The ultimate preview of "The Scare of the Spy Wars in the Deep Sea" Ruoyun Zhang and Angel joined forces to break the enemy.

Produced by Qiancheng Film and Television Co., Ltd. and Xinli TV Culture Investment Co., Ltd., it is adapted from the novel of the same name by Hai Fei, the winner of the People’s Literature Award and a gold screenwriter, and it is written by him, directed by Sun Hao, starring Ruoyun Zhang, Angel, Sean and Adi, and starring by Wang Longzheng. The TV series "The Deep Sea of Spy Wars" co-starring Calvin, Li Qiang, Gao Shuguang, Wang Wanjuan, Luo Qiuyun and Ji Li will be held at 8 o’clock tonight. At the same time, Tencent Video and Iqiyi will synchronize network updates. VIP members will update 2 episodes every Sunday to Thursday at 24 o’clock, and update 1 episode on Friday and Saturday. Non-members will be exempted at 24 o’clock the next day. Today, The Scare of the Deep Sea of Spy Warfare has successively issued the final preview of the "Immediate Action" version and the single poster of the "Twin Cities Spy Shadow" version. Two heavy materials have declassified the highlights of this drama in advance, and the sinister situation, tense spy war, and many forces of the enemy and the enemy, which are fighting with each other, are intertwined in Chongqing and Shanghai, indicating that a secret spy war is about to start, which has doubled the audience’s expectation.

The battle of alternating life starts, drinking ice and moving forward is full of dangers.

With the sinister struggle situation in Shanghai and Chongqing in 1941 as the background, The Scare in the Deep Sea tells the story that Chen Shan (Ruoyun Zhang), Zhang Li (Angel) and other patriots with firm beliefs fought hard with the enemy in the hidden front, and Chen Shan was inspired by Zhang Li to transform from a small gangster on the beach and eventually grow into an excellent communist fighter. In the final preview of the "Immediate Action" version, which lasted only about one minute, the suspenseful background music laid the foundation for Chen Shan to walk in treading on thin ice as a three-sided spy after being forced to "transform" into a military special agent Xiao Zhengguo. Various characters appeared in succession in the changeable situation, and the dense amount of information refined and extracted the story context. The siege of Japanese spies, the questioning and questioning of the Kuomintang military junta and other difficulties have pushed Chen Shan into the fear of being caught at any time, and the resulting suspense is one of the many highlights of this play.

Chen Shan has no choice but to embark on this thorny road full of crises. Zhou Haichao (Sean), Yu Xiaoyue (Adi), Araki Wei (Wang Longzheng), Qian Shiying (Calvin) and others are either right or wrong, and they are playing a good show with Chen Shan Zhang Li on the hidden front. As shown in the trailer, suspense, nervousness and even humor are all reflected in this play. The simple explanation of "We are all from China" is full of hit the floor’s sense of faith, and he is concerned about whether his country can succumb to being a Japanese spy. Fortunately, there is a warm presence like a guide on the hidden road of treading on thin ice. Chen Shan and Zhang Li, who walked side by side in the hail of bullets, strengthened their faith together and strived for the dawn of national destiny.

The sinister situation of the game between all parties is simmering, and the Chinese soul ignites patriotic enthusiasm.

The "Twin Cities Spy Shadow" version of the single poster released this time also has a full sense of texture and a strong sense of home and country belief, and the horizontal display space has a deeper sense. The street view with a sense of time complements the depression of the sky with dark clouds and approaching showers. The city with beautiful shops should have been peaceful and prosperous, but the enemy occupied it and the mountains and rivers were covered with dust. Innocent compatriots are bullied by brutal aggressors, and my sons and daughters with aspirations in the Chinese nation will always be ready to be regarded as sacrifices, willing to be a beacon of fire and fight to the death with the enemy.

The drama embodies the quality with ingenuity, and the details are polished everywhere in the Republic of China. In addition to the fine demands on modeling and scenery, it also observes the hard struggle situation of revolutionary martyrs in special times. When they face the country, they swear to defend their beliefs and support the magnificent spirit of the national backbone with courage without fear of sacrifice. In "The Scare of the Deep Sea", the twists and turns between the two cities and the dangerous crouching of the multi-faceted spy add different highlights to the drama from different dimensions. The multi-line coexistence narrative and plentiful and diverse characterization will also enhance the audience’s experience of watching the drama.

In the story premiered at 8 o’clock tonight, Xiao Zhengguo will lead the military special agent, and the three-person team will carry out a secret mission. However, the plan has changed abruptly, and their actions are surrounded by the Japanese, and one person will be captured, one person will escape, and one person will be shot dead by an unknown person. Araki, the head of the Japanese intelligence agency, was the mastermind behind this operation. When he saw Chen Shan, who looked very similar to Xiao Zhengguo, he immediately came up with a plan to lose money. He takes the life of Chen Shan’s sister Chen Xia (played by Luo Qiuyun) as a threat, threatening him to become Xiao Zhengguo and go to the military to steal information for him. Chen Shan had no choice but to receive intensive training to prepare for his departure from Chongqing … Can Chen Shan, who has become Xiao Zhengguo in a new guise, go to Chongqing without being caught? What other crises are there within the same sinister military system? What crazy move will Araki, who is cruel and ruthless, make? Please look forward to the follow-up story.