A free Bai Piao simulation business game.

Hello ~ Hello, everyone, this is the recommended time for Xiaobai’s daily tour. There are thousands of games in the world, and many interesting games are not well known by the majority of players because of lack of publicity. Here Xiaobai will recommend a highly rated but not very famous game for everyone every day ~

Espresso Tycoon Prologue: Underwater is a simulated business game, which comes from a coffee tycoon-a coffee shop simulator. Set up your own coffee shop from scratch, hire staff, create the most delicious recipes in the whole Atlantic, decorate and manage customers, and build a successful coffee enterprise in Sydney!

This is a free Bai Piao simulation game. You are the owner of an underwater cafe in Sydney. You must provide customers with delicious coffee and snacks to satisfy them. The goal of the game is to keep the store running smoothly and effectively, and at the same time satisfy customers.

The game is a traditional simulation game. You are the owner of an underwater coffee shop. You need to build your own coffee shop from scratch, decorate the coffee shop, hire and manage employees, take care of the supply chain, analyze the budget, advertise for the coffee shop, brew coffee, provide food and drinks, clean up the shop and so on. You will need to deal with all these tasks, as well as uncooperative customers and emotional roller coasters. You need to be agile to keep the store running smoothly.

In addition to the traditional business play, there are many details in the game. Do you need to conduct market research to find out their preferences? Use the 3D coffee editor to make different recipes and make them happy. Multiple ingredients can be combined in a very creative way. Use different layers and toppings to create a beautiful latte art! The management process of the game is also very real, as big as employee scheduling; Research and development of science and technology, as small as watering flowers and cleaning, tableware placement, all need you to control.

Generally speaking, this game is a pretty good simulated business game. It not only has various traditional simulated business games, but also has unique details. The key point is to get free Bai Piao. It can be said that you don’t play for nothing. It is recommended to friends who like simulated business games.The game supports Simplified Chinese, and Steam is free in Bai Piao.

Ok, that’s all for today’s game recommendation. Xiaobai has many interesting games here. Let’s continue next time.

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