Sports and baseball that continue to climb the top of the whole network.

In China, baseball has a history of more than one hundred years, dating back to the establishment of the Shanghai Baseball Club in 1863. In 1915, China won the second place in the Great Asian Baseball Championship held in Shanghai. For a time, the popularity and development of baseball in China reached an unprecedented height.

Unfortunately, in the 1960s, baseball was once criticized as a "bourgeois movement", and baseball culture began to decline gradually in China.

It was not until 2007 that Americans brought MLB to China, and it seemed that there was a brilliant spark between China people and baseball again.

"Some people wear baseball shirts and baseball caps, but there is hardly anyone around who can play baseball."This sentence perfectly answers the question of today’s title."Why is baseball the most familiar and unfamiliar sport?"

  • In China, a sport is not popular, except for not playing it every day, perhaps because of the lack of a sports idol like Ding Junhui who has a snooker ball on fire. …

  • To put it more popularly, when there are programs such as Baseball in China and Baseball Listen to Me, it is estimated that it is difficult for you to be unfamiliar with it.

  • Just like no one stipulates that skateboarding shoes must be able to play skateboarding and basketball shoes must be able to play basketball, no one stipulates that people who can’t play baseball can’t wear baseball shirts or caps, right?

  • Under the subtle influence of trend culture, most people who don’t even know the rules of baseball may not realize that they have been deeply influenced by baseball.

For example, a baseball cap, which was originally a long-brimmed hat used by baseball players to shade the sun, has now become a necessary three-piece suit for trendy old drivers.

From New Era to luxury brands, from Fifth Avenue in New York to Indian farmers’ market, from trendsetter ootd to star airport street shooting, baseball caps can be seen.

Baseball jacket, also known as Varsity Jacket. Jackets, once used to honor excellent baseball players, replaced the original sweaters.

Later, with the popularity of Hip-Hop, it went out of the campus and was labeled as "street trend", which became a classic clothing style. Although it is not directly related to baseball, it also leads a generation of trends and becomes the benchmark of the trend.

Baseball shirts, a trend item with high appearance rate in recent years, were once really baseball players’ uniforms.

Most baseball shirts have different colors and signs to show their teams, and they can also distinguish between two teams of players and the ball card.

  • Baseball is the representative of American culture.On the court, the baseball players clapped their hands and hugged each other with the shouts of the fans, feeling the strength and encouragement of the team.It also affects fashion and street clothes unconsciously and quietly.

  • Also asLEE, a denim brand representing American culture, was also influenced by baseball.As early as 1983, he hired Major League Baseball (MLB) Philadelphia Philips Philipes.Ace player Mike Schmidt(Mike Schmidt) is the brand spokesperson.

  • in those yearsSchmitt wore a red striped baseball uniform to shoot a print advertisement for Lee.It has become a classic image in the hearts of many baseball fans.

  • Baseball is recognized as the sport with the highest IQ requirement in the world, and new tactics need to be formulated at any time according to the opponent’s judgment. Baseball’s reaction to a person, as well as the ability to make correct tactics and choose in a complicated situation instantly, strength, coordination, flexibility and time and space judgment are all very beneficial.

  • Baseball is very suitable for Asians who are smart, quick-witted and quick-witted. Playing baseball has an excellent role in improving students’ physical fitness, intelligence and teamwork spirit.

  • Diego Maradona forgot the other 10 teammates and went to the meeting alone; Kobe can break through many defensive layups and score points; At the crucial moment, teammates handed the ball to Jordan; Baseball and individual heroism can’t score, so we must rely on teamwork or sacrifice ourselves to send our teammates to base to win.

  • Baseball is suitable for team development and can be used as a team development project; It is also listed as a military training project, which shows the high demand and training significance for the group’s "combat" ability!

  • Compared with other sports such as football, basketball and rugby,Less physical confrontation and high safety.Age groups can sink to children and reach the elderly.

  • From the off-court culture, there is a family atmosphere. The English name of home plate in baseball is "home", which means home, and compared with the tension of basketball or football, the scene of baseball game is more of a warm family atmosphere, not only with father and son, but also with mother and daughter, just like a picnic.

  • "Parents are the first teachers for children’s growth", but children prefer equal dialogue to formal education. In the process of practicing baseball, a stick, a ball and a pair of gloves build a bridge between children and their parents. It is a sport with low intensity and endless fun. Up to 70-year-old grandfathers and down to 6-year-old dolls can compete together. It is an ideal sport for the whole family to entertain during holidays.

First of all, baseball players must be dressed neatly and appropriately, and they must be meticulous from shoes to hats before they can play. Not only do we have a lot of etiquette before the competition, but we will also thank the staff, the audience and the venue after the competition.

Only equestrian, golf and baseball costumes in the world are required to wear belts, which shows that baseball is a gentleman’s sport.

On the baseball field, you will always face a baseball that flies like a bullet with a whistle. Courage is the quality you must possess, whether in defense or attack. In the blink of an eye or a little sideways, baseball will slip away from your fingertips. Only by facing your opponent directly can you win. No matter how much you are ahead, you must bravely face the hitter to win. It is impossible to win by consuming time like football or basketball.

Value embodiment of league building:

1)Happy course: rich and interesting programs, entertaining and entertaining. Let everyone know baseball as soon as possible in happiness.

2)Humanistic spiritEveryone performs their duties, understands and respects each other, and plays an important role.

3)leadershipGive full play to one’s ability, and improve the overall leadership of the team and individuals while exercising communication and cooperation through a highly intense learning experience.

4)teamworkThe essence of baseball, individual collision sublimates the value of the team in mutual cooperation.

5)brainstormingLearn to think, from passive acceptance to active exploration, and enhance collective cohesion.

Baseball is a "family sport". A stick, a ball, a pair of gloves and a tacit look between father and son are all building a friendly relationship with children. When parents accompany their children to train, the children are treated as adults, and parents are treated as partners. They can talk on an equal footing and grow together, and they can establish communication in a more relaxed and relaxed way and spend the whole day happily at home.

Baseball winter and summer camp activities, not only let children develop physically and intellectually in an all-round way, but also let children observe etiquette, know how to be independent and learn to manage themselves. On the court, they will also gain the most sincere friendship.


Full of happy sports, from swinging to hitting the ball, to running to base, and experiencing unlimited fun between movements;


Breaking through all the differences in territory, class, culture and age, anyone can participate, feel and enjoy baseball;


Physical fitness is exercise, which cultivates people’s sensitivity and improves their mental maturity in competitive tactics, and is the perfect combination of technology and wisdom;


Emphasize the cooperation between team members and partners, which embodies the team spirit of cooperation and mutual assistance;


Baseball culture etiquette education, enhance the deep affection between family members;


Baseball clothing is a popular fashion element in the world. Many big-name stars wear famous baseball uniforms when they go out in public places.