On New Year’s Day holiday, traveling "blossomed more", and the consumption of cultural tourism in various places was full of vitality and enthusiasm.

  CCTV News:During the New Year’s Day holiday, the tourism markets around the country are heating up. Let’s follow the reporter’s lens and see the different tourism modes in the north and south during this holiday.

  During the New Year’s Day holiday in 2024, various scenic spots in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province have carefully planned a series of special cultural tourism projects for the New Year’s Day holiday. Visitors can make good wishes for the New Year in the picturesque mood of Jiangnan water town. You can also attend the New Year’s bonfire party to welcome the coming New Year together.

  In Liaoyuan, Jilin Province, the city was lit up by bright lights just after nightfall. China’s traditional elements are integrated with ice and snow, and a large-scale night tour ice and snow theme park is launched, attracting many tourists to experience the charm of ice and snow in an immersive way. In the 30,000-square-meter ice and snow theme park, there are not only snow sculpture, which has more than 10,000 Ma Benteng and other China festival elements, but also crystal clear and colorful ice sculptures. The park also set up a dynamic and colorful stage on the snow to guide tourists to interact together.

  In Shaanxi, Sichuan and other places, a variety of activities have also been held to enrich the holiday experience of citizens and tourists.

  Xianyang, Shaanxi: Feel the Beauty of Folk Music in the New Year Concert

  On December 29th, the 2024 New Year Concert in Xianyang, Shaanxi Province was staged wonderfully. Auspicious and festive melodies and drums played hand in hand, igniting the atmosphere of the audience. Nearly a thousand spectators at the scene felt the beauty of folk music in the flowing notes.

  Jiang ‘an, Sichuan: Making red lanterns to celebrate the New Year.

  In Jiang ‘an, Sichuan, everyone walked into the museum and experienced making handmade lanterns. Under the guidance of volunteers, parents and children stuck lantern paper, inserted lanterns and pasted flowers. Soon, handmade lanterns with New Year elements appeared in front of them.

  During the New Year holiday, scenic spots and hotels in Fujian and Guangxi ushered in a small peak of passenger flow. Let’s watch together.

  In Xiamen, Fujian, various sailing and yacht projects set off a wave of water sports. The little sail shadow fluctuates with the waves, and the motorboat "dazzles and pulls flowers" on the sea. Not far from the shore, canoeing, paddling and other water sports attract tourists of all ages to experience.

  During the New Year’s Day holiday, nearly 1,000 tourists come to Xiamen’s major docks to experience water sports every day. At the same time, water sports have also driven the passenger flow of surrounding scenic spots and the hot sale of water equipment, continuously extending the tourism industry chain and tapping the consumption potential.

  On New Year’s Day holiday, the weather in Nanning, Guangxi is comfortable and pleasant, attracting many foreign tourists to visit, and the local hotel room reservation is hot.

  During the New Year’s Day, the catering market in Nanning was also hot. In addition to traditional round-table dinners, some hotels have launched family-style buffets, which are welcomed by many consumers.

  Chengdu, Sichuan: On the first day of New Year’s Day holiday, Chengdu’s tourism is surging.

  On the first day of the New Year holiday, Qingchengshan-Dujiangyan Scenic Area received more than 28,000 tourists. During the holiday of New Year’s Day, Chengdu Kuanzhai Lane Scenic Area joined hands with "Music" to create a street concert, and launched the mobile phone photography unit exhibition of Chengdu International Photography Week, which received a total of 149,000 visitors on the 30th. Chengdu Wuhou Temple Museum and Cultural Relics District are as hot as Jinli Historical and Cultural District, with a total of 54,309 visitors.

  Shaanxi: Many scenic spots usher in the peak of passenger flow.

  Relying on high-quality cultural resources, various scenic spots in Shaanxi optimize the supply of tourism products, and launch boutique tourist routes and immersive experience scenes to meet the diversified consumption needs of cultural tourism. Datang City, Xi ‘an, Shaanxi Province, launched a one-stop punch card for food, cultural creation and performing arts to meet the diverse experiences of tourists. On the first day of New Year’s Day holiday, as of 8: 00 pm, Datang City that Never sleeps received more than 200,000 domestic and foreign tourists.

  Huaqing Palace Scenic Area launched the activities of "free tickets for wearing Chinese clothes" and "free tickets for reciting Song of Eternal Sorrow", and the tourism mode of "palace culture+immersive scene", allowing visitors to experience the collision between history and modernity. On December 30th, nearly 30,000 tourists were received.

  This year, the Museum of the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, a world cultural heritage, received more than 11 million visitors for the first time. On December 30th, the Qin Mausoleum Museum received more than 33,000 domestic and foreign tourists to watch the Terracotta Warriors.