Zheshang Bank launched a real estate debt basket and accurately served the real estate financing needs.

On January 26 th, Titanium Media App reported that the General Administration of Financial Supervision held a meeting to deploy and promote the implementation of the coordination mechanism for urban real estate financing. Actively responding to the call of national policies, we officially launched the real estate debt basket on January 25, 2024, and independently underwritten and issued the first asset-backed debt financing tool for real estate enterprises. Through a series of innovative measures, the bank’s real estate bonds provide market liquidity, accurately support real estate enterprises, boost the market confidence of real estate enterprises and help their financing needs while meeting the trading needs of investment institutions.

It is understood that the real estate bond basket (basket code: BBX026002) launched this time has a trading unit of 30 million yuan, and the portfolio includes three real estate corporate bonds, each of which is 10 million yuan. All of them select high-quality real estate bonds with a remaining maturity of less than 5 years, which has both allocation value and market liquidity. The bonds in the portfolio will be adjusted according to the actual market situation.

While launching the real estate debt basket, Zheshang Bank also innovatively launched the asset-backed debt financing tool for real estate enterprises. On January 25th, Zheshang Bank independently underwritten and issued the asset-backed debt financing instrument (CB) of Huayuan Real Estate Co., Ltd., with a total scale of 290 million yuan and a term of 2 years.