Polls show McCain’s support is far ahead of the Republican Party.

Topic: 2008 US Presidential Election

  Beijing, Jan. 28 (Xinhua)-The results of the South Carolina primary election in the US presidential election have had an effect on the polls of candidates from both parties. Arizona Senator John McCain, who was originally only slightly ahead, soared in the polls after winning the South Carolina primary on the 19th, and now leads other Republican candidates by two figures. After New York Senator Hillary Clinton lost the election in South Carolina on the 26th, the national polls dropped immediately.

  According to the "Central News Agency" report, the latest Gallup national poll released on the 27th shows that McCain is far ahead of other Republican candidates with 31% support. Before the South Carolina primary, McCain was only six percentage points ahead of the second-place huckabee by 26%.

  The current support of other candidates in the Republican camp is that former Massachusetts Governor Romney is 21%; Former Arkansas Governor huckabee 18%; Former new york Mayor Giuliani 12%.

  In the Democratic camp, before the South Carolina primary, Hillary Clinton was ahead of the second-place Obama by 32% with 47% support. On the 27th, Hillary’s support dropped to 45%, while Obama continued to maintain 32%. Former North Carolina Senator Edwards ranked third with 13%, two percentage points higher than before the South Carolina primary.

Editor: Zhao Deli