China Symphony Orchestra announces that Chinese and foreign famous artists will perform world classics in the 2024 music season.

At the end of the year, the 2024 music season of China Symphony Orchestra arrived as scheduled. On December 9, the launch conference of the new music season of China Communications was held in Beijing Concert Hall. For the upcoming 2024 music season, Yu Zhou, secretary of the Party Committee of the China Symphony Orchestra, said: "The China Symphony Orchestra will bring the highest artistic enjoyment to the national audience with the most full input, the most full spirit and the most extreme interpretation." Li Xincao, honorary chief conductor of the 2024 Music Season of the China Symphony Orchestra, and Jing Huan, permanent conductor, shared the details of their diplomatic relations with China and expressed their expectations and prospects for the future.

In the new music season of China Communications, honorary chief conductor Li Xincao, permanent conductor Jing Huan, honorary art director Tan Dun, specially invited conductor Lin Daye, permanent conductor Wang Linlin and assistant conductor Yin Jiongjie will all make wonderful appearances. At the same time, the audience can also appreciate the conductors Shui Lan, Yu Long, Lu Jia, Zhang Yi, Liao Guomin, Chen Lin, Qian Junping, Jiao Miao and Chen Bing; Performers Yin Chengzong, Liu Yunzhi, Ning Feng, Huang Bin, Chen Xi, Qin Liwei, Li Zhuoyu, Shen Lu, Rao Hao, Wu Wei; Singers Liao Changyong, Zhu Huiling, Shi Yijie, Guo Sen, Song Yuanming, Qiu Zhiqian, Xue Haoyin, Ruan Yuqun, Liu Shen and other three generations of artists.

Yu Zhou, Party Secretary of China Symphony Orchestra.

More international faces will be active on the stage of the China Symphony Orchestra, including conductors David Hohs, Andres Delvers, Mikhail Agriste, Gunter Newhold, Hubert Sultant and Mark Bereyi; Performers Jehad Ortiz, Li Yuyin and Stephen Chechiff will all be on the stage of diplomatic relations. In a concert with a more international perspective, fans can appreciate the unique interpretations of different styles of works by musicians from all over the world, and also feel the artistic sparks of the collision between eastern and western musicians. In 2024, in the journey of dialogue with the world, China’s diplomatic relations will spread all over Asia, Europe and America, transmitting China’s voice to the world with music and telling China’s story with notes.

On the occasion of the bicentennial of brukner’s birth, the 160th anniversary of Richard Strauss’s birth, the 100th anniversary of Puccini’s death and the 175th anniversary of Chopin’s death, the State Council of Communications will launch a series of commemorative concerts, and at the same time, Puccini’s classic opera "The Artist’s Life" will be staged in the annual opera concert. Classical fans will be satisfied with large-scale works and high-quality performances throughout the year.

Li Xincao, Honorary Chief Conductor of China Symphony Orchestra

This year is not only the Great Year of Western Symphony, but also the 120th anniversary of the birth of China composer Huang Zi and the 100th anniversary of Luo Zhongrong. In such a landmark year, the State Communications Department will rearrange the excellent works of many composers such as Huang Zi, Luo Zhongrong, Chen Peixun, Shi Wanchun, Zhao Jiping, Tan Dun and Chen Qigang. The year 2024 marks the 85th anniversary of The Yellow River Cantata’s premiere. In addition, Guojiao and many universities promoted national classics among the younger generation. At the same time, they used the results of re-arrangement to perform the symphonic music Shajiabang in cooperation with local orchestras. In addition, there will be a symphony with strong "Chinese style" created by German composer Schneider, which will give fans a glimpse of "China music written by western composers" from another dimension. In terms of newly created works, China Communications will launch the second concert of "Symphony of the Years in Peace"; Join hands with other brother orchestras to create a symphony suite "Revival" with the theme of celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China (PRC); At the same time, it undertakes the creation and performance of the project "Changjiang Chorus" directly managed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and promotes the prosperity and development of symphony creation with realistic themes in the new era.

The chorus concert will take opera as the "highlight", and the concert will be sung on three occasions, including "Salute to Verdi and Salute to Puccini", which commemorates the centenary of Puccini’s death, and will form an anticipated opera theme performance with the opera concert. Chorus concerts, such as Colorful Nationalities, Appreciation of Chinese Poetry, A Lu Ge and Poetry, which aim to build up the sense of Chinese national community and carry forward Chinese traditional culture, will integrate the beautiful tunes of Tang poetry and Song poetry and ancient and modern folk songs, which will let the audience feel poetry and distance in the great national style and explore the eternal context and national soul of Chinese civilization.

The new music season will also present nine sets of chamber music performances with distinctive themes and colorful colors. Various forms of ensemble and duet chamber music combination will bring a series of western classic works, Chinese and foreign art songs and chamber music works with national music characteristics, which are both difficult to interpret and beautiful in melody. Compared with the past, in 2024, the cooperation modes of chamber music performance of the State Communications University are more diverse. In addition to the concert hall, it will also cooperate with many universities such as Immersed Performing Arts Space, Peking University and Tsinghua to better integrate chamber music into aesthetic education.

Photo courtesy of China Symphony Orchestra

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Tian Yuting

Editor/Gong Lifang