The new trend of "going out to sea" for orders | Customers in neighboring countries continue to add orders after Christmas orders close in 2022.

CCTV News:There are still about two months before Christmas, the traditional western holiday. In Yiwu, Zhejiang, the world’s largest distribution center for Christmas products, delivery has already ended in previous years, but after this year’s order is closed, many customers from neighboring countries continue to add orders.

Li Lu is a salesman of a trading firm. These days, he is busy confirming the logistics of the last few containers of the company’s Christmas order. These Christmas bells and Christmas trees will be sent to Peru after shipment.

The staff of many trading firms told reporters that in previous years, customers usually placed orders in March and April, and merchants delivered goods in July and August. By October, orders were basically closed. But this year, although it is already halfway through October, many foreign trade companies are still taking orders. Yang Shengping, the head of a cross-border e-commerce company, told reporters that the rapid development of supporting logistics has extended the sales cycle of his Christmas products a lot.

At present, many factories have also begun to prepare for next year’s Christmas orders. Zhao Le, an employee of a handicraft company in Yiwu, has received several European and American customers these days, and some customers have already started to place Christmas orders for next year.

Zhao Le, manager of a handicraft company in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province:These styles are from Europe next year, and a large number of new products have been designed for next year. There are still many new products still being proofed in the factory. Some customers have already placed orders, and the orders are ok. For the time being, order 70 or 80 cabinets.

Cai Qinliang, Secretary General of Yiwu Christmas Products Industry Association, Zhejiang Province:Foreign customers will place orders earlier and earlier. Next year’s foreign trade, I predict that some big foreign customers may start placing orders one after another after Christmas this year.