Minimalist history of the Song Dynasty: The history of the Song Dynasty is a story of taking money to set things up and finally being settled by money.

The history of the Song Dynasty is a story of being rich and willful, and finally going bankrupt.

Zhao Kuangyin launched the mutiny in Chen Qiao, and became the new village head and the biggest landlord in the world after he took the fashion show with the highest rate of return in history.

When he became a village head, Boss Zhao was most worried that his subordinates would go their own way, leaving them with no way out.

After thinking for a moment, Boss Zhao asked his men to drink a glass of wine. Let the men kneel at a word.

"What if your men want you to wear imperial robes?"

Shi Shouxin, Gao Huaide and other generals offered their knees in succession, asking the boss to give them a way out of life.

In the end, Zhao Kuangyin gave them a way to cash out.

Everyone’s efforts with me are nothing more than making profits. Now it’s on the market. You said that you didn’t hurry up and cash out, but you were still waiting for ants to climb the tree.

Before the Song Dynasty, during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, when soldiers were in their hands, they quite owned the original shares, which became larger and larger. After exceeding the shares in the hands of the chairman, they could hold a board meeting, either abdicating or bloodbath, so as to re-elect.

Now, Zhao Kuangyin, taking advantage of his underlings’ insufficient performance shares, directly let these entrepreneurs cash out and take the money to leave.

The next day, a general called in sick and asked for an indefinite medical leave. Soon, this phenomenon showed signs of human-to-human transmission. The generals sold their military power in succession. Since then, the performance shares have been in the hands of the Zhao family, and the fashion shows that were often staged in the Five Dynasties and Ten Countries have almost disappeared.

This thing is called a glass of wine to release the soldiers, which is the most cost-effective glass of wine in the history of the village.

Then, Zhao Kuangyin played a set of "strong and weak" combination boxing.

In the past, our time, with soldiers and food in hand, rushed into the board of directors to lift the table without a word. Zhao Kuangyin simply confiscated all our military, financial and judicial powers. All the strong men in the place were incorporated into the central imperial army, leaving only the old, the sick and the disabled to guard the gate.

Even the central imperial army, Lao Zhao was not at ease. He divided the imperial army into three departments, namely, the department in front of the temple, the department in charge of guards and horses, and the department in charge of guards and soldiers.

There are three generals in Sanya respectively.

However, this handsome man is too low-quality. They only have the command right, but they have no right to transfer troops and send troops.

It is entirely up to Lao Zhao to decide what soldiers to deploy and when to start.

Lao Zhao also made a special balance, with 100,000 imperial troops in Beijing and 100,000 scattered around the country. In this way, the central imperial army can easily settle the rebellion of the foreign imperial army. Together, the foreign imperial guards can also stop the mutiny in Beijing.

The imperial guard in Beijing and the imperial guard in other places are still changing at any time, so that the soldiers don’t know who will be, and the soldiers in the world will really only be surnamed Zhao.

With such an adjustment, the chaos of the soldiers is gone, but the status of the general has plummeted. During the Han and Tang Dynasties, a general could be awarded the title of marquis for his meritorious military service.Going out will enter the phase. Going out is the general, and coming back is the prime minister. After the song dynasty, that is, the senior tool man in the village, it is impossible to become a super executive.

Thanks to this, the Song Dynasty stabilized, and Lao Zhao began to get rich, and when he got rich, he became willful. As soon as you have money, you want to take money to hit people.

The sixteen states of Youyun are the ones that Zhao Kuangyin wants to smash with money.

Sixteen states of deep and remote clouds are in the north of the village, which is the northern barrier of the village. Without this piece, riders from the north can easily rush to the middle of the village. In order to rebel, Shi Jingtang sold this place to Liao.

Liao country isA small branch set up by the Khitans in the north. The first big brother is called Yelu Abaoji.

When Bao Ji was born, the Khitan was still in the primitive clan and tribal society. This kind of society was when people were in a good mood, and everyone drank in a big bowl and ate meat. When feeling bad, chop off your head and rob your wife.

Bao Ji’s grandfather was killed in an infighting, and his father moved away from home. Grandma painted his face black to protect him, and then hid it in someone else’s tent.

This little face with a black face is crawling alone in the counting room. No one would have thought that this child would change the fate of the Khitans and affect the history of China for hundreds of years.

Where no one noticed, Bao Ji grew up and the good days finally came. His uncle held the power of the Khitan. And he grew into a good battlefield embryo. It is as high as nine feet, I don’t know if it is calculated according to the size of that dynasty, but the lowest is nearly two meters. Moreover, the history book is rich and sharp. I didn’t quite understand what it means to be rich on the top and sharp on the bottom, until one day, when I was watching cartoons, a Popeye who ate spinach suddenly appeared on the screen.

It means that the chest muscles are developed.

Paul’s strength is great, he can pull 300 Jin, and his riding and shooting skills are also very strong. Nomads can’t play the violin, but they can play the horseshoe piano and can’t ride the wall. Riding and shooting must be learned.

In the struggle with the tribes in the grassland, Bao Ji showed his extraordinary military skills and repeatedly made meritorious military service. Soon after, he became the military leader of the Khitan, leading the tribe to sweep across northern Xinjiang. It can be said that as long as the wind blows low, you can see the Khitan people’s cattle, sheep and horses.

As early as the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, Bao Ji went to Zhongyuan to rob with his military forces. Unexpectedly, although the Five Dynasties were chaotic and divided, Qin Shihuang didn’t even know the map of China, but the war was fierce. Mr. Bao Ji didn’t get a bargain, so he had to hand over the task of going south to his son Yeludeguang.

Yelvdeguang finally seized the opportunity to take a stake in Shi Jingtang when he was robbing the throne with his brother-in-law Li Congke, and he was assigned to sixty states of deep and remote clouds. Later, he once entered the Central Plains, but it was too hot in the south, so Yelvdeguang couldn’t stay, so he had to withdraw from the grassland and died halfway. It is said that it was also made into dried meat by a chef in the village.

But the sixteen states of Youyun have always been in the hands of Liao people. For the Central Plains dynasty, it means that the other party has a king fried in his hand and can throw things at your head from time to time.

To solve this problem, Zhao Kuangyin showed the essence of local tyrants. He said that he had laid a solid foundation in various countries and got a lot of good things. I saved all these things and saved a certain amount, so I talked with Liao and used the money to buy back sixteen states of Youyun.

The idea is beautiful, and the reality is very skinny.

I had just saved almost all my money, and when I was about to buy it, Zhao Kuangyin suddenly died.

His death is a famous mysterious event in the history of Song Dynasty. It is said that on that day, Zhao Kuangyin was having dinner and drinking with his brother. At this time, others saw from the window, candlelight flickering, Zhao Guangyi suddenly jumped up, as if to avoid something. Zhao Kuangyin knocked on the ground with yu fu: "Good for it, good for it." It’s for the sound of candles and axes.

On this day, Zhao Kuangyin died. After his death, the throne passed not to his son, but to Zhao Guangyi. And six years later, Zhao Pu, a former executive (prime minister) who was in a state of semi-unemployment, suddenly took out a golden chamber, which said that Zhao Kuangyin had arranged with the Queen Mother that the throne would be passed on to his younger brother Zhao Guangyi in the future.

Zhao Guangyi was justified when he became emperor. Then work hard.

The most important task is to take down the sixteen states of Youyun.

Zhao Guangyi lit up the military forces to win the Northern Han Dynasty, which has always been tenacious in the north, and also incorporated Yang Ye, a member of the Northern Han Dynasty, who was defeated by Liao soldiers in several battles, and was called "Yang Invincible".

With the Northern Han Dynasty, it was much more convenient to attack the sixteen states of Youyun. The army made a high-altitude attack at the gates of Youzhou, but it didn’t attack for seven days in a row. Dasong’s army had already passed the start-up period, and there were only a handful of famous soldiers. When the Liao army arrived, Song Jun was defeated, and Mr. Zhao Guangyi slipped back in a donkey cart.

Since then, Zhao Guangyi organized another attack, but Dasong exposed the problem of no commander-in-chief. None of the armies could attack as a whole. In the end, they not only suffered a heavy defeat, but also cheated Yang Ye.

At that time, it was agreed that Yang Ye would lead the way to meet them, and commander-in-chief Pan Mei would ambush them in the back. But when Yang Ye lost at the front, Pan Mei blew the assembly number, leaving Yang Ye behind, which led to the capture of General Yang Lao, who died of hunger strike.

In novels, Pan Mei is often portrayed as a villain and a traitor. Mr. Pan Mei is indeed average and has made mistakes, but it may be a bit exaggerated to be called a big traitor.

After Yang Ye’s death, his son Yang Yanzhao continued to join the army, guarding the frontier fortress, and won numerous battles, so he was called "Yang Liuyu". Yang Wenguang, the son of Yang Liuyi, is also a fierce soldier. The three generations of Yang family galloped on the battlefield, which made people admire, so there was a famous novel "Yang Jiajiang" behind them.

After two rounds of fighting, the Tangut people in Xiazhou in the northwest began to split up. At that time, when the emperor was Song Zhenzong, the son of Zhao Yiguang. As the third generation of emperors, Song Zhenzong’s methods to solve problems were simple and rude.

Don’t you just want some money?
Here you are!

Song Zhenzong sealed Xiping King to Li Deming, the leading brother of Xiazhou. Every year, he threw 40,000 gold, 40,000 brocade and 20,000 Jin of tea at Xiazhou at a fixed point, so-called old coins.

Take the money, we are all fine, don’t make trouble.

Seeing how generous the Song Dynasty was, Liao, the eldest brother in the north, couldn’t sit still.

It’s late, let’s go and have a windfall!

Song Zhenzong got a fright when he went there. He ran away with oil on his feet, and directly grabbed him by himself.

This is Minister Kou Zhun.

"Don’t worry, let’s go up and play a dozen. If we run to the south, our DaSong will be finished."

Hearing this, Song Zhenzong ran to the south without insurance, and finally got up the courage.

Running to the Yellow River, Song Zhenzong felt hasty this time, and wanted to run back. Unexpectedly, Gao Qiong, the imperial coach, knocked on Song Zhenzong’s coachman with a piece of wood.

Go away!

Song Zhenzong’s frame crossed the Yellow River in a fog.

Unexpectedly, the effect was particularly good. When the defenders of the Song Dynasty in Zhoucheng saw that all the bosses were on the scene, their morale was greatly boosted.

Originally, Song Jun could beat the Liao army at high altitude, but Song Zhenzong decided to stop when it was too late, and made peace with the Liao country, agreeing to give silver 102,000 yuan a year, so that everyone would be fine and not fight. History is called "the alliance of the Yuan Dynasty"

Spending money to buy peace was also done in the Han Dynasty, but Lao Zhao’s family took it to the extreme.

Who else refuses to accept? Hit him with money!

Under the money attack of local tyrant Song, the three kingdoms of Song, Liao and Xixia began a period of peace.

That’s the question. Why was the Song Dynasty so rich?
The main reason is that business activities are too prosperous.

Unlike other dynasties, which emphasized agriculture and suppressed commerce, the Song Dynasty encouraged commerce. Just look at the prosperity of the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival.

When there are more commercial activities, Lao Zhao can get a commission, two percent for transporting goods and three percent for selling goods in stores. There are also various miscellaneous taxes. For example, merchant ships have to cross the stream to "cross the stream for money"

The commercial tax collected in the Song Dynasty was as high as 20 million yuan a year. You said that it would cost 100,000 yuan to buy peace. Isn’t it fragrant? Besides, the money can be earned back through trade with Xixia, the Liao country.

As for the problem of face, as long as you are thick-skinned, it is others who are embarrassed.

The rest of my life will be like this. Unexpectedly, the local tyrant Song also began to have an economic crisis.

Let’s stop here for today and continue tomorrow.