These ten badminton tips! do you know that or not?

First, do you know that the power action is always big first and then small? If you can’t do the same side-slapping power as conditioned reflex, you don’t have to practice wrist and finger power, it will only hurt you.

Second, do you know that when you take the initiative, you should try to attack in a straight line, because the line is short enough; When passive, try to slash as much as possible, because it can destroy the opponent’s start and continuous attack.

Third, do you know that when playing long-distance ball, the footwork movement is always small in the first few steps and big in the last step?

4. Do you know that many amateur champions have either practiced with coaches seriously, or have strong masters around them to give careful guidance and practice by themselves? There are not so many geniuses who can succeed without paying, and there are not so many smart people who can do amazing things in since the enlightenment without giving guidance.

5. Do you know that badminton is a competitive sport? No matter how strong your ability is, if you don’t observe your opponent and look for his loopholes and weaknesses, you may lose to an opponent who is far less capable than you.

6. Do you know that mistakes in doubles are contagious and emotions are contagious, so if you make mistakes, please be sure to say "mine!" Or "SORRY!"

Seven, do you know that "the martial arts in the world, only fast and unbreakable" is also very suitable for badminton, trying to get up quickly, running fast, predicting fast, hitting fast and changing fast.

Eight, do you know that picking the ball is the technical action that requires the lowest consistency, so you can rest assured that the bold upper arm drives the forearm to use big moves.

9. Do you know that a seemingly simple stride surfing the Internet requires leg press to stretch his muscles, squat quietly to increase his strength, jump rope to improve his explosive power, and turn his hips to keep his center of gravity?

10. Do you know that losing is much more important than winning on the road of learning the ball? You can figure out how to lose every time and make targeted improvements, and the distance to winning will get closer and closer.