The game is not limited to Blizzard. Take stock of MMO online games that can help quit "binge addiction".

At 0: 00 on January 24, World of Warcraft officially ended its operation in mainland China. It was the fault of the developer or the agent, and the hard work of more than ten years finally passed and dissipated. At the beginning of the 15-minute countdown to the server shutdown, strangers said goodbye to each other on the channel, "May the wind guide your direction".

With the character in Naglan forced to return to the login interface, and with the prompt that there is no available server, the world that has been with him for more than ten years has ended "temporarily".

Because of World of Warcraft, I have kept my game habits for many years. I tried several MMOs with my old friends in YY during the Spring Festival holiday, but they couldn’t fit in well and fell into a dilemma.

Sword net 3:

Whether it is the official version or the nostalgic version, the optimization is not satisfactory. Whether it is the 4090 graphics card or the 2080 graphics card, all graphics cards are equal in front of Sword Net III, and it is impossible to achieve a smooth frame number like World of Warcraft. The multi-stage jumping in its proud Lightness Skill system will make newcomers feel puzzled, because the Lightness Skill System will only show the corresponding function buttons after the player jumps, and the newcomers can’t even find a way to land quickly when they start trying.

But after all, "Sword Net III" is also an old game for many years, with a strong social atmosphere. The PVE copy game comes with a gold team assistant, and the copy is simple and the equipment is cheap. Direct 54 yuan also presented gold coins, and selling the gold coins actually only required about 5 yuan.

Guild Wars 2:

It’s really a refreshing game experience. Jumping music and world event design are great, and you can also experience magnificent battle scenes in the wild. The biggest innovation of the game is that it is out of the triangle mode of warfare, law and animal husbandry. Different occupations are not a single skill group, and switching to different weapons will have different skills. Players can play different output cycles by switching weapons in battle. Old people in the game are also very kind to newcomers, and often provide a set of equipment to novice players for free. However, for old players of Warcraft, there will be a certain cognitive gap because they are not in the mode of warfare and grazing.

> > > > > Stop taking Warcraft, and try Guild Wars 2, a good time for the lion city to go online in into the pit. < < < < <


It may be very suitable for players with formal clothes to play the game, because there are certain requirements for the DPS of T and N in the replica battle, but the battle mode will be different. The GCD of FF14 is long (various 2.5S skills in the early stage) and the judgment is delayed, and the fluency of the battle is not as good as that of World of Warcraft, and the plug-ins that players are used to in Warcraft are basically defined as plug-ins that cannot be used in FF14. For the old Warcraft players with nostalgic clothes, I am afraid that some older players are not good at accepting the picture and mechanism.

Swords of legends OL:

The optimization is average, and the game is really conscientious. The copy battle also has technical content and the picture is very good. Basically, every profession has two kinds of functional gameplay, and there are different genres to choose from under different functions. For example, the school of Imperial Sword can be divided into the rainbow of the air Sect and the flying star of the sword Sect. Shenhong can be divided into two schools: Blasting Sword and Yunlong. Under the current version, a set of equipment can freely switch attributes according to different functions (the additional attributes of the equipment need to be selected by the player himself), and the function selection of the team becomes more flexible in the copy battle, similar to the switching specialization in Warcraft, but there is no need to prepare an additional set of equipment.

It’s just that the overall feeling of playing the game is mediocre, and everything has no characteristics, that is to say, the game is good except PVP, but it’s not fun, and PVP is almost abandoned because there are too few players playing PVP activities as a whole.

Anti-cold veteran clothes:

The game has a good sense of attack and a strong Jianghu atmosphere, and it is worthy of being a breathing Jianghu. Just as a veteran’s clothing with classic equipment and mounts in Warcraft as the attraction, the skin to be given needs to be copied to get fragments before it can be finally obtained, which has a sense of deceiving players. And as a Warcraft player who has to spray the card for several years, it is inevitable that there are some psychological obstacles to play an improved version of the game that requires money to breathe, and I am really uneasy about the subsequent development of this game. Although numerical props are not sold in the game now, who knows what will happen in the future?

After several similar MMO games were tried and the substitutes were fruitless, a group of old players of Warcraft nostalgia service faced the dilemma of being helpless. I wonder if I can try another game mode. After all, the influence of World of Warcraft is too deep, and similar games can’t play the taste of Warcraft at all. Maybe the new game mode is easier to integrate without the game type of Warcraft itself. With this mentality, I decided to search for turn-based online games that can be played by office workers.

I searched, and there really is a game called Peach Blossom Garden 2, which is dedicated to office workers.

"Peach Blossom Garden 2" is just the sixth anniversary in official website, and it is also a domestic game that has been in operation for many years. In any case, domestic games will never have to worry about the contradiction between agents and developers, which will lead to the dilemma that the game will stop serving and the players have nowhere to go.

The core gameplay of "Peach Blossom Garden 2" is consistent with the traditional turn-based gameplay. In theory, you can easily play the game by choosing the output sect and automatically hanging up. It is relatively troublesome to treat and control the sect because it needs point-to-point operation in difficult battles.

The gameplay of Peach Blossom Garden 2 basically integrates the common gameplay in turn-based games, which is similar to daily tasks such as mentoring and running rings and other activities. When you first enter the game, you may be at a loss because of the rich content and no game experience, but there are corresponding guidelines in the game, which can reduce the learning cost of players.

At the same time, in order to increase the experience of new players, the game also has built-in novice login activities to reduce the resistance that players encounter in the early stage of the game. Newcomers will be given a set of weapons and equipment as well as powerful beasts and fairies for free when they log in on the 7 th.

There are also new service target activities, in which players can obtain a variety of valuable resources such as in-game currency and role training by reaching a series of goals such as combat power, crusade, manor, achievement and official position.

Seven days before the new service, players can get lucky draw opportunities when they reach 50, 100 and 150 every day, and they can draw high gold tickets, Taoyuan points, appearance props, etc., and even have a chance to get Goku!

Of course, for office workers, the biggest feature of Peach Blossom Garden 2 is zero cost, which is much better than other turn-based games, which require tens of thousands of inputs to get a group number.

Without blizzard and Warcraft, as office workers, choosing turn-based games can also be a choice. Peach Blossom Garden 2 is the latest product of the turn-based classic IP Peach Blossom Garden series. There is no mall in the game, all the items fall, and the props can be traded. Turn-based classic gameplay is available here, plus you can send advanced mounts and high-funded beasts when you log in, which can accompany players to visit Xanadu!