Liars have begun to cheat in English. Have you ever seen such a hard-working liar?

In order to cheat, the scammers don’t know how much effort they have made: they get up early and get greedy for the black, even the "007" work system. They set up a tent on the mountain casually, built a workbench with stones and boards, and started to do it: study fraud scripts, pretend to be customer service, public security law, leaders, acquaintances began to make crazy phone calls to cheat …
Recently, a group of swindlers are even more "diligent and enterprising", learning English hard and pretending to be foreign bank employees, diplomats and lawyers to cheat. Have you ever seen such a hard-working swindler?
Aunt Macao received an unexpected email.
Two months ago, Aunt Wang in Macau received an email from the African Bank, the content of which was all in English. Aunt Wang only understood the original text with the help of translation software.
"Dear Ms. Wang XX, hello, I am a non-executive director of the Bank of Africa. A few days ago, one of my clients, Li XX, and his family died in a plane crash while traveling in the UK. According to the will, the client entrusted me to give you his legacy …"
When I read this, Aunt Wang couldn’t help crying.
sheRepeatedly confirmed the name., mentioned in the emailIt was a very good business partner of hers.Mr. Li.
It was not until a few years ago that Aunt Wang transferred the company to someone else that we lost contact. Unexpectedly, when I heard his name again, it was unfortunate news.
It was mentioned in his will that the reason why he wanted to give the relic to Aunt Wang was because he always regarded Aunt Wang as the best friend in China from the first cooperation in the 1990s. This cross-century friendship is very precious.
In addition, Mr. Li had no children or daughters, and his parents died in this accident, so he gave the relics to Aunt Wang according to the order of inheritance, hoping that she would take good care of them.
Along with this email, there are two attachments: one is "Application Form for Beneficiary of African Bank" and the other is a long list of email addresses.
The email mentioned, "After filling out the application form, please return the form and personal information to the’ non-executive director’ first, and then send it to the mailbox of the African bank after review."
Attached is the beneficiary application form.
After reading the email, Aunt Wang still failed to accept the fact that her friend died unexpectedly.
But looking back,What she mentioned in the email really matches what she knows., includingMr. Li’s name, childless, early business in Africa, and when their friendship began.Wait, she began to accept this cruel fact.
Aunt Wang decided to keep things for herself when she thought that her friend was alive. There must be some intention. Seeing that the process is so formal, Aunt Wang dare not be careless.
After filling it out carefully, Aunt Wang sent the form and information.
The next fraud is a bit "high-end"
After more than a month, Aunt Wang finally received a reply from the "non-executive director":
"I have helped you complete the inheritance procedure, becauseRelics contain valuables., nowHand it over to a diplomat, by himselfBring it back to China for you.. "
A few days later, Aunt Wang received a phone call. The other party spoke in English all the time. Fortunately, Aunt Wang knew a little English, but it took her half a day to understand.
The other party claimed to be a diplomat in Burkina Faso, Africa. Entrusted by the bank, she has now brought Mr. Li’s relics back to Beijing and asked Aunt Wang to go through the relevant formalities.
Then, diplomatsAsk Aunt Wang to pay for his air ticket and consignment from Africa to Beijing, totaling 25,000 yuan.Relevant certificates are also provided.
The consignment certificate sent by the other party to Aunt Wang.
Aunt Wang didn’t expect that there would be such a thing as paying air tickets and consignment fees.
But as soon as she thought that things were left to her by her friends, she should respect her friends’ wishes before they died, and diplomats personally brought things back from Africa.
So Aunt Wang immediately set off for Zhuhai and transferred 25,000 yuan to the private account provided by a bank ATM for diplomats.
The next day, the diplomat contacted Aunt Wang by SMS and saidAfter the relics need to pay customs clearance fees and taxesTo give it to her, add it up.A total of 54,000 yuan..
Aunt Wang left for Zhuhai again and transferred another 54,000 yuan to the bank ATM.
On the third day, a person claiming to be an international lawyer contacted Aunt Wang by email and saidDiplomats and things have been detained by the customs, so it is necessary to give "senior officials" some "unblocking fees"In order for diplomats to bring relics to Macao.
If the money is not transferred within three days, the diplomat will return to Africa with his relics, and a lawyer’s certificate is attached to the email.
Lawyer’s certificate sent by the other party
Aunt Wang was angry when she saw it. What kind of "dredging fees"? China is now strengthening the construction of anti-corruption and building a clean government. Where can officials open their mouths to collect these fees?
The other party not only took advantage of her sympathy, but also tried to insult China officials, which made Aunt Wang suddenly wake up from the sadness of her friend’s death, concluded that the other party was a liar, and immediately called the police.
Liar show English director’s "heritage inheritance" scam
Although they are both fraudsters, in this "industry", scammers are also divided into three categories.
Some swindlers are not high-level and can only engage in relatively low-level deception; And some "powerful" ones can stage these "high-end" scams of cross-border "heritage inheritance" with a little knowledge of English.
In fact, as early as 2016, Guan Wei of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security also announced a similar case. Mr. Wang, the manager of a company in Xiamen, received a "transnational" email from a "non-executive director of Standard Chartered Bank". "My client died in a car accident, and a 5.64 million pound legacy needs to be inherited." Mr. Wang believed it, but after contacting the "lawyer" mentioned in the email, he was cheated out of more than 50 thousand yuan step by step.
Although these scams all look similar, all emails, phone calls and text messages are in English, in fact, after several years of evolution, there are new changes in this kind of scam scripts.
In the past, all scams were randomly pushed, and most of them lied that there was a million or even tens of millions of inheritance. For various reasons, God "cared" or fate "selected" the victims to inherit, and these deceased people were all unrelated to the victims. Victims were often deceived because they could not resist the temptation of huge inheritance.
The new scam that Aunt Wang encountered was an upgraded version, which mainly has the following three characteristics:
Precision fraud: for people with relatives and friends abroad
In the past, all the old scams were randomly pushing emails, and people who were greedy and cheap were easily deceived.
Nowadays, the upgraded deception is aimed at people with relatives and friends abroad, and fraudsters have obtained the personal information of these relatives and friends through illegal channels in advance, so they can achieve targeted and accurate fraud.
Full English, cross-border scam
This kind of transnational fraud using e-mail as the carrier, swindlers often commit crimes in gangs, and many people play lawyers, diplomats, notaries and so on.
They worked very hard, practiced English hard, and packaged the scam very high-end. According to the pre-rehearsed script, they used English mail as a cover and provided various English documents to prove that they cheated the victims of money step by step through fees, legal fees and other names.
The location of the "accident" is abroad and it is difficult to verify.
In these "heritage inheritance" scams, because the "dead" are all abroad all the year round, it is difficult to contact internationally, and it is difficult to verify the authenticity of things.
In addition, most people don’t understand foreign laws, processes and procedures, so it is easy to believe them when they see various English documents.
This time, the liar lied that Aunt Wang’s friend died unexpectedly, and this friend happened to have no contact with Aunt Wang for several years, so Aunt Wang couldn’t prove it for a while, so she believed each other.
As soon as I thought it was an item left by my former friend, out of respect, Aunt Wang didn’t understand the relevant procedures, so she went through the relevant procedures step by step according to the other party’s instructions and fell into the scam step by step.
However, you don’t have to worry too much. Even if the scam is "high-end", as long as you observe it carefully, you can see the loopholes.
For example, if the customs declaration fees or taxes stipulated by state organs are collected through personal accounts, how can they be collected? Therefore, when encountering similar situations, we still need to make more identification, make multiple verifications, be credulous, and transfer money carefully.
(Zhuhai Criminal Investigation)