China Software: On February 23, it was financed and bought 111 million yuan, accounting for 22.34% of the inflow of funds that day.

() According to the data center, () on February 23rd, it was financed to buy 111 million yuan, accounting for 22.34% of the purchase amount on that day. The current financing balance is 1.244 billion yuan, accounting for 4.89% of the circulating market value, which is lower than the historical 30% split level.

Financing trend table

date Financing change Financing balance February 23 rd 27.4131 million 1.244 billion February 22nd 20.9331 million 1.217 billion February 21st. 4.7202 million 1.196 billion February 20 th 17.5575 million 1.191 billion February 19th 28.4492 million 1.173 billion

In terms of securities lending, China Software repaid 57,500 shares by securities lending on February 23, and sold 37,300 shares by securities lending. According to the closing price of the day, the selling amount was 1,136,500 yuan, accounting for 0.22% of the outflow amount of the day; The balance of securities lending was 24.216 million, exceeding the historical 60% level.

Securities lending trend table

date Securities lending change margin balance February 23 rd -208,000 yuan 24.216 million February 22nd 800,300 24.4241 million February 21st. -1.1251 million 23.6237 million February 20 th 591,700 24.7489 million February 19th 574,800 24.1572 million

To sum up, the current balance of China Software’s financing is 1.268 billion yuan, up 2.19% from yesterday, and the balance is lower than the historical 30% split level.

Trend table of the balance between the two financial institutions

date Balance between finance and investment Balance change February 23 rd 1.268 billion 27.2051 million February 22nd 1.241 billion 21.7335 million February 21st. 1.219 billion 3.595 million February 20 th 1.216 billion 18.1491 million February 19th 1.198 billion 29.024 million

Note 1: If the financing balance increases for a long time, it means that the investor’s mentality is biased towards the buyer, and the market is a strong market with strong popularity, otherwise it is a weak market.

Note 2: Buying amount = actively buying extra large single amount+actively buying large single amount+actively buying small single amount.