The zoo responded that "friends are in the same room": friends who grew up together will be separated in the future.

The signboard on the glass fence of the zoo shows that the owner of the area is a Siberian tiger cub and an African lion cub, but through the glass, tourists can see not only a little tiger cub lying on the ground and resting, but also a little yellow dog pacing back and forth. Some children ask inexplicably, "Is this an African lion?" Is this the same? "

Recently, some netizens took relevant videos in a wildlife park in Lanling County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, which triggered a heated discussion among netizens. On February 29th, the zoo staff responded that the area was originally fed with Siberian tigers, African lions and yellow dogs. They were friends who grew up together. The cubs were moved to another cage because of their different habits. At present, only the cubs and yellow dogs are left.

Northeast Tiger and Little Yellow Dog together (video screenshot)

Recently, a number of netizens who visited Baoshan Wild Animal Park in Lanling County reported that they found a Siberian tiger and a little yellow dog living together in the zoo and getting along harmoniously. The video they shot showed that two animal information boards were posted on a glass fence. One of them belongs to the Northeast Tiger Andy, who was born on June 4, 2023 and is a little female tiger. The other one belongs to the African lion Harry, who was born on June 18th, 2023 and is also a female. However, besides Andy, the Northeast Tiger, there is also a little yellow dog. A child pointed to the little yellow dog and asked, "Is this an African lion? Is this the same? " There is also a person next to him: "Isn’t this a dog?"

In this regard, some netizens ridiculed that the African lion went home for the New Year, and the little yellow dog came to the post temporarily. Another tourist told reporters that he had been to this zoo last year. At that time, besides African lions, there were also Siberian tigers and yellow dogs, and they were photographed in the same frame.

On February 29th, the reporter contacted the Baoshan wildlife park. The staff said that the cubs of the Northeast Tiger, the cubs of the African lion and the little yellow dog were good friends who grew up together. Later, because of the different habits of lions, they moved to another cage. The Siberian tiger has not grown up yet, and will live with the little yellow dog for the time being. It is also a very fun phenomenon for tigers and dogs to live together. When the Siberian tiger grows up, it will be separated from the yellow dog.

Original title: "The zoo responds to" friends of tigers and dogs "in the same room: friends who grew up together will be separated in the future"

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