Temperature record | to be "steamed"! Guangdong "sauna day" with a maximum temperature of 37℃ will be launched.

Text/Yangcheng Evening News All Media Reporter Liang Zeming

In the last month, have you been bored by the frequent "dragon boat water"? The good news is that this year’s "Dragon Boat Water" in Guangdong has been "withdrawn".

Although "Dragon Boat Water" has ended, sunny heat has become the protagonist, but it does not mean that there is no rain at all. Thunderstorms will still come from time to time to grab the show, especially in eastern Guangdong. Thunderstorm+high temperature, does it feel like a "sauna"? Standing outside for a while during a thunderstorm is comparable to being in a sauna. Try it?

It is estimated that on June 29, due to the fluctuation of the east wind, there will be heavy rain to heavy rain and local heavy rain in the cities and counties of eastern Guangdong, and there will be moderate thunderstorms and local heavy rain in the southern cities and counties of the Pearl River Delta and Meizhou. From June 29th to July 1st, there was a high temperature of about 35℃ and local 37℃ in cities and counties in the north-central region.

The specific forecast is as follows:

On June 29, there were heavy rains to heavy rains and local heavy rains in cities and counties in eastern Guangdong. The southern cities and counties in the Pearl River Delta and Meizhou were cloudy with moderate thunderstorms and local heavy rains, while the rest cities and counties were sunny to cloudy with local thunderstorms. Maximum temperature: 29℃ ~ 33℃ in eastern Guangdong, southern coastal cities and counties and Meizhou, and 34℃ ~ 36℃ in most other cities and counties.

From June 30th to July 1st, most cities and counties were sunny to cloudy with some thunderstorms, among which the southern coastal cities and counties were cloudy with scattered thunderstorms. Maximum temperature: 31℃ ~ 34℃ in southern coastal cities and counties, 35℃ ~ 36℃ in most other cities and counties, and 37℃ in some cities and counties.

In Guangzhou, the sunshine will be accompanied by thunderstorms in the next few days, and it will still be hot and sunny during the day, and local thunderstorms will sneak up. When it’s time to leave air conditioning, WiFi and watermelon, everyone should pay attention to heatstroke prevention and take an umbrella with them to keep out the rain and shade.

Every summer, "sauna days" are the most difficult. In this weather, high temperature and high humidity are combined, which makes it difficult to breathe. Why is the "sauna day" so difficult? Wang Weiyue, a meteorologist of China Weather Network, said that in general, people cool down by sweating in hot weather, and sweat can take away the heat generated by the human body in time. However, in the "sauna day", due to the high humidity and low wind speed, the evaporation rate of sweat is greatly slowed down, and the clothes can be soaked after going out for a few minutes, feeling sticky all over.

Due to the imbalance between heat production and heat dissipation, people are prone to heatstroke in sauna days, especially the following categories of people, which need special care. For example, people who drink less water and have underdeveloped sweat glands are not easy to sweat and suffer from heatstroke in sauna days; For people who are stressed and irritable, hot and humid weather will easily affect their hypothalamic ability to regulate emotions, leading to palpitation and chest tightness; People with poor cardiopulmonary function are prone to cardiovascular diseases in high temperature and high humidity environment.

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