Huawei P70 will be released soon, and the organization said that it is expected to drive a new round of opportunities in the mobile phone industry chain.

  The agency pointed out that the release of Mate60 series last year was regarded as the first shot for Huawei to return to the mobile phone market; Looking forward to April, the release of Huawei P70 series is highly anticipated. Huawei P70 will be released soon, and related innovations are expected to drive a new round of opportunities in the mobile phone industry chain.

  Since the "return" of Huawei mobile phone last year, it has made great strides. Counterpoint data shows that Huawei’s mobile phone sales soared by 64% in the first six weeks of this year, and its ranking also rose to the second place, leaving only 1 percentage point behind the number one vivo. As for the growth of Huawei’s sales, some media reported that at present, more growth still comes from Huawei’s Mate60 series. Although the price increase in the secondary market has basically leveled off, there are still some versions that can increase their prices. 5. 600 yuan. As for the newly released Nova, it has also played a certain role. With the help of the mid-end market, it will further promote the rapid growth of Huawei’s mobile phone sales.Zou Lanlan believes that the return of Huawei is expected to reshape the competitive pattern of the domestic mid-to-high-end mobile phone market and promote the industry to regain its vitality.

  According to the theme library of Cailian, among the relevant listed companies:

  The downstream products of the application are mainly touch module manufacturers, and the coverage of well-known terminal customers is achieved through well-known touch module manufacturers. The terminal brands include Huawei, Xiaomi, VIVO, OPPO and so on.

  Paint products are mainly used in terminal brands such as HUAWEI, OPPO, 1+, Realme, Coolpad, Lenovo, Samsung, Motorola, Hisense, Voice and TCL.