continued to slump. The characteristics of the accelerated evolution of the "great change in a hundred years" are more obvious: the dispute between multilateralism and unilateralism is more acute, protectionism and populism are surging against the current, and power politics and bullying are rampant everywhere.

  This year, globalization and multipolarization are still moving forward with heavy burdens in twists and turns, and a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is emerging. More and more countries are seriously thinking about what choices should be made in the contest between cooperation and confrontation, multilateralism and unilateralism, and openness and closure.

  The Sound and the Fury

  The change of the "2019 edition" shows that the game between big countries has obviously warmed up.

  Near the end of the year, NATO held a "70th birthday party". However, American leaders repeatedly complained that "NATO is out of date", demanded NATO member countries to substantially increase their military spending, and called the EU an "enemy" of trade. France said that NATO experienced "brain death" and so on, which made the party "play inharmony", and the wrestling of all parties increased. NATO tasted the birthday cake with "trust deficit".

  The German newspaper Le Monde said: "NATO is now threatened from within." Gusev, director of the Russian Institute of Strategic Planning and Forecasting, said: "The complicated relationship between the United States and NATO allies complicates the current international relations."

  This is the latest epitome of the widening rift in traditional relations in western countries. In one year, the G-7 held a summit, but only issued a "one-page statement" that lacked substance, highlighting internal differences and weak influence. As the world’s largest economy, the United States has repeatedly opened new fronts in the global trade war. After announcing the imposition of tariffs on EU aviation and agricultural goods, it plans to retaliate against French digital tax … …

  During the past year, Russia hoped that Russia-US relations would return to normal, but frankly this situation has not yet appeared, and relations with the United States are "regressing and getting worse and worse". Although Russia and Europe have released in good faith from time to time, improving relations is facing challenges. Japan’s Diplomatic magazine said that "cold peace" seems to be becoming the new normal of bilateral relations.

  The change of the "2019 edition" shows that anxiety, tearing and chaos are staged in many parts of the world, and the uncertainty is further increased.

  Political struggles in Latin American countries have intensified, and governance problems have become prominent; The confrontation between Iran and the West and the Syrian conflict are intertwined, which intensifies the turmoil in the Middle East and presents a peace deficit. Britain’s "Brexit" has been delayed for a long time, revealing social tears and institutional difficulties; The United States continues to "retreat from the group" and tries to make the United States "great again" through unilateralism and protectionism, which has impacted the international order.

  The change of the "2019 edition" is also manifested in the continued downturn of the world economy. Georgieva, the new managing director of the International Monetary Fund, said that trade disputes, Britain’s "Brexit" and the uncertainties brought about by geopolitical tensions are inhibiting the global economic growth potential. IMF predicts that the global economic growth this year will be the lowest since the international financial crisis in 2008.

  The sunshine behind the dark clouds

  In the changing world, people can still touch the development force in the deep dive. The light coming out of the clouds still indicates the general trend of global development.

  In the face of changes, "everyone is also looking for new alternatives and ways out." Zheng Yongnian, a professor at the Institute of East Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore, pointed out that it is a general trend for more countries to jointly promote multilateralism while some western powers are pursuing economic nationalism and unilateralism.

  This year, in the face of counter-current, globalization is making efforts to take new steps. On November 4th, the Third Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) leaders’ meeting issued a joint statement, announcing that the 15 member countries had concluded all text negotiations and virtually all market access negotiations. The publication of the joint statement marks a major breakthrough in the construction of the East Asia Free Trade Area with the largest population, the largest membership structure and the greatest development potential in the world, highlighting that multilateralism and free trade are still the mainstream in the world.

  Yu Jie, a senior researcher at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, believes that the breakthrough in RCEP negotiations plays an exemplary role in solving the development problem of economic globalization and sets an example for developing countries to seek the right to speak in global governance.

  Earlier, the construction of a free trade area on the African continent was officially launched, and the "marathon" negotiations between MERCOSUR and the EU Free Trade Agreement finally came to fruition. Today, with the increasing downside risks of the world economy, more and more countries realize the importance of maintaining free trade and a rules-based multilateral trading system for hedging risks and seeking growth.

  This year, the world saw the trend of the continuous development of multipolarization. In the great changes, emerging markets and developing countries, represented by BRICS countries, are constantly rising, which has injected strong impetus into the reform of the global economic governance system and effectively promoted the process of world multipolarization.

  This year, the world saw that a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation was emerging. The limit of growth has always been a haze lingering over the development of human society. Nowadays, people are increasingly seeing the bright future of innovation-driven solution to the development difficulties.

  In the past year, the world began to enter the stage of 5G commercial deployment, and the transformation of old and new kinetic energy accelerated; AI intelligence in all fields has provided a broad blue ocean for economic development; New breakthroughs have been made in quantum computing, and its prospects are limitless. The new scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation have provided more opportunities for countries to achieve leap-forward development, and also made it an inevitable logic for countries to increasingly blend interests, share common destiny and win-win cooperation.













Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Those jokes caused by "occupational diseases" must be seen by migrant workers!

Tell everyone a joke.

"It’s Friday today, and I won’t go to work tomorrow."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Disease control jun, I’ll laugh first.

Fridays are always wonderful.

In such a good mood

Why don’t we have a few more jokes to help-

Those "occupational diseases" in life

I dowaiterI have been doing this for a long time. On my classmate’s birthday, we went out to eat. In the middle of eating, the next table shouted."waiter". I suddenly stood up and replied "Hello!" Is this the legendary occupational disease?

taxi driverAfter working for eight years, I went to the supermarket by private car one day and saw someone waving a taxi by the roadside, so I turned right and went straight to others, stopped by them, and then drove away silently without thinking.

Today, I went to the supermarket to buy a bowl. The cashier’s sister said, "Two dollars and five cents". I didn’t have change and gave a ten-dollar bill, sister.I’ll just pass the bowl when I get the change, and thenThe cashier sister laughed and the people in line at the back laughed. Alas. Occupational disease, I can’t afford to hurt.

Working outside

Have you ever made a joke because of "occupational disease"?

We often ridicule "occupational diseases"

But in fact, these are not real occupational diseases.

Let’s talk today.

Occupational disease in the true sense


What is a real "occupational disease"?

China has the largest working population in the world.

New occupational health hazards are constantly emerging.

Some migrant workers have to be exposed to all kinds of harmful factors.

Coupled with physical and psychological pressure.

So I got a real "occupational disease"-

industrial diseaseRefers to the employees of enterprises, institutions, individual economic organizations and other employers in their professional activities,Diseases caused by exposure to dust, radioactive substances and other toxic and harmful substances.

The legal occupational diseases in China mainly include (10 categories, 132 kinds):

Occupational pneumoconiosis and other respiratory diseases

Occupational dermatosis

Occupational ophthalmopathy

Occupational otorhinolaryngology and oral diseases

Occupational chemical poisoning

Occupational diseases caused by physical factors

radiation induced diseases

Occupational infectious diseases

occupational cancer

Other occupational diseases

How to judge whether you have occupational diseases?

Refer to these four standards

(1) there must be a factual employment relationship with the employer;

(2) must be produced in the course of engaging in professional activities;

③ It must be caused by contact with dust, radioactive substances and other toxic and harmful factors;

④ It must be the occupational diseases listed in the occupational disease classification and catalogue published by the state. (I won’t list them one by one if there are too many)

Common occupational diseases include these

Do you know?

1. Occupational-related lung diseases, such aschronic bronchitispneumonectasisWait;

2. Bone and soft tissue injuries, such as many forced posture operations such as standing and sitting.Low back pain, shoulder and neck pain, scoliosis, tenosynovitisWait;

3. Career-related heartVascular diseaseFor example, the detection rate of hypertension in high temperature workers is higher than that in non-high temperature workers, and the incidence and mortality of coronary heart disease are increased due to exposure to chemicals such as carbon monoxide and carbon disulfide;

4. Reproductive dysfunction, such as exposure to lead, mercury and carbon disulfide, can lead tobe born prematurelyandabortionThe incidence rate increased;

5. Digestive tract diseases, such as coal miners.Gastrointestinal ulcerThe rate is higher than that of the general population, and high temperature workers can causeIndigestionThe incidence of other diseases has increased.

Don’t want to get occupational diseases

How should workers correctly prevent it?

Stay away from occupational hazards

Workers must take precautions first.

this6 doses of "vaccination"Please accept

Vaccination 1:

Before taking up their posts, workers should sign with the employer.labour contract;

Vaccination 2:

Abide by the occupational health post of the employing unit.operating instructionOr something else.safety regulations;

Vaccination 3:

Persist in homework.Correct use of occupational disease protection articles, such as dust masks, anti-noise earplugs, etc.; (Refer to previous tweets: How important is protective equipment? Know these personal protective equipment and protect occupational health. I will act! )

Vaccination 4:

Participate in the organization of the employer in time.Occupational health examinationAccording to the requirements of medical institutions, timely review relevant occupational abnormal items;

Vaccination 5:

If you find any illness or abnormality that may be related to your occupation, pleaseCheck or consult with professional institutions in time.;

Vaccination 6:

⑥ Take an active part in the activities carried out by the employer.Occupational disease prevention knowledge training, or through the media, the network search knowledge of occupational diseases, improve their awareness of protection. (PS: Pay attention to "Shenzhen Longgang Disease Control", where there is a lot of occupational disease knowledge)


That’s the end of today’s popular science

Have a nice weekend, worker!

—recommended in the past—


Source: CDC trends in China, CDC in Sichuan and CDC in Longgang.

Part of the picture comes from the internet, and the copyright belongs to the author.

Produced by Shenzhen Longgang District Health Education Institute

Operation service: Jing newspaper office

The wind of making up lessons outside school is prevalent, and the recruitment of "pinching the top" should be real.

  Recently, this newspaper has received reports from parents of primary and secondary school students in some places that some middle schools organize examinations and selection through off-campus training institutions in the process of upgrading from primary school to junior high school. The school’s "pinch-top" enrollment forces primary school students to participate in various extracurricular classes in the fourth and fifth grades, and the wind of making up classes outside the school is prevalent. The reporter conducted interviews and surveys in major cities.

  Xiaoshengchu illegally recruited students, and in some places, less than half of primary school graduates participated in computer allocation.

  "Since the fifth grade, my son has no weekends, no winter and summer vacations. When the school is on holiday, we are all making up lessons. " Recently, Li Yun of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, is going to take his son who graduated from primary school to travel. Li Yun told reporters that this is her "reward" for her son. In this year’s junior high school exam, his son was admitted to Qixiu Campus of the Municipal Experimental Education Group.

  When it comes to junior high school education in Hohhot, the experimental middle school is the most famous, with five campuses, three of which are public and two are private, collectively known as Hohhot Experimental Education Group. In recent years, the state has vigorously promoted the balanced development of compulsory education. The public campus of experimental middle schools mainly relies on computers to recruit students, which makes two private branch schools of experimental middle schools that can enroll students independently increasingly sought after. Li Yun’s children are one of them.

  Compulsory education is free of entrance examination, so why can the experimental middle school branch organize "pinching the top" recruitment? Qu Huihua, president of the Experimental Education Group, said: "The education department allows them to enroll students, but they are not allowed to take exams. At present, the personnel and finance of these two campuses, including enrollment, are carried out independently. They can enroll students independently and will not communicate with me. I don’t ask how they enroll students, and I don’t know how to operate. "

  In the investigation, the reporter found that some places turned a deaf ear to the provisions of the Ministry of Education on the simultaneous enrollment of private compulsory education schools and public schools. In many cities, private schools have been the first to recruit students for many years in a row, while public schools have been the last to assign computers.

  In another provincial capital city, at the end of last year, the Education Bureau issued a notice that public junior high schools are free of examination and allocated to schools nearby or relatively nearby, but private junior high schools adopt the method of "computer random allocation+independent enrollment". The best two or three local junior high schools are run by the local people, and "self-enrollment" is allowed. Many parents can only take their children to various remedial classes for their children’s future.

  A student’s parents told the reporter: "I learned that there are entrance exams in junior high schools, both public and private, and the exams in private junior high schools are more difficult." Her daughter entered the public middle school because she didn’t pass the entrance examination of the private middle school.

  The reporter’s investigation in Hohhot found that if the candidates took the private school exam and were admitted, and wanted to participate in the computer allocation of public schools again, they would be deprived of the qualification of the senior high school entrance examination, and they would not have the opportunity to enjoy the relevant preferential policies of high-quality high schools. It is understood that in recent years, there are more than 20,000 junior high school students in Hohhot every year, but only 9,087 primary school graduates participated in the on-site computer allocation this year, less than half of the total.

  The recruitment is becoming more and more hidden, and the teacher of the training class calls temporarily, and also submits resumes and open days.

  In recent years, the Ministry of Education has issued a number of documents, requiring all localities to fully implement the policy of free entrance examination for compulsory education. This year, the General Office of the Ministry of Education reiterated in the Notice on Doing a Good Job in Enrollment of Ordinary Primary and Secondary Schools in 2019 that all public and private compulsory education schools must strictly abide by the compulsory education exemption admission regulations. However, under the strict investigation, some schools still secretly recruit students through various means.

  Parents who have experienced junior high school in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province in recent years, most of them know "MK", a phonetic alphabet with the nature of code. "MK" is the homonym of "secret exam", and there are also "ZA" (believing in the Olympic class), "YS" (cultivating experiment), "YLQ" (pre-admission) and "QY" (signing) … … Parents told reporters that they joined the students’ parents group, teaching auxiliary institutions group and "MK" group through various channels, and inquired about the "secret test" information through this set of "passwords".

  Different from previous years, this year’s "secret exams" in private schools have been reduced, and they have been replaced by forms such as submitting resumes and "meeting" for a few minutes on the school open day.

  The reporter came to a junior high school when the enrollment was the most tense. Because the education department did not allow the school to collect students’ resume materials, the school did not set up a resume material collection office, but placed several large wastebaskets on the spot, and the security guards instructed parents to throw the "abandoned" students’ resume materials into the wastebaskets. After the activities were over and the school gate was closed, some parents received calls from social teaching auxiliary institutions one after another.

  According to the reporter’s investigation, despite the increased efforts to investigate and deal with illegal recruitment at the beginning of Xiaoshengchu, the examination is more and more hidden and has been repeatedly banned.

  In a certain place, Linlin, who just graduated from primary school, took nearly 10 junior high school exams organized by training institutions in the first half of this year. Apart from some private schools, there are also several "rocket classes" exams in public schools, most of which are in remote temporary examination rooms.

  The reporter came to a training institution in Linlin where she attended the Olympic Mathematics tutorial and organized her to take the exam, and asked the staff whether she could participate in the junior high school entrance examination. A staff member said that "the situation changes every year, and not every school can participate in the recruitment." The staff member next to him immediately took out his mobile phone and typed a few words, whispering to the staff member: "That’s what he meant." The staff member immediately changed his statement: "We never organize junior high school exams for schools, but only conduct ordinary extracurricular training."

  "Don’t say they won’t tell you, our parents can’t ask!" Linlin’s mother, Ms. Zhao, told the reporter that every time she took the exam, she received a phone call from the teacher of the training class, informing her when and where there was a very important exam. "But which school exam didn’t tell us."

  A staff member of a training institution said: "This year, the Education Bureau conducted a strict investigation. In previous years, each school organized at least two or three exams, but this year, each school basically only took one exam. It turns out that we have even moved our office this year, and we are afraid to put up a sign now … …”

  Training institutions are crowded, and some say that they are closely related to popular schools, and super-class teaching is more common.

  "Among the students I came into contact with in Xiaoshengchu, 80% of the children will go to tutoring institutions." Teacher Li of a training institution said that due to the scarcity of high-quality educational resources and the continuous intensification of academic competition, various counseling institutions have sprung up.

  As parents of students, the reporter made unannounced visits to several off-campus training institutions in several cities, and found that the teaching contents of many training institutions seriously exceeded the prescribed scope of the syllabus. At the same time, in the face of parents who come to consult, most institutions will introduce the close relationship with popular schools, as well as the high quality of education and stable transportation of students.

  According to the reporter’s investigation, the state’s repeated requests for strict prohibition of the Olympiad, which is the basis for entering the compulsory education stage, has become an unavoidable threshold for students taking the junior high school selection examination in some places. Chinese and English have greatly improved the investigation of primary school students’ ancient prose and vocabulary. "In order to recruit top-notch young talents, if you only test the knowledge in the textbook, you can’t open the grade at all. Therefore, if you want to pass the exam and enter a good school, you must learn the Olympics, and the difficulty of Chinese and English will also increase. " A staff member of a training institution somewhere said.

  "I got Pythagorean Theorem in my junior high school exam. This is what I learned in junior high school. I won’t do it without attending junior high school training!" A parent said that some counseling institutions have private contact with the school, and some students said after the exam that "the exam is not difficult at all, I have done it all". It is said that the enrollment rate of this counseling institution has reached 80%— 90%。

  In Guangzhou, some parents told reporters that some junior high school "secret exams" were entrusted to teaching auxiliary institutions in the society, which were true and false and could not be identified. "Many exams fall from the sky without meaning, charging hundreds of yuan and thousands of yuan. After answering the questions and handing in the papers, there is no news." Sometimes parents also suspect that some "secret exams" are scams, but they are afraid that this is an "opportunity" and would rather be deceived than let go once.

  A parent in Chengdu, Sichuan said: "Schools want students, but dare not organize exams. Training institutions have students, but they don’t ‘ Exit ’ , both ‘ In and out ’ , hit it off. " The parent told reporters that the tuition fees of these training institutions are expensive, often tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan.

  "On one side is the solemn statement of the school ‘ Never entrusted any organization to organize the junior high school entrance examination ’ On the one hand, it is organized by various institutions ‘ Xiaoshengchu ’ Exam. Report the problem to the Education Bureau, and the Education Bureau will reply ‘ Upon inquiry, the school did not organize the examination ’ 。” In this regard, some parents are puzzled: "Since it is strictly forbidden to take the junior high school entrance examination and choose a school based on the examination results ‘ Pinch the tip ’ Why not thoroughly investigate the organizers of the exam? If the exam has nothing to do with the school, it is cheating. "

  The reporter’s investigation found that in recent years, the measures to rectify the problem of "pinching the top" recruitment should be said to be severe, but for schools, there are still many countermeasures. Some schools have joined hands with teaching auxiliary institutions to avoid punishment. It is an open secret in some areas that parents can’t get exam information without enrolling in various cram schools at high prices. At the beginning of Xiaoshengchu, the problem of "pinching the top" recruitment and the chaos of teaching auxiliary institutions should be highly valued by the competent authorities.

  (The names of students and parents in the article are all pseudonyms.)

  ■ after editing

  Cut off the interest chain of illegal recruitment

  Judging from the letters from the masses and the investigation by reporters, the phenomenon of illegal recruitment and crazy make-up classes is worth noting.

  At the beginning of Xiaoshengchu, it was like "one is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer". However, illegal recruitment disrupts the order of enrollment and destroys the educational ecology; Rushing to the top of the class disrupts the progress of education and teaching and increases the burden on students; If you don’t give lectures in class, it will damage the teaching order and the atmosphere of teachers. To control illegal recruitment and make up classes, we must resolutely cut off the interest chain. Imagine, if the training institutions are decoupled from further studies, will business still be so hot? If the school strictly implements the admission to the nearest school, will students still rush to get away?

  Not long ago, the national basic education work conference was held, which put forward new requirements for the reform and development of basic education. In order to cool down the school selection fever from the root, in addition to drumming, it is necessary to further expand quality education resources and make more and more good schools at home; It is even more necessary to focus on solving the "baton" problem fundamentally, not only evaluating schools by enrollment rate, but also evaluating students by scores, resolutely overcoming and correcting the tendency of exam-oriented education, and making great efforts to cultivate and develop students in an all-round way.

Update continuously | It’s snowing! It’s snowing Shijiazhuang’s first Chun Xue debut!

It’s snowing It’s snowing Shijiazhuang’s first Chun Xue debut! On the morning of the 9th, there was heavy snow in the streets of Shijiazhuang! This is the first snow after beginning of spring in Shijiazhuang! How festive it is!
According to the weather forecast in Hebei, it turns cloudy from day to night in the whole province, with sleet or light snow in Hengshui and Xingtai, and light snow in other areas except southern Qinhuangdao, southern Tangshan, eastern Cangzhou and eastern Handan, among which there is medium snow in Zhangjiakou and western Chengde. The highest temperature is-6 ~ 1℃ in northwest Zhangjiakou, Chengde and Baoding, and 2 ~ 8℃ in other areas. The lowest temperature is-18 ~-11℃ in the northwest of Zhangjiakou, Chengde and Baoding, and-10 ~-2℃ in other areas. Tomorrow, from day to night, the whole province will be cloudy and sunny. From day to night on the 11th, the northern area turned cloudy and cloudy with light snow, the southern area turned sunny and cloudy with light rain or sleet, and other areas turned sunny and cloudy.
▌ Directly hit the first scene of Shijiazhuang snow scene.
Update at 6 o’clock

At the entrance of Hebei Daily. Photo by Cao Qinyu
Updated at 5: 30.

The intersection of Huaibei Road, Jianshe Street. Ma Zuohui
The intersection of Huaibei Road, Jianshe Street. Ma Zuohui
▌ Travel safety strategy in snowy days
So, what should we pay attention to when traveling in snowy days? Let’s follow Xiaobian to find out!
First, try to reduce going out in snowy days. If you go out, try not to ride bicycles and motorcycles, and drive carefully. To observe and analyze the slippery degree of the ground, generally speaking, dry snow is the least slippery (the initial snow is called dry snow), and cycling and walking can be controlled at this time; Wet snow will be slippery, but because the traffic has pressed out ruts, it is a safer choice to ride along the ruts.
Second, shoes are very important when going out in snowy days. Try not to wear hard-soled shoes and smooth-soled shoes when walking in snow and ice, but wear non-slip shoes, or put a pair of old socks on the outside of the shoes, or tie a few cloth belts or hemp ropes on the shoes, which greatly improves the friction between the shoes and the snow and is not easy to slip.
Third, when going out in snowy days, choose bright clothes. Snow will affect the driver’s sight and he can’t see clearly the situation on the road. Therefore, pedestrians should try not to wear white or light gray clothes, and should choose colorful coats such as red, so that they can be easily found and drivers can take timely measures.
4. Pedestrians should be especially careful when crossing the road. To see the crosswalk line clearly, you must see the vehicles coming and going in the left and right directions when crossing the road, and there must be enough distance for the driver to control the car and pass under the condition of ensuring safety; Don’t cover your eyes with an umbrella, don’t just stare at the road when you walk, but also pay attention to the coming cars in front and left and right directions.
5. You can’t brake suddenly when riding a bike or driving in snowy days. You should use the brakes slowly and slow down naturally, and it is best to use a very low speed when turning to prevent slipping. When riding a bicycle, you should lower the height of the seat, so low that your feet can step on the ground, which is beneficial to maintaining balance.
Sixth, in snowy weather, we should pay attention to stay away from billboards and temporary buildings. Once crushed by snow, the consequences are very serious.
Source: Overview of news client synthesis
Pay attention to Hebei News Network and learn the latest news in Hebei.

Willful! The highest water level is 197.26 meters. Swimmers insist on "experiencing drifting" and refuse to rescue.

  CCTV News:Heavy rainfall has caused the water level of many rivers to rise. On July 13th, the flood peak of Jialing River passed through Chongqing, which exceeded the warning water level. In the afternoon, the command center of fire brigade in Beibei District of Chongqing suddenly received an alarm, saying that there was a figure in the flood peak of Jialing River. After receiving the alarm, rescuers quickly took the assault boat to the rescue, but unexpectedly, it was a different situation.


  When the flood peak crossed the border that day, the highest water level reached 197.26 meters, which exceeded the warning water level by 2.76 meters. There are some floating objects on the Jialing River, and there are also many undercurrents and eddies below the seemingly smooth river. Rescuers quickly put the assault boat into the water and searched for the drowning person along the river. After nearly an hour, they finally found several figures in the water at Beibei Water and Soil Wharf.

  Rescuers: "Master, catch the lifebuoy."

  Swimmer: "No, no,no."

  Rescuers: "Are you swimming? Are you swimming? "


  Swimmer: "Yes."

  Wang Zhi, Squadron Leader of Chengnan Squadron of Beibei District Fire Brigade, Chongqing: "They told us that they came from other places to experience such an act of flood peak drifting, and they belonged to the Swimming Association. At that time, they did refuse to rescue them and refused to let us film them."

  Firefighters were escorted by assault boats in the flood peak.

  There were seven people in the water. Due to the rapid current, the firemen’s assault boat was almost overturned by the flood peak many times. Despite their repeated patient persuasion, these seven people refused to go ashore. Two of them first agreed to go ashore, and within a few minutes, they jumped into the flood again.


  Wang Zhi, Squadron Leader of Chengnan Squadron of Beibei District Fire Brigade, Chongqing: "At that time, we had no way to restrict them. We could only say that we protected them through our means."

  Legal expert: swimmers occupy and waste public emergency resources. 


  Firefighters carefully drove the assault boat in the flood peak, while paying attention to the state of these seven people in order to rescue them in time. Nearly an hour later, these seven people finally landed. Rescuers reminded that fire and water are ruthless, so don’t risk your life in the flood peak. Legal experts also said that the behavior of these swimmers is a waste of public emergency resources.


  Wu Ruqiao, Associate Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Chongqing University Law School.: "This behaviorFrom the point of view of swimmers, they should say that it is difficult to constitute an illegal act, but emotionally and rationally, their behavior is very inappropriate., one isDisrespect for one’s own life. The other one isIt wastes our public resources and puts our firefighters in such a dangerous situation.. In this case,I suggest that we can even consider letting these swimmers bear the time cost, economic cost and other related costs incurred by firefighters.. "

Taiping Street, Tianfu New District, Sichuan Province launched fireworks and firecrackers to "crack down on illegal activities"

Fireworks and firecrackers crack down on illegal activities

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, in order to implement the relevant requirements of the Notice of Sichuan Tianfu New District Management Committee on the Prohibition of Setting off Fireworks and Firecrackers in the Whole Region of the Directly Administered Area and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, on January 9, 12 and 25, 2024, Taiping Street and the law enforcement team of Tianfu New District Emergency Bureau jointly launched a special campaign to crack down on fireworks and firecrackers in the jurisdiction, and conducted inspections on illegal storage and sale of fireworks and firecrackers and fire safety.

The law enforcement team inspected 21 supermarkets and non-staple food stores in the jurisdiction, and found 5 illegally stored and sold fireworks and firecrackers, and investigated and dealt with 23 fireworks and firecrackers. The regulatory authorities punished them on the spot in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and confiscated fireworks and firecrackers.

In view of the problem that the fire extinguishers in six non-staple food stores are blocked, the operators have been ordered to carry out on-site rectification to ensure that the closed-loop management of hidden dangers is in place.


The whole area of Chengdu Zhiguan District in Tianfu New District of Sichuan (Huayang Street, Wan ‘an Street, Zhengxing Street, Xinglong Street, Jiancha Street, Xinxing Street, Yongxing Street, Jitian Street and Taiping Street) is a no-discharge area for fireworks and firecrackers, and no unit or individual may illegally produce, sell, store, transport or discharge fireworks and firecrackers.

Source: Tianfu Taiping


Which fashionable electric car is suitable for girls? New day lifts the new trend of "retro futurism"

2024 is a popular new product, and New Day Moses 3.0 sets off a new trend of retro technology aesthetics. Can you imagine that the beauty of the design of an electric car can combine "retro aesthetics" with "future technology" and combine "technology precipitation" with "future technology" to the extreme?

Based on the hot market background of Moses series, combined with the real feedback from merchants and users, New Day Moses 3.0 is further upgraded and developed with the concept of retro futurism. With more elegant retro style and modern advanced technology, it has recently created a high-value female car, which is fashionable, elegant and beautiful.


The interweaving of future and past, fashion and retro.

The design of New Day Moses 3.0 is inspired by the retro design of the Beatles, and the high windshield front panel is fashionable and practical, highlighting the strong retro style. The exterior color matching of the vehicle adopts 18th century French classics.rococoartwindLattice]Camellia White/Luoden Frost Green, Roman Green, Rabbit Ear Powder/Plum Powder, Lime White/Oak Brown, etc. are fashionable and retro, which are the romantic aesthetics favored by artists and the most comfortable 6:3:1 gold color scheme recognized in the world, making people full of exquisite, elegant, gorgeous and delicate visual enjoyment.

Not only is the appearance of the color scheme elegant and profound, but the details of the design are also adopted by Niigata Moses 3.0."High-gloss mirror paint", 4 times spraying, 5 times baking, paint luminosity ≥ 90, more shiny and textured. Paired with those commonly used for jewelry decoration."Bright silver plating accessories"With 15 technological processes, 100+ polishing and 10h+ electroplating, it has better oxidation stability, can effectively prevent oxidation and corrosion, and is more beautiful and upscale.


From the past to the future, alwaysStick to the performance experience

Under the extreme style and high-value appearance, it is a high-profile configuration with full experience. In terms of power, Moses 3.0 is equipped.High performance motor, the power output is stronger; Double hydraulic shock absorption before and after, minimizing the bumpy feeling caused by rough and bumpy roads, and creating electric motorcycle-level comfortable riding. The night riding experience of the vehicle is also very comfortable, with retro rounded headlights and front and rear turn signals, all-round.360 laser lighting system, with stronger brightness, wider visual range and longer illumination distance.

Vehicle seats are made of high-quality delicate leather 3D wrapping design.Palm leather cushionAfter 36 tanning processes, it is more water-resistant and wear-resistant, with good elasticity, comfortable and delicate feel, and it is not easy to produce scars or deformation. Combined with the cloud cushion technology, the high-density rebound sponge with a thickness of 70mm gold is soft and fits the hip curve. The vehicle also supportsBluetooth inductive unlockingOne-button reversingAnd other intelligent functions, girls with small strength can also start and stop easily, comfortable and elegant throughout.


For many users, fashion sense can be said to be the first important factor affecting car purchase decision. An electric car with a good appearance can be more enjoyable and meet various needs such as wearing. On the other hand, New Day Moses 3.0 not only has a good face value, but also every detail, including style design and riding performance, gives people an exquisite and practical experience, allowing functionalism and emotional value to coexist. Let’s get off to a good start in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon and turn comfortable and elegant travel into a daily routine ~

Focus on the new era of China female messengers

Fingertip dance commands the three armies

  Editor’s Note Recently, the General Staff Department and the General Political Department issued a circular to jointly commend 50 outstanding female soldiers of the whole army. This commendation has been 15 years since the last time.
In the past 15 years, the three-foot machine has undergone revolutionary changes, from analog to digital; China traffic female soldiers also touched the nerves of the army with their skillful technology and unchanging loyalty, and became the witness of the information construction of the army.
In the past 15 years, the artificial telephone network, after several technical changes, has been connected to the headquarters of the Military Commission, the army, navy and air force, and the first-line company, weaving a perfect network.
It’s really a beautiful enjoyment to witness the work of female traffic soldiers. Sweet, standardized, fluent and beautiful words, waves of busy before opening the bow and every second counts, multi-channel phones are pointed out by them like a noisy tide, and they rush to the north and south in an orderly manner.
Do you know the hardships they have paid? It has been calculated that taking the telephone number as an example, if the operator memorizes 2000 numbers on average, it is equivalent to reciting pi to 12000 digits.
Let’s approach them, browse their work and life, and listen to their fragrant hearts and stories.

"Messenger" is the nickname of the army for the switchboard operator. Most of them are female soldiers in their prime, and the dancing of fingertips on the keyboard is as poetic as a pianist lightly pressing black keys’s white key. However, they are women’s messengers. They are important decisions and important actions again and again. They command thousands of troops with their slender fingers, soft voices, hurried bells and extended silver lines!
Plug the rope in the past, but now knock on the keyboard. Informatization has given the "three-foot machine" a new face.
  "Although the jack is small, I have insight into the times; Although the rope is short, it is connected with thousands of troops. " Although there is no sword and shadow, there is no smoke of war, but the "three-foot machine" has always been regarded by female soldiers as a battlefield to fulfill their mission. In order to realize "people are talking on the phone for a second", they plug and pull the cord thousands of times a day, one plug and one pull, and generations of female traffic soldiers have written a green movement with youth that never stops.
  In the new century, female traffic soldiers suddenly found that the work room and the "three-foot machine" have all undergone brand-new changes: computer terminals have replaced the traditional corded machine, computer keyboards and monitors have replaced corded and electric keys, and plug-in telephones have become software operations.
  Hundreds of female soldiers in a communication terminal in shenyang military area command are faced with 70 or 80 computers, and joy and confusion are intertwined. They are all business experts, but some can’t open files, some operate illegally, and some don’t know what to do when they look at the tips on the interface …
  Today, they are sitting in front of rows of computers, wearing headphones, tapping keyboards, and looking at the screen … confidently clicking on the digital world, and tracking the tide of informationization with light wings.
  A long-distance telephone station of the General Staff Department, which was awarded the honorary title of "model communication station" by the Central Military Commission, is the "eyes and ears" and "nerves" of the high command, and the "leading voice" radiating the whole army. When a large number of advanced communication equipment were settled in the army one after another, their greatest feeling was that their brain skills, ear skills, hand skills and oral skills, which they had practiced in the past, were far from meeting the requirements of the situation and tasks.
  This group of women who always strive for the first place and never admit defeat have launched a sprint to a new height. They studied day and night from the beginning, reformed the training methods and explored the rules of duty maintenance. A large number of business backbones quickly completed the "transformation" and regained their self-confidence and the feeling of "leading station".
There is nothing small in the computer room. Every time you answer the phone, it is a quenching of youth and a smelting of life for the operator.
People often say: War makes women go away. However, when we turn over the history of the Republic, many major military struggles and thrilling events are inseparable from the girls of Channel One. From China’s previous military struggles to flood fighting and disaster relief operations, from the launch of missile satellites to the launch of Shenzhou spacecraft, from major military exercises to the communication guarantee of important meetings, which task can make these women go away?
  Take Lin Yiping, an ordinary petty officer at a communication terminal in Guangkong. Last year, in an important military exercise, Lin Yiping led the station personnel to set up and transfer the data telephone exchange car, but because of the sudden heavy rain, the ground was muddy, which had a great impact on antenna erection and radio communication. When they arrived at the designated position, it was less than 20 minutes before their superiors asked to contact the headquarters. She led five lesbians in the class to shuttle back and forth between the command vehicle and the antenna position in the heavy rain, and quickly controlled the machine while debugging the line. It took only 8 minutes, and the first one realized communication with the headquarters. Later, she was informed and commended by the exercise headquarters and won the third-class merit.
  In fact, the information transmitted by female traffic soldiers is not all urgent military orders, and they have also encountered many major events that have a bearing on human life. Chen Xia, a college sergeant, is a beautiful woman who grew up in the land of abundance. One night when she was on duty, she suddenly received a phone call from a retired chief. Listening to the weak voice, she wondered: Has the chief not rested so late? Suddenly, there was no sound on the other end of the phone. She thought it was the head who accidentally hung up, so she tried to call back, but no one answered. A strong sense of mission prompted her to dial 26 calls in a row and finally found a rested civil servant. The old chief who fell by the telephone was sent to the hospital in time for treatment.
The orchid is born in the deep mountains, and it is not without people. Who says their beauty is a waste?
Some people say that the beauty of women needs to be appreciated. If no one knows, the beauty from heaven is a waste. Although the female traffic soldiers serve the chief and the office every day, they remember their phone numbers more accurately than their birthdays. However, there are not many opportunities to really meet users, let alone get close to the head.
  Although they also have sweet voices, vigorous youth and the beauty of a military uniform, do the female soldiers feel sorry because they are locked in the computer room all day, just like the orchid blooming alone in the mountains, silently emitting fragrance? They said, "Dedicated youth is the most beautiful!"
  Shen Jing, a noncommissioned officer of a communication terminal in the Aerospace Command and Control Center of the General Armament Department, comes from Fuyang, Anhui Province, and her family conditions are superior. The original intention of her parents to send her as a soldier is to let this "Jiao Jiao girl" exercise in the army. In the second year as a soldier, her family found a well-paid and decent job for her according to the agreed plan, but at that time, the number of users of No.1 station increased and the duty force was weak. The station hoped that she could stay as the backbone of the telephone service. Shen Jing did not hesitate to submit an application for transfer to a non-commissioned officer. She admits that whether her family agrees or not, as long as the troops need it, her only choice is to stay in the team. However, after her family learned her wish, they all supported her choice, saying that when she grew up, she would choose her own life path.
  On the first New Year’s Eve as a soldier, Shen Jing volunteered to be on duty in the computer room on the grounds that he wanted to experience the festive atmosphere of the computer room on New Year’s Eve. When the bell rang at 0: 00, the number of calls suddenly increased. It turned out that many users called to pay New Year greetings to her and her comrades-in-arms. She tried to make "thank you" as calm and standardized as usual into the microphone, but there were two lines of tears slowly flowing on her face. Not homesick, but excited, because there are so many people still thinking about themselves and their comrades. At that moment, she felt a sense of sacredness that she had never felt before.
  On the following New Year’s Eve, she still managed to find a leader to apply for duty. Of course, it can’t be said that it is "experience". She said: Let new comrades call their families. I have experience in working night shifts on New Year’s Eve, so I’d better do it. In this way, she sticks to listening to the New Year’s bell ringing in the computer room every year, and can only send distant thoughts and blessings to her loved ones in her heart.
  We have to play songs for them. According to the news from the headquarters, in 2006, more than 2,000 professionals took part in the online remote synchronous comprehensive evaluation of the three specialties of artificial telephone network, namely, telephone service, maintenance and picket, with an average score of 98.8 and an excellent rate of 100%, which was the best level in the history of telephone service professional training of the whole army.
  We cannot but be moved by them. China traffic female soldiers danced on their fingertips, affecting the nerves of the silver line and conveying the orders of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission to the soldiers of the three armed forces; They use a string of numbers to solidify into constant loyalty, so that an army that is heading for victory will always be alert. Well done, China traffic female soldiers!
Several "Most" Female Traffic Soldiers
  They are the same age as flowers, and they are wonderful everywhere they go. When they entered the military camp with colorful dreams, their unique beauty flowed everywhere in military uniforms, bugles, military songs, computer rooms, dormitories and fitness rooms.
  What I miss most: the day when I answered the phone every day
"My biggest fear is that there is no phone when I am on duty." Many female soldiers said that although most of the time when the phone is cold and silent occurs in the early hours of the morning, they dare not take it lightly. Du Ruili, who just graduated from the military school, said that when she was an operator, she always felt that it was boring to answer the phone every day. But after she was admitted to the military school, she missed those days of answering the phone every day. The female soldiers said that they all feel the same way. On the day of vacation at home, they will definitely rush to answer the phone. Grab the microphone, which may become a "professional habit" that permeates their blood.
  Worship: the top business people around you.
"Almost everyone of us has our favorite idols, but the most admired ones are the business experts around us." In the military camp, a place where socialist core values are highlighted, those singers and movie stars will certainly look a little bleak. Li Qiong, a female soldier, said: "Compared with the past, I always feel that after I put on my military uniform, I am so close to the country at once. It is said that military personnel are a dedicated profession. If the business is not good, what dedication will it take?" However, she also revealed privately that comrades who are unwilling to fall behind will always find some of the most popular CDs to enjoy when they have time.
  The happiest: the literary evening shows its own talents.
The happiest time is the literary evening, where they can appear on stage with their own talents. Like this, female soldiers are tied up in piles of units, and they never worry about performances without programs. It’s too easy for them to have a party. They can use newspapers, sheets, curtains, garbage bags and other things to give a fashion show with ingenuity; They can also put the little things around them into a sitcom, which will be applauded on stage and off stage.
  The saddest: when the veterans retire once a year.
Say happy, you may ask, they never cried? Of course, they also like to cry, such as making mistakes on duty and failing to get the place in the competition. However, when they shed the most tears, it is the annual veterans’ retirement season. One by one, they cried in tears, sobbing, their faces were bleak, and the sky was dark. Many cadres were afraid to see the touching scene because they could not control their tears every time. (Tian Yongli)
Happy female soldiers are wonderful.
  Some people may say that young and beautiful young female soldiers are enclosed in the "three-foot machine" with high information technology density all day, thinking about the phone number in their minds, listening to a few words in their ears, tapping the keyboard in their hands and repeating "hello" and "where do you want" in their mouths. How can they be happy and wonderful? But in fact, happiness is really an easy thing for female traffic soldiers, and high-intensity traffic training will also make them create some pleasures. Because happiness is their nature.
  "Qiaonv" is also crazy.
Li Qiao, an operator of a communication terminal in Guangzhou Military Region, is recognized as a beauty. In her early twenties, she has a devil figure and an angel face. But "Qiaonv" got an indecent nickname-"Madman".
Things have to start with a holiday dinner. On that day, Li Qiao left in a hurry without eating two meals, still mumbling, and his comrades-in-arms shouted no. I didn’t know until I caught up with him. Li Qiao invented a set of "crazy training method" that combines listening, speaking and memorizing. Because I couldn’t remember a group of numbers for a while, I was in a hurry to go back and look for information. The problem was quickly solved, and "Qiaonv" and "Madman" were also hard to get together.
Li Qiao enjoyed herself and practiced crazily with her "crazy training method". She found humorous jokes and practiced answering the phone while playing them, in order to "protect against all poisons" and enhance her anti-interference ability; All the popular songs in MP3 are replaced by "voice question bank", and even when I go to the bathroom, my ears are training to "know people by listening to their voices". She also created a set of "five-time memorization method" to deal with complicated numbers … Everyone said that Li Qiaolian’s "work" was possessed-during the half-month training, she insisted on reading newspapers for 3 hours, typing for 6 hours and memorizing telephone numbers for 9 hours every day. There are only six poor hours left in a day for her to wash, eat and sleep, and she has to go through it again before going to bed at night to consolidate all the contents of the day in her mind.
However, whether it’s a "smart girl" or a "madman", after the training, Li Qiao memorized nearly 3,000 sets of telephone numbers, and many users she had never met became her "acquaintances", and her five strokes reached 220 words per minute. These achievements are obvious to all. In the grand contest organized by the military region, Li Qiao won the title of "No.1 in traffic" in one fell swoop, and the "madman" turned into a "Mulan" with prestige in all directions.
  Shy roses are burning.
At noon one day, a group of 18-and 19-year-old recruits chirped back to the dormitory at a communication terminal in the Tibet Military Region, and immediately became quiet with a "wow"-a big bunch of red and burning roses were placed on the desk. How can girls not be surprised when they join the army and come to the plateau and see roses for the first time?
"Zou monitor, your boyfriend is so romantic!" A word made the dormitory explode. Zou Yaju, the usually reticent traffic monitor, was full of arguments and flushed with anxiety.
After some explanation, everyone realized that the oxygen in the plateau is relatively thin, which affects the memory, and memorizing the phone number is the basic skill of the attendant, requiring everyone to memorize more than 2000 sets of phone numbers and related business information. Zou Yaju see in the eye, anxious in the heart. She heard a comrade-in-arms say that the fragrance of roses can help enhance her memory. She didn’t know whether it really worked, so she paid for it and asked someone to buy dozens of them.
The girls were moved by the good intentions of monitor Zou, and they worked harder on telephone training. Clever, they also invented "homophonic memorization", "image association" and "fun memorization", and made boring and complicated numbers into stories, jokes, jingles, three and a half sentences and tongue twisters to help them remember.
"I (5) train (46) I (5) work hard (51)", "Two (2) ears (33) stand up (1) (76)" … If you hear them mumbling like this, don’t be too surprised, it’s that they are practicing shorthand.
  "Love" storm
For a time, Hou Xiaoxiao, a female soldier of a communication station in the Beijing Military Region, was always whispering and smiling at everyone. Just born with a thick voice, she speaks softly and sweetly all day, which makes people feel uncomfortable.
After a long time, the parents at the other end of the phone heard the clue: it must be a boyfriend! On the phone, mother and daughter befriended: "What fun have you had recently? Let’s hear it."
Hou Xiaoxiao screamed and said with a smile: "No!" I talked about love without telling my parents, and the news suddenly reached the instructor.
It’s amazing that someone is secretly in love under their noses! The instructor made an unannounced visit, and it soon became clear that Hou Xiaoxiao was born with a hoarse voice. To get over this hurdle, he must correct it like a child. In order to get on duty as soon as possible, Hou Xiaoxiao followed the announcer to learn pronunciation, practiced mouth shape in front of the mirror, practiced speaking speed with a newspaper, and his mouth was never idle from morning till night. Training has become a habit, and everyone is holding their voices when they meet. No wonder they are mistaken for being in love. However, Hou Xiaoxiao practiced his lips blistered, but his pronunciation was standard and sweet.
On one occasion, a head officer went to the call center to inspect the work and said, "If you want to talk about’ problems’, there is one …"
The female soldiers quickly spread out their small books, took out their pens and waited anxiously for the following.
"That is …" The female soldiers wrote down word by word.
"That is, all the voices you hear belong to one person, and you can’t tell who is who … Now that you are here, you know that you are a group!" Everyone turned upside down when they heard it.
  "disco" on the keyboard
Recently, in the training classroom of the telephone training team of a communication terminal of the Second Artillery Corps, there are always waves of strong "disco" music. Are the female soldiers dancing during training?
In the transparent training classroom, I saw rows of female traffic soldiers sitting in danger, their fingers flying flexibly on the keyboard, and the keystroke was buried in the music. This is clearly training, where is dancing!
It turns out that once the attendant is connected, he is required to sit in front of the computer like learning to play the piano. From sitting posture, hand shape to fingering, he develops correct habits with one stroke and one type, and reaches the level of Chinese character input of more than 100 words per minute when he is on duty. In order to improve the typing speed, the female soldiers tried their best. Hao Xiaoman, a traffic sergeant of a certain unit, summed up the "simple method", "phrase method", "five strokes method" and "full spelling method" for data entry of connecting calls, and it was many times faster than in the past. No, the female soldiers of the training team also used "disco" music in training. They constantly speed up the music rhythm, and the typing speed is also constantly improved.
The keyboard "disco" has received good results, but the female soldiers are also very tired. After training for more than 10 hours a day, my shoulders were so sore that I almost lost consciousness, and my arms were so painful that I couldn’t even rub my clothes, but the optimistic girls didn’t say a word of fatigue. Write home, they call themselves "elegant pianists"; Parents asked on the phone why the words on the letter were crooked, and they said that Chinese characters had recently practiced "drunken boxing"; Sometimes the fingers are so swollen that they can’t even comb the messy hair. They explain that "there is a kind of fashion called messy"; The slender fingertips have worn out blood bubbles and calluses, but they jokingly said disapprovingly that "white onions will also open small flowers." After all, because they are a group of happy traffic female soldiers! (by Jia Jiang Na)
Female soldiers’ story meeting
  Perhaps, the three-foot machine is a bit monotonous and mysterious for ordinary people. Then, let’s listen to the stories related to the three-foot machine.
  Telephone "chasing" the train
During a military exercise last year, a head of the Second Artillery Corps urgently needed to find a leader of a secondary department. Liu Fei, a noncommissioned officer of a communication terminal of the Second Artillery Corps, received the exercise command in time after receiving the call. But the former comrade told me that the minister had boarded the train back to Beijing and his mobile phone was turned off. She also connected the phone to a military representative office along the railway, and the other party told the train that it had left. So she used her usual professional skills and related information to quickly put the phone on the speeding train, and finally got in touch with the minister. The chief repeatedly praised: these female soldiers really deserve their reputation!
  Send a message for the soldiers guarding the border
  Mao Yijie, a Xibo girl, is a non-commissioned officer at a communication terminal in the Inner Mongolia Military Region. When on duty at midnight, the family of an old chief wanted to find a cadre of a certain regiment in the border defense and told his mother that he was critically ill. The phone has been transferred several times, and the signal is not good, so the voice becomes very low and the two sides can’t talk. Mao Yijie passed it on from generation to generation, and finally conveyed the meaning of his mother’s critical illness to himself. At the end of this difficult call, her voice was "smoking".
  "I really have a sense of accomplishment!" Mao Yijie is still very emotional when talking about this matter. "My little work can make the soldiers on the border thousands of miles away less regret that life can’t make up for."
  Help the chief find his lost comrade-in-arms
When Zhu Huali, a petty officer of a communication terminal in Nanjing Military Region, was on duty, a retired old Red Army called: "Girl, please help me check the Nanjing Military Academy, where Liu Bocheng was the dean in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. I want to find the family of an old teacher at that time. She was my old comrade-in-arms. I have something urgent to find her. Will you check it for me? "
After receiving this call, Zhu Huali thought that as long as there is a name, there is no one who can’t be found. So, she took the trouble to call the switchboard of the college formerly known as Nanjing Military Academy, and found nothing. Later, an operator of the national defense university switchboard suggested that she look for the school history museum of the school. Sure enough, in the school history museum, Zhu Huali helped the old Red Army find her long-lost comrade-in-arms. (Nangeng)
(This version of the photo is provided by Wen Jinjun, with the title: efficient photo)

Editor: Cao Jin

Central Meteorological Observatory: Cold air will affect most parts of China. There is heavy fog in Huanghuai and other places in North China.

CCTV News:According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, due to the influence of strong cold air, from 10th to 13th, northerly winds of 4~6 grades will appear in most parts of northwest China, North China, Northeast China and most parts of the south of the Yangtze River, with the temperature dropping by 4~8℃, and the temperature in central and southeastern Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin and southeastern Heilongjiang will drop by 10~14℃, and the local temperature will be above 14℃. It is estimated that from the morning of November 10th to the morning, there will be foggy weather with visibility less than 1km in parts of eastern Beijing, Tianjin, northeastern and southern Hebei, southeastern Shanxi, northwestern and southern Shandong, Jiangsu, eastern Anhui, Shanghai, northern Zhejiang, central and northern Shaanxi and Hetao area of Inner Mongolia.

  Cold air will affect most parts of China.

  Affected by strong cold air, from 10th to 13th, northerly winds of 4-6 grades will appear in most parts of northwest China, North China, Northeast China and most parts of the south of the Yangtze River, and the temperature will drop by 4-8℃. The temperatures in central and southeastern Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin and southeastern Heilongjiang will drop by 10-14℃, and the local temperature will be above 14℃.

  Among them, from 08: 00 on November 10 to 08: 00 on December 12, the temperature in central and eastern Xinjiang, most of Inner Mongolia, Gansu, eastern and northern Qinghai, Ningxia, Shaanxi, western Shanxi, northern Hebei, western Liaoning, western Jilin, western Henan, northeastern Sichuan and other places will drop by 4~6℃, and the cooling range in parts of western and southern Gansu, Hetao area of Inner Mongolia and northwestern Shaanxi will reach 8 ~ 10. There will be 4~6 northerly winds and 7~8 gusts in the above areas (see Figure 1). The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue the gale cooling forecast at 06: 00 on November 10th.

  Figure 1 National gale cooling forecast chart (08: 00 on November 10th-08: 00 on December 12th)

  Affected by cold and warm air, there will be a wide range of rain and snow weather in the central and eastern regions from the 10th to the 12th, with heavy rain in parts of Shaanxi, south-central Shanxi, central and northeastern Hebei and south-central Liaoning. There are heavy snowstorms in parts of central and southeastern Inner Mongolia, northern Liaoning, Jilin and southeastern Heilongjiang.

  There is heavy fog in Huanghuai and other places in North China

  It is estimated that from the morning of November 10th to the morning, there will be foggy weather with visibility less than 1km in parts of eastern Beijing, Tianjin, northeastern and southern Hebei, southeastern Shanxi, northwestern and southern Shandong, Jiangsu, eastern Anhui, Shanghai, northern Zhejiang, central and northern Shaanxi, Hetao area of Inner Mongolia, etc. Among them, visibility is less than 500km in parts of southern Tianjin, northern Jiangsu, northeastern Anhui, Shanghai, northern Zhejiang and Hetao area of Inner Mongolia. The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a foggy yellow warning at 06: 00 on November 10.

  Specific forecast for the next three days

  From 08: 00 on November 10 to 08: 00 on November 11, there were small to medium snow or sleet and local heavy snow in parts of western and northeastern Inner Mongolia, northwestern Heilongjiang, eastern and northern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, central and eastern Gansu and northern Ningxia. There are small to moderate rains in Hetao area of Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, south-central Gansu, most of Ningxia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, southwestern Hebei, western and northern Henan, Sichuan Basin and eastern Zhejiang, among which there is heavy rain (25 ~ 45 mm) in parts of northwestern Shaanxi. There are 4 ~ 6 winds in parts of eastern Xinjiang, most of Inner Mongolia, Hexi in Gansu and Ningxia (see Figure 2).

  Figure 2 National Precipitation Forecast Chart (08: 00 on November 10th-08: 00 on November 11th)

  From 08: 00 on November 11th to 08: 00 on the 12th, there were small to medium snow or sleet in parts of Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, western Jilin, eastern and southern Qinghai, central and southern Gansu, Ningxia, northwestern Shaanxi and northern Hebei, among which there were heavy snowstorms (10 ~ 19 mm) in parts of central and eastern Inner Mongolia and western Jilin. There are small to moderate rains in the eastern and southern parts of Northeast China, south-central North China, eastern Northwest China, Huanghuai, Jianghan and Sichuan Basin, among which there are heavy rains (25-45 mm) in parts of central Jilin, western Liaoning, southwestern Shaanxi, north-central Hebei, northeastern Beijing and southwestern Shandong. There are 4 ~ 6 winds in most parts of Inner Mongolia, Northeast China, Huanghuai and other places (see Figure 3).

  Figure 3 National Precipitation Forecast Chart (08: 00 on November 11th-08: 00 on December 12th)

  From 08: 00 on November 12 to 08: 00 on November 13, there were small to medium snow or sleet in parts of eastern Heilongjiang, central and eastern Jilin, central and northern Liaoning, southern Qinghai, northern and eastern Tibet, and northern Sichuan Plateau. Among them, there were heavy snowstorms (10-19 mm) in parts of southeastern Heilongjiang and central and eastern Jilin. There are small to moderate rains in parts of the south of Northeast China, the southeast of Northwest China, Huanghuai, Jianghuai, Jianghan, northern Jiangnan, eastern Southwest China and Hainan Island, among which there are heavy rains (25 ~ 35 mm) in parts of eastern Liaoning and northeastern Chongqing. There are 4 ~ 7 winds in parts of central Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, northern Hunan and northern Zhejiang (see Figure 4). There are 7 ~ 8 strong winds in Bohai Sea.

  Figure 4 National Precipitation Forecast Chart (08: 00 on November 12-08: 00 on November 13)

  Influence and concern

  From the night of 1.9 to the 13th, strong cold air continued to affect our country, with strong winds cooling in the central and eastern regions and large-scale rain and snow in the north, and we were concerned about the adverse effects on traffic, urban operation, human health and energy supply.

  2.10-11 Fog or haze weather and its influence in Huanghuai and other places in North China;

  3. Pay attention to the development trend of meteorological drought in Jiangnan and northern South China;

  4 forest and grassland and urban and rural fire prevention meteorological services.