How long can it be popular after the first year of online celebrity and online celebrity?

  Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, December 26th, New Media Special Topic: How long will "online celebrity" be popular after the first year of online celebrity?

  Xinhua News Agency’s "China Net" reporter Ye Jianyou

  2016 can be described as "the first year of online celebrity", and the hot news about "online celebrity" has been popular from the beginning to the end of the year. With the valuation or acquisition of hundreds of millions of yuan at every turn, the ability of "online celebrity" to absorb gold is amazing. The rise of live broadcast also made "online celebrity" all the rage. This year, what "online celebrity" have been fired? Who can be "online celebrity"? Will "online celebrity" Economy Be a Bubble?

  This year, we chased the "online celebrity"

  The financing of "papi sauce" announced the beginning of "the first year of online celebrity" in 2016.

  This girl, who graduated from Chinese opera and is famous for her funny short videos, suddenly got 12 million yuan in financing in March, and her personal brand valuation was as high as several hundred million yuan. She was in the limelight and had a high valuation.

  Compared with the valuation, what is more attractive is the real money brought by "online celebrity". In December, the "fellow uncle", who is famous for constellation analysis, was bought more than 70% of his shares for more than 200 million yuan, and the young "post-80 s" uncle was worth over 100 million yuan in an instant. "online celebrity" liquidity, and then let everyone dumbfounded.

  On Taobao, Zhang Dayi, the "online celebrity", also rose from the first year to the end of the year. This high-value woman has won a large number of fans with her taste and eloquence, and the new products launched in her online shop are often robbed in a few seconds, with monthly sales reaching one million yuan, which is cited as a classic case in the industry.

  With the rise of the live broadcast format, with the help of platforms such as Yingke, Zanthoxylum bungeanum and Betta, the live broadcast "online celebrity" also emerges one after another. In the game industry, some "online celebrity" anchors earn a lot of money. Earlier, it was rumored that a well-known "online celebrity" anchor signed a contract for three years and earned hundreds of millions of yuan. In this regard, a senior gamer told reporters: "This price is not outrageous."

  Even in the field of writing without live broadcast and video, "online celebrity" is constantly being born.

  Among them, the word "online celebrity" of the year belongs to former media person Mi Meng. The writer, who graduated from Shandong University and loves Zhuangzi, has read 500,000 articles, the highest reading of a single article has reached 5 million, and the number of followers on WeChat WeChat official account has soared to 8 million.

  At the same time, various sub-sectors, such as fitness, beauty, luggage, etc., have also emerged their own "online celebrity". Network life is surrounded by "online celebrity", and "online celebrity" in turn enriches people’s network life.

  How to become a "online celebrity"?

  Being a "online celebrity" is not an easy task, and it is by no means easy to be popular with a high face value and less clothes. Having a skill in any field is an essential skill to become a high-quality "online celebrity".

  Take Mi Meng as an example. Before that, she was a senior media person with more than ten years’ experience. Mi Meng told reporters that she loves words very much. As long as she has words, she will look at them twice, and then she will read at least one book every week. Every month, she will study popular expressions with the team, such as those of Joker Xue and Zhang Wei, and she has studied them all. Just how to make a good title, Mi Meng’s handwriting has tens of thousands of words.

  As the "online celebrity" in financial circles, Cai Danfeng, the founder of "Maple Investment Circle", has also made great efforts in the content. "Most of the guests I invite for each live broadcast are women with business backgrounds. Starting from some interesting topics and talking about financial-related topics, I have accumulated a relatively high-end, reliable and like-minded financial community over time." Cai Danfeng said.

  Mr. Bao, a well-known blogger with more than 2.6 million fans in Weibo, holds a similar view. "For bloggers, the first thing is to think about how to make the content better. For me, my advantage lies in focusing on bags and shoes and never making beauty products. I have done a lot of research in this field. " "When your content has dry goods, people will naturally trust you and rely on your content."

  The agent of "papi sauce" told the reporter that although the video website is very developed now, because the threshold of the video industry is already relatively high, the high-quality video content is not rich. "papi Sauce" was born in a traditional Chinese opera class, and her performance had a very good sense of rhythm, which were the important conditions for her to stand out as a "online celebrity" at that time.

  Zhao Yu, the head of a cultural communication company in Shanghai, said: "As a ‘ Online celebrity ’ At least three conditions are required: one is to be able to continuously produce influential content on social media, the other is to have a certain right to speak in a certain vertical field, and the third is that the content it produces is liked by the audience and can continue to grow. "

  How long can "online celebrity" be popular?

  2016 is not only the first year of the rise of online celebrity, but also the year of the renovation of online celebrity. In April, the Ministry of Culture rectified the illegal webcast platform. In July, the Ministry of Public Security launched a special rectification of the webcast platform. In November, the National Network Information Office issued "Regulations on the Administration of Internet Live Broadcasting Service", which is regarded as the concrete embodiment of the governance of "online celebrity". The industry believes that these standardized management have dealt a blow to the virtual fire in the "online celebrity" economy, and also helped the real "online celebrity" to go further.

  And the bubble of "online celebrity" economy began to appear. At the end of 2016, Luo Jisi, the investor of "papi Sauce", announced his withdrawal from investment. It can be seen that the deeper reasons for the popularity of online celebrity can be traced back to the economic level.

  Ruhan, located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, is an ordinary garment manufacturing enterprise. After introducing the "online celebrity" model, the company’s sales began to grow rapidly. The person in charge of Ruhan told the reporter: "A considerable proportion of semi-standard products represented by food and non-standard products represented by clothing will be promoted by opinion leaders in the future."

  As a well-known observer of new media, Wei Wuhui of Tianqi Amoeba Fund also thinks that the economic development of "online celebrity" has great potential and obvious trend in the next few years. "From 2004 to 2014, the cost of obtaining a user’s click on the Internet of commercial enterprises increased by 10 times, and it is obviously more cost-effective to use the fan effect of" online celebrity "for publicity and promotion."

  This can indeed be supported by data. Nowadays, through the promotion cost of search engines, the cost per click ranges from several yuan to several hundred yuan. The "online celebrity" model greatly reduces this cost. According to Mi Meng’s advertising value, his single article has been read more than 500,000 times, and the value of a single advertisement is several hundred thousand yuan. In this way, the cost of covering each fan is only around 1 yuan, which is obviously more cost-effective.

  And more and more people are willing to share their views and experiences, which has also injected vitality into the development of "online celebrity".

  Yao Hongzhou, head of a cultural company in Shanghai, told reporters: "With the popularization of robots, more and more laborers will be able to be liberated from simple and repetitive labor in the future. The younger generation is paying more and more attention to individuality. We receive many resumes every week, and many people want to be ‘ Online celebrity ’ 。”

  Many people in the Internet industry believe that "online celebrity" is the driving force of network culture, but also the performance of network culture prosperity. As the artist andy warhol said, this is an era when "everyone can be a celebrity for 15 minutes". As for how long "online celebrity" will remain popular, it still depends on its integration with the economy and its long-term economic impact.