Table tennis World Cup: The schedule will be announced on December 6th! China and Japan face the weak brigade, and Hande encounters the strong enemy.

On December 6th, Beijing time, the Chengdu Table Tennis Mixed Team World Cup is about to usher in the first day of the second stage. At present, the group stage has ended, and the list of the top eight teams has been released. Although the China team lost by Manyu Wang, the other seven main players remained unbeaten, and they have been qualified for promotion and continue to attack the championship.

According to the arrangement, Guoping will play at 19: 30pm on December 6th against the average Slovak team, and the top three seeds, Germany, Japan and South Korea, will also continue to play. Please see below for the detailed situation, latest schedule and highlights of each match.

This mixed World Cup has adopted a brand-new 8-win system in 15 games. The first stage is to calculate the points to decide the outcome, and so is the second stage, which means that each team should try to make a quick decision and open the gap as early as possible to get 8 points. At the same time, the losing team need not be discouraged, as long as the total score is enough, it can still win medals and even hit the championship.

As mentioned earlier, Guoping has advanced to the top eight. Among the eight main players, only Manyu Wang lost 1-2 to Puerto Rico’s Diaz, while the other seven players, Fan Zhendong, Wang Chuqin, Ma Long, Lin Gaoyuan, Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng and Wang Yidi, remained unbeaten.

In addition to Guoping, the others have been promoted by Germany, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Slovakia, France, and China Taipei. Next, except for the teams that have met in the first stage, all the others have to play again. Take Guoping as an example, whether you want to win the championship or not, you have to play six more games (Sweden has already touched it), and finally calculate the total score to determine the ranking.

According to the arrangement, the first two games to be played at 13:00 pm on December 6th were Japan VS China Taipei and South Korea VS France. Among them, the pressure on Japan was relatively small, because the three main players of China Taipei, Lin Yunru, Chuan Chih Yuan and Zheng Yijing, didn’t come, and the threat was not great.

The battle between South Korea and France is quite interesting. The former has eight generals, including Zhang Yuzhen, Lin Zhongxun, Li Shangzhu, Ahn Jae hyun, Shen Yubin, Tian Zhixi, Jin Naying and Li Shiwen, all of whom are first-class in foreign associations except Li Shiwen. The latter has four masters, lebrun Brothers, Simon and Yuan Jianan, and the rising star Pawad is also very influential. Although it is inferior to South Korea, it may not be impossible to score points.

At 19:30 pm, the table tennis match against Slovakia is not a big problem. The battle between Germany and Sweden may be fierce. Both sides have several main players absent. At present, the strength is even. Sweden may win with the advantage of men, but it may not lose.

So who do you think will win the first prize in the second stage? Welcome to write your own prediction in this message!