How to visit Guangzhou Auto Show? How to choose your favorite car? The citizens at the scene have something to say.

  The 21st Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Auto Show") is in full swing in Pazhou Pavilion of China Import and Export Fair. On November 18, the first audience open day coincided with Saturday, and the venue was crowded and lively.

  How to visit the auto show? How to choose your favorite vehicle? What are the highlights of the RV exhibition area? What new products and services have smart cars launched? With these questions, the reporter visited the Guangzhou Auto Show and listened to the voices from the citizens on the spot.

  Buy a new energy vehicle or a fuel vehicle? The public has different opinions.

  This Guangzhou Auto Show has attracted mainstream auto brands and new energy auto companies from all over the world. The exhibition area covers an area of 220,000 square meters, with a total of 1,132 vehicles, including 469 new energy vehicles, accounting for 40%. Various brands, rich models, preferential promotions and multiple price ranges … Guangzhou Auto Show attracted many citizens to buy their favorite models with its series of advantages.

  In front of Huawei’s HarmonyOS Zhixing booth, Ms. He is listening carefully to the lecturer’s introduction of related technologies and products. She told reporters that she made a special trip from Shenzhen, hoping to choose a suitable car here.

  Regarding the purchase of traditional fuel vehicles or new energy vehicles, Ms. He expressed her preference for new energy vehicles for her own consideration. "Because I don’t know much about parking, I really want to know more about the function of automatic parking. In addition, intelligent driving, automatic obstacle avoidance, artificial intelligence technology, etc. are all points I care about. "

  In the field of new energy vehicle segmentation, she prefers hybrid electric power. "My budget is less than 300,000, and my daily travel is mainly to work and the suburbs. I may drive back to my hometown during the holiday. If you can charge and refuel, you will feel more at ease. " In addition, car brands are also an important factor affecting Ms. He’s car purchase. "At this stage, if you buy a car, you will still choose a well-known car company, which feels more secure in quality and safety."

  For those who prefer to buy new energy vehicles or traditional fuel vehicles, the reporter interviewed some citizens randomly at the scene. People who intend to buy new energy vehicles often mention the following points: the price of the car is superior, the charging cost is lower, the model is more scientific and technological, the level of intelligence is high, and relevant policy support is provided. However, they also mentioned problems such as mileage anxiety, difficulty in charging and inadequate charging infrastructure.

  Many people who choose traditional fuel vehicles mention that they prefer to use fuel vehicles, which are suitable for long-distance travel, lower maintenance costs and better driving experience. The disadvantage is that the vehicle price is relatively high, the fuel cost is expensive, and the product update is slow, so it is difficult to meet the needs of intelligent travel.

  With the development of the automobile market, consumers’ choices are also changing. Mr. Zheng bought a hybrid electric vehicle in 2017, and three years later he bought a fuel vehicle. In this regard, he said: "Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is difficult to generalize. It will be more comfortable to drive a fuel car at high speed, but it will be smoother to drive a hybrid car in the city. I will definitely buy a tram in the future, but now I feel that the tram still has quite a few limitations, such as low battery life at high speed, easy to get hot when charging, and cannot guarantee 100% safety. "

  Different groups of people have different needs? Precise positioning of car enterprises

  The competition on the car track is fierce. How can car companies attract customers with high-quality products and high cost performance? At the exhibition hall, some car companies strive to attract more target customers by reducing prices in a limited time, giving discounts, live online and providing customized services.

  Different groups of people have different needs, and car companies need accurate positioning to win customers.

  In some booths, car companies put camping tables and chairs and bicycles on the roof to set off the highlights of products with specific life scenes. Mr. Ge, who likes cycling and outdoor camping, said frankly, "It is really attractive. When I see the car, I think of the outdoor camping scene. My budget for buying a car is around 150,000. After watching it for a while, there are also many favorite products. "

  In response to the needs of some family trips, some car companies have positioned themselves as "affordable, comfortable and specially designed for family trips"; Some car companies also put forward a more ideal concept of "home" for young people …

  There are also some car companies that are ingenious and choose a relatively small track. For example, Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi launched E9 Caring Edition, which is equipped with an electric welfare wheelchair to facilitate the elderly, pregnant women, the disabled and other groups to travel.

  An elderly person experienced it on the spot, and someone on the side said, "This kind of innovation is really practical and humanistic. My parents are old, and it looks good to buy this car to take them out. " In this regard, a staff member of GAC Chuanqi said that the car is still in the research and development stage and is expected to be mass-produced next year.

  A sense of science and technology, practicality, intelligence and personalization … At the Guangzhou Auto Show, a wide variety of products with different positioning made the public feast their eyes. "I have been to the Guangzhou Auto Show before, and I obviously feel that the number of new energy vehicles has increased this year. The exhibition areas of new energy auto shows such as Tesla, Ideality, Tucki and BYD are quite cool, and the intelligent level of cars is also surprising. In particular, the release of some concept cars makes people can’t help but imagine the future direction of automobile development. " At the Xpeng Motors Pavilion, Mr. Wang, a veteran car fan, looked at Li Chuo’s car suspended in the air and said.

  At the scene, many citizens passing by the exhibition area took a group photo with the car, and some people gave the imagination of "technology changes life and where to travel in the future".

  RV is expensive. Can’t afford it? Three or four hundred thousand also have a choice.

  When asked, how do you feel about coming to Guangzhou Auto Show to see the RV? Many citizens have mentioned that the price of RV is cheaper than expected, and there are many choices for 300,000 yuan to 400,000 yuan.

  "I used to think that the RV was very expensive and only existed in the beautiful travel life of others in the short video. But when I came to the RV area of Guangzhou Auto Show today, I knew for the first time that I could buy a RV for 300,000 yuan. Just now, my friends and I went up to experience it, which was quite comfortable. I have never thought of buying a car before, and this moment was ignited. " Ms. Wang, who is in her thirties, said with a smile.

  Another couple also expressed similar feelings. Mr. Chen, who came to see the exhibition with his girlfriend, said: "I didn’t have much chance to see so many models before, but I was really surprised today." The price of the RV broke my stereotype. " His girlfriend couldn’t help feeling, "I don’t even want to buy a house with an RV. It would be great if the relevant infrastructure could keep up. "

  At the scene, DTV, Yutong RV, Jiangwei RV, Great Wall RV and other brands displayed a variety of highly competitive products. According to the relevant person in charge of Yutong RV, from more than 80,000 yuan to more than one million yuan, they launched different grades of RVs to meet the differentiated needs of the market. Among them, the range of 400,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan sold more. "Retirees and freelancers buy most, they have more free time and like to travel outdoors."

  A retired couple are sitting in an RV to experience the comfort of the driver’s seat. They also checked the size of the bathroom, the size of the bed board, the length of the water pipe and the size of the water tank. Aunt Huang told reporters that she and her husband have been "playing RV" for many years, and recently they plan to replace a new RV. "With the RV, you can travel freely, where the car is, where the home is, and life is full of fun." However, Aunt Huang also suggested that you should think carefully before buying a car. Is it really necessary? Do you have time to travel? Can you accept problems such as parking difficulties and trouble in water and electricity supply? If you just want to experience it, renting a car is also an option.