Focus on the new era of China female messengers

Fingertip dance commands the three armies

  Editor’s Note Recently, the General Staff Department and the General Political Department issued a circular to jointly commend 50 outstanding female soldiers of the whole army. This commendation has been 15 years since the last time.
In the past 15 years, the three-foot machine has undergone revolutionary changes, from analog to digital; China traffic female soldiers also touched the nerves of the army with their skillful technology and unchanging loyalty, and became the witness of the information construction of the army.
In the past 15 years, the artificial telephone network, after several technical changes, has been connected to the headquarters of the Military Commission, the army, navy and air force, and the first-line company, weaving a perfect network.
It’s really a beautiful enjoyment to witness the work of female traffic soldiers. Sweet, standardized, fluent and beautiful words, waves of busy before opening the bow and every second counts, multi-channel phones are pointed out by them like a noisy tide, and they rush to the north and south in an orderly manner.
Do you know the hardships they have paid? It has been calculated that taking the telephone number as an example, if the operator memorizes 2000 numbers on average, it is equivalent to reciting pi to 12000 digits.
Let’s approach them, browse their work and life, and listen to their fragrant hearts and stories.

"Messenger" is the nickname of the army for the switchboard operator. Most of them are female soldiers in their prime, and the dancing of fingertips on the keyboard is as poetic as a pianist lightly pressing black keys’s white key. However, they are women’s messengers. They are important decisions and important actions again and again. They command thousands of troops with their slender fingers, soft voices, hurried bells and extended silver lines!
Plug the rope in the past, but now knock on the keyboard. Informatization has given the "three-foot machine" a new face.
  "Although the jack is small, I have insight into the times; Although the rope is short, it is connected with thousands of troops. " Although there is no sword and shadow, there is no smoke of war, but the "three-foot machine" has always been regarded by female soldiers as a battlefield to fulfill their mission. In order to realize "people are talking on the phone for a second", they plug and pull the cord thousands of times a day, one plug and one pull, and generations of female traffic soldiers have written a green movement with youth that never stops.
  In the new century, female traffic soldiers suddenly found that the work room and the "three-foot machine" have all undergone brand-new changes: computer terminals have replaced the traditional corded machine, computer keyboards and monitors have replaced corded and electric keys, and plug-in telephones have become software operations.
  Hundreds of female soldiers in a communication terminal in shenyang military area command are faced with 70 or 80 computers, and joy and confusion are intertwined. They are all business experts, but some can’t open files, some operate illegally, and some don’t know what to do when they look at the tips on the interface …
  Today, they are sitting in front of rows of computers, wearing headphones, tapping keyboards, and looking at the screen … confidently clicking on the digital world, and tracking the tide of informationization with light wings.
  A long-distance telephone station of the General Staff Department, which was awarded the honorary title of "model communication station" by the Central Military Commission, is the "eyes and ears" and "nerves" of the high command, and the "leading voice" radiating the whole army. When a large number of advanced communication equipment were settled in the army one after another, their greatest feeling was that their brain skills, ear skills, hand skills and oral skills, which they had practiced in the past, were far from meeting the requirements of the situation and tasks.
  This group of women who always strive for the first place and never admit defeat have launched a sprint to a new height. They studied day and night from the beginning, reformed the training methods and explored the rules of duty maintenance. A large number of business backbones quickly completed the "transformation" and regained their self-confidence and the feeling of "leading station".
There is nothing small in the computer room. Every time you answer the phone, it is a quenching of youth and a smelting of life for the operator.
People often say: War makes women go away. However, when we turn over the history of the Republic, many major military struggles and thrilling events are inseparable from the girls of Channel One. From China’s previous military struggles to flood fighting and disaster relief operations, from the launch of missile satellites to the launch of Shenzhou spacecraft, from major military exercises to the communication guarantee of important meetings, which task can make these women go away?
  Take Lin Yiping, an ordinary petty officer at a communication terminal in Guangkong. Last year, in an important military exercise, Lin Yiping led the station personnel to set up and transfer the data telephone exchange car, but because of the sudden heavy rain, the ground was muddy, which had a great impact on antenna erection and radio communication. When they arrived at the designated position, it was less than 20 minutes before their superiors asked to contact the headquarters. She led five lesbians in the class to shuttle back and forth between the command vehicle and the antenna position in the heavy rain, and quickly controlled the machine while debugging the line. It took only 8 minutes, and the first one realized communication with the headquarters. Later, she was informed and commended by the exercise headquarters and won the third-class merit.
  In fact, the information transmitted by female traffic soldiers is not all urgent military orders, and they have also encountered many major events that have a bearing on human life. Chen Xia, a college sergeant, is a beautiful woman who grew up in the land of abundance. One night when she was on duty, she suddenly received a phone call from a retired chief. Listening to the weak voice, she wondered: Has the chief not rested so late? Suddenly, there was no sound on the other end of the phone. She thought it was the head who accidentally hung up, so she tried to call back, but no one answered. A strong sense of mission prompted her to dial 26 calls in a row and finally found a rested civil servant. The old chief who fell by the telephone was sent to the hospital in time for treatment.
The orchid is born in the deep mountains, and it is not without people. Who says their beauty is a waste?
Some people say that the beauty of women needs to be appreciated. If no one knows, the beauty from heaven is a waste. Although the female traffic soldiers serve the chief and the office every day, they remember their phone numbers more accurately than their birthdays. However, there are not many opportunities to really meet users, let alone get close to the head.
  Although they also have sweet voices, vigorous youth and the beauty of a military uniform, do the female soldiers feel sorry because they are locked in the computer room all day, just like the orchid blooming alone in the mountains, silently emitting fragrance? They said, "Dedicated youth is the most beautiful!"
  Shen Jing, a noncommissioned officer of a communication terminal in the Aerospace Command and Control Center of the General Armament Department, comes from Fuyang, Anhui Province, and her family conditions are superior. The original intention of her parents to send her as a soldier is to let this "Jiao Jiao girl" exercise in the army. In the second year as a soldier, her family found a well-paid and decent job for her according to the agreed plan, but at that time, the number of users of No.1 station increased and the duty force was weak. The station hoped that she could stay as the backbone of the telephone service. Shen Jing did not hesitate to submit an application for transfer to a non-commissioned officer. She admits that whether her family agrees or not, as long as the troops need it, her only choice is to stay in the team. However, after her family learned her wish, they all supported her choice, saying that when she grew up, she would choose her own life path.
  On the first New Year’s Eve as a soldier, Shen Jing volunteered to be on duty in the computer room on the grounds that he wanted to experience the festive atmosphere of the computer room on New Year’s Eve. When the bell rang at 0: 00, the number of calls suddenly increased. It turned out that many users called to pay New Year greetings to her and her comrades-in-arms. She tried to make "thank you" as calm and standardized as usual into the microphone, but there were two lines of tears slowly flowing on her face. Not homesick, but excited, because there are so many people still thinking about themselves and their comrades. At that moment, she felt a sense of sacredness that she had never felt before.
  On the following New Year’s Eve, she still managed to find a leader to apply for duty. Of course, it can’t be said that it is "experience". She said: Let new comrades call their families. I have experience in working night shifts on New Year’s Eve, so I’d better do it. In this way, she sticks to listening to the New Year’s bell ringing in the computer room every year, and can only send distant thoughts and blessings to her loved ones in her heart.
  We have to play songs for them. According to the news from the headquarters, in 2006, more than 2,000 professionals took part in the online remote synchronous comprehensive evaluation of the three specialties of artificial telephone network, namely, telephone service, maintenance and picket, with an average score of 98.8 and an excellent rate of 100%, which was the best level in the history of telephone service professional training of the whole army.
  We cannot but be moved by them. China traffic female soldiers danced on their fingertips, affecting the nerves of the silver line and conveying the orders of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission to the soldiers of the three armed forces; They use a string of numbers to solidify into constant loyalty, so that an army that is heading for victory will always be alert. Well done, China traffic female soldiers!
Several "Most" Female Traffic Soldiers
  They are the same age as flowers, and they are wonderful everywhere they go. When they entered the military camp with colorful dreams, their unique beauty flowed everywhere in military uniforms, bugles, military songs, computer rooms, dormitories and fitness rooms.
  What I miss most: the day when I answered the phone every day
"My biggest fear is that there is no phone when I am on duty." Many female soldiers said that although most of the time when the phone is cold and silent occurs in the early hours of the morning, they dare not take it lightly. Du Ruili, who just graduated from the military school, said that when she was an operator, she always felt that it was boring to answer the phone every day. But after she was admitted to the military school, she missed those days of answering the phone every day. The female soldiers said that they all feel the same way. On the day of vacation at home, they will definitely rush to answer the phone. Grab the microphone, which may become a "professional habit" that permeates their blood.
  Worship: the top business people around you.
"Almost everyone of us has our favorite idols, but the most admired ones are the business experts around us." In the military camp, a place where socialist core values are highlighted, those singers and movie stars will certainly look a little bleak. Li Qiong, a female soldier, said: "Compared with the past, I always feel that after I put on my military uniform, I am so close to the country at once. It is said that military personnel are a dedicated profession. If the business is not good, what dedication will it take?" However, she also revealed privately that comrades who are unwilling to fall behind will always find some of the most popular CDs to enjoy when they have time.
  The happiest: the literary evening shows its own talents.
The happiest time is the literary evening, where they can appear on stage with their own talents. Like this, female soldiers are tied up in piles of units, and they never worry about performances without programs. It’s too easy for them to have a party. They can use newspapers, sheets, curtains, garbage bags and other things to give a fashion show with ingenuity; They can also put the little things around them into a sitcom, which will be applauded on stage and off stage.
  The saddest: when the veterans retire once a year.
Say happy, you may ask, they never cried? Of course, they also like to cry, such as making mistakes on duty and failing to get the place in the competition. However, when they shed the most tears, it is the annual veterans’ retirement season. One by one, they cried in tears, sobbing, their faces were bleak, and the sky was dark. Many cadres were afraid to see the touching scene because they could not control their tears every time. (Tian Yongli)
Happy female soldiers are wonderful.
  Some people may say that young and beautiful young female soldiers are enclosed in the "three-foot machine" with high information technology density all day, thinking about the phone number in their minds, listening to a few words in their ears, tapping the keyboard in their hands and repeating "hello" and "where do you want" in their mouths. How can they be happy and wonderful? But in fact, happiness is really an easy thing for female traffic soldiers, and high-intensity traffic training will also make them create some pleasures. Because happiness is their nature.
  "Qiaonv" is also crazy.
Li Qiao, an operator of a communication terminal in Guangzhou Military Region, is recognized as a beauty. In her early twenties, she has a devil figure and an angel face. But "Qiaonv" got an indecent nickname-"Madman".
Things have to start with a holiday dinner. On that day, Li Qiao left in a hurry without eating two meals, still mumbling, and his comrades-in-arms shouted no. I didn’t know until I caught up with him. Li Qiao invented a set of "crazy training method" that combines listening, speaking and memorizing. Because I couldn’t remember a group of numbers for a while, I was in a hurry to go back and look for information. The problem was quickly solved, and "Qiaonv" and "Madman" were also hard to get together.
Li Qiao enjoyed herself and practiced crazily with her "crazy training method". She found humorous jokes and practiced answering the phone while playing them, in order to "protect against all poisons" and enhance her anti-interference ability; All the popular songs in MP3 are replaced by "voice question bank", and even when I go to the bathroom, my ears are training to "know people by listening to their voices". She also created a set of "five-time memorization method" to deal with complicated numbers … Everyone said that Li Qiaolian’s "work" was possessed-during the half-month training, she insisted on reading newspapers for 3 hours, typing for 6 hours and memorizing telephone numbers for 9 hours every day. There are only six poor hours left in a day for her to wash, eat and sleep, and she has to go through it again before going to bed at night to consolidate all the contents of the day in her mind.
However, whether it’s a "smart girl" or a "madman", after the training, Li Qiao memorized nearly 3,000 sets of telephone numbers, and many users she had never met became her "acquaintances", and her five strokes reached 220 words per minute. These achievements are obvious to all. In the grand contest organized by the military region, Li Qiao won the title of "No.1 in traffic" in one fell swoop, and the "madman" turned into a "Mulan" with prestige in all directions.
  Shy roses are burning.
At noon one day, a group of 18-and 19-year-old recruits chirped back to the dormitory at a communication terminal in the Tibet Military Region, and immediately became quiet with a "wow"-a big bunch of red and burning roses were placed on the desk. How can girls not be surprised when they join the army and come to the plateau and see roses for the first time?
"Zou monitor, your boyfriend is so romantic!" A word made the dormitory explode. Zou Yaju, the usually reticent traffic monitor, was full of arguments and flushed with anxiety.
After some explanation, everyone realized that the oxygen in the plateau is relatively thin, which affects the memory, and memorizing the phone number is the basic skill of the attendant, requiring everyone to memorize more than 2000 sets of phone numbers and related business information. Zou Yaju see in the eye, anxious in the heart. She heard a comrade-in-arms say that the fragrance of roses can help enhance her memory. She didn’t know whether it really worked, so she paid for it and asked someone to buy dozens of them.
The girls were moved by the good intentions of monitor Zou, and they worked harder on telephone training. Clever, they also invented "homophonic memorization", "image association" and "fun memorization", and made boring and complicated numbers into stories, jokes, jingles, three and a half sentences and tongue twisters to help them remember.
"I (5) train (46) I (5) work hard (51)", "Two (2) ears (33) stand up (1) (76)" … If you hear them mumbling like this, don’t be too surprised, it’s that they are practicing shorthand.
  "Love" storm
For a time, Hou Xiaoxiao, a female soldier of a communication station in the Beijing Military Region, was always whispering and smiling at everyone. Just born with a thick voice, she speaks softly and sweetly all day, which makes people feel uncomfortable.
After a long time, the parents at the other end of the phone heard the clue: it must be a boyfriend! On the phone, mother and daughter befriended: "What fun have you had recently? Let’s hear it."
Hou Xiaoxiao screamed and said with a smile: "No!" I talked about love without telling my parents, and the news suddenly reached the instructor.
It’s amazing that someone is secretly in love under their noses! The instructor made an unannounced visit, and it soon became clear that Hou Xiaoxiao was born with a hoarse voice. To get over this hurdle, he must correct it like a child. In order to get on duty as soon as possible, Hou Xiaoxiao followed the announcer to learn pronunciation, practiced mouth shape in front of the mirror, practiced speaking speed with a newspaper, and his mouth was never idle from morning till night. Training has become a habit, and everyone is holding their voices when they meet. No wonder they are mistaken for being in love. However, Hou Xiaoxiao practiced his lips blistered, but his pronunciation was standard and sweet.
On one occasion, a head officer went to the call center to inspect the work and said, "If you want to talk about’ problems’, there is one …"
The female soldiers quickly spread out their small books, took out their pens and waited anxiously for the following.
"That is …" The female soldiers wrote down word by word.
"That is, all the voices you hear belong to one person, and you can’t tell who is who … Now that you are here, you know that you are a group!" Everyone turned upside down when they heard it.
  "disco" on the keyboard
Recently, in the training classroom of the telephone training team of a communication terminal of the Second Artillery Corps, there are always waves of strong "disco" music. Are the female soldiers dancing during training?
In the transparent training classroom, I saw rows of female traffic soldiers sitting in danger, their fingers flying flexibly on the keyboard, and the keystroke was buried in the music. This is clearly training, where is dancing!
It turns out that once the attendant is connected, he is required to sit in front of the computer like learning to play the piano. From sitting posture, hand shape to fingering, he develops correct habits with one stroke and one type, and reaches the level of Chinese character input of more than 100 words per minute when he is on duty. In order to improve the typing speed, the female soldiers tried their best. Hao Xiaoman, a traffic sergeant of a certain unit, summed up the "simple method", "phrase method", "five strokes method" and "full spelling method" for data entry of connecting calls, and it was many times faster than in the past. No, the female soldiers of the training team also used "disco" music in training. They constantly speed up the music rhythm, and the typing speed is also constantly improved.
The keyboard "disco" has received good results, but the female soldiers are also very tired. After training for more than 10 hours a day, my shoulders were so sore that I almost lost consciousness, and my arms were so painful that I couldn’t even rub my clothes, but the optimistic girls didn’t say a word of fatigue. Write home, they call themselves "elegant pianists"; Parents asked on the phone why the words on the letter were crooked, and they said that Chinese characters had recently practiced "drunken boxing"; Sometimes the fingers are so swollen that they can’t even comb the messy hair. They explain that "there is a kind of fashion called messy"; The slender fingertips have worn out blood bubbles and calluses, but they jokingly said disapprovingly that "white onions will also open small flowers." After all, because they are a group of happy traffic female soldiers! (by Jia Jiang Na)
Female soldiers’ story meeting
  Perhaps, the three-foot machine is a bit monotonous and mysterious for ordinary people. Then, let’s listen to the stories related to the three-foot machine.
  Telephone "chasing" the train
During a military exercise last year, a head of the Second Artillery Corps urgently needed to find a leader of a secondary department. Liu Fei, a noncommissioned officer of a communication terminal of the Second Artillery Corps, received the exercise command in time after receiving the call. But the former comrade told me that the minister had boarded the train back to Beijing and his mobile phone was turned off. She also connected the phone to a military representative office along the railway, and the other party told the train that it had left. So she used her usual professional skills and related information to quickly put the phone on the speeding train, and finally got in touch with the minister. The chief repeatedly praised: these female soldiers really deserve their reputation!
  Send a message for the soldiers guarding the border
  Mao Yijie, a Xibo girl, is a non-commissioned officer at a communication terminal in the Inner Mongolia Military Region. When on duty at midnight, the family of an old chief wanted to find a cadre of a certain regiment in the border defense and told his mother that he was critically ill. The phone has been transferred several times, and the signal is not good, so the voice becomes very low and the two sides can’t talk. Mao Yijie passed it on from generation to generation, and finally conveyed the meaning of his mother’s critical illness to himself. At the end of this difficult call, her voice was "smoking".
  "I really have a sense of accomplishment!" Mao Yijie is still very emotional when talking about this matter. "My little work can make the soldiers on the border thousands of miles away less regret that life can’t make up for."
  Help the chief find his lost comrade-in-arms
When Zhu Huali, a petty officer of a communication terminal in Nanjing Military Region, was on duty, a retired old Red Army called: "Girl, please help me check the Nanjing Military Academy, where Liu Bocheng was the dean in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. I want to find the family of an old teacher at that time. She was my old comrade-in-arms. I have something urgent to find her. Will you check it for me? "
After receiving this call, Zhu Huali thought that as long as there is a name, there is no one who can’t be found. So, she took the trouble to call the switchboard of the college formerly known as Nanjing Military Academy, and found nothing. Later, an operator of the national defense university switchboard suggested that she look for the school history museum of the school. Sure enough, in the school history museum, Zhu Huali helped the old Red Army find her long-lost comrade-in-arms. (Nangeng)
(This version of the photo is provided by Wen Jinjun, with the title: efficient photo)

Editor: Cao Jin