This Shanghai community in the epidemic is on fire!

Recently, a community in Shanghai issued to residents.

"Daily Epidemic Report"go viral on the Internet

In these epidemic reports,

Existing residents are most concerned about

Yang-related building and mixed-pipe abnormal building

Schematic diagram of Yang-related/abnormal building

The next day’s anti-epidemic news publicity and other content.

There are also group purchase notices for living materials.

Drug guarantee guide

  This "online celebrity" community is the third phase of Haitang Mingyuan in Zhou Pu Town, Pudong New Area. On April 8-13, the epidemic situation broadcast in this community has been published in six issues, and the content of each issue is richer and more personalized than the previous one.

  Busy daily life of community volunteers"Flat management"? Neighborhood committees can also do it!

  There are 61 buildings, 1,175 households and more than 4,000 residents in the third phase of Haitang Mingyuan, and there are only 6 social workers in the Haitang Mingyuan neighborhood committee. With the surge of epidemic prevention workload in the community, more and more residents have come forward to volunteer. According to Zhang Yu, secretary of the Party branch of Haitang Mingyuan residential area, there are already more than 200 volunteers in the large group — — In other words, about 5% of the residents in this community are volunteers.

  It is not easy to manage these volunteers and make full use of their enthusiasm and intelligence. On April 5, a landlord who has always been enthusiastic about community work forwarded an article to Zhang Yu, "Proposal to the Shanghai Neighborhood Committee in the Epidemic". Zhang Yu was greatly inspired after reading it, and decided to readjust her thinking and introduce the flat management of the company into community management.

  In addition to a large group of volunteers, the neighborhood Committee, according to the actual work needs,Several groups have been established, such as epidemic prevention materials management group, epidemic prevention materials procurement group, material transportation group, daily necessities group purchase group, emergency medical treatment report group, data technology group, and fund-raising and media group.. Volunteers choose to join different groups according to their personal intentions and abilities, and each group chooses one or two responsible persons to directly connect with the neighborhood committees.

  Then, the residents’ committee found new problems: whether in the group of building leaders, volunteers or buildings, people have been asking about the nucleic acid/antigen screening and community group buying in this community, and these are things that all residents are concerned about. The neighborhood Committee discussed it with the building manager and volunteers and decidedMake an announcement similar to "epidemic broadcast",countAccording to the daily updateTo make the epidemic prevention work in the community transparent..

  Villi, who is a software project manager and a volunteer in the Data Technology Group, designed this broadcast template. The first broadcast on April 8th consists of three pages:The first page is the epidemic situation.Proper is what residents want to know most every day;

  Page two,Dynamic refinement, forecast the epidemic prevention information the next day to remind you to get ready;

  Page three,Community epidemic mapWhen you see a building with a "star", please ask the residents to take a detour as much as possible.

  Do not buy unless necessary! Broadcast announcement unification group

  Good feedback from residents also gave the residents’ committee and the volunteer team confidence to continue broadcasting.

  On April 9th, in the second phase, in addition to increasing publicity by volunteer teams, Villi also included the work reports of his own data technology group and the working group on epidemic prevention materials.

  As can be seen from the work report of the data technology group, the volunteer team completed three group purchases of vegetables, eggs and paper towels on the same day, and will soon start group purchases of meat and seasoning.

  Behind this broadcast is the neighborhood Committee and volunteers.Another important task: manage and rectify the group purchase and express delivery in the community.

  Enthusiastic volunteers, faced with rice, noodles, oil and other materials, are happy to send them to the place quickly, no matter how hard and tired they are. However, when faced with the group purchase of cola, juice, fried chicken, etc., you will feel a little speechless. Neighborhood committees and volunteers also realized that a large number of logistics not only increased the delivery pressure of property and volunteers, but also had unpredictable hidden dangers of virus transmission.

  To this end, the Haitang Mingyuan Neighborhood Committee issued the "Notice on Epidemic Prevention to Residents (Trial Edition)" on April 8, reiterating that it is not necessary to buy: "The number of express delivery is huge, which not only guarantees the basic livelihood, but also guarantees the quality of life. The so-called unnecessary not to buy, ‘ Unnecessary ’ It refers to the part of improving the quality of life — — Basic livelihood materials except rice, oil, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, etc. "

  Deploy disinfection work in advance

  Announce residents to "leave the cabin" and go home

  In the third phase of the epidemic situation on April 10, there is a special forecast: "April 11: Three neighbors will go home from the shelter, and then they will undergo health management for 7 days."

  Will such a forecast cause panic among residents in the community? Zhang Yu is confident: "We dare to make such information transparent, which means that we are confident, and our explanation and appeasement work have been done ahead."

  In order to welcome these three families home, the neighborhood Committee and the property have made full preparations. Arrive outside the community door and kill it again; From the community to the building, the property is followed by all the way; Before entering the building, everyone, including volunteers, has been reminded not to go out for one hour; After three families entered the house, the property destroyed every floor, including the corridor."Our residents are very kind, and we have to give them enough sense of security and be worthy of their trust."

  Talent show of community residents

  Broadcasting is becoming more and more "literary and artistic"

  In addition to data updates and work reports, it is also talked about by netizens that the daily broadcast has gradually become a stage for the residents of the community to show their talents.

  This hand-drawn painting, which appeared in the second issue of April 9, "Neighbors, there are dishes!" Wang Yin, a volunteer and artist from the community, vividly fixed the work scene of the volunteers of the "Material Transportation Group".

  On April 11th, two talented residents — — Li Haotong, the director, cooperated with David Zou, the cameraman, and drew lessons from Wong Kar-wai’s film style that fans are familiar with, and handed over the community propaganda film and micro-film Time and Light.

  Because the broadcast is becoming more and more popular, the neighborhood Committee has also set up a daily newspaper review team, which is basically released before 10 pm every day.

  In this regard, many netizens shouted:Seek promotion, come and copy your homework!

  Source: Morning News, thoughtful APP, reporter: Sun Limei Editor: Hu Chengyuan, Wang Pingping