Vegetables have deteriorated, stir-fried vegetables by the trash… This may be the takeaway processing point you ordered, do you still dare to eat it?

  CCTV News:The catering processing plant is next to the waste pile, without any legal procedures, nor any anti-rodent, fly, or dust facilities… The delicious food you order through the online platform may come from here, do you still dare to eat it?

  Public complaints: Online ordering causes diarrhea

  Recently, Ms. Wang, who lives near the Supo overpass in Chengdu, told reporters that she ordered food for her three children through the Internet. Although it tasted good, she ate a small wire in the dish at that time. She guessed that the wire ball used for washing dishes fell off, so she didn’t care. But about two hours after the meal, the eldest and third children who ate a lot developed stomach discomfort and diarrhea, and were immediately sent to a nearby clinic. The doctor said that it may be caused by eating food with excessive bacteria.

- What?

The refrigerators in unlicensed restaurants were seized.

  Unannounced visit: Unlicensed restaurants are hidden next to a waste dump

  How is the sanitary condition of the source restaurant of online ordering in Chengdu? The reporter decided to conduct an undercover investigation into this.

  The reporter found the "target" next to the waste pile in the innermost part of the Xianglong Farmers Market. The restaurant is very simple, and it uses a scrap auto repair shop to do catering business. There are no relevant "three defenses" facilities at all. According to regulations, it is not allowed to engage in catering processing.


The delivery battery car is waiting to be loaded.

  According to the guidance of the insider, the reporter went to another Fengge barbecue restaurant at No. 32 Yinghe Street, Jinniu District. Nearby residents told reporters that the takeaway business is very hot. The reporter found that the store was still burning honeycomb coal, the store was messy, and the floor was dirty.

  Law enforcement strikes: restaurants are unlicensed, vegetables have turned yellow and deteriorated

  On the 16th, law enforcement officers of the Chengdu Qingyang District Market and Quality Supervision Administration Bureau, together with local public security and urban management, came to the no-door brand restaurant next to the waste pile for law enforcement inspection. There are many boxes of finished products waiting to be delivered in the store, and some of the piled vegetables have turned yellow and begun to deteriorate.


Chefs in unlicensed restaurants without health licenses are investigated by law enforcement

  After investigation, the store did not provide health permits and health certificates and other procedures. It did not have rodent-proof, fly-proof, dust-proof, and facilities at all. It should not be next to the waste pile and should be kept away from pollution sources. Then law enforcement officers sealed up the restaurant according to law.

  Subsequently, the law enforcement officers came to Feng Ge’s barbecue restaurant. The legal person of the store confessed to the law enforcement officers that it mainly carried out takeout through an online platform. Only two of the staff in the store provided health certificates, and the ground hygiene in the store did not meet the requirements. The law enforcement officers immediately ordered the store to close for rectification, and the acceptance pending was qualified before it could open for business.

  How can takeout eat with peace of mind?

  When ordering takeaway, first of all to see if the takeaway business license is complete, brick and mortar store where the specific, it is best to choose the brick and mortar store we have been to choose the network order, when choosing to buy, too far away stores try not to choose, try to shorten the delivery time, avoid the possibility of food deterioration, and if you encounter food safety problems, the first time to contact the takeaway network platform, and you can complain to the local food supervision bureau.


  In addition, the regulatory authorities to grasp the entity, no matter how the network shouts, the final landing of the black heart shop or entity. On the one hand, the regulatory authorities should improve supervision means to fill the regulatory blind spot, improve penalties, establish and improve the credit system, blacklist, increase the cost of illegal operations.

  On the other hand, as an online platform related to food safety, it should undertake the functions of review and supervision for restaurant qualifications and environment. Market supervision departments should strengthen the supervision of these platforms and issue guidance on operability. (Source of this article: China News Service, CCTV News)