The fuselage of domestic large aircraft C929 will be made in Hangzhou.

  On March 12th, the "Domestic Top Matching" project in Qiantang District, Hangzhou-the domestic wide-body aircraft fuselage composite parts development and production project entered the final stage, which is expected to be completed in the middle of this year. The project will build a research and production base for fuselage parts of wide-body passenger aircraft. After it is put into production, it will assemble the middle parts of 45 aircraft with an annual output and about 4 aircraft with a monthly output, which can meet the demand of 50%-60% of domestic 250-seat passenger aircraft dual-channel jet aircraft in the next 20 years, further fill the shortcomings of Zhejiang in the field of advanced aviation manufacturing, especially in the field of aviation composite materials, and build an important platform for regional scientific and technological innovation, industrial structure upgrading and breakthroughs in high-end manufacturing.

  In March, 2021, Zhejiang Huarui Airlines was successfully selected as the sole primary supplier of China Commercial Aircraft C929 fuselage, and was included in the domestic large aircraft model sequence by introducing the world’s advanced aviation composite manufacturers.

  In September of the same year, the main project of Zhejiang Huarui Aviation Manufacturing Project landed in Zhizhi Garden, with the goal of building the largest aviation composite material factory in China, meeting the requirements of supporting the production of large fuselage parts of China Commercial Aircraft, and helping the domestic large aircraft C929 to develop flight test and mass production.