Zhijie S7 is a smart driving spot. Yu Chengdong said that Huawei’s visual smart driving completely surpassed Tesla.

On April 11th, Huawei’s first smart car, Zhijie S7, launched a new version, new rights and interests, and launched Huawei’s visual intelligent driving, which further enhanced its product strength. Especially in the field of intelligent driving, the intellectual S7 has been several positions ahead of the industry, and this is the first time for Huawei’s visual intellectual. Yu Chengdong said that Huawei’s visual intellectual driving has surpassed Tesla in an all-round way.

Nowadays, smart driving has become the main battlefield for high-end new energy vehicles, but most models are still in the "primary stage" of selling futures and opening cities. Zhijie S7 doesn’t sell futures by self-driving, but it can be used by picking up the car. By April, 2024, NCA in Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving city opened 40,000+towns and villages, and all urban main roads and branch roads can be opened, with 99.56% of available sections.

This means that you can use it not only in the streets where people and cars are confused in the north and the south, but also in the long-distance self-driving in the west or in the towns and villages of your hometown. Huawei’s 192-line laser radar, which originated from the same model of M9, is the highest line number laser radar in the industry. It has the highest specifications in the industry and can realize the full scene and all-weather perception of dynamic and static targets (including irregular objects). In software, BEV network +GOD network can accurately identify all kinds of obstacles, while RCR network 2.0 can realize navigation map matching with the real world, complex environment reasoning, and can be opened with or without maps, so that high-order intelligent driving no longer depends on high-precision maps.

One of the great significance of technological innovation lies in the universal benefits of technology. This time, Zhijie S7 is also equipped with the basic version of HUAWEI ADS, and launched Huawei’s visual intelligent driving, which has realized the intelligent driving of the whole department and further consolidated its position as the intelligent driving ceiling. This set of visual intelligent driving system can realize NCA intelligent driving navigation assistance on national highways and urban expressways, automatically get on and off ramps, and have certain ability to automatically change lanes and avoid obstacles when encountering road construction, cone barrel diversion and other scenes. In terms of intelligent parking, it supports multi-scene parking spaces and can be parked when it is visible.

In addition, the intelligent safety of Zhijie S7 has been upgraded, equipped with an omni-directional anti-collision system of the leading industry generation, and it has a multi-sensor fusion sensing system of the leading industry, so that vehicles can still identify all kinds of road obstacles in all directions even in bad weather and insufficient light. The effective range of forward AEB is 4-150km/h, and the braking speed is 120km/h; The effective range of lateral active avoidance is 40-130km/h, which can actively identify water horses, rows of cones, kerbs, stationary pedestrians, dynamic pedestrians, stationary vehicles and dynamic vehicles; The effective range of backward initiative is 1-60km/h, and it can actively identify pedestrians crossing, moving two-wheeled vehicles and vehicles crossing, greatly reducing the accident probability.

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To sum up, the product strength of Zhijie S7 has been greatly upgraded this time. The larger battery pack, longer battery life and stronger intelligent driving have once again proved Huawei’s powerful intelligent innovation technology strength to the industry and outside. In the competition of "7" series models in the pure electric car market, Zhijie S7 has successfully occupied the highest point in the market. If you want to buy an intelligent "all-excellent" model at the price level of 300,000, Zhijie S7 is worth recommending.