Update continuously | It’s snowing! It’s snowing Shijiazhuang’s first Chun Xue debut!

It’s snowing It’s snowing Shijiazhuang’s first Chun Xue debut! On the morning of the 9th, there was heavy snow in the streets of Shijiazhuang! This is the first snow after beginning of spring in Shijiazhuang! How festive it is!
According to the weather forecast in Hebei, it turns cloudy from day to night in the whole province, with sleet or light snow in Hengshui and Xingtai, and light snow in other areas except southern Qinhuangdao, southern Tangshan, eastern Cangzhou and eastern Handan, among which there is medium snow in Zhangjiakou and western Chengde. The highest temperature is-6 ~ 1℃ in northwest Zhangjiakou, Chengde and Baoding, and 2 ~ 8℃ in other areas. The lowest temperature is-18 ~-11℃ in the northwest of Zhangjiakou, Chengde and Baoding, and-10 ~-2℃ in other areas. Tomorrow, from day to night, the whole province will be cloudy and sunny. From day to night on the 11th, the northern area turned cloudy and cloudy with light snow, the southern area turned sunny and cloudy with light rain or sleet, and other areas turned sunny and cloudy.
▌ Directly hit the first scene of Shijiazhuang snow scene.
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At the entrance of Hebei Daily. Photo by Cao Qinyu
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The intersection of Huaibei Road, Jianshe Street. Ma Zuohui
The intersection of Huaibei Road, Jianshe Street. Ma Zuohui
▌ Travel safety strategy in snowy days
So, what should we pay attention to when traveling in snowy days? Let’s follow Xiaobian to find out!
First, try to reduce going out in snowy days. If you go out, try not to ride bicycles and motorcycles, and drive carefully. To observe and analyze the slippery degree of the ground, generally speaking, dry snow is the least slippery (the initial snow is called dry snow), and cycling and walking can be controlled at this time; Wet snow will be slippery, but because the traffic has pressed out ruts, it is a safer choice to ride along the ruts.
Second, shoes are very important when going out in snowy days. Try not to wear hard-soled shoes and smooth-soled shoes when walking in snow and ice, but wear non-slip shoes, or put a pair of old socks on the outside of the shoes, or tie a few cloth belts or hemp ropes on the shoes, which greatly improves the friction between the shoes and the snow and is not easy to slip.
Third, when going out in snowy days, choose bright clothes. Snow will affect the driver’s sight and he can’t see clearly the situation on the road. Therefore, pedestrians should try not to wear white or light gray clothes, and should choose colorful coats such as red, so that they can be easily found and drivers can take timely measures.
4. Pedestrians should be especially careful when crossing the road. To see the crosswalk line clearly, you must see the vehicles coming and going in the left and right directions when crossing the road, and there must be enough distance for the driver to control the car and pass under the condition of ensuring safety; Don’t cover your eyes with an umbrella, don’t just stare at the road when you walk, but also pay attention to the coming cars in front and left and right directions.
5. You can’t brake suddenly when riding a bike or driving in snowy days. You should use the brakes slowly and slow down naturally, and it is best to use a very low speed when turning to prevent slipping. When riding a bicycle, you should lower the height of the seat, so low that your feet can step on the ground, which is beneficial to maintaining balance.
Sixth, in snowy weather, we should pay attention to stay away from billboards and temporary buildings. Once crushed by snow, the consequences are very serious.
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