National Ski Resort | Jinshanling Ski Resort

Jinshanling Ski Resort is located in Luanping, Hebei Province. It is an important ice and snow holiday destination built by Hebei Tourism Investment Group on the tour line around Beijing. It is built by Luanping Company of Hebei Tourism Investment Group, and its business covers ice and snow sports, outdoor sports in mountainous areas, staying at home and vacationing, etc. The planned resort covers an area of about 25 square kilometers, with a total planned investment of 7 billion yuan and a total construction area of about 1.776 million square meters. It focuses on the advantages of business format, location and brand, and is characterized by alpine skiing. The resort has been included in the High-quality Development Plan of Tourism in Hebei Province (2018-2025) and the Development Plan of Ice and Snow Industry in Hebei Province (2018-2025). It is a provincial key project and a national preferred tourism project, and has won many honors, mainly including: national ski resort, ski instructor’s national identity card training and evaluation base, designated venue of ice and snow events in Hebei Province, and sports industry demonstration unit in Hebei Province.

A professional ski resort in the golden belt

Jinshanling Ski Resort is located in the Golden Ski Resort at 41 degrees north latitude, near the same latitude as the world famous resort Alps.

It is a semi-arid and semi-humid continental monsoon Yanshan mountain climate with four distinct seasons, long in winter and short in summer. Affected by the unique mountainous terrain and climate, the average annual temperature in the resort is 7.8℃, and the average winter temperature is -7℃, which is very suitable for skiers in both temperature and wind. The snow-covered period lasts for more than four months, and the skiing period can last from mid-November to mid-March. As a famous summer resort, Chengde has a unique advantage in skiing in winter.

Jinshanling Yinhe Ski Resort is an important part of the resort, and it is a rare professional ski resort. The main ski resort is planned by the Canadian company Ecosign, which has designed the venue for the five Winter Olympics. A total of 31 ski trails have been built, with a total length of about 60 kilometers and a total area of about 1.6 million square meters. It has unique advantages such as an altitude of 1,750 meters, a drop of 600 meters, a long ski trail of 6 kilometers and no wind. After completion, it can meet 18,000 people skiing at the same time. In the snow season this year, the first toothed rail tour bus will be newly put into domestic ski resorts.

The ski resort also has the longest cross-country fitness trail, with wild ski trails such as low mountains, jungle crossing and canyon crossing, which provides everyone with an opportunity to release themselves.

Linkage with surrounding industries to form industrial clusters

At present, there are about 46 million tourists in Chengde every year. Jinshanling Ski Resort highlights the theme of skiing and the characteristics of sightseeing, raising, living, entertainment and sports, which provides a new growth pole for accepting existing tourists and attracting new tourists.

Jinshanling Ski Resort continues to inherit Chengde’s profound culture and the special resource endowment of "skiing in winter and summer", establishes the business philosophy of "sharing interests, complementing advantages and developing together", develops characteristic tourism, optimizes local resource allocation, improves local tourism reception level, makes up for the lack of winter tourism projects in Luanping, adapts to market demand, builds a ski tourism resort complex, expands tourism industry types in Luanping County, and brings economic benefits to the project itself. Improve the local tourism reception capacity and reception level, promote the development of related business meetings and leisure and holiday projects, increase local government taxes, improve the income level of local residents, digest surplus labor, and contribute to the rapid and healthy development of regional economy.

Relying on location advantages to develop all-season tourism

Jinshanling Ski Resort plans to integrate the world of ice and snow, outdoor experience, beautiful valley, lodging hotel and cultural tourism real estate, and plan the ski sports area, healthy lodging area, cultural tourism resort and Damei Valley Gallery as "three areas and one gallery" to create a tourist attraction from single season to all season.

At the same time, the scenic spots around Jinshanling International Ski Resort are gathered and rich in tourism resources. chengde mountain resort, Jinshanling Great Wall, Baicaowa National Forest Park, Anaya Jinshanling, Longhua Hot Valley, Saihanba National Forest Park and other famous scenic spots are all around, which is the only place for the golden tourism line.

The resort will form complementary tourism with the surrounding industrial resources, improve the supporting reception facilities, build a tourism leader in Chengde, and help Chengde tourism to transform into a four-season tourism, and finally form a sustainable all-season tourism model.

managing editor: Yi Zhuo