Six economic industries of Dalang Commercial Center, and build Longhua nightlife gathering area.

Jianzhen Client Shenzhen News NetworkJuly 14th (Reporter Hu Ankun, Zheng Ruixin, Zeng Jiaqi) "Night market, night show, night food, night shopping, night entertainment and night reading", come to Dalang Commercial Center in Longhua District at night, so that you can "surf" for one night! Nowadays, night economy plays an important role in helping Shenzhen to build an international consumption center city. In order to vigorously develop the night economy, Longhua District took the lead in setting up a leading group for night economic work in the whole city, and laid out seven night economic demonstration circles, among which Dalang Commercial Center was included in the municipal "night economic demonstration point" to meet your various needs for "nightlife"! At 7: 00 pm on July 13th, Shenzhen News Network launched the theme live broadcast of "Visiting Shenzhen at night to see the vitality of the fifth phase: Come to Longhua to surf together tonight", and hundreds of thousands of netizens followed the reporter’s lens to feel the energetic "nightlife" of big waves.

The reporter’s first stop came to Friendship Book City, where many citizens came to read and enjoy the quiet "night reading" moment. As one of the six theme cultures of Dalang Commercial Center, the theme of "night reading" added a book to "nightlife". The manager of the book mall told the reporter that the passenger flow and turnover of the book mall have reached 80% before the epidemic, and the number of people coming to the book mall to study at night has also increased. The bookstore has a business area of 3,300 square meters, integrating books, culture, sports, coffee and other diverse areas, with more than 80,000 kinds of products. The rich commodities and good environment in the store provide an excellent leisure and cultural place for Dalang residents.

Coming out of the Book City is the second stop of this trip-Milk Tea Street. The night is getting dark, and the popularity of milk tea street is getting more and more prosperous. When friends are tired of shopping, they come here to have a drink and chat. Ms. Lu, who lives nearby, said that the commercial atmosphere of Dalang Commercial Center is strong. After the opening of Metro Line 6, it will be more convenient for citizens to come here. Children also said that they like it here and will often come to the Book City to read books with their classmates.

"Our business is even hotter now than before the epidemic, and people come to dinner at one or two. The Dalang Commercial Center is very popular, and I think it is no different from the East Gate. " Ms. Li, the manager of Hexing Hakka King, talked about the booming business in the store. Hexing Hakka King, which is known as "One Hundred Famous Restaurants in Shenzhen" and "Top Ten Hakka Cuisine Brands", is full of guests. Mr. Huang is a frequent visitor here. He told reporters that he comes here several times a month, and authentic Hakka dishes and fresh seafood are his favorite.

In Dalang Commercial Center, besides delicious food, rich entertainment items are the favorite of young people. "Lehman Racing" is Longhua’s first indoor racing track with more than 2,000 square meters, comprehensive protective facilities, perfect track and entertaining multi-functional activity area, and it is the base camp for fashionable youth gathering activities. According to Ms. Wang, the store manager, since it opened in May, there have been more and more passengers, mainly young people coming to play racing, and there will be more passengers at night, and sometimes queues are needed. The Hero Hui Animation City Amusement Park in the city is always particularly popular during holidays. It is a large-scale fashion animation game theme park carefully built, providing consumers with a completely different feeling from the previous "electronic game hall".

"Boss comes to a bowl of hot and sour powder!" "Iron plate squid needs ten strings!" "Add more spice to the fish with Chinese sauerkraut!" Fanxiang Snack Street is the most "fireworks" place in Dalang Commercial Center. There are 43 restaurants here, where you can find delicious food from north and south of the Yangtze River. The atmosphere of the snack street is as hot as the summer weather. The proprietress of the noodle family told the reporter that the dishes in the store are all Sichuan flavors, and now the business situation has basically returned to before the epidemic. Mr. Wang, the owner of Youzhi Baiwei, said that the busiest time of the day is at night, and the passenger flow is particularly large. The best-selling squid in the store can sell thousands of strings a day.

Not far from the snack street, there is another place where you can feast your eyes-Yangtaishan Food Street. There are 23 shops open here.Shanxi Chinese hamburger, fish with you, Zijin Badao soup …Every family’s business is very hot. Mr. Han, the manager of "Fish You Together", said that the fish with pickled vegetables in the store is very popular. Now there are more people coming to the store to eat than those who order takeout, and there will be more people at night and on weekends. The Zijin Badao Soup in Yangtaishan Food City can be regarded as a perfect interpretation of pigs by Hakkas. Badao Soup is a famous specialty of Zijin, which is based on Hakka local pigs. The proprietress here said that about 300 bowls can be sold every day now, and business will be better at noon.

Taiqing Dessert, located in the third building of Dalang Commercial Center, is a popular food that can’t be missed. It focuses on the research and development of seasonal desserts in Lingnan, featuring authentic Guangdong herbal tea, turtle paste and handmade Chinese desserts, and has become a favorite brand of Shenzhen people.

Known by the public and readers as "the most beautiful library in Shenzhen", the Shufei Life Store has books, wine, coffee, delicious food and art. The last stop of the interview came to "Shufei Life". Ms. Gong, the manager, introduced that there will also be some public welfare lecture halls and flower arranging activities in the store. Mr. Chen told reporters that he often comes here to relax, read books and have a drink. It’s hard to work all day, so it’s very comfortable to enjoy it.

Wang Fajin, assistant to the chairman of Hengguan Investment Development Co., Ltd., the operator of Dalang Commercial Center, said that the operation of Dalang Commercial Center has gradually improved since the resumption of work. At present, there are more than 600 shops, and the catering industry has recovered to the pre-epidemic level, and the retail industry has also been improving. At the end of this year, the third phase of Dalang Commercial Center will be completed and delivered, and the economy will be more prosperous at night. Welcome to visit us again.

It is understood that the municipal demonstration project of night economy in Dalang Commercial Center covers a total area of about 300,000 square meters, and will focus on the development of six economic industries, namely night market, night show, night food, night shopping, night entertainment and night reading, around the characteristics of "international norm", "fashion trend" and "oriental flavor", so as to build Longhua nightlife gathering area and accelerate the construction of an international consumer city. Dalang Commercial Center will upgrade the quality of the first and second phases, and the third phase will fully introduce multiple high-end formats such as "brand shopping center, cultural complex, creative block, children’s city, bar street and night market with lights".

Among them, around the theme of "night market", Dalang Commercial Center will build an "international model" nightlife gathering area, create cool night lighting, and introduce night leisure and entertainment formats such as folk culture street, large bar street, snack food stall street and online celebrity punch street; Around the theme of "Night Show", we will build a performing arts plaza with the theme of performing arts stage, music fountain and world of ice and snow, cultivate performing arts IP, and hold cultural performances such as music festivals, youth song competitions, folk festivals, art festivals and light shows on a regular basis; Around the theme of "Night Eating", we will build a "Midnight Food Store" characteristic food and beverage block, and create the first "China Time-honored Brand" theme food block with local characteristics in the region; Around the theme of "night shopping", we will build a large-scale shopping and entertainment world in all directions, including a large supermarket, a family entertainment city, a home appliance city, a movie city, a sports city, a video game city, a training base and various well-known consumer brands. Around the theme of "night entertainment", we will build two characteristic sightseeing pedestrian streets with "modernity and antiquity", one is the modern western-style East Street; One is West Street which inherits Chinese style; Focusing on the theme of "Night Reading", through the introduction of the cultural complex brand of "Kama Bookstore", with the most beautiful bookstore in China in 2019 as the cultural core and the theme of openness, artistry and comfort, it is comparable to famous brand cultural complexes such as Taiwan Province Eslite and Japanese Amaya.