Different sports modes and their functions are particular.

There are three common exercise methods: aerobic exercise, muscle strength exercise and bone strengthening exercise. 1. Aerobic exercise: It is a rhythmic exercise of large muscles of the body, also known as endurance exercise. Aerobic exercise is the most common exercise method, which can increase joint coordination, make participants feel faster heart rate and breathing frequency, and contribute to cardiopulmonary function. Common aerobic exercises include brisk walking, running, cycling, skipping rope and swimming. 2. Muscle strength training Muscle strength training is beneficial to relieve joint pain and improve joint stability. Each muscle strength exercise is limited to a few muscles, so pay attention to exercise all the main muscle groups of the whole body, including legs, hips, waist and back, shoulders, upper limbs and so on. Muscle strength training can be achieved at home: hooking feet and lifting legs can exercise the muscles in front of thighs-especially for patients with knee pain or instability; Xiao Yanfei can exercise the muscles of the waist and back, especially for people who are sedentary or have discomfort in the waist and back. Flat support can exercise the muscles of the back, abdomen, hip and leg. 3. Strengthening bone exercise, also known as weight-bearing exercise, is to carry out some activities in a standing position to make the bones bear a certain weight (that is, their own weight), so as to stimulate the bones to achieve the purpose of strengthening bones, such as skipping rope, running, walking fast and lifting weights. In fact, bone strengthening exercise can also be classified as aerobic exercise or muscle strength exercise. (via Peking University People’s Hospital)

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